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An Advertising Campaign & Marketing Plan of Fregetable

Submitted to:

Mr. Shamim Ahmed

HIMS, Hamdard University, Karachi

Assignment by:
Taha Hussain Haykal (230445) Mir Mohammed Baquir (MEN-2200834) Mohammed Usman Siddiqui (MEN2200534) MBA Evening, HIMS Hamdard University City Campus

We are living in a society that possesses diverse culture & social values. Rapid change in the perception reflects in the lifestyle of our people, today people value long-driving, visiting shopping malls, parks & hotels to have an eye upon new fashions, and societal trends they prefer to buy one which satisfies their needs and are constantly looking for new ways to fulfill their desires. People spent handful of amount on purchase of convenience and shopping goods e.g., foodstuff, candy, chocolates, ice creams, confectionaries, cosmetics, clothing, furniture, home appliances, home decoration stuff etc for obtaining their desirable status in the society; they now becoming socialize more & more. Shopping is becoming fun today, females of age from 20 to 35, working women, newly marriage couples and singles spend heavily on shopping of varied items. Also, out-door hoteling is pleasant to modern generation; according to them makeup, dressing up, traveling, shopping in malls give them a fresher change to cool down in busy life & work-settings. People now attend more exhibitions, lifestyle shows, music concerts, and similar social gatherings in various part of the city. On the other hand, due to dynamic changes in society, people have indulged into variety-seeking; and talking in terms of food change of taste is pleasant to them and they pay more attention to convenience. Health consciousness is also increasing among masses. To cater the unfulfilled need in the convenience in the cooking Pakistani based Chinese dish, we are offering a new product FREGETABLE which consist of fresh and nicely chopped vegetable in different flavors according to prevailing dishes in the market. We have chosen this name as the combination of two words which re FRESH & VEGETABLE. The name show the product attribute itself.



People prefer convenience cooking and to discover new recipes they watch television, browse magazines and catalogs, and try to prepare them at their home for their families. Today, time is a major constraint to them for cooking Chinese foods. Our consumer research survey shows that people dislike frozen foods; to them, frozen food is fatal to their health. But they are highly interested to have fresh vegetables in their cuisines. The research further shows that people love different combinations of Pakistani based Chinese dishes. They are willing more Chinese dishes which made with rice, also they want to have noodles, chicken, and fish as major ingredients in these Chinese dishes. On the basis of our research study, we have selected group of people who like Chinese no matter what the fine tuning of these dishes (e.g., chicken, fish, noodles) are; but all have common need of fresh vegetables.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) Analysis

Lifestyle is inclining towards convenience seeker easiness which is a positive sign for launching this type of product. As such there are no legal issues/barriers because we are not offering any harmful or in-hygienic products but general rules of service, employment, distribution, taxation etc. may apply Competition: No key competitor present because the idea is unique in Pakistan although this is already in practice the other parts of the world. Competition is likely to be faced from major restaurants but market potential is so large that if any firm comes in direct competition with our business could not result in a big threat. Technology: We will use latest technology for cutting, packaging, & Distribution of Spices & Vegetables

Strengths Weakness

Instant Chinese cooking is an Innovative idea We are offering Fresh Vegetables It gives convenience to the people It is a Natural food full of minerals necessary to good health Consistency of taste Lack of awareness (No brand Identity) Its a new brand Requires Financial Resources Shorter product shelf life

Opportunities No Key competitor Unfulfilled desires of customers Increased per capita income of consumers and because of it, peoples buying power has increased drastically Threats Possible entry of competitors Existing restaurants offering Chinese foods can be harmful

Competitive Analysis
There is, in fact, no direct/key competitor in this market so far. This is an innovative idea so market is emerging and there is also a huge potential exists in terms of sales. We can safely assume that market potential is 01 million customers in terms of potential buyers and in monetary terms, this could be of 200 million Pak rupees or even more. Market-entry by a new competitor is more likely expected because of the following conditions: 1) High Profit margins 2) Future growth opportunities in the market are attractive

3) No major market-entry barriers are present 4) No direct competition, or limited competition in terms of restaurants who are offering Pakbased Chinese dishes 5) Gaining competitive advantage over potential firms (restaurants, frozen food suppliers etc.). Serving the market is feasible

