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Submitted for the requirement of the award of The Degree In Bachelor of Business Administration (2008-2011) Submitted To: Controller of Examination M.D.University Rohtak Submitted By: Priyanka Sharma 08BBA108 BBA 5th Semester



A project report is the result of pooling of several ideas, suggestions and contributions involving several minds, rather than an individual work. So, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the people who have been instrumental in the successful completion of this project. I would like to specially thank Mr. Chairman and Managing Director, for providing me with an opportunity to be a part of the organization for 4 weeks. Also, I would like to thank my company Guide Mr. Ravinder Bhardwaj, for giving his valuable time and support me throughout my project. The insights, suggestions and challenges that were raised during individual interviews have enriched the outcomes of these baseline studies And finally, special thanks and regards to my faculty guide Ms. Anjali singh for her unstinting guidance and support throughout the project.

Priyanka Sharma

Table of contents

1. Company Profile 2. Review of Literature 3. Objective of Study 4. Scope of Study 5. Limitation of Study 6. Research Methodology 7. Recruitment Process An insight 8. Internal Flow of Recruitment Process 9. External Flow of Recruitment Process 10. Facts and Findings 11. Data analysis and Interpretations 12. Conclusion and Recommendations


1.Questionnaire 2.Bibiliography 3.References

The Control & Switchgear Company a vision, which took off from a little car garage in family house, has since become a legend. Today, it stretches across 10 state of art manufacturing plants and a motivated team of nearly 1750 people; Manufacturing world components, products and systems for power generation, distribution, protection, control, metering and automation.

Over the last 39 years, we have worked relentlessly in pursuit of this objective to launch the highest quality equipment followed by the highest quality service. World leaders who share this vision with us and who had great hopes and trust in the potential of the growing Indian economy, came forward to join hands with us for joint ventures and for technical collaborations with buy back arrangements

The company was founded in garage of family house in 1966 R.N.Khanna (CMD) and Mr. Ashok (MD) both IIT graduate. Companys CMD had worked in Germany in a leading switchgear company as a design engineer for 4 years. He decided to come to India and be an entrepreneur .In the journey of C&S there have been many milestones .In the early years there was the success with Indian navy in supplying special shock hardened switchgear for the combat ships. In the eighties, after being in the panel building business for 15 years, they decided to go into the component manufacturing area since for the larger panel

job such as for large NTPC power plants, only those who have made the components like air circuit breakers, contractors were eligible to supply panels. Between 1982 and 1990 C&S has brought the latest range of LV switchgear products to India, superior to those being sold at the time by any other manufacturer in Indian market. This shook up , woke up and transformed the industry.

C&S also entered in the 80s into the generator bus duct business. Where it is now the clear market leader in India and aspires towards global market leadership in next 3-4 years. The Joint ventures with Wagon (Germany) for terminal blocks RS UK (industrial mail order) and Leroy Sumer (alternators) was the significant milestones in the 90s. Among more recent milestone has been tremendous success. They have got into exports expected to cross 100 crores in this year or 20% of the turnover .Most of this is to develop market with Europe and America. C&S has also greatly expanded in the bus bar trucking business and too aspires regional leadership and having secured leadership in the Indian market. Through its JV with Gewiss of Italy C&S entered in 2004 for the first time in domestic switch gear business ,with the finest line of residential switches and accessories which have been hugely appreciated.


Become one of the top 5 global suppliers of GETS for quality, delivery And price.


The C&S mission is to attain customer delight. They have a commitment to Continually pursue excellence in all facets of our operation with an objective to Provide world class quality LV switchgear & control gear products, and Services which exceed customers implied needs in truly consistent manner, In the field of power generation, distribution, protection and control .

