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5 Building Blocks For Success

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The Heat Is On

24 Home Reinvention
Creating New Space In Your Old Place

6 Less Is More
Winter Energy Conservation

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From Dated to Divine

8 Do-It-Yourself Design
Bring Function Back to Your Furniture.

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Turn an Empty Room Into A Welcome One.

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21 Kitchen Remodeled
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Somethings Fishy the remodel

Building 5 Building BlocksYourSuccess Pond and Maintaining for Own Koi
by Paul Strother
listed construction by Melissa task and a complete scope of work for the entire project. This HIRE THE RIGHT is what you should use CONTRACTOR for comparison of each Hiring the right contractor proposal that is submitted. for your project is the most important Once you or both you and decision you will make. Utilizing a profesyour designer have completed sessions with sional contractor will ensure that your all of the finish selections, the your contractor project is done correctly, within the legal contractor can easily price these will not only keep you laws, within budget, and within your time items. However, construction of the informed of the progress but frame. project is subjective; this section of will also give you an opportunity to You must be sure that not only does your the proposal must be critiqued. Lastly, discuss any of your concerns as well. contractor meet all state and local licensit is imperative to make sure everything ing requirements, but they should also be you pay for is in the proposal/contract. For HOMEOWNERS RIGHTS bonded and insured. To verify the contracexamples of what to be wary of in proposals, Prior to beginning your remodeling project tors license and good standing, visit the visit this month. know your rights! dates blindly sign them Contractor State License Boards Web site he tradition of koi fishDo notback givesany everything they need, he adds. They still get contract before knowing exactly the enjoyment of having the soothing sound and appeal at In addition, its a good idea centuries to both China and Japan, what the UNDERSTANDING YOUR PROJECT it entails and a 1914 may or of water to ask your contractor for referencesand butjobwasnt untilwhat youexhibi- may not be in their backyard but alsoareceive the added Another component to successful remodel tion in Tokyoresponsible for, should things go south. of a pond full of to get overlooked is how to cope that the rest of the world be- bonus call them. This gives you an opportunity that seems beautiful koi, which often will gan how A contract the ornamental come up eat out of your that may to learn about your contractor and to see the colorful fish asshould include a complete and with the stress hand. occur during the creatures description of all construction tasks, a paythey conduct business. Check to see if yourwe know today. Because koi fight the course of construction. For example, you RESOURCES current of ment schedule, and a time line of PICKING might learn that contractor is a member of a professionalthe water to swim upstream, popular such tasks. YOUR POND your floor tile delivery will culture often The entire symbol of the koi as Once youve decided on installing a koi pond, there are trade association, such as the Sacramento interprets theinventory of products to be used be delayed by two weeks, forcing you to Nimbus the National representing should be listed, which is typically a few preliminary things to keepwait. Another scenario Chapter ofPond, Inc. Association of the non-conformity or strength in time provided either re-select or in mind. John Hansen 916-852-1606 Pond says, The size and design of a the by the designer. A find appeal- with list Remodeling Industry (NARI) in adversity ideas that many peoplecontract also needs aNimbusis that you arrive late to work because koi an indicablend with its surroundings. Koi ponds ing enough of responsibilities for backyard pond should delivery driver cannot find his keys to move tion of ethical standards, commitment and ato incorporate into theirthe contractor and any need to landscape design. subcontractor he might bring to the close truckshaded gathering area. Shaded representation of the best in their industry. the to a parked behind your car. locations Warranty issues and changes to the project work best because the shade helps slow these The best recommendation for algae Camellia Koi Club A BEVY growth and types the water cooler during the summer procedures, plus alternative dispute resolu- can keepof stressors is to realize that your COMMUNICATION IS CRUCIALOF BENEFITS tion clauses, should be described months, as communication According to Georgia Vonk, Treasurer of the non- in case of however, koi ponds canwillconstructed in most between the day-to-day routine be be disrupted for the profit Camellia future Sacramento, they say, it better to homeowners is important, it is equally Koi Club ofproblems. As There are is outdoor settings. To keepthe job. So, educate yourself and duration of the fish safe from predators like Sacramento Koi lots I reasons peopleerror on koi pond but it usually opposed and raccoons, ponds should be to least four to five install a the side of caution, as heron to important with your contractor.ofhave been your family and prepare at cope with some starts with the love not addressing issues Whether the recipient of an agitated client wanting to and admiration of koi. beforehand.feet deep; otherwise, experts recommend homeowners disruption. A good source of information 916-652-4231 your interest in know why the door to his office is not in thekoi ponds is one based in history or purchase a net towhat to expect isto keep the koi safe. or for cover the pond your contractor. He in symbolism, building a pond in your own yard can Even though many might imagine pond water being PROPOSALS location as depicted on the plans. I had to she should be sensitive about your situation create his spouse beauty and serenity bejeweled murky, a reluctantly inform him that it wasan ambiance ofYou must have a defined scope of work. koi pond should be assist you throughout your and be willing to crystal clear, down to the by these swimming If you bottom. that authorized the new location of the door. gems. receive a proposal with minimum Because koi produce a significant amount of project. Koi with your description, you should consider waste, a Therefore, know what is going on ponds add sound, movement and color to the throwingbottom drain and a good filter are crucial. Some yard. door, what pond just draws people minimum of can Paul Strother is president of the Sacraproject, who is locking the frontA well-built koithat one away. There is ato it, filters 25 even produce a current for the koi to swim explains Steve Walker, president of Sacramento Koi.any average act additionally as aof NARI. To contact him or construction-task categories for against to mento Chapter sort of biological filter. is being delivered, and stay in touch with If you considering adding a koi pond to your sized kitchen remodel. Your proposal should areto find a reputable professional remodeling your contractor. Weekly Many people who have enjoyed having a swimming communication contractor, visit says, Do your pool for most of their life find thatdetailednot use it as for eachlandscaping, Hansen homework include a they do description outdoor often as they get older. When they move into a smaller and build the koi pond correctly the first time, and youll home after the kids are gone, they find that a koi pond get years of enjoyment from it.

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less is more
Winter Energy Conservation
by Darren Elms

s we temporarily bid goodbye to our air conditioners and pool heaters, we must consider the energy needs of our homes for the chilly months ahead. With more time spent entertaining and hibernating in our homes during the winter, this season can be especially brutal on energy costs and waste. Luckily, there are numerous ways to save both energy resources and some extra green for your wallet.