Segmentation We have found two (2) distinctive segments through our research and are: 1) Family of size average five (5) member having income Rs. 15,000/month or more; mainly located at P.E.C.H.S, Gulshan, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Nazimabad, North Nazimabad, F. B Area, North Karachi mostly belongs to the middle class and are salaried & small businesspersons 2) Singles, outsiders who are working/studying in various regions of Karachi city with average income Rs. 10,000 or above or family of size below five (5) members Segment can be divided in terms of family size from: (1) Newly married couples or those who havent any child so far and (2) Family of size 5-6 members (3) People who lived along due to any reason; hostelries, workers from other cities live separate According to the survey, these segments usually visit restaurants in various area of the metropolitan city of Karachi for eating of food ranging from fast foods, Bar-B-Qs, traditional Pakistani/Indian dishes and also Chinese dishes and spent Rs. 500 to 1,000 for one time trip to their preferred restaurants in 2-3 times almost every month. As far as the users of Chinese are concerned, they prefer neutral level of spice. To this type of segments most of the women prepare Chinese on special occasions or cross-family gatherings along with their cousins, friends, and others. Increasingly, this is converting into lifestyle of masses. When asked these people in our survey studies, many women (house wife, single, and working) was on the opinion that they like Chinese dishes very much because of following reasons, for example: 1) It gives pleasure to them 2) It is easily digestible food 3) It given them pleasant change in terms of variety out of the shell cooking & taste 4) It is favorable to the health 5) It is not very much expensive

Based on our consumer research survey studies into the number of people who would buy more our types of product if only they could find it as per our commitment with them in terms of quality, freshness, & convenience consistently, we believe it will be possible to sell 100,000 family size packets @120/each and 140,000 small size packets @ 60/each, or a total of about Rs. 20 million this year. Reaching this goal will require aggressive marketing, to be sure. Well support that sales goal by striving to meet the following objectives in the marketing mix: Creating 40% brand awareness Hire the most suitable staff for marketing & sales Training of marketing & sales staff (for special activities e.g., Sales promotion, personal selling etc) Product objectives: To provide customers with variety of distinctive fine cut vegetables with complementary spices, they either cant find anywhere else or cant buy conveniently & confidently anywhere else. Distribution objectives: The objective is to meet customer expectations in terms of speed, accuracy, and convenience. We will strive for maximum possible accuracy in order fulfillment to delighten our customers with effective reach at times favorable to them most often. Pricing objectives: Through our extensive consumer research studies we understand that our customers are less price-sensitive about Chinese foods. We will try to maintain 20% profit margin while always keeping prices below Rs. 60 for small size packet and Rs. 120 for family size packet offering. Promotional objectives: In this area, we will devote most of our attention for brand building with the effective use of A.C.A.P.O.R hierarchy model right from our 1st launch and will continue to do in this regard because we care our customers. Generally following objectives will be achieved: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Leading Brand in terms of product benefits 40% Brand awareness within 1st year Earn an annual rate of ROI of 15% after taxes, & discounts in initial 3-4 years Profit-margin of 20% on total sales, and 1st year total sales revenue of Rs. 20 million Distribution Arrangements would be done through major sales outlets and assistance would be provided to large retail outlets of major store e.g. Imtiaz (Bahaduarbad), Agha Supermarket (Clifton), etc. within 03 months of our launch



We have developed marketing strategy for considering three (3) elements; our target market, the position we would like to achieve in those markets, and the marketing mix we will use to meet our sales objectives.

Targeting Basis: We will divide our market in terms of: Product Use (SMALL packet size, and FAMILY size) The product combination of spice & vegetables in family size would carry most of the sales weight (60%). And we will provide seven (7) different Chinese dishes. We have customers in more than one segment, so we will focus each and every segment separately. These are mainly families (working & house wives) and singles from other cities, student, workers etc. There income bracket are Rs.15,000 to Rs. 80,000. At present, all our potential customers are in Karachi (Small & Family both based upon no. of persons in a family) but we may consider other cities after 10 month of success most probably in Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Hyderabad.

Positioning type: By Product Attributes/Benefits, and By Problem We want our potential customers to view us as the most attractive (significant), reliable, and trust worthy source for fresh vegetables & spices to prepare Pakistan-based Chinese dishes in both of two (2) categories. Also, we want to be perceived in the eyes & minds of customers convenient, and cost-effective source of these specially processed instant fine cut fresh vegetables & complementary spices sachets all in a single package that is favorable to health.

