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The Who Do You Know Contact List Method

Making a Contact List is the important 1st Step in the 6-Step Team Builder Roadmap. Avoid working from memory there are a lot of reasons why that doesnt work. This method is tried and tested as an excellent way of building up an excellent initial contact list from memory, address books and other records. You can give this to a new team member or, better still, lead them through it by phone or in a WebMeeting. Give them a copy afterwards to use with others and to go through again in their own time. You can, of course, do it on your own, or ask a partner to do it with you, reading the questions while you write down the names.

If you are leading someone through this

First explain the process Each person (if a couple or more) to have a pad and pen Make it a contest who can get the most names Explain The Rules

The Rules
You are not allowed to pre-judge if someone will be interested. Dont worry about the details just a name or a mini-description will do. You can check contact details later. Any name will only appear once on your List, even if they come up in the answer to more than one question. If you have another list or source of personal contacts for example, a membership list of some kind), you can write down a note of the list during this exercise, rather than all the individual names.

Now, here we go..!

Who Do You Know? Answer the questions and build your list
1. Who do you know who is at the same, or a higher, level of ambition than you. (at least one name)

2. Who do you know that you respect? 3. Who do you know who is already in business for themselves, self-employed, or previously failed in making a conventional business work? 4. Who do you know who is a Manager, Team Leader, Supervisor or Foreman? 5. Who do you know who is a Leader in an organisation, club or charity etc.? 6. Who do you know who is a life and soul of the party type? 7. Who do you know who is on the same, or a higher, social level than you? 8. Who are your closest friends and relations? (say in 30 secs but let them carry on until they stop writing) 9. Who would you invite to a party, a wedding or any other big social function you might be organising? 10. Who are your known acquaintances (neighbours, old and new people youve met through business, social activities, recreational activities, on holiday etc) 11. Who do you work with? 12. Who did you work with? 13. Who do you do business with? 14. Who do you socialise with? (inc. religious group, school, sports, clubs etc) 15. Who do you know who has connections in Europe?


Final Steps
Then Place an Asterisk next to each one who: Is age 25-45 Has a mortgage Has a good job Who knows you well One asterisk for each.

Call the ones with most asterisks first! and keep adding to your List!
There are other good memory joggers around. Here are a few suggestions: 1) In your Yellow Pages book you will find an alphabetical list of business types. Go through this and ask yourself, Who do I know who is a.? 2) Take the letters of the alphabet in turn. Ask yourself, Who do I know whose first name begins with A. Then do the same with family names. 3) F.O.R.M.S. Friends/Family, Occupation/Organisation, Recreation/Religion, Members, Sports/Social 4) F.R.O.G.S. Friends/Family, Recreation/Relgion, Occupation/Organisation, Geographic, Sports/Social 5) SIMON STEPSYS MEMORY JOGGER:
WHICH TEN PEOPLE WOULD I MOST LIKE IN MY BUSINESS? WHO ARE MY Relatives Friends Neighbours Co-Workers Business Contacts Friends of above (past and present) WHO IS OUR Insurance Agent Milkman Postman Dentist Doctor Plumber Mechanic Vicar Mini Cab Firm Accountant Lawyer Window Cleaner Catalogue Decorator M.P Vet Opticians Chemist Builder Odd Job Man T.V. Repair Man WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO IS A Cook Midwife Auditor Plumber Student Model Baker Butcher

Jeweller Miner Manager Vet Tailor Fireman Welder Editor Printer Surgeon Typist Waitress Farmer Packer Muscian Nanny Roofer Cleaner Plasterer Carpenter Conductor Osteopath Engineer Surveyor Solicitor Gardener Secretary Labourer Architect Locksmith Tobacconist Psychologist Seamstress Bank manager Shop Fitter Wine Maker Car Tuner Town Planner Physicist Messenger Hairdresser Magistrate Shop Repairer Contractor Plant Foreman Brick Layer Civil Servant Publican Statistician

Fisherman Car Hirer Financier Dietician Librarian Electrician Ironmonger Pharmacist Policeman Bus Driver Truck Driver Chauffeur Dress Maker Estate Agent Groundsman Hi-Fi Dealer Stockbroker Travel Agent Dog Breeder Crane Operator Laboratory Technician Social Worker Office Manager Removal Firm Dance Instructress Actor/Actress Antique Dealer Physiotherapist Coach Driver Upholsterer Coal Merchant Dry Cleaner Off Licence Restaurateur Tyre Stockist Welfare Office Scout Leader Nursery Nurse Music Teacher Garage Mechanic Draughtsman Machine Operator Mobile Grocer Hotel Manager Boiler Engineer Carpet Layer Clock Repair Wine Merchant School Teacher

College Lecturer Rent Collector Window Cleaner VAT Inspector Security Guard Delivery Agent Photographer Hospital Worker School Outfitter Research Engineer Gas Engineer Furniture Dealer Youth Club Leader Interior Decorator Grocery Store Owner Central Heating Engineer Electrical Engineer Air Conditioning Engineer Washing Machine Engineer Car Body Repairer Carpet Salesman Clothes Salesman Driving Instructor Funeral Director Landscape Gardener Petrol Pump Attendant Kitchen Salesman Mortgage Broker Timber Merchant Pilot/Stewardess Bank Cashier Newspaper Seller Motor Car Dealer Swimming Instructor Telephone Engineer Hire Shop Worker Guest House Owner Health Food Eater Investment Adviser Public Relations Adviser Scrap Metal Dealer Computer Programmer Computer Operator Personnel Consultant Riding School Instructor Switchboard Operator WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO IS A KEEN Footballer

Swimmer Jogger Darts Player Chess Player Motor Bike Rider CB Enthusiast Keep Fit Enthusiast Squash Player Dancer Sailor Tennis Player DIY Enthusiast Rock Climber Flyer Hang Glider Bowler Angler Golfer Runner Cyclist Badminton Player Stamp Collector WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO WORKS IN A Bakers Restaurant Bank Nursing Home Sports Centre Florist Pub Wine Bar Chemists Cafe Builder Merchants Employment Agency Garage Garden Centre

Publishers Rental Shop Supermarket Toy Shop Building Society Estate Agency Car Accessory Shop Clothes Shop DIY Shop Insurance Office WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO WORKS FOR THE Council Gas Board Navy Coal Board British Telecom Electricity Board RAF Airlines Post Office Army Merchant Navy Government WHO SOLD US OUR House Fishing Gear Wedding Ring Bicycle Avon Products Carpet Car/Tyres Suit/Tie/Shoes Wedding Photos Furniture Tupperware Products Records

TV/Stereo Business Cards Boat Glasses/Contact Lenses Lawn Mower Insurance WHO Was my best man Tkes their children to nursery school Is the purchasing agent where I work Are our bady sitters parents Was my Army/Navy/RAF Friend Is in Parents association at school Are our old boyfriends/girlfriends My wife/husband Boss/former boss Are people from our old jobs Teaches our children at school Was our matron of honour/bridesmaid Do i go Night School with Are the people we met on holiday Was my teacher at school/college Belongs to my club Belongs to a union Do I have lunch with

A CLOSED MOUTH GATHERS NO FEET! Just call them all up and follow the 6-Step Team Builder RoadMap to Success!