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1. Is there any characteristic of entrepreneur found in Hazi abdul Malek? Explain?

From the above case we do found there are a so many characteristics of Hazi Abdul Malek which resembles an entrepreneur. From his early life he was a boy of strong will and commitment and he believes in himself in every way. If somebody is committed towards something and believe what he does is best obviously he/she will get success no doubt about that and so does Hazi abdul Malek. Even in the time of world war the misery he faced in his life with his family he want to get out of it. The desire for responsibility and confidence help him through his life to get rid of all this condition. In the time of such poverty he want to fight and get rid of it and he really did! Hardworking and seeking opportunity is also another factor. He went from one region to another just to get a decent job. He was surely an opportunist. He started his business in Khulna when he saw that there is river port. When he saw there is a potential huge demand of biri he started his own factory of biri in khulna. He also knew that the price of the land will go up one day in labanchara because it was a business port. So he bought lands over there. This entire incident just indicates that Hazi Abdul Malek is purely a entrepreneur. A responsible entrepreneur always think of his environment and surroundings for the well being of the society and people. So did Hazi Abdul Malek. He develop so many development project for the people by which he not only helped them but also ensured their wellbeing just like an good entrepreneur.

2. What are the implied reasons behind Hazi Abdul Malek for becoming a successful entrepreneur? Motivation, innovation, desire for success, high level of energy and overall the surroundings could be some main factor behind the successful entrepreneurship career of Hazi Abdul Malek. As we all know the entrepreneurs always do what they love and that is their motivation behind their success. Same goes for Hazi Abdul Malek. He never just stuck to one business which is very important for success. He always explore the new era of business and everywhere he found his intimacy he made a profit out of there. He always ventured to business. He knew his surroundings very well. Another important fact is Hazi Abdul Malek has a very good vision and mission about his plan. He always think about the future not about the present situation. What is the business was not his concern, what this business can be and how can I be benefitted by this that was his concern. He always try to find opportunity and try make it to the maximum. In every sector like business, social development he made a remarkable impact. Another fact I do like to mention that the lessons and value he learned from his family and environment was great influential factor for him to become a entrepreneur. .

3. Evaluate the accuracy of making decision of Hazi Abdul malek? Most of the decision that Abdul Malek made were great and influential ones. He hardly did anything wrong in his business. When he was ten he got his first temporary job under a contractor who was working under a European businessman. He knew if he could be with it fot a liong time and at this time h can learn something someday he can become the contractor himself under the European businessman. Then he was forced to work at their local bazar but because of lack of opportunities over their he moved to another business. So he decided to move along which was good move in his entrepreneuship carreer. This decision totally changed his entire life. He also started his own factory of biri because there were not many competitors at that time. That was another good decesion and it became very popular popular business at that time. At first he bought the leaves by himself to properly ensure the quality of his product. He also bought lands Labanchara assuming that the price of the land of there will be uprising someday. In modern world diversification is very much important and Hazi Abdul Malek was a good example of it without any academic background. Understanding the practical situation, act according to that, and grabbing the potential element of market that was his main platform beyond this successful decision making

4. Do you thank that Hazi Abdul Malek was an opportunity seeker? Give examples?

In one word Hazi Abdul Malek was a pure opportunistic person. His entrie business career is full of seeking opportunity and make the full out of it. The main reasons are: When he got the chance to work under a contractor he take the opportunity to be there for a certain time so that he can learn something out of there. Due to some unfortunate reason he was moved out of there to Navakalash and try to start a grocery shop. Though it was not successful but this failure gives him the strength to look forward. He moved to Khulna to his uncle because he found some opportunity over there. The fertile land, developed industrial area, and river port is the main source of his opportunity and he established a shop over there which was profitable. Understanding the potential opportunity of biri he established the muslim biri favtory and that is how he take opportunity and create a advantage of good quality products and less costly he made it popular. By the alarming situation of the market he moved to another business which is a furniture one and hw alos take the full opportunity over there. That is in his entire life Hazi abdil malek use the opportunity to get the best out of it.

5. What made Hazi Abdul Malek a great businessman as well as a great donor?

Responsibility towards the people and society made Hazi abdul malek a truly and great donor. He came from a society of misery and poverty, so he do realizes the sorrow and poor situation of those people. Actually this is the main motivator for Hazi abdul malek to became a great donor. Realizing the true power of education he established several educational institute for the betterment of his society and its people. He made donations to Khulna university and build many schools and madrasa for his area. Because Hazi abdul malek is from a very religious background and his family teaches him the uttermost religious value he also developed numerous religious institutions like mosque, graveyard, orphanage, madrasa and so on. Because the struggle he did in his life he made few development project for those people who really want to do do something for the society. Hazi Abdul Malek charity medical center, Hazi A. Malek modern hospital etc. His donation is assumed to 100-120 million. His utmost desire to donate for the good of society and people truly made his a great donor and entrepreneur.