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mobilizes to save
Dharun Ravi from
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100 years:
Long Live
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Vikas Khanna to
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inspired meal for
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Vol.5 No. 4 May 12-18, 2012 60 Cents Follow us on TheSouthAsianTimes.info
Hillary pitches for solidarity
with India
New Delhi: Wrapping up her eight-
day trip to China, India and
Bangladesh, Clinton pressed
Pakistan "to do more" to root out
terrorists on its soil, including the
alleged mastermind of the 2008
attacks in Mumbai, India, for
whom she approved a $10 million
She earlier said al-Qaeda leader
Ayman al-Zawahri was most likely
residing in Pakistan.
"We look to the government of
Pakistan to do more," Clinton said.
"It needs to make sure that its terri-
tory is not used for launching pads
for terrorist attacks anywhere.
"We are committed to going after
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US Secretary of state Hillary Clinton walks down the steps
of Victoria Memorial in Kolkata.
Rotary International President Kalyan Banerjee (2011-12) and (right)
RI President-elect Sakuji Tanaka (of Japan) at the closing plenary ses-
sion on May 9 at the 2012 RI Convention in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr
Banerjee, a businessman based in Vapi, Gujarat, is the third Indian to
serve as President of the over 100 years old service organization. He
was the South Asian Times Person of the Year 2011. Rotary Dist 7250
Past Governor Ravi Bhooplapur as well as Hicksville-South club
Founder President and SATimes Chairman Kamlesh Mehta also
attended the Bangkok convention.
Indian aviation off
the tarmac
New Delhi/Mumbai: The virus
affecting Air India (AI) pilots spread
with their counterparts in Kingfisher
Airlines, too, reporting sick.
With the mass sick leave by AI
pilots entering its fifth day on May
11, the national carrier stopped all
bookings for Europe and North
America till May 15 and discontin-
ued its Amritsar-Delhi-Toronto
International fares have gone
through the roof with demand over-
shooting supply. There are hardly
any seats available on flights to
America and Europe. Fares have
shot up as much as 20%, said Rajji
Rai, president, Travel Agents
Association of India.
On the home front, Kingfisher
pilots protesting four months of
unpaid wages added to passenger
woes. We were assured January
salaries would be paid on May 9 but
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Air India has stopped all bookings
for Europe and North America till
May 15.
Olympic flame for London Games
lit in Greece
Greece: The flame that will burn
during the London Games was lit
at the birthplace of the ancient
Olympics on May 10, heralding
the start of a torch relay that will
culminate with the opening cere-
mony on July 27.
Actress Ino Menegaki, dressed as
a high priestess, stood before the
2,600-year-old Temple of Hera,
and after an invocation to Apollo,
the ancient Greeks' Sun God, used
a mirror to focus the sun's rays and
light a torch.
The triangular torch is designed
to highlight the fact that London is
hosting the Olympics for the third
time. It also staged the games in
1908 and 1948.
After the choreographed ceremo-
ny, the priestess handed the flame
to the first torchbearer, Greek
swimmer and Olympic silver
medalist Spyros Gianniotis.
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Actors dressed in the robes of the ancient Greeks performing the light-
ing ceremony at the Temple of Hera in Ancient Olympia, Greece.
Tristate Community 3
TheSouthAsianTimes.info May 12-18, 2012
Jain body to stage
Draupadi play in NJ
New York: Jain Vishwa Bharati of
North America, in association with
Timeless Mahatma Trust of Mum-
bai, will stage "Draupadi, a
mythological drama in Hindi on
May 19 afternoon at the Union
County Performing Arts Center in
Rahway, NJ.
Draupadi is a well-known strong
character from the Mahabharata,
and revered as one of the 16 Ma-
hasatis Great Women - in the Jain
tradition. The play concerns the
empowerment of women.
The lead role in this captivating
drama (with dance) is beautifully
portrayed by the TV, theater and
film artist Upasna Singh of Mum-
bai with a supporting cast of over
40. Sakhamitra Ashwini of Mum-
bai is director of this 3-hour play.
Sri Lankan mission holds
Vesak event at UN
New York: The International Day of Vesak Commem-
orations, organized by the Permanent Mission of Sri
Lanka to the UN, was held at the General Assembly
Hall on May 7.
The event attracted a large number of Permanent Rep-
resentatives (PRs) to the UN, Buddhist monks and
members of the larger Buddhist community in the Tri-
state area.
Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona, Permanent Repre-
sentative of Sri Lanka, chaired the event. He spoke of
the contribution of Buddhism to the underlying philos-
ophy of non-violence and peace in the broader Asian re-
gion. Messages from the Secretary-General and the
President of the UNGA were read. The Secretary-Gen-
eral's statement emphasized the relevance of the mes-
sage of peace of the Buddha in today's troubled world.
Fifteen PRS and Deputy PRs including those from In-
dia, Pakistan, Laos, Bhutan, Thailand, Cambodia,
Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, Nepal and the
Apostolic Nuncio addressed the gathering.
The day's events were concluded with a "Dan Sal"
(food festival) hosted by the countries supporting this
event. The following day an alms giving ceremony for
the Buddhist monks of the Tri-state area was held at the
new Sri Lanka chancery. Vesak is a special day for Bud-
dhists. It falls on the full moon day of the month of
Vesak and commemorates the birth, the enlightenment
and passing away of Gautam, the Buddha.
Washington: Citing the ex-
ample of Dalip Singh Saund,
the first Indian American
elected to the US Congress,
President Barack Obama has
lauded the contribution of the
Asian Americans and Pacific
Islanders in building up
"They were trailblazers like
Dalip Singh Saund - a young
man from India who, in 1920,
came to study agriculture,
stayed to become a farmer,
and took on the cause of citi-
zenship for all people of
South Asian descent," he said
at the 18th Annual Gala for
the Asian Pacific American
Institute for Congressional
Studies Tuesday in Washing-
"And once Dalip earned his
own citizenship, he stepped
up to serve the country he
loved - and became the first
Asian American elected to the
Congress," Obama added
amid applause.
Born in Punjab, Saund rep-
resented the 29th District of
California from 1957 to 1963.
"When I think about Asian
Americans and Pacific Is-
landers, I think about my fam-
ily - my sister, Maya; my
brother-in-law, Konrad. My
nieces Suhaila and Savita. I
think about all the folks I
grew up with in Honolulu,"
Obama said striking a person-
al note.
The Asian Americans, he
said, "came here looking for
new opportunities not merely
for themselves, but for their
children, and for their chil-
dren's children, and for all
generations to come".
Dalip Singh Saund, first
Indian American elected to
the US Congress from
Obama cites Saund to laud
Asian contribution
New York: Having served
the Asia Society in different
positions for 22 years,
Vishakha Desai will step
down as president and chief
executive in September, the
society announced Wednes-
She is set to join the
Guggenheim Foundation as
a senior adviser for global
policy and programs. She is
also in talks with a few uni-
versities to develop an ini-
tiative on the intersection of
culture and international re-
The time is right, Desai
was quoted as saying in The
New York Times, adding
that she had overseen the
development of two new
multimillion-dollar build-
ings in Hong Kong and
Houston this year. During
her tenure, Asia Society ex-
panded its New York head-
quarters and established
new offices in India and
South Korea.
Before her appointment as
President in 2004, Desai
held several positions at
Asia Society, first as Direc-
tor of its Museum, and then
as Vice President for Arts
and Cultural Programs and
as Senior Vice President of
the Society.
Asia Society is a leading
global organization com-
mitted to strengthening
partnerships among the
people, leaders, and institu-
tions of Asia and the US. It
was founded by John D.
Rockefeller III in 1956.
Vishakha Desai was with
Asia Society for 22 years
Vishakha Desai to step down
as head of Asia Society
Mumbai actress portrays the role
of Draupadi
Monks chanting at the event held in the UN General Assembly Hall.
Archbishop Francis Assisi Chullikatt, Apostolic
Nuncio of the Permanent Observer Mission of the
Holy See, speaks. Chairing the event is Dr. Palitha
Kohona, Sri Lankan ambassador to the UN.
The Empire State
Building in Man-
hattan will replace
its traditional tower
lights with an inno-
vative computerized
system allowing for
endless color com-
binations. The icon-
ic skyscraper is to
install new energy
efficient LED fix-
tures by September
that includes a
palette of 16 million
colors, compared to
10 used now.
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May 12-18, 2012 TheSouthAsianTimes.info
Hillary pitches for solidarity story
Continued from page 1
those who pose direct threats to the United
States and to Afghanistan and our allies," she
Her Indian counterpart, External Affairs
Minister S.M. Krishna, said recent attacks in
Kabul show the need to eliminate terrorist
sanctuaries in the region.
"We are trying to checkmate terror from
wherever it emanates," Krishna said, empha-
sizing "the need for stronger action from
Beyond Yemen and Pakistan, Clinton
addressed two other hot issues: sanctions
against Iran and the Afghanistan War.
She said India must do more to reduce oil
exports from Iran, as it has begun to do. The
world's second-most-populous nation relies on
imports for most of its oil; it imports 10 mil-
lion additional tons each year. Iran was its sec-
ond-largest supplier after Saudi Arabia but has
dropped below Iraq and Kuwait.
"There's no doubt that India and the United
States are after the same goal," Clinton said.
Without tightening the noose on sanctions, she
said, "Iran will have less incentive to negotiate
in good faith."
She reaffirmed the U.S. and NATO support
for Afghanistan as the combat mission winds
down toward its completion in 2014.
"We intend to remain an active presence in
Afghanistan. We will support Afghanistan's
security and stability," Clinton said.
In Kolkata, sparking off a controversy, the
US claimed that the issue of increasing US
investment in West Bengal, including in the
retail sector, was touched upon by visiting US
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her
meeting with Chief Minister Mamata
The statement came hours after Banerjee
categorically told media persons that the issue
of FDI in retail did not figure in her delibera-
tions with Clinton.
Banerjee, however, presented Clinton with
Nobel laureate Tagore's books 'Gitanjali' and
'Gitabitan'. Clinton, who had said earlier that
she had "discovered Tagore in college and
have been a fan ever since", reciprocated by
presenting Banerjee a scarf with a famous
Tagore song inscribed on it.
Indian aviation story
Continued from page 1
it didnt happen. Around 70 pilots in Delhi
alone have reported sick, a pilot said.
However, salary disbursement started late
on May 10, holding out hope that the problem
would be solved soon.
There was no such sign in AI, where the
Delhi high courts ruling that the stir was ille-
gal has had no impact. The court has not
ordered us to go back to work, said a pilot
Sackings by the management have also
failed to make a dent. Ten more pilots were
dismissed, taking the total number to 46.
The government has been a helpless
bystander in all this. "If they (pilots) are not
willing to follow the court order, why would
they listen to me," asked aviation minister Ajit
Singh said.
Olympic games story
Continued from page 1
From Greece, the flame will travel to Britain
for a 70-day torch relay covering another
8,000 miles across the United Kingdom. In
contrast to the two previous Summer Games,
where the Olympic flame relay went around
the globe, it will leave the U.K. only once to
pass though Ireland on June 6.
The relay will end at the Olympic Stadium
during the opening ceremony with the lighting
of the cauldron. The games will run through
Aug. 12.
It's the second time London officials have
come to Ancient Olympia for a flame lighting.
London also received the flame before the
1948 Olympics.
Hindu Organization of Long
Island celebrates Earth Day
Long Island: The Fourth
Annual Spring/Earth day
celebration, organized by
the Hindu Organization of
Long Island (HOLI), was
held in Manhasset April
The invocation was fol-
lowed by overview of new
projects. HOLI is currently
involved with including
the Hindu spiritual care
coordinator course, a week-
end certificate course held
in September 2011 and the
Seva project launched in January
2012. Seva group is involved in
outreach projects including the
Adopt a Platoon and Dressed
for Success programs. Those peo-
ple in the community who were
interested in reaching out were
invited to join the Seva group.
Dr Uma Mysorekar, president of
the Hindu temple society of North
America spoke on the role of a
Hindus in contemporary American
society. As a leader of the Hindu
community in the tristate area, she
emphasized the need for Hindus to
be proud of their heritage, be confi-
dent in dealing with misconcep-
tions and myths regarding their
religion and culture
Dr Uma Mysorekar, with organizers,
dedicating a tree on Earth Day.
Prominent surgical oncologist Rajiv Datta, MD, has
been listed in the 14th edition of 'Top Doctors: New
York Metro Area.' This is the sixth consecutive year
that he is in the acclaimed guide from Castle Connolly
Medical Ltd., which spotlights the top 10 percent of pri-
mary care and specialty care physicians in the area. Dr.
Datta is chair of the department of surgery and medical
director of the Gertrude & Louis Feil Cancer Center at
South Nassau Communities Hospital.
Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, recently appointed to
Rajya Sabha, has been featured on the cover of the
upcoming South Pacific edition of TIME magazine with
the inevitable question: What would "The God Of Big
Things" do next. Since March 16, "when he smashed
cricket's equivalent of the sound barrier by notching his
100th century, the player deified by a billion Indians
and revered by half a billion other cricket fans has been
dogged by questions about what he would do next," says
the cover story of the issue dated May 21.
Tristate Community 5
TheSouthAsianTimes.info May 12-18, 2012
Sinha murder trial: Contreras
acquitted of harsh charges
New Jersey: The Jury in the case
of The State of New Jersey Vs.
Steven K. Contreras for the murder
of Dr. Divyendu Sinha on June 25,
2010 returned the verdict on the 10
count indictment on May 7.
Contreras was acquitted of murder
and aggravated charges which
would have carried long term sen-
tences and on the alternate count of
Reckless Manslaughter, the Jury
was hung. He was convicted on
each count of Aggravated Assault to
cause significant bodily injury on
Anthony Martino, Ashish Sinha and
Ravi Sinha which are all third
degree charges but was acquitted of
Aggravated Assault to cause serious
bodily injury on Anthony Martino,
Ashish Sinha and Ravi Sinha which
are all second degree charges. He
was also convicted of Hindering
Apprehension or Prosecution of oth-
ers but was acquitted of Hindering
Apprehension or Prosecution of
All third degree convictions carry
sentence of 3 to 5 years but they
(and fourth degree convictions) are
considered presumption of non-
incarceration meaning unless pros-
ecution proves a need for putting the
convict in jail, he goes home free.
Also, if he is jailed these are what is
termed Flat sentences, meaning a
three year term actually translates to
nine months, a four year term trans-
lates to nine months and 26 days
and a five year term translates to 13
months in jail. However, if convict-
ed, Reckless Manslaughter carries
from 5 to 10 years compulsory jail
term where 85% sentence has to be
served before getting a parole.
Since the Jury was hung on the
charge of Reckless Manslaughter,
the State can retry Steven Contreras
on that single count. In coming days
the Deputy 1st Assistant Prosecutor
Chris Kuberiet will consult with
Alka Sinha and his boss, Public
Prosecutor, Bruce Kaplan to decide
next step of action. Then, there will
be a status conference between
Kuberiet, Defense attorney Hassen
Abdellah and the Judge Bradley
Ferencz on May 25 to decide the
sentencing date and parameters of
retrial on that single count.
Indian Americans mobilize to save Dharun Ravi
from a possible prison sentence
Ashok Ojha/SATimes
Edison, NJ: New Jersey based
Indian American community, which
largely remained non-committal
throughout the arduous trail of
Dharun Ravi, former Rutgers stu-
dent, who was convicted of bias
crime for spying on his roommates
gay encounter and is now awaiting
sentencing, finally woke up as hun-
dreds gathered at an event to
demand leniency from the judge.
Community activist Peter Kothari
led the campaign to demand from
the judiciary that Ravi mustnt be
sent to jail which will amount to
disproportionate punishment. He
added that there was no reason for a
possible deportation for the 18 year
old, who didnt have a criminal
record. Lives of other people are at
stake, he said. It is ironical that
the bias law, which was passed by
the New Jersey legislature after the
infamous dot buster hate crime in
which an Indians life was lost,
should be applied to another Indian,
who was not charged with causing
death to his roommate, Clementi,
who committed suicide after Ravis
spying episode. Ravis parents also
attended the meeting. A panel dis-
cussion, attended by leading com-
munity leaders was organized at the
event, which called upon the prose-
cutor and the judiciary to save Ravi
from the jail and let him continue
his studies. It was also resolved to
hold a rally outside the State House
in the state capitol, Trenton to high-
light the plight of Ravi.
The panel speakers urged the
Indian community to demonstrate
unity on matters that affect the
members of the Indian community.
Defense attorneys for Ravi have
asked for a retrial, hoping to over-
turn his conviction. Ravi faces a
possible 10 years in prison and pos-
sible deportation at his sentencing
on May 21. According to media
sources, Ravi could avoid prison if
Judge Glenn Berman rules there are
exceptional circumstances in the
A public gathering was organized in Edison in support of Dharun Ravi.
Dharun Ravi's parents at the meet
(Photo: Gunjesh Desai/
One of the accused
Steven K Contreras
'Indian-Americans working as change agents'
Cooking show to promote cultural integration
Washington, DC: Reshma Saujani,
the first Indian-American woman to
run for the US Congress, now as a
change agent wants to create opportu-
nities for immigrants who have made
New York City their home.
Although Saujani, a lawyer, politi-
cian and entrepreneur, lost her 2010
ambitious run against Democrat
Carolyn Mahoney, a nine term mem-
ber of the US House of
Representatives from New York, she
is now "exploring a race for citywide
office in 2013."
"My 15 months at the Public
Advocate's office were truly some of
the best of my life," said Saujani, cur-
rently the deputy advocate for special
initiatives in the watchdog body
charged with ensuring that all New
Yorkers have a voice in shaping the
city's policies. "What we were able to
accomplish with the Fund for Public
Advocacy, from encouraging immi-
grant entrepreneurship to providing
scholarships to undocumented stu-
dents was powerful," she said.
"I'm committed to being a leader in
charting the future of New York City,
and I want to keep creating opportuni-
ties for the people who live here."
Author Jhumpa Lahiri, television
personality Padma Lakshmi and CNN
contributor and surgeon Sanjay Gupta
along with Saujani are among the
nominees for the second annual Light
of India awards, recognizing excel-
lence and exemplary achievements of
Indians abroad. The winners of the
awards, instituted by Remit2India, a
Times Group service, in the fields of
business, education, science & tech-
nology, arts & entertainment and liter-
ature & journalism, will be announced
June 1 at a gala event in New York.
Ashok Ojha/SATimes
Edison, NJ: New Jersey based
Community leaders, business owners
and elected officials belonging to vari-
ous ethnic groups recently took part in
an innovative program to promote cul-
tural integration among people of
diverse heritage.
Initiated by Lili Green, a Chinese
American business owner, who runs
her Media Company, the event was
organized at a local Asian
Supermarket in Edison where promi-
nent public officials including
Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula
and Edison Mayor Toni Ricigliano
showed up to demonstrate their cook-
ing expertise. Presenting her Italian
dish at the event, Mayor Ricigliano
highlighted the importance of unity
among diversity reflected by residents
of Edison who arrived in USA from a
number of Asian countries.
Riciglianos demo was followed by a
recipe of egg plant dish prepared on
the spot by Assemblyman Chivukula,
who emphasized the need for cultural
integration among American people
who made USA and New Jersey their
adopted homeland.
The dishes were shared by the audi-
ence gathered to observe the show.
Sam Khan, an ambitious business
owner who owes allegiance to
Republican Party demonstrated the
preparation of Chicken Karahi. Khan
cooked Chicken Karahi with a lot of
spices that people enjoyed to watch.
This event is an experiment to pro-
mote cultural integration among the
people of Edison, especially those of
Indian and Chinese ancestry, said
Greene, who also hosted the show.
With this experiment we aim to pro-
mote close relationship among the res-
idents of Edison Township, especially
people from South Asia, China and
other countries.
Mayor Ricigliano felt that this pro-
gram was a great way to give a boost
to local economy that is why it was
organized at a super market which
caters to people with roots in Asia.
Prominent community leaders
and public officials participated in
a televised cooking show to pro-
mote cultural integration among
Asian people in Edison, NJ.
6 Tristate Community
May 12-18, 2012 TheSouthAsianTimes.info
Indian diplomat's daughter
sues New York City
New York: Daughter of an Indian
diplomat has filed a $1.5 million
suit against New York City over her
arrest on cyberbullying charges but
her suit doesn't demand the key to
the city that her lawyer, Ravi Batra,
had asked for.
Krittika Biswas, daughter of
Debashish Biswas, vice consul in
the Indian consulate general here,
claims in court papers that the inves-
tigation that led to her arrest in
school was a "sham," lacking any
real evidence.
The 118-page lawsuit filed
Monday in the Manhattan district
court also alleges that the honors
student was busted on trumped-up
charges due to a conspiracy of
"race-based animus...against per-
sons of Southeast Asian Indian
The suit, seeking at least $500,000
in compensatory and a million dol-
lars in punitive damages, also
impleads 10 others, including New
York City's department of educa-
tion, Police Commissioner
Raymond Kelly and the principal
and the teacher concerned of
Biswas' school. Biswas was locked
up and suspended from John Bowne
High School in Queens last
February after she was accused of
sending "offensive and sexually
threatening" e-mails to her teachers.
But the charges were dropped
after a male classmate was fingered
as the real culprit.
Batra said last year that getting a
key to the city from Mayor Michael
Bloomberg could make it clear "that
diplomats are welcome in New
A spokesperson for the city Law
Department cited by the New York
Post said officials hadn't yet been
served the suit.
