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In Advanced Java

Supervised by Lec. Varinder singh Department Of Computer Science

Prepared by Daljit kaur, Bakshinder kaur (10203590216) (10203590214) MSC (IT) 4th.(sem)

Introduction Advantages of(ARS) Needs of (ARS) Features of (ARS) Advantage of proposed system Hardwear/softwear specification Components of project Object of project Front end advanced java Java features Back end Access for Backend Team structure End

An AIRINE RESERVATION SYSTEM was one of the earliest changes to improve efficiency.ARS eventally envolved into the computer reservation system. A computer reservation system is used to reservation of particular Airline and interface with a global distribution system. Which supports travel agencies and other distributed channels in making reservation for most major airline in a single system? An airline inventory contains all flight s with their available seats the inventory of an airline is generally divided into services class and up to 26 booking class for which different prices and booking conditions apply.

Advantages of (ARS)
(1) It is less time consuming system . (2) We can book online tickets. (3) For more reliable then existing system. (4) Cost of paper work reduced. (5) These system are very simple system to maintain flight schedules. (6) Airline reservation system contains booking, sehdules, custmer, management, reporting into one web based application. (7)Our reservation system offers all of the capabilities of the traditional reservation system.

Direct travel agency sales via a secure online internet booking engine provide a booking facility for travel agents. An interlining interface which allows airline to make a booking on and receive booking from other airline on other reservation system. Online direct internet Access for the public to make a booking with the airline through the internet booking enaine. .

Online reservation system fast easy to use search and booking system. Payment system secure CREDIT CARD processing. Customer service centre module. Secure Managed hosting.


1.USER FRIENDLY:To make the system user friendly, this system use windows as its run time environment and developed in ADVANCED JAVA, which is a user friendly environment. 2.DATA SECURITY:The proposed system provides security to system by preventing unauthorized access. 3.IMPROVES WORKING CONDITIONS:This system improves working conditions of existing system by providing good working environment. 4.LESS TIME CONSUMING:This system will save the time of the user to enter any view entire and make easy to make any calculation. 5.PAPER USEAGE:In industries to make the record a huge amount of paper used and a lot of paper wastage occur due to it. 6.RELIABLE AND ACCURATE:As in proposed system the information is stored and process in computer so that the information is stored and process in computer so that the data will be label and accurate.

Software means a collect of program where the objective is to enhance the capabilities of the Hardware machine. The following defines the Software of the proposed system development Operating System Programming Language Database :Microsoft XP :Java 13 or Higher :MS-Access

Hardware specifications of Client Side FDD CD-ROM 14 Inches color monitor 104 Keys Keyboard Processor HDD :Pentium 133 MHZ :5 GB or More :1.44 MB :32X

The menu bar contains hundreds of menu items, which are used to use the applications of java according to the need. It is most recent way to use files and projects.

The form is a work area in which the user make project by using the objects available in the java like buttons, checkbox, labels etc.

It helps to create the selected type of projects. Project can be set according to name and its location.

Toolbar is used to get a menu of the possible toolbars to display the toolbars sub menu in the view menu. It appears near the top of the IDE.

The properties window contains set of properties of the object to customize the object according to the specification.


The code editor window let u to edit the code of for the component. The tabs at the top centre of the IDE can be used to switch between graphical designers.

The object browser helps open up any mysterious objects that Java has added to the code, can be viewed, what is going on inside.

