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Project Report On Brand Mapping of HCL Info systems In India At

HCL Infosystems LTD (Hyderabad)
Submitted to International Institute of Planning and Management, HYD For partial fulfillment of Post Graduate Program in Entrepreneurship IIPM Submitted By Poonam Chauhan UGP/08-11/FW


Content Project
Declaration Certificate by the organization Certificate by the Internal guide Acknowledgement Executive summary Introduction Review of literature Methodology o Sample o procedure Result Recommendation On project training o Objective o Target & Task o Strategies o Achievements o Schedule o Limitation Discussion and conclusion Bibliography



I here by declare thet the project on A study on Brand Mapping Of HCL in Hyderabad is completely my work. It has been submitted to International institute of planning and management for partial fulfillment of the educational session and allotment of marks.

Poonam Chauhan



Certificate from the Organization

This is to certify that the project entitled, A Study On Brand Mapping Of HCL At Hyderabad is a bonafide record of interim report carried out by Poonam Chauhan At International Insttitute of Planning And management ,Hyderabad has successfully completed her summer training project for a period of 8 weeks from 5 april 2010 . She has worked sincerely in this duration and has completed the project successfully.

Corporate Guide




I sincerely thank to Mr. Joby John(General Manager,HCL Infosystems) for giving me this opportunity to work in their esteemed organization and helping me for completing the project in a successful manner . I am also thankful to Mr. I.S. Akbar (Senior Marketing Manager, HCL Infosystems) for guiding me during the project work and giving me some valuable tips about the market condition. I am also thankful to all the managers and staff of HCL infosystem for there helps to complete the project work. I am very thankful to International Institute of Planning and Management, for helping me in resolving every issue .My regards to my faculty guide for guiding me and clarifying the doubts in area of my project work. Last but not the least; I am very thankful to International Institute of Planning and Management (staff) for helping me in resolving all the issues.

Poonam Chauhan UGP/08-11/FW IIPM


Executive Summary
HCL Infosystems is one of the wings of HCL group, where another wing is HCL Technology limited . Mr. Shiv Nadar who is founder member currently heading the HCL Technology as CEO and Mr. Ajay Choudhury is heading the HCL infosystems as CEO .HCL Infosystem handles all the sales and service job where HCL Techno handles the new product development works. So the HCL techno is manufacturing wing of HCL group There are Other sub system of HCL called HCL cognaint, HCL peripherals. I have done my project for HCL Infosystems in Hyderabad.My research topic is A study on Brand Mapping of HCL in Hyderabad The project topic was given by the company. The objective for this research is to know brand awareness and compare HCL brand with other brands. As Brand Mapping is useful for providing highly intuitive representation in order to position brands on dimensions critical to consumers perceptions in that brand space. In the emerging net economy, IT infrastructure plays the role of a powerful business enabler to improve any business processes help to focus on our goals and strategies and more importantly, to help us serve our customer better. IT infrastructure demands constant change of latest technology, reliable operations and high availability .In the process of selecting the best of breed in technology, require integrating different solutions from various vendors. Thus a situation where we need a strong reliable and trusted partner committed to deliver beyond just services. In this competitive era there are number of major players in IT field so to be in position one company have to give more than what customer wants. Major competitors of HCL Info systems are HP, DELL, IBM and to know the

position of HCL in respect to these brands I have done a market survey and collected data using questionnaires. I met IT manager of various companies and try to gather the data. I used various parameters like Quality,Price,Service,Appearance,Technology,and Availability to collect information.After completing these I have analyzed it by using weightage method.In ranking HCL comes first followed by DELL then HP then IBM then wipro respectively.According to survey HCL is good in its price,service and quality for technology and appearance it is not up to the mark. Because of which some people do not prefer it. I have recommended that the company needs to focus more on attractive and informative promotional activities and also it needs to focus more on advance technology and R & D. The aesthetic value of the company products need to be improved. To have a better market share it needs to focus on individual and young customers also.For this it can go for hiring a popular person as a brand ambassador.


The 3 decade old enterprise founded in 1976, is one of Indias original IT garage start ups.Its range of offerings span R & D and Technology services, Enterprise and applications Consulting, Remote Infrastructure Management,BPO services, IT Hardware, Systems Integration and distribution of technology and telecom products in India. The HCL team comprises 59,000 professionals of diverse nationalities, operating across 18 countries including 360 points of presence in India.HCL has global partnerships with several leading fortune 1000 firms, including several IT and Technology majors.

HCL IIPM Guiding Principle Of Company

Vision and Mission Together we create the enterprises of tomorrow Mission statement:

To provide world-class information technology solutions and service to enable our customers to serve their customers better Quality Policy: We shall deliver defect-free products, services and solutions to meet the requirements of our external and internal customers, the first time and every time. Objectives Management Objectives: To fuel initiative and foster activity bt allowing individuals freedom of action innovation in attaining defined objectives. People Objectives: To help people in HCL Infosystems Ltd.share in the companys successes,which they make possible;to provide job security based on their performance;to recognize their individual achievements;and help them gain a sense of statisfaction and accomplishment from their work. Core Values: We shall uphold the dignity of the individual. We shall honour all commitments We shall be committed to quality,innovation and growth in every endeavour We shall be responsible corporate citizens.


IIPM Advantages of HCL

HCL Infosystems(HCL) draws its strength from 30 years of experience in handling the ever changing IT scenario,strong customer relationships,ability to provide the cutting edge

technology at best-value-for-money and on top of it,an excellence service and support infrastructure. Today HCL is countrys premier information enabling company. It offers one-stop-shop convenience to its diverse customers having an equally diverse set of requirements.Be it a large multi-location enterprise,or a small/medium enterprise,or a small office or a home,HCL has a product range,sales and support capabilities to service the needs of the customers. Last 30 years apart from Knowledge and experience have also given us continuity in relationship with the customers,thereby increasing the customer confidence in us. Our strengths can be summarized as: Ability to understand customers business and offer right technology Long standing relationship with customers Pan India support and service infrastructure Best-value-for-money offerings Technology Leadership HCL Infosystems is known as to be the harbinger of technology in the country . Right from our inception we have attempted to pioneer the technology introduction in the country either through our R & D or through partnerships with the world technology leaders. Using Our own R&D we have Created our own UNIX & RDBMS capability(in80s) Developed firewalls for enterprise & personal sytem security Launched our own range of enterprise storage products Launched our own range of networks products We strive to understand the technology from the view of supporting it post installation as well.This is one of the key intgredients that go into our strategic advantage. HCL Info systems have to its claim several technology pioneering initiatives. Some of them are: Countrys first Desktop PC-Busy Bee in 1985 Countrys first branded home PC Beanstalk in 1995 Countrys first Pentium 4 based PC at sub 40K price point Countrys first Media centre PC


The TIME magazine has referred to HCL as an "intellectual clean room where its employees could imagine endless possibilities". The fact is, over the last thirty years that HCL has been operational; the company has stood by its values and core philosophy. Fueled by the entrepreneurial zeal of its founders, HCL developed the first indigenous micro-computer in 1978, at the same time as Apple. Since then, HCL has had a 3 decade rich history of inventions and innovations. Entrepreneur is the term that best describes the HCL employees. Ever since HCL entered into an alliance in 1970s, partnerships and HCL have been inseparable. Bonds have been forged with partners to co - create value. Strong inorganic growth is a testimony to the spirit of partnerships. This entrepreneurial and win-win relationship driven culture continues to guide HCL in all its endeavors.