Kareena, Bhandarkar at the New
York Indian Film Festival
South Asian Spelling Bee announces 2012 season
Ravi Batra with Krittika Biswas at a press conference
ARC announces new webinars and
speaker line-up
leader in the racial justice move-
ment, the Applied Research Center
(ARC) has announced a schedule
of upcoming webinars and speaker line-up
for its Facing Race national conference,
with a new promotional video presented by
ARC Executive Director Rinku Sen, in-
cluding testimonials from Melissa Harris
Perry, Maria Teresa Kumar, Van Jones, and
Ai-jen Poo. Facing Race will be held in
Baltimore, MD, from November 15-17,
with Junot Daz keynoting. Registration
and information is available at arc.org/fac-
With a mission to popularize racial jus-
tice, ARC programs are inclusive and inter-
active, bringing people together in online
community, webinars, and in-person con-
ferences. ARC is holding two free informa-
tional webinars: Millennials, Activism &
Race (May 24 - registration open at
arc.org/webinars) and Building Healthy
Communities: Good Food and Good Jobs
(June 21). ARC will also be offering skill-
building webinars over the course of the
year, including: "Challenging Racism Sys-
tematically" (July 19), "Racial Justice Im-
pact Assessment" (Aug 23) and two ses-
sions in the fall on Voting Rights and Re-
productive Rights.
ctress Kareena Kapoor and
filmmaker Madhur Bhan-
darkar are among the celebri-
ties expected to walk the red carpet of
the 12th edition of New York Indian
Film Festival (NYIFF), which will
pay a tribute to the late evergreen star
Dev Anand.
Others expected to be seen at the
film extravaganza, to be held in Low-
er Manhattan May 23-27, are Anurag
Kashyap, Rituparno Ghosh, Salman
Rushdie and Mira Nair.
A tribute will be paid to Dev Anand with the
screening of his film "Hum Dono Rangeen", a
colored version of his black-and-white classic
"Hum Dono."
NYIFF will host the world premiere of
Ghosh's "Chitrangada" as well as the US
premiere of both parts of Kashyap's
"Gangs of Wasseypur", which are also
lined up to be screened at the 65th
Cannes International Film Festival.
Kashmiri film "Inshallal, Football",
Shyam Benegal's "Zubeida", "Mammo"
and "Sardari Begum", as well as Pak-
istani-Canadian journalist and filmmak-
er Obaid Chinoy's Oscar-winning docu-
mentary "Saving Face" will be screened
at the event.
Other award-winning films from South Africa,
Australia, and Sri Lanka along with India's re-
gional language films in Tamil, Bengali, and
Marathi and will also be showcased.
ouchdown Media Inc., a Multicultural ad-
vertising firm, announced the launch of
its 2012 season of the MetLife South
Asian Spelling Bee. MetLife, a leading global
provider of life insurance and other financial
services, returns as the title sponsor of the con-
test. Celebrating its 5th anniversary this year,
the 2012 MetLife South Asian Spelling Bee will
be conducted in 11 locations across the United
States starting on June 16. Regional level events
will be held in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Dal-
las, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, New Jersey,
Washington DC Metro, New York and Boston.
This year Seattle has also been added to the ros-
ter. All events will be free to attend and open to
the public.
We are excited about celebrating our 5th an-
niversary this season. Over these past few years
we have seen some amazing talent and lots of
new talent develop. The Bee has become a criti-
cal platform for the youth and we aspire to con-
tinue this effort year after year, said Rahul
Walia, CEO of Touchdown Media Inc. and
founder of the South Asian Spelling Bee.
'Love Lies and Seeta' grabs
attention in New York
Love Lies and Seeta", the story of
three men in love with a girl named
Seeta, grabbed the attention of the
New York crowd as the director Chandra
Pemmaraju was shooting a scene at the
Grand Central.
The shooting drew people who gathered
to cheer the actors, said a source from the
"It was more than a busy day at Grand
Central because of the football match and
America is a huge football fan, so even if
the best of Hollywood was to come there
and shoot, they would have had to battle
tough for attention from the crowd if they
wanted some," said the source.
"Love Lies and Seeta" features former
Miss India USA Melanie Kannokada, Ar-
jun Gupta, Lavrenti Lopes, Michael Derek,
Leah Kavita, Caroline Korale, Daniel
Wilkinson, Rob Byrnes and Aaron Katter in
key roles. In the film, Rahul, Tom, and
Bhavuk meet the beautiful Seeta at differ-
ent stages in their lives. As the friendship
among the three men grows, a chance en-
counter with Seeta makes them realize they
fell in love with the same woman. They
reach out to their friends outside the group
to cope with the situation. The movie will
release May 18.
Crew of Love Lies and Seeta at
Grand Central, New York and the crowd
gathered around
Kareena Kapoor
Queens Borough President Helen
Marshall addresses rally outside Flushing
Library, Tuesday, May 8th to advocate for
restoration of proposed budget cut of more
than $26.7 million for libraries. Marshall
joined library officials and members of the
City Council, including Peter Koo (L) and
Jimmy Van Bramer (R). Queens Library
President Thomas Galante is in center
background and Assemblywoman Grace
Meng is second from left.
National Community 7
TheSouthAsianTimes.info May 12-18, 2012
Kolkata: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Monday lauded the "incredible contribution"
of Indian Americans in her country and said
the people to people relationship was at the
heart of the ties between the two countries.
Clinton, who came to Kolkata from Dhaka
Sunday, said in 2011, 35 percent of all L1
work visas in the US had been issued to
Indians. Addressing a gathering at the La
Martiniere school here, she said more than
100,000 Indian students were studying in the
US. "So many links between us, we want to
promote even more," Clinton said.
In her opening remarks, she also recalled
Rabindranath Tagore. "I discovered him when
I was in college."
She recalled his quote "Age considers,
youth ventures."
Indra Nooyi among 18
women leading Fortune 500
Washington, DC: Soft drink major
Pepsico's Indian born CEO Indra Nooyi is
one of the 18 women who have shattered
the glass ceiling to lead America's 500
largest corporations, according to Fortune
magazine's latest ranking.
Nooyi, who leads the 41st biggest compa-
ny in America, is listed fourth among top
women executives by the leading US busi-
ness magazine. She "has overseen a shift in
focus from soft drinks into less profitable,
albeit healthier, snack foods market in
recent years,"
Others on the list that includes more
women CEOs than ever before are Meg
Whitman of Hewlett-Packard (10th) and
Ginni Rometty of IBM (19th), both of
whom started within the last year.
Also on the list are Patricia Woertz of
agricultural processors Archer Daniels
Midland, Irene Rosenfeld who heads up
Kraft Foods and Ursula Burns who is CEO
at Xerox and Sherilyn McCoy at Avon.
Rometty is IBM's first female CEO and
Xerox chief Ursula Burns is the first
African-American woman to head a
Fortune 500 company. The top five female
CEOs on the list all held positions in strate-
gic planning before being appointed.
There are an additional 21 female CEOs
in the Fortune 501-1000, some managing
steel, oil and energy companies. About 10
percent of the top 500 US companies, and
almost 40 percent of Canada's 500 largest
companies have no women on their boards,
according to Catalyst, a nonprofit research
organization advocating for more women in
Clinton lauds 'incredible
contribution' of Indian Americans
Indian Americans in
Forbes Midas List
Washington, DC: Nine
Indian origin entrepreneurs
feature in this year's Forbes
Midas List of technology's
best investors for fueling a
bull market for hot young
Heading the Indian-
American list is Greylock
Partners' Aneel Bhusri at
number 25 (15 in 2011).
Bhusri is co-CEO of
Workday, the cloud-based
financials and human
resources software company.
Four-time consecutive
Midas member Rob Chandra
of Bessemer Venture
Partners comes next at num-
ber 28 (26 in 2011).
Chandra, who had a string of
IPOs on India public mar-
kets, has two late-stage com-
panies in India-based Bharat
Matrimony and Summit
Sameer Gandhi of Accel
Partners is ranked 33rd (81
in 2011). 2008 Series A
investment in file-sharing
company Dropbox is doing
quite nicely going by the
rumored $4 billion valuation
on the 2011, Forbes noted.
His current investments
include growth investments
in an India online shopping
site called Flipkart.
Khosla Ventures' Vinod
Khosla follows at number 34
(71 in 2011). An Indian
Institute of Technology (IIT)
alumnus, Khosla is known
for off-the-beaten-path
clean-tech investments.
Khosla's passion for social
entrepreneurship led to an
investment in SKS, the
Indian microfinance lender
he funded in 2006 that went
public in 2010, Forbes said.
Other Indian-Americans
on the Midas list include
Battery Ventures' Neeraj
Agrawal at 36 (51 in 2011),
Mayfield Fund' s Navin
Chaddha (46), Bain Capital
Ventures' Ajay Agarwal (95),
Greylock Partners' Asheem
Chandna (96) and Accel
India's Subrata Mitra (99).
Secretary of State Clinton
speaking in Kolkata
Washington, DC: As the guessing game
begins about presumptive Republican presi-
dential candidate Mitt Romney's running
mate, two Indian-American governors, Nikki
Haley and Bobby Jindal, figure among the
many names being tossed around.
Like every other potential candidate, South
Carolina governor Haley and Louisiana gov-
ernor Jindal have said "they don't want the
vice presidency and that they like the jobs
they have now" as influential Washington
news site Politico pointed out.
"But for the handful of Republican rising
stars viewed as potential running mates,
actions speak louder than words", it said list-
ing besides Haley and Jindal, Virginia gover-
nor Bob McDonnell, senator Rob Portman,
House member Paul Ryan and New Jersey
Governor Chris Christie.
Each of them has campaigned with Romney
sparking a "frenzy of speculation about that
candidate's assets and liabilities as reporters
and strategists, and perhaps Romney's own
team, mentally take measure," Politico noted.
"Haley said recently that she'd tell Romney
'Thank you, but no,' and the general consensus
is that her denial is more sincere than that of
the others in the running," it said.
Jindal, who recently endorsed Romney after
being an early and enthusiastic supporter of
Texas governor Rick Perry appeared on CNN
Friday and gave what has become one of the
customary responses of potential running
mates for Mitt Romney.
"Look, I've got the job that I want. I know
pundits will be speculating on who he's going
to pick," Jindal said on CNN amid a broader
interview about the economy and the latest
public opinion polls.
"At the end of the day, I think he's going to
pick the person," Jindal said about Romney's
"He's going to do the best job as president
and make that decision not based on political
or other grounds, and whoever he picks, I'm
going to support that ticket, because I think
it's that important, not only for Louisiana but
our country."
But as the Wall Street Journal pointed out
citing past examples, "some politicians say
'no' yet still end up as nominees and then vice-
presidents." Though it acknowledged "n the
case of Haley and Jindal, many analysts
believe such a course is unlikely."
Haley, Jindal in Romney's VP
guessing game
Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal
Aneel Bhusri
leads at No.15
Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi
8 National Community
May 12-18, 2012 TheSouthAsianTimes.info
Vikas Khanna to cook
Himalayan-inspired meal
for Obama
Washington, DC: President
Barack Obama will be making one
of his final appearances at The Ru-
bin Museum of Art in New York
City on May 14, before the 2012
presidential campaign kicks off in
the fall. World renowned chef
Vikas Khanna of Junoon Restau-
rant will have the honor of prepar-
ing a decadent multi-course meal
for the President and his guests for
this special private reception.
This is a matter of national pride
for all Indians, says Khanna, the
award-winning Michelin Starred
chef, restaurateur, food writer,
filmmaker, and humanitarian. Im
thoroughly inspired by the Hi-
malayan regions, and my next
cookbook, Return to the Rivers A
Culinary Pilgrimage through the
Himalayas, is based on several
years of research through the grand
mountains and has a foreword by
His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.
While Khanna is not at liberty to
disclose the entire menu, his signa-
ture dish will be inspired by Ema
Dashi, the national dish of Bhutan,
which is essentially chilli cooked
with cheese sauce.
Tickets for this exclusive event
are still available at the co-chair,
host, and guest levels. Co-chairs
will attend a private cocktail re-
ception with the President, featur-
ing food inspired by the Himalayas
and exclusively prepared by Khan-
na, offering a candid opportunity
to interact with the President.
Hosts will be guaranteed a person-
al photo with the President and all
guests will hear directly from the
President and special guest, Ricky
Chef Vikas Khanna
Washington, DC: Indiana Universi-
ty's Kelley School of Business has
announced a partnership with the In-
dian Institute of Management (IIM)
Lucknow to deliver programs in the
growing field of business analytics.
Kelley's first foray into India will
result in two graduate-level, year-
long certificate programs with spots
for about 100 students, the Bloom-
ington, Indiana-based university an-
One program will be for students
enrolled at IIM Lucknow and the
other will be open to working pro-
fessionals in India. Ultimately, the
two schools plan to deliver a gradu-
ate degree program in business ana-
Kelley already offers an MBA in
Business Analytics at its Blooming-
ton campus, where a new Institute
for Business Analytics was launched
in February.
The emerging field of business an-
alytics involves the use of data to
guide decision-making. It typically
includes large quantities of data on
past performance and the use of tools
such as predictive analytics and sim-
ulations to run what-if scenarios.
The goal is to improve productivi-
ty, increase profits, and create and
exploit an organization's competitive
Three Kelley faculty of Indian de-
scent helped to create the new Insti-
tute for Business Analytics -- co-di-
rector Vijay Khatri, associate profes-
sor of information systems, Ash
Soni, associate dean of information
technology, professor of operations
and decision technologies, and Mu-
nirpallam A. Venkataramanan, asso-
ciate dean for academic programs.
"The Kelley School is on the cut-
ting edge in the rapidly growing field
of business analytics. Likewise, the
Indian Institute of Management at
Lucknow is widely recognized as be-
ing among the finest business
schools in India and, indeed, the
world," said Dan Smith, dean of the
Kelley School.
"Information systems and business
analytics is a very strong area at Kel-
ley," said Devi Singh, director of IIM
"Their experience in developing
programs successfully, particularly
working closely with American and
multinational companies -- which
have operations around the world,
including in India -- is impressive,"
he said.
Indiana Universitys Kelley School of Business
US says it backs visas to
qualified Indians
Washington, DC: As India announced plans
to take the issue of "discriminatory" increase in
US visa fees to the World Trade Organization
(WTO), Washington assured it continued to
fully support the admission of qualified Indi-
The US and India "did have a good and thor-
ough discussion" on the visa issues in the con-
text of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's re-
cent visit to India, State department spokesper-
son Victoria Nuland told reporters Wednesday.
As Clinton said it publicly "Indians are the
greatest beneficiaries in the world of both our
L-1 visa program and our H-1B visa program,"
she said when asked about India's reported
"We understand that the demand is even
greater. We are working through those issues.
But we continue to fully support the admission
of qualified Indians under these programs,"
Nuland said. Under its Emergency Border Se-
curity Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2010,
US sharply hiked the fee for H-1B and L-1
visas used by Indian and American companies
to bring qualified professionals from abroad
and for intra-company transfers respectively.
Indian Minister of State for Commerce and
Industry Jyotiraditya M. Scindia told parlia-
ment Wednesday that New Delhi "proposes to
seek consultations with the US under the Dis-
pute Settlement Understanding of the WTO."
Asked if the visa fees hike issue was dis-
cussed during the Clinton visit,
Nuland said: "No."
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
First South Asian film festival
in Washington next month
Washington, DC: The three-day first Annual
Washington DC South Asian Film Festival
from June 1-3 will include a Shyam Bengal ret-
rospective, acting and filmmaking workshops
and short films directed by local artists.
"DCSAFF 2012" at the Universities at Shady
Grove in Rockville, Maryland, a Washington
suburb will bring together a wide variety of
films from across South Asia made in Hindi,
Urdu, Marathi, Bengali, and Telegu, according
to the organizers.
Sponsored by Ceasar Productions, DCSAFF
aims to give South Asian filmmakers from
around the world a chance to exhibit their films
to the diverse cine-going audience of the
American capital, they said.
It will also give a chance for audiences of all
ages and ethnicities to discover new South
Asian filmmakers, and celebrate ones already
well established.
Among those expected from Indian film in-
dustry are Shyam Benegal, Ketan Mehta,
Deepti Naval Rajit Kapur and Raima Sen.
DCSAFF will also have Washington DC pre-
mieres of a number of exciting new films with
a number of prominent artists who are working
to promote South Asians in the American film
industry, including Ajay Naidu, Samrat
Chakrabarti and Manan Singh Katohora.
The festival will kick-off with an exclusive
opening night red carpet gala featuring Shyam
Benegal's classic film "Mammo", official
world premiere screening of Manan Singh Ka-
tohora's award-winning film "9 ELEVEN" and
close with Deepti Naval's directorial debut "Do
Paise ki Dhoop, Chaar Aane ki Baarish."
Noted filmmaker Shyam Benegal
National Community 9
TheSouthAsianTimes.info May 12-18, 2012
US-based charity builds schools
for poor Muslims in Andhra
Washington, DC: Indian
Muslim Relief and Charities
(IMRC), a US-based organiza-
tion, has built 60 schools in the
remote villages of coastal
Andhra Pradesh and plans to
construct 40 more to provide
spiritual education to Muslims.
Under its platform, Rural
Educational and Economic
Development (REED), the
organization has not only con-
structed the buildings of basic
multipurpose one-teacher
schools but also appointed
trained Telugu-speaking teach-
ers. "We will run these schools
for two years and thereafter
hand over the management to
local Muslims," Ahsan Syed, a
member on IMRC board.
It was three years ago that
IMRC got a survey conducted
on the socio-economic condi-
tions of Muslims in coastal
Andhra villages. Appalled by
the utter poverty, illiteracy and
inequality, it decided to launch
the project, but despite its offer
for total funding of the project,
no organization came forward
to undertake the work. It finally
launched the project with the
help of some individuals.
The mosques-cum-schools
with libraries have come up in
Srikakulam, East Godavari,
Guntur and other districts in
coastal Andhra. The organiza-
tion, which raises donations
from individuals in the US, is
also providing food and clothes
to the poor and conducting
medical camps.
"We are spending Rs.5-6 lakh
for construction of each school
building and spending another
Rs.2 lakh on the maintenance,"
said Ahsan Syed, a retired engi-
neer with US Army Corps of
Engineers, who now delivers
sermons at a mosque in Santa
Clara. The organization is at
present working only in Andhra
Pradesh, but it is receiving
requests from other states like
Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh
and Maharashtra to undertake
similar projects. "We don' t
have resources and people who
can work in field," he said. He
believes that Muslims not just
in villages in India but across
the world face the same prob-
lems. "Deprived of education
and living in utter poverty, they
have moved away from Islam
and as a result they are being
exploited by Christian mission-
aries," he said.
"We are teaching basics to
them, creating the fear of God
in them. We tell them that this
world is temporary, everybody
has to die and there is 'Akhirat'
(hereafter) and everybody will
be questioned about his deeds."
Preet Bharara in NYT's 'The
Powers of New York' list
New York: Preet Bharara, the United States
attorney for the Southern District of New
York, has been listed by The New York
Times as a rising power in the pantheon of
influential people in the state.
Bharara, who has prosecuted several high-
profile Wall Street personalities and compa-
nies, is on a shortlist of people with whom
the city's power lies.
"The Powers of New York" list, published
May 5, includes Mayor Michael Bloomberg;
former U.S.
Rep. Steve Israel, who heads the
Democratic Congressional Campaign
Committee; New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo;
and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
"Influence in New York is now wielded by
a larger and more diverse array of people,"
the Times said, listing the powerbrokers
identified by its reporters in a special issue of
its Metropolitan section.
Bharara, the Times noted, in the past year,
"has done more than anyone to affect New
York's political landscape and he has never
held elected office." He is on the list of
"Rising" powers, along with 10 enti- ties,
individuals and groups, that may have low
name recognition, but wield significant
influence, the paper said.
The Times calls it a power shift from the
Tammany Hall days, when political bosses
struck deals in smoke-filled rooms, to a more
democratic disbursement of influence. No
longer do ethnic, religious, or racial groups
have the kind of power they had before
either, the paper contends.
As the chief federal prosecutor in
Manhattan, the 43-year-old Bharara is best
known for prosecuting Wall Street crimes, as
well as winning corruption convictions
against the politically powerful, among them
former state Sen.
Bharara also secured a $500 million penal-
ty payment from the tech giant Science
Applications International Corporation, for
one of the "largest and most brazen frauds"
ever committed against the city.
Preet Bharara
Indian artists join in creating
Elvis Presley comic
Manan Trivedi added to DCCCs Red-to-Blue Program
Washington, DC: Acclaimed
Indian artist, Jeevan J. Kang
teamed up with legendary
superhero creator Stan Lee in
creating the artwork for a new
comic book honoring the 'King
of Rock n' Roll' Elvis Presley.
Written by Lee, co-creator of
some of the world's leading
superhero characters (Spider-
Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four,
Iron Man, Daredevil, Hulk,
Thor), the new short story is
being released Saturday,
Liquid Comics announced.
Commemorating the 35th anniversary in celebra-
tion of the life and legacy of Elvis Presley, the
story by Lee was originally created as part of an
exclusive hardcover, collector's item anthology
entitled, "Graphic Elvis" which is limited to only
2,500 copies worldwide and available through
select online retailers and at
Liquid Comics is now making Stan Lee's,
'Elvis' story available to thousands of people for
free as part of Free Comic Book Day, the indus-
try's biggest annual giveaway
of free comic books across
America, it said.
In addition to the physical
book, an interactive digital and
mobile app entitled, "Graphic
Elvis: The Interactive
Experience," is also now avail-
able for $9.99 and features all
of the content from the Graphic
Elvis collectors book with
bonus videos, animation
and interactive features.
Beyond the original illus-
trations, Graphic Elvis also
features numerous hand-written notes and mus-
ings, never before seen by the public and written
in the margins of various books owned by Elvis,
making the hardcover collector's book and the
digital app a must have collectible for Elvis fans
around the world.
