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New Machinery Directive features in a nutshell for Cargotecs Hiab cranes

About the Machinery Directive

The rst and most important objective of the Machinery Directive is to minimize worksite accidents. The directive applies to companies placing CE marked products inside the European Economic Area (EEA). It covers anything from small consumer products such as handheld power tools and outboard motors to large professional products such as paper-making machinery and tower cranes. Compliance allows products to circulate freely on the European market since the requirements placed on health and safety are taken care of. Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC came into force on 29 December 2009.

Complying with MD caring for you

The Machinery Directive is about caring for you in line with our company spirit. Complying, and keeping ahead of legislation, means that many of our products now have new exciting features and benets. One of these is the new Variable Stability Limit, VSL, which regulates capacity in relation to stability automatically. The better the stability, the higher the capacity. Both Hiabs recycling and loader cranes benet from VSL.

The solutions we have introduced to comply with the new Machinery Directive open up new doors. The result is an even safer working environment, lighter installations and increased capacity in certain working areas. Three obvious customer benets wrapped in a package that responds automatically and is easy to use, says Bengt Sderholm, Product Manager Hiab XS loader cranes. Heikki Puhakka, Product Manager Hiab Loglift and Hiab Jonsered cranes adds, I am extremely content, especially with how our recycling crane series came out, and Im convinced our customers will be to.

Stabilizer indicators
Stabilizer indicators provide you with information about the stabilizers status. Information is displayed on the SPACE user interfaces and on the CombiDrive2 remote control display.

Stabilizer warning lights

The stabilizer warning lights are tted on top of each stabilizer leg and are visible in a 270 eld virtually from all positions around the crane. The lights show pedestrians, passing trafc and people working in the vicinity of the crane that the crane is working.

Swivelling footplates
Swivelling footplates adjust perfectly to ground inclination. This means that stabilizers always support the crane in the best possible way. The plates size is sufciently large to ensure that ground pressure is below the mandatory limit.

Confirm view button for remote controlled stabilizers

Cranes featuring remote controlled stabilizers are tted with an extra, precautionary, safety function a button which you press to conrm full view of the stabilizers before you can operate them.

New features: Loader cranes

Variable stability limit a new favourite feature
Benefits and principles of VSL
VSL is a safety feature developed to protect crane operators and people in the vicinity as well as the crane and vehicle to ensure sufcient stability whilst handling loads. VSL automatically regulates crane capacity in relation to actual stability whilst working instantly. The position of each stabilizer leg is monitored and, if necessary, capacity is reduced for certain slewing angles.

MD 2006/42/EC places high requirements on stability supervision and safety. We set out, not only to comply, but to nd solutions that would add value. Hence, we can now present new, innovative features that make it possible to nd light and lean combinations of truck size and stabilizer equipment, combined in a unique way to give even better capacity in some, critical, working areas than other cranes without the same sophisticated solution. So, perhaps, you can go for smaller and lighter stabilizer extensions since you dont have to refrain from crane capacity in positions where it is most needed. Hiabs solutions make this possible.

Left: VSL can push the stability limit. The grey area marks the cranes work area. Within the black line this particular lorry and crane combination has maximum capacity with full stability. Thanks to VSL the crane can use higher capacities in previously restricted sectors here marked in green.

Right: The position of each stabilizer leg is monitored and, if necessary, capacity is reduced in sectors where stabilizers are not fully deployed.

Upgraded Operator Protection System (OPS)

OPS provides additional safety by dening a virtual protection cage which, electronically, prevents the boom from entering restricted space. It is now possible to customize the cage by blocking more spaces or changing their size. Customization is done by your local service workshop.

The crane model determines how it can be configured. For example, some cranes can be fitted with either type of sensor to support the VSL function whereas some cannot. Talk to your local sales man he will help you out.

Different sensors give different performance

To optimize capacity in relation to stability the VSL function uses information provided by sensors. The sensors are built-in to keep them well shielded and ensure long life. Three different types of sensors are available. The most sophisticated solution features analogue sensors providing you with exactly the maximum permissible lifting capacity in all situations a real benet for most applications. We also offer two more basic solutions featuring on/off sensors. The rst has only one on/off sensor and is suitable for a crane that always has stabilizers extended all the way out. The second has double on/off sensors, suitable for cranes that always have the stabilizers two-thirds out, or fully extended.

