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Hints on HW10 - MITX 6.




Circuits and Electronics

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Hints on HW10
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Sorry for not getting it out same day this week, life happened. H10P1 Think of how a capacitor or inductor works at very high frequencies (as w->infinity) and very low ones. This should give you a general feel for how their voltage charts look magnitude wise. For picking between the similar ones, use the inflection point. Remember the answer is in the form x*y where x is the letter from the magnitude graph and y is from the phase graph. H10P2 Again, think of how an inductor, resistor, and capacitor act at the two extremes. Do they carry a constant impedance, a varying one, or do they end in a short or open circuit? Redraw the circuits with that in mind. H10P3 Part 1- this can be answered by either series parallel ladders, or by the node method using impedance solving for Vf, then using voltage divider to get Vo. I prefer the nodal method, it solves for things you need to know later anyway. Part 2- If you used the node method above, you have half the answer. The other part is by getting the current flowing through R1, which should be easy if you calculate total impedance first. Part 3 and 4- these are solved together. If you want the impedance of the load to match R1, you want the total impedance to be 2*R1. It has to match that for the imaginary and non-imaginary part. Lab 10 Part 1 and 2- don't get confused by the wording. The angle at the break frequency is pi/4. Part 3 and 5- think back to H10 P1 Parts 4 and 6- if intuition fails you, check by creating the circuit.

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Hints on HW10 - MITX 6.002


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