Lee was joined by some of the most acclaimed
graphic novel creators in the industry to portray
the King of Rock 'n' Roll in unprecedented visual
styles. They included Jeevan J. Kang, Mukesh
Singh, Saumin Patel and Samit Basu.
Washington, DC: Manan Trivedi,
a primary-care physician, Iraq War
veteran and candidate for Congress
in the Sixth congressional District
in Berks County, Pa., has been
named to the Democratic
Congressional Campaign
Committees Red-to-Blue program.
The designation means the Indian
American hopeful is a highly
regarded candidate and will receive
financial, grassroots and strategic
support from the DCCC in his bid
to unseat Republican Congressman Jim
Gerlach. "As a veteran, doctor, and father,
Manan Trivedi has dedicated his life to helping
keep Pennsylvania families healthy and safe,"
said DCCC chairman Rep. Steve Israel.
Trivedi, he added, is building a
strong grassroots campaign that
focuses on creating good jobs and
standing up to the extreme
Republican agenda of ending
Medicare while protecting tax cuts
for billionaires and big oil."
The early strength we have
demonstrated by being named to
the Red-to-Blue program means we
have the support, confidence, and
momentum it takes to win in
November, Trivedi said.
In the Pennsylvania election April 24, the
Indian American candidate ran unopposed in
the Democrat primary. He polled 19,822 votes.
Gerlach, also unopposed, received 44,438
A page from "Graphic Elvis" ,
a new comic book celebrating the life
and legacy of Elvis Presley
Manan Trivedi
Ahsan Syed, member,
10 US Affairs
May 12-18, 2012 TheSouthAsianTimes.info
Washington: Fannie Mae, the gov-
ernment-backed mortgage financier,
has declared a profit in the first
quarter of the year, ending its need
for bailout money since the govern-
ment took it over towards the end of
A slowing trend in the decline of
home prices and the number of
homes entering serious delinquency
allowed the mortgage giant to
record a mild profit after paying its
dividend to the Treasury. Fannie
Mae also said losses on its legacy
portfolio of home mortgages had
probably peaked and that it expected
better profits going forward, another
sign that the worst might be over for
the battered American housing mar-
The mortgage giant reported quar-
terly net income of $2.7 billion, up
from a $6.5 billion loss in the first
quarter of 2011.
Fannie has received about $116
billion from the Treasury over the
last three and a half years, and paid
back about $23 billion in dividend
payments. Its brother institution,
Freddie Mac, has received about
$72 billion, and paid back about $18
We expect our financial results
for 2012 to be significantly better
than 2011, said Susan McFarland,
Fannie Maes chief financial officer,
in a statement. As our serious
delinquency rate declines and home
prices stabilize, we expect to reduce
our reserves, which combined with
revenue from our high-quality new
book of business, will drive our
future results.
Across the country, there are signs
that the housing market is stabiliz-
ing. Home prices have continued to
fall, but at a much slower pace.
More Americans are buying houses
than they were a year ago. Fannie
and Freddie have a total portfolio
worth more than $5 trillion.
New York: Citigroup has paid
$41 million to display its name on
10,000 bicycles soon to hit the
streets of New York City through
a massive bike sharing program.
Citi Bikes, will be the country's
When launched in July, 10,000
blue bicycles, called Citi Bikes
and carrying the Citi logo, will be
parked at some 600 stations
across Manhattan and Brooklyn.
To use the service, anyone 16
years or older with a credit or
debit card will be able to visit
each stations touch-screen kiosk
and pay a fee to rent a bike for a
period of time.
Just under $10 buys users
unlimited rides over a 24-hour
period, while $25 buys 7-day
access and $95 provides users
with annual access. A $101 hold-
ing fee is automatically placed on
the card used at purchase and will
be kept if the bike is never
Since the bike is targeted for 3-
mile journeys, 30 minutes per ride
is allotted each time a bike is
removed from a dock. Riders can
return bicycles at any station
strategically placed around the
Fannie Mae profit hints at housing
market stabilization
Citi pays $41 M to sponsor
NYC bike-share program
A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. This one on the
Facebook page I will vote for Obama in 2012 is worth 100,000 votes.
Comments one supporter: Wheres Waldo? was a series of children's
books of illustrations depicting dozens of people doing a variety of
amusing things. Readers are challenged to find a character named
Waldo hidden in the group. Our President is surrounded by so many
happy children here, I thought Wheres Obama?
US Affairs 11
TheSouthAsianTimes.info May 12-18, 2012
Romney lashes at White House for exit
from US Embassy of Chinese dissident
Washington: Hindu and Buddhist groups
have grown steadily in the US, being con-
centrated in Texas, California, the New York
Metropolitan Area, Illinois and Georgia,
says a new study.
"Both Buddhists and Hindus, though still
relatively small compared to the large
Christian groups, have grown to the point
that they are beginning to exert significant
influence on the key issues that most affect
their lives," said J. Gordon Melton, profes-
sor of American religious history at Baylor
University, who conducted the study.
The census, the most comprehensive sta-
tistical assessment of data from the 2,000-
plus religious groups active in the US, is
made every 10 years by the Association of
Statisticians of American Religious Bodies.
Both Hindus and Buddhists have temples
in most states, and "the groups now regular-
ly voice their opinions on US relations with
predominantly Hindu and Buddhist coun-
tries," Melton said, according to a Baylor
"Like the Muslim congregations, Hindus
and Buddhists are found in every part of the
country, but they are concentrated in the big
cities and still have not begun to appear in
the smaller cities and rural areas," said
Melton. Both Muslims and Mormons (lat-
ter-day Saints) showed dramatic increases in
percentages, the former from both immigra-
tion and penetration of the African-
American community, the latter from move-
ment out of its base in the Mountain states
to all parts of the country. Muslims are dis-
tinct as the majority are of Indo-Pakistani
background, the second largest group being
African-American, with Arab Americans a
distinct minority. There are now some six
million Mormons and 2.6 million Muslims
in the country.
Hindu, Buddhist groups growing steadily in US
Washington: President
Barack Obama has become
the first president in US histo-
ry to come out in support of
the same-sex marriage, inject-
ing one of the most con-
tentious issues into political debate ahead of
the November poll.
Ending two years of "evolving" on the issue
of gay marriage, Obama said in an interview
with ABC News Wednesday, "At a certain
point I've just concluded that for me, person-
ally, it is important for me to go ahead and
affirm that I think same-sex couples should be
able to get married."
The announcement put Obama squarely at
odds with presumptive Republican presiden-
tial nominee Mitt Romney, who on
Wednesday said during an appearance in
Oklahoma, "I believe marriage is a relation-
ship between a man and a woman."
Obama too once opposed gay marriages. He
later indicated his views were "evolving."
"I had hesitated on gay marriage, in part,
because I thought civil unions would be suffi-
cient," Obama said.
"I was sensitive to the fact that -- for a lot of
people -- that the word marriage is something
that provokes very powerful traditions and
religious beliefs."
But, Obama said, his thinking shifted as he
witnessed committed same-sex marriages and
thought about US service
personnel who were "not
able to commit themselves in
a marriage."
With a Gallup Poll released
Tuesday indicating that 50
percent of Americans believe same-sex mar-
riages should be recognized by law as valid
and 48 percent saying such marriages should
not be legal, it was not clear how Obama's
announcement might play out in the
November poll, expected to be dominated by
economic issues.
Obama, according to the White House, was
"disappointed" by Tuesday's vote on the issue
in North Carolina, which voted to implement
a state constitutional ban on same-sex mar-
riage, which was already prohibited by state
law. Supporters of the measure pushed for the
constitutional amendment, arguing that it was
needed to ward off future legal challenges.
Obama said Wednesday he supports the
concept of states deciding the issue on their
own, ABC News reported.
Before Tuesday, 30 states had voted in
favor of constitutional amendments that seek
to defend traditional definitions of marriage
as a heterosexual union. Massachusetts,
Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New
Hampshire, New York and the District of
Columbia issue marriage licenses to same-sex
Obama supports same-sex marriage
Washington DC: Mitt
Romney said Thursday the
Obama administration had
"failed" to protect a blind
Chinese dissident by factor-
ing political considerations
into the negotiations that
ultimately led him to leave
the U.S. Embassy in
Beijing. The White House
said the president wasn' t
concerned about the politics
of the case.
Campaigning in Virginia,
the presumptive Republican
presidential nominee said if
reports that the U.S. com-
municated implicit threats
to Chen Guangcheng as he
was deciding whether to
leave the embassy are true,
that represents a "dark day
for freedom."
Chen took refuge at the
embassy after escaping
house arrest. He rejected a
deal to keep him safely in
China and now says he
wants to leave the country.
Chen has said he feels aban-
doned by the U.S. American
officials have said they did-
n't pressure him to leave.
"If these reports are true,
this is a dark day for free-
dom and it's a day of shame
for the Obama administra-
tion," Romney said. "We
are a place of freedom, here
and around the world, and
we should stand up and
defend freedom wherever it
is under attack."
The State Department said
this week it conveyed no
implicit threats and the
issue of violence never
came up in its discussions
with Chen. They told him
that China had agreed for
him to reunite with his fam-
ily if he left the U.S.
White House spokesman
Jay Carney said President
Barack Obama "is not con-
cerned about political back-
and-forth on this issue."
Obama has an eye on the
larger U.S.-China relation-
ship and will continue to
press Beijing on human
rights, he said.
"He is focused on the
need to advance U.S. inter-
ests in our broad-based rela-
tionship with China _ very
important economic, diplo-
matic relationship with
China," Carney said. "He
has and will continue to
make a priority in that rela-
tionship or a part of that
relationship an open and
frank discussion of our con-
cerns about human rights."
A self-taught lawyer,
Chen, 40, spent most of the
last seven years in prison or
under house arrest in what
was seen as retribution by
local Chinese authorities for
his activism against forced
abortions and other official
misdeeds. His wife, daugh-
ter and mother were con-
fined at home with him,
enduring beatings, searches
and other mistreatment.
His escape from house
arrest to the fortress-like
U.S. Embassy last week put
Washington at the center of
a sensitive human rights
Chen's goal, he told U.S.
officials, was to secure the
safety of his family and
remain in China. Under
painstaking arrangements
negotiated over days, he
was to be reunited with his
family and relocated else-
where in China so he could
formally study law.
Chen later said he felt
abandoned at the hospital
when he realized no U.S.
Embassy staff had stayed to
ensure his safety.
U.S. Ambassador to China
Gary Locke defended the
arrangements Thursday and
said "unequivocally" that
Chen was never pressured
to leave.
The diplomatic dispute
over Chen is sensitive for
the Obama administration,
which risks appearing soft
on human rights in an elec-
tion year or looking as
though it rushed to resolve
Chen's case before the start
of the Clinton-Geithner
talks. Clinton said in a
speech that China must pro-
tect human rights. She
rejected Beijing's criticism
of the U.S. for getting
involved in Chen's case.
US confirms would-be suicide bomber was a 'double agent'
Washington DC: The CIA and its
allies tracked the plot for several
weeks and then managed to get the
informant to deliver the bomb out-
side Yemen, possibly to Saudi
Arabia or the United Arab Emirates.
US intelligence officials wanted to
keep a lid on details of how the plot
was uncovered to make sure the
informant and his family was safe.
Sources said the informant was
believed to be connected to a for-
eign intelligence agency allied with
the CIA.
It was reported the would-be sui-
cide bomber was an intelligence
agent for Saudi Arabia who volun-
teered for the mission to detonate
the bomb aboard a US-bound airlin-
er. Ten days ago, officials seized an
improved version of the "underwear
bomb" that was used in a failed air-
line bombing attempt over Detroit
on Christmas Day 2009.
The plot to introduce the bomb
aboard an aircraft was the work of
Yemen-based al-Qaeda in the
Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, con-
sidered the group's most dangerous
The latest device appeared to be
similar to the work of fugitive Saudi
militant Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri,
who US sources believe is a bomb-
maker working with AQAP.
There is no immediate sign the
Obama administration is ordering
changes in aviation security proce-
dures. Officials said the plot never
came close to fruition and no air-
craft was in danger.
Security steps taken since the
failed 2009 attempt, in which a sim-
ilar device was carried onto a plane
by Nigerian militant, Umar Farouk
Abdulmutallab, "would have been
able to prevent this device from
bringing down an airplane," a US
official said.
Other US officials said airport
metal detectors probably would
have trouble spotting a device that
had no metal parts.
But airport body scanners, which
use light doses of radiation to scan
through a passenger's clothes, ought
to be able to detect "anomalies"
which could then be further exam-
ined in a hands-on, pat down search,
they said.
Kip Hawley, ex-TSA Chief, says these full body scanners are key to
stopping hidden explosives not picked up by metal detectors.
Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng
12 India
May 12-18, 2012 TheSouthAsianTimes.info
'Keep up the spirit'
Clinton meets
Manmohan, Sonia
illary Clinton met repre-
sentatives of a number of
non-government organizations
working towards preventing
human trafficking and offered
help to them while lauding their
work. "She is a very warm per-
son. She was very happy with
our work and congratulated us
saying 'keep up the spirit'. She
enquired about the problems the
NGOs are facing, and also
inspired us with her words,"
Sohini Chakrabarty, director of
NGO Kolkata Sanved, said.
"She reached out to all with
her kind and encouraging words
and even offered her help. She
said 'I will look into how can I
help you people' , " said
S Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton met Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh when the two
sides discussed an entire gamut of
bilateral matters, including securi-
ty, defense, civil nuclear coopera-
tion and terrorism, according to
official sources. During their half-
an-hour meeting, Clinton and
Manmohan Singh also shared their
views on China, Iran, Pakistan,
Afghanistan and global economy,
the sources said, but did not elabo-
rate. She also met Congress presi-
dent Sonia Gandhi, when the two
leaders discussed matters of mutu-
al interest, official and party
sources said, but no details were
FDI: US says it was discussed,
Mamata says no
Kolkata: Sparking off a controver-
sy, the US claimed that the issue of
increasing US investment in West
Bengal, including in the retail sec-
tor, was touched upon by visiting
US Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton during her meeting with
Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.
The statement came hours after
Banerjee categorically told media-
persons that the issue of FDI in
retail did not figure in her delibera-
tions with Clinton.
"Touching on issues, ranging from
increasing US investment in West
Bengal, including the retail sector,
US-India relations, regional affairs
and strong people-to-people connec-
tions, the secretary reaffirmed to the
chief minister the US desire to work
with India and West Bengal to deep-
en and broaden our partnership," the
statement released by the US con-
sulate here said.
Contradicting the US version, the
West Bengal government said
Clinton had not referred to FDI in
retail during her meeting with
Bloomers in
Hillary's gift!
Hillary at Taj
mat presented by US
Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton to West Bengal Chief
Minister Mamata Banerjee
with two lines from a song of
Rabindranath Tagore printed
on it has led to howls of
protest for the spelling
bloomers and wrong word
The mat in "Kantha" stitch
with Tagore's face and part of
the Bengali song "Aguner
Poroshmoni Choyao Prane"
(touch the heart with the mag-
icstone of fire), was handed
over by Clinton to Banerjee
during their meeting at the
state secretariat Writers'
A visibly happy Banerjee
proudly displayed the gift to
the mediapersons after the
meeting. However, on close
scrutiny it was found that the
word "Poroshmoni" was
wrongly spelt. What was
worse, in the second line of
the song which reads "He
Jiban Purno koro", "Purno"
was replaced by "Rinyo" and
"Jiban" was misspelt.
"When it concerns Tagore
and international diplomacy
the US should have been more
careful", said Sahitya
Academy president and noted
writer Sunil Gangopahdyay. A
spokesperson of the US con-
sulate refused to comment on
the matter.
rom a platter of Indian
sweets to large-sized cof-
fee mugs and a personal
masseur, everything was cus-
tomized to Hillary Clinton's
After all, the Tata suite of
Taj Palace hotel seems to be
the chosen address for the US
secretary of state whenever
she is in Delhi.
The hotel had hosted her in
2009 and then again in 2011.
In fact, the Tata suite had host-
ed Clinton during her trip last
year and she returned there for
her two-day stay in the capital.
According to hotel staff,
special preparations were
made for her this time too.
Hotel officials claimed that
her favorite Indian preferences
from Masala Art, the hotel's
Indian fine dining restaurant,
were chargrilled jumbo
prawns and creamy chicken
kebab with burnt garlic.
New Delhi: India and the US sig-
naled common intent and purpose,
asking Pakistan to take stronger
action against terror, advising Iran
to desist from its nuclear weapons
program and pledging support to
Afghanistan's peace and prosperity.
Visiting US Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton and Indian External
Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna were
critical of Pakistan on its handling
of terror groups operating from its
soil and asked it to take "strong and
more concerted" action against
these outfits that threaten peace
and security of the US, India and
the world at large.
The two leaders had their bilater-
al meeting here over a breakfast of
idlis and vadas at the Taj Palace
They also affirmed that they were
on the same page on preventing
Iran from acquiring nuclear
weapons, though Tehran remains a
key supplier of oil to meet New
Delhi's energy needs.
On Afghanistan, the two nations
committed to assist Kabul in han-
dling its security, development and
governance on its own, without
interference from outside, even
after the International Security
Assistance Force moves out of the
embattled nation in 2014.
At a joint press conference after
their meeting, Clinton said the $10-
million bounty on 26/11 Mumbai
attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed
was an unmistakable sign of US
"solidarity" with India on bringing
the perpetrators of the audacious
attack to justice.
Clinton said the US had every
reason to believe Saeed was the
"principal architect" of the Mumbai
terror strikes that claimed 166 peo-
ple, including six Americans.
Krishna noted that the recent vio-
lent strikes by Taliban on diplomat-
ic missions in and around Kabul
had once again highlighted the
need for elimination of terrorist
sanctuaries in the neighborhood
and "for stronger action from
Pakistan" on terrorism, including
bringing to justice the perpetrators
of the Mumbai attack.
On the sanctions against Iran
over its nuclear weapons program,
Clinton said the US and India
"share the same goal" of prevent-
ing Tehran from acquiring nuclear
"India is a strong partner in urg-
ing Iran to adhere to its internation-
al obligations," Clinton said.
Krishna, noting that he discussed
the importance of a peaceful settle-
ment of the Iranian nuclear issue,
said it must be based on the posi-
tion that Iran has its rights as a
member of the nuclear Non-
Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
India, US send strong signals to Pak, Iran
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Indian External Affairs
Minister S.M. Krishna in New Delhi.
Hillary Clinton with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.
US to invest in Bengal as 'partner state': Mamata
Kolkata: Describing her meeting
with US Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton as "positive, constructive
and creative", West Bengal Chief
Minister Mamata Banerjee said the
former assured her of American
investment in the state for its busi-
ness and economic development,
considering Bengal as a "partner
Banerjee, however, said issues
like Teesta water sharing with
Bangladesh and foreign direct
investment (FDI) in multi-brand
retail were "never raised" in the
talks. Addressing a press conference
after a meeting with Clinton at the
state secretariat, the chief minister
said: "They (the US) will invest in
West Bengal as a partner state. For a
long time, there has not been any
US investment in the state. After the
change in political scenario, they
said that the US would favour
investment in Bengal."
Banerjee said Clinton has
expressed the US' desire to invest in
West Bengal as the state has wit-
nessed a change in its "political sce-
nario" after decades. She said she
also urged Clinton to consider
American investments in the state's
software, IT and manufacturing,
health and education sectors.
Banerjee said state Chief
Secretary Samar Ghosh and US
Ambassador to India Nancy Powell
would coordinate between them-
selves and jointly monitor the proj-
ects, which would be set up under
public-private-partnership (PPP)
The daughter of a Kolkata-based
sex worker strikes a pose for
Hillary Clinton.
In Brief
In Brief
Hillary Clinton in India
Jharkhand CM survives nasty
chopper crash
Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister
Arjun Munda suffered multiple
injuries when the helicopter in which
he was travelling with his wife devel-
oped a technical snag and toppled to
its side after crash landing at the air-
port here.
Munda and his wife Meera, who
were on their way to Saraikela
Kharsawa district to participate in a
programme, were taken to hospital
along with Bharatiya Janata Party
(BJP) legislator Barkuwar Gagrai,
security officer Manoj Singh and pilot
B.K. Singh and a co-pilot.
Munda suffered a right ankle frac-
ture as well as injuries on his chest,
right hand, neck and back, hospital
sources said. His ankle has been plas-
tered. All other five also suffered mul-
tiple injuries on neck, spine, ankle,
chest and back, said P.D. Sinha, a doc-
tor. All of them were declared out of
"He (Munda) is out of danger,"
Jharkhand Labor Minister Chandra
Prakash Chaudhary told reporters.
Munda was scheduled to inaugurate
a power station at Kuchai in Seraikela
Kharswa district.
According to Gagrai, the pilot real-
ized on reaching Kuchai in Saraikela
Kharsawa that there was a problem
and he immediately radioed the
Ranchi Air Traffic Control seeking
permission to return.
But the landing effort failed four
times, and so he hovered in the air for
a while to exhaust the fuel. As there
was no fuel, the chopper did not catch
fire after toppling. "The pilot showed
wisdom," Gagrai said.
Bangaru Laxman appeals
against jail term
Indian top cop advocates honor killing!
New Delhi: Former Bharatiya
Janata Party (BJP) president
Bangaru Laxman moved the Delhi
High Court against a trial court
verdict jailing him for four years
for accepting a bribe from a fake
arms dealer in a 10-year-old graft
A Central Bureau of
Investigation special court April 28
jailed the 72-year-old Laxman after
holding him guilty of taking a bribe
and also fined him Rs. 1 lakh.
Laxman's counsel said the matter
would come up for hearing.
The case dates to 2001 when
news portal tehelka.com carried
out a sting operation that caught
Laxman on camera receiving
money from a journalist posing as
an arms dealer. He later resigned as
BJP chief.
