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Power Plant Training Center

About Turbo IIT

Turbo Institute of Industrial Technology (Turbo-IIT) is the unique institution for professional learning about heavy industry. The institute is located in the heart of Hyderabad city with the fully equipped classroom, lab facilities, hi-fi audio visual halls and library. The Institute provides a sophisticated learning experience that evokes academic excellence while integrating hands-on experience, professional preparation and ethical commitment. Turbo-IIT's course structure is designed to groom the White Collar and Blue Collar professionals required in core sector. Personal attention and powerful training programs have made Turbo-IIT a nationally recognized liberal training institution. Our qualified trainers with vast industrial experience are committed to student success in and out of the classroom. For the trainee population from diverse backgrounds, Turbo-IIT offers training on : Electro-Mechanical Training in Core sector Industrial Health, Safety and Environment Project Management for Construction Industry

Power Plant Training

This course is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills in key components of power generation industry. The training will cover the coal based thermal power generation plant, gas based combine cycle power plants, hydro power plants and the renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, biomass etc. This course will offer the essential knowledge about the Power Generation Industry.

Gas Turbine Training

Turbo-IIT offers training on industrial heavy duty gas turbines of various capacities and models like GE, BHEL Frame 5 thru 9, ABB13D2, W251B11. The training focuses on the designing, major components, construction, operation and maintenance of gas turbine in simple cycle and combine cycle power plant application. A specialized application in aeronautical and marine is also offered.

Steam Turbine Training

This course emphasis on the application, design, construction, operation and maintenance of steam turbine in the applications like power generation and mechanical drives. This course targets the professionals who are interested in the coal / oil based thermal power plants and process industries with BHEL, Siemens, GE, MHI and Parson steam turbine as prime mover.

Turbo Generator Training

This course is essentially designed for the candidates interested in power generation sectors like coal based thermal power plants, combined cycle power plants, hydro power plants, biomass plants etc. This training program will be useful for the turbo generator maintenance engineers and electrical engineers. The course covers the features of 500MW turbine generator unit.

Rotating Equipment Training

Training on rotating equipment covers the various types of compressors and pumps which are the heart of any process industry. This training is specially designed for the professional interested in onshore, offshore, Oil & Gas, process industries and refineries. The program emphasizes on the reliability of rotating equipment by adopting the appropriate operation and maintenance plan.

Environment, Health & Safety

Industrial safety is a field to which all aspects of scientific & technical knowledge pertaining to the safety are linked. It provides the core concepts of safety awareness in the industrial workplace & an appropriate breadth of knowledge for non-specialists in occupational health and safety to enable them to discharge their duties more effectively with respect to workplace health and safety.

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A Tra i n i ng D i v i s io n of T E C


Turbo Institute of Industrial Technology (Turbo-IIT)

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