We have defined our marketing mix into four distinctive components starting from product strategy to distribution, pricing & promotion strategy for representing a quick & separate overview of each component.

The Product

Vegetables pieces in fine shape cuttings, Complementary spices sachet Air tight with pleasant color packing Permissible preservers t o keep them fresh at refrigerated temperature

Product Features Fresh Vegetables

Favorably lighter to body, good to health - An Easy substitute of oily foods Full of vitamins, carbohydrates, mineral and other spices for coking. Convenience food (Easy to cook) Quality Food Easily digestible Conveniently priced Distribution conveniently available

Product Strategy
Direct contact with farmers located in Gharu along with special emphasis on quality & freshness of vegetables would be done so that each & every packet provide exciting experience to the customers. If we are able to do this, than certainly it will have good impact on our brand directly and on corporate image indirectly. 1) Product Width: Traditional Pakistani based Chinese Vegetables including Carrots, Cabbage, Greenonion, Green chili dish wise, whereas baby corn and peas are optional Complementary Spices comprising Garlic Sauce, Chili Sauce, Tomato sauce, Black peppers, Green Peppers & Soy Sauce

2) Product Length: Chicken Shashlik Chicken Chow Mein Chicken Ginger Chicken Chili 3) Product Depth: No. of variants for each product Small sized 2 to 4 persons Family sized 5 to 6 persons

Chicken Manchurian Vegetable Fried Rice Chicken Fried Rice Singapore Fried Rice

4) Product Packaging Beautifully shaped, Air tight transparent packing (Green for Low-level spices, whereas Red for Heavy spices) Preservatives (a) Vinegar - for 2-6 day preservation (b) Finished product in Air-tight packing would be stored in refrigerators

Pricing Strategy

Pricing is a secondary concern for most of our customers as a matter of getting the right product (in terms of customer expected quality) in a convenient manner. We decided that: 1) Small sized pack Rs. 60/- per pack 2) Family sized pack Rs.120/ per pack These prices (mentioned above) are the highest we could charge for our product offering and these prices would be charged at retail level.

Distribution Strategy
Value-chain Model Suppliers: Annual contacts with farmers to make sure that we would be on their top priority so that we can offer our customers with fresh vegetables. Negotiations would be done with farmers in order to obtain bulk purchase discounts. We will try our level best that each & every packet provides excellent exciting experience to the customers and it will shape into strong brand building and overall corporate image. We will also contact industrial suppliers for the supplies of relevant spices and respective attractive packaging material. Six trucks will be used to carry these vegetables from Gharu to our processing plant at Nurus, S.I.T.E. where cutting & packing of vegetables would be done and preservers added. Distribution channel Display, sell, & deliver the physical product to the buyers at retail outlets would comprise distributors & retailers chain as of existing F.M.C.G. products. Further, we would develop our four sales outlets in four regions of Karachi and these outlets will perform multiple functions including: A major source to be use for Brand activation and other BTL activities Distribution center Customer & support information center Logistic control center

Our Four Sales outlets (to perform main distribution points) 1) Opposite to main gate of Bagh-e-Qasim 2) Opposite to Rim-Jhim Mall (KDA Market near Gulshan-Chowrangi) 3) Millennium Shopping mall (Gulistan-e-Jauhar) 4) Bahadurabad Food Street Our four sales outlets would perform their role in main distribution, and to support the retailers & Mobile service centers. We would provide 15% discount to our retailers on regular monthly sales, also 10% more discount would be offered to those who will make sales more than 10,000 rupees per month.

Promotion Strategy
We will try to create awareness level of 40% within first six (6) months Primarily through BTL activities and then Ads on TV, Radio, Magazines, and brochures. We will also activate our personal relations department to conduct press conferences and will invite media to visit our plant and distributions centers for knowing how we are fulfilling our promise with customers to provide fresh & healthier food solution. Personal selling would be used to contact retailers for order booking & delivery of their product orders. We will also initiate & encourage retailers through incentive to purchase our products from these outlets. In initial 06 months we would encourage sales promotion and BTL activities as major support to advertising. We planned to offer a discount deal to every customer who purchase 03 packets of any size will get 01 additional free of cost. As an initial test, well mention the offer in major food magazines and television advertising after 6 months of BTL activates after launching. We have reserved 03 lacks of Pak rupee for this offer.



