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7: dhcp server functions Which two statements are true about the DHCP server functions'? (Choose two.

) When a client requests an IP address, the DHCP server searches the binding table for an entry that matches the MAC address for the client If an entry exists, the corresponding IP address forthat entry is returned to the client. f Clients can be assigned an IP address from a predefined DHCP pool for a finite lease period. DHCP services must be installed on a dedicated network server to define the pool of IP addresses available to the clients. The DHCP seiver can answer requests and assign IP addresses for a particular subnet only. Each subnet in the network requires a dedicated DCHP server to assign IP addresses to the host on the subnet. / The DHCP provides clients with an IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, and domain name. Ip dhcp pool Refer to the exhibit. What does the string 10 10 10 0 used after the ip dhcp pool command specify?

router(config)# ip dhcp pool

. name of the DHCP pool pool of IP addresses available for lease range of excluded IP addresses IP subnet where the DHCP server resides

dhcp Which three statements about DHCP are true? (Choose three.) rj DHCP uses UDP. 'V The DHCPOFFER message is sent by the DHCP server after receiving a DHCDISCOVER message from a client. ' DHCP uses ports 67 and 68 The DHCPREQUEST message is sent by a DHCP client to locate a DHCP server _| The DHCPACK message is sent by the DHCP server to provide the DHCP client with the DHCP server MAC address for further communication. All DHCP communications are broadcast.



administrato r chooses to avoid using NAT overload, what is the default timeout value for

NAT translations ? ^ 1 hour ^ 1 day ^ 1 week


indefinite Exhibit dhcp request Refer to the exhibit Router R2 is configured as DHCP seiver. What would happen when Host A sends a DHPC request to the DHCP server?

Host A

Fa 0/0/0 ^^ ^S0/0J0 80/0/1

PL^ DHCP Server
Rl#show run interface fastethernet O.'O.'O ip helper-address 10 10.1.254 output omitted5

The request is dropped by router R1. f * The request is forwarded to the DHCP server. The request is forwarded to the DHCP server, but the DHCP server does not respond with an IP address. Router R1 responds with an IP address.

Ipv6 automatic conjunction Which two methods of assigning an IPv6 address to an interface are automatic and can be used in conjunction with each other? (Choose two.) ,/ DHCPvS / ^ stateless auto-configuration J EUI-64Exhibit dhcp exchange

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the output shown, which statement is true regarding this DHCP exchange? Router?* debug ipdhcp server events DHCPDDHCPDISCOVERreceivedfromclient0b07.1134.a029. DHCPD: assigned IP address client0b07.1134.a029. DHCPD: Sending DHCPOFFERto client 0b07.1134a029 ( DHCPD: DHCPREQUEST received from client 0b07.1134.a029. DHCPD: Sending DHCPNACKto client 0b07.1134.a029( output omitted> Router* show ip dhcp conflict IP address Detection method Detection time Ping Jan 01 1999 00:00 AM The client was successfully configured with the address The DHCP server offered the address 10.1 0.3 to the client. * The client requested from the server The DHCP server could not ping 10.1 0.3.

Exhibit translations Refer to the exhibit Based on the output shown in the exhibit, which statement is correct concerning the h configuration?
NAT1 tt show ip nat translations Pro Inside global udp 198 18 24 211:123 tcp tcp 198 18.24.211:4643 tcp udp Inside local 9 Outside local Outside global 1982.0.2.71:519 0

Static NAT is configured. Dynamic NAT is configured. PAT is configured.

__ _ _ U_T . . i. n - . r -> -l . .f -n r ! 1 . r 1

dynamic nat overload static Exhibit nat Refer to the exhibit. Which host or hosts will have their addresses translated by NAT? Router1 (config)# ip nat inside source static Router1 (config)# interface serialO/WO Routerl (config-if)# ip nat inside Routerl (config-if)# no shut Routerl (config-if)# ip address Routerl (config)# interface serial 0/0/2 Routerl (config-if)# ip address Routerl fconfig-ifj# ip nat outside Routerl (config-if)# no shut all hosts on the 10.1 1.0 networkExhibit nat

Refer to the exhibit. Which addresses will be translated by NAT?