Left: Analogue sensors provide a stepless change in capacity in direct response to current stability.

0% 40% 60% 80% Max

Stabilizer warning lights

The lights show pedestrians, passing trafc and people working in the vicinity of the crane that the crane is working.

Valve 91M
Control valve, Valve 91M, together with new load holding valves provide the crane with an unsurpassed manoeuvrability and the operator with a ngertip feel when controlling the crane.

Swivelling footplates
Swivelling footplates adjust perfectly to ground inclination.

New features: Waste and recycling cranes

We make recycling a safer business Using pinnacle of hydraulic technology

Our recycling cranes are now tted with numerous safety functions ranging from swivelling footplates to stabilizer warning lights and conrm view button. Then there are the more sophisticated solutions that are made possible thanks to our electronic SPACE intelligence system. Over Load Protection (OLP) is one, Variable Stability Limit (VSL) another, Operator Protection System (OPS) a third, Automatic Dumping of Oil (ADO) a fourth. Learn more about OLP and VSL on the previous spread.

New valves serve an important part of our updated recycling cranes. For instance, there is the new control valve, Valve 91M, which handles very large oil throughputs up to 140 litres per minute with xed pump and 180 litres per minute with variable pump. The combination of customized and pressure compensated spools provide the crane with an unsurpassed manoeuvrability and the operator with a ngertip feel when controlling the crane. Then there is the new stabilizer valve, available with four functions and suitable with both xed and variable pump systems, and also the new load holding valve that gives very good control properties thanks to its ability to reduce pressure peaks.

Fault-code indication
The fault-code indication leads to faster repairs, at a lower cost. As a result the crane is quickly back on the job.

SPACE 3000 intelligence system

The SPACE 3000 is our basic electronic system for intelligently monitoring and controlling electronic functions. Indicators to show the current situation are placed on the SPACE intelligence box by the base of the crane.

Confirm view button for stabilizers

When full view has been conrmed the driver can adjust the stabilizer as needed.

Operator Protection System (OPS)

The Operator Protection System monitors safety throughout the working area and has an emergency feature that enables the driver to escape from a jammed situation.

High seat
The control valve is strategically tucked in low, underneath the new, comfortable and ergonomic, high seat. This unique solution improves the drivers safety, takes away disturbing heat, and minimizes the turning radius.

Automatic Dumping of Oil (ADO)

The ADO function will signicantly decrease wear on the hydraulic system, lower maintenance costs and fuel consumption. All this leads to a longer crane service life.
The model shown above is a 3D-sketch and may differ from actual cranes.

Load indicators promote safety and long life

Our recycling cranes are tted with indicators to keep you updated on the load situation and promote long life. For instance, load indicators show the pressure produced by the load in both the rst and the second boom whereas stabilizer indicators give information on stabilizer status and if a stabilizer is being overloaded. These are found on the SPACE intelligence box together with a service time indicator which alerts the operator when the crane is due for service. This leads to less risk of missing a service, which in turn increases dependability and life. The service time interval is set by service personnel.

New features: Timber handling cranes

Safety updates

Hence, our timber handling cranes now has swivelling footplates to properly support the crane even on inclinations, a button to push to conrm full view of stabilizers before moving them and also a fully automatic lock on the stabilizer beam to prevent the stabilizers from sliding out while the truck is on the move. Our timber handling cranes also has a new Cabin Warning Indicator to be placed inside the truck cabin. The CWI alerts the driver in case the boom is not in parking position. It comprises warning light, buzzer and snoozer to temporary switch off the warning. Without CWI the bodybuilder needs to connect the signals from the Truck Warning Interface (TWI), mounted on the crane, to some other visible and audible warning system in the cabin. Altogether, these are features that add to the overall safety which is exactly what the Machinery Directive is all about.

A safer working environment

Caring is in our company spirit

Hiab cranes have always combined safety and productivity, the two most important issues for crane users. Going back to the 1940s Eric Sundin, the inventor of the loader crane, went to great lengths to prevent accidents and boost efficiency. He knew what he was aiming for because he was not only the inventor but also an end user of this magnicent machine. You can rest assured that, throughout the years, we have kept working in the same spirit continuously striving to develop end users safety and productivity. The Machinery Directive stems from the same customer-oriented perspective. Now we put the new Machinery Directive into practice by equipping our cranes with several new features for your safety and productivity.
This is Hiab

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