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Adjustable Camera Distance (c) V10 http://v10.name/acd/ - Version History Version 1.4 -------------- S2 Raped again.

- UniCheat updated, full information in UniCheat wiki. - Ini file updated. - Added parameter MapConstraint in [CameraDistance] section. It changing valu e of 'cam_mapConstraints' game cvar. - Added parameter ZoomStep in [CameraDistance] section. It camera mousewheel step - Added comments. - Fully rewritten the camdist algorithm - Removed old protection for cvar checks. More is not necessary. - Removed old reset camera at game start(fixes possible crash at game start i n future). More is not necessary. - Removed scripts/camdistInit.acs. More is not necessary. Fixed possible cras hes when loading HoN and ACD separately. (Start HoN, start game, Alt-TAB, start ACD). - Added protection from mentoring system permanently. Now actual camera distanc e not sent to S2 (If it's great than maximum default). Never! - Added window background. - Garena full support. - Reformated all changelog. - Changed homepage and update address. Version 1.3.6 -------------- UniCheat engine updated, bug fixes, changelog here: http://v10.name/unicheat/ wiki/changelog If you cant run this version in Windows XP SP3 please report it here http://u sers2.smartgb.com/g/g.php?a=s&i=g26-11314-04 - Changed camdist script because S2 improved cvar checks. Version 1.3.4 -------------- Temporary compatiblity UniCheat fix, changelog here: http://v10.name/unicheat /wiki/changelog Version 1.3.3 -------------- UniCheat engine updated, bug fixes, changelog here: http://v10.name/unicheat/ wiki/changelog - Update symbols for 2.2.5 game patch Version 1.3.2 -------------- Fix offsets for game 2.2.x.x version Version 1.3.1 -------------- UniCheat engine updated, changelog here: http://v10.name/unicheat/wiki/change log Version 1.3 -------------- Distrib filename changed to ACD - Inifile renamed to ACD.ini - New code for fix camera at match starts - Removed clip world, because it removed in 2.0.39 update, and set to 10000 by

S2. - Fixed all old other bugs - New engine "UniCheat", my new engine for cheats related programs, currenly st ate full-private, in future it changes. UniCheat features: - GUI - Controllable auto updates - Auto run - [SECURE] Exe crypt, anti crc system - Selectable exe file - UAC support (Vista\7\...) - Status: Private engine, currently it not ready for other developers. Version 1.1.2 -------------- Update offsets for 2.0.20+ Version 1.1.1 -------------- Update offsets for 2.0.16+ - Temporary removed ini file variable "ScrollSpeedRatio". (maybe return in next versions) Version 1.1 -------------- Rewrite code to for some optimizations - Fixed crash on game version 2.0.11+ Version 1.0.9 -------------- Update offsets for fix crash Version 1.0.8 -------------- Update EasyDeny code. Version 1.0.7 -------------- Rewritten code to remove check cvar is modified. - Injector updated. - SECURE: Added ini option ModuleFileName. To avoid possible detection you can rename IncreasedCamDistance.dll to any file name and set new name in this option . - SECURE: Added ini option SecuredFile (auto). Every start automatic copy Injec tor.exe to SecuredFile (first start randomly generated), and automatic start his to avoid possible detection. Version 1.0.6 -------------- And again (V10) Version 1.0.5 -------------- Slight offset adjustment for 0.3.6+ (V10) Version 1.0.4 -------------- Slight offset adjustment on cvar detect for (V10) Version 1.0.3

-------------- Slight offset adjustment for 1.64+ (V10) - Temporarily removed detect to camdistance change. (V10) Version -------------- Rewrite code to set camera distance. (V10) Version -------------- Rewrite code to set camera distance. (V10) - Fixed intermittent camera angle changes (V10) - EasyDeny patch can now be applied multiple times again (V10) Version -------------- Fixed many problems associated with updating the game to 1.59.1 (V10) Version -------------- Updated for 1.57 (prj) Version -------------- Fixed black screen problem (V10 & prj) Version -------------- Downgraded back to (prj) Version -------------- Allowed running camdistance patch multiple times again. (prj) Version -------------- S2 Raped. (prj & V10) Version -------------- Added dynamic setting of scrolling speed based on maximum zoom. (prj) - Added .ini option for zoom/scroll ratio (ScrollSpeedRatio), default is 1.81(8 1). (prj) Version -------------- Adjusted EasyDeny offset to be more robust. (prj) - Shows a message dialog if the patch fails instead of failing silently.(prj) - Added detection whether EasyDeny patch is already applied or not. (prj) - Cleaned up code (prj) Version -------------- Adjusted offset patterns for new patches. (V10) Version -------------- Added verification of offsets (prevents game crash if offset is not found). ( prj) - Adjusted offset patterns to not break with next patch. (prj)

- Enhanced logging capabilities and added an option to enable/disable logging. (prj) - Added EasyDeny support. (V10) - Added possibility to automatically start HoN if it is not running. (V10) - Made it possible to enable both mods separately via inifile. (V10) Version -------------- Large refactoring of code. (prj) - Write log only when a problem occurs. (prj) Version -------------- Improved automatic offset search. (V10) - Debug logging. (V10) Version -------------- Initial automatic offset search. (V10) - Code cleanup. (prj) Version ------------- Disable camera constraints. (prj) Version ------------- Fix for units not displaying above a certain zoom. (prj) - Moved project to c++. (prj) Version -------------- DLL no longer stays in memory. (V10) - Use new type of ini. (V10) - Merge code between two projects. (prj, V10) Version -------------- Added possibility to adjust max camera distance. (prj)