R1 (config)# ip nat pool nat pooM R1 (config)# ip nat inside source list 1 pool nat-pooll R1 (config-if)# ip address

R1 (config-if)# ip address R1(config)# access-list 2 permit


Which two statements accurately describe the RIPng routing protocol? (Choose two.) Nat ftp

Which NAT solution allows external users to access an internal FTP server on a private network? dynamic NAT NAT with overload f * port forwarding static NAT Exhibit web server 1

Refer to the exhibit. Web Server 1 is assigned a single IP address of 192.168 14.5/24. In order for hosts fr< Internetto access Web Server 1, which type of NAT configuration is required on Routerl?


static NAT dynamic NAT NAT overload port forwarding Exhibit debug

Refer to the exhibit. Given the debug output from a Cisco router, what kind of address is

s=>24.1U.237.203, d= s=>2&.1U.237.203, d= s=> 2 U . 1 U . 237.203, d= s = G U . 102.252.3, d=> s=, d=> s=>24.1U.237.203, d= s=, d=> s=, d=> s=>24.1U.237.203, d=
inside local inside global w outside local Ipv6 command

[29854] [298551 [29856] [99351 [99371 [298571 [99691 199721 [298581

Exhibit full ipv6

Refer to ths exhibit. Which three items are equivalent representations of the full IPv6 address' (Choose three


/ J

2031 300 CO 8130 2031:0:300::C0:8000:1 2031 0 3 CO 8000 130B


2031:0:0300:0:0:C0 8000:1

^V 2031 300 0 0 0C0 8000 130B _l 2031 0300 CO 8 130

5: acl Which two statements correctly describe Cisco access control lists? (Choose two ) Extended ACLs are created in interface configuration mode. f v' Extended ACLs filter traffic based on source and destination IP. port number, and protocol f ^ Standard IP ACLs are numbered 1-99. and extended IP ACLs are numbered 100-199 Standard ACLs permit or deny trafficto specific IP addresses. Standard ACLs do not permit the use of wildcard masks.___________________________________ Applying acl interface Which statement is correct regarding applying an access listto an interface?

Named access lists are applied using the ip access-name command. / * Standard access lists should be applied to an interface as close as possible to the destination _______The commandfor applying access list 101 inbound is ip access-list 101. _______ Guideline acl Which statement is a guideline to be followed when designing access control lists'? Since ACL tests are executed in order, they should be organized from the most general condition to the most specific, f Since ACL tests are executed in order, they should be organized from the most specific condition to the most general. Since all statements in an ACL are evaluated before they are executed, an explicit deny any statement must be written in order for an ACL to function properly. Since all statements in an ACL are evaluated before they are executed, an explicit permit any statement must be written in order for an ACL to function properly _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ No permit What occurs if the network administrator applies an IP access control list that has no permit statement outbound on an interface? {. All traffic outbound is denied. All traffic outbound is allowed. Only traffic originating from the router is allowed outbound ^ The ACL restricts all incoming traffic and filters outgoing traffic. Solutions acl Which two solutions can be implemented with ACLs? (Choose two.) Segment the network to increase available bandwidth f V Create a 'firewall

on a router to filter inbound traffic from an external networl f\/ Control traffic entering or exiting different areas of a local network. Distribute DHCP traffic to allow easier network availability. Allow or deny traffic into the network based on the MAC address. 29 Which IP address and wildcard mask will test for hosts from an entire subnet of network 192.168 12 0 using a 29 bit mask? 192.168 12.56 0.0 0 15 192.168 12.56 192.168 12.56 0.0 0.31 fa 192.168 12.84 0 0 0 7 192.168 12 84 0.0 0.3 0.0 0.255

Acl command

fastaccess Vhat kind of access list is created with the command ip access-list standard fastaccess? turbo ACL reflexive ACL * named ACL dynamic ACL____________________________________________________________________________ Exhibit acl deny ftp Refer to the exhibit. The exhibit shows an ACL that already exists on the router The network administrator wants to insert the command access-list 101 deny ip any eq ftp as the third line in the ACL shown The network administrator enters the command in global configuration mode on the router. What effect does this have? access-lirt 101 deny any 0.a0.2ff eq 8080 access-Kri 101 deny j> 0.0. Q.2S 5 eq SO access-Kit 1 deny 19I.168.1J) 0J0.DL2" access-Kit 1 dei^y 0J0.DL2" access -Krt 101 permit ip any I9Z168.1J0 0J0.0.2$5 access-Krt 101 permit ip 192168.2JD 0j0.0.2$5 It inserts the line in the desired position in the ACL. It inserts the line as the first statement in the ACL It inserts the line as the last statement in the ACL It deletes the entire list and replaces it with the new line only. Exhibit router1 processes Refer to the exhibit. Which statement correctly describes how Routerl processes packets with the configuration shown?

