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Procedure Procedure is the process of how to task or make something. Purpose: Give the step of how to task or make something. Generic structure: 1. Goal Title 2. Materials Contain: ingredients, utensils, equipments to task or make something. 3. Step / Methods Steps to task or make something. Language features: a. use simple present tense b. use sentence connectors ( first , then , next , after ) c. use imperative ( cut , dont mix ) d. use adverbial phrases ( for 2 minutes ) (Fransisca Lukitasari)

News Item News item is the summary of news that we get from newspaper. Purpose: Give information to the readers about events of the day. Text organization: 1. News Worthy Events Contains: what, who, when, where, why 2. Background Events Contains: how happened, tell sequence of the events 3. Source Comments or advices by participant in the events Language feature: a. the head lines use action verb ( fall, read, sweep ) b. use saying verb ( said, commented, advised ) c. use adverb in passive sentence ( at 08.00 pm on Sunday a car was crashed by a train ) d. use passive sentence ( the empty house which near my house crushed by robber ) (Rita Mandari)


How to make a kite

To make a kite we need scissors, knife, glue, paper, yarn and kretek paper. First of all, crosscut the bamboo become two in the same length, then rub it until refine. After that, set it like plus sign, the right and the left side must be balance and a little arch to make our kite easily to fly. Make sure you bundle it strongly. To make kite shape, we must connect the part tip of bamboo with the yarn, remember to give glue to the bamboo and the yarn. Next, attach the kretek paper with the yarn then cut the kretek about 1 cm from the yarn. Dont forget to attach the kretek paper on the other side. At last, use yarn to control the kite flight. (Septa Idah Lestari)

How to install Ms. Office

First, get a Microsoft office CD from your friend or buy in the store. Then put the CD in the CPU to install. Click my computer and then click the CD room for finding icon setup.exe, double click it to start installation. Second, as the installation process set up will ask you for a serial key. And you can find the serial key near setup.exe in the CD room. Then copy and paste any of the key to the corresponding fields and push enter. Third, you may have to click a few more next or ok to finish it. Finally, as the installation finishes, you can start using Ms. Office in your computer. (Fahad)


The empty house, crushed by robber

Pasuruan - A.Rifais house in Perumahan Pondok Sejati Indah (PSI) blok 6A number 12, Pasuruan crushed by robber. That house is empty because he goes to another city on Friday, 14 November 2008. Anam and Nikma know this event when they are turning on the lamp A. Rifais house at 04.00 pm. Nikma is very shocked. She sees the door of A. Rifais bedroom is damage. So, the jewelry 200 gram is lost. And the disadvantage is approximately happened 50 million rupiah. Saiful, Anams brother said that this event happened twice on this week. However, there are security services in that house. The police give advice not to entrust safety of the house to the security. (Asmaul Khusnawati)

Three weeks old baby had been thrown

Surabaya Many parents didnt want their baby bring into the world. On Thursday night (25/10), a baby is found in front of a house on Wonokrromo Street. A baby has been thrown and he is three weeks old. His parents have thrown him on nomad seller. At 19.45 Kholifah hears a baby is crying in front of her house. After that, she goes out and find a baby. When she finds him, the baby is wearing cloth and blanket. Beside him there is a bag contain a bath equipment and draper. Because his condition is weak, he must go to hospital said Nuryadi. Now police accurate this case, who put this baby who is 60 cm and weight 3 kg. Police interrogate Kholifah and their neighbors. Some witnesses see two girls walked fast and they are a suspicion that women has thrown her baby. Then Police would investigate the doctor and house wife on the location. We will check a patient or the babys mother who have disclose on last three weeks said Nuryadi ( Kapolsekta Wonokromo ATP ). (Lili Priyandini)

How to install Ms. Office 1. What is the first step to install Ms. Office? 2. In paragraph 4 .. to finish it. It refers to? 3. Can you use Ms. Office although we dont know the serial key?

4. Where can we find a serial key? 5. In paragraph 2 Double click it to start.. It refers to? (Fahad) How to make a kite 1. What is the kite like? 2. How far must we cut the kretek paper from the yarn? 3. To make a kite we need scissors. We refer to? 4. How many steps do you need to make a kite? 5. Mention the sentence connectors in the text? (Septa Idah Lestari) Three weeks old baby had been thrown 1. What is the topic of this text? 2. Why has baby thrown? 3. Where did Kholifah find this baby? 4. .they suspicion that women has thrown her baby. The word they refer to? 5. How do the police solve this problem? (Lili Priyandini) The empty house, crushed by robber 1. What has happened? 2. How can the robber get into the house? 3. Who is the source? 4. How do Anam and Nikma know this event? 5. What did the robber take from the house? (Asmaul Khusnawati)

THE DIFFERENTS OF PROCEDURE AND EXPLANATION DIFFERENT - Contain PROCEDURE - Task or make something EXPLANATION - Formation and working of natural or sociocultural

- Closing - Purpose - Title

- There is no closing - To give instruction - Goal

phenomena - There is closing - To explain - Title

THE DIFFERENTS OF NEWS ITEM AND RECOUNT DIFFERENT - Source - Comment - Language features NEWS ITEM - There is source - From the witnesses or participant - Simple present tense RECOUNT - There is no source - From the writer - Simple past tense