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Pattern 1. Health perceptionhealth management 2.

Nutritional- metabolic management

3.Elimination Pattern

Before The patient goes to the hospital only when shes giving birth. She thinks that she is well. Prior to confinement, patient is not so typical on what she eats. She eats whatever she prepares for the whole family. Bowel: Patient defecates 2 times a day, usually morning and in the afternoon. Stool is brown in color and well-formed. Bladder: Patient voids usually 6-8 times a day. Urine is yellow in color. No pain when voiding Patient is a vendor so she is always in the market. She often take a nap whenever she has a spare time. Puts herself to sleep by watching television programs. She usually sleeps at around 10pm to 4am.She feels rested when sleeping and thinks that her energy is sufficient for her activities. Patient can read and write. She can speak and be understood by others. Pattern Patient is friendly; she loves to socialize with her friends and their neighbors. She considers himself as holistic human being as long as she is healthy, complete, and her family is always there. Patient can understand Tagalog and a little English. She is a widow with 7 children. Patient is a widow. When patient is stressed, she listens to music or watches movie. Patient is a Christian. She has a strong faith to God and goes to mass every Sunday with her family.

Present Patient is worried about her heart condition thinking that it may be detrimental to her health. During hospitalization, the patient is on a low salt and low fat diet. Bowel: Patient defecates once a day but not on a regular basis. Stool is soft, minimal in amount and brown in color. Bladder: Patient voids 3-4 times a day and about 3 times at night without pain and discomfort. Patients activities in the hospital are early ambulation, deep breathing exercise, taking a bath or personal hygiene. The patient stated that she has no problems regarding sleeping. She has more than enough sleep.

4.Activity,leisure, and recreational Pattern

5.Sleep and rest Pattern

6.cognitive perceptual Pattern

7.Self-perception/ selfconcept Pattern

Patients present condition is not a hindrance to her cognitive- perceptual pattern. During the times of her confinement, she doesnt think that she is a rounded person anymore. However, she is positive that she will be ok after confinement. The patients family is supportive to the patient. She is happy with their presence and support. No sexual interactions since her husband died. Until now, that is her only way to relieve stress. She follows a therapeutic regimen and her strong faith to God accounts for her fast recovery.

8.Role Relationship

9.Sexual Reproductive Pattern 10.Coping and stress tolerance 11.Values-Belief Pattern