The toolbox is uses the tabs to divide its contents into categories. The tabs available depend on the type of project to be produced

TEXTBOX:A textbox control where users can edit text. textbox can also be used to create password of fields. . The Textbox is based on the Textbox Base class, which is based

on the Control class.. BUTTON:Button is use to control the working of each object according to users need. The default event of the Button is the Click event and the Button class is based on the ButtonBase class which is based on the Control class. LABEL:A label control where users cannot directly edit text. They are based on the Control class. Notable property of the label control is the text property which is used to set the text for the label RADIO BUTTON :A radio button control that users can activate and deactivate rounded instead of boxed as with RadioButtons are used to select and deselect options but they allow us to choose from mutually exclusive options.. LIST BOX:A list box control which has a number of choices. The ListBox control displays a list of items from which we can make a selection. CHECKBOX:A check box control that users can activate and deactivate. CheckBoxes are those controls which give us an option to select, say, Yes/No or True/False. A checkbox is clicked to select and clicked again to deselect some option TIMER:Timer is used to set the instant of time to open the any form GROUP BOX :Group boxes are used to Group controls. Group Boxes display a frame around them and also allows displaying captions to them which is not possible with the Panel control. The Group Box class is based on the Control class. Every software has two main components: Exchange Server Front End/Back End configuration distribution Exchange related task between front-end and back end Exchange Servers. Advantage of a front-end and back-end server configuration is the ability to use a single namespace for multiple Exchange servers.


Java is general-purpose, object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems of USA in 1991. Originally called Oak by James Gosling, one of the inventors of the language, java was designed for the development of software for consumer electronic devices like Tvs,Vcrs,Toasters and such other electronic machine. The goal had a strong impact on the development team to make the language simple, portable and highly reliable. Java a realy simple portable and highly reliable language. The most striking feature of the language is that it is a platform independent language. Java is the first programming language that is not tide to any particular hardware or operating system. Programs developed in java can be execute anywhere on any system. We can call java as a revolutionary technology because it has brought in a fundamental shift in how we develop and use programs. Nothing like this has happened to the software industry before. It also having features like multithreading,

multitasking, etc.

JAVA Features:
1. Compiled and Interpreted: - Java combines both these approaches thus making java a two stage systems. First, java compiler translates source code into what is known as byte code instructions. Second, java interpreter generates machine code that can be directly executed by the machine that is running the java programs. 2. Platform-independent and portable: - The most significant contribution of java over other language is its portability. Java programs can be easily moved from one computer system to another, anywhere and anytime. 3. Object-Oriented: - Java is a true object-oriented language. Almost everything in java is an object. All program code and data reside within objects and classes. The object model in java is simple and easy to extend. 4. Robust and secure: -Java is a robust language. It provides

many safeguards to ensure reliable code. It has strict compile time and run time checking for data types. Security becomes an important issue for a language that is used for programming on internet. 5. Distributed: - Java is designed as a distributed language. It has the ability to share both data and programs. This enables multiple programmers at multiple remote locations to collaborate and work together on a single project. 6. Multithreaded: - Multithreaded means handling multiple tasks simultaneously. Java supports multithreaded programs. This means we need not wait for the application to finish one task before beginning another. 7. Dynamic and Extensible: - Java is a dynamic language. Java is capable of dynamically linking in new class libraries, methods and objects. Java programs support functions in other languages such as C and C++. These are native methods.


The BACK-END of the software has the main function of managing the data

optimally. It includes ACSESS, in which the database relating to the project are created and manipulated. Whatever information is required it is always stored in some database. The administrator of the project has been only rights to do any sort of modification to the project back-end databases. ACCESS corporation was the first company to offer a true relational DBMS commercially and has continually lead the innovation in the field of RDBMS the access corporation strategy of offering an RDBMS that is portable, compatible and connectable result in a very powerful RDBMS tools for the user the selection of Oracle to develop the project upon relational Dbase is obvious due to large quantity of data in records to meet the exact format of its operations development of application software in access meets the requirements. A relational database management system (RDBMS) is an information system that presents information in rows contained of tables, each table processing a set of one or more columns. Codd describes the elements of relational database are relation,

attribute, domain and the relational operators.


The team structure for the project is guided by the Mr. Varinder singh Proper session under his guidance is established for the requirements and need on the users side as well from the developers side.

The project manager

Daljit kaur

Bakshinder Kaur

The team structure of the organization is shown as per the hierarchy level of the organization.