THE HEAT IS ON (AND OFF) Our heating systems are perhaps the biggest energy suckers of the winter season, but its still simple to save without sleeping in an icebox. Thermostats should be

For a list of Web sites with even more wintertime energy saving tips, visit

Photo Martin Green/

TURN OFF AND UNPLUG One of the easiest ways to conserve is turning off lights and other electric items when leaving the room. If you want to take it a step further, unplug under-used appliances. According to Roseville Electric, a spare garage refrigerator can add 10-25 percent to your electric bill. You dont need to unplug your kitchen fridge, just remember that every time you open the door, the compressor needs to run for eight to 10 minutes. Keep in mind that the benefits to the end of Daylight Saving Time include more than just an extra hour of sleep; adjust all automatic timers on lights, sprinklers and other relevant devices to accommodate the change.

adjusted regularly to suit the schedule and needs of your household. According to SMUD, for every two degrees you lower your thermostat youll save 10 percent on your heating bill. They suggest setting and keeping the thermostat at 68 degrees when the home is occupied and 55 degrees at night or when its unoccupied. If you have a heat pump, set the lower temperature at 63 degrees. Similarly, PG&E recommends programming thermostats to turn heat on 30 minutes before people arrive and off 30-60 minutes before they leave. If you find this temperature range on the chilly side, keep a sweater or blanket handy.

ergy company may provide rebates on certain ENERGY STAR appliances. Replace incandescent lightbulbs with efficient compact fluorescent ones, which use 75 percent less energy. Even your holiday tree and outdoor displays will benefit from LED lights. Plus, they are cooler and reduce the risk of fire.

PATCH, REPAIR OR REPLACE For added protection and comfort, plug leaks in heating ducts, install weather stripping or caulk doors. Proper ceiling insulation and high-performance windows create an added expense upfront, but will save you money in the long run. PG&E says closing curtains, shades and blinds during the night and unoccupied periods will help your home retain heat. In the market to replace an appliance? Choose products that have earned the ENERGY STAR label. According to Roseville Electric, a new ENERGY STAR refrigerator uses about 20 percent less energy than a standard new refrigerator and 46 percent less than one made in 1980. A new ENERGY STAR washing machine uses nearly 50 percent less energy than a standard washer. Additionally, your en-

YOURE IN HOT WATER SMUD says to avoid using large amounts of water between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., since energy prices are highest then and it costs your water utility provider more to run water pumps during those hours (costs which are passed along to you). Newer water heaters may have insulation built into the unit, so check the owners manual to determine if additional insulation can be added. If not, Roseville Electric suggests wrapping your heater with a water heater blanket. You can also lower the temperature on the unit to about 120 degrees. This is sufficient for most household tasks, and it will save energy. Speaking of water appliances, only run dishwashers and do laundry when the units are filled to capacity. Did you know using cold water in your washer reduces its energy use by 75 percent? You might dislike a cold shower, but your clothes likely wont mind.

Thoughtful design that enriches and inspires where we live and work.
Small spaces, whole homes, kitchen, bath remodeling or refurnishing; small business and tenant improvement design assistance.

Allied ASID, NKBA Member (916) 834-9751

do-it-yourself design
Bring Function Back to Your Furniture
by Darren Elms

ve seen it all...bicycle tires (spokes and all) twisted and curved into a gorgeous table; a vintage suitcase, opened, padded and legged to become the back and seat of a stylish chair; glasses beautifully strung together to create a dramatic, cascading glass chandelier. The results of these inspired reinventions give old pieces of junk, from bottles to bowling pins, a second life. Not all of us have the time, skill or equipment to create a sofa out of a perfectly halved claw foot tub (though the challenge is tempting!), but there are plenty of simple ways to take stuff collecting dust in the corner of your garage and transform it into design pieces that would make Crate and Barrel envious. Top Drawer to Top Shelf If you have an outdated dresser or desk hanging out somewhere, or the means to procure one, those drawers have the potential to hang elsewhere...on your wall. Who needs an expensive shadow box to display items when a drawer will do the trick nicely? Simply remove the drawers and give them a good sanding, if necessary, and a fresh coat or two of paint. Find the right spot and use your preferred wall attachment for

a sturdy fix. Note: you may need to remove the backing where the drawer slid into the original unit on some models to make it flush with the wall. Drawers can also stack nicely to create a bookcase-type structure, just be sure to secure them with a fastener to keep it steady. Opening Doors Given its size, sturdiness and shape, an old door especially if its made from solid wood offers many opportunities for reuse. My favorite door repurposing, and a fairly easy one to accomplish, transforms the unit into a table, be it tall or small. I think a small coffee table style works best, but you can really choose any leg length for a preferred height. I suggest sanding or removing the paint before attaching legs, especially if you plan to repaint or add a new stain, and remember to remove all hardware knobs and hinges unless you prefer to leave them on. Once you choose your four legs (many hardware stores have a variety of styles), drill in the proper hole (there should be a screw at the end of each leg) and secure into place. Make sure to measure leg placement carefully and evenly to properly balance the table. Now all it needs is the finishing

touches of paint or a nice stainand youre ready to entertain! Screen Test Dressing screens make great headboards with little fuss to install. Simply place the screen flat against the wall and push the bed against it to keep in place. You can also hammer in a thin nail or two should it not rest completely flush with the wall. If youre feeling a little more ambitious, you can paint or stretch fabric around the screen for a completely different look. Make sure the fabric is tight and use a staple gun to attach it to the back. Ive seen the same technique also used with doors and door frames, just avoid glass, as it can be dangerous. Wide bookshelves also make nice headboards, providing spaces for books, clocks, lamps or whatever. In a reverse twist, wrought iron bed frames could find a second life in your garden. Push the legs into the dirt or lean up against a wall. Watch your tomatoes, bougainvillea and other plants and vines crawl up this nifty makeshift trellis! So before you buy new, see what you can repurpose around your home. Old can become fresh and innovative in a creative and green way.

