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Leadercast 2012 Andy Stanley: I may be in charge, but I dont know what to do. I may be in charge, but I dont have all the answers. Im not the smartest person around here, Im just the leader. Leaders are important because of the thing we hate the most: uncertainty. Uncertainty is not an indication of poor leadership, it underscores the need for leadership. BOOK: Only the Paranoid Survive: Andy Grove Three Questions that should be added to a decision making process: What would my replacement do? Embrace the objectivity. Dont be so emotionally wrapped up in what youre doing that you dont have a sustainable model to sustain your business. What would a great leader do? Get out of the smallness of your personality, your environment and imagine what Jack Welch, Winston Churchill or Steve Jobs what would a leader do who was concerned completely with the future, the growth of his company. Stop trying so hard to make it bigger, make it BETTER. If you make it better, your customers will demand that you get bigger. What story do I want to tell? Every decision you make (business, family, personal, health) is going to be nothing more than part of a story told. When its simply a story when youre old talking in the coffee shop, what story am I going to tell about ______? Dont choose anything that will make you a liar for life black holes in the past that you cant talk about, have to skip over; things you have to exaggerate. Questions you hope no one asks because youll either have to lie or tell them the painful truth. Make decisions that create a story youre proud to tell. Money comes, Money goes but your story is with you forever. Coach Urban Meyer with Tim Tebow: Dont wake up 50 years later saying I made a lot of money and I won a lot of games and got famous but I dont know my kids. Great leaders are Selfless Work Ethic Raise those around you Consistently work hard, and when your number is called go in and make the most of it. Stand up when your numbers called and be ready and willing to go perform to the highest when youre called. Dont worry about what you cant control. Worry about what you can control: your focus, effort, attitude. Faith and family.and learning to let the negative go. Focus on what you can control, not on the things you cant. You can be passionate and care, but at the end of the day no matter how trophies you win, its still just a game. Youre never done. Its an everyday battle. If youre always waiting to get through something, its a terrible way to live. If you live every day waking up with the outlook that youll make a positive difference and make someone elses life better today. Be someone who LOVES what they do. If you dont love it, are you passionate about what you do? Wish 15 Foundation Offering Hope to Children with Life Threatening Illness Tim doesnt do it to be celebrated.he does it to brighten their lives.

Angela Ahrendts - Burberry: Trust is how you transform a company. Culture has to be led by intuition and your vision must be embedded in our values. Reinforce the roots we came from. Use your instincts. Consult outside your organization. Leadership begins with people, relationships. Leaders are in the human business, putting the right people in the right places at the right time. Its like a chess game; if the right people are in the right places at the right time, you win the game. Give a voice to the next generation. Use your older generation to guide and support the younger generations vision and ensures that your company will connect with the next generation. Put the brand first. Make everyone in service to the brand. This is how you make the brand last. Always ask what is best for the brand which removes self from the equation, removes the egos and the peoples expectations. Get behind and support what is best for the brand. Trust intuition over numbers. You cant prove something will be successful you have to value feelings of intuition. You have to use your instincts. Choose to accept the obligation to help the next generation of workforce. Our vision is that the true measure of our success is how many people around the world can be touched by the power of our performance. Marcus Buckingham: Book: First Break All the Rules Book: Now Find Your Strengths Book: Stand Out When making a choice, find the Authenticity. Every decision should feel authentic. One lesson as a leader: authenticity is your most precious commodity. Find your edge, then deliver it. Whats the algorithm of you? Formulas dont work. The techniques of one leader may not transfer well to another. Leadership is idiosyncratic. Leaders need to pick their algorithm. Whats your edge? What is your particular comparative advantage? The new generation is starting to notice where algorithmic model ISNT. MDA Competency Model Catch excellence and then reflect it back. There is no perfect leadership profile. There are only perfect practices that fit your profile which are individually excellent, so that you can be creative without harming your authenticity. The challenge is not really to bless yourself with uniqueness; your challenge and your choice as a leader is to figure out how to take what is unique about yourself and make it useful. John Maxwell If you want to bring transform a company, a culture, a country you as the leader must first transform yourself.