Tehelka had released CDs show-
ing Laxman accepting money for
promise of assistance to a fictitious
Britain-based company M/s West
End International in securing a
contract for the supply of thermal
imagers to the Indian Army.
Lucknow/New Delhi: A senior
Uttar Pradesh police officer was
caught on camera telling an aged
man in Saharanpur that he should
either kill his daughter, who had
eloped, or commit suicide,
prompting calls for his resigna-
tion from the National Commission
for Women (NCW) for advocating
honor killing.
Deputy Inspector General (DIG)
of Saharanpur Satish Kumar
Mathur told a petitioner from
Kaserwa Khurd, Shaukeen, that the
matter of his daughter's elopment
was one of great shame. Had it
been him, Mathur said, he would
have either shot dead the daughter
or killed himself.
Mathur was caught on video
camera by local journalists who
were at the spot to cover his
inspection of a police station. The
clip was soon broadcast on national
television, triggering an outcry.
"I don't have magical powers to
recover your daughter," Mathur is
heard as telling Shaukeen, whose
daughter had allegedly run away.
"But if your daughter has eloped
then you should be ashamed of it
and end your life. I would have
killed my sister if she had eloped
or else I would have committed
suicide," Mathur said.
The state government ordered a
probe into the matter and asked the
inspector general (IG) of Meerut to
look into the matter and come back
to the government with the facts.
NCW chairperson Mamta
Sharma demanded that he be sus-
pended immediately. "The state-
ment of the DIG is irresponsible
and he must be suspended immedi-
ately. Is this what they are being
taught in the police force. This is
very disturbing. The DIG should be
suspended without further ado,"
Sharma told reporters in New
Former Bharatiya Janata Party
president Bangaru Laxman.
India 13
TheSouthAsianTimes.info May 12-18, 2012
Merit Scholarship
MCAT 25-29 $1500* PER SEMESTER
MCAT 30-34 $2000* PER SEMESTER
Location Date Time
1000 Woodbury Road,
Suite 109
Woodbury, NY 11797
11:00 AM
Jharkhand Chief Minister
Arjun Munda suffered
multiple injuries.
14 India
May 12-18, 2012 TheSouthAsianTimes.info
Inquire against NHRC chief
Balakrishnan: SC
Gujarat brands go global
to thwart clones in US
New Delhi: In an unprecedented
action, the Supreme Court has
asked the government to inquire
into allegations of corruption and
misconduct leveled against former
CJI and present NHRC chief K G
A bench of Justice B S Chauhan
and Justice J S Khehar said "the
competent" authority in the gov-
ernment would conduct a detailed
inquiry into the complaint against
him by Committee for Judicial
The committee had alleged that
Justice Balakrishnan' s kin had
amassed unaccounted wealth dur-
ing his tenure as Judge of SC and
then as CJI.
The bench said if the competent
authority finds the allegations sub-
stantiated by the inquiry it will take
appropriate action under section
5(3) of the NHRC Act.
This means if the allegations
were found true, then the President
may have to send a reference to the
apex court seeking its opinion on
the desirability of continuance of
Justice Balakrishnan as the NHRC
Justice Balakrishnan had said
that if his relatives had amassed
unaccounted wealth it was for them
to explain such acquisition before
the income tax authorities.
Ahmedabad: A few months
ago, Vijay Gupta, owner of
Amdavadi food chain 'Honest',
was shocked to learn that some-
body opened a bhaaji-paav shop
in Houston by the same name. A
popular local brand, the name-
sake stall was an instant hit with
Gujaratis settled in the US.
Since Honest did not have a
copyright for US markets, Gupta
had to reconcile for an out-of-
court settlement. "But we real-
ized the need for trademark reg-
istration in the US. Today, we
have registered the trademark in
seven other countries besides
the US. While big companies
spend millions over patents, a
growing breed of small, local
players has started getting trade-
marks registered across the
world. Reason: a big Gujarati
diaspora in every corner of the
globe is prompting many fly-by-
the-night namesakes to cash in
on the popularity of the brands.
Jade Blue, a local retail player,
too had to take legal recourse to
prevent an Atlanta-based
Gujarati using the same name
for his boutique.
"Because the businessman
had opened a store in the US by
the same name, we faced prob-
lems when we applied for a
However, we sorted out the
matter out of court. We have
now got our brand trademarked
in the US. I have also got Jade
Blue patented in several
European countries," said
Jitendra Chauhan of Jade Blue.
City-based lawyers say the
threat to smaller but popular
brands in Gujarati-dominated
pockets in the US and Europe
has grown.
"I receive a number of similar
cases every month. While cases
from pharmaceutical and engi-
neering companies were com-
mon, recently food brands are
stores are finding themselves
involved in patent row," said
Jatin Trivedi, patents and trade-
mark attorney, who helped the
Chauhan brothers win the brand
war in the US.
Lokpal Bill in the dark again
New Delhi: The anti-corruption
Lokpal Bill looks unlikely to be
passed in the current budget ses-
sion of parliament that ends on
May 22. While the opposition is
focusing its attention on the presi-
dential polls, Team Anna's move-
ment appears to have lost steam.
The opposition does not seem to
be in a hurry over passage of the
bill even as the government is try-
ing to narrow down the differ-
ences, said a parliamentary source
who has been following the bill's
The opposition's attention has
now moved away from the bill
because of its preoccupation with
the presidential elections slated
for July. Besides, anti-corruption
activist Anna Hazare also appears
to have lost some of his appeal
among the people, the source
While the Bharatiya Janata
Party (BJP) was backing Hazare
wholeheartedly during the winter
session last year in order to pres-
surize the government, the party
has criticized Team Anna for
abusing parliamentarians at the
start of the budget session.
During the March 23 all-party
meeting addressed by Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh, most
leaders were in favor of separating
state Lokayuktas from the bill.
This amendment had to be
approved by the union cabinet
before the bill was presented in
the Rajya Sabha, where it has
been lying stuck since the winter
Even if the Rajya Sabha passed
an amended bill, it would have to
go to the Lok Sabha again for
fresh approval, which might not
be possible during the budget ses-
sion, said the source.
As of now, Minister of State in
the Prime Minister' s Office V.
Narayanasamy is informally
speaking to leaders of various par-
ties on how to take the bill for-
ward, said the source.
Last month, Narayanasamy said
that differences on the bill had
been narrowed down to five or six
issues. During the debate on the
bill in the winter session in the
upper house the total number of
amendments moved by members
was 149.
"We are engaging with various
political leaders and trying to
bring consensus on major issues,
and trying to bring the bill before
parliament," he had said.
The main votary of separating
the Lokayukta and the Lokpal Bill
is United Progressive Alliance ally
Trinamool Congress president
Mamata Banerjee.
The Lokayukta was made part
of the Lokpal Bill, 2011, as there
was no uniformity in the various
Lokayukta Acts in the states, said
an official.
The opposition's attention has now moved away from the bill because of
its preoccupation with the presidential elections slated for July.
Former CJI and present NHRC
chief K.G. Balakrishnan.
Tejinder withdraws plea
against Army chief
New Delhi: In a surprise move,
retired Lt Gen Tejinder Singh
withdrew his petition from the
Supreme Court seeking a CBI
inquiry into the alleged miscon-
duct of Army chief Gen V K
Appearing before a bench of
justices P Sathasivam and J
Chelameswar, senior counsel
Rajiv Dhawan urged the court to
grant permission for withdrawing
the petition.
"Your lordships please don' t
open the file at all. Kindly grant
me permission to withdraw the
petition and move the appropriate
forum," Dhawan urged the court.
Accordingly, the bench granted
permission for withdrawal of the
Tejinder Singh had approached
the Supreme Court on April 25
seeking a CBI inquiry on the
alleged role of the Army chief in
the purported bugging of the
defence minister' s office and
action against him for "miscon-
The government has already
denied reports of bugging.
The petition was filed days after
the Army chief accused Tejinder
Singh of offering him bribe of Rs
14 crore for purchase of Tatra
trucks. Following the complaint
by the Army chief, the CBI initiat-
ed a probe into the matter.
He had also accused the Army
chief of professional misconduct
by making "political statements"
while holding the key post. He
had alleged the Army chief had
stated that the Maoist problem in
the country is the creation of the
government when the Centre had
sought help of the Army in Naxal-
affected areas.
Tejinder Singh had made the
Army chief a party in his petition.
He has also filed a criminal
defamation case against Gen V K
Singh and four other senior Army
officers in a trial court.
Retired Lt Gen Tejinder Singh.
Poets provoke peels of laughter at RANA event
Seasoned Hasya poets Aash Karan Atal and Abhinav Shukla generously handed out guffaws at RANAs
belated Holi celebration held in April-end where Amb. Prabhu Dayal sprung a surprise.
By Parveen Chopra
New York: The two invited poets
lived up this time too to the RANA
(Rajasthan Association of North
America, NY) tradition of a laughter
filled Holi celebration. Hasya poet
Aash Karan Atal, also a film and TV
writer in Mumbai, flew down from
India to perform with Seattle based,
talented Hasya and Oj kavi Abhinav
Shukla for the RANAs celebration
of the festival of colors on April 29.
Though it was held belatedly (Holi
this year fell in early March) in
Akbar restaurant in Garden City,
NY, people in the audience barely
got respite in between rolling with
The tone for the evening was set
by Chief Guest, Ambassador Prabhu
Dayal, Indias Consul General in
New York. He recited a poem in
Hindi composed by himself, which,
befitting the occasion, was a hilari-
ous take on his participation in
RANAs Holi event last year as
chief guest and his utter capitulation
when tempted by a variety of
mouth-watering snacks and deli-
cious sweets. The inevitable afteref-
fect kept resounding in the stomach
for days at end, he said in the poem
that rhymed well. He would be wary
this time of what he puts in his
mouth but requested the hosts not to
tempt him.
Picturesque exaggeration is the
midwife that gives birth to humor.
Seasoned poets Aash Karan Atal and
Abhinav Shuklas nonstop perform-
ance in the standing room only ban-
quet hall for almost two hours was
no-holds-barred. Rajasthanis stingi-
ness and proclivity for lucrative
trades, husbands glad eye, poets
propensity to monopolize the stage,
even something as mundane as buf-
fet mealsall was fodder for their
sometimes caustic humor and flow-
ing poetry.
The humorous poems were intelli-
gently interspersed with jokes,
mainly drawing on the failsafe tragi-
comedy of marital life. Savor this:
Two couples go to a mela where the
wives get separated from their men.
The two men meet and describe
their wives. One finding the other
guys wife very fetching, says
Forget mine, let us look for yours.
The two women, meanwhile, go to
the police station to report on miss-
ing husbands. One of them
describes her husband as a compos-
ite of several stars. To the other
womans raised eyebrows, she says:
Why not look for a better speci-
And so the evening proceeded
hilariously, as promised by Haridas
Kotahwala, RANA President and
patriarch of the Indian gem and jew-
elry community in the Tristate had
He was joined in by other RANA
office bearers in honoring CG
Prabhu Dayal and the two poets.
The buffet spread included some
typical Rajasthani delicacies and
was unputdownable. Amb. Dayal
was, however, seen only picking at
his plate, as he had come deter-
mined to do. RANA is a leading cul-
tural organization of the Tristate
area that has been carrying out its
mission and organized several func-
tions to promote Rajasthani culture,
values and heritage, not only in
USA but also the world over. It has
organized annual Holi and Diwali
festivities in New York for the last
12 years besides three successful
international Rajasthan conventions
here. Its next ambitious project is to
build a Rajasthan Bhavan.
Culture 15
Thesouthasiantimes.info May 12-18, 2012
(from left) RANA President Haridas Kotahwala with the
poets Abhinav Shukla and Aash Karan Atal.
Chief Guest Consul General Prabhu Dayal and Chandini Dayal
enjoyed the evening thoroughly.

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HH 4 HP1 41 H4 P 4 [d 4 H
41 44 P H HH [ [ d [

Consul General Prabhu Dayal recited this poem, befitting the occasion. The two poets posing for a picture with RANA office-bearers.
The audience was in splits, enjoying the hilarity.
16 Ultimate Bollywood
May 12-18, 2012 TheSouthAsianTimes.info
Dangerous Ishhq" and
"Ishaqzaade" - both films
releasing this week - will play
a pivotal role in the careers of their
actors. While the former marks the
comeback of Karisma Kapoor
after a sabbatical of six years, the
latter is the launchpad of filmmak-
er Boney Kapoor's son Arjun.
Directed by Vikram Bhatt,
"Dangerous Ishhq" hits the screens
in 3D format and features Rajniesh
Duggall, Jimmy Sheirgill and
Divya Dutta.
The film tells the story of super-
model Sanjana (Karisma) and her
boyfriend Rohan (Rajniesh), son
of one of the nation's biggest busi-
ness tycoons.
They are the most popular cou-
ple on the social circuit. However,
their life takes a turn when Rohan
gets kidnapped.
The high-profile kidnapping cre-
ates chaos in Sanjana's life. The
kidnappers demand Rs.50 crore,
but the police believe that even
paying the ransom will not bring
Rohan back.
In this extreme trauma, Sanjana
discovers something extraordinary.
She sees visions of them together,
sometime in the past, in different
eras. In her visions lie definitive
clues that could lead her to save
the love of her life.
The fate of Arjun Kapoor's act-
ing career also depends with the
release of his debut film
"Ishaqzaade". The Yash Raj Films
(YRF) project will also be a test
for "Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl"
actress Parineeti Chopra, for
whom "Ishaqzaade" will be her
first solo release.
Directed by Habib Faisal,
"Ishaqzaade" narrates the tale of
22-year-old Parma (Arjun) an
immature, short tempered bully,
who idolises his grandfather and
his twisted love story with Zoya
Zoya is a twenty-something,
boisterous girl from an affluent
political family and she dreams of
becoming an MLA. Parma and
Zoya are born to hate, but destined
to love.
Scenes from Dangerous Ishhq and Ishaqzaade.
ctor couple Saif Ali Khan,
41, and Kareena Kapoor,
31, who have been dating
for five years, will tie the knot after
monsoon this year, Saif's mother,
actor Sharmila Tagore has
revealed. "Saif's wedding will hap-
pen as soon as the weather
improves (after the summer and
monsoon)," said Tagore, not com-
menting on daughter Soha's wed-
Earlier Saif Ali Khan had said,
Marriage is a question that I wont
answer until I am done with the
release of Agent Vinod. We are
focusing completely on the film
right now.
The talk of Saif-Kareenas wed-
ding kicked off again when Saif
was spotted bonding with his
would-be father-in-law Randhir
Kapoor at the wedding reception of
actors Riteish Deshmukh and
Genelia DSouza. While Saif Ali
Khan will soon be seen in Cocktail,
Go Goa Gone and Race 2, Kareena
Kapoor has projects like Heroine
and Talaash in her kitty.
hen Ayushman Khurrana stepped
into the shoes of Vicky (Donor)
Arora, little would he have thought that
his film would cause a spurt in the num-
ber of sperm donors across the country.
The film that revolves around sperm
donation and infertility might have a
hilarious take on the subject, but it has
got people discussing a topic, hitherto
considered almost taboo.
Yes, there seems to be a deluge of
sperm donors in the Garden City after
the Shoojit Sircar movie. Dr Kamini
Rao, gynaecologist and infertility spe-
cialist, says, "There has been a 30% rise
in the number of people donating
semen, and there has been a significant
rise (30%) in the number of queries
regarding sperm donation at the clinic."
Infertility specialist Dr Anita Mani too
agrees that there has been an increase in
the number of queries regarding sperm
'Vicky Donor' sparks
interest in sperm
amir Khan is a man with
the Midas touch. As the
first episode of the super-
star's debut TV show "Satyamev
Jayate" was aired, about 100,000
people dialed in to speak to him to
initiate a serious discussion on
social issues facing the nation.
Out of approximately 100,000
people who made the effort of
calling in to share their views
about the show through the Airtel
'Talk2me', only around 10 or 11
were actually able to speak to
Aamir due to time constraints,
said a source from telecom com-
pany Airtel, which is facilitating
the SMS and dial-in procedures
for "Satyamev Jayate".
Nevertheless, Aamir engaged in
quality discussions with the
callers. He shared views on social
activist Anna Hazare's movement
against corruption, took up issues
regarding female foeticide - the
doctors who conduct sex determi-
nation tests and abort the girl
child, and how the medical system
of the country fails to take any
action against such law breakers.
Though a lot of people tuned in
to Star Plus to watch the show,
and subsequently took to social
networking platforms to share
their views on it, Aamir says
Television Rating Points (TRPs)
do not matter.
The Star Plus show, which went
on air Sunday brunch time 11
a.m., caught the attention of view-
ers from all quarters of the nation.
The show is aired in eight lan-
guages on nine channels, includ-
ing eight STAR TV network chan-
nels and is simulcast on national
broadcaster DD1.
Over 100,000 people
called Aamir!
Bollywood careers to make or break this week
Saifeena to wed after
Lovebrds Saif with Kareena.
The Star Plus show Satyamev Jayate, anchored by Aamir Khan,
caught the attention of viewers from all quarters of the nation.

The Avengers may have left comic-book fans

salivating and Hollywood studio executives hap-
pily counting their box-office receipts, but the hit
superhero movie has taken some criticism in India
where audience members have objected to scenes set in
a slum in that country. In a report in The Hindustan
Times, residents of Kolkata have criticized a sequence
from The Avengers in which Dr. Bruce Banner, the
mild-mannered alter ego of the Hulk who is played by
Mark Ruffalo, is tracked down in a squalid and over-
crowded part of that Indian city, where he is treating a
leprosy victim.
Kolkata has a rich culture and heritage, and a film-
maker should respect that, Rituparna Sengupta, an
Indian actress from that city told The Hindustan Times.
There are two scenes about India and they only show
slums. It could have been done in better taste. The
newspaper also cited the Bollywood actress Neha
Dhupia, who said: It is disturbing to see the murky
underbelly of India in Hollywood films. But before
pointing it out to the West, we need to make efforts to
change their perception about us.
The film has also been a hit in foreign countries like
India, where it was released about a week before it
opened in the United States and is available in Hindi,
Tamil and Telugu-dubbed versions as well as in
Slum scenes in The Avengers
criticized in India
Audience in India has objected to certain
scenes set in a slum in the country.
Ultimate Bollywood 17
Thesouthasiantimes.info May 12-18, 2012
hundred years ago, Dada
Saheb Phalke made a
movie about a king who
never lied.
Phalkes inspi-
ration came
from an English
film The Life
and Passion of
Christ and he
too wanted to
translate the lives of Indian Gods to
the screen.
His first production Raja
Harishchandra was screened at
Coronation Cinema in Mumbai on
May 3, 1913 marking the begin-
ning of Indian cinema. Regarded as
the father of the Indian cinema,
Phalke went on to make several
silent films but became the first
casualty when the silent era passed.
Alam Ara debuted at Majestic
Cinema in Mumbai on 14 March
1931, a love story between a gypsy
and a prince, starring Zubeida,
Master Vettal as well as Prithvi Raj
Kapoor. It was so popular that
police had to be called in to control
the crowd. Ironically the first talkie
now lies silent as its print perished
in a fire in National archive in
The talkies changed the face of
Indian cinema. Apart from looks,
the actors not only needed a com-
manding voice but also singing
skills, as music became a defining
element in Indian cinema.
The golden period of 50s pro-
vided a strong impetus to the
industry, with themes changing to
social issues relevant at the time.
Sure they were entertaining but the
movies of that time also became a
potent medium to educate the
masses. The era established a 25
year actor/filmmaker as the show-
man of Indian cinema Raj
Kapoor, someone who had an eye
for detail.
Recalling the magic of the gold-
en age, Bollywood director Imtiaz
Ali says, The relationship was
very tender, very real, and the
influences of the contemporary
society exhibited in movies of that
time is something that I have not
seen before.
Raj Kapoors Awara, the story
about a man caught in the centre of
a nature Vs nurture debate brought
him immense glory. The film went
on to become not just a national but
international success especially in
the then USSR. The film also got
nominated in the Cannes film fest
in 1943. The actor filmmaker effec-
tively used Chaplins character (the
one he used in Awara) in later films
like Shri 420. He indianised the
chaplin idiom and sat down with
the man on the street bringing the
spotlight on the common man.
The golden period also produced
some of Indias most critically
acclaimed films and memorable
actors of all time. Among those in
Bollywoods hall of fame are Guru
Dutt, Mehboob Khan, Balraj
Sahani, Nargis, Bimal Roy, Meena
Kumari, Madhubala and Dilip
This was the time when maver-
icks like Guru Dutt and Bimal Roy
captivated the audiences with
Pyaasa and Do Bigha Zamin,
Indian cinema moved one step
ahead with K Asifs magum opus
Mughal-e-Azam in 1960. It was
after the release of this movie that
the magnanimity of Indian cinema
was established.
In the 70s a genre was born
masala movie. Masala films were
the demand of the time. The genre
promised instant attraction and had
great entertainment value. People
flocked to theatre to see their
reflection on the big screen.
Audiences were enthralled by the
histrionics of actors such as Rajesh
Khanna, Sanjeev Kumar, Waheeda
Rehman, Asha Parekh, Tanuja and
While Indian commercial cinema
enjoyed popularity among movie-
goers, Indian art cinema did not go
unnoticed. Adoor Gopalakrishnan,
Ritwik Ghatak, Aravindan, Satyajit
Ray, Shaji Karun and several other
art film directors were making
movies that gave India internation-
al fame and glory.
This was Bollywoods prime
period, a time when director
Ramesh Sippy gave us his icono-
clastic Sholay (1975). The film,
which has been internationally
acclaimed, also clinched the title of
superstar for Amitabh Bachchan,
who already had over 30 films
under his belt by then.