Photo by

>>Kartell FL/Y Suspension Lamp

Designed by Ferruccio Laviani, this modern, transparent lamp brings to mind a soap bubble with its iridescent reflection of light. Offered in a rainbow of colors. Available at

>>KitchenAid 5-Speed Artisan Blender

Perfect for making both chilly margaritas and summer fruit smoothies, this great blender serves all your kitchen needs year round. Shown in Empire Red. Available at Sears, 1191 Galleria Boulevard, Roseville. 916-787-7400,

>>Francis Francis X7 Espresso Machine from illy

Get a taste of Italy with a simple yet beautiful appliance. Designed to use illy iperEspresso capsules, the X7 requires one touch to make aromatic espresso with velvety crema. Available at Sur La Table, 1198 Roseville Parkway, Suite 170, Roseville. 916-788-0603,

From cool ways to store wine to steaming espresso Italian-style, check out these great kitchen items designed for summer fun. by Darren Elms
>>Karbon Faucet by Kohler
Five pivoting joints offer the freedom of total range of motion. Now available in a palette of metallic colors to match your kitchen dcor. Available at The Plumbery Luxury Bath & Kitchen, 4467 Granite Drive, Suite 100, Rocklin. 916-315-8700, plumbingnthings. com.
Photos courtesy of their respective companies.

>>427R Wine Storage by Sub Zero

The Sub-Zero 427R wine storage unit offers eight shelves of wine storage above with two bulk storage drawers underneath. The two individually controlled wine storage zones hold up to 78 bottles. Available at Plumbing Unique Inc., 2690 Sunrise Boulevard, Rancho Cordova. 916-638-2763,

>>Kitchen Basics Set by Mrs. Meyers Clean Day

Fabulous three-product set of earth-friendly dish soap, countertop spray and liquid hand soap in great summery scents like Rosemary (pictured), Basil and Lemon Verbena. Available at True Value Hardware, 4571 Missouri Flat Road, Placerville. 530-622-0992,



with a



My first apartment was an intimate 14x 22 studio with a detached kitchen and bathroom. When I moved all those years ago, the walls were the standard white youd expect in a typical rental. Six years later when it came time to move on, those same walls were again white, but beneath that fresh layer of paint were five different adventures in transforming a basic room into a vision of comfort, convenience and style. Were five redesigns in six years excessive? Probably. Did I spend way too much time in IKEA looking for furniture and meandering in Home Depot ogling over color chips? Arguably. But was it incredibly fun turning my modest accommodations into a completely new space? Absolutely. Now, 10 years later, I have a home with many rooms at my design disposal. Do I put a new splash of color or mix-up my motifs every 12 months like the old days? Not of late. Do I dream about a seasonal shake-up when paging through my home dcor magazines? Of course, all the time! In this spirit of diversification, we wondered what it would be like to take a single room or type of room and give it a makeover three times over. To help us with this experiment, we invited not one but two local designers, Laura Neuman of PepperJack Interiors and Jane Reed of Decorating Den and Brush Strokes Inc., to each take on three designs, each presenting their own set of expectations and challenges.

ing in the marketing department. This longing for creativity and a hands-on life provoked the engineer to consider her skills, experience and passions, and ultimately compelled her to shift gears and enter the field of interior design. While Neuman prefers a clean, classic and traditional approach to design, she believes life is too short to be ordinary and encourages her clients to push the envelope a bit while staying true to their core principles and style. Traditional is flexible and timeless, plus it makes sense financially over time, she says. For our project, Neuman chose a nearly empty dining/living room as her starting point, with creamy white walls, a beautiful concrete floor and an immovable black baby grand piano. As inspiration for her three vignettes, she imagined three different women - Diana, Kate and Emeline - and created individual looks that reflect each of their personalities and lifestyles. For Neuman, all three women are interesting, intellectually curious and sensible, and deserving of their own unique living space.

Youve Got Personality

Laura Neuman has duality built into her DNA. Growing up in Colorado and spending time in New Mexico and Wyoming, she surrounded herself with a love of history and art from an early age. Her practical side earned her a degree in industrial engineering at Stanford and a nearly 20-year career at Hewlett-Packard. And while she enjoyed the exposure to cultures and sensibilities that her job offered her through frequent travel, she couldnt help be envious of the fun her colleagues were hav-

Meet Diana

Educated and a seasoned traveler, Diana has a rich family history that needed to be represented in her home. European and Asian furnishings blend with a collection of keepsakes and treasures to create a time-traveled flair. Art is carefully scaled and hung next to a Chinese bookcase-turned-hutch/bar/ dining sideboard. A generous use of sterling silver pieces, both polished and tarnished, give the room a formal yet unstuffy feel. The idea here is to mix things up, pull items from one room to the next, and unwrap that beautiful silver so it can add shine to the everyday.

Meet Kate

This space combines Kates love of art with the function of a home office/studio, one of Neumans design specialties. The addition of a modular bookcase, orange table lamp, generously sized accessories, and painting by Sacramento artist William Ishmael give the room a contemporary vibe. The piano bench

doubles as a workbench, and unexpected pieces like the country French table and Navajo rug complete the picture. Notes Neuman, Strong geometric lines and earth tones coupled with timeless design styles make these elements a perfect fit for Kates functional, stylish and personal home office.

Designer Tips



Meet Emeline

Emeline makes her home in the American West while carefully carrying over her European heritage. A few pieces carry over from Diana and Kates rooms, like the pine table, rug, pottery and table lamp, showing how simple it can be to incorporate old pieces into a fresh design with a totally unique character. Beautiful French armchairs and a large impressionist landscape are brought in, as are large tools and the addition of flowers and greenery to bring a little of the outdoors in.




Collect images and pictures that reflect the desired feeling and style, maybe even create a collage of these. Interview several interior designers to get a sense of how they work and who might be a good fit with you and your project. Focus energy and budget on one room at a time rather than on pieces and parts all across the home. Spend budgets wisely and choose good investments in design. Stay clear of short-term trends that are likely to pass in the next few years. Carefully select and place appropriately sized accessories that make a space sing.

