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History Lesson Plan

TOPIC: Studies of Ancients Societies, Sites and Sources: Deir el-Medina INQUIRY QUESTION/S: COMMENTS: LITERACY FOCUS: ICT: ICT will not be used during this lesson however students will be given the
Theban Mapping Project website http://www.thebanmappingproject.com/ which they may like to visit before the next class.

TIME: 40 mins


Gather, select and organise information in relation to the geographical context, social relationships, gender, economy, religion, death and burial, cultural life, peoples lives and archaeologica l and historiographic al issues of the ancient society


The village: location and purpose; founders: Amenhotep I and his mother AhmoseNefertari


Today students will be introduced to their new topic Deir el-Medina. This lesson will focus on giving students the foundation information and tools that they will need to refer back to throughout the course of the topic. The class will start with a brainstorm about what students already knows about Egypt and Deir el-Medina. Questions will include: - What comes to mind when you hear Egypt? - Have you ever heard of Deir elMedina? - What sort of information do you think Deir el-Medina may be able to tell us about its inhabitants and Egyptian society in general? During this topic students will encounter several terms that may be new to them. To assist students understanding and engagement in the topic a glossary of key 1



Glossary of key terms World map Map of Egypt and Deri elMedina Timeline worksheet Antiquity 1

terms will be distributed. Students will be asked what terms are familiar and which are unfamiliar? The class will discuss some of the more unfamiliar terms A world map will be distributed and the class will be asked to find and mark out where Egypt is. If students find this difficult there will be a short discussion on the easy ways to identify Egypt on a world map. A map of Egypt will then be distributed identifying key Egyptian sites with a more detailed section of the valley of the Kings and Deir el-Medina. Students will be asked to highlight key areas and think about and discuss the relevance of the locations of these sites. Such as why was it necessary for Deir el-Medina to exist? A timeline worksheet will be handed out in which students will need to organise key events, personalities, dynasties in order. This will give students some perspective on what else was happening around and during the time of the Deir el-Medina settlement.