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Totalitarianism isnt something that occurs overnight.

Historically, the same pattern leading to totalitarianism can be seen time and again. The reason for this is simple when we look closely: lack of personal responsibility. Human beings are notoriously poor at being accountable for their own lives; choosing the potential for utopianism over the risk of losing their freedoms. It is for this reason, the human race is yet to reach it darkest hour, where a new threat will emerge that combines the three worst aspects of 20th century totalitarianism. Corporate Personhood The first threat comes from the corporatist model that takes its roots, not from the fascist regimes of the 20th century, like the Italian fascists, but the USA. The corporation is not the product of a free market but a work of legal fiction treated as an individual, with the same rights as a person, otherwise known as corporate personhood. This archetypal model began in the USA during the 19th century, resulting in the gradual global implementation of the corporation and the state working in unison to control the masses. Governments favour corporations for being very effective tax collectors of their employees; much like lords overseeing peasants in medieval feudalism. This prevents people from avoiding taxes, which can occur far more easily when people are self employed or work in smaller businesses. Corporations are also potent mechanisms for planned economic policies, since it is much easier to work by a corporation when enacting legislation. At a reward for cooperating with the state, those at the executive and board level of the corporation are afforded special privileges and protection, using the legalese of corporate personhood to avoid the individual responsibility for harmful business activity. These people are also paid exorbitant salaries and bonuses that do not reflect the business performance; one glaring example being bankers pay. Today, corporations have become the de facto method of totalitarian control of an economy. A strong example is the use of oil companies on behalf of Western nations in the Middle East while the state uses direct military force to subdue the region. Social Darwinism The second threat comes from the social Darwinism that again became closely associated with 20th century fascists, though it also has a dark past in places like California, USA, and Sweden. Hitler became infamous for his eugenics programmes to further his vision of a master race. Often people feel this is typically associated with genocide and forced sterilisation; this is only, however, part of the story. The Nazis were also infamous for their experiments on human beings, and, chillingly, the Second World War is when we learned a great deal about human anatomy. This occurred through highly unethical experiments practised by the Nazis in particular. The future for the human race presently seems destined for a similar path for unethical scientific conduct. Through such endeavours as the Human Genome Project, we are fast approaching a time where it will be possible to fully engineer human beings in a laboratory, bypassing the natural union of man and woman. The first stage of this process has already begun with sperm banks for women to fertilise eggs without the direct participation of men. Single mothers relying heavily on welfare in the same manner as a female would have previously relied on the male, has also lead to a rise in state control of reproduction. Such social engineering has lead to the destabilisation of society and mistrust between men and women, spurred on by the deluded policies of modern feminism. This social instability has only just begun to

truly manifest itself, and the future in this regard looks bleak. However, as we move into a time where it will become possible to entirely cultivate human beings in labs, the totalitarian vision of Huxley will become a very real issue. Once again, it will become possible for the state to appear to offer reproductive and family solutions, though the consequences of the loss of individual reproductive autonomy will simply fade to more state absolutism, like the loss of fathers rights. Political Correctness The third and final threat comes from the Marxists that rose to power in the 20th century. While the economic vision of Marx has now become less favoured due to its total failure in every sense, the politically correct policies of Marxists social sciences are still extremely widespread. This cultural determinism lead to an array of conjecture which suggests that biology is a secondary or even irrelevant factor alongside societal influence. While this could be put down to a healthy matter of debate or even a question of opinion, this is not the case, since sociologists and their endorsers are against objective scientific evidence coming forth which might contradict their poorly substantiated conclusions. Such examples are race, sex, sexuality, social structure, and human sexual interaction; all of which are considered predominantly cultural phenomena. In todays modern world, the university is the breeding ground for fallacious social science purview. Young people enrolling in university departments, overrun by dogma, are brainwashed through gender studies, women studies, cultural studies, sociology and other courses based on Marxian critique. Other higher educational courses also allow for students to take social science modules. The university is ground zero for the classic warfare that the leftist ideologues repeatedly wage across society; being the heart of indoctrination for the next generation. The mandate of political correctness created from social science theories also stifled free speech and prevent anyone from researching whatever might contravene a socially constructed narrative, like biological studies that uncover the differences between men and women. The poorly derived evidence of social science is then used to suggest that there are social disparities that must be addressed in society, which leads to affirmative action and progressivism to fix what is allegedly broken. Political correctness is then used to punish and terrorise those who fail to adhere to this orthodoxy.