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Mysterious ancient

temple in Bosnia
Perun Vid

Kitchener, Canada, 2012

Thracian temple in the region of Tatul village, Bulgaria

Tatul is a village in Momchilgrad municipality, Kardzhali Province located
in the Eastern Rhodopes in southern Bulgaria. In the 2000s Bulgarian
archaeologists discovered an ancient Thracian surface tomb and sanctuary
in the immediate proximity of the village, and it was soon recognized as an
exclusive religious centre in the region of importance to the whole region

according to head archaeologist Nikolay Ovcharov. Latest archaeological

finds date the earliest settlement to 4000 BC.

Tomb of Orpheus in the Tracian temple in Tatul

Bosnian temple in the region of Rataje village, Bosnia

At the top of the hill above the village Rataje is an isolated limestone
rising vertically from relatively level ground. The rock, which is more than 6
meters high, with a holoved cell and tomb, is the central feature of the
entire complex. In the north wall of the cell there is a bench, and above it a
shallow niche has been carved out. The tomb, which is hollowed out in the
form of the human body, is in the centre of the cell and lies along the westeast axis.

Site in Rataje, photo from 2003

Bench carved into the rock

The rock with cell and tomb (the view from the north)

The rock with cell and tomb in Rataje

The rock with cell and tomb in Rataje

The rock-cut tomb in the mysterious temple of Rataje

The archaeological site of Rataje in Rataje near Miljevina is hereby
designated as a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina
(hereinafter: the National Monument).
The National Monument is located on cadastral plot no. 1034, cadastral
municipality Miljevina; Foa/Srbinje Municipality, Republika Srpska, Bosnia
and Herzegovina.