Be Our Guest

For more on Laura Neuman and PepperJack Interiors, call 916-834-9751 or visit pepperjack

Jane Reeds design roots go back to her native country of England, where her father was a homebuilder and let her accompany him on site tours. I used to love getting new shoes so I could turn the shoebox into a dream home, decorating it with carpet and fabric samples and making furniture from scraps of old woods, she says. I guess I was just born into becoming a designer. Coming to a new country, let alone starting a new company, can be a very daunting experience. Luckily she found Decorating Den, giving

Toile Meets Contemporary

her access to hundreds of suppliers. Additionally, her husband is a general contractor specializing in remodeling, allowing the couple to provide a comprehensive service to their clients. Reed says her current design mood is nostalgic, combining retro looks from Victorian to modern and adding her own favorite splashes of bright colors, textures and patterns. For this challenge, she took on three similarly-sized guestrooms and transformed each based on the homeowners needs, paying special attention to inherent shortcomings in the space.

Toile Meets Contemporary

A homeowners love of toile needed to be incorporated in a guestroom without making the overall look too traditional. Reed used the toile pattern in upholstery of an antique chair, the side panels and bolster and a lampshade. She paired classic black and white paint with Benjamin Moores Hollingsworth Green and Stratton Blue, giving a fresh and sophisticated look, and introduced mod-

ern patterns like polka-dot Roman shades and a reversible green duvet. Colorful toss cushions and black lighting fixtures create the perfect crossover from old to new.

This awkwardly spaced room came to Reed with a large leather bed already purchased by the client and little architectural detail throughout. The goal: to create a warm and relaxing space for weekend guests to enjoy. She began the task by adding crown molding to the ceiling and painting both the ceiling and walls in different shades of taupe for contrast. A large mirror at one end of the room instantly made the room appear twice its size. A duvet with a small geometric pattern and black and taupe fabrics accenting the sides make the bed look smaller and blend into the leather side rails. Using the same fabric as the duvet, inverted pleat panels were used on the window with the rod ceilBEFORE ing mounted in order to comOff to College plete a smooth line. Reeds penchant Converting the bedroom of a recently off-to-college daughter into a guestroom for color is seen in red accents scatthat also doubles as her school-break respite was not an easy task. Yet, Reed tered throughout the room. found a way to honor the students bubbly personality while turning a very small room with limited closet space into a functional guestroom. We painted the room in three horizontal stripes in different colors separating them with a bold two-inch band, says Reed. We continued the color into the ceiling to create more height to the room. Bold black furniture, like a leather sleigh bed, was 1. A favorite piece of furniture added for drama against the three youthful shades of green on the walls, and or art can be the starting the new nightstand and chest brought additional storage. Sleek, contemporary point for dcor. bedding, tufted silk window dressings, porcelain wall discs and a fun zebra2. Whatever the style, a room print rug and chaise lounge give the room a dose of energy and style. with a comfortable chair or chaise lounge will be greatly appreciated. BEFORE 3. For guestrooms, include a luggage rack or chair specifically to hold an open suitcase or duffle bag. 4. Keep the room uncluttered and make sure there is plenty of storage. 5. Good design is available to all and should be fun and stress free.

Weekend Getaway

Off to College

Designer Tips

For more on Jane Reed and Decorating Den, call 916-294-9777 or visit decdens. com/janer.

Weekend Getaway


grill seeker
by Jenn Thornton
Photos courtesy of Backyard Dream and Barbeques Galore.

hen it comes to outdoor grilling, youve hauled out the hibachi on more than one occasion. As for that rusty three-legged Weber? Well, its part of the family. Youre a bit of an apologist for the days when charcoal ruled the world. Still, your memories of yesteryear dont stop you from waxing poetic about the backyard kitchen making itself at home all over suburbia. After a few kabobs here, some neighborhood tailgating there youre a believer. And once you realize that the dinner dishes are all but eliminated with a well-aimed hose and some decent water pressure, youll do whatever it takes to build your own. Oh, wait. What does it take? Before you get cooking, size up the situation. Placement, appearance, maintenance

and function what should you know? How do you effectively manage a project from beginning to completion? Our quick reference guide answers the burning questions. Outfitting your outdoor kitchen can be fraught with complications. The first step: set a budget. Allow five percent for wiggle room and stick to it. A customized outdoor kitchen can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $50,000, including structural modifications and installation costs, so know what you can afford. A kitchen unit may be reasonably priced, but what happens if you get amenity-happy in the process? Add in stainless steel cabinets, granite countertops, warming drawers, fireplaces and pizza ovens, and that five percent just stretched to 15 percent.

Determine utility to keep your budget on course. Are you a serious entertainer or an intimate family-gatherer; a casual griller, or an all-weather enthusiast? An outdoor kitchen should meet your skill level. If for you, top of the line means over the top, be realistic about what you are prepared to handle. Do your research before making any purchases, and arm yourself with information that effectively communicates your specific needs. Warning: if youre swayed by that flashy, but ill-suited unit that you wont use or maintain, watch out that 15 percent just jumped to 50. Be clear about what you need. Other utilitarian factors to consider are children, traffic flow, spacing and efficiency. When strategizing, you should also factor in appearance. You wouldnt see a reprint of the Mona Lisa hanging inside the local

consider your homes resale value. The difference between quality construction and a clumsy but well-meaning attempt to remodel may be a pricey risk you cant afford. The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) suggests sticking to the basics and putting thought into what others would like about your kitchen. Someone else might own it one day and youll want to make sure you get your moneys worth! The right designer can provide high style on a low budget. Appoint a qualified professional. The NKBA advocates meeting with several designers to exchange ideas. Check qualifications; ask for references and a portfolio, and make sure to discuss your budget. If possible, schedule a visit to their showroom or retail facility. But dont be afraid to contract with a new designer if he or she communicates well, satisfies your taste and shares your style philosophy. If you feel pushed out of your comfort zone, keep looking. Site planning is critical to the process of building. The outdoor kitchen is an extension of your living space, so backyard kitchens are designed to accommodate a way of life. As we all know, life style is important, but safety is paramount. Backyard kitchens are susceptible to the same hazards as traditional kitchens, so placement is extremely important. Structures should be installed away from dangers that, left unattended, may cause fires or worse. Additionally, proper flooring is crucial. Marble and tile surfaces are not the best options due to slickness, and are not advised for children. Practicalities and protection are other auto body, would you? Of course not, since thats pin-up country. The same rule applies to home style. If you are meticulous about interior aesthetics, be equally fastidious outdoors. Is your house wood or brick? Are you a stainless steel modern or a brick-oven traditionalist? Perhaps you love modern technology, but Old World style. If youre at all doubtful, consult a design professional to help extend your homes stylistic bent by seamlessly integrating your backyard kitchen into its surroundings. It is not advisable to install an outdoor kitchen yourself. Installation and custom fabrication require an expert touch. Doing the remodeling yourself is a seductive proposition, especially when it means saving a few bucks. Still, its a probable, but invisible long-term cost. If youre still tempted,