IIPM Review Of HCL History of HCL Year 1976 Highlights -Foundation of the company laid
- Introduces microcomputer based programmable calculators with wide acceptance in the scientific


-Launch of the first microcomputer-based commercial computer with a ROM -Based basic interpreter -Unavailability of programming Skills with customers results in HCL developing bespoke application for their customers


-Initiation of application development in diverse segments such as textiles, sugar, paper, cement, transport.


-Formation of far East Computers Ltd., a pioneer in the Singapore IT market,for SI (System Integration) solutions -software Export Division formed at Chennai to support the bespoke application development needs of Singapore



-HCL launches an aggressive advertisement campaign with the theme even a typist can operate to make the usage of computers popular in the SME segment. This proposition involved menu based applications for the first time,to increase ease of operations. The response to advertisement was phenomenal. -HCL develops special program generators to spend up the development of applications.

Year 1985

HIGHLIGHTS -Bank trade unions allow computerization in banks. However a

computer can only run on application such as savings bank,current account,Loans etc -HCL sets up core team to develop the required softwareALPM(Advanced Ledger Posting Machines).The team uses reusable code to reduce development efforts and produce more reliable code.ALPM becomes the largest selling software product in Indian banks. -HCL designs and launches unix-based computers and IBM PC clones -HCL promotes 3rd party PC applications nationally


-Zonal offices of banks and general insurance companies adopt computerization -Purchase specifications demand the availability of RDBMS products on the supplied solution(Unify,Oracle) HCL arranges for such products to be ported to its platform -HCL assists customers to migrate from flat file based system to RDBMS


-HCL enters into a joint venture with Hewlett Packard -HP assists HCL to introduce new services: Sytems Integration.IT consulting,packaged support services(baseline,teamline) -HCL establishes a Response centre for HP products,which is connected to HP Response Centre in Singapore. -There is a vertical segment focus on Telecom,manufacturing and financial services.


Year 1994

HIGHLIGHTS -HCL acquires and executes the first offshore project from IBM
Thailand -HCL sets up core group to define software development methodologies.


-Starts execution of Information System Planning projects -Execution projects for Germany and Australia. -Begins Help desk services.


-sets up the STP(software Technology Park) at Chennai to execute software projects for international customers.. -Becomes national integration partner for SAP


-Kolkata and Nodia STPs set up -HCL buys back HP stake in HCL Hewlett Packard -Chennai and Coimbatore development facilities get ISO 9001 certification -Acquires and sets up fully owned subsidiaries in USA and Uk -set up fully owned subsidiary in Australia -HCL ties up Broad vision as an integration partner.

1998 1999



Year 2000

HIGHLIGHTS -Sets up fully owned subsidiary in Australia

-Chennai and Combatore development facilities get SEI Level 4 certification -Bags award for top PC vendor in India -Becomes the 1st IT company to be recommended for latest version of ISO 9001:2000 -Bags MAITs Award for business Excellence -Rated as NO. 1 IT group in India.


-Launched Pentium IV PCs at below Rs 40,000 -IDC rated HCL Infosystems as No.1 Desktop PC company of 2001


-Declared as Top PC Vendor by Dataquest -HCL Infosystems & Sun Microsystem enters into Enterprise Distribution Agreement. -Realigns business,increases focus on domestic IT.communication & Imaging products,solution & related servies. -Became the first vendore to register sales of 50,000 PCs in a quarter -First Indian company to be numero Uno in the commercial PC market -Enters into partnership with AMD -Launched home PC for Rs 19,999 -HCL Infosystems Info structure services Division received ISO 9001:2000 certification -Launches Infiniti Mobile Desktops on Intel Platform -Launched Infiniti PCs Workstations & Servers on AMD platform -1st to announce PC price cut in India,post duty reduction,offers Ezeebee at Rs17990. -IDC India DQ customers satisfaction Audit rates HCL as No.1 Brand in Desktops PCs -Maintains No.1 position in the Desktop PC segments for year 2003 -Launched RP2 systems to overcome power problem for PC users -Crosses the landmarks of $1 billion in revenue in just nine months





-Launch of HCL PC for India a fully functional PC priced ar Rs 9,900/-Read as the No.1 Desktop PC company by IDC India Dataquest -Best Employer 2005 with five star ratings by IDC India-Dataquest -The most customers Responsive company2005 -IT hardware category by the Economic Times-Avaya Global connect. -Top 50 fastest growing Technology Companies in India & Top 500 Fastest Growing Technology companies in Asia Pacific by Deloitte & Touche . -Indias No1 vendor for sales of A3 size Toshiba Multi Functional Devices for the year 04-05 by IDC. -Toshiba super Award 2005 towards business excellence in distribution of Toshiba Multifunction products -strategies Partners in excellence Award by Infocus Corporation for projectors -Most valued Business Partner Award for projectors by Infocus Corporation in 2005. -75,000 + machines produced in a single month -HCL Infosystems in partnership with Toshiba expands its retail presence in India by unveiling shop Toshiba. -HCL Infosystem &Nokia announce a long term distribution strategy -HCL the leader in Desktop PCs unveils India first segment specific range of notebooks brand HCL Leaptops -IDBI selects HCL as SI partner for 100 branches ICT infrastructure rollout -HCL Infosystems showcases Computers Solutions for the rural markets in India -HCL supports wins the DQ channels-2006 GOLD award for best after sales services on a nationwide customers satisfaction survey conducted by IDC -HCL Infosystems first in India to launch the new generation of high performance server Platforms powered by Intel Dual-core Xeron 5000 Processor -HCL forms a strategic partnership with APPLE to provide sales &services support for ipods in India


