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1. Solve a problem in population growth comparing two countries with the same population size. Calculate the following information and enter it in the space below. a. Growth rate (GR) for each country b. Percent growth rate (PGR) for each country c. Doubling time (DT) for each country, rounded off to the nearest year Afghanistan 32 47 21 26 2.6 27 Canada 33 11 7 4 0.4 175

2008 Population (millions) BR/1000 DR/1000 GR PGR DT

2. Using the information from the previous question, calculate the projected population of each country and enter the information below. Stop your calculations when Afghanistan has doubled FIVE times and Canada has doubled THREE times. Correct Answer: Year Afghanistan projected population (millions) 2008 32 2035 64 2062 128 2089 256 2116 512 2143 1,024

Year Canada projected population (millions) 2008 33 2183 66 2358 132 2533 264

3. Submit a graph, via the assignment link, that shows your projected population figures for Afghanistan only. Make sure to include a title for your graph and to label the X and Y axes appropriately.
Afghanistan Projected Population
Population (millions) 1200 1000 800 600 400 200 0 2008 2035 2062 2089 2116 2143 Years

4. Based on your graph and calculations, Afghanistan is an example of a country that demonstrates: a. a slowly decreasing population b. zero population growth c. a rapidly growing population d. a rapidly decreasing population e. a slowly growing population 5. Which of the following is more likely to be the population profile that represents Canada?
a. profile A b. profile B

6. Assume that health care programs in country B from the previous question are designed to give equal care to all citizens and that no major changes in population policies occur in this country over the next 50 years. Which of the following health care services will be in the greatest demand over this period? a. cancer care b. family planning services c. DNA testing for diseases d. vaccinations for childhood diseases e. both b and d would be important 7. If a population profile had the shape of an upside-down pyramid: a. there would be far more young people than old people b. there are fewer young people than old people c. there would be about the same number of young and old people d. there would be almost no young people in the population e. there would be very few middle-aged people in the population

8. You're the Minister of Energy and the Environment for Afghanistan. You have been asked to develop a plan to provide electricity to rural citizens without increasing global warming. What two methods would you recommend? Explain your answers. For each method you suggest, include the following information: why this method is appropriate for Afghanistan in particular why this method wouldn't contribute to global warming

Note: You may need to do a little research on Afghanistan to answer this question appropriately. Correct Answer: Several methods are possible, including wind power, solar power, hydroelectric power and others. For each, a complete explanation should be included.