192168.20/24 192.168 J.0/24 Routerl(config)# access-Krt 201 deny knp 192.168. LO 0.0J0.2& any Routerl(config)# access-Krt 201 deny knp 192.168.20 0.0j0.2ff any Routerl(config)# access list 201 permit ait}- Rcuterl(config)# access-list 101 denj tcp 192.168. LO 0.0.2 eq 8080 Routerl(config)# access-Krt 101 dei\y tcp 192.168. LO .2 eq 80 Rcuterl(config)# access-list 101 dey knp L92168.1J) 0.2?? Routerl(config)# accesshsi 101 tap knp L92.168.2J) 0.0.2" Roilterl(config)# access-Ksrt 101 permit p L92.168.1.0 0.0.2" Routerl(config)# access-Krt 101 permit p L92.168.2.0 0.0.2 Routerl(config)# mt sO'D/O Routerl(conlig-if)#p access groip 101 in Routerl(config-if)#p access grotp 201 out Traffic exiting interface s0/0/0 is filtered by both ACL 101 and ACL 201. If a packet entering interface s0/0/0 matches a condition in ACL 101. the router continues comparing the to the rest of the statements in ACL 101 to make sure that no other statements might also apply. Routerl compares packets entering interface s0/0/0 first to all the ACL 101 statements for the IP protocol an then to all the ACL 101 statements for the ICMP protocol. ' A packet entering interface s0/0/0 is compared to each statement in ACL 101 until one statement matches tl remaining statements in ACL Lock-and-key kn administrator wants to implement lock-and-key access to a host within the company network for specific use who are connecting from outside the company network. What type of ACL would best suit the situation? packet Then the router droos or forwards the packet without considering the

Peak hours What type of ACL should the network administrator implement to limit Internet frame during peak hours of the day? dynamic policy-based reflexive * time-based

reflexive Which statement correctly describes a reflexive access list? / An ACL that allows IP traffic for sessions originating from inside the network, while denying traffic for sessions originating from the outside An ACL that controls traffic based on the time An ACL that uses an extended list to block users from traversing a router until they are authenticated. An ACL that only identifies the source of traffic,

Acl 199 access-list 199 deny tcp any eq 23 access-list 199 permit ip any any Assuming this ACL is correctly applied to a router interface, which two statements describe traffic on the network? (Choose two.) All FTP traffic from network 178 15.0 0 will be permitted. All Telnet traffic destined fornetwork 178 15.0.0 will be denied _| Telnetand FTP will be permitted from all hosts on network to any destination. ' Telnet will not be permitted from any hosts on network 178.15.0 0 to any destination Telnetwill not se permitted to any host on network 178 15 0.0 from any destination____________________________

standard extended acl 6:broadand customer i technician is attempting to explain broadband technology to a customer Which two descriptl ;hould be used to educate the customer? (Choose two.) includes dialup connections using POTS incompatible with multiplexing uses a wide band of frequencies offers sustained speeds of 128K or more requires line-of-sight connection with sen/ice provider

When accommodating a teleworker, which type of connection should be used when mobile access during traveling is required and broadband options are unavailable? U residential cable ^ DSL


satellite docsis When comparing DOCSIS and Euro-DOCSIS. what is the primary difference between the two specifications? flow control mechanisms maximum data rates access methods f channel bandwidths Help better f asked to describe DSL technology, which three statements would help the user develop a better understanding ) f the technology? (Choose three.) DSL is available in any location that has a telephone ADSL typically has a higher download bandwidth than available upload bandwidth In home installations, a splitter separates the ADSL and voice signals at the NID. allowing multiple ADSL outlets in the house. ^ DSL speeds can exceed the speeds available with a typical T1 line ^ Transfer rates vary by the length of the local loop. All varieties of DSL provide the same bandwidth, although they use different technologies to achieve upload install In a DSL installation, which two devices are installed at the customer site? (Choose two.) CM _J DOCSIS DSLAM Microti Iter DSL transcei ver

Which wireless standard operates in both licensed and unlicensed bands of the spectrum from 2 to 6 GHz and allows for transmission rates of 70 Mbps at a range of up to 50 kilometers? 802.11g

w 802.11b 802.16 802.11e

Exhibit Refer to the exhibit. On the basis of the network topology shown, which devices or software applications encaps
provide encapsulation and encryption for the VPN traffic?