H CL IIPM Products & Solutions Desktops & Notebooks

Business PCs Home Pcs Business Notebooks Home Notebooks

Infiniti Challenger Workstations

Overview of servers

Intel Servers
Back-end Datacenter servers HCL Datacenter in box Rack optimized server solutions Pedestal server solutions Entry Level servers

Infiniti Xcel Line Servers

Infiniti Xcel Line 1200 PR with n VIDIA geforce 6150 chipset Infiniti Xcel Line 2200 YA with n VIDIA MCP 55 Pro chipset Infiniti Xcel Line 2200 AT with AMD 8131/8111 Infiniti Xcel Line 2200SY with Nvidia nForce professional 2200 chipset Infiniti Xcel Line 4200TL with AMD 8131/8111 chipset

IIPM HP Rise Servers & Workstation Technology Products WINBee Thin Clients o WINBee 3000 VX o WINBee 4000BV o WINBee 4000BVX o WINBEE 5000 VX HUTS o HUTS-8000V2 Ternimals
o o o o o o

Turboterm 2000 Turboterm 2000E Turboterm 2020C Turboterm 2020E Turboterm 2020R Graphterm

o MLT2000 o Multilingual Terminal 2000 o Turboterm2020R

Display Products

HCM 580M HCM 985FM HCM510LSA HCM 582

HCL IIPM Networking Products

HCL Passive Products HCL Active Prodcuts HCL Wireless Products HCL Gateway Products HCL DSL Products HCL Media Converters

Security Products
HCL Info Wall HCL Info SecuAccess HCL Info VPNe HCL Info Surveillance HCL Info SecuDesk-Biometric Logon HCL Info SecuDesk SmartCard Logon HCL Info LoadBalancer HCL Info Attendance o HCL Info Attendence-Biometric Bnx series o HCL Info Attendance SmartCard SNX series o HCL Info Attendance-Biometric BNx-SC series

HCL InfoVMS HCL Smart Library Management System HCL Asset Management HCL EAS System(Electronic Article Surveillance) HCL Stand Alone Door Access Solutions(NDL600) HCL stand Alone Door Access Solution(NDL100) HCL Hand Geometry Recognition HCL Hand Geometry with Smart Card HCL Smart Card Reader

HCL Dual Interface Smart Card Combi Readers

HCL IIPM Storage Solutions HCL Storage Solutions


Quantum Storage Solutions Library

o o o o PX 502 Tape Library Scalar 24 Scalari500 PX720

o Superloader

Standalone Drivers
o LTO Gen III o LTO Gen II

Qlogic Storage Solutions(HBA Cards)

o QLA 2460 o QLE 2460 o QLA 2462

Ingrasys NAS Storage Solutions

o 8420R o 4420R

Brocade Switches
o 200E o 4100

HCL IIPM EMC Storage Solutions Toshiba Notebooks

Product Line up

Info structure services Network Serivices Security services Facilities Management Services Domestic Hard ware Services

Today IT assest have become widely distribution and less visible. Many organization are spending a very high portion of their technology budget on soft cost like purchasing,installing, managing,administration,troubleshooting,training,recruitment,etc forsupporting the IT Hardware &Software. So if yours systems are critical to the operations of your business,downtime can have a disastorous impact on production,customer satisfaction and revenues. We are in the business of helping customers to use their equipments better. Our facilities Management Services are a comprehensive set of services that helps customers to fully utilize their IT investmenst by improving availability,reliabhility and performance. We achieve this by offering a complete portfolio of customized services and expertise,from planning and design to procurement,installation,integration,migration assistance to system management,telephone support and on-site hardware and software fixes.

Though our total Facilities Management solution,we offer a range of service option,customized to the specific requirements of yours.These includes: -36x24x7 Support for mission critical sites -Value added Support Services -Systemm Administration -Helpdesk Services -Network Consulting -Network Implementing and Management -Asset Management etc

All this helps customers in deriving maximum Value from the investment in IT hardware and software. Our longstanding association with Global leaders like Intel, Microsoft,HewlettPackard,Cisco,Lucent,Novell,Oracle,SAPetc. Has helped us gain immense technical knowledge allowing us to offer direct support to large installation across diverse platforms,through its committed professionals,even in the remotest of locations.

The Need
In the emerging net economy,IT infrastructure Plays the role of a powerful business enabler to improve your business processes,to help you focus on your goals and strategies and more importantaly,to help you serve your customers better. IT Infrastructure demands constant change lastest technology,reliable operations and highavailability. Leaders like you in process of selecting the best of breed in technology,require integrating different solutions from various vendors. Thus a situation where you need a strong reliable and trusted partner commited to deliver beyond just services. We make IT possible to save money We tell you where as well as time..We show you how

The one stop shop solutions centre for all your IT needs customized to meet and scale with your unique business needs.

A range of value added services in IT infrastructure operations and management.

Pan-India footprint of support and logistics locations. Over 260 Direct service support locations. Technically sound workforce of over 1700 certified professionals.

World class Quality standards maintained for PPP(People,Processes& Performance) Alliance with global technology leaders.

We help you find new ways to reduce costs & do more with less by maximizing the value of your technology and personal resources,thereby reducing your total cost of ownership(TCO)

H CL IIPM Satisfation
Complete Satisfaction for the customers through the HCL 6S offerings that enables one to maximize system uptime through rapid response and resolution services,thereby optimizing your IT investments.

Networking Services
Networks are multiplying day by day in every organization. Systems are becoming more and more dependent on the availability of data resources of various departments divisions locations of an organization and thereby increasing the load and requirements of Networks. The well know networked applications such as Email,Internet /Intranet,Group Ware solution,relation Database render the user completely in effective services,in the event of network shutdowns. Network Management involves Network Monitoring of Bandwidth Utilization,Network Errors/collisions,Network troubleshooting,Day - to Day Network operations, network performance monitoiring.tuning network operating system and advice action plan.

Service Offerings

Liaison with network hardware support providers for all hardware related problems. Use the NMS tool available with the customers to monitor the functioning of network. Use the special device/software tool for monitoring the port/network traffic and take appropriate action or recommend prevention actions Co-ordinate with cabling warranty providers for repairs of faulty points/cables and other related issues. Setup Network File System- NFS-configuration of files and files and folders for sharing across the network Setup Network Information services-NIS Setup Domain Name service-DNS Setup Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol-DHCPs


IIPM Philosophy of Quality

We shall deliver defect-free products,services and solutions to meet the requirement of our external and internal customers,the first time ,every time. To exist as a market leader in a globally competitive marketplace,organizations need to adopt and implement a continous improvement-based quality policy. One of the Key elements to HCLs success is its never ending pursuit of superior quality in all its endeavors. HCL Infosystems believs in total quality management philosophy as a means for continuous improvement,total employee participation in quality improvement and customers satisfaction.Its concept of quality addresses people,processes and products. Over the last 30 yrs,we have adapted to newer and better quality standards that halped us effectively tie quality with business Goals,leading to customers and employee satisfaction.