reasons to plan accurately. For example, positioning an outdoor kitchen next to the house cuts down on electrical and plumbing costs. Aesthetic positioning extensive or limited that aims for a dynamic view is likely to cost more because such installation may require reconstruction. To maximize a view while protecting a structure from elemental damage, locate outdoor units under an awning. The same effect can be achieved with limited resources by positioning a smaller island or portable grill under an umbrella. Since we live in a temperate climate, all-weather units are more of a luxury than a necessity. Still, for optimum protection, enclosures and protective equipment are always good ideas. Maintenance is key. The same rules apply to the outdoor kitchen as to any other part of the home. Items left unchecked raise similar safety concerns and may lead to faulty equipment. Design your backyard kitchen so that maintenance is easy, as well as cleaning and repairs. The more accessible the equipment and accessories are, the more likely they will benefit from regular cleanings, which cut down on unnecessary and expensive repair or replacement costs. If you have a hard time keeping the sink clear of dishes, how will you be at cleaning an outdoor grill? Honestly assess your willingness and then proceed. Customized backyard kitchens are a popular alternative to setting the table these days. With a variety of prices, models, and brands, there is something to meet every budget and taste. Trust the local experts to build your dream kitchen.

fireplaces for all

The Heat Is On
by Darren Elms
inter is around the corner and cooler temperatures draw us closer to fireplaces for comfort and ambiance. In the market for one but dont know where to start? Check out these options for the perfect unit that will keep your love burning all through the season. WOOD Benefits: Attractive with the natural feel, sight and scent youd expect from a cozy fireplace. Modern models are more efficient and help produce lower emissions than older ones. Maintenance: One of the messier types, a wood-burning fireplace requires regular cleaning, both in the chimney and unit itself. The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (AQMD) has funding to help Sacramento County residents replace older, more polluting units with cleaner burning, EPA-certified or equivalent units. For more information, visit Where to Buy: The Hot Spot, Folsom, 916-608-4328, GAS Benefits: An aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient alternative to other fireplaces. Clean, easy and affordable all around. Maintenance: Like any gas appliance, there are dangers associated with having these products in the home. Schedule to have yours inspected annually by a profesGas Wood

sional, especially if you suspect a problem. Make sure the fan is working correctly and the unit is properly ventilated; always turn the gas off when cleaning to ensure safety. Where to Buy: Sunroom Systems, Meadow Vista, 916-632-3800, PELLET Benefits: Like gas, its another great alternative to wood-burning fireplaces. Enjoy the convenience of not hooking up to a gas line and using easy-to-fill pellets or inserts. Combine high efficiency, low waste and emissions with relatively low maintenance, and youve got a worthy contender for your

purchase. Most come with self-igniters for easier usage. Maintenance: Once or twice-yearly cleaning includes removing ash from the burn chamber and the ash pan, scraping of the burn pot, raking the ash from the heat exchanger and cleaning the glass. Lowergrade pellets will require more maintenance, so use the best fuel possible. Where to Buy: Sierra Home Alternatives, Placerville, 530-626-6643, ELECTRIC Benefits: No smoke, no chimney, no gas plumbing, venting or insertsthis is definitely the cleanest and most efficient model. Simply plug in and go. Maintenance: Virtually none. Just keep it clean and dont overload the outlet. Where to Buy: The Stove Connection, Loomis, 916-652-4560, OUTDOOR Benefits: Enjoy your outdoor space all yearround with a convenient and great looking outdoor unit. Choose from wood, gas or pellet depending on your needs. Maintenance: See above based on kind, but outdoor units require a little more TLC, since they are often exposed to the elements. Where to Buy: Find multiple options at the above retailers, from stand-alones to fire pits!




Photos courtesy of their respective companies.

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Turn an Empty Room into a Welcome One
by Darren Elms
hen my brothers and I moved out of our parents home, one by one, my mother turned what could have been a melancholy succession of events into multiple reasons to celebrate. Suddenly, she had three new rooms and endless possibilities at her fingertips. What will it be, I imagined her conspiring from my first apartment on the other side of town. A sewing room? A home gym? Of course, my father beat her to the punch and announced they were moving to a smaller house, but in the end she did get one extra space to work with in her new abode. My moms situation is one that many empty nesters are confronted with after a child leaves the home for good: what to do with the extra room? For many, the answer is obvious...a guest room. And thats not a bad choice since you never know when your kids going to come back knocking on the front door with a suitcase in hand. But, that doesnt mean you cant make it your own and diversify the room to accommodate more than an

extra bed. Here are a few suggestions for turning an ordinary guest bedroom into a multi-purpose living space. 1. If you covet more options, start with a sofa bed. Im sure the mere mention of a sofa bed will produce multiple groans from readers. But, be assured, not all retractable beds are created equal, and some dont even retract. Take the day bed. This nifty creation functions as a bed and sofa without even moving so much as a cushion for transformation. Plus it makes a wonderful place to curl up with a book or take a catnap. If you do end up going for the traditional pull-out sofa option, give it a test run before committing. Theres nothing less inviting to a guest than a thin and lumpy mattress. 2. With all that space, why not comingle with a home office. The beauty of a home office or studio is that both really only require a nice desk and a few functional shelves to get the job done. A little creative arranging and you can double your guest

room with a quiet place to get some work done, whether it be on a computer, a drafting board or an easel. Plus, the addition of a few bookshelves can be the start of a great little home library. 3. If youre already set up with a couch, why not install a fantastic home theatre system and create a screening room. To keep walls clear of heavy equipment, try hanging a projector from the rear of the room and project on an empty wall. Clever placement of a speaker here and there, and you can have a private place to watch movies and cuddle on the couch with some popcorn. 4. Or just go and create the guest bedroom of your dreams. Sometimes its better to keep it simple and make a guest bedroom a TRUE guest room. Designers at heart will love picking out the furniture and dcor of a second bedroom, anticipating the comfort and needs of future guests. Enjoy it; you know your visitors will!


