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editing_the_style [eyeOS Open-Source notes]

File Locations
Image Location Notes Edit \eyeos\apps\login\login.js, background image line 96 for

Login background \eyeos\extern\images\login.png Login form Logo on \eyeos\extern\images\eyeos_login.png \eyeos\extern\eyeOS_Menu_closed.png

eyeOS menu

Desktop background
The choice of having a background has been over-ridden to only use a specific backdrop. This can be changed by editing the code in \eyeos\apps\desktop\desktop.js ~ line 280. Original functionality can be restored by removing the comment block.

The top bar is an app in its own right and can be found at \eyeos\apps\topbar. The background is an image located here : \eyeos\extern\images\Top_bar.png. The mouse over colours for each menu option are spread throughout the document. Look for groupsLabel.setTextColor in topmenu.js

The taskbar is an app in its own right and can be found at \eyeos\apps\taskbar. The main element you'll want to style is the background - this is a repeated image stored at \eyeos\extern\images\bgTaskBar.png. You'll also need to go through the taskbar application and change the colours in there - they're not stored in any config (this is probably a good idea for a TODO). Here's the highlights: Panel background colour on line 125 Seperator colour on line 147 and separator image on line 422,547 Cascade windows button image \eyeos\extern\images\CascadeWindows.png (line 160) Show Desktop button image \eyeos\extern\images\ShowDesktop.png (line 202) Clock text colour on line 395 Menu button - \eyeos\extern\images\eyeOS_Menu_closed.png and eyeOS_Menu_open.png (lines 530,534,543) Application button colour on line 125

The calendar has colours defined all over the place in code. All the code is in the app in \eyeos\apps\calendar\ The highlights are below:

Block Calendar on side

Edit file BlockCalendar.js Block calendar header (line 134) Block calendar days box (line 148)
wiki/doku.php?id=editing_the_style&#credits 1/2


editing_the_style [eyeOS Open-Source notes]

Planner calendar
Edit file GridCalendar.js Cells across top (line 227) Today Marker (line 365)

Email Client
Creating an account
Colours are defined in \eyeos\apps\rmail\rmail.js Default colours:
Name Colour

Dark Grey #939393 Light Grey #E2E2E2 Selected #9FC 1D4

This is a collection of notes by Phil Emerson on styling eyeOS 2.5. They are based on personal observation and research and may contain errors so use at your discretion. I cannot be held responsible for you killing your eyeOS installation. ^^ Please respect the requirements of the license regarding the display of eyeOS notices! 2012 Phil Emerson
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