Quality At HCL Infosystems LTD

The history of structures quality implementation in HCL Infosystems began in the late 1980s with the focus on improving quality of its products by using basis QC toold and failure Reporting and correctives active systems .We also employed concurrent engineering pratices including design reviews and rigrour reliability tets to uncover latent design defects. In the early 90s the focus was not on the quality of products but also the process quality systems. Our manufacturing unit at NOIDA was certified initially to ISO 9002:1994 by Bureau vertas Certifaication in 1994 and later on ISO 9001:1994 in 1997 .As of now all our manufacturing units are certified by bureau Vertas Cerfitication as per ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 1400:2004 In early 1995 a major quality initiative was launched across the company based on Philip B.Crosbys methodology of QIPM .This model was selected to because it considered the need and commitment by organization to improve but more importantaly the individuals need towards better quality in his personal life.

We have received MAITs Level II recognition for business excellence for our initiatives in the Information technology industry ,adding another commendation to our fold.MAITs Level II recognition is based on the European Foundation for quality Managements(EFQM) for gaining quality leadership and business competitiveness. Our certifications / awards in 2003 include ISO 9001-2000 by Bureau Verticals certifications for our Info structure Services and award of first prize by ELICINA for quality ,2002-03 .The ELCINA award criteria considers two aspects. The tryst for continuous quality improvements is never ending in HCL Infosystems. We always strive to maintain high quality standards which help us fulfill our mission to provide world class information technology solutions and services to enable our customers to serve their customers better.

Investor Release

Quarterly Highlights
Consolidated Revenue at Rs 3130.4 crores ,up 11% Y-o-Y Profit before tax at Rs 105.6 crores up 13% Y-o-Y Profit after tax at Rs 72.1 crores up 8% Y-o-Y Computer systems Revenue at Rs 764.6 crores up 36% Y-o-Y . PBIT at 51.9 crores up 66% Y-o-Y Telecommunications & office Automation Revenue at Rs 2365.7 crores PBIT at Rs 66.9 Interim dividend of Rs 2/- per share declared for the quarter

Achievements of the Company

Became the first Indian company to break the one terabyte storage barrier in PCs with the launch of HCL 1 TB PB Launched first Quad-socket High End Enterprises server.HCL IGL 4700 FC based on Intels latest 7300 series of Quad core Xeon MP Processors. ICT Educations & Training : Announced strategic tie ups with leading international IT training giants as their authorized training partner to deliver the training for their certification programs Ranked among the top two IT companies in the annual Dataquest IDC Best Emplayers Survey 2007

Recognized as the Most Preferred PC Brand at the prestigious CNBC Awaaz Consumer awards 2007 Digilife retail chain won the most admired retailer of the year award in consumer Durables and Electronics category at the 2007 Imgaes Retail Awards. Durables and Electronics category at the 2007 Images Retail Awards Survey 2007 Launched first Quad- socket High End Enterprise server,HCL IGL4700 FC based on Intels latest 7300 series of Quad core Xeon MP Processors

Brand Mapping

Brand Mapping is used to describe a set of techniques designed to represent brands and their similarities in a visual "brand space". Useful for providing highly intuitive representations in order to position brands on dimensions critical to consumer perceptions in that brand space, a variety of simple to complex statistical methodologies can be used to create them. Some of the latter include multi-dimensional scaling, factor or cluster analytical methods, and conjoint analysis. Usually these techniques result in brands being mapped on 2 to 3 dimensions. Two dimensional maps are the most popular as they are most easily understood and interpreted by clients. There is also substantive agreement that consumers use only a limited number of separate (though sometimes complex and integrative) concepts to assess brands

Research Methodology A) Topic of Research:

My research topic is A study on Brand mapping of HCL in Hyderabad The project topic was given by HCL,Hyderabad.

B) Objective Of the Research:

To know the position of HCL as brand To make the customers aware about the product lines To know the interest of customers towards HCL products. To know the customers attitude towards HCL products To position all other new and old products of HCL and sale the desired products

To know the position of HCL as a brand with respect to its competitors

Possible Value addition to the company through this study:

Attracting the customers for buying the products.

Company will know its brand position in the market Trace out the customers perception Identifying new customers Value added to the old customers Let the company know about the perception of customers towards HCL

The objective of the current study is accomplished by conducting a market research. The market research process that will be adopted in the present study consists of the following stages: Defining the problem and research objective : o The Research objective states that what information is needed to solve problem-findingimpact of service marketing.

Selection of customer
The corporates and public sectors are the customers of HCL. I met the corporate managers (IT Department) personally and collect their requirements. Some of them are existing customers of HCL and some are new.


Sample size

Due to time constraints a sample of 30 corporate managers were taken into study and from there data were collected.

Sampling Technique
To study the project, a Simple Random Sampling technique is used

Data Collecting:
Collection of data done by Requirements of the different corporate Questionnaires Customer feedback

Source Data:
The Data collected for this project work were from two sources: 1. Primary sources 2. Secondary sources

Primary sources
The primary data have been collected by meeting with different corporate managers personally and asking for their requirements. The corporate customers are IT companies, Pharmaceutical companies and others available at Hyderabad and Secunderabad

HCL IIPM Secondary Source:

Seconday data were collected by interacting with my corporate guide. Mr.Basu and also with other managers and employees of HCL, Hyderabad . Some data are also collected from the website of HCL Infosystems Limited, and other websites

Data Analysis:
Analysis of data was done thoroughly by taking into consideration the customers requirements. These figures are represented into comparative charts ,graphs and diagrams.

Data Analysis and Findings

Sample Size Taken = 30 Awareness About HCL= 100% All the data we gather from various company IT managers are shown graphically below

User Of HCL Product

o eue th r s r HL C


IIPM Awareness about HCL Products BPC: Business PC HPC: Home PC GCLAPTOP: General/Customized Laptops ITSECR: IT Security SERV: Server TCLIENT: Thin Clinets STR SOLN: Storage Solutions N/W SOLN: Network Solution PNC: Primary and Copier solutions A/V Conference- Audio /Vedio Conference COMM SOLN: Communication Solutions RET SOLN: Retail Solution LCD PROJ: LCD Projector.