kitchen remodeled
From Basic to Brilliant
by Darren Elms
ny home chef will tell you a functional kitchen layout makes all the difference. Space, convenience, access and adequate lighting are as important as the appliances and ingredients that work towards creating a favorite dish. For the clients of Sacramento area-based design/build remodeler Kent Eberle, owner of Eberle Remodeling, thats exactly what their kitchen needed: openness and overall functionality. For this project, his first step was to introduce more natural light into the space. His team eliminated the two existing, vaulted ceiling-mounted fluorescent lights and installed a large skylight. Eberle says the top priority when planning a new kitchen is to create a highly functional floor plan. The clients choices in appliances frequently drive the layout, he shares. Maintaining proper clearances between the appliances, the sink(s) and the cabinets allows for increased functionality. There are always pros and cons to these placements, so a great deal of thought needs to go into how the new spaces will be utilized. To open the kitchen to the adjoining family room, they took out the beam-hung cabinet above the island and eliminated the islands cabinet legs. The existing legs made the island less useful by inhibiting the flow as well as creating two dead corners that were difficult to access, he says. White, shaker-style cabinets were most desirable, allowed for a more open feel, and created a nice balance with the medium-toned wood ceiling and hardwood floors.

Appliances were tweaked as well, like the refrigerator and range wall, which was reconfigured to accommodate a food prep space and a small TV area for viewing from the nook. The clients primarily selected KitchenAid appliances, allowing for consistency in the handle style of the refrigerator, the range and the microwave/convection oven. Many times our clients will select a varied appliance package with different manufacturers, he says. This can serve to best meet their individual needs based on the features of the appliances. However aesthetically, when appliances are in close proximity to each other, its nice if they match. The designer explains that most clients have a very good idea of what they want and what they want their project to look like. Our goal, as a design/build company, is to help guide them through the entire process and assist them in realizing their goals and dreams. A thorough, detailed approach, where no stone is left unturned, allows for the best remodeling experience, says Eberle.

Photos courtesy of Eberle Remodeling.


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Entire House $250,000 to $500,000 MAK Design + Build, Inc.

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See more photos and a complete listing of NARI members in the 2011 NARI Home Improvement and Remodeling Guide!

Entire House $500,001 - $1,000,000 Reynolds Gualco Architecture & Interior Design

Entire House Over $1,000,000 Team Entry: Broderick Design Associates, Grendahl Construction, Reynolds Gualco Architecture & Interior Design

Residential Exterior $100,000 and Over JNT Building & Remodeling

Residential Exterior Specialty Landmark Builders

Residential Addition Over $250,000 Team Entry: Landmark Builders and Reynolds Gualco Architecture & Interior Design

Residential Universal Design DreamBuilders Home Remodeling

Commercial Interior Morse Remodeling, Inc.

Residential Interior $100,000 and Under Eberle Remodeling

Residential Interior Over $100,000 DreamBuilders Home Remodeling

Residential Kitchen Under $40,000 Morse Remodeling, Inc.

Residential Kitchen $40,000 to Under $80,000 Eberle Remodeling

Residential Kitchen $80,000 to Under $120,000 Morse Remodeling, Inc.

Residential Kitchen $120,000 and Over MAK Design + Build, Inc.

Residential Bath Under $30,000 Accessibility Connection

Residential Bath $30,000 to $60,000 MAK Design + Build, Inc.

Residential Bath Over $60,000 Expert Design & Construction

Entire House Under $250,000 DreamBuilders Home Remodeling

Residential Addition $100,000 to $250,000 MAK Design + Build, Inc.

Home Improvement and Remodeling Guide

home reinvention
Creating New Space In Your Old Place
by Lynn Machon

A Room Without a View

Homeowners and husband and wife team, Hal Eilersen and Nancy Woods, have lived in their Granite Bay home 15 years and love the natural setting of their property.The house is located on a really pretty piece of land, with lots

Photos courtesy of respective design companies.

These days, more than ever before, savvy homeowners have discovered that renovating their house is an exciting way to get a new, upgraded home without changing their address. Especially when it comes to resale values, experts say updating a kitchen or bathroom could be the best money you ever spend on your place.


of oaks and granite and redwoods around, says Eilersen. But, he says, the homes original construction didnt take advantage of those beautiful views. In fact, he says, the view to the outside was mostly blocked from the kitchen, dining and living rooms. From an aesthetic standpoint, the Eilersen/Woods home needed updating as well. The kitchen counters and backsplash were covered in small white tile, and the cabinets were a dark wood. Without much natural lighting, the living space felt small and dark. Yet Eilersen says, the decision to remodel their home in spring 2008 wasnt just as much about fashion as it was about function. My wife and I are vegetarians, so the cooking that we do takes a lot of time, he says. The kitchen wasnt laid out very well for two people to cook at the same time.We were always bumping into each other and fighting over who got the sink, he laughs. In turn, Eilersen and Woods decided they needed a change. We basically wanted to open up the whole area, improve the views and improve the functionality of the kitchen.

A Lesson Plan in Remodeling

Enter Kent Eberle, owner of Eberle Remodeling in Sacramento. Since 1985, Eberles firm has handled strictly residential remodeling, which after 25 years in the business, includes mostly repeat customers and referrals. Once a physical education teacher by trade, Eberle says remodeling a home is a lot like following a lesson plan. It really boils down to details, you have to get from point A to point B and the more you can spell it out, the better youll be, he says. Eberle says that for most homeowners, the decision to remodel is largely financial. In addition to the costs associated with moving, if theyve been in their home for any amount of time, theyve got equity built up in the home. Its always better to upgrade a home rather than change tax brackets with a new one.

home reinvention
Kitchen in Despair
Another Granite Bay kitchen was in dire need of a renovation. The former room was a tight, dark space with limited preparation room, and only allowed for one cook. The homeowners enlisted Precision Cabinetry and Design to remodel their kitchen. They provided design schematics, material selection, an electrical plan, product ordering and then construction. With a primary aim of creating a warm, inviting, efficient, open and large space, they transformed the kitchen into a functional and beautiful, bright workspace and opened up the space as a whole, removing the dividing cabinetry. They worked with the existing floor material and installed dark cherry wood cabinets that magnificently complemented the Purple Dunes granite countertops in a leather finish. The large, central butcher block island afforded the homeowners ample preparation space and a perfect spot to gather when entertaining. A stainless steel Kohler sink, Moen faucet and new appliances completed the renovation and polished off its finished appearance for a striking remodel.


