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Drug addiction is a complex brain disease.

It is characterized by compulsive, at times uncontrollable, drug craving, seeking, and use that persist even in the face of extremely negative consequences. Drug seeking becomes compulsive, in large part as a result of the effects of prolonged drug use on brain functioning and, thus, on behavior. Pakistan is today notorious for many things, but in the last 20 years, drug production and addiction has increasingly become just one of them. It has now become a serious social problem, which is probably going to stay. Drug use in Pakistan should be understood in reference to its location next to Afghanistan which is the biggest producer and exporter of opium. The quantity of opium consumed in Pakistan had gone up to 80 million tonnes. The number of drug users in Pakistan has gone up from 50,000 in 1980 to 8.1 million in 2011. Every year at least 50,000 more people get addicted to different kinds of drugs which is highly dangerous to society. On average, an addict spends between Rs 3,000 and Rs 3, 300 on drugs in Pakistan. These figures were quoted by Syed Zulfiqar Hussain, a consultant working with the Anti Narcotics Campaign. He also mentioned that according to the National Survey of Drug Abuse HASHISH was the most common drug in the country. The top 5 drugs used in Pakistan apart from hashish are: 1- Niswar Niswar is a green colored drug that is chewed and most of the Pathan brothers (In Peshawar Pakistan) chew. Some of the Pathan Quotes about this drug that if they dont chew it then there brain cant work. 2- Samad Bond It is a plastic glue Yellow Colored and its not meant to be used as drug but most of the poor/beggar children use to sniff this. First they take a cloth and put some glue on it and wrap it with cloth and put it in their mouth and start sniffing for around an hour. 3- Garda Garda is made from special drug herb that is white colored. It is a good smelling (fresh herbal smell) white powder that is burned and put into cigarette tobacco and mixed and this new cigarette is called as garda cigar It makes a person feeble. 4- Tobbaco (Tambaku)

Tambaku is used in Pan and some mouth freshners and khushboo(sweet flavored syrups), katha(browm syrup) and choona(white syrup)) and this pan is rolled round with all these ingredients and is chewed and eaten and then it gives good sensation to addicts 5- Red Label Tea Tea is mostly used public in Pakistan but strong tea is mostly used by mazdoors(workers) in strong form. And they take it almost 5 times a day with strong tea content and high sugar There is no pushbutton solution for its control and eradication. The drug addicts resort to crime for generating income for the purchase of narcotics. The drug addicts are affecting nearly 20 million dependents and family members with psychological, social, and economic repercussions. The issue of drug addiction is often overshadowed by the many of the country's other human development problems, such as poverty, illiteracy and lack of basic health care. But the fact is, drug abuse is rapidly growing in Pakistan and in South Asia in general. While Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Maldives all suffer from this, Pakistan is the worst victim of the drug trade in South Asia. Today, the country has the largest heroin consumer market in the south-west Asia region. Apart from several social problems, drugs also lead to several deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS and cancer.