80s saw the emergence of sever-
al woman directors such as Aparna
Sen, Prema Karnath and Meera
Nair. It was also the decade when
sultry siren Rekha wooed audi-
ences with her stunning perform-
ance in Umrao Jaan (1981).
And then in 90s, it was a mixed
genre of romantic, thrillers, action
and comedy films. A stark upgrade
can be seen on the canvas as tech-
nology gifted the industry Dolby
digital sound effects, advanced spe-
cial effects, choreography and
international appeal. The develop-
ment brought about investments
from the corporate sector along
with finer scripts and performanc-
It was time to shift focus to aes-
thetic appeal. And stars like Shah
Rukh Khan, Rajnikanth, Madhuri
Dixit, Aamir Khan, Chiranjeevi,
Juhi Chawla and Hrithik Roshan
began to explore ways to use new
techniques to enrich Indian cinema
with their performances.
Indian cinema finally found glob-
al mass appeal at the turn of the
21st century. As the world became
a global village, the industry
reached out further to international
Apart from regular screenings at
major international film festivals,
the overseas market contributed a
sizeable chunk to Bollywoods box
office collections.
Regular foreign Investments
made by major global studios such
as 20th Century Fox, Sony
Pictures, and Warner Bros put a
stamp of confirmation that
Bollywood had etched itself on the
global podium.
India's first talkie, Alam Ara debuted at Majestic Cinema
in Mumbai on 14 March 1931.
Raja Harishchandra was screened at Coronation Cinema in Mumbai
on May 3, 1913 marking the beginning of Indian cinema.
Bollywood is celebrating its centenary year. It was on May 3, 1913 that India's first
full-length feature film 'Raja Harishchandra' was first showcased in public and 99
years down the line, it's come a long way. In a country where over 1,000 films are
made every year in several languages, when we celebrate a century of filmmaking
excellence, how do we define Indian cinema? Be part of this journey with SATimes.
Top 10 silent films
The first film made by an Indian was Raja
Harishchandra, which was shown to the public
on May 3, 1913. As we enter the 100th year of
India cinema, we take a look at the silent era
(from 1913 to 1930) of the movies and present to
you our top 10 films from this period.
Raja Harishchandra, 1913: Even though the
first film that went into making was Shree
Pundalik by Dadasaheb Torne, in 1912, it was con-
sidered a British production.
The first full length feature film made by an
Indian that was shown to the public was Raja
Harishchandra, produced and directed by
Dadasaheb Phalke.
Lanka Dahan, 1917: Dadasaheb Phalke went
on to make several films after Raja Harishchandra
including Mohini Bhasmasur (1913), Satyavan
Savitri (1914) and Lanka Dahan (1917). But
Lanka Dahan was the one that went on to become
Indias first big box-office hit!
Keechaka Vadham, 1917: Mythology was one
of the favourite subjects of filmmakers during this
time. The success of Madan and Phalke inspired
makers from other regions to make films too.
Shankuntala, 1920: The film, directed by
Suchet Singh is based on Kalidas famous novel. It
didnt completely stick to the original work. Singh
chose to go with a more liberal mind set owing to
his foreign education.
Bhakt Vidur, 1921: By 1920, filmmaking had
transformed into an industry. In the wake of the
commercial possibilities, Kohinoor Studios
released their film Bhakt Vidur, based on a chapter
from Mahabharata.
Bilat Ferat, 1921: The same year saw the
release of Bengali filmmaker Dhiren Gangulys
film Bilat Ferat (England Returned). It was the
first Indian love story made for celluloid.
Pati Bhakti, 1922: Directed by JJ Madan, this
movie made actress Patience Cooper the biggest
star of that time. Patience played the role of
Leelavati who advocated that women should be
completely devoted to their husbands.
Prem Sanyas, 1925: Directed by Himanshu Rai
and Franz Osten, it was the first Indo-European
co-production. German technicians and Indian
actors came together for this one and managed to
steer clear of the usual exotic depiction of Indian
culture which up until then was the western film-
makers favored.
Devdas, 1928: This was the first film adaptation
of the Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay novella,
Devdas. Directed by Naresh Mitra, it was well
scripted and had a distinct touch of Bengali sensi-
Gopal Krishna, 1929: Though Netaji Palkar
was the first movie made by V Shantaram, Gopal
Krishna was the film that went on to become more
TheSouthAsianTimes.info May 12-18, 2012
Race to Raisina Hill:
Pranab has his nose ahead
By Amulya Ganguli
or once, the Congress seems
to have been able to get its
act together on the presiden-
tial poll with its two possible can-
didates, Hamid Ansari and Pranab
Mukherjee, running ahead of the
rest of the pack.
However, the party itself can
hardly be credited with this
achievement. Instead, it is really a
gift of the Bharatiya Janata Party
(BJP) and, more particularly, of its
leader in the Lok Sabha, Sushma
Swaraj, whose gaffes have landed
the principal opposition party in a
Apart from confirming how the
BJP's leadership tangle remains
unresolved, what the episode
underlined was the party's warped
ideas on the subject of the next
president. When Swaraj perempto-
rily and unilaterally ruled out the
question of support for Ansari and
Mukherjee, she was acting in
accordance with the BJP's condi-
tioned reflexes of anti-Muslim and
anti-Congress postures.
Her charge that the vice presi-
dent lacked stature was laughable,
especially in the context of the
lackluster background of the pres-
ent president, Pratibha Patil, whose
elevation five years ago had sur-
prised and amused the political
world since many outside
Maharashtra didn't even know who
she was. "Pratibha who?" was the
question which was asked. Since
then, her tenure - though thankful-
ly devoid of major controversies -
has hardly enhanced her stature.
India' s first woman president,
therefore, will go down in history
as something of a disappointment.
Swaraj's assertion, therefore, that
the far more distinguished Ansari
lacked stature was odd, to say the
least. Her objection appeared to
have been based on the fact, there-
fore, that Ansari was a Muslim
and, for the BJP, to straightaway
endorse a Muslim candidate would
go against the party's grain.
Since she couldn't state the obvi-
ous, she took a roundabout way of
restating the party's "secularism"
by naming former president A.P.J.
Abdul Kalam as a nominee.
Kalam, of course, has enjoyed the
BJP's support in the past if only
because he shares some of the
party's views of Indian history. He
is also known for his scientific
achievements and personal integri-
ty. But, having already been presi-
dent, it will be strange to elevate
him to the post again, especially
when he is now 81. What the sug-
gestion showed, therefore, was the
BJP's bankruptcy of ideas and also
how bare was its cupboard of pos-
sible Muslim candidates. And this,
in the world' s second largest
Muslim country.
It will be unfair to deny that the
Congress' calculations in choosing
Ansari have nothing to do with the
Muslim angle. But it acts with long
practiced sophistication in these
matters, born of years of accom-
modating Muslim dignitaries
inside and outside the organiza-
tion. So from the distinguished
academic Zakir Hussain to the
unprepossessing Mohammed
Hidayatullah, to Ansari, the
Congress has nurtured individuals
of varying potential as followers
and admirers.
If Ansari stumbles at the last hur-
dle, it will be due to the habitually
contrarian Mamata Banerjee, who
is totting up one by one her unend-
ing opposition to the Congress' ini-
tiatives. In Ansari's case, it is his
supposed friendliness towards the
Marxists which is unacceptable to
the West Bengal chief minister. If
there was no other alternative, she
would have wondered about the
impact of her opposition to Ansari
on her Muslim base in the state.
For the Congress, it is a
Hobson's choice. The party will
dearly love to install Ansari with
the next general election two years
away when his elevation will
enable it to mobilize Muslim sup-
port. The move will also enable it
to keep some parties of the Hindi
belt on its side - the Samajwadi
Party, the Bahujan Samaj Party
(BSP), the Rashtriya Janata Dal
(RJD), and others who always
wear their "secularism" on their
sleeves. But the Congress is not
sure whether Mukherjee's wider
acceptability - he can expect the
BJP's support as well - makes him
a safer bet.
The views expressed in Op Eds are not necessarily those of The South Asian Times.
For the Congress, it is a Hobson's choice. The party will dearly love
to install Vice President Hamid Ansari with the next general election
two years away when his elevation will enable it
to mobilize Muslim support.
Exposing Sachin to world beyond cricket
By Pradeep Magazine
ll his life, Sachin Tendulkar has
remained an inscrutable creature
and all we know about him is what
he does on the cricket field. Whether by
design or accident, he has never allowed
outsiders to peep into his personal life, cul-
tivating for himself an aura befitting his
He has been untouched by any controver-
sy and remains till date the most adored
public figure the country has ever known.
His on-field achievements may be stupen-
dous but no less is his feat of straddling the
cricketing world for more than two decades
without creating any enemies or
unhealthy rivalries, or making even a
stray comment that could stoke strife.
He is today the unblemished middle class
hero, who gets much love, affection, space
and time, whether in the media or in public
discourse. It wont be an exaggeration to
say we as a country seem to have a
Tendulkar obsession.
Piquant situation
This obsession showed when he was
approaching his century-of-centuries mile-
stone. The longer it took him, the greater
the media agonized over it.
Today, his nomination to the Rajya Sabha
has created a piquant situation that could
well expose the man to the vagaries of the
real world and reveal to us the real per-
sona behind the batting genius.
The world of politics is governed by a
different set of rules, where anything goes
as long as it benefits a party or an individ-
So, the question is not whether Congress
cynical exploitation of Tendulkars popular
image was the reason behind this nomina-
tion, but what made him accept this offer.
For a man who has not been very com-
fortable with a leadership role and prefers
to mentor talent away from the public gaze,
questions are bound to be raised whether
this was the right course for him to take.
Decision questioned
For the first time in his career, there are
people and the number is growing by the
day who are questioning the wisdom of
his decision and are being harshly critical
about it.
This is not something he is used to and he
could be even regretting that moment
when he gave in. For any sportsman, the
easier part is playing, his success on the
field becoming a shield against the slings
and arrows of the world. Once he steps
out of the playing arena, a different battle
begins, where runs scored or wickets taken
are no guarantee to an immortal status.
For Tendulkar, being a Rajya Sabha mem-
ber is an honor that comes with a price: it
leaves him vulnerable to the dictates of an
uncertain, fallible world of mortals.
Op Ed 19
For Sachin Tendulkar, being a Rajya
Sabha member is an honor that comes with
a price: it leaves him vulnerable to the dic-
tates of an uncertain, fallible world
of mortals.
20 Diaspora
May 12-18, 2012 TheSouthAsianTimes.info
London: A 21-year-old Asian Muslim
woman in Britain has been sentenced
to jail for four years after she pretend-
ed she was raped by her Hindu
boyfriend and arranged for his kidnap-
ping and torture by a gang.
The accused Sonia Begum told her
cousin Shahen Ahmed that the 22-
year-old Hindu man had sexually
assaulted her. Ahmed rounded up a
gang who kidnapped the boyfriend,
the Daily Mail reported.
Begum thought her Hindu boyfriend
would show explicit photos of her to
her devout parents.
The gang also set fire to the victim's
face, beat him with a belt and kicked
him in the stomach, the Old Bailey
court heard.
Begum claimed the man was pester-
ing her, and feared that her strict
Muslim parents would disapprove of
any contact between them, because he
was Hindu.
Begum lured him to meet her at a
place in London. She spoke to him on
one mobile phone while maintaining
an open line to her 20-year-old broth-
er, Mohammed Hussain.
Ahmed, Hussain and two other men
- Mafijur Rahman, 45, and Kasim
Uddin, 35 - kidnapped the Hindu man.
The kidnappers made "terrifying"
phone calls demanding money from
the victim's family, the court heard.
Ahmed was told he must serve at
least eight-and-a-half years before he
can apply for parole. He admitted kid-
nap, false imprisonment, blackmail
and causing grievous bodily harm
with intent.
Hussain was jailed for 14 years,
Uddin received 11-and-a-half years
and Rahman was sentenced to six-
and-a-half years for their roles.
Noor Miah, a 49-year-old, whose
flat in east London was used for the
crime, received two years for false
Muslim woman jailed for wrongly
accusing Hindu of rape
London: Amidst reports of a proliferation of babas and
tantriks offering magical cure and luck in India, a UK-
based rationalists group has offered 100,000 pounds prize
to any such person who can scientifically prove their
claims. The Birmingham-based Asian Rationalist Society
of Britain (ARSB) today said that the offer extends not to
only to such controversial individuals in Britain who offer
their services to the Asian community, but also to babas
and tantriks in India.
The prize money of 100,000 pounds, was open to anyone
who could prove under tested conditions to have paranor-
mal powers, Sachdev Virdee, general secretary of ARSB,
said. Virdee said: It is a matter of shame that with their
fake claims they are still able to victimize vulnerable, des-
perate and gullible people in India.
The people of India have enough strength to come for-
ward to expose these babas and to expose the real truth to
protect the vulnerable people and put fake babas behind
The ASRB has been in the forefront of campaigning
against the many babas and tantriks who are resident
here or come to the UK from India.
Many such individuals advertise their services in mag-
azines and television channels targeted at the Asian com-
munity. Virdee said tantriks, witch doctors and charlatans
were exploiting the superstitious and gullible people from
Asian and Afro-Caribbean communities and were earning
thousands of pounds every year.
NRI rationalists offer 100000 pounds to babas to prove their claims
Sonia Begum
Melbourne: Indian students are
once again heading to Australia,
along with a rise in international
students, with the perceived threat
of physical violence having reced-
ed to a large extent.
Violence against Indians in
Australia has been a sensitive
issue, especially after several
racially motivated attacks on
international students a few years
back had strained relations
between the two nations.
Indian students, according to an
Australian Immigration
Department report, top the list of
visas granted in Australia.
Overall, 284,152 international
students were granted visas in the
first three quarters of the
Australian financial year ending
March 31. This figure represents
an increase of 4.5 percent com-
pared with the same period in
Over 23,000 Indian students
were granted visa this year.
The Australian Immigration
Department assessment of Indian
applications seem to have
improved significantly from the
same period last year as there has
been a whopping 82.8 percent
increase in Indian students getting
the all important nod.
While 2,319 Indian students
were granted visa in India in the
three quarters ending March 2011,
the number has ballooned to 4,238
this year.
A massive increase has also
been noticed, according to a
recent Immigration Department
report, in the Indian students mak-
ing application for Australian stu-
dent visas. More than 8,000
Indians applied for visa to study
in Australia in the nine months to
March 31 which represents
approximately 120 percent
increase as compared to the num-
ber of applications last year.
Indian students once
again head for Australia
Over 23000 students were
granted visa this year
New Delhi: The parliamentary
panel has slammed the Ministry of
Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA)
for lacking authentic data on the
exact size of the Indian diaspora,
noting this was needed for "appro-
priate policy framing."
The panel also called upon the
ministry to take more initiatives to
attract investments from non-resi-
dent Indians (NRIs).
The Standing Committee on
External Affairs, which submitted
its report on the demands for
grants of the MOIA for 2012-13
in parliament Tuesday, criticized
the ministry for spending more
funds in last quarter and said its
expenditure should be evenly dis-
tributed as far as possible during
each quarter of the year.
The committee took serious note
of the fact that till date the country
has not been able to estimate the
exact number of the Indian dias-
pora and said it was needed for
better functioning and appropriate
policy framing of the MOIA.
"The committee has considered
it unfortunate that the ministry
created for handling all the mat-
ters relating to overseas Indians
has no authentic data of its own
and they have to depend upon the
estimates projected in internation-
al documents," the report said.
It rejected "problems and diffi-
culties" expressed by the ministry
based on the responses from
embassies and missions and hur-
dles about rules by some coun-
"Work should be undertaken on
priority basis appointing a task
force or selecting the agencies
having expertise in this field," it
said, adding that necessary funds
should be obtained from the
Finance Ministry.
Noting that NRI investment
between Aug 1991 and Dec 2010
was Rs.29,347 crore, the panel
said it looked forward to a higher
rate of healthy investments by
NRIs in India. "Financial Services
Division of the Ministry must
work on some targets on yearly
basis to attract NRI investment in
India using all opportunities
including PBDs (pravasi bharatiya
divas)," it said.
The committee desired that
some more special incentives, tax
benefits and exemptions, early
start up of business and single
window documentation facility
should be provided to attract high-
er NRI investments.
Overseas Indian affairs ministry
rapped for inadequate data
Warsaw: Poland has been paying
glowing tributes to Gurudev
Rabindranath Tagore on the occa-
sion of his 150th birth anniversary
and it was an enthralling dance
musical by the Nobel laureate that
marked the winding down of cele-
The dance group Taal from
Chorzow, Poland, has given two
outstanding performances in
Krakow and Warsaw in the last fort-
It selected Tagore's dance musical
"Shyama", a romantic tragedy,
though there were two intertwined
love stories - that of Shyama, a court
dancer, and Bojroshan, a foreign
Sabina Sweta Sen, the director
and choreographer of the Taal
group, said: "It was a great chal-
lenge for us to enact this musical
play. One needed tremendous con-
centration and commitment to put
on the stage."
Sen whose mother is Polish and
father Bengali had to prepare 20
young dancers to learn Bengali and
make them understand the nuances
of Tagore genius.
They took six months to stage this
dance musical as Polish artists had
to sing Tagore songs on the stage
themselves along with the dances.
The director used the music from
Obhi Chatterji's film "Shyama".
"We are very keen to take this
dance musical to many places not
only in Europe but also West Bengal
and Bangladesh. We are searching
for different avenues and patron-
age," said Sen.
"The president of the Indo-Polish
Cultural Committee (IPCC) in
Krakow, Umesh Nautiyal, and
Indian Ambassador to Poland
Monika Kapila Mohta have really
given us both moral and financial
support to encourage us to produce
more classical programs," Sen said.
There are some 2,000 Indians in
Poland, mainly in private business.
Others work in multinational com-
panies and banks.
Poland remembers Tagore, sways
to Gurudev's musical
RBI allows NRIs to
transfer funds from
NRO to NRE account
Mumbai: The Reserve Bank
allowed non-resident Indians
(NRIs) to transfer funds from non-
resident ordinary (NRO) account to
Non-Resident External (NRE)
account subject to a ceiling of $1
million in a financial year.
On a review, it has been decided
that henceforth NRI shall be eli-
gible to transfer funds from NRO
account to NRE account from with-
in the overall ceiling of $1 million
per financial year subject to pay-
ment of tax, RBI said in a notifica-
tion. The decision came after K J
Udeshi committee recommendation
to facilitate persons under Foreign
Exchange Management Act (
FEMA), 1999, it said.
As per the existing regulation,
fund transfer from NRE account to
NRO was allowed, but not the other
way round.
At present transfer of funds from
NRO to NRE account is not permis-
sible, the RBI notification said.
While, an NRE account is for
depositing income from abroad,
NRO account is mainly for putting
Indian incomes.
In case of NRE account, only
NRIs can become joint account
holders but for NRO account both
resident and non-resident can
become joint account holders.
The decision was taken based on
recommendations of K J Udeshi
Committee which reviewed the
facilities for persons under Foreign
Exchange Management Act, 1999.
Rabindranath Tagore
Subcontinent 21
TheSouthAsianTimes.info May 12-18, 2012
Washington: Osama bin Laden
ordered suicide squads to be created
in Pakistan and Afghanistan to track
down US President Barack Obama
and then NATO commander Gen.
David Petraeus, according to a
treasure trove of his letters.
Bin Laden' s directions about
Obama and Petraeus come in a May
2010 letter, one of 17 released by
the US military' s West Point
Combating Terrorism Centre from
the documents captured in the raid
on the Al Qaeda leader's hideout in
Pakistan last May. Bin Laden asked
his lieutenants to identify people in
both countries who could keep an
eye out for Obama and Petraeus and
conduct suicide operations against
them as they travelled in either
country."I asked Shaykh Sa'id, Allah
have mercy on his soul, to task
brother Ilyas to prepare two groups -
one in Pakistan and the other in the
Bagram area of Afghanistan - with
the mission of anticipating and spot-
ting the visits of Obama or Petraeus
to Afghanistan or Pakistan to target
the aircraft of either one of them,"
bin Laden wrote.
He then gave a brief civics lesson
on why they should not target Vice
President Joe Biden: because he was
in the direct chain of command and
"Biden is totally unprepared for that
post (the presidency), which will
lead the US into a crisis," he wrote.
He also said the suicide teams
were not to target then Secretary of
Defense Robert Gates or the chair-
man of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at
the time, Admiral Mike Mullen, or
Richard Holbrook, who was the spe-
cial envoy to Pakistan and
Afghanistan. Bin Laden's reasoning
for targeting only Petraeus and
Obama was that they were the heads
of state and of operations in
Afghanistan, and without them, the
path of the war would be altered.
In its executive summary on the
documents, the US military says
they reveal Bin Laden's frustration
with affiliated organisations and his
powerlessness to control their
Osama ordered suicide
squads against Obama
NATO commander
Gen. David Petraeus
Kathmandu: Possibly the
least urbanized country in
South Asia, Nepal is also the
fastest urbanizing nation in
the region -- and unless the
government seriously man-
ages urbanization better, the
country could fail to attain
economic efficiency from
the process, a new World
Bank study has warned.
The findings of the study --
Urban Growth and Spatial
Transition: An Initial
Assessment -- which the WB
disseminated, says urban
population in Nepal has
grown at more than 5 percent
on average since the 1970s,
mainly as people moved rap-
idly to areas of jobs and bet-
ter economic opportunities.
While that has led some 20
percent of Nepal's popula-
tion to presently live in
urban areas, the urban areas
are together generating about
65 percent of gross domestic
product. Given that urban
areas serve as powerhouse of
economy in any country, the
report says Nepal can tap the
potential of its cities to lever-
age their comparative advan-
tages and turn them into
competitive advantages,
reported Xinhua.
