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The Newsletter of Texas College Democrats
informed voters. Last year, the Texas Legislature passed SB 14, which was shoved through by the Republican supermajority to limit acceptable forms of voter ID. Governor Perry later signed it into law under the banner of On Saturday April 14, 2012, Texas College Democrats united for its annual Spring Convention. Numerous chap- improving election integrity. ters from across the state convened at Lady Bird Lake to Unfortunately for James Richard Perry, the Obama Adlisten to senatorial candidates speak, meet with alumni and elect a new Executive Board. Trenton Garza of Baylor ministration stood up for voting rights. The law, which University was elected the organization's new President would disproportionately harm minority, student, workwhile Christina Squiers of the University of Texas at Aus- ing class and city voters, gave an unfair advantage to Retin was elected its Vice President. Danny Khalil, Elise Mil- publican constituencies. The Justice Department, thus, ler, Garry Jones, Nour Ammari, Michael Wilburn and Er- denied it preclearance. This means that the law, which is still hotly debated, will not go into effect during this elecisteo Perez were elected to the board as well. tion cycle. Young Democrats at the University of Texas at San Antonio took home the Boyd and Betty Richie Chapter of the So how does one keep aware of their voting rights? First Year Award for its outstanding performance. In the past off, any demand to display photo identification is unnecessary. Lots of forms of ID are acceptable (many of which year, Young Democrats at UTSA more than doubled its dont require a photo), including student IDs, birth certifimembership, registered over 500 Roadrunners to vote and hosted the TCD Fall Policy Conference. Texas Demo- cates, utility bills, bank statements, government docucratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie (for whom the award is ments, drivers licenses, citizenship papers and passports. named after) presented Vice President Ayla Larick with You can find your polling place or check your voter registhe certificate. tration status by dialing 1-866-OUR-VOTE. Its also possiA senatorial panel featuring Democratic candidates Sean ble to check ones registration through the Secretary of Hubbard, Addie Allen, Grady Yarbrough and State Repre- States website at sos.state.tx.us. sentative Mark Strama (representing Paul Sadler) spoke Early Voting for Primaries: May 1425 to the TCD general assembly. Members submitted ques- Election Day for Primaries: May 29 tions ranging from the state of education in Texas to the Early Voting for Runoffs: July 23July 27 Election Day for Runoffs: July 31 favorite issue of each candidate. A straw poll of TCD members conducted at the end of the panel gave Paul Sadler a slight majority. Several constitutional amendments were also passed during the convention. The majority of these amendments focused on the Executive Board any possible vacancies in it. I'm happy TCD was unanimous in making necessary changes to make our internal affairs work stronger, fairer and more transparent. said David de la Fuente, TCD Its that time of year again: when College Democrats President Emeritus and the chair of the Constitutional chapters all around the Lone Star State start looking toCommittee. wards the new academic year. With that glance forward Overall, the spring convention was a huge success! Chap- comes the elections of new executive boards and officers. Here are some of those highlighted elections. ters from all around the state bragged about their suc-

TCD Meets for Conference and Elects New Board!

sad that I won't be there to see it but I know the organization is in good hands. Heading westward, Baylor Democrats elected six Bears to office: Adaobi Ekweani, Kimani Mitchell, Nora Sahyouni, Talj Tatum, Hannah Adams and Grant Senter. Texas College Democrats President Trenton Garza will serve as the clubs President Emeritus. All the way over in Lubbock, Tech Student Democrats gave five Red Raiders the honor of leading the organization next year. "TSD has a bright future ahead. Founder and former TCD Political Affairs Director Amber Hastings commented. It's always been my baby, and I'm excited to see what's next from these new officers." On the northern edge of the grand city of San Antonio, Young Democrats at UTSA held elections for eight officer positions. Hannah Beck, Sarah Gibbens, Aalia Udawala, Kurt King, Rolando Gonzalez, Rakshak Iyengar, Charles Duncan and Fernando Garza-Ramn took office on May 1st. I'm very excited to have a great team dedicated to making UTSA a blue campus and to help GOTV in 2012! President Hannah Beck told TCD. Deep in the heart of Texas politics, University Democrats is currently holding elections for ten officer positions, making it the largest chapter elections in Texas College Democrats. President Huey Fischer is running for reelection and is being challenged by current Vice President Leslie Tisdale, David Chincanchan and Campus Outreach Director David Loewenberg. Campaigns and Elections Chair David Feigen, Alejandro Barrientos and Sandra Ogenche are all seeking the office of Vice President. Blake Medley and Max Patterson are going head-to-head for Treasurer while Scott Wold and Safeer Khatib duke it out for Membership Director. Elizabeth Anderson, Kevin Alcantar, Andre Treiber, Justin Perez and Pedro Villalobos are all running in uncontested elections.

Local Chapters Hold Elections!

Other chapters held their elections as well, including Texas Aggie Democrats, College Democrats of UNT, and St. Edward's University College Democrats. Heading into the 2012-2013 academic year, it looks as if TCD chapters everywhere are showing continued vitality as new groups cesses while Lloyd Doggett pepped everyone up with a Stephen F. Austin Democrats promoted four members to form in colleges across Texas. Good luck new officers, and welcome. We hope to see everyone again next semester positions of leadership in the club. Iman Hill-Burns, Bryce keep it blue! for the Fall Policy Conference! Alger, Harei Waja and Nnamdi Nwankwo were those lucky Lumberjacks and Ladyjacks. I am extremely excited for the future of SFA Democrats. said Sydnie Ellias, now As Texans head to the polls this month, many might not President Emeritus. The new officers are an amazing realize the ways in which they can protect themselves as group and will do what it take to turn Texas Blue. I am

Know Your Voting Rights