30 25 20 15 10 5 0 FIRST RECALL


C a tT le h r it


27 %

7 % 2% 3 13 %

HC L IIPM The table represents ranking 1-5 given by various customers. We have taken only rank 1 and compare it graphically. From the graph it is clearly that according to people IBM is best for overall performance and HCL,DELL, HP are in 2nd position.

7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 IBM HCL WIPRO DELL HP

Comparision of Quality from the Data Company IBM HCL WIPRO DELL HP 1st rank 6 7 3 7 5 2nd rank 6 8 1 5 8 3rd rank 9 7 8 3 2 4th rank 8 5 9 10 7 5th rank 1 3 9 5 8




As per people HCL stands first in term of quality.IBM stands in the second position following it is Dell,WIPRO in third position.HP stands in last position as per people. Comparision of price between companies Company IBM HCL WIPRO DELL HP 1st rank 2 9 2 4 3 2nd rank 8 13 3 5 6 3rd rank 5 5 15 10 7 4th rank 6 2 5 7 9 5th rank 9 1 5 4 4


IBM 9%


Price chart
HCL 41%

HP 18%

DELL 23% As per our survey majority of people buy HCL product,After HCL,Dell stands on second position,following it is HP in third position. Forth position is occupied by IBM and WIPRO

HCL IIPM Comparision of service provided by different companies Company

IBM HCL WIPRO DELL HP 1st rank 3 9 2 3 6 2nd rank 2 8 7 7 2 3rd rank 6 5 4 7 6 4th rank 7 6 10 10 7

5th rank
8 2 7 3 8

Chart Title
HP 26% DELL 13%

IBM 13%

HCL 39%


HCL stands in first position ,due to its service availability at every location Comparisoin in terms of Technology Company IBM HCL WIPRO DELL HP 1st rank 2 4 2 9 5 2nd rank 4 7 2 6 8 3rd rank 8 6 10 5 7 4th rank 11 2 5 7 7 5th rank 5 5 11 3 3

1 0 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 DL EL H P HL C W O IPR IB M S rie e s1

H CL IIPM Comparision for Appearance of different companies

COMPANY IBM HCL WIPRO DELL HP 1ST RANK 3 3 3 9 6 2nd rank 3 12 5 6 7 3RD rank 9 6 8 2 4 4TH rank 10 7 3 12 5

5 2 11 1 8

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 DELL HP IBM WIPRO Series1


HCL IIPM Comparision for availability of products

Company IBM HCL WIPRO DELL HP 1st rank 2 11 3 4 5 2nd rank 1 11 9 8 4 3rd rank 10 2 7 3 8 4th rank 10 5 4 9 6 5th rank 7 1 7 6 7

WIPRO 12% IBM 8% DELL 16%

HP 20% HCL 44%


IIPM Summary of all above

1st rank given by no. of people for different parameters Company IBM HCL WIPRO DELL HP Quality 6 7 3 7 5 Price 2 9 2 4 3 Service 3 9 2 3 6 Technology Appearance Availability 2 4 2 9 5 3 3 3 9 6 2 11 3 4 5

Percentage Contribution
Company IBM HCL WIPRO DELL HP Quality 21.43 25 10.71 25 17.86 Price 10 45 10 20 15 Service 13.04 39.13 8.69 13.04 26.09 Technology Appearance Availability 9.09 18.18 9.09 40.91 22.73 12.5 12.5 12.5 37.5 25 8 44 12 16 20




Criteria of Giving Weight age No. Of People 1-3 4-6 7-9 10-12 13-15 Weight Age 1 2 3 4 5


Calculation of weight age

Company IBM HCL WIPRO DELL HP W of Quality 2 3 1 3 2 % Contribution 21.43 25 10.71 25 17.86 W *% Contribution 42.86 75 10.71 75 35.72


W of Price 1 3 1 1 2

% contribution 10 45 10 20 15

W*%Contribution 10 135 10 20 30


W of Service 1 3 1 1 2

% Contribution

W% of Contribution 13.04 117.39 8.69 13.04 52.18


13.04 39.13 8.69 13.04 26.09



W of Technology

% Contribution

W * % of contribution 9.09 36.36 9.09 122.73 45.46


1 2 1 3 2

9.09 18.18 9.09 40.91 22.73


W of look 1 1 1 3 2

% Contribution 12.5 12.5 12.5 37.5 25

W % of Contribution 12.5 12.5 12.5 112.5 50


W of Availability 1 4 1 2 2

% contribution 8 44 12 16 20

W*%of contribution 8 176 12 32 40

H CL IIPM Average Weight Regarding the Criterias

Company W of quality 42.86 2 75 3 10.71 1 75 3 35.72 2 W of price 10 1 135 3 10 1 20 1 30 2 W of service 13.04 1 39.13 3 8.69 1 13.04 1 26.09 2 W of W of W of Net wt technology appearance availability 9.09 1 36.36 2 9.09 1 122.73 3 45.46 2 12.5 1 12.5 1 12.5 1 112.5 3 50 2 8 1 176 4 12 1 32 2 40 2 13.6 29.6 10.49 28.8 18.9


Ranking using criterias

Company IBM HCL WIPRO DELL HP Average weight 13.64 29.62 10.5 28.87 18.93 Ranking 4 1 5 2 3




Hyderabad IT market is a huge potential market for IT products because the customers income level is increasing day by day and many new organizations are growing there The customers are not aware about the new products of HCL and also they dont know the new technologies of the firm Today the customers need the products which good looking and that must be compact with all the facilities HCL is putting stress on corporate customers but there is a need of targeting single customers by which more revenue can be generated There is a need of advertisement of products that HCL have. Since the competitors are giving more advertisement the customers attracted to words them HCL has to take care about its products appearance and technology as people are not finding it user friendly.

People think that HCL is a company which is more into PC making.They do not know all the product lines and services provided by HCL.Hence the company needs to focus more on attractive and informative promotional activities. HCL is struggling in competition with MNC brnds.It has to focus more on advanced technology and R & D

The asthetic value of the company products need to be improved Recently HCL is focusing more on corporate and public sectors. To have a better market share it needs to focus on individual and young customers also.For this it can go for hiring a popular person as a brand ambassador. After-sale services provided by the company needs to be faster



On Project Training

First and Foremost objective is to know the brand awareness and compare HCL brand with other brands To gain the complete Knowlegede about the products of HCL To generate the leads through the survey To sort out the prospective leads from the data I have collected through the survey. To build the relationship with the new customers and to follow up them make sure that they are satisfied with the products To maintain good relationship with the corporate employees To get more refrences from the customers and generate new leads by following a chain process To place HCL prodcts ahead of the competitors To make the customer aware of the benefits of the products and convince him to buy HCL products.