However, Elisa Muzzini,
urban economist at the
World Bank who led the
study, was quoted by
Wednesday's Republica daily
newspaper as saying that
Nepal's urban centres, partic-
ularly the Kathmandu Valley,
are already facing serious
challenge due to multiple
factors like inadequate infra-
structure, haphazard plan-
ning and poor business envi-
For instance, she said
household access to piped
water supply in urban Nepal
has declined from 68 percent
in 2003 to 58 percent in
2010. While the Kathmandu
Valley suffers from
unplanned construction,
infrastructure bottlenecks in
coming years are feared to
hit the city's productivity.
While the metropolitan
offices and the government
have done little to manage
the new expansion of the
city, the Valley is receiving a
mere $6 worth of per capita
investment on infrastructure
-- least among all sub-metros
and municipalities in the
New Delhi: Signaling a positive movement
forward on contentious issues, India and
Bangladesh said they have inched ahead
towards signing of the Teesta river water-
sharing accord and a long overdue extradi-
tion treaty.
India's External Affairs Minister S.M.
Krishna and his Bangladesh counterpart
Dipu Moni had a "very useful and produc-
tive" first joint consultative commission
meeting, after which they sounded positive
over several bilateral issues, including the
delayed Teesta accord.
"We look forward to making progress and
finishing the agreement on Teesta water shar-
ing at the earliest," Krishna told reporters
after his talks with Dipu Moni.
"We are trying to develop a political con-
sensus in India. It is important that the views
of all those who are dependent on its waters
are taken into account and the burden is
shared equitably," he said, referring to the
Teesta agreement.
Opposition from West Bengal Chief
Minister Mamata Banerjee, who is an ally of
the United Progressive Alliance union gov-
ernment, led to India not signing the water
sharing agreement with Bangladesh during
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's visit to
Dhaka last September.
The Kathmandu city
'US committed to Afghanistan
even after pullout'
New Delhi: US secretary of state Hillary Clinton
said that even after the Nato-ISAF withdrawal in
2014 from Afghanistan, US and NATO will main-
tain a "commitment of security and development
support''. She said US will support Afghanistan's
security and stability and will contribute to building
capacity in their government, and enhancing their
economic growth and development.
"That will continue. I think the details of that are
being worked out on our side, speaking just for the
United States, with the strategic agreement. And
now we will negotiate a security agreement,'' she
said. "There are a couple of milestones up ahead.
At the Nato meeting in Chicago in about two
weeks, there will be a reaffirmation of our commit-
ment to Afghanistan, both to the transition to
Afghan-led security and then after 2014. The
Indian government will host a private sector con-
ference to encourage more private sector invest-
ment in Afghanistan in June,'' she added.
Clinton said the al-Qaida plot to bomb a US
bound airplane in Yemen suggested that terror
groups keep trying to devise more and more per-
verse and terrible ways to kill innocent people. "It
is a reminder why we have to remain vigilant," she
Pak textbook says 9/11
happened last year!
Islamabad: Shocking Pakistan's
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa lawmakers
with its factual errors, a Pashto text-
book for Class 5 students says the
9/11 terror attack happened in 2011
and the general elections will be
held in the country in February
Lawmakers in Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa Assembly were left
stunned when an opposition mem-
ber pointed out errors in the book,
reported Dawn.
"At times incidents occur, which
hugely affect human history and re-
write a new one. Like 'September
11, 2011' incident in America is
before us. The incident occurs in
America but the whole world got
affected," said the social study book
recently introduced by the Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa Textbook Board
9/11 refers to the Sep 11, 2001
attack on the World Trade Centre
complex in New York and the
Pentagon, killing nearly 3,000 peo-
Mufti Said Janan, who highlighted
the matter, wondered as to how the
people could expect any good from
the government when it was distort-
ing facts and history.
Nepal fastest
urbanizing country
in South Asia
Delhi, Dhaka inch towards Teesta,
extradition pacts
Lahore: India should take "a
bold initiative" to resolve the
dispute over Siachen, the
world's highest battleground,
said Pakistan Foreign
Minister Hina Rabbani Khar.
Khar said Pakistan
believed that all outstanding
issues with India could be
resolved through dialogue,
reported Dawn.
Responding to queries by
Indian businessmen on a
two-day visit, Khar said in
Lahore that Islamabad had
been willing to resolve the
Siachen dispute way back in
India must take 'bold initiative'
on Siachen: Khar
Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar
22 International
May 12-18, 2012 TheSouthAsianTimes.info
Sarkozy holds 'emotional' last cabinet meet
Paris: Outgoing French leader
Nicolas Sarkozy's cabinet met for
its last session as President-elect
Francois Hollande held talks with
top Socialists to gear up for next
month's parliamentary vote.
Mr Hollande also held consul-
tations on forming a government
and preparing for his first foreign
visit, to Berlin, where he is
expected to get a frosty reception
over his plans to renegotiate the
European fiscal austerity pact.
The cabinet meeting was "emo-
tional", participants said, with
ministers giving Mr Sarkozy a
standing ovation after he told
them he wished Mr Hollande
"good luck" following his elec-
tion win.
"Nicolas Sarkozy's main com-
mitment in 2007, to put France
on the move, has been met,"
Prime Minister Francois Fillon
said after the session.
"We did this with a number of
reforms that no one else man-
aged, and we did it during a cli-
mate of crisis."
Government spokeswoman
Valerie Pecresse said Fillon
would tender the cabinet's resig-
nation and that it would take
effect when Mr Hollande is inau-
gurated on May 15.
Mr Hollande meanwhile met
with senior party officials at his
campaign headquarters, where
talks focused on securing the
Socialists a majority in the two-
round parliamentary vote on June
10 and 17.
"We are closing one period and
opening another, that of the par-
liamentary elections, " party
leader Martine Aubry told jour-
nalists. "It is important not to
slacken our efforts."
Winning in June will be crucial
for the Socialists as the president
requires a parliamentary majority
to maintain a government -- oth-
erwise the Prime Minister is in
charge of the cabinet.
Mr Sarkozy's ministers were
also starting to focus on the vote,
with the trade and tourism minis-
ter, Frederic Lefebvre, saying the
centre-right UMP was confident
of claiming a majority in parlia-
"Five weeks from now is the
moment of reconquest, five
weeks from now is the road to
hope," he told BFMTV after the
cabinet meeting.
German Chancellor Angela
Merkel has made clear she will
not renegotiate the fiscal pact set-
ting tough budgetary rules for
European Union states, which she
spearheaded along with Mr
President-elect Francois Hollande (right) held talks with top Socialists
to gear up for next month's parliamentary vote.
plane goes
missing, 50
Jakarta: A new Russi an-
made civilian plane carrying
50 people went missing in
Indonesia while flying over
mountains during a demon-
stration flight for potential
buyers and journalists, offi-
cials said.
Search and rescue teams
were heading to the area just
sout h of t he capi t al , sai d
Bambang Ervan, a
spokesman for the Ministry
of Transportation. Bad weath-
er, however, forced at least
two helicopters to turn back.
The Sukhoi Superjet-100
took off from Jakarta's Halim
Perdanakusuma Airport at
2:21 p.m. It dropped off the
radar 21 minutes later near
the Salak mountain range,
after the crew asked air traffic
cont rol for permi ssi on t o
descend from 10,000 feet to
6,000 feet (3,000 meters to
1,800 meters).
No explanation was given
for t he sudden change of
course. Though drizzling at
the time, it was not stormy.
"I saw a big plane passing
just over my house,'' Juanda,
a villager who lives near the
7,200-foot- (2,200-meter)-
mountain, told the local sta-
tion TVOne.
Together with the Russian
crew, the plane was carrying
50 peopl e, sai d Sunaryo,
from PT Trimarga Rekatama,
the company that was respon-
sible for the guest list. Like
many Indonesi ans, bot h
Sunaryo and Daryatmo use
only one name.
Athens: Greece moved closer to a
second snap election when the
head of the biggest party launched
a new attack on radical leftist
Alexis Tsipras, saying his plans
for a new government would push
the country out of the euro zone.
New Democracy leader Antonis
Samaras said in a televised state-
ment that he hoped Tsipras would
"come to his senses" before they
met for coalition talks.
Tsipras, riding a wave of public
disgust with economic hardship,
has demanded that Samaras and
socialist PASOK leader Evangelos
Venizelos tear up their 130-billion
euro bailout deal with the EU and
Samaras said this would be "a
certain and immediate disaster".
Tsipras, whose Left Coalition
SYRIZA came second in the elec-
tion, received a three-day mandate
after Samaras gave up after only a
few hours.
Samaras added: "The Greek
people did not give a mandate for
the country to collapse or exit the
euro zone.
The exact opposite." He said
Tsipras's stance indicated he was
ruling out an alliance with New
Tsipras, 37, refused to budge,
saying coalition talks with the
mainstream parties would only
have meaning if Samaras and
Venizelos agreed to revoke "bar-
baric austerity measures".
European leaders have said
repeatedly since the election that
there is no alternative to the
bailout if Greece wants to stay in
the euro.
Greece's crisis fuelled fears of a
resurgence of the euro zone debt
crisis, driving the euro towards a
three-month low and pushing
down global shares.
Political turmoil in Greece raises euro risk
European leaders have said repeatedly since the election that there is no
alternative to the bailout if Greece wants to stay in the euro.
M o s c o w :
P r e s i d e n t
V l a d i m i r
Putin, speak-
ing in
Mo s c o w ' s
Red Square
with military
generals at
his side, said
he would pro-
mote Russia's
might on the
world stage
in a patriotic
speech, glori-
fying the Soviet victory over
Germany in World War Two.
Two days after being sworn in
for a six-year term that has drawn
protests against his return to the
Kremlin, Putin used the address to
troops and war veterans at the
annual military parade on Red
Square to reinforce appeals for
national unity.
Putin faces a battle to reassert
himself after the biggest protests
since he rose to power in 2000
and the detention of hundreds of
protesters this week to keep a lid
on dissent.
Russia consistently follows a
policy of strengthening global
security and we have a great
moral right to stand up deter-
minedly for our positions because
our country suffered the blow of
Nazism, Putin said on a podium
flanked by military chiefs bris-
tling with medals under the
Kremlin's red walls.
He did not refer to any enemy
other than evoking the victory
over Nazi Germany in 1945 at a
great human cost, including mil-
lions of Soviet victims, at a parade
in which goose-stepping troops,
tanks and trucks carrying missiles
filed past him.
Barbarians were plotting to
destroy whole nations, he said.
The inevitable happened -
responsibility and common
resolve prevailed over evil.
Putin, 59, has often used tough
statements on foreign policy to
rally people and resorted to anti-
American rhetoric in the run-up to
the March 4 presidential election.
The tactic was also used by Soviet
leaders, and featured prominently
on national holidays such as
Victory in Europe day.
Putin promises a strong Russia on world stage
President Vladimir Putin at Moscow's Red Square.
Washington: The US has
expressed hope that the process
of democratization will continue
in Russia and the Russian citi-
zens' rights will be respected fol-
lowing Vladimir Putin's taking
over as the president of the
In an interview with CNN, US
Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton said: "Certainly from the
TV coverage I have seen the
extent of the demonstrations."
"And I think it goes to the
hope that all Russians have and
that everyone who cares about
Russia has that with the new
term that President Putin is
about to begin, Russia will be
able to continue democratising,
protecting and respecting the
rights of all Russian citizens,
ensuring that there is a level
playing field for political and
economic participation," she
Business 23
TheSouthAsianTimes.info May 12-18, 2012
Washington: The United States is
sending a team of energy experts
to help India reduce its depend-
ence on Iranian oil, while
acknowledging that New Delhi
has cut back its oil imports from
"We are working with them to
help them in any way that we can
offer technical assistance, and
next week my energy coordinator,
Ambassador Carlos Pascual, will
be here in India with a team of
experts," Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton said in an inter-
view with CNN.
"Because we know that this is
hard for India, just like it's been
hard for some of the European
countries that were very depend-
ent upon Iranian oil, for Japan,"
she said US has "worked with
them and offered suggestions
about alternative sources of sup-
ply at an affordable cost."
Noting that "India has reduced
its dependence on Iranian oil" and
"their refineries have stopped ask-
ing for orders to purchase Iranian
oil," Clinton said: "So we appreci-
ate the steps that India has taken,
and we're continuing to consult
with them."
Asked if it does not "place
friends in a difficult situation",
she said: "We want to keep the
sanctions pressure on, which
requires - yes - our friends,
nations with whom we have great
areas of agreement, to have to
make some tough choices.
"India shares exactly our goal,"
to "prevent Iran from becoming a
nuclear weapons nation," Clinton
said. "So everything in this high-
stakes diplomacy that we' re
engaged in is an exercise in calcu-
US team to help India cut Iran oil imports
Air India's 'sick' pilots
continue protest
New Delhi/Mumbai: The agitation by Air
India's 'sick' pilots continued for the third day
forcing the management to cancel four interna-
tional flights, an official said.
"Till now four flights have been canceled,
including New Delhi-Singapore, New Delhi-
New York, New Delhi-Frankfurt and Mumbai-
Newark," a senior Air India official on the opera-
tions arm told IANS.
"We have called in reserve pilots and other
flights are operating per schedule. Passengers
are being updated about their flight status."
To a query on the number of pilots who
responded to Air India's ultimatum to report
back for duties at the earliest, the official
declined to comment.However, the derecognized
Indian Pilots Guild (IPG) is likely to discuss the
issue and the sacking of 10 senior pilots at a
meeting. Sources in the pilots union also claim
that the disgruntled aviators have also reached
out to chief labor commissioner's (CLC) office.
The action by pilots has come at a critical
juncture when the airline was hoping to retrieve
lost ground with the peak vacation season and
had secured a whopping Rs.42,000 crore bailout
US job
Washington: US employers
posted more job openings in
March in fresh evidence of the
recovering job market, the Labor
Department has reported.
The number of job openings
rose to 3.74 million in March
from a revised 3.57 million in
February, it was reported.
A separate Labor Department
report released last week showed
that the US unemployment rate
edged down to 8.1 percent in
April, with the total number of
unemployed Americans standing
at 12.5 million, reported Xinhua.
That means an average of 3.3
people competed for every job
opening in March.
The action by pilots has come at a critical
juncture when the airline was hoping to
retrieve lost ground.
IMF chief urges balanced
policies for higher growth
Washington: Global policymakers should strike
a balance between austerity and growth in
designing economic policies to deliver faster and
better growth, as fiscal adjustment and other
headwinds weighed down growth, International
Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde
The global economy needs "higher and better"
growth. Getting there depends on choosing the
right combination of policies, Lagarde said dur-
ing a speech in Zurich, Switzerland.
"With the wrong choices, we risk losing a
decade of growth, a generation of young people,
and an opportunity to put the global economy on
a secure footing. We dare not fail," reported
Xinhua citing from her written speech.
Among the advanced economies, the output
gap -- the difference between what an economy
is producing and what it can produce -- remains
close to 4 percent this year on average, noted the
managing director of the Washington-based
global lender, adding that "austerity versus
growth is very much the debate of the hour".
International Monetary Fund chief
Christine Lagarde.
India's crude oil imports from Iran declined by about 34 percent in April
compared with March, deeper than expected.
Mumbai: At the opening ceremony
for Daimler AG's $850 million India
factory, chairman Dieter Zetsche
stepped down from the cab of a
gleaming yellow 25-tonne truck
with scaled-down horsepower, a
stripped-back gearbox and no sign
of the iconic Mercedes-Benz three-
pointed star on its grille.
Daimler has been assembling
high-end trucks in India for years,
but its recently launched cut-price
BharatBenz line has joined a trend
by global heavy equipment manu-
facturers to compete in India's high-
volume, high-growth - but cost-con-
scious - mass market.
The potential is huge. Truck sales
alone grew 18 percent in the year to
March 2012 to over 800,000 vehi-
cles, and are expected to double to
1.6 million by 2017. This eclipses
the United States, where just over
300,000 commercial trucks were
sold in 2011.
But it's a market where being best
isn't good enough. To target the low
end of India's engineering markets,
which accounts for over 70 percent
of sales, manufacturers need to offer
the best value, and to do that they
need to go local.
Car makers have been localizing
their products for years, sourcing
materials and making cheap, India-
tailored vehicles. India-made cars
from companies such as Ford or
South Korea' s Hyundai which
poured billions of dollars into India
in the 1990s now command 75 per-
cent of the market.
By comparison, foreign truckmak-
ers have less than 10 percent of
domestic market, while overseas
manufacturers of substations - a
market targeted by local units of
Germany' s Siemens AG and
Swedish-Swiss rival ABB Ltd have
just over 20 percent of the local
European manufacturers of heavy-
duty equipment ranging from
haulage trucks to power systems and
machinery are now racing to offer
stripped-down, locally sourced and
built products.
"In India there is definitely a need
for international players to go
beyond a premium strategy and to
find local ways to develop a typical-
ly Indian product that really suits the
market," says Nikolaus Lang, part-
ner and managing director at the
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in
"In the truck industry in emerging
markets, the next decade will be the
decade of localisation ... that is the
next challenge," he says.
It's a strategy that has worked well
in Brazil, where foreign manufactur-
ers dominate the truck market. And
with restrictive foreign ownership
rules in China and Russia, India is a
key market for growth-hungry glob-
al manufacturers.
Global manufacturers go local in cost-wary India Vodafone plea
denied, India 'no
tax haven'
New Delhi: Finance Minister
Pranab Mukherjee declined to
roll-back a change in the Income
Tax Act with retrospective effect
to tax foreign firms for capital
gains made on Indian assets, say-
ing the country cannot be reduced
to a tax haven.
Replying to the debate on the
national budget he had presented
in March, Mukherjee also said the
legislature had the powers to cor-
rect decisions by courts that go
against the desired objective of a
His reference was to the capital
gains tax of Rs.11,000 crore ($2.2
billion) imposed on Vodafone on
acquiring the stake of Hong
Kong-based Hutchison held in an
Indian telecom firm, then called
Hutchison-Essar. The law was
sought to be amended retrospec-
To target the low end of India's engineering markets, which accounts for
over 70 percent of sales, manufacturers need to offer the best value, and to
do that they need to go local.
24 Sports
May 12-18, 2012 TheSouthAsianTimes.info
Kolkata: Fresh from winning her first gold medal at
the biggest stage, Deepika Kumari might have
emerged India's biggest Olympic medal hope in
archery but the teenager wants to take it easy for the
London Games.
There are lot of expectations from her with the fan-
cied men's team yet to qualify for the July 27-August
12 extravaganza, but Deepika says she is staying
focused on giving her best.
"I don't want to rush after an Olympic gold. I want to
reach a stage where I deserve a medal. But I don't
want to return empty-handed from London," Deepika
told reporters.
At the World Cup Stage II, the Ranchi youngster
defeated Korea's Lee Sung Jin 6-4 for her first gold
medal at the World Cup.
"I had won silver (in the senior circuit). So, naturally
I'm very happy on winning the World Cup, which will
remain a precious moment in my life.
"The competition had several tough opponents from
all over the world. So I had my task cut out. No won-
der this had been my best effort so far in my career,"
Deepika said.
Don't want to return
empty-handed from London
I have to better my Beijing
performance: Sushil
New Delhi: India's ace wrestler
Sushil Kumar wants to better his
Beijing Games' bronze medal
winning performance in the 2012
London Olympics.
"I have to better my Beijing per-
formance. In Athens Olympics, I
came close to winning a medal. I
was in good form before Athens
having beaten almost all the top
wrestlers. But I could not win a
medal in Athens. In Beijing, not
many gave me any chance. But
the wrestling community had faith
in me and I didn' t prove them
wrong," said Sushil.
Aware of the expectations on
him to win gold at the London
Olympics, Sushil insists that he is
not under pressure. "I am aware of
the expectations this time. The
country is looking up to me. But I
won't be under any pressure. I
have never taken any pressure on
myself. In a way it is good that I
have qualified late because I am
in competitive mould. I am in a
rhythm," said Sushil while inau-
gurating the documentary series
"Travelling with the PROS" made
by Bikram Saluja on India's top-
seven sportspersons including
Sushil's spate of injuries delayed
his qualification. "In Kazhakstan,
I suffered due to shoulder and
hand injury. But I still had confi-
dence in myself. At the national
camp in Sonepat people around
me were also confident about my
qualification and it helped me to
stay motivated," he said.
The Delhi boy said that he was
reviewing the performances of his
competitors in London. "In China
I was in good form. There I con-
ceded only one point before quali-
fying. We are now watching the
videos of competitors who have
qualified in my category. We are
also making the strategy how to
counter them," he said.
Deepika Kumari.
Ace wrestler Sushil Kumar.
Indian boxers all set for World
New Delhi: Franchises will earn
unprecedented revenue through
gate collections in this edition of
the IPL which has seen a remark-
able transition from pass culture to
ticket culture among fans, says the
league's boss Rajiv Shukla.
Shukla said that he has been sur-
prised by the league's "roaring suc-
cess" and has promised to bring in
more value additions to the subse-
quent editions to make it more
"I never expected such kind of a
response. We were very apprehen-
sive before the event started
because the Indian team was not
doing too well, it lost two succes-
sive series (in England and
Australia)," Shukla said.
"So, obviously everybody was
apprehensive but it has gone off
very well. Everybody is appreciat-
ing the success. For the first time,
all the franchises have made huge
money through gate money. All
future matches, most of the tickets
have been sold out well in advance.
"Tickets are selling like hot
cakes, that's the good thing about
IPL. People have started purchas-
ing tickets. Pass culture in India
was too much, so now we are wit-
nessing a transition from pass cul-
ture to ticket culture and it is a
good thing," he said.
Shukla said despite the absence
of Pakistani players in the event,
IPL has managed to grab eyeballs
across the border as well.
