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What we are doing is shooting some kind of tiny balls towards a wall through slits.

If we shoot tiny balls from a single slit we get a single bar like this on the screen.

Let us add another slit, And well see two bars.

Now let us consider waves. Waves also make one bar when going through a single slit.

But look what happens when two slits are involved. It makes an interference pattern! At some points cancelling each other, resulting in dark bars And at some other adding to each other, resulting in gleaming bars

And now lets shoot some electrons through a slit. Again we get a single bar.

And with two slits Again the interference pattern. But these things are NOT waves. Electrons are tiny particles of matter

We can say the electrons coming from each slit bounce on to each other acting like waves, making the interference pattern. And when we make the no. of slits double the bars decrease in half same way the waves work.

Now we are shooting only one electron at a time. So theres no way to form an interference pattern. But here also we get an interference pattern

Through which slit the electron went? Did it went through both? The electron went only through one slit. Then what is it that it interfere with??? This is called wave-particle duality. And now we are in Quantum Physics What is Quantum Physics

What are they interfering with????

The word quanta in Latin describes how great or how much It is the study of mechanical systems whose dimensions are close to the atomic scale (ex; molecules, atoms, electrons, etc). It accurately describes some phenomena which cannot be explained by classical mechanics (ex; stable electron orbits), especially when atomic dimensions are involved.

There are a lot of theories involved in Quantum mechanics. Ex; Uncertainty principle Relativity Particle physics String theory And we also talk about Black holes, wormholes, exotic matter(matter with negative mass/energy), 4 dimensions, 4 forces, parallel universes and much more.

Imagine you being here in this second and in Alaska within the next. That is what we expect from Quantum teleportation. Even the electron microscope is an application of Quantum Mechanics. The Quantum computer with 0 processing time. And of course the very famous fiction of time travelling.

Generally we speak of only 3 dimensions. But in Quantum mechanics we may speak of a fourth dimension which is time.

To talk about worm holes we must have an idea of black holes.

A black hole is made when a red giant star runs out of its nuclear energy. Then the dead star contracts itself under gravity to a dimensionless point called a singularity. The margin of a black holes power is called the event horizon. When an object crosses the event horizon it is caught by the infinite gravity and falls into it. There it is torn apart into particles in quantum dimensions.

A shortcut of space, time

Imagine a worm on an apple wants to go to the bottom of an apple. The worm can burrow through an apple rather than going around it. The wormhole we talk of does the same task. Its a shortcut not of an apple but of space and time.

A shortcut of space. Proposed by combining models of the Black hole and the White hole. It vanished instantly after the formation not letting even a light ray to make through it. Therefore not traversable. It can be hold open with exotic matter(materials with negative mass/energy)

A worm hole

Allows intra universe travel or inter universe travel. Also allows super-luminal(faster than light) travel.

A worm hole in fiction

A proton or a neutron is made of another particle called quarks. The force which hold these quarks together is known as the strong force. Force carrying particle is gluons.

The weak force is the force involved with radioactivity (causes beta decay). Force is carried by bosons which is another particle inside an atom.

All of us know about this force Force carrying particle of this force is the photon(the packets of energy which Einstein spoke of).

The hardest to be explained. We assume that the force carrying particle gravity is gravitons. But still we have no evidence of its existence. There something called a space time grid is described in quantum physics. And mass makes this grid like thing bend. This curvature is named the space-time curvature. Or in other words we call it simply gravity

The space time curvature

The space time curvature occurred by mass - gravity

The matter with negative mass/energy. It is said that these matter can gain the energy from a black hole and escape if they were caught in a black hole. If Anti-matter (negative mass) and matter would meet they would get destroyed making a huge explosion.

Lets say it is the next era of computing. This technology is associated with two phenomena called superposition and entanglement. The qbits are in use instead of bits. The basic principle here is quantum properties are used to represent and arrange data. It is still at experimental age. If a large scale Q computer is built it will posses surprising advantages over the classical computer.