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Facilities Planned for Physically Challenged Persons in Chennai Metro Stations and Coaches

The facilities for Physically Challenged persons within the station will generally be provided based on Guidelines and space standards for Barrier Free Built Environment for Disabled and Elderly Persons". Also, the design in general will be in accordance with "Guidelines and Space Standards for Barrier Free Built Environment for Disabled and Elderly Persons", Central Public Works Department, Ministry of Urban Affairs & Employment, 1998. The following facilities are planned to be provided within the station for Physically Challenged Persons: In Metro Stations: * Signages within and outside the station to guide the persons. * Dedicated parking space subject to space availability. * Non slippery floors and well lit passages. * Convenient design of station structure for free movement. * Dedicated tactile tiles to access for the functional areas and platforms. * Bumpy tiles to alert customers who are blind or have low vision that they are nearing the edge of the platform. * Accessible toilets. * Ticket issuing window and Ticket Vending Machine counters with accessible heights. * Dedicated Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) gates. * Induction loops at ticket counters for hearing impaired passengers. * Simple and Uniform Terminal Design avoiding glossy surfaces/glasses. * Ramp as per standards and with handrail. * Adequate landing space at the start and end of every ramp. * Stair cases as per standards with handrails. * Steps with contrasting coloured nosing or anti skidding tiles at the edge of the steps will be provided for easy access. * Adequate seating arrangement in platform In Lifts: *Lift in street level at convenient location and lift facility within the station. *Lift cars with required space and wide doors. *Audio announcement and Braille facilities within lift. Signs printed in Braille in the lifts to indicate floors as well as visual/ audible announcements. *Grip rails on 3 walls inside the elevator car. *Elevator control buttons positioned at convenient heights.

Coaches: General *Dedicated Seating facilities in the train. *Easy access to the cars for persons with disabilities, including wheelchair users, shall be provided through the side doors. *The rake shall be a high-floor design, with level boarding from platforms. Wheelchair and mobility-impaired boarding shall not require the use of bridging or lifting devices. The horizontal gap between the passenger door thresholds and platform edge at rest shall not exceed 50 mm in nominal operating conditions, and 75 mm maximum. The maximum vertical gap between the passenger door thresholds and platform edge shall not exceed 31 mm in nominal operating conditions. In no cases (including the worst operating conditions) shall the top surface of the horizontal threshold of the car be lower than the top edge of the platform. The gap between platform and the rail car enables wheelchair users to enter and exit the train safely. *At least two wheelchair parking areas shall be available in each driver car of the 4-car rakes. Four seats shall be available for the elderly and handicapped passengers in all driver car ends. *Seats shall be provided for handicapped persons. *The designated areas for wheelchair parking shall be located adjacent to an accessible entrance and shall be compliant with all ADA requirements. *Wheelchair users must be able to exit the car from any wheelchair parking position through either of at least two accessible doors (on the same side of the train). Wheelchair Egress Request *A wheelchair egress request signal shall be provided which shall permit a passenger in any car of a train to alert the operator to stop the car for a prolonged time to enable wheelchair passengers to exit the train. This system shall be ADA compliant and accessible to wheelchair-seated passengers. *The stop request shall consist of the following and shall be inhibited when doors are open. Stop-request strips shall be located at wheelchair accommodations. An audible-non-repeating chime and alarm light shall be installed in each operators cab area.