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FalconStor Hardware QuickStart Guide

This guide supports the following models: FS7FDSGA840F* FS7SIRCA840F* FS7SIRCA850F* FS7VTLCA850F*

Gateway Appliances (HG)

3 Connect hardware components
Connect a monitor and USB keyboard to the appliance. The connectors on the back of the appliance have icons to indicate the corresponding cable. Be sure to tighten all screws on cable connectors. A mouse is not needed; a serial port is also available. Use an Ethernet cable to connect your network switch to the eth0 LAN port. Use another Ethernet cable to connect your network switch to the Remote Access Controller (DRAC) connector. The DRAC console (equivalent to IPMI) provides remote, web-based management access to the appliance. USB connectors Connect Fibre Channel cables between your switch and the FC ports on the rear of the appliance. If you are using a Fibre Channel switch, the switch name server indicates whether or not the switch port is online. Use four power cords to connect your appliance to a power source; secure each cord in the nearby clip. Optional: Connect the status indicator extension cable between the system status indicator connector and the cable management arm. To identify an appliance in the rack, press the system ID button (7 on the front panel or on the back panel). The LCD panel (front) and system status indicator LED on the back panel flash blue until the ID button is pressed again. Power supplies Power supply and cord clips status indicators

This QuickStart Guide describes how to complete initial setup and configuration of your FalconStor Gateway Appliance. Your system includes: h Gateway appliance with 2 internal hard drives h Four 8 Gbps Fibre Channel ports, four 1 Gbps Ethernet ports Because of these variations, this guide may refer to components and configuration steps that do not apply to your system.

1 Unpack and verify shipped materials

1. Unpack the FalconStor appliance. 2. Verify the box contents. The box should contain the correct appliance, required power cords, rail kit, cable management arm kit, rack-mounting instructions, and product keycode certificates, as well as the FalconStor Software QuickStart Guide. The FalconStor ID and service tag are located on the Express Service Tag [EST] pullout on the appliance front panel; the service tag is also on the back panel. The Software QuickStart Guide describes how to use the Web Setup wizard to set up network configuration and passwords and enter license keys, as well as install/download client software, management consoles, and guides. Notes: h FalconStor product keycode certificates may be shipped separately. h A monitor, keyboard, and mouse are not provided. Contacting FalconStor Customer Support: h Support policy documents (pdfs) for your system are available at http:// www.falconstor.com/support and on the FalconStor Customer Support portal (FSCS). The Technical Support Handbook describes the services available on FSCS. h Create an account on FSCS in order to open support tickets and access all services provided by your purchased support plan. h Open a support ticket to report damaged or missing items, as well as any problems you encounter during setup and configuration. h Do not remove/replace hard drives or open components except under guidance from a FalconStor Technical Support representative.

Ethernet connectors Fibre Channel LEDs

2 Install components in a rack

The FalconStor gateway appliance will occupy 4 rack-mount units (4U). Install the rails and their respective components in the rack according to the rack-mounting instructions.

Video connector

Serial connector

Dual-port Fibre Channel HBA cards


FalconStor Hardware QuickStart Guide / Gateway Appliances (HG)

4 Perform initial appliance configuration

Make sure all connections are secure. Power-on your system. A scan will run automatically. If any error is found, the scan will terminate and a message describing the error will be displayed. Shut down the appliance, review and repeat all connection steps, and then power-on again. If the error repeats, contact Technical Support. Check connection indicators. If you are using Fibre Channel, the FC LEDs for your link speed (solid orange, green, or yellow) should be lit. If otherwise, contact Technical Support. Configure network (recommended for all products). The Network Configuration dialog is displayed on the monitor connected to the appliance. You can change the default IP address, netmask, and gateway for eth0 and RAC/IPMI to match your existing subnets. If you do nothing, the defaults will not change. Before you continue, obtain two IP addresses from your network administrator. For eth0, the default IP address is, with the user ID root and the password IPStor101 (both are case-sensitive). For IPMI/DRAC, the default IP address is, where xx repeats the last two digits of the FalconStor appliance ID (FSxxxxx), located on the EST pullout on the front panel. The default user ID is admin and the default password is falcon101 (both are case-sensitive). When you are done, make a note of the final IP addresses. Two command buttons are available: Reset clears any settings you may have changed, allowing you to start over. Exit displays the login prompt; use default user ID root and default password IPStor101 to log into the appliance and manually configure advanced network settings and/or network connectivity or to perform troubleshooting using standard Linux network tools.

5 FalconStor Web Setup

To continue system configuration, open a browser from a computer that is on the same network as your appliance and go to the Web Setup address (i.e., or the IP address you set for eth0). The FalconStor Web Setup wizard guides you through the process of entering license keys, changing the administrator password, setting the network configuration for your appliance, and other steps that apply to the installed FalconStor solution. Depending on the solution, you will also confirm the RAID configuration for your system or choose the RAID configuration and LUN size that are appropriate for your needs. Use the FalconStor Software QuickStart Guide to help you complete the wizard, download/install client software and management consoles, and download user guides and other documentation. While in Web Setup, launch or install the FalconStor Management Console, then use the console to enable and configure additional Ethernet ports (if necessary) and configure advanced features for your software solution.

Network Configuration Changes (after initial start-up)

h For eth0 and other ethernet ports, change network/login information using Web Setup or the FalconStor Management Console. h To use the Remote Access Controller console to change network/login information and display information about appliance activity, enter the IPMI/ DRAC IP address in your browser.

Thank you for purchasing a FalconStor solution!

Gateway Appliance
1 2 3 4 5 Power-on button/indicator NMI button (use only if directed by Technical Support) Auxiliary USB connectors Auxiliary video connector LCD menu buttons < Left - Moves cursor back. Selects highlighted menu item. > Right - Moves cursor forward. To scroll messages: - Press once to increase scroll speed. - Press again to stop. - Press again to return to default scroll speed. 6 LCD panel 7 System ID - Turns system ID mode on and off. 8 Express Service Tag (EST) pull-out 9 Hard drive LEDs Upper - green = normal status; if amber, call Technical Support. Lower - blinking green = data activity. 10 Hard drives (2)

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