VPN client software installed on the machines of the users at the Regional Office only PIX appliances at the Corporate Network and Regional Office only router and PIX appliance at the Corporate Network and the routers and PIX appliance at all remote locations LAN switches and routers at the remote locations only

Secure vpn Which two techniques can be used to secure the traffic sent over a VPN connection? (Choose two.) data labeling used to mark and separate the VPN traffic for different customers data encapsulation used to transmit data transparently from network to network through a share / data encryption used to code data into a differentformat using a secret key use of a second routing protocol to transport the traffic over the VPN tunnel _J use of a dedicated connection overthe company private leased line Tunneling protocol Which is an example of a tunneling protocol developed by Cisco?

data confident integrity authen

Ij.'J f.'ffll 111.!-! 1

carrier encaps passing protocol SOHO What type of connection is the most cost effective to adequately support SOHO teleworker access to the Internet^ directTl link:to the Internet 56k dialup one-way multicast satellite Internet

system DSL to an ISP

symm assym SOHO What is typically deployed to support high-speed transmissions of data to SOHO cable modems? '. hybrid fibercoaxial (HFC) high speed dialup cable modems broadband copper coaxial 1000baseTX 8:physical logical diagram


What is one symptom of a physical layer problem? Up down

A network administrator has received the output "SerialO is up. line protocol is down" from the show interface so command. At what layer is this problem most likely being caused? physical layer f \ data link layer network layer ^ transport layer Network models Which statement is true concerning network models'? While similarto the OSI model in construction, the TCP/IP model has more layers. The network access layer in the OSI model incorporates both physical and data link layers in the TCP/IP model * Both users and application layer processes interact with software applications that contain a communications component in the OSI model TCP/IP communications only relate to the TCP/IP model.________________________________________________________ Network layer problems Which three protocols could be involved in network layer problems? (Choose three.) DNS



Protocol port http 80 ftp 20 21 pop3 110 smtp 25 snmp 161

telnet 23 simple network problem A technician has been asked to troubleshoota simple network problem that seems to be caused by software Which troubleshooting approach should be suggested? ^ bottom-up * top-down

divide and conquer middle-out

Gathering Which three questions are appropriate to ask when gathering information from a user"? (Choose three ) What does work? Who did you call after the problem appeared? f^ When was the problem first noticed'' f V when does the problem occur? What is your password? _| What did you do after the problem occurred'' Crosstalk

/Vhich network troubleshooting tool can be used to test the physical medium for defects, such as near-end


Which three documents are needed to efficiently diagnose and correct network problems'' (Choose three ) network management command reference / network configuration tables network device installation guide Y network topology diagrams / end-system configuration tables service provider documentationBaseline What are three steps for establishing a network baseline? (Choose three) determine the type of network management traffic to be collected and evaluated f J determine the types of data to be collected and evaluated f J identify devices and ports to be monitored identify the virtual interfaces, VLANs, and virtual routing tables to be monitored determine the number of baseline tests to establish a typical picture of the network f ^ determine the duration for baseline testing to establish a typical picture of the network

Correcting What is associated with the first step in correcting application layer problems?

making the initial hardware or software changes pinging the default gateway to verify Layer 1 - Layer 3 functionality

Variants: An administrator is configuring a dual stack router with IPv6 and IPv4 using RIPng. The administrator receives an error message when trying to enter the IPv4 routes into RIPng. What is the cause of the problem?

RIPng is incompatible with dual-stack technology. A technician has been asked to troubleshoot an
existing switched network but is unable to locate documentation for the VLAN configuration. Which troubleshooting tool allows the technician to map and discover VLAN and port assignments? What type of address is with the subnet mask

Network analyzer

This is a network address Which two methods could an administrator use to authenticate users on a
remote access VPN?

Smartcards, digital certificates A company is using WiMAX to provide access for teleworkers. What home equipment must the company provide at the teleworker's site? a WiMAXreceiver
When gathering symptoms for troubleshooting a network problem, which step could result in getting an external administrator involved in the process?

Determining ownership

What is true regarding the differences between NAT and PAT?

PAT uses unique source port numbers to distinguish between translations. Which two features can
be associated with the Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) telecommunication technology?

connects directly to the Internet through high-bandwidth connections covers areas as large as 7,500 square kilometres
Users are complaining of very long wait times to access resources on the network. The show interface command reveals collision counts far above the network baseline. At which OSI layer should the administrator begin troubleshooting?


Refer to the exhibit. PC1, PC2, and PC3 are configured with dynamic address assignments. PC2 is assigned an IP address from the DHCP server. What would account for the IP addresses that are currently assigned to PC1 and PC3?

R1 interfaces Fa0/0 and Fa1/0 do not include the ip helper-address command. Refer to the
exhibit. R1 is performing NAT overload for the inside network. Host A has sent a packet to the web server. What is the source IP address of the return packet from the web server when received at the NIC on host A? bottomup

Which troubleshooting approach is suggested for dealing with a complex problem that is suspected of being caused by faulty network cabling? Data confidentiality through a VPN can be enhanced through the use of which three encryption protocols?