They are constantly working towards building a complete portfolio of products through indigenous R&D , strategic sourcing as well as JVs. Each business unit has NPI plan ( new product introduction). At the moment we are focusing on consolidating and strengthening our position in low voltage industrial switch gear business. They are witnessing growth in the range of 40%on average and in some products like switch boards, it is 100%. There is so many of new products being introduced all the time. For example C&S electronic protection relay division has introduced the latest most sophisticated products for substation automation and protection and SCADA. C&S has entered in a JV with Himoinsa of Spain, for diesel generating sets, wherin we have a strategic tie up with Ashok Lay-land.


They have 20 offices al over India and around 350 people in sales and marketing. They have also 350 plus dealers , who are our partners in success. Internationally they have a mix of distributors, OEM customers as well as brand label partners. These exports comprise of high end products which find application in the worlds leading companies and products, for example in locomotives and wind energy generators made by GE in USA


Customer satisfaction however simple and old fashion it may sound is the bedrock of there marketing and in fact overall company ended day by day by the positive experience of their customers. The role of distribution channel is so critical. They are further strength gathering our already large and deep channel. In case of custom made products like switchboards bus ducts etc, marketing and Engineering are tired to hand. In this business there marketing success lays in our engineering strength, to be able to engineered customized solution

Indias per capita power consumption is amongst the lowest in the world, around the third of chinas. History has shown that when countries like India break out of shell and go into the development mode , decade of explosive growth follows and there is no sector, which is as sure to grow as the power sector. The exact position of various products does differ by business unit as we are fairly diverse group. But their basic values of having a person for excellence in the product, all of being have passionate engineers, results in truly world class product. This has been by the kind of national and international clientele they have been able to satisfy.


Head Offices & Works

222, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase-III, New Noida 110020 Ph. : (+91-11) 3088 7520-29 Fax : (+91-11) 2684 7154, 2682 9063 E-Mail : , Unit 1 A-7 & 8, Sector- VIII, Noida- 201 301 (U.P.) India Ph. : (+91-120) 3914301 02 Fax : (+91-120) 3914303 Unit 2 C-59, Phase-II, Noida201 305 (U.P.) India Ph. : (+91-120) 3048800 02 Fax : (+91-120) 3048801 Unit 3 C-58, Phase-II, Noida-201 305 (U.P.) India Ph. : (+91-120) 3048709 Fax : (+91-120) 3042149 Unit 4 B-1, Site-IV, Surajpur Ind. Area, Kasna Road, Greater Noida, (U.P.), India Ph. : (+91-120) 391 450001 Fax : (+91-120) 2341896

Unit 5 44, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase-III, New Noida110 020 India Ph. : (+91-11) 3088 3763 Fax : (+91-11) 26832259

Unit 6 NSEZ Plot No.63, NSEZ, Noida-201305, (U.P.), India Ph. : (+91-120) 3074391 Fax : (+91-120) 3042149

Unit 7 1C, Sector-8C, Integrated Industrial Estate Ranipur, Haridwar-249403 Uttarakhand, India Ph: (+91 1334) 239551-52 Fax:(+91 1334) 239292

Unit 8 Plot No. 1B, Sector-8C, Integrated Industrial Estate (SIDCUL) Ranipur, Haridwar-249403 Uttarakhand, India Ph: (+91 1334) 308101-02 Fax:(+91 1334) 239694




C&S strives for six sigma quality levels. Statistical process control is a way of life at C&S. Several techniques and tools are used for this process such as the Minitab software, from which the screenshots below have been reproduced. Process capability studies, PPAP (Product Part for Approval) documentation, Gauge R&R and other MSA (Measuring System Analysis) tools ensure quality in components and manufacturing processes. It is the application of such tools that has allowed C&S to meet the needs of the most demanding customers and win international quality awards.