We have detailed our marketing plan, our market situation look quit positive as we are the pioneer of offering this innovative idea. Category Competition: Traditional food manufactures (Shan and National masala etc.) Major Restaurants offering Pakistani based Chinese dishes A quick overview of our major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are: Strengths Instant Chinese cooking is an Innovative idea We are offering Fresh Vegetables It gives convenience to the people It is a Natural food full of minerals necessary to good health Consistency of taste

Weakness Lack of awareness/ brand Identity

Shorter product shelf life Requires Financial Resources Its a new brand

It is of concern that people have great desire for the convenience to safe themselves from hazards and want to spare more time with their friends, family and also in making fun. Our extensive consumer research reflects that awareness is already their with the people about these dishes and to many people Chinese is a favorite choice from different media like TV, Radio, and Magazines recipes has already created and provided cooking information about these dishes. Opportunities No Key competitor Increased per capita income of consumers so, peoples buying power has increased drastically which people now spent more money towards the satisfaction of their desires. Unfulfilled desires of customers Threats Possible entry of competitors Existing restaurants offering Chinese foods can be harmful

To achieve our goals of selling our defined volume of products (Rs. 20 million) and creating 40% awareness of our brand, we plan to utilize three (3) elements in our strategy

Target Market
Our target market is middle class families and singles who likes Pakistan-based Chinese foods no matter what level of spice or type of vegetable they generally prefer. Our consumer research study revealed that our customers watch TV like Hum, Star Plus, Geo, and ARY. Our strategy would be to use local cable operators to run ads in the form of slides and Ads to save our cost on selected channels like Star Plus. Our potential customers more often visit shopping malls, markets, and exhibition centers, restaurants, amusement parks and other public places (Sea view for example) and they do read magazines. Therefore, while we will always keep our prices reasonable, we dont compete on the basis of price. Our Promotional strategy is build around the dual challenge of creating awareness and persuading them to purchase our product offerings. Rest of this plan provides more details on the promotional strategy part.

For our target market, we strive to be known as the most attractive instant Chinese packages brand in terms of quality, freshness, and after all convenience. Although, we dont assume ourselves as the cheapest brand, but our target customers admire the value we aim to provide them.

Marketing Mix
Our product strategy centers on building the most attractive & meaningful products in our two specialized segments. Our distribution strategy is also based on convenience like other F.M.C.Gs. Our price strategy reflects the desires of our potential customers; they would rather provide products and convenience they cant get anywhere else. As mentioned earlier in Marketing Plan that we will not compete on the basis of price.

Every aspect of our promotional strategy is shaped by two factors; our audience represents a small fraction of the overall food market who buys Chinese foods, and our promotional budget is miner compared with other suppliers in traditional food industry. Consequently, we must focus to make the most of effort & investment. We will conduct BTL activities to come up with our objective fulfillment.

Public Relations
Press/media visits to our plant & distribution center to show them our system and promise we make with our customers. Also, our personal relations people will arrange prospect buyers visits to our plant & distribution center to make association with us. We will arrange a series of health seminars and try to promote the use of Chinese dishes.

Personal Selling
Our differentiation with possible competitors is the innovative product, and variety of Chinese dishes that we offer to our potential customers. To boost this strength will plan to hire telemarketers for our inbound business and place them in our distribution center to provide answers of customers queries. We take this service in all communication with potential customers and provide them a unique way to discover new on-line recipe and pleasure of customer interaction and to make sure that customers get the food what they like to have. These telemarketers will also provide support for on time delivery of retailers orders. We will also use our sales persons like Walls cycle to create awareness of the brand and pursue them for purchase.

