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Hollister co.

1. Is the company name and logo on every page? Is it linked to the home page?
Hollister co, is a very well known American clothing brand. It is very dominant
within its market. It supplies customers with a range of clothing styles in unique
manner. The logo Hollister co, is located on each and every page. The logo is
large and easy to see. If you wish to go back to the home page directly you are
able to click the logo. If you are perhaps an unexperienced internet searcher and
were unaware that the logo takes you back to the beginning, there is a small
‘Home’ key that will again take you back to the beginning.
2. Does the site have search (if needed) and does it work adequately?
On the front page of the website there is no search engine. The webpage has
an exceptional design however they are missing a key ingredient. On the home page
there is a choice between ‘Dudes’ (males) and ‘Bettys’ (females) clothing
department. Again within this section there is no specific search engine.
Therefore if a customer were looking for a precise piece of clothing they would
have to go through a range of channels to reach it.
3. Are headlines and page titles clear?
When first entering the Hollister co. webpage the site is a simple designed in a
modern and sophisticated manner, however at first glance there is no heading that
grab my attention. Because I am specifically evaluating this webpage I believe
that in order to capture customer’s interest and awareness they should have large
and bold headings. Nevertheless once you have established the whereabouts of the
headings it will then take you in a specific region; Male or Female. Within either
of these two pages you will find a range of headings which include a series of
different clothing styles, such as, fleece, polo’s, skirts or knits. Although the
headings are small they are well spaced and easy to understand. As indicated below
these are the categories in which the individual consumer may select from. The
headings are too small and need to be enlarged.

• Tanks/Camis
• Knits
• Applique Tees
• Logo Tees
• Specialty Tees
• Polos
• Sweaters
• Fleece
• Shirts
• Dresses/Rompers
• Skirts
• Classic Shorts
• Active Shorts
• Denim Shorts
• Jeans
• Pants
• Accessories
• Jackets
• Perfume
• Key Looks
• Gift cards

4. Are photos well placed, and a suitable size?

Within each clothing category; as mentioned above, there are pictures of the
detailed clothing. For instance ‘Tanks/Camis’ there is an assortment of tops in a
range of style and colours. The images are well placed, suitably size, visually
appealing and there is no noise or distraction from the picture.
For example:

5. Do links work and clearly describe the page they will lead to?
Each link is clearly describes the page in which they will lead to. They are exact
in what their aim is and lead you to important information, facts and clothing
pages. There are not that many links congested on the web site however those which
are, are correct in guidance and assistance.
6. Is font size and colour easy to read against the background?
The font of the links and headings is fairly small, especially when the intent of
this page is to capture the consumer’s eye and direct them into wanting/actually
buying their products. I believe that it is important to have a reasonably medium-
large size writing in order to again capture the consumer and keep them on your
For example:
Brooks Street

58% cotton/39% polyester/3% spandex, applique logo, screenprint seagull,

double zip closure, kangaroo pockets, eyelet interior hood taping, Sexy Ease
Fit, Imported
This text above was taking from the webpage. As you can tell the writing is way to
small and even the font is not that appealing or easy to read. Furthermore the
write colour contrasts well against its background. The writing is a dark shade
placed upon a lightly shaded backdrop.
7. Is the transaction process simple and secure?
After you have chosen what you wish to purchase, you can simply view your
shopping bag and begin the process of purchase. Firstly you must fill in your
details for mailing and shipping purposes. The transaction process guides you
through self explanatory steps, thoroughly yet efficiently. The company explains
what is information is collected of you and to whom and where that information
will be taken. The company assures the consumers that they limit the number of
employees that have access to the databases that contain personal data, and
HollisterCo.com employees are advised of the importance of confidentiality. The
webpage is designed to accept orders only from web browsers that permit
communication through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.
8. Are transactions acknowledged and can shipping be tracked?
With any international company there is always going to be a shipping fee,
usually around the $40 mark and even double that. The Hollister webpage allows
consumers the choice of checking and understand these regulations before any
purchase is finalised. Within the site I believe that there is not sufficient
evidence that indicates that you are able to track your shipping.
9. Does the site have contact information and/or help?
On the bottom of the page there is subcategories such as the list below.

As you can see there is indeed a ‘contact us’ department, whereby you can email
the company with any queries or call the department. There is no reassurance that
your call or email is important to the company or that they will do everything to
get back to you enquire as soon as possible.
10. Is the purpose of the website clear?
All though I already knew the purpose of the company I believe that it would be
more beneficially for the company to actually state their mission; what their
purpose is, who they’re primarily targeting or what their goal is. This gives the
customer an insight into the company’s roles and intentions. However this website
is pretty much self explanatory; they sell clothing.
11. DO I TRUST this web site with my information?
I do trust my information with this web site, they have clearly demonstrated their
intentions with my information and what it actually purpose is, therefore increase
my trust in the company.
12. Can you leave feedback or extend the relationship e.g. newsletter?
Underneath the ‘Contact us’ department you are able to leave feedback for company
to assess or do as they please with it. This is a positive for the company because
it gives the consumers the chance to express their doubts or admirations to the
As you can see below:

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