IIPM Targets/ Tasks

In the 1st and 2nd week I have undergone product training and acquired Product Knowledge During those periods I got the complete knowledge about HCL culture In the 3rd week I have undergone training on pricing of different IT components and how to make quotation for the customer. What will be the MDP of any product Next I have undergone training on body language at customers place and way to approach a customer Later I was given task of calling different customers and finding out there need over phone. Then if possible fix up an appointment with customers I got the task for preparing the questionnaire for conducting the survey From 4th week onwards I went to the customers place to know the requirements of the customers and aware the customers about the different products and services provided by HCL Also our task was to find out the Microsoft piracy. In this manner I have visited 30 companies and got 4-5 customers who have soe need of different products Lastly a made a customer survey on the products and services provided by HCL and the customers satisfaction level on HCL products.

Initially I choose to visit IT companies. There I communicate to their IT Managers for there requirements ,to know the brand they are using and their view on HCL. Then I have visited Pharmaceuticals companies and services sector companies to know there requirement on IT products. Also I have visited to BPO firms for their IT requirements.

I got IT company as a customer for oracle software I was able to sell out about 70 operating system required by ARCI.0 I have included in team where the team leader is Mr.I.S. Akbar and I always reported to him I have fixed up some appointment with some corporate personnel and meet them at their office


I got an order of video conferencing device from SEW construction Ltd. During this period of time I was able to find out what was going in the customers mind and are they satisfied with HCL or not

During the training period I have reported at 9.30 A.M returm from there on 6/6.30 P.m. when I was moving to the customer places I had to report only on 9.30 A.M and asked not to report on 6.30 p. m

Obstacles Faced During the Project

Because of language problem I faced a lot of problem in reaching to the customers and sometimes communicating to customers also As it is the summer season and because of the scorching heat I was unable to move to many places Some IT managers were not interested to disclose about their IT infrastructure In some cases I found it difficult to get an appointment with the customers.

My on Project Training has given me a good experience in learning how to sell a product,how to deal with customers ,how to change the mind of an unsatisfied customer,how to generate leads,how to maintain relationship with existing customers, how to get references from the existing customers. I have learnt the convincing and persuasive skills in my On project Training.Initailly I have

faced some hurdles in the beginning of the project to get the leads,but later on I was able to cope with the problems and able to reach easily and successfully.


Bibliography MIND POWER(Annual Report Magazine 2009-2010 HCL Infosystems Ltd) Marketing Management By Philip Kotler



Appendix Questionnaire
Name: Address: Phone No.

Q1 Are you aware about HCL?

(a) Yes (b) No

Q2 Are you the user of HCL Product? (a) Yes (b) No


Q3 Tick the product about which you are aware

Product Name

Business PC General / customized laptop IT security solution Server Thin clients Multipurpose Kiosks Storage solution Networking solution Printing and copier solution Audio/Video conferencing solution Ipod Digital camera Nokia Communication solution Retailing solution LCD Projector Home PC

HC L IIPM Q4 which brand comes to your mind when you think about any IT infrastructure need? Q5 Rate the following brand rating 1-5 according to following parameters Parameters Quality Price Service Technology Look Availability HCL WIPRO IBM HP DELL

Q6 Please rate the brand rating 1-5 for overall performance HCL WIPRO IBM HP DELL

Q7 Please give your valuable suggestion to improve ourselves and serve you better.



Nelito System Liminted Natural Technologies (p) Ltd Magic e Money (P) Ltd Asian CERC Information Technology Limited D2k Technologies India (P) Ltd

H CL IIPM Website: Solution Area: Core Banking/Branch Automation Solution Solution Vertical: BSFI States with more Focus: PAN India Details of Solution: Fin Craft-Core is a Core Banking Solution that offers unmatched deployment
flexibility,superior scalability and unquie functional features all at much lower TCO.No longer business has to worry about the enormous upfront cost that needs to be committed to implement CBS,and to set up networking and data center. Fincrafts modular application component architechture permits deployment of appropriate business component in tune with the business growth which allows incremental investments. The application supports multiple communication media and runs on small footprint data centre.It affords an unprecedented opportunity to Banks to optimize costs at various stages.

Business Benefits of Solution:

Provides unmatched scalability supporting lowest to highest business volumes with Smallest dada centre foot print

Is available real time 24X7X365 accessibility mode across all delivery channels Handles volumes without compromising speed of delivery,convenience,promptness and efficiency to stay ahead of the market Offers lowest TCO protects existing investment Handles volumes without compromising speed of delivery,convenience,promptness and efficiency to saty ahead of the market.


Reference Customers:
Total of 5000 + brnaches in 90+ banks (Nationalized/RRB/DCCB/UCB/PACS) like Bank of Baroda,Oriental Bank of Commerce, Nainital Bank Ltd.,Jaipur Thar Gramin Bank, Malaprabha Grameena Bank, Baroda Eastern UP Gram Bank, Purvanchal Gramin Bank,Jilla Sahakari kendriya Maryadyt, Kanker, Jilla sahakari kendriya Maryahy jagadalpur,Hindu Co-operative Bank,,Kumbi Co-op Bank etc.

Recommended HCL Server Configuration for a typical solution deployment scenario: Server:
IGL4700 FC with Intel XEON MP with 4 Processor,3GHZ +, 800MHz,8GB RAM(expandable to 12 GB) ,36 GB SCSI HDD Mirrored with SCSI controller,Redundant Hot swappable power supply,Redundant fans,CD-R drive Dual gigabit Ethernet Ports,Additional iSCSI host bus adapter

External storage array with iSCSI interface with 300 GB* 6 SCSI HDDs in mirrored and striped configuration option of a storage and back up server iSCSI target capability with external disk array attached to it.

PC PIV 2.93 GHz or above ,1 Mb L2 cache,256 MB RAM/80 GB Hard disk/DROM/FDD/Colour Monitor/NIO Keyboard/Mouse/XPP preloaded.

