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Moving your website to the next level with Plone

Grassroots Use of Technology Conference Tang Center, MIT April 16, 2005
Nate Aune, IT Consultant Jazkarta -

Who is this guy?

B.A. Computer Science & Music Minor, Pacic Lutheran University (1991-94) Study abroad and work in Copenhagen, Denmark (1994-97) Studied Jazz Performance & Composition, Berklee College of Music (1997-99) Founded Jazkarta Consulting in New York City (2001) IT Director for Learning Lab Denmark (2002-2004) Founded Plone4Artists project (2003) Self-employed consultant - (2004-Present)

What is Plone? Who is using Plone? Why Plone? Compared to other CMS What about support? And hosting? What can Plone do? Demos Questions & discussion

What is Plone?
open source content management system

freely downloadable software under the

GPL license

built by an international community of

friendly developers Linux)

not owned by any single company (like

Oxfam America US Aid United Nations National Health Services (UK) Open Source Development Labs Omidyar Network Greenpeace NASA Jet Propulsion Labs (Mars Rover site)

Who uses Plone?

Oxfam America

National Health Services (UK)


International Open Source Network

Omidyar Network

Open Source Development Lab

Street Football World
This website is an interactive and participative communication and cooperation platform for sharing good practice and global networking for football based social projects and initiatives. These projects primarily target less privileged, impoverished, poorly educated, war-torn and conicting people and regions with the aim of promoting peaceful conict resolution, non-formal education, crime reduction, social integration and health prevention - using football as the main tool and common language! This platform represents a global community of these football projects, built on the principles of diversity, sustainability and inclusiveness.

Ubuntu Linux

Learning Lab Denmark


Greenpeace Cyberactivist Community

Public Knowledge

Human Rights Network

Why Plone?
Basic content management features built-in Workow tool 100+ add-on products (most are open
source and freely downloadable) indexing and syndication

Rich services such as full-text searching and

Why Plone? (2)

Designer friendly Easy to use Accessibility Modular Scalable Multilingual

Plone = designer friendly

Fully-validated Much can be
XHTML templates changed with just CSS coders can work simultaneously without stepping on each others toes

Designers and

Plone = easy to use

Strong focus on end-user

Most users need minimal to

no training content

Drag-n-drop uploading of

Carefully follows standards

for accessibility

Plone = accessibility

Fully compliant with text

browsers and screen readers

Plone pages are compliant

with US Section 508, and the W3Cs AA rating for accessibility

Mrs. Habisch, from Vorarlberger Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired, using Plone with a braille reader

Plone = modular
Start simple and build on top of a solid

Add/remove plug-ins with one click Extensible as your needs grow

Plone = scalable
Apache ZEO pound Squid

Oxfam Americas Plone site raises $14 million

A primary goal of the site was to implement a system that could scale to meet Oxfam's growing organization and donor base for years to come. When the Tsunami crisis occurred, the system was put to the test. "In the course of ten days during the Tsunami crisis, Oxfam had almost half of its typical yearly visits, and almost 1/3 of its yearly bandwidth - the system performed beautifully", said Internet Manager Nicholas Rabinowitz. "Our public website oered timely, critical content to our users, while providing a solid gateway to our online donation system."

Plone = multilingual
Internationalization of UI
and content

Translated out-of-the Supports right-to-left

box into 40+ languages, more than any other CMS languages such as Hebrew, Arabic (in English) (in Chinese)

Why not Plone?

The Z Learning Curve

Warning: Plone has a steep learning curve. If your organization has limited technical staff 1.You may want to consider an alternative CMS such as Mambo, Drupal, Midgaard 2. Or hire a Plone consultant to bootstrap your organization, and get you up to speed. CMS matrix chart

What about support?

Free support Commercial support

Free support
Online support from
worldwide community (50 msgs/day) plone.user, plone.devel,, (120 users) #plone, #archetypes, #plonedesign

Mailing lists / newsgroups

plone.archetypes, plone.documentation

IRC - internet relay chat


paste in doc screenshot from


Commercial Support
120+ Plone/Zope solution
providers listed on

190+ Plone/Zope solution

providers listed on

Denitive Guide to Plone
Andy McKay, APress FREE online version: J. Cameron Cooper, Packt Publishing Julie Meloni, SAMS

Building Websites with Plone

Plone Content Management Essentials

Self-hosting Free hosting Commercial hosting

installers for Windows & OS X instructions for installing on Linux, FreeBSD Web, FTP, WebDAV server


Zope has built-in

Free Hosting
Objectis -

Ingenihosting -

Commercial hosting
Zettai - iMeme - Nidelven - Interlix -

What can Plone do?

Zope System admin * One le to backup: Data.fs (ZODB) using the included script * Scalability (ZEO, pound) Plone webmaster tasks * Installing products (QuickInstaller) * Users/group management (GroupUserFolder, CMFMember) * Adding portlets (PlonePortlets) * Changing colors (CSSManager) Editing content * WYSIWYG editor in browser (Kupu, Epoz) * Using a desktop application (ExternalEditor) * Using WebDAV share (Novell Netdrive Windows, Goliath OS X, MacOS X) * Inserting images on a page (PloneArticle, RichDocument) * Aggregating content on pages o ListingPages, CompositePack, CMFContentPanels, mxmDynamicPage Syndicating your site content * RSS 2.0 & MP3 enclosures i.e. Podcasting (qRSS2Syndication) * Atomz (PloneAtom) Calendaring * Events listing (CMFCalendar) * Calendar of events (CalendarX) * Calendars published from iCal, Mozilla Calendar o Calendaring, PloneiCalendar, iCalendar Creative Commons Licensing (PloneCC) Reporting (CMFReportTool, ReportLab) E-Commerce * PloneMall * ZWarehouse * PlonePayPal Polls/Surveys * PlonePopoll, MPoll, CMFQuestions Communication & Collaboration * Mailing lists (Mailboxer, PloneMailboxer) * Discussion boards (CMFBoard, Ploneboard) * Newsletter tools (PloneGazette, CMFNewsletter, PloneNewsletter) * Workgroups (mxmWorkGroups, GrufSpaces) * Wiki (ZWiki) * Blogging (SimpleBlog, Quills, COREBlog) * Chat (PloneChat) * Instant Messaging (PloneIM, CMFMessage) * Contacts directory (PloneContacts) Resources * Book library (ATAmazon) * Links (ATBookmarks, CMFLinkChecker) * RSS news feeds from other sites (CMFSin, CMFFeed) * Open Ofce documents (CMFOODocument) Multimedia * Photos (CMFPhoto, ZPhotoSlides) * Audio (ATAudio) * Video (, PloneRailroad) * Flash (CMFFlashFile) Searching * Search other sites (PloneSearchBox) * Search other Plone sites (PloneRSSSearch) * Full-text indexing of Word, PDF docs (TextIndexNG, AttachmentField) * Immediate search results as you type (LiveSearch) * Optimization for search engines (RobotsExclusionTool, qSEOptimizer) Multilingual * User interface in 40+ languages (PloneTranslations, PlacelessTranslationService) * Multilingual content (LinguaPlone) Authentication * LDAP (LDAPUserFolder) * MySQL (MySQLUserFolder) * Extensible (PluggableUserFolder)

Thank you!
Demo Questions? Discussion

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