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Alstom is a leading provider of advanced oil and natural gas fired boiler technologies featuring high reliability, efficiency, and unsurpassed environmental performance. With the largest installed generation base in the world, Alstom combines international experience, proven engineering innovation and fuel expertise. Directly and through global licenses, we have supplied more than 450 GWe of fossil boiler systems worldwide. And in the past 50 years, we have supplied more than 500 oil and gas fired boilers representing more than 110,000 MWe of generating capacity.

Clean, Cost-effective Energy Alstom is meeting the worlds demand.

11 x 400 MWe oil fired boilers

Leading the industry in reduced emissions.

More Solutions
Alstoms in-furnace and postcombustion technologies can help meet todays strictest emissions requirements, including NOx, SOx, VOCs, CO2 and particulates. And Alstoms integrated boiler/ backend designs will optimize your units sizing and performance criteria, all with the lowest installed and operating costs.

Alstoms family of advanced firing systems lead the industry in environmental performance achieving superior NOx reductions for our customers. Our tangential firing system is the basis for high performance and low emissions for all fossil fuels. Its unique, single rotating flame envelope ensures thorough mixing and long residence time of fuel and combustion air. The result is uniform waterwall heat absorption and exceptionally low NOx emissions over the entire boiler load range due to moderated combustion. Additionally, the windbox fuel and air nozzle assemblies can be tilted to regulate furnace heat absorption for accurate and economic steam temperature control.

The use of overfire air (OFA) and boosted overfire air (BOFA) in tangentially-fired boilers burning liquid and gaseous fuels enhances the reduction of NOx emissions.


Burn YOUR Choice of Fuels
Choose Alstom for expertise in the design, manufacture and commissioning of boilers burning a broad range of liquid and gaseous fuels. Maximum fuel flexibility means savings for you.

Proven Design Basis

Alstom can optimize the design of your utility-scale oil / gas fired boiler. Key design considerations include: Fuel Characteristics and Flexibility Requirements

No. 2 Oil No. 6 Oil Crude Oil Heavy Fuel Oil Pitch Mazut Slurries and emulsions from opportunity fuel feedstocks

Natural Gas Coke Oven Gas Blast Furnace Gas CO Gas Refinery Gas Industrial Gases

Furnace Heat Release Rates Furnace Outlet Temperature Selection Heating Surface Arrangement Flue Gas Velocities Steam Temperature Control Method(s) for Multiple Fuels

Windbox for oil / gas unit at manufacturing facility

Utility class units typically are required to fire a large range of fuel oils and gas. Because of this flexibility requirement, Alstom design experts pay special attention to furnace sizing and the control of steam temperatures. Alstoms experience with multiple fuels includes a wide range of fuel types, furnace sizes, heating surface arrangements and steam temperature control systems. From this knowledge and experience base, we can optimize the design of your boiler to maximize efficiency and performance for the spectrum of fuels and operating loads.

400 MWe tangentially-fired Controlled Circulation boiler

More Design Flexibility

Alstom offers three furnace arrangements Box, Close-Coupled and Tower so you can be sure of the right solution for your project requirements. We offer boilers for both subcritical and supercritical steam cycles. And we supply both spiral-wound and vertical furnace wall tube arrangements for sliding pressure, supercritical applications.


Highest Availabilities and Range of Options
Alstom delivers unmatched flexibility and performance in steam generator design.

Circulation Systems
Natural Circulation for steam pressures under 2610 psig (180 bar) Controlled Circulation Plus for higher subcritical pressure levels Once-Through for subcritical and supercritical steam parameters

UTILITY CLASS: Natural Circulation

Single-drum, top-supported boiler Burns liquid, gaseous and solid fuels

UTILITY CLASS: Controlled Circulation Plus

Features rapid load response Reduced start-up fuel and chemical cleaning costs Swift maintenance access

Box Arrangement Natural Circulation

Close-Coupled Arrangement Controlled Circulation Plus

From cogeneration applications to large utility scale boilers.

Process Steam / Power Production
Steam capacity up to 1,000,000 lbs/hr (125 kg/sec) Non-reheat VU-40 top supported, all fuels VU-60 bottom supported, faster installation



Subcritical and supercritical designs Both spiral-wound and vertical furnace wall tube arrangements Ideal for both cycling and base-load operation


Tower Arrangement Controlled Circulation Plus

Exceeding Your Performance and Fuel Requirements
Today many 20-50 year old boilers are being operated in ways for which they werent designed, such as cycling, increased peak loading or use of opportunity fuels. This increases the potential risk of earlier failure and expensive downtime. The same Alstom teams that supply state-of-the-art technology for new units have proven experience in major rehabilitation and performance optimization projects designed to increase plant life, reduce downtime, and improve efficiency and environmental performance. We offer comprehensive engineering and economic analyses to support your decision and can also perform condition monitoring to identify potential problems before they occur.

Fuel-specific oil gun atomizer parts

From system retrofits to pressure parts replacement/redesign to complete boiler island optimization Alstoms engineered solutions can add proven economic value to your bottom line.

Alstoms Expertise
Alstoms team of experts will optimize your oil or gas burners performance.

Alstom low NOx burners for wall-fired applications

Alstom offers complete installation services, project supervision, commissioning and testing. And we can develop system / plant / project alliances based on your specific needs, to ensure effective project execution. Call Alstom if you need information about any of these critical issues:

Life Extensions Capacity Upgrades Fuel Switching Availability Upgrades Material Services

Efficiency Upgrades Environmental Upgrades Pressure Parts Integrated Unit Solutions


Alstom is committed to new technology development and product advances. We invest substantially in Research & Development activities and collaborative projects, with the aim of offering our customers increasingly innovative solutions to enhance their competitive edge. Driving state-of-the art combustion science and boiler improvements, we focus on advanced materials and systems to reduce cost, increase availability and boost efficiency. We are engaged in extensive R&D to reduce equipment emissions and greenhouse gases while ensuring the high level of performance and reliability Alstom customers expect. At Alstom, we believe that we can offer you an appropriate solution for each specific situation or requirement. Supported by our global sales, service and manufacturing network in more than seventy countries, we are the Clean Combustion Leader. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) supports the analysis and development of combustion systems and related equipment.

Alstom's technological commitment to the engineering of advanced power systems and services is key to our R&D activities and research network worldwide.

For further information, please contact one of our Regional Offices or e-mail Boiler.Marketing@power.alstom.com

Western Europe/South America/ Africa/Middle East Sales Region Tel: +33 (0)1 46 29 16 32 Fax: +33 (0)1 46 29 16 70 Central and Eastern Europe/India Sales Region Tel: +49 711 917 1269 Fax: +49 711 917 1222 Tel: +91 124 4221 100 Fax: +91 124 4221 660 Asia Pacific Sales Region Tel: +33 (0)1 46 29 15 85 Fax: +33 (0)1 46 29 16 70 North America/Mexico/ Central America/Caribbean Sales Region Tel: +1 860 285 2348 Fax: +1 860 285 4172

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