"...we are getting huge response
from the Internet. It's a huge chunk
of internet viewership throughout
the world. Overseas viewing also
has got a very good response. In a
country like Pakistan, you know
Pakistani players are not playing,
despite that people there are watch-
ing IPL," Shukla said.
Shukla said the franchises are
equal partners in the league and
would be taken into confidence
before any big move.
"I see the franchises as partners
in this show. We have to give them
full respect.
We have to understand their
issues and try to resolve their prob-
lems. That is why we have started
meetings with owners.
'IPL V: Teams will earn huge money'
New Delhi: In a historic year for
Women's boxing, with the disci-
pline making its debut at the
Olympic Games in London, women
boxers looking to create Olympic
history will have to pass the crucial
test of qualification at the AIBA
Women' s World Boxing
The Championship will take
place at the Olympic Stadium in
Qinhuangdao, China from May 9th
- May 20th, 2012. A nineteen mem-
ber strong Indian boxing contingent
including 10 boxers and support
staff will depart for the port city in
China on Tuesday from the IGI
Airport in New Delhi.
The seventh edition of the tourna-
ment will serve as the only qualify-
ing event for the London 2012
Games. At the Olympics, there will
be three weight categories for
women, which will be flyweight
(51kg), lightweight (60kg) and
middleweight (75kg).
However, the World
Championships features ten cate-
gories in total, from light flyweight
(46-49kg) to super heavyweight
(over 81kg). With 24 quotas places
up for grabs - eight in each of the
Olympic weight categories - the
2012 Women' s World Boxing
Championships is sure to be fierce-
ly competitive. Asia has been
awarded 2 quota places in both the
fly and the light weight division
and 1 quota in the middle weight
National coach D Chandra Lal
believes Indian boxers have a good
chance to qualify, but a lot will
depend on the draw of the champi-
onship. He added, "Asian
Championships earlier this year
was the big litmus test for us and
our girls passed with flying colors.
It was a great performance that has
brought us into the fray in a big
way. With only five quota places
available for the Asian continent,
winning a qualification will be
tough, but we have two prime box-
ers in our side, Mary Kom and
Sarita Dev, who are well prepared
and all set to give their best".
Indian Premier League chief Rajiv Shukla. Teams Mat Won Lost Tied N/R Pts Net RR For Against
Kolkata Knight Riders 12 8 3 0 1 17 +0.600 1561/205.1 1480/211.1
Delhi Daredevils 11 8 3 0 0 16 +0.880 1579/189.5 1567/210.4
Mumbai Indians 12 7 5 0 0 14 -0.198 1687/234.5 1715/232.2
Royal Challengers Bang. 12 6 5 0 1 13 -0.223 1790/216.2 1868/219.5
Rajasthan Royals 12 6 6 0 0 12 +0.265 1932/236.0 1859/234.4
Kings XI Punjab 12 6 6 0 0 12 -0.309 1796/237.0 1860/235.5
Chennai Super Kings 12 5 6 0 1 11 +0.013 1710/220.0 1623/209.1
Pune Warriors 13 4 9 0 0 8 -0.238 1956/259.2 1945/250.0
Deccan Chargers 12 2 9 0 1 5 -0.621 1675/220.0 1769/214.5
IPL-V: Points Table
Feature 25
TheSouthAsianTimes.info May12-18, 2012
Royal rendezvous for the Marwari
Making Indian indigenous horses proud, the famed Marwari breed from Rajasthan has been invited to
take part in the 60th anniversary celebration of the crowing of Queen Elizabeth.
By Prakash Bhandari
he Marwari breed horses,
which produced a faithful
like Chetak, the horse the
great Rajput warrior Maharana
Pratap rode, has done Indian
indigenous horses proud. The
Marwari horses are among the
500 horses that would partici-
pate in a musical equestrian
show in Windsor Castle in
London from May 10 to 13.
Eight of them bred in Dundlod
in Shekhawati region of
Rajasthan would take part in the
60th anniversary celebration of
the crowing of Queen Elizabeth.
Eight Marwari horses who
were exported to other countries
are being spared by their owners
and would assemble in UK.
Dilraj the stallion will come
from France; Mirabai,
Chamunda and Nazarullah will
fly from their respective stables
in Spain; and four Marwari
horses owned by the Sultan of
Oman will fly from Muscat,
said Raghuvendra Singh
Dundlod, a promoter of the
Marwari breed and the secretary
general of the Indigenous Horse
Society of India (IHSI).
These horses, bred particularly
in western and southern
Rajasthan, are considered ideal
for endurance racing, mountain
rides and patrolling. Dundlod
and Fransesca Kelly, an
American equestrian expert,
worked hard to promote the
Marwari horses and were
exporting them, but the Indian
government has banned the
export as its a threatened breed.
Earlier, in 1999, the government
introduced a restricted list of
indigenous breeds that could be
exported after obtaining a
license. But after 21 Marwari
horses were exported to the US
and Sri Lanka in seven years,
granting licenses was stopped in
2006. The US owners now breed
the Marwari horses in their sta-
bles. Marwari horses were not
even allowed to participate in
international equestrian events
at Germany and Kentucky in
US. Thus when we received the
invitation to perform at Windsor
Castle, we requested the owners
of the horses abroad to fly these
horses to London and they
obliged, said Dundlod.
The Indian show at Windsor
Castle will include the Kalbeliya
dancer Gulabo and her troupe
and artists from Bharatpurs Brij
Lok Kala. The India theme is
based on A.R. Rahmans Jai Ho
and Raghu Dixits Mysore Se
Aayi, choreographed by Kelly,
using horses, tent-peggers and
A poster for the presentation at the Queens's 60th
Marwari horses: a rare breed
he Marwari breed is not only Indias
best horse, it is also known for its
endurance quality and the long hours
that it can serve its owners at a stretch. The
breed descended from native ponies crossed
with the Arabian horses and possibly with
Mongolian influence. The horse was used
when there was no postal system and to carry
It is known for its inward-turning ear tips,
and comes in many colors, although pinto tend
to be the most popular. It is a hardy breed sim-
ilar to the Kathiawari.
The Rathores, traditional rulers of the
Marwar region, first bred the Marwari. Used
as a cavalry horse, the Marwari was noted for
its loyalty and bravery in battle. The breed
deteriorated in the 1930s, with breeding stock
diminishing due to poor management prac-
tices, but regained some popularity later.
The Marwari averages 15 to 16 hands high.
White horses are bred specifically for religious
use in India, but are generally not accepted
into Marwari studbooks.
Late Raja Bhupat Singh of Ummednagar
championed the cause of the Marwari breed
and was an authority on the subject. His obser-
vations from a note he shared with this author:
TYPE: Standard of perfection. In addition to
its physical characteristics, the Marwari is
defined by its personality and vigor, handsome
forthright presence and arrogant bearing in the
stallion and doe eyed beauty in the mare.
CONFORMATION: It is the degree of per-
fection of the component parts and their har-
monious relationship to each other.
THE HEAD: The head conveys the unde-
finable oriental presence of the horse and
should be expressive with a high forehead,
large sparkling prominent eyes, straight or
slightly Roman long face giving a clean chis-
eled profile and well rounded defined jaws.
The nostrils are large and gently flared, set
over firm fine lips and an even bite. The ears
should be of medium length and shapely, curv-
ing and curling inwards at their points in a
scimitar or lyre shape typical to the breed.
They will be somewhat longer in the mare.
THE THROAT - LATCH is deep and suffi-
ciently refined to allow proper flexion and
normal respiration at all times in all move-
as a peacock. The neck should come out from
well angulated shoulder with good breadth
from top of the withers to the point of shoul-
der. It should not be thickset nor narrow, but
arched, well muscled and tapering in relation
to sex. It should blend easily without break
into the withers and back. It should also be set
high enough to allow proper head position
well above the lines of the withers and to dis-
play to advantage the "Marwari look", which
is predicated upon the way the neck grows out
of the back. The stallion should have more
crest than the mare or gelding.
THE WITHERS should be well defined
and in proportion to the angulation of the
THE CHEST on the Marwari is not particu-
larly broad, but it should be well developed.
THE BODY should be compact and round-
ed with a medium to short back and close cou-
pling, well sprung ribs and deep loins. The
croup is long and well muscled with the tail
attached high and curved gracefully. A low
back is a fault and the Marwari should not be
higher at the rump than at the withers. Viewed
from the side the top line presents a sensual
curve from the poll to the straight back round-
ing into the thigh. The neck should give the
impression of sitting on top of the withers
rather than in front of them. The underline
should be long and deep through the heart
girth and flanks. The extreme angulation of the
shoulder place the front legs further forward
on the body. The front legs are straight and
perpendicular to the ground, as are the rear
cannons when points of hock and buttock are
in the same vertical line. The stifle should be
placed well forward and low in the flank area.
THE FRONT LEGS should be straight and
sound with flat bone, good length of forearm
and a shorter cannon.
The cannon bones are strong and slender,
and the pasterns of sufficient length and angu-
lation to provide a light, flexible and springy
step. The knee bones should be flat and the
feet in proportion to the size of the horse,
round open at the heel with concave soles, and
Dilraj the Marwari stallion will go to London from France.
26 Health
May 12-18, 2012 TheSouthAsianTimes.info
Playing basketball, soccer
staves off Osteoporosis
St oc khol m:
Young men
who play load
bearing games
such as volley-
ball and bas-
ketball for four
hours a week
or more
increase bone
mass, which
may ensure
p r o t e c t i o n
from osteoporosis later in life,
says a study.
The study, the largest scale
investigation of its kind, discov-
ered that young men who actively
resisted the urge to adopt a
"couch-potato" lifestyle in their
late twenties seemed to gain the
biggest bone benefit.
Load bearing sports are those
that involve jumping, including
soccer, basketball, volleyball and
tennis, that increase the load on
the body's bones.
"Men who increased their load-
bearing activity from age 19 to 24
not only developed more bone,
but also had larger bones com-
pared to men who were sedentary
during the same period," senior
study co-author Mattias
Lorentzon, University of
Gothenburg, Sweden, was quoted
as saying in the Journal of Bone
and Mineral Research.
Bigger bones with more mass
are thought to offer a shield
against osteoporosis, a disease
that affects men and women alike,
in which bones become porous
and weak over time and start to
fracture by age 50 or later, accord-
ing to a university statement.
"Osteoporosis actually seems to
get its start by age 25 when bones
start to lose tissue. So this study
sends an important message to
young men," Lorentzon said. "The
more you move, the more bone
you build."
Lorentzon and colleagues found
that basketball and volleyball
seemed the best kinds of activities
for building bone mass, followed
by soccer and tennis. Such load-
bearing sports seem to push the
body to form new bone tissue.
Alcohol more harmful for women
New Delhi: Alcohol in any amount
can be dangerous to anyone but it
affects women more than men, with
increased health risks like liver and
heart diseases and infertility for
them, according to experts.
According to Monika Jain, a sen-
ior hepatologist with Fortis
Hospital, "the female physiology is
such that it allows for greater toxici-
ty with lesser amounts of alcohol
and in lesser time, as compared to
"A woman's body doesn't break
down the alcohol as quickly as a
man's body does. This results in
greater levels of alcohol in blood,
resulting in greater toxicity," said
"The enzyme, alcohol dehydroge-
nase (ADH) which breaks down the
alcohol in stomach is produced in
smaller quantities in women result-
ing in slower action as compared to
men," Jain added. According to a
publication by the US National
Institute on Alcohol Abuse and
Alcoholism(NIAAA), women who
drink heavily face greater health
risks than men who drink heavily,
with women alcoholics being more
prone to liver disease, heart damage
and brain damage.
American obese population to rise
Washington, DC: Almost 42 percent of
Americans could be obese by 2030.
If that happens, the US healthcare system
could be burdened with 32 million more
obese people within two decades.
So says the US Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention.
Drastic action is needed to keep rates from
increasing further, warned researchers from
Duke University, RTI International and the
US Centers for Disease Control, Xinhua
By the most current obesity statistics, 35.7
percent of American adults -- 78 million peo-
ple -- and 16.9 percent of children and adoles-
cents are obese, meaning their body-mass
index is 30 or over.
The new study forecasts an increase in the
number of individuals with severe obesity, with rates
rising to 11 percent by 2030.
Severe obesity is defined as a body mass index over
40 or roughly 100 pounds overweight.
Severely obese individuals are at highest risk for the
health conditions caused by excess weight, resulting in
substantially greater medical expenditures and rates of
The study, based on data from the Behavioral Risk
Factor Surveillance System and state-level data from the
Bureau of Labor Statistics and other organizations, has
been published in the American Journal of Preventive
Food & Health 27
TheSouthAsianTimes.info May 12-18, 2012
elebrity writer-chef Vikas
Khanna, whose signature
Indian dish 'Tree of Life' - a
variation of gobi ka pakoda - is
soon to be served to US President
Barack Obama, is also a strong
votary of the philosophy of "no
secrets in the kitchen."
Food has to be shared as it repre-
sents sharing of cultures which is
the way civilizations move forward,
says Khanna, whose new cook-
book, "Flavors First" has just hit
the stands. "There should be no
walls, no secrets in the kitchen.
Recipes cannot be secret. If my
grandmother had kept them as a
secret from me, I would not have
been a chef. A journey that begins
with secrets ends in secrets. People
copy me. I have shared my recipes
with honesty in my book," said
Khanna at the launch of his book.
The book was released by food
columnist and journalist Vir
Khanna, one of the three
Michelin-starred chefs of Indian
origin in New York, is busy con-
necting to readers in India to pro-
mote his cookbook and rehearsing
for a fundraising dinner for Obama,
where he will treat the president to
his signature Indian dish, 'Tree of
Life', a cauliflower-based dish, the
writer-chef said.
"It is a variation of the Indian
gobi ka pakoda (cauliflower
munchies) fried in a batter of rice
flower to make it crispy. It is served
with a roasted tomato sauce gar-
nished with spices," the chef said.
The dish - embellished on a white
China platter with pomegranate
seeds and mint leaves - is known as
'The Tree of Life' as a whole cauli-
flower is cut from its base to resem-
ble a tree with leaves spread out
like a flower, said the chef, demon-
strating the dish in the capital.
The ' Tree of Life' is also the
theme around which Khanna' s
restaurant in New York, Junoon, is
designed. A dedicated writer,
Khanna has been working on
"Flavors First" (Om Books
International) for the last three
Khanna said the book was a diary
of his journey from India to
America and how it reflected on the
cuisine. "Your food starts absorbing
more influences. I agree in shifting
but I don't believe in de-rooting
myself. I thrive physically in
America but India is my spiritual
home," Khanna said.
He said the dishes he chose for
"Flavors First" reflects a new kind
of understanding about Indian food
in the West and the "Indian women
in kitchens from where the food
comes." It also includes collabora-
tive recipes that Khanna has learnt
through his interactions with cooks
from across the world.
"The Indian woman has giving
hands - they are always out-
stretched," Khanna said.
The book, which has a foreword
by Gordon Ramsey, is divided into
segments devoted to an introduc-
tion to the Indian kitchen, condi-
ments, starters, rice, breads,
legumes, soups and salads, vegeta-
bles, poultry, meats, seafood,
dessert and drinks.
"It has been written in collabora-
tion with Andrew Blackmore
Dobbyn, my good friend and col-
league. English is, by my reckon-
ing, my fourth language and I still
have difficulties with the intricacies
of grammar. Andrew has helped me
with the organization of language
and recipes," Khanna said.
The book, though Indian in
essence, targets a Western audi-
ence, unfamiliar with Indian cui-
sine. Some of the dishes, as a result,
have a fusion sensitivity to them.
"I wanted to convey the universal
theme of food. Cinnamon for
example occurs in three varieties -
American, Indian and Indonesian,"
Khanna said citing an instance.
The chef has completed work on
his new book, "Holy Kitchens" - a
book on Himalayan cuisine. "I am
trying to bring back the meaning of
sharing food, breaking bread
together and how people bond over
food," he said.
'No secrets in kitchen' is
celebrity Indian chef's mantra
By Janya Bhave
veryone is so busy these days that
people do not have time to cook at
home. There are plenty of choices in
local grocery stores as well as Indian food
stores. However, with so many choices
available, some are confused about what to
eat and what to avoid. There are so many
conflicting articles and other information
about different types of diets that it is very
easy to get confused. For example, some
articles say you must have protein, others
say avoid carbohydrates, still others say
watch the total number of calories consumed
each day.
Naturally, there are businesses that take
advantage of peoples confusion and fear of
gaining weight. Many advertise on TV that
their product is proven to be good for losing
weight. In fact, many of these products do
more harm than good. Even if initially some
may lose some weight, they gain in back and
some more very quickly. This is because
most people lack the discipline needed to
stick to a diet for a long time.
One example of a questionable product is
the diet soda. Many mistakenly believe that
because diet soda has no sugar and fewer
calories, it helps to reduce weight. However,
some researchers believe that people who
drink diet soda are more likely to gain
weight because they usually make up for the
saved calories by eating other food such as a
pizza, a cake, or an ice cream.
Some people who follow the diet fad that
is popular for the day often feel hungry in
trying to curb their appetite. They feel tired
and fatigued. If continued, this could lead to
more serious illnesses such as depression.
Eventually, many give up the diet and actual-
ly start overeating. Naturally, within a few
months, instead of losing weight, they gain
Everyday, we have to make choices about
what to eat. Scientists confirm that our body
needs a certain amount of proteins, carbohy-
drates, fat, and calories. Instead of focusing
on just one element, we need a balanced diet.
Green vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, fish,
chicken, egg whites, yogurt are generally
good for everyone. Those with constipation
problems need more fiber in foods such as
whole wheat bread. Oat meal is also good for
your heart. Since it is sometimes difficult to
have a balanced diet everyday, a daily dose
of multi-vitamins is also recommended.
As we all know but many times do not fol-
low is the rule that breakfast is the most
important meal of the day. A good breakfast
helps concentration and other mental activi-
ties for the whole day. It should include
items such as cereals, milk, orange juice, egg
whites and other fruits and juices.
Vitamin C helps strengthen bones, teeth
and capillaries. It also enhances iron absorp-
tion. Therefore, we need to combine food
rich in both vitamin C and iron in the same
meal. Oranges, cranberries, grapefruits,
strawberries, cantaloupes, tomatoes, and
vegetable juices have vitamin C. However,
our body does not store vitamin C, and there-
fore, we need to make sure that we have
enough intake of vitamin C every day.
Vitamin C boosts your immune system and
is essential to prevent common sicknesses
such as cold, cough, and fever. Another way
to avoid common cold and cough, especially
during winter times, is to use hot water and
salt to gargle your mouth every night. The
process kills germs in the throat and mouth.
This easy technique of home-made remedy
is much better than various cold medicines
that can cause dizziness and save a trip to
your doctor.
Diets and nutrition facts and myths
Oranges, cranberries, grapefruits,
strawberries, cantaloupes, tomatoes and
vegetable juices have vitamin C.
Chef Vikas Khanna with his mother and food columnist Vir Sanghvi
at the launch of his book Flavors First
For foodies and cooking enthusiasts, here
are some recipes by Khanna:
1. Chai-Infused Emperor's Green Rice
Ingredients: 1 cup of emperor's green rice, 2 table
spoons of unsalted butter, 4 bay leaves, 4 white
cloves, 2 three-inch long cinnamon sticks, 6 green
cardamom pods, 1 two-inch long fresh ginger (peeled
and minced), and one and a half cups of water.
Darjeeling tea bags or strong black tea bags
(remove the paper tags), one teaspoonful of salt and
half cup finely chopped fresh cilantro will also be
Process: Rinse the rice in cold water, drain and then
soak for 30 minutes in cold water. Set aside. Preheat
the oven to 350 Fahrenheit in a medium pot with a lid.
Melt butter over medium heat.
Add bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, and
ginger. Stir until fragrant for about two minutes. Add
rice and saute for a few minutes until rice and spices
are well combined. Add the water, tea bags and salt -
bring to a boil, cover with a damp kitchen towel and a
lid. Bake for 12-15 minutes until the liquid evapo-
rates. Remove tea bags carefully without tearing
them. Fluff with fork and garnish with cilantro.
2. Masala Honey Cornish Hens
Ingredients: 4 one-pound Cornish hens rinsed well
and patted dry, 1/2 tablespoon salt, 2 tablespoons of
soy sauce, juice of 2 lemons, 1/4th cup garam masala,
1/4th cup of lavender powder ground, sprigs for gar-
nish and 1/4th cup olive oil.
Process: Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Season the (whole small) hens with salt and set aside
for 10 minutes. In a medium mixing bowl, combine
honey, soy sauce, lemon juice, garam masala and
lavender flowers.
Rub the hens with the marinade. Heat oil over
medium high heat and sear the hens from all sides so
that the oil enters. Transfer hens in a roasting pan and
roast in oven till hens are tender. Insert thermometer
in the thigh of hens and wait till it reads 165 degrees
F. Arrange on platter and garnish with lavender sprigs.
3. French Breakfast Radishes with Mustard
Dressing (lal-mooli and moongfali chaat)
Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1/4th table-
spoon of cumin seeds, 1/4th tablespoon of black mus-
tard seeds, 1 small red onion minced, 1/4th table-
spoon turmeric, 1/2 tablespoon salt, 2 cups of small
and sliced French breakfast radishes, 1 tablespoon of
lemon juice, 1 cup roasted peanuts, 1 tablespoon of
chopped cilantro.
Process: Heat oil in small saucepan with a lid. Add
cumin and mustard seeds. Cover and shake the pan till
seeds sputter. Add onion, turmeric, salt and cook.
Remove from heat and then cool. Use it as dressing.
