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En Shi Yu Lu Information

En Shi Yu Lu Enshi Yulu (" Yulu" means it is like white jade revealed) is produced in Wufeng mountains, the eastern suburb of Enshi city of Hubei province. Enshi Yulu is one of China retained steamed green tea which is not too much left. Its production process and tools are very ancient and very similar to "The Classic of Tea" contained of Lu Yu. Enshi Yulu is the Chinese and Southeast Asia's love, rated as one of the "China top ten famous tea"

Other names: En Shi Gyokuro, En Shi Jade Dew, En Shi Green Dew

The origin of the Enshi Yulu

It is told that, in the Kangxi years of the Qing Dynasty, there was a surnamed "blue" tea merchant in Huanglian River of Enshi plantain country. He took tea stove and baked tea himself. Because of the tea appearance was tight, round, straight, and the color was green like jade, it was named Enshi jade green. In 1936, Minsheng company of Hubei province, in the foundation of jade green, developed a kind of green tea which was bright and refreshing. Its white color was revealed, so it was renamed as Enshi Yulu.

Production Area
Enshi, the Chinese youngest autonomous prefecture, is located in the southwest of Hubei province. Its full name is Enshi Tujia Nationality and Miao Nationality Autonomous Prefecture. 27 nationalities, such as Tujia, Miao, Dong, Han, etc, live here. While the Wufeng mountains, eastern outskirt of Enshi city of Hubei province is the main producing area.

Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea Onsale

Location of Enshi City in China

Its lines are tight, slender, smooth and straight. White tips exposure. Color is bright green. Shape is like a pine needle. After the flush, it shows fresh scent and dense flavor. Securinega is pale green and uniform.

Processing technology
Enshi Yulu is Chinese rare traditional steamed green tea. The tea is produced by the dark green one bud one leaf or one bud two leaves which are heated by the steam. Enshi Yulu is very strict with sampling requirements. Buds and leaves need to be slender, tight, smooth, b right, uniform and straight, like the pine needle. Only b y this way, the tea has the best features which are previously mentioned.

Brief Health Info

Chinese Tea

Chinese Tea Onsale

Enshi Yulu contains moderate selenium. According to the analysis of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of tea, selenium containing of dried tea is 3.47 mg / kg, selenium containing of tea soup is 0.01 ~0.52 mg / kg. It satisfies humans spend request to the rich selenium tea (0.3~5.0ppm) which prevents tumor formation to a certain extent.

Brewing method
Brewing method is similar with the brewing methods of other green tea. We recommend using 85 to 90 degree water brewing Enshi Yulu.