Sales Promotion
In order to persuade our potential customer towards the buying of our product we would arrange sales promotion that we pull the customers attention. Our plan is to offer Free samples in malls, and exhibition centers safely 5,000 small packets to create awareness as well as persuade them towards the purchase. Also, we plan to offer discount coupons in various magazines of our potential customers choice and in our main distribution centers. We will provide incentives to retailers to gear them for acceptance of our product through free packet on a certain level of purchase. After 20 % awareness among target customers we will provide a branded refrigerator to retailers for our products. We will also provide them brochures of our product about little information of product and recipes. We will make sure the provision of fresh vegetable pack and replace them with old stock (if remain unsold) on regular bases. We will perform various BTL activities BTL activities Free product sampling to create awareness as well as persuade to buy our products in various parts of the city including: Major Shopping Malls, Super Stores, Social Clubs, and Parks Universities & Colleges & Exhibition Centers Mobile Services (to be used for sales promotion) Major Shopping malls & Super stores would be specially focused, mainly; Rabi Center (Tariq Road) Millennium Shopping mall (Gulistan-e-Jauhar) Makro (Mangophir) Aga supermarket, D-Mart & Forum (Clifton) Imtiaz Store (Bahaduarbad) Float Activity 2 Male & 2 Female Brand ambassadors will be present during the float activity. Floats will stand near Sunday bazaars, parks, colleges, and commercial areas. Male brand Ambassadors will distribute the flyers and will invite the people to come inside the float and can have a taste of Fregetable. Inside the float the female ambassador will prepare the fregetable & will offer the people to eat. They will also provide free sample packets of fregetable to them also. Kiosk Branded Kiosk will be installed inside shopping malls menned by 2 female brand ambassador. They will be distributing flyers and free sample of fregetable made for single person. They will cook it immediately it immediately and will offer the people inside the malls. Timings: 11 am to 04 pm (Housewifes) 04 pm to 09 pm (Working Class / Families)

Well try hard to achieve 40% brand awareness to support image building and obtain 1st year sales revenue of Rs. 20 million. Since sales from 1st group of customer segment is expected to be 40% of 0.1 million (approximately) and rest is for family size customer segment which account for 60% of 0.1 million customers through advertising, personal selling, sales promotion & publicity. We will try to reach every 10th person out of 01 million customers (market potential) and our major focus will be on advertising & personal selling. We will place billboard on the main roads like Hasan Square, Shera-e-Faisal , Hydri etc.

ADVERTISING OBJECTIVES: Our purpose with this component in the category of promotional strategy is to support the twin marketing objective of increasing the awareness by 40% in our target audience and persuade purchasing of 240,000 packets. These require both a communication objective & a sales objective. 1) Communication Objective: Creating our customer base of 1 million people, as shown by media planning worksheet, we need to make 35,000,000 gross impressions through television, 12,500,000 through radio, and 10,000,000 through print media based on the assumptions that 100,000 people will be attracted by TV, 50000 by radio and 50000 through print media. Others BTL activities will support creating awareness about product, price, and place. 2) Sales Objective: This addresses people to include customers who would agree to purchase first time from us. With the sales goals of Rs. 20 million; we need to sell 240,000 packets of both sizes (family size = 65% and 45% for small size of packets) each through these advertisements.

ADVERTISING STRATEGY: Our advertising strategy contains two key parts. The creative strategy outlines what well say and how well say it. The media strategy explains where well place the message so that our target audience is exposed to it.

Creative Strategy:

The creative strategy defines 3 key blocks of information; the art direction plan, the production values for each ad and the copy platform which outlines the message we will present.

Art Direction & Production Values:

Our advertising budget limits how fancy we can get with any of our advertising efforts but this is not a major short coming in terms of production value. Our customers are looking for value product in the conveniences. Here is a description how our ads will look and sound. The TV ad: Concept -1 Scene A Subzi wala screaming while pushing the cart. Mom says to her son Son goes to the market and buys Fregetable Subzi wala just looks on Son says Concept 2 Scene A housewife cutting vegetables and suddenly reaches out to the fregetable packet. Husband says Wife holds the fregetable packet Throws away vegetables and starts cooking fregetable. Concept 3 (After Success) Scene A vegetable seller standing outside a house screaming but could not draw the attention of the housewife She has fregetable now Audio Subzi wala subzi wala Beta ja ker fregetable lay aao Beta aab teri chutti hu gai hay

Audio Yey kiya hay Kut kut cut cut Abb ho gai zindagi aasan

Audio Subzi wala subzi wala subzi lay loo

Abb cuttay subzi bina churi kay Kut kut kut cut

1) The Radio ad: The radio spot which will target the singles segment will run on FM 107 and FM 100 radio channel. This will feature the voice-over commentary with the same copy and jingle as in the TV ad. 2) The Magazine ad: The magazine ad will show an idea of family relationships and the convince in cooking food to make sure creating awareness and recall. 3) Billboard: Billboard will show the same idea as of print ad. Copy Platform