Place radishes in a bowl and add radishes with lemon
juice. Serve with peanuts and cilantro.
recently stopped at the liquor store to buy
a bottle of wine. The cashier put it in a
brown paper bag and, as I took it from her,
I noticed there were some words on the bag. I
thought it was a message such as Dont
Drink and Drive or Drink Responsibly. But
when I got to my car, I took a closer look and
heres what it said: Follow us on Twitter.
Of all the messages they could have put on
the bag, this one seemed as unlikely to me as
Keep us in your prayers or Recommend us
to your addictions counsellor.
As odd as it seemed, I went ahead and did it.
I followed the liquor store. I didnt tell my
wife, of course. I didnt want her to think, Oh
no, my husband is a liquor store follower.
Soon word would get out, probably through a
Facebook status update, and Id be getting a
visit from the minister at my church.
Minister: Melvin, is there something
youd like to talk about?
Me: Uh not really. Why?
Minister: Well, I heard that youre follow-
ing the liquor store.
Me: Yes, but only on Twitter. Nowhere
Minister: I see. So you havent friended
the liquor store on Facebook?
Me: No, we arent friends yet, though I am
quite friendly with some of the liquor stores
Minister: I
see. Were you in
church last
Me: Yes, I was
M i n i s t e r :
Well, you may
remember that I
talked about
whom everyone
should be follow-
ing. Did I say
anything about the liquor store?
Me: (gulp) nope.
Minister: So who are you going to unfol-
low as soon as I leave?
Me: @LiquorStore.
Minister: And who are you going to follow?
Me: @TweetingMinister.
Minister: Good. My work is done!
While I was wary of getting a visit from the
minister, I was also curious about what type of
tweets the liquor store would send.
Liquor Store: Just kicked out a drunk guy.
Tried to buy a bottle of Jack Daniels with his
library card.
Liquor Store: I told him he couldnt buy
anything with a library card. He asked if he
could borrow the bottle instead.
Liquor Store: A lending liquor store.
Someone get the investors lined up. Well
make billions on the IPO.
The main purpose of the Liquor Stores
Twitter account, of course, is to keep follow-
ers informed about all the special deals - and
to answer any questions we have. This could
be quite handy, I realized.
Liquor Store: Kingfisher beer from India
on sale today. Only $8.99 for a six-pack.
Hurry in.
Me: Great! By the way, can you tell me if
the Chinese restaurant across the street from
you is open right now?
Liquor Store: No, Im busy. Lots of Indian
Me: Is Sanjay Patel there? Hes a friend of
Liquor Store: How should I know if hes
Me: Well, you could make an announce-
Liquor Store: And what if hes here
you want me to say hi for you?
Me: No, ask him to look out the window
and see if the Chinese restaurant is open.
Liquor Store: Oh, please. Why dont you
just call them yourself?
Me: Its easier to tweet you.
Liquor Store: Ok, ok. Just this once Ill
look out the window and see if theyre open.
28 Humor
Keeping in touch with the liquor store
Tech Life
Humor with Melvin Durai
by Mahendra Shah
Mahendra Shah is an architect by education, entrepreneur by profession, artist and humorist,
cartoonist and writer by hobby. He has been recording the plight of the immigrant Indians for
the past many years in his cartoons. Hailing from Gujarat, he lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Laughter is the Best Medicine
Washington,DC: Tech giant Apple is report-
edly planning to launch a $799 MacBook Air
by the end of 2012.
According to a DigiTimes report, sources
have revealed that Apple would release a
cheaper MacBook Air to compete with the
new ultrabook trend that gained momentum
during the 2012 International Consumer
Electronics Show (CES).
Apple currently offers an 11-inch
MacBook for $999, and a 13-inch model for
According to CBS News, reports of iPad
minis and iPhone nanos have been making
Rumors of a cheaper, iPad mini with 7.85-
inch display have been circulating for some
DigiTimes had reported that 'makers' in
Apple's supply chain has started 'delivering
samples of a 7.85-inch iPads for verifica-
Also, a recent report by the China Times
claimed that Apple is planning to release
low-cost iPhone nano this year. According to
the report, the move aims to make gains on
the low-end smartphone market.
Apple may launch cheaper
version of MacBook Air
May 12-18, 2012 TheSouthAsianTimes.info
Aries: This week share important infor-
mation with others to win their confi-
dence. You realize that working, as a team will
ensure gains. But some people think differently,
do not let ignorance of people bother your mind.
Home front will be peaceful and pleasant, and
family members extend their full support. Go out
and socialize and do not be afraid to express your
true feeling if you happen to meet someone who
appeals to you. Money gains are certain but do
not indulge in speculation and gambling.
Taurus: Dont bother to hide things from
your mate. Concealment of facts will
only complicate matters for you and you will
find it hard to explain things at a later stage.
Selective speculation in real estate and stocks
will be highly rewarding. Good week for stu-
dents and professionals as they witness steady
progress in their respective fields. Auspicious
events and marriage proposals for some.
Gemini: Control your temper when deal-
ing with your beloved or business part-
ner. Although your financial position will
improve in the next few days, the outflow of
money will still create hindrance in executing
your new plans and projects. Taking opinion
from people who have experience and knowl-
edge will be important. Health will be normal
despite a busy and hectic week. This is a wonder-
ful week to attend seminars and exhibition that
interests you.
Cancer: This week pleasure trip will not
only be exciting and educating but it will
bring you a good chance to meet someone who
will inspire you into new business. A wonderful
idea if given prompt response will yield immedi-
ate gains. Budding romance for those unattached
will bring new excitement and cheerfulness in
life. Health will be perfect, but you certainly
need to take precautions in the changing weather.
Leo: This week your influence will be
strong, and you will be able to do things
your way. Opportunities that present themselves
to you would lead to good things later on.
However you need to focus and concentrate on
one thing at a time, putting your hands in many
jobs will get you no where. Expensive household
purchases are likely to be made towards the end
of the week. Sudden romantic developments
with a stranger will brighten up your days ahead.
Virgo: This week you would be pleased
with yourself as you are in a much better,
comfortable and secure position than ever
before. You've done a lot of work to get to the
position where you are today and it will be high-
ly appreciated by others. Some people will look
up to you for advice and you will not disappoint
them, rather you will go out of your way to help
them, both financially and morally. The end of
the week sees you over occupied with social
gathering and family functions.
Libra: This is a perfect week to work on
new projects. Your creativity and your
ability to communicate effectively will bring you
immense gains. You will make important
changes at home, which will make it a better and
comfortable place to live. You will find members
of the opposite sex most appealing. Try not to
hurt those who love and care about you. Middle
of the week will be highly exciting for those
unemployed, as they could receive a good offer
or a brilliant opportunity.
Scorpio: You will have a tendency to
think that nobody except you can do your
work properly, but if you want the job done on
schedule then it will be important for you to seek
outside support. Dont threaten people with ulti-
matum if you want their help. Your creative and
intelligent mind will act like a magnet, and peo-
ple will be drawn towards you. Finances improve
later in the week as you benefit from past invest-
Sagittarius: This week there will be no
substitute to hard work. People will be
supportive but you will have to make all the
major decisions yourself. There will be moments
of excitement and tension where your patience
will be put to test. Avoid arguments and con-
frontation to take control of the situation and to
prevent it from getting bad to worse. Later in the
week you can look for some outdoor games,
which will keep you relaxed and in an energetic
mood. Drive carefully during the evenings.
Capricorn: This week you would be
eager to talk about your plans with oth-
ers. Your ideas would appeal to majority of peo-
ple and you should take advantage of this and
utilize it to your benefit. People will treat you
with respect and admiration, and some of them
will want you to lead them. You would achieve a
lot if you behave flexible and compromise on
certain issues. Do not disappoint people with
your stubbornness. Your health will suffer if you
dont take care of yourself.
Aquarius: This week you will be work-
ing on projects, which are most promis-
ing. Your mind will be hungry for more knowl-
edge. Be highly secretive about your personal
plans, as you will be misled by a friend or a col-
league. Take care of important tasks and corre-
spondence that have piled up on your desk. This
is also an excellent time for professional
advancements, bonus, promotions and recogni-
tion. A short pleasure jaunt towards the weekend
cannot be ruled out.
Pisces: This week some people do not
agree with your plans. Open communica-
tion will lead to better understanding and appre-
ciation of your thoughts.
You should remember that working together is
an excellent way to accomplish common goals
and benefits. Your concentration will be good
and others will give you the respect you deserve.
Income is likely to improve, but there will be a
rise in expenses as well. Property matters will
take final shape.
May 12:
Planet Jupiter and number 3 will rule you throughout
your life. A highly vigorous, pragmatic approached,
spiritual minded, intelligent, decent and positive lad.
Your adaptability to the alterations will make you fit
for all situation person. Widely awaited technologies
will prove to be good by your sheer hard work and ef-
fectiveness. Stop acting green-eyes and obstinate.
The confidential information related to domestic or
professional front should not be unraveled. You
should always be ready with back-up plans as the un-
expected traits of any project might need them. The
rumors of your engagement to some work place op-
posite sex or any kind of new relation are already do-
ing the rounds online. The fake policies or deregulat-
ed ones might pose threat to your career so better be
careful while formulating them. Cash registers will
be ringing when some over the seas plan will settle
for you. Months of May, July, September, November
and April will be hallowed ones.
May 13:
Number 4 and planet Uranus will always turn the sit-
uation around for you. The following attributes will
define you like kind hearted, cool and calm, electri-
fying, organized, sincere and innovative etc. The ex-
citement among your fans is no less just because of
your industrious and reasoning capabilities. But you
need to put full stop to your prodigal, careless and
sullen attitude. Your raked in ploys needs some
amendments and the time slated for different events
needs continuous watch. The mateship also needs a
boost up near the end of this year. The travel of any
kind will be lucky for you. The crowd will be pleased
after you undertake a fertile piece of land or any flat
in some posh locality. The stars predicted a spiritual
place quest to get some peace of mind write on. Your
displayed marketing tips or extrovert nature have al-
ready created the abuzz among the top honchos.
Months of June, August, October and January will be
May 14:
Number 5 and planet Mercury will always help you
to top the list. You are a person of smart thinking, po-
litical tacts, and professional, adjusting, crashing and
innately kind nature. You teams up with your family,
friends and colleagues so well that they find it very
difficult to get detach from you. But only less than
one condition if you promise to arrest your rash, re-
vengeful and dark mood. Rivals find it very tough to
beat you in the upcoming time. A string of hits will
put you on money riding. It could be a year of make-
over for your career. You break the jinx very easily
and give hard competition to your opponents. Lying
out of money will always needs such type of favor-
able time which is approaching soon. Time desper-
ately needs a business ting to ring but association
with anyone should be totally evaded. A chain of
friendship is about to increase this time. Months of
July, August, October, December and March will be
May 15:
Number 6 and planet Venus will accommodate you.
A person of full vigor, hard- nosed, ordered flawless
and kind approach. Its like dream come true for you
when you being associated with some NGOs to help
poor and needy people. But crash your impulsive, er-
ratic and envious behavior. You really have to dis-
cover a lot to increase the reach of your business not
only at domestic platform but also internationally.
For this you might have to travel a lot too. With that
you will serve another purpose of spending quality
time with your family at some peaceful and striking-
ly beautiful destinations. Recharge the card of health.
An inspiring nature of your juniors will help to find
lost momentum and peace. You should invest the
money on big screen with strong intention. Any
doubt might lead to paralytic situation. Months of
May, August, September and January will be conse-
quential and fruitful.
May 16:
Months of May, June, August, December and March
will be reckoning. The struggling time for your part-
ner because of frequent clinical visit which might
creates slight botheration for you. Help of colleagues
will help you to get the grips on your work. Testing
conditions for management of funds which you will
get through some jack pot. Lone time period is over
and its time to share your feeling with someone spe-
cial. Ladies will get the deserved rewards which they
are waiting over the period of time. If you want to
make your stand strong you should look out for some
other sources of income which will eventually be in
your favor later. You should slam your impulsive,
fearful and lack of confidence thoughts. You will
reach the place where you touch the unparalleled
heights of achievements. You are highly tender, dash-
ing, decent, hard, archetype and fair lady. Number 7
and planet Neptune will mark new beginnings.
May 17:
You will get fair chances to get back into the game
make big bucks. The people who are about to associ-
ate with you are of great power as they might belong
to administrative services. The previous laying of
money will start showing sign of some improvements
and any past tension will also end up soon. A very
good spiritual leader will kindle new hopes in your
path and help to find the eternal peace. If want con-
troversial free life than avoid nexus with strange
looking people. Months of May, July, August and
November will be fruitful. Number 8 and planet Sat-
urn will make you artistic, brilliant, blessed, deter-
mined, charming person. Your starts will certainly
deserve all the credit for placing you at the top most
position in your organization. But you should also
conquer your quicksilver, adamant and envious traits.
May 18:
Number 9 and planet Mars will be dominating and
make you industrious, hard, offensive, taxonomical
and highly emotional lad. Your strong determination
and creativity help you to overtake any hurdle but
you need to put full stop to your fickle-minded and
argumentative traits. Success and good fortune will
follow you now. You need have to strive hard to get
the support of the duo. Minor alterations at abode will
be pleasing for all associated with it. You yourself
love entertainment and travelling to strange and un-
usual places.
Spouse will create favorable circumstances if
trapped in any wherever he or she will accompany
you. Prevention is better than cure, pay special heed
towards this idiom. Spiritual places have hidden
charm in them, go and explore them. Months of June,
August, October, November and January will be pro-
ductive for you.
Astrology 29
TheSouthAsianTimes.info May 12-18, 2012
By Dr Prem Kumar Sharma
Chandigarh, India: +91-172- 256 2832, 257 2874
Delhi, India: +91-11- 2644 9898, 2648 9899
psharma@premastrologer.com; www.premastrologer.com
Stars Foretell: May 12-18, 2012 Annual Predictions: For those born in this week
i) Accurate Data: Please make sure Date,
Time and Place of birth is accurate.
ii) Careful: Did you check background of the
astrologer before disclosing your secrets.
iii) Fee: Discuss the charges before, dont feel
shy. Its his business.
iv) Expectation: Expect the best, if the out-
come is not as desired, never give up.
v) Consult: Take second opinion before
spending thousands on cure/remedies.
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diamonds & precious stones.
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30 Spiritual Awareness
May 12-18, 2012 TheSouthAsianTimes.info
t is a pleasure to be here with
you in Mexico City, Mexico,
to inaugurate the 26th
International Human Unity
Conference. I find that the people
here are loving, warm, and caring
and are deeply spiritual. I always
feel welcomed here because of the
love and kindness of the people of
People from all over the world
have gathered here in your beauti-
ful country to find ways to bring
about human unity. One of the
biggest blocks to human unity is
violence. The people of Mexico
are undergoing many of the same
difficulties that other countries
around the world face. Every day
there are threats and challenges to
our peace. We have come together
at this conference to find ways to
bring nonviolence into our own
lives in the midst of a world filled
with conflict and suffering. The
purpose of my visit to this beauti-
ful country of Mexico is to give
people techniques to achieve non-
violence, peace, and joy through
Most people want to go through
the day in peace without getting
injured in any way. We want our
children to be safe. We want our
parents to be safe. We want our
brothers and sisters to be safe. We
want our friends to be safe. We
want ourselves to be safe.
Unfortunately, life offers many
challenges. We worry about our
family getting hurt. We worry
about violence to our families,
friends, and community. We hear
about violence when countries go
to war. We pray for an era of non-
violence when people everywhere,
including our own families and
selves, are free of violence.
This physical world is filled with
violence, challenges, and dangers.
From the moment we are born
until our ultimate end, we face ill-
ness, accidents, mishaps, losses,
and disasters both man-made and
natural. The news contains one
event after another filled with vio-
lence that can bring fear and panic
into our lives. People worry about
crime, illness, financial loss and
disasters such as floods, volca-
noes, earthquakes, and other
threats to our lives. Is there any-
way to lead our lives so that we
are not engulfed by fear or vio-
lence? Can we navigate through
the roadblocks on our way to hap-
piness so that we can lead a life of
calm, peace, and joy? Although
people have prayed for an era of
nonviolence for centuries, history
shows there has not yet been a sin-
gle period without war. Is there
any way then to end violence and
have a period of nonviolence on
this planet?
People engage in violence
because they do not think about
the effects it brings. In this con-
nection, there is a story about a
farmer who kept many animals.
Most of the animals got along
peacefully, except for two goats
that were always fighting. It dis-
turbed the peace of the whole
farm. The other animals com-
plained to the farmer about the
two fighting goats and asked him
to resolve their problems.
The farmer called together the
two goats and told them that they
were disturbing everyone else on
the farm. The farmer said to the
goats, "You have to stop fighting.
People do not want to come to the
farm for goods because of the dis-
turbance. The sale of farm prod-
ucts has dropped because of your
fighting. I am going on a trip and
want you to resolve your prob-
lems, so that when I return, you
are peaceful."
The farmer then went out of
town and hoped that when he
returned the goats would get
along. As soon as the farmer left,
the goats began to fight again.
They rammed each other hard
with their horns, and ended up
breaking off their horns. By the
time the farmer returned from the
trip, both goats had broken horns.
He called them together and said,
"I have asked you to get along
with each other. Instead, I return
and you have been fighting and
now you both have injured your-
selves. I request you both to stop
fighting. I am going on another
trip. Please be peaceful. When I
return I want you to have worked
things out so that you both get
along well."
As soon as the farmer went
away, the goats began fighting
again. They were knocking each
other over by pushing each other
hard with their strong bodies and
biting. Soon, their bodies were
bruised beyond repair. When the
farmer returned he said, "You are
both hurting yourselves in the
attempt to hurt each other. Please
stop this." The farmer had another
trip, and begged them to resolve
their problems and be peaceful
since they were now both hurt
badly by their fighting.
When the farmer left, they
fought so hard that they hurt each
other s legs and both of them
could not use their legs anymore.
When the farmer returned he saw
them lying on the ground still
looking angrily at each other. The
farmer said, "You have now
destroyed almost everything about
each other except for your tails. I
suggest you resolve your problem
or there will be nothing left of
either of you." When the farmer
left, they fought so hard that they
finally destroyed each other. There
was nothing left of the two goats
except their bones. When the
farmer returned he did not see the
goats, so he asked the other ani-
mals where they were. The other
animals on the farm explained that
the two goats had fought each
other to death. They took the
farmer to the place where only the
bones remained. The farmer said
to the other animals, "As you can
see, each of the goats was so intent
on destroying the other goat that
they ended up destroying them-
selves. This is the fruit of vio-
lence. Each goat thought it would
hurt the other goat, but both of
them were destroyed in the end.
Violence hurts ourselves more
than the other person."
This lesson is a powerful one
that we can take to heart.
Whenever we set out to hurt some-
one, we think we are hurting
another person. But there are rami-
fications that extend far beyond
our own violence. It spoils the
atmosphere for everyone else, and
it ends up coming back to hurt us.
We cannot avoid the reactions of
our actions.
There is a law in the universe
that tells us that whatever we
think, say, or do will come back to
us. This is known in the East as
the law of karma. This law of
karma states that whatever we
think, say, and do comes back to
us. If we are violent to someone in
action it will come back to hurt us.
Either the other person will
respond to hurt us, or the law of
karma will have some repercus-
sion that will come back to us.
Thus, in our attempts to hurt
someone else with words or deeds,
or even the power of our thoughts,
we can expect that they will
boomerang back to us. So, it caus-
es us to think twice and thrice
before we utter any harsh words to
anyone. That is why the Golden
Rule is so powerful. It says, "Do
unto others as you would have
others do unto you." It means that
whatever we do to others will
come back to us.
If we want to hurt someone, then
we have to think if we want to be
hurt in the same way that we have
hurt someone else. If we do not
want to receive back the pain we
give to those whom we do not
like, then we should not proceed
with our harmful words or deeds.
If we are not prepared to suffer the
effect that we dish out to others,
then we should think twice before
dishing it out to them.
We should also consider that
even if we do not like someone, if
we hurt them, it will only hurt us.
It will come back in the same
measure that we give out. We will
be hurt in the same measure as we
hurt them. We should instead be
calm and cool. We can iron out our
differences in a peaceful and lov-
ing way. We can try to settle any
disputes. We can do so lovingly
and peacefully.
We should not fall into the trap
into which the two goats fell. We
should not be so intent on destroy-
ing our enemies or those whom we
do not like, for in the process we
will only destroy ourselves.
Let us not be like the two goats.
Let us remember their plight of
how they each tried to destroy the
other and they themselves were
destroyed in the process. If we can
remember their example, we
would think twice before hurting
anyone else, because when we are
violent to others, we only hurt our-
Let us learn how to be peaceful.
There will always be people who
differ from us. There may be rea-
sons that certain people just do not
like someone else. We may feel
someone did something to us and
then instead of finding out the real
reason or the true story, we jump
to conclusions and want to hurt
them back. For whatever reason
there are people we do not see eye
to eye with; we should at least rec-
ognize our differences in a peace-
ful way. We should be resolved
not to hurt them or be violent to
them. We should be loving, cor-
dial, and respectful in our interac-
tions with them.
(To be continued....)
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj
is an internationally recognized
spiritual leader and Master of
Jyoti Meditation who affirms the
transcendent oneness at the heart
of all religions and mystic tradi-
tions, emphasizing ethical living
and meditation as building blocks
for achieving inner and outer
peace. www.sos.org.
Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj gave this keynote address at the 26th International Human Unity Conference
held in Mexico City, Mexico, in November 2008.
Non-violence through meditation
By Sant Rajinder Singh
Ji Maharaj
There is a law in the universe that tells us
that whatever we think, say, or do will
come back to us. This is known in the East
as the law of karma. This law of karma
states that whatever we think, say, and do
comes back to us. If we are violent to
someone in action it will come back to hurt
us. Either the other person will respond to
hurt us, or the law of karma will have
some repercussion that will come back to