HC L IIPM Website: Solution Area: Financial Solution Vertical: BFSI States with more focus: Maharastra, Gujarat, AP, Karnataka, Kerala, Harayana, UP, UK, North Easter states, West Bengal. Details of Solution:
Bancmate is a Bilingual solution as per official language Act 1963 successfully implemented in 5000+ branches across India .It is adatabase independent and platform independent solution available in standalone and web based centralized versions thus providing scalibility and robustness while securing the initial investment of the customers

Business Benefits of solution:

Bancmate owes its ROI to its single window data capture vast and comprehensive report capability. A repertoire of over 700 MIS reports eneables saved resources to be redeployed for core activities like business generation and recovery monitoring for manifold increase in business from existing resources.. leading to impressive increase in productivity and edge over competition and developing a improved user interface and customers relationsdue to bilingual feature of the interface and reports.

Reference customers Allahabad Bank Syndicate bank Rajasthan Gramin Bank Up Gramin Bank Vijaya Bank Bank of Baroda Punjab Gramin Bank Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank

H CL IIPM Recommended HCL Server Configuration for a typical solution deployment scenario:
HCL Data Centre In A Box is an ideal solution for the core Banking application.

Magic e Money (P) Ltd. Website: Solution Area: Bank Automation and Allied products Solution Vertical: BFSI States with more focus: Maharastra.

Details of solution
The solutions offered by magic emoney Ltd. are focused to cater the automation needs of banks automation segment. Our solutionsare perfectly fitting the scenario in banking where target customers is looking for changing its legacy software system to modern windows based applications,as also looking for connectivity solutions.The solutions should be targeted at EDP/IT managers as well as MD/GM/Chairman of the smaller banks.

We also provide other necessary application software to cater the needs of banks like:
Fleet management system,Rural bank automation,management of executor and trustee system, contracts and proporiteis management system,Loan Appraisal system(LAS) for retail loans,Satationery Management software for HO of banks,Remote customer Terminal (RCT),Kiosk (Touch screen) software Bank Net- A total bank automation software solution is a windows based TBA takes care of all the needs of retail banking. Any branch banking ABB-Connects the branches of the bank through a medium of leased /ISDN/VSAT etc.provides the banking anywhere benefits to customers leading to Customer delight

HCL IIPM Business Benefits of solution:

Virtual core banker provides the majority of benfits bank can exploit through core bank automation that too with a very low cost as compared to core bank automation. It provides benefits to customers as wellas the staff of the bank. Its low TCO makes it ideal for rural banks and rural branches of other banks. Some of its unique feature are: Single PC and peer-to-peer usage

Scalable to large branches with multiple users Customer centric system with single view of customer

Integrated ALM Exclusive facility to generate user defined reports Compatible with multiple delivery channels- ATM,POS,ABB,Internet, Mobile banking

Reference Customers:
Nationalized & private Bank of maharashtra Dena Bank State Apex & DCC Beed DCC

Recommended HCL Server Configuration for typical solution deployment scenario:

HCL Infiniti Global Line Server are recommended. Scenarios to be suggested as per requirement and sizing study.

HCL IIPM Asian CERC Information technology Limited Website: Solution Area: Internet trading solutions Solution Vertical: BFSI States with more focus: All regions Details of solution:
The primary strength of Asina CERC is an encompassing portfolio of products and services,backed by over 17 years of Vast business experience that saw our products

emerge as the most preferred solution based on regulatory requirements and flexible parameters to drive and implement business decisions Trade Anywhere is the most comprehensive system for Internet trading and surveillance Tarade anywhere provides all the systems and facilities required for an intermediary/broker for successfully carrying out online trading. Trade anywhere provides Webtrading front end (broker can avail the option of content) Order routing and risk management engine Surveillance

Business Benefits of Solution:

Research and Advisory services & customized Information Solutions Development of analytic tools assoiciated with financial data in both graphical and textual formats Multi casting systems for disseminating real time information over the internet. Portal Solution for the Financial Markets Very strong Change control mechanism Add on distribution products such as Mutual Funds and IPO subscriptions Professional Services for the financial markets Domain expertise of 17 years



Reference Customers:
ABN Amro Broking

Almondz Angel Broking Bombay Stock Exchange Dawnay Day

Recommended HCL Server Configuration for a typical solution deployment scenario: To be sized as per solution requirements.

D2K Technologies India (P) Ltd Website: Solution Area: Internet trading solutions Solutions Vertical: BFSI States with more focus: All regions Details of solution:
CRisMAC -D2k Technologies offers end-to-end customized MIS solution of Public sector banks in particular and to the banking Industry in general by actively partnering at all satges, CRisMAC Analytic Today organization are seeking to establish key performance indicators with actionable metrics,evaluate enterprise wide success with personalized parameters and empower.

Basel II-In order to vigorously monitor the status of Non Performing Assets and
provide accurate & timely information to the management


NPA Management- In order to vigorously monitor the status of Non performing Assets and provide accurate and timelyinformation to the management,detailed information of high value NPA

CRisMAC Search Due to high availability of funds in the market and fierce
competition amnig financials intermediaries,many people tend to take advantage of the situation. CC ALM- cash credit facilities in banks are given to meet out working capital requirement of borrowers customers are allowed to withdraw money to meet out dayto-day funds

Business Benefits of solution:

System enebles automatic asset classification and computation of provisions as per RBI norms Reports like DSB,BSR(1a &1b) & other returns can be directly generated at corporate level sparing the branches from preparing the same and ROs from compiling periodically.HO can directly submit the statutory returns to RBI on magnetic media or hard copy Singnificant manpower is saved at branch ZO and CO level with the introduction of the system.Use of common database by different users at corporate office is expected to reduce the demand for similar information from the branches. Basel II module of CRISMAC system enables computation of risk weighted assets and application on haircut etc as per RBI norms.The output reports and verification along with audit trail are generated. Multi Dimensional reports enable better appreciation of business data at diiferent levels. The reports relevant to repective business profile can be generated for use by the branches and monitoring authorities.


IIPM Reference Customers:

Punjab National Bank Bank of Maharastra Bank of Baroda Vijaya Bank Dena Bank Deutsche banke

Recommended HCL Server Configuration for a typical solution deployment scenario:

To be sized as per solution requirements. Recommend the HCL Range of Enterprise server,Storage & back solutions

Document Management Solution

Website: Solution Area: Doument Management Solution & Digitization services Solution Vertical: Government,PSU, Defense ,BFSI, Hospitals, Corporate
Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Education States with more focus: All states

Details of solution:
HCLs Advanced document Management solution provides a centralized repository for document archival and management for a Enterprise. ADMS is a Enterprise Document Management platform for creating capturing,managing,delivering, and archiving large volumes of documents and content. HCLs ADMS can be customized as per the requirements of customer. Software can be used on local network and also as Web based Document Management software .It has got inbuilt workflow management and E-mail archival system which makes it more comprehensive applications.