We will use the same customer benefit, support point, selling strategies, selling style, and advertising appeal for all ads. The Key customers Benefits The benefits we offer are chopped vegetable which are fresh and ready to cook. Support for Key Benefits We have customer relation center which provide recipe solution to the customers, record and rectify their complaints with in minimum possible time. We have a marvelous network of distribution The selling strategy Our selling strategy in compliance to our desired target market. As they basically belong to middle middle and upper middle class and need fresh vegetables ready to cook. We are giving the same message. Selling Style & the Advertising Style As the customer base belongs to middle classes seeking quality with freshness in ready to cook vegetables, we show them a thelay wala with the massage that no thelay wala is further required at least for vegetables. The line is Beta abb teri to chutti ho gai hay , cut cut cut cut which once again focuses on easiness of using vegetables as well as cutting the role of vegetable wala.

Media Planning Worksheet This worksheet shows the computation we made in order to drive media Budget Requirements Television Audience Goal Conversion Rate Gross Impression needed Reach Required Frequency Cost per Broadcast Media cost-TV Cost per Customer 100,000 1,200 80,000,000 400,000 300 15,000 3,000,000 45

Radio Audience - FM 106 Goal Conversion Rate Gross Impression needed Reach Required Frequency Cost per Broadcast Media cost-Radio Cost per Customer 50,000 800 40,000,000 125,000 320 5,000 1,600,000 32

Print Audience Goal Conversion Rate Gross Impression needed Reach Required Frequency Cost per Broadcast Media cost-Radio Cost per Customer 50,000 400 20,000,000 100,000 200 6,000 1,200,000 24

Media Strategy
As firms like us , who dont have plenty of money but to create awareness of our brand , it is unavoidable to approach aggressively to our target customers, we ll start our TV and Radio campaigns after 3 months of our product launch, having exposure through BTL activities and in a certain level of awareness. Well run our ads on TV & Radio aggressively for the 1 month and then use print media. And electronic media with moderate

pace. Well use local cable operators to show our ads on Star plus, Geo, Ary and Hum Tv. We also use Indus and masala Channel. Well try to buy Prime Time. Print Ads will be published on back page on Jung and in middle pages of Akhbar- e- Jehan. After 2 months the ads will be placed on these media aggressively once again.

To have an effective advertising we should have a handful amount of Budget.

Schedule & Media Celender

This celender indicates when each of our emocianal activities will take palce through 2008 Jan PUBLIC RELATIONS Visit of Press & Media to plant & Distribution Centers Visit of Prospect Buyers Arrangement of Health Seminars PERSONAL SELLING Hire Telemarketer Train Telemarketer Online Telemarketer Online Hire Cycle Riders Training Sending them to Market SALES PROMOTIONS Float Activity Kiosk Discount Coupons Incentives to Retailers ADVERTISING Advertising on TV Radio Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Print Media Newspapers Printing in magazines Placement of AD on BillBoards Brochure

Above Mentioned combine Schedule and Media Calendar Represents the activities which is to be started and finished. The PR, personal selling and sales promotions activities are shown first, followed by a production and media calendar for the advertising plan The television Ads will run 100 times in 1st month then in 2nd & 3rd month 70 and in 4th 5th & 6th month 60 Ads will be broadcast. In Radio ads will run in the 100 times in 1st month 80 times in 2nd & 3rd month and 60 ads in 4th 5th & 6th Month. While in 22 print ads in newspaper & magazine both. Following are the findings of our consumers survey:
35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Rank Chinese Food

Very Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Unsatisfied Very Unsatisfied Not Applicable

Table 1

25 20 15 10 5 0 Time to Prepare 1 Hour 45 Min 30 Min 20 Min

Table 2
30 25 20 15 10 5 0 How Much pay for Vegetable 200 150 120 100 80

Table 3

50 40 30 20 10 0 Frozen Vegetables Ready to Cook

Yes No

Table 4

Fresh Vegetables Ready to Cook Table 5

70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

Yes No No Idea

60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Media Type

TV Print

Table 6
40 30 20 10 0 Out Door Advertising Float Bill Boards Kiosk

Table 7