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CONTENTS Headings I) introduction . ii) Objective of the study iii) Findings .. iv) Conclusions.. v) Suggestions v) Questionnaire page no.


As it is well known fact that groceries shop plays a vital role in our day to day life. So I have taken a sample survey of 10 (ten) groceries shops which has been done within periphery of Naharlagun in order to know various aspect of the groceries shops like present market conditions and future growth & development.

II) Objectives of the Study:

Basically my main motive behind the survey is to know the present market conditions and future market scope. But additionally the following are the some of my objectives.

a) Source of initial capital b) Source of suppliers c) Present performance d) Market standings e) Innovations f) Social responsibility g) Risk involves H) Future scope

III) Findings:

By the survey of the 10(ten) groceries shops I have almost cover up my objectives of study. The following are some of the findings of my study:

a) Firstly, generally the groceries shops are started by owned money not by borrowed money. As per survey more than 90% have started their business by owned money. b) Secondly, one common thing has also found that generally businesses are run by the non-tribal but buildings remain in the name of the tribal owner. c) Thirdly, the most important thing is that customer as compare to earlier have increased a lot due to rapid growth of population. d) Fourthly, most of them bring goods from nearby market like HARMUTY. e) Fifthly, they are satisfied to some extent with their usual income that is more than 1500 rupees. f) Sixthly, their present market condition is good. g) Seventhly, they do perform some kind of social responsibility by providing quality goods at reasonable price. h) Eighthly, as per as the risk is concerned there are some risk of damage during the time of transit and warehousing. h) At last, some of them are looking for expansion of their business through diversification and they have got good market in future.

IV) Conclusion:

After seeing the information provided by the owner of the business I would like to conclude that the present market conditions of the groceries shops Is good and it has got favorable future since the demand of the groceries items is increasing day by day due to rapid increase in rate of population.

V) Suggestion:

The following are the suggestion that I would like to give from my sides:

a) They should continue their business since it has got favorable future. b) Social responsibility is need of the hour so they should give equal importance to this also. c) Innovations should be encouraged.

VI) Questionnaire: