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Our latest technology We offer a wide rangen of equipments that can be used to reduce the operational cost and

increase the efficiency the unit. These machineries are made, incorporating the latest technology and are ecofriendly. These equipments are easy to operate and provide great flexibility in operation. Our wide range of latest technology equipment include flash water heat recovery system, waste heat recovery system for sulphur Burner, SS polybaffles catchalls, water jet air extractor besides integrated syrup and filtrate clarification system. Flash Water heat recovery system You can reduce the operational as well as production cost by installing our unique system i.e. Flash Heat Recovery system. In the conditional system, the exhaust condensate is collected separately and sent to boilers. The condensate from vapour is used for process requirement. It is possible to introduce stepwise flash recovery system for both exhaust and vapour condensates so as to recover the heat at low-preassure zone.

DESIGN PRINCIPLE AND METHODOLOGY This used vapour of respective bodies form the condensate of previous body. This flash heat form condensate of evaporator body is recovered / utilized in next body. The system will consist of horizontal vessel with different chambers and condensate lines with sealing legs. The sparger tube inside the chambers will help to provide efficient flashing in the vessel. The sight and light glasses provided are usefull to observe the level of fluid / condensate in the process. It is possible to make the total system maintenance free. The said system can work in total isolation with recessary valves providedin the pipelines.

The system will definitely reduce the steam and power consumption at evaporator station. The sizing of vessel, condensate and flash vapour piping etc will be designed based on present factory configuration. ADVANTAGES OF SYSTEM Maximum flash vapour utilization Centralized system with maintenance free operation Highly reliable Ease of supervision on condensate station Energy saving in evaporator station (1,5 to 3 % on cane) depending on temp. Power saving due to single pump for condensate (instead of 5 pumps)

OVER VIEW It reduce the steam and power consumption in the boling house. The sparge tube entry for the condensate helps its proper diffusing and improves efficiency of flashing. It is contralized horizontal or vertical vessel with different flash chambers to reduce the over head and congestion. Water heat recovery system for sulphur burner (vapcon system) up-till now, a separate steam line of 100 PSIG saturated steam is brought op to the sulphtation for the purpose of heating and melting the sulphur burner. It is observed that due to poor control of pressure ang de-superheating the steam. Temp available of pressure for melting is not effective. This result in the following conditions. Non-uniform flow of molten sulphur in to the burner. Variations in the So2 generation in the sulphur burner Jamming of hopper and feeder valves Stoppeges of mill and other process due to non-functioning of sulphur burner.

We are aware of the critical role that the sulphtation plays in production of white sugar. Considering this situation, we have developed an automatic system for efficient melting of sulphur in the melter and maintaining it in liquid from the melt receiver of your sulphur burner. Thie system generator saturated steam speofically for the sulphur station. It is equipped wiyh automatic temp, and pressure control panel for superior control. The design of the system is such that it re uses the condensate of the melter and melt receiver. This reduces the quantity and power required for the steam. SALIENT FEATURES Complete closed loop system Full proof design Excellent source of saturated steam Synchronized with the burning capacity of the sulphur burner. Minimum space requirement No need of steam from boiler as well as save the bags 100%

ADVANTAGES No leakages of steam Transmission index of juice improved by 10 Zero maintenance

Polybaffles Catchalls for semikesteners, pans SIELENT FEATRURES OF EXTERNAL CATCHERS To eliminate the unknown loss of sugar through entertainment from the evaporator and pans To ensure availability of pure, contamination to meet the feed water quality standarts for generation of steam at pressures which are being progressively increased for realization of fuelsteam-energy economics. To facilitate multi point bleeding of vapour for heating jobs without any risk of condensate contamination by carry over Efficient stripping of vapour from the long tube rising or falling film evaporators with flash feeds, being adopted for higher evaporator rates. Minimization of the corrosion of vessels , pipes, ang condensors etc. caused by acid reaction of entrained sugar liquors Avoiding pollution of condenser and spray cooing water caused by the entrained sugar house products.