The Law of Intentionality Growth doesnt just happen. You have to grow on purpose, it doesnt happen automatically. You have to purpose to grow. You have to make a choice. Theres a choice you have to make in everything you do, so keep in mind that the choice you make makes you. People always want to change their circumstances without changing themselves. Leaders have to marinate, simmer, crockpot you cant microwave a leader or growth. The secret to growing intentionally is growing every day. The secret to your success is directly tied to what your daily routine includes. Youre either going forward or backwards; if you are going to do and be what you need to do and be, the secret is to growing intentionally every day. The Law of Awareness Be aware. Know yourself. Get to know yourself so that you can grow you. If youre leading others, you have to know them intimately. The only way you can grow anything is by knowing it well. Requirement what do I have to do? We all have requirements, its what we have to do, whats expected of us. You have to be aware of whats required. As you become successful, youll be able to equip, empower and delegate but especially in the beginning that you simply have t do and you have to grow in them to become better at those things to fulfill expectations. Return what gives the greatest return? What do I do well? Because what gives great return comes out of our strengths. Find out what you do good and work on them. Put your personal growth efforts towards your strengths, not your weaknesses. Because weak becomes average after effort. Instead, focus on your strengths and make them better. Reward What is it that its so wonderful I love doing it and want to do more of it? What isnt work to you even though it is? Workafrolic! Passion, the phenomenal energizer of humans. The Law of Environment Growth thrives in a conducive environment. Others are ahead of me. Be around people bigger, smarter, more successful than me. A place where Im continually challenged. Climb uphill. A place where your focus is completely forward. Of course yesterday happened, but it ended so get over it and look to tomorrow. A place where the atmosphere is affirming, like-minded. Wanting to learn and grow, want to get better and develop themselves. A place where youre often out of your comfort zone, over your head, having to swim not wade. When youre out of your comfort zone, you stretch; but if youre out of your gift zone youll drown. A place where youre excited. Hardly can wait to start the day, do what you do. No one has to motivate. Failure isnt your enemy, because youll fail if youre growing. Fail forward. A place where other people are growing too, everyone should be always growing, everyones moving and traveling. Where people desire change, theyre willing to change, understanding the only way they can grow is through change. A place where growth is modeled, expected. Soledad Obrien Leadership is giving a voice to everyone. We knew that America was better than that. Theres a certain bravery when youll sit on the right side of history. If you decide to live through life with dignity, eventually people will follow your lead. Martin Luther King was not like Jesus coming back to earth; he was a regular man who stood up when the time called for it and called for change. He became a leader because he decided to stand up. Sometimes circumstances call for a leader, and a leader is the person who stands up and answers it.

True leadership is departing from the script and taking a different path because you understand the critical value of justice and fairness and going off script because you know its more important to be on the right side of history. True leadership is not about change that comes tomorrow, but history making change that takes time. Roland Fryer Professor (Harvard) You cant eat prestige. 1.3 2.5 trilliion dollars, 500 billion dollars per year put back into the economy if the gap in education between black/brown/rural white kids and white kids were closed; 200% difference incarceration knocked down to 28%. Kids will gravitate towards what their leaders (teachers/parents) expect of them. Dr. Sheena Iyengar Book: The Art of Choosing Who is a leader? What makes a leader? Fate? Chance? Or choice? The critical actions that they decide to take at critical moments. Choice is the only force that puts control in your hands, that enables who you are today to who you want to be tomorrow and is the most powerful tool for shaping our future. We are all the sum of our choices. Effective leaders empower themselves and those around them with the power of choice. If the choice affects you, you should make it. If the choice affects you, you should get those who are over you (parents, leaders) to help you make it. Leaders, when giving people choices dont give them the choices you wish you had but that will most inspire them. See choices from their eyes. When faced with more options, people are less likely to make a choice/decision. The magical number of 7 (+ or 2) beyond 7 choices, our brains get confused. Words, numbers, pictures not given the time to memorize, we forget anything past 7 (+ or 2). Too much choice and we see 3 negative consequences: More likely to delay and procrastinate, even when it goes against their best interests Make worse choices Less satisfied with what theyve chosen, because they keep asking what if As leaders, we are supposed to help people make choices. 50% of the decisions made by the average CEO are made in less than 9 minutes. Only 10% take an hour of decision time. We have to be more proactive and less reactive. Which choices to cut, which to prioritize to make sure that you are spending your time on the choices that matter most. Effective leaders are choosy about choosing and make sure their time is spent on the choices that matter. Choosing is an art, because it does not look the same to all eyes and though you can learn from other people there is no simple formula; you cannot simply replicate others choices and replicate the same results. To do it well, you