With the Eilersen/Woods project, Eberle says the opportunities for improvement were obvious. There was very little view out of the back or sides of the home, he says.When you first walked in there was a large brick column and wall that separated the family room from kitchen. We basically just gutted the whole area and opened it up, creating more of a great room effect, he says.Then we added large picture windows with casements on either side, exterior doors, and for even more lighting we used recessed can lights and low voltage under-cabinet lights. Even with decades of projects under his belt, Eberle admits,It was really quite a dramatic change.

Details Make the Difference

In addition to structurally opening up the living space, the remodel included upgrades to the kitchen, living room, dining room, entryway and guest bath. Along the way, custom details personalized the project. The kitchen cabinets were made of red birch with a unique wider-than-normal

frame and Durango-style doors. The extensive granite countertops were a feature Eilersen says took forever to pick out.We went to every granite shop in the area to find one we liked and that there was enough of for the job. In finishing the kitchen, stainless steel fixtures were added. As part of the remodel project, new wood flooring was extended from the kitchen into the family room, the entryway was tiled and a hand railing from family room to living room was redone. Another special touch for the cooking couple was the addition of two full size sinks in the kitchen versus the typical main sink and prep sink. Eilersen agrees the kitchen is now the major attraction of the home, but he says the whole house just seems brighter and more youthful. Eilersen admits that when it comes to their new view, they had no idea what they were missing. Im not sure we ever anticipated how nice it would be to have the house more open to the views of the outside. We just love it now; its been such a nice change.

Visit for more details, photos, and the homeowners thoughts on the Precision Cabinetry and Design kitchen rennovation.

bathroom makeover
From Dated to Divine
by Darren Elms
Michies talents to create a functional and easy-to-clean space that still looked stylish. Michie, together with contractor Jim Green of JP Construction, got to work on the project. The first priority was creating enough storage with the cabinetry. Making sure there is a place for everything is crucial to a bathroom space, says the designer. Having the right amount of drawers, while keeping a beautiful look, is always a challenge. With a few coats of white gloss on the cabinets, the bathroom achieves a chic, contemporary European vibe. Many aesthetic improvements were made during the process, including new tile to help create a flow in the space. The tiles in the shower and around the tub are an unusual size, points out Michie. They are 12 by 35 inches, and large tiles help create a clean look along with some very cool aluminum trim pieces flowing through the space. This metal trim also helps tie together the plumbing fixtures, and the aluminum edges on the white Pacific Crest cabinets perfectly

Before photos courtesy of homewoners; after photos courtesy of Precision Cabinetry and Design.

t first glance, a bathroom renovation may seem like an easier project compared to other rooms in the home, given its proportionally small size. Thing is, working in such a small space, everythings got to fit just right. And with all those important fixtures in one room, functionality, in addition to aesthetics, is key. Take this bathroom remodel completed by designer Michie Schmitz, CHD of Precision Cabinetry and Design in Rancho Cordova. Homeowners Richard and Vicki Sandness approached Michie for this overdue renovation. According to the designer the space was very traditional 1980s dark and dated. The clients expressed their vision of a more modern space, with simple, clean lines and a focal point created in the room around the vanity. They relied on

complement the tile and vanity. A signature addition to the space is the Versailles drop-in tub, a beautiful feature that fits two people. This tub has an amazing angled look but is also very comfortable for the homeowners, says Michie. Speaking of the homeowners, the Sandnesses couldnt be happier with the results. I am so pleased with the outcome, shares Richard. Jim and his team were able to craft the metal edges on the water closet and tile to match the metal inserts. True craftsmen. Adds Vicki, Michies design met all of our needs and exceeded our expectations. I cant wait for Michie and Jim to redo my kitchen!

27 - September 2011

Remodeling has become one of Americas favorite pastimes. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, adding a new addition, or putting in a sunroom, remodeling can be an enjoyable experience and a great way to increase the value of your single largest asset.



One of the most exciting aspects of remodeling is planning the project. Not only is planning fun, it is also very important to the success of the job. Unfortunately, however, there are a number of problems that can occur when making changes to your home. But with some foresight, common sense and the following tips, you can eliminate most of these potential problems before they have a chance to take root.

Photos courtesy of NARI.

Tip 1: Hire the correct contractor. Deciding who to hire for your remodeling project may be the most important decision you will have to make. Employing a professional contractor is a safeguard that your home improvement will be done

right, within budget, and on time. When hiring a contractor, check to make sure he or she is bonded, insured, meets all state and local licensing requirements, and is a member of a professional trade association such as the Sacramento

Chapter of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry. To find a professional remodeling contractor, either call

the Chapter office at 916-456-1200 or visit their website at Tip 2: Proper planning. Your finished project will only be as good as the design and planning that went into it. Whether you are doing the remodel yourself or hiring a contractor, it is important to look over the blueprints and schematics to

make sure the design is exactly what you want. If you are building an addition, be sure your current heating and air conditioning system has the capability to heat and cool the extra space. If a contractor is handling the work, he or she should know if current systems need to be upgraded.