Refer to the exhibit. Traffic exiting R1 is failing translation. What part of the configuration is most likely incorrect?

access-lists tatement

Which statement about standard ACLs is true?

They should be placed as close to the destination as possible. Refer to the exhibit. What is the
effect of the extended ACL when applied inbound on the S0/0/0 interface on R2?

Only Telnet traffic destined for will be permitted during the specified days and time range.
Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements correctly describe how Router1 processes an FTP request that enters interface S0/0/0 and is destined for an FTP server at IP address

The router matches the incoming packet to the statement that is created from the access- list 101 permit ip any command. The packet is allowed into Router1. Which two protocols can be used to encapsulate traffic that is traversing a VPN tunnel PPTP, IPsec
What type of NAT should a network administrator use to ensure that a web server on the inside network is always available to the outside network?

static NAT
Which router command will verify that the router has a path to a destination network?

Show ip route

After conducting research to learn about common remote connection options for teleworkers, a network administrator has decided to implement remote access over broadband to establish VPN connections over the public Internet. What is the result of this solution?
The connection has increased security and reliable connectivity. Users need a remote VPN router or VPN client software. A technician is creating an ACL and needs a way to indicate only the subnet Which combination of network address and wildcard mask will accomplish the desired task? Which three statements describe ACL processing of packets A packet can either be rejected or forwarded as directed by the statement that is matched. Each statement is checked only until a match is detected or until the end of the ACL statement list. An implicit deny any rejects any packet that does not match any ACL statement. While monitoring traffic on a cable network, a technician notes that data is being transmitted at 38 MHz. Which statement describes the situation observed by the technician? Data is being transmitted from the subscriber to the headend. ABC company needs to connect its router to an ISP to access the Internet. What device is needed to connect the router to the ISP if the ISP supplies a T1 leased line for the connection? CSU/DSU What three factors contribute to congestion on an Ethernet LAN? increasing use of bandwidth intensive network applications improper placement of enterprise level servers addition of hosts to a physical segment Refer to the exhibit. How many addresses could be assigned to clients by 17 Which three approaches should be used when attempting to gather data from users for troubleshooting? Obtain information by asking simple pertinent questions. Determine if the problem is related to time or a specific event. Determine if the user can re-create the problem or events leading to the problem. Which two statements are true concerning logical networking models? The TCP/IP network access layer corresponds to the OSI physical and

data link layers. The top layer of the TCP/IP model combines the functions of the top three OSI layers. Which three questions are appropriate to ask when gathering information from a user? When does the problem occure? What does work? When was the problem first noticed? A network administrator needs to allow traffic through the firewall router for sessions that originate from within the company network, but the administrator must block traffic for sessions that originate outside the network of the company. What type of ACL is most appropriate? Reflexive According to the output, how many addresses have been successfully assigned or renewed by this DHCP server? 8 A network administrator wants to connect two IPv6 islands. The easiest way is through a public network that uses only IPv4 equipment. What simple solution solves the problem? Configure the routers to take advantage of dual-stack technology Use tunneling ? What are two benefits of NAT It saves public IP addresses. It adds a degree of privacy and security to a network Which statement describes cable? Delivering services over a cable network requires downstream frequencies in the 50 to 860 MHz range, and upstream frequencies in the 5 to 42 MHz range. Encapsulation errors from mismatched WAN protocols on a serial link between two routers indicate a problem at which OSI layer data link Refer to the exhibit. When creating an extended ACL to deny traffic from the network destined for the Web server 2 0, where is the best location for applying the ACL? R3 Fa0/0 inbound Refer to the exhibit. What is the purpose of the command marked with an arrow shown in the partial configuration output of a Cisco broadband router? defines which addresses can be translated Which two statements are valid solutions for a cable ISP to reduce congestion for users? reduce the length of the local loop to 5.5 kilometers or less allocate an additional channel

Which regarding extended acl ftp traffic origin web traffic which establishing network baseline expected perf inform about output answer the question the client request apply second inbound ip acl the second acl is applied complaints transport application inside global add Named acl rather numbered The ability to edit Statements about configuration is true Permitted traffic gets Traffic from Networks models Both user and appl 802.11 Wpa2 Everyotherday telnet traffic f0/0 fron main functions of secure vpn data confide authen data integrityacl 120

apply the acl outbound on the serial 0/0/0 how many bits of an ipv6 int id 64 What protocols ipsec Ah, esp