have to look inside and use what it inside to make the best choice. A great leader is a dedicated practitioner of the art of choosing; looks beyond hierarchy and see new modes and means, willing to question, recognizes the choice has its limitations and has to be willing to relinquish it in order to realize its true power. Take advantage of choice without becoming subject to it. A leader is someone who can live with nothing, yet have everything. It may sound lofty, but a leader without a plan is a dreamer. You can write your own story, regardless of chance when you choose with wisdom and compassion. Patrick Lencioni (Lenchoni, I finally know how to say it!) ENFP Help me focus more on oh look a bird The single greatest opportunity for competitive advancement and improvement is free, accessible to anyone and is virtually untapped in most organizations (churches, families, cultures). The things that great companies do are things their competitors believe are beneath them. Its not complex enough its not that important because its not that complicated. Its not quick enough I need a quick fix, I need my adrenaline fix. I cant quantify it so since I cant quite figure out on a spreadsheet with data how important it is, it must not be. To understand a successful organization, we have to understand that it good at two things: Smart (marketing, strategy, finance, technology, decision science, analysis, plans, etc.) Healthy (minimal politics, drama, confusion, gossip, has high morale, people are productive because they love working there and because they love it, they get stuff done) People who cant figure out the healthy, go back to smart. The light is better on the smart side but the truth is that more than ever, it is impossible to build and maintain a competitive advantage on knowledge. The real competitive advantage is a healthy organization. Every team has knowledge, experience and domain expertise to be wildly successful but few are healthy enough to tap into it. Southwest Airlines and Chick-Fil-A dont have smarter better executives with IQs; theyve simply built better cultures by creating a better environment for their employees. They built an amazing culture. Its not touchy- feely, its a rigorous process and you have to embrace 4 disciplines: Build a cohesive leadership team. The most important thing you can do as a leader is be vulnerable. This inspires trust, which leads to cohesive team. Any group that knows each other can have predictive trust, but what truly makes a leader great is when the leader can say I think I screwed up, youre right, what I said was totally out of line. When youre on a team when people can say this, starting with the leader, you have true trust and thus true cohesiveness. If the leader cannot be vulnerable first, then theyre not going to get it from the rest of the team. If no one challenges you, dont push back, dont disagree if you dont get this, then youre not going to be working at top productivity. Ego has to go. No vulnerability, theres going to be no trust, and they inevitably made bad decisions because no one stood up to each other, could not be vulnerable with them. What about dont let them see you sweat? People see you sweating before you know you are. Real leaders say check out this sweat! Theyre in touch with their own humanity. Create clarity. Intellectually aligned on these 6 critical questions: o Why do we exist? o How do we behave? ** o How do we do it? o How can we be better than competitors?

o Who has to do this in order to work? Reinforce clarity. ** Great organizations identify the 2-3 things that are truly core to their organization and they are completely intolerant to anything different than those 2-3 things that are at your core. Example: Chick-Fil-A being closed on Sunday. Its the 2nd busiest day for quick service but its their core value. Southwests is humor. There has to be a core value that you will punch out for, youll live it and youll have people attracted to the fact that you hold to your core so strongly. Yes, youll lose some people, but others will come. Over-communicate clarity. Too often, leaders think its redundant. I told you I loved you last year! How about I tell you if it changes You have to be comfortable over-communicating. If people cant do a good impression of you when youre not around, youre not communicating enough. If you want to be cool, dont be a leader.

Book: Built to Last (Jim Collins new book) Great leaders are comfortable doing things even if it looks like theyre getting punched for it because thats what makes them real.