Brief Functionalities of HCLs Advanced Document Management Software.

User friendly interface Support over 150 files types including audio and vedio file types Support all TWAIN & ISIS Scanners Indexing on customer fields at folders and file level Comprehensive and easy set access rights control at folder level within rights inheritance Specific rights at documents level for sharing Full text index and parametric search Version control with documents check-in and check-out Document encryptions Extensive reports with audit trails Integration with existing applications and business processes Backup and restore Automatic archival of the data Business process management and workflow for efficient document processing Export and import of email,print,encrypt documents Annotations on image and electronic with user rights on annotations LDAP support,notifications and alarams.

IIPM Business Benefits of Solution:
Ease of Access to information/central Respository Quick Retrieval of information Prevention of loss of information Security of Information Avoid paper storage cost Avoid paper Handling & Duplicating Cost Internal process automation Efficient Distribution of Documents

Reference Customers:
Supreme court of India Ministry of food ONGC Punjab National Bank MTNL Fortis Hospital

Recommended HCL server configuration for a typical solution deployment scenario:

IGL 2700/1x Intel Quad core Xeon 5405,2.0 GHz(1333 MHz FSB) with 12 MB L2 cache/1GB(min)/2GB(Recommended) of DDR2 667 FBDIMM memeory SAN/NAS can be used as Image /Documents Respository.

Simple Integrated solution with SAN & Switches

HCL Datacnetre in a box includes SAN Storage, Computing & networking to simplify the growing demands of your IT infrastructure. As as integrated system the HCL DCIB has capabilities not found in a common rack server setup. The HCL DCIB consists of Six DP server blades with support for Xeon 5400 series Quad core CPUs Integrated shared SAN storage

Integrated Gigabit Ethernet Switches All hot-swappable components Virtual presensce management solution


Easy to Install,operate & manage

Simple integrated view of server storage & switch all at one place Just point and click to manage entire setup Select the HDD and RAID level to steup up RAID Select the server to which storage needs to be allocated and done Select the switch module and allocate servers to LAN ports to complete networking. Managing using remote KVM sessions to each sever simultaneously

Simplifying real life IT challenges

When upgrading or consolidating your existing crawling IT infrastructure or setting up a new infrastructure for you business critical applications applications you need to not look too far. The HCL Datacentre in a box is designed to simplify your installation, management and operation of your business critical servers. Complexity Simplified 1 socket Datacentre solutions in a box with two business criticals servers in high availability.infrastructure server,firewall,Router, Antispam.Antivirus rack mounts UPS all in 42 U back Performance Server powered with Quad core processor to deliver you un-matched performance Services and support from HCL 300+ service location across country with un-matched direct support from an organization which has 30+ year experience in IT industry.

HCL IIPM Infiniti Global Line 5XX5 series Enterprise SMP Architechture servers
Based on Itanium 2 dual core 9000 series processors on IA64 Architecture Scales from 8-way to 32-way Based on Intel QBP architecture Mangement of server from dedicated server Ideal for SAP ERP, HPC solutions & enterprise mission critical solutions

Infiniti Global line 4700 FC

This server up to four Intel Xeon MP processors.These premium 64-bit processors have been developed for today server environment which requires high scalability,availability and investment protection for all your growing business needs.The IGL 4700 FC server utilizes these processors to meet a wide range of business needs such as database ,HPC,server consolidation, and e-commerce requirements Support SMP up to four 64-bit Intel Xenon Quad core processors Intel 7300 chipset 32 DIMM stops supporting uo to 256 GB FB- DIMM Memeory Hot Swap power supply modules Remote Management option.

HCL IIPM Infiniti Global Line 2700 CA

Supports uo to Dual Intel Xenon Dual/Quad core CPU at frequencies Up to 3 GHz with 4MB L2 cache Upto 12 GB of DDR2 667 FBDIMM Memory Two SATA NHS HDDS supported Inbuilt management features Availabe in 1 U Dense Rack optimized form Fator.

Infiniti Global Line 2700 OW

Supports up to Dual Intel Xeon Dual/Quad core 5000 Sequence CPU on Intel 5000V chipset Upto 16 GB of DDR2 677 FBDIMM on 8 FBDIMM slots SATA/SAS NHS/HS HDDs Supported Inbuilt Management features ISMS

Infiniti Global Line 2700 AO

Supports uo to Dual intel Xeon multi-core CPU at frequencies up to 3 GHz with 4 MB L2 cache Fast Throughput 1333 MHz FSB Up to 32 GB of DDR2 667FBDIMM Memory 3.5 & 2.5 HDD SAS/SATA otions Out-of-band Remote Management features supported Available in 1U/2U Rack optimized form factor.

HCL Global Line 2700 ST

Supports up to Two Intel Xeon Dual/Quad core 5000 sequnce CPU Intel 5000 chipset Up to 32 GB of DDR2 667 FBDIMM memeory on 8 FBDIMM slots 4SAS ports with HOSt RAID 0,1 Virtualizetion support Intel VT Pedestal /5U/2U options

HCL IIPM HCL Global Line 2700 SO (SATA/SAS Models)

Supports up to Two Intel Xeon Dual/Quad core 5000 sequence CPU Intel 5000 chipset Up to 16GB of DDR2 667 FBDIMM memeory on 8 FBDIMM slots SATA /SAS HDDs Supported Virtualizetion support Intel VT Available in Pedestal /5U options

HCL Global Line 1700 AH

Supporting Single Intel Pentium 4 processor upto 2.8 GHz and above with MBL2 cache Ultra fast throughput with 800 MHz FSB Upto 8 GB of DDR2 RAM 5 total PCI e slots Onboard 4 port SATA parts 5U / Pedestal options available

HCL Global Line 1700 SH

Supporting Single Xeon Dual/Quad core 3000/3200/3100/3300 CPUs FSB throughput of 1066/1333MHz

Up to 8 GB of DDR2 RAM Five total PCI slots with 3 PCI-e-slots Onboard 6 ports SATA parts 5U/Peedestal Options available.

HCL IIPM List of Banks

1) Canara bank
Tel Ph : . 040 23436905,

2) Axis bank
PH no-040-23418888

3) Kotak mahindra Ph no . Phone: 91-40-55755039 4) Andhra bank Phone: 040-23234313, 23230001 Email ID:
phone number :040-23310969 Email Id(Hyderabad Rural RO)

5) Syndicate Bank

6) Corporation bank

Phone: (022) 22027957 (GM),22832634 (CM) Email: 7) SBH Bank Phone No. 9949956563 8) HDFC Bank Phone no. 8008855501