Without proper planning, you probably wont end up with the home improvement youve been dreaming about. Not only can the project look unsightly, it can also end up costing you a lot of money to fix unexpected problems and make changes. Planning is essential. Tip 3: Consider all options. Even

if you think you have the perfect design for your home, be open to suggestions. Avoid picking new colors for your home based on a sample card from a paint store. The small cards are not enough of a guide to judge color intensity. Instead, paint a poster board your desired color and put it on the wall. Look at it during different times of the day and from various distances to decide if this is the color you really want. Increasing your imagination and visualizing alternative choices allows you to make better, more informed decisions. It also helps to talk to your contractor or interior designer about the different options available on the market. Their expertise can save you a lot of time and frustration. Tip 4: Pick the best products for your budget. Your home is your most valuable asset, and it pays to protect that asset. This means not using low quality products when remodeling. Even though there are a variety of design techniques and products available on todays market, you dont want to cut corners in the hopes of saving a few dollars and put quality at risk. This is especially true if you plan on staying in your home for a long period of time. Inferior products can be a hazard to you and your home. They can also end up

costing you more in the long run through increased energy bills, maintenance costs, and replacement fees. Tip 5: Dont overextend yourself on a do-it-yourself project. Creating additional problems and not having the expertise to finish a project once you start it are two pitfalls encountered by do-it-yourselfers. Not only will you have to deal with the added levels of frustration, but your costs can also skyrocket when additional work needs to be done. You might also have trouble finding a contractor who will fix your problems. Some remodelers refuse to take on a do-it-yourself project gone bad. And with contractors busier than ever, it may be a long time before one can fit your job into an already busy schedule. Even though most homeowners enjoy working around the home, there comes a time when a job is just too big for their capabilities. Before starting a job, know what is involved and what your limitations are. Tip 6: Start a job at the appropriate time. Timing is critical when planning a home improvement project. Pick a start date and an approximate finish date that best fits your schedule and your contractors schedule. Be realistic. Dont expect a kitchen remodel to be completed in two

weeks when it could take more than a month just to get the cabinets from the manufacturer. Timing the project can also reduce stress. You dont want to have your kitchen torn apart when youre planning a holiday dinner or have your water turned off while hosting company. If you are planning an addition and need to have part of your home opened up, think about what time of the year would be best to have the home exposed to the weather. You may want to plan your family vacation to coincide with the remodeling project. Tip 7: Avoid the domino effect. Its easy for homeowners to fall prey to the domino effect - so watch out. This happens when you have one room in the home remodeled, such as the kitchen, and it looks so good that you want to have the living room done, then the bedroom, then the bathroom. Before you know it, you have the contractor working in every room in the house, If youre looking to overextend your budget, this is a great way to do it. Its natural to ask your contractor questions while he or she is in your home but dont be impulsive. If you do decide to have another room remodeled, go through the same careful planning stages that you

took for your initial project and create a new budget. Tip 8: Manage your budget. You created a budget for a good reason - so stick to it. You dont want to end up short on cash and not be able to finish your project, and you dont want to end up so far in debt that you will regret ever making any home improvements. Work with your contractor. He or she should know how much money you are willing to invest in the remodeling project, and the professional can help your job stay within cost. You should also keep ten percent of your budget as a reserve for the unexpected. Unforeseen costs will inevitably arise, and you

dont want to get caught unprepared. The reserve will allow for any sudden increase in materials. Tip 9: Avoid over remodeling for your neighborhood. No matter how much money you invest in your home, there is only so much that you will be able to recoup if you decide to sell it. So if resale is in your future, know your limits. Check the real estate market to see what homes in your area are worth. You will not increase the resale value of your home by remodeling if your home is already at its maximum value for your neighborhood. If you plan to stay in your home for a long period of time, however, then spend

whatever is necessary on remodeling to make you feel comfortable. Tip 10: Know your rights. Before you sign any contract, be sure you know what is involved. Dont blindly sign any contract and sign away your rights as a consumer. A contract should include a comprehensive description of the project, a payment schedule, a timetable, and the types of products that will be used. The responsibilities of the contractor and any subcontractors should also be detailed. A contract also needs to list provisions for warranties, changes in procedures, and in case problems arise, alternative dispute resolution clauses.

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bugs be gone
Exterminating Pesky Pests
by Jacqueline Renfrow
ave you noticed critters hiding out in your home this winter? Dont feel you need to share your space. We spoke with local experts on what pests to be on the lookout for, how to get rid of them, and how to prevent them from invading your walls in the first place. PREVENTION Prevention is the best medicine, even for your home. Be aware that most pests enter the house from the outside, so check to see that all doors and windows have proper screens installed. Also, consider exclusion the sealing off of the tiniest of cracks. Common spots to seal off include the door to a basement, plumbing fixtures and where the rooflines

ants, which prefer a softer wood or polystyrene and fiberglass insulation; pharaoh ants; and odorous ants, which give off a rotten smell when crushed. There are also hundreds of types of spiders living in California most of them non-poisonous. The black widow, however, is highly poisonous, and Ray Shelton, owner and operator of Alta Sierra Pest Control, says his company has received new business this year due to an abundance of black widows in the area. Adult black widows are shiny and dark-colored, and the females have a red-orange hourglass pattern on the underside of the abdomen, while males may have red-orange or yellow spots and stripes on the top of their abdomen. TAKE BACK YOUR HOME Kobus recommends getting rid of ants with the application of a non-repellent pesticide, such as Termidor, to the perimeter and entry points of a home. This can be done effectively twice a year. Termidor acts like a bait, but the ants dont have to eat it, says Kobus. Ants forage through Termidor, get it on them, then transfer it to other ants, which can eliminate ant colonies up to 30 feet away. Beyond spraying and exclusion, a professional might try trapping a method mostly used to eliminate rodents already in the house. If rodents inside continue to be a problem, baiting outside the house will lure them to move out of the structure in search of water. Dont forget the importance of a pest-free outdoor space. Keep debris on your lawn to a minimum and landscaping well-manicured. Maintain at least four to six inches of clearance from shrubs and flowers from the structure, and keep sprinkler water from hitting your home. Also, maintain proper sanitation around trash cans. Additionally, consider applying a residual pesticide to the foundations, eves and yard to prevent outdoor critters. For more information on household pests and how to get rid of them, visit FOR ECO-FRIENDLY EXTERMINATING ALTERNATIVES, VISIT STYLEMG.COM.

There are many species of ants in California, the most common being the Argentine ant.

meet. This usually works best for keeping out rodents, but ants, scorpions, earwigs and centipedes can make it through the tiniest of cracks. Dont ignore clutter. A dirty kitchen is more likely to attract pests, so wipe down counters, wash floors and avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink. Eliminate as many hiding places for critters as possible. Sanitation is a must, says Dave Ridinger from Advanced Pest Control of Sacramento. KNOW YOUR BUGS According to Mike Kobus of Koby Pest Control, ants and spiders are the most common home invaders. There are many species of ants in California, the most common being the Argentine ant, he says. Other ants prevalent in the area include carpenters, or wood-destroying insects, meaning they nest in wood and leave small shavings; pine tree


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