MAIN ADVENTAGES OF THE SYSTEM Entertainment for the evaporator bodies and vacuum pans claims upto 0,2 to 0,5% loss of sugar on cane, which could be almost eliminated. On a conservative estimate a standart plant cane expect to bag 500 to 1000 tons of extra sugar/season Contamination-free, pure condensate for boilers to prevent scaling-carry over and other problems Pure low temperature condensates for use in process house Minimization of corrosion loses Pollution free condenser water. No. lowering of pH and no need for extra liming thereof savings of lime cost

Water jet air extracto Power saving (50%) about 40n H.P. is required for vaccum pump while only 20 H.P. Injection pump is required for WATER JET AIR EXTRACTOR. This shows about 40 H.P. saving. Maintenance of injection pump is minimum than vaccum pump. If sufficient injection water capacity is available then no separate injection pump will be required fo WATER JET AIR EXTRACTOR. A unique cathail system separates entertainment, which is collected and circulated to filtrate receiver. This system reduces conventional condenser water consumption, which reduces pH or spray pond or increase influent load to E.T.P

Water jet air extractor tail pipe water is cold hance it is to be installed on cold water channel WHICH AVOIDS WATER LOAD TO SPRAY POND

WATER JET AIR AXTRACTOR FOR VACCUM CRYSTALLISER Vaccum is developed/ created independently which does not effect pans in operation THAT HELPS TO INCREASE NO OF STRIKES OF PAN Time required for the transfer of the seed/grain from vaccum pan to crystalizer is also reduced THE COST OF THE ABOVE EQUIPMNET CAN BE RECOVERED WITHIN ONE CRUSHING SEASON ONLY

Integrated syrup and filtrate clarification system OUR ACTIVITIES We undertake full turnkey project related to the supply of boiling house and material handling equipments in sugar factories Our activities related to Sugar factories are as under : Assistance in site selection Preparation of technical spesifications of sugar equipment To design latest sugar machinery and equipment with the help of autocad , ideas, and proE To increase inbuilt capacity of the plant (expansion) in terms of cane crushed per day The balance the entire factory to its maximum capacity with minimum steam To reduce consumption of energy and improve quality of sugar

What is reboiler system ? The reboiler (RB) system is intended to replace the water treatment plant (WTP) which at present is an essential requirement in all cogen project having high pressure steam generators. The most important fuctions of the WTP in cogen project is to reduce alice in the raw water to permissible levels. The installation generally consists of Pre-treatment section + ultra Filtration + RO Mixed bed softening plant

The RB system airns to replace the WTP altogether. The system mainly consists of a multiple effect evaporator working on surplus vegetal vapour condensates from the factory process. Vapour condensates as such are not suitable for direct use in high pressure boilers. The RB system distis the vapour condensates and furnishes distillate free the impurities in the vapour condensate.

Comparison of RB system with WTP Investment in RB system will be significantly loss compared to the WTP. In case of a 100-tch factory having a 40-klpd distilary, the WTP plant shall have to be of about 25-m3/h capacity. Cost would be in the resign of Rs 250 lakh. RB system cost will roughly be about Rs 100 lakh- Rs 125 lakh WTP generates significant quaintity of effluent during regeneration of resins. Regeneration is generaly for 4-hours daily, No effluent is generated in the RB system Fresh water requipmnet for boiler feed makrup for the 100-tch factory operating for 200-days with distillery working for 250-days and cogen working for 300-days will be about 105.000m3/yr. of this about 95,000-m3 will be required during the millinh season. These are dry month and therefore periode of water acarcity. In case of RB no fresh water will be required for boiler feed during the season. In the off-season for 100 days operation of the cogen plant about 10,000-m3 will be required. If the distillery is not operated in the off-season this will reduce by half. Treated water form the WTP is cold, the temperature being around the west bulb temperature , on a average close to 25 0C. heating of the makeup water from the WTP to dearation temperature increases the steam demand of the dearator. This calls for higher extraction steam from the power turbine resulting in reduction of power generation and also exportable power per unit baggase consumed. RB will furnish makeup water at about 130 0C drastically reducting steam demand of the de-aerator. As a result power generation and export per unit baggase will be substantially higher. Comparison against key parameters for the power plant at BAL is as follows : IKI GAMBAR TABEL, GAK TAK GAMBAR HAHAH