Quality Assurance


Recruitment refers to the process of finding possible candidates for a job or function. It may be undertaken by an employment agency or a member of staff at the business or organization looking for recruits. Either way it may involve advertising, commonly in the recruitment section of a newspaper or in a newspaper dedicated to job adverts. Job portals, employment agencies, head counting, internal references, vendors, job fairs are used to attract candidates. The war for talent. Yes thats what is next on the menu? Latest research predicts a shortage of 1 million skilled people by 2020. By the year-end, for every 2 employees leaving the workforce, only 1 will enter. 2.6 new jobs are expected to be created for every person entering the workforce.

This is the situation seems that we are standing in the battlefield. The most important corporate resource over the next 20 years will be talented, smart, sophisticated business-people who are technologically literate, globally astute, and operationally agile. The war for talent is fierce, no body is taking prisoners; and is likely to become more so with the massive number of employees retiring in the next five years. Top organizations no longer want the tag of employer of choice they are adopting to more rigorous strategy of attracting and retaining the right employees through branding Traditional workforce planning is being replaced by talent strategies and skills gap analysis. Once they determine the gap, it becomes clear what talent they need to hire, to layoff, or to develop or transfer internally. Now is the time that one has to shake up the whole organization; filter it and separate the go getters from the flatters. Traditional marketing policies have to be adapted to make your company attractive to the right kind of people. The battle-field is ready; the swords are drown the fight is on. So be prepared remember that the fight is not meant to be easy. Resources are scarce so we have to work accordingly. Prepare for the battle and fight for tomorrow as if there is no tomorrow.


My project deals with the employees perception regarding recruitment process. The purpose of my survey is to study the flow of recruitment process in C&S electric, Noida. From my observation I came to a conclusion that the recruitment process is the base of any organization. Every step in the recruitment is taken carefully so that the wrong man is not hired. From the initial stage till the offer is made, all possible things are done to attract the candidate with respect to the salary package offered, policies provided, post or designation offered. I believe that the survey conducted by me on recruiters in C&S electric, Noida gave me an idea that it is a very tuff task to convince any person while recruiting. My survey point out the untouched facts in recruitment. Answer like: How to promote company? Most effective way of getting profiles. Non-availability of interview panels. Problems like updating candidates tracking system, training of the recruiters or interview panels. Well define waiting place for candidate. Advisements are not clear to the candidates. Use of technology or software will actually help recruiters job easy and more efficient. Maintaining brand image of the company


Objective of study
To assess the overall recruitment process in C&S electric, Noida. This would include the following: Identify the flow of recruitment process. Measure the employees perception regarding recruitment process. Study the challenges faced during recruitment of the candidates. Study the recruiters behavior. To find out the solution for the challenges faced. Study the pros and cons of recruitment process. To recommend some answer to the challenges faced during the recruitment process in the C&S electric, Noida. Identify the level of malfunctioning of the recruitment process


Scope of the Study

In today's fast-paced business world, HR managers of business organizations need to adopt a more strategic approach towards recruitment in order to be effective. This implies adopting a broad-based approach in contrast to a narrow approach of just filling up a position as soon as it becomes vacant. A vacancy affords an opportunity for recruiters to analyze the real need of that position in the backdrop of the changes that the organization undergoes. The purpose of my study is to study the flow of recruitment process in C&S electric, Noida. The Project is all about to understand the different HR functions like recruitment, selection, joining, induction, statutory compliances, Training and development, Performance Management and separation in C&S electric Limited. Analyze the different policies and function in HR of C&S . During the project I have to coordinate with the HR team in their process From my observation I came to a conclusion that the recruitment process is the base of any organization. Every step in the recruitment is taken carefully so that the wrong man is not hired. From the initial stage till the offer is made, all possible things are done to attract the candidate with respect to the salary package offered, policies provided, post or designation offered. Such an analysis would reveal whether a position needs to be filled at all, or people with different attributes and skills can be recruited. This exercise will broaden the recruiter's horizon and enhance their decision-making ability to suit the organization's needs and not just the needs of a particular position. Therefore, a clear understanding of the overall corporate philosophy, business strategy and its integration with other support functions can add value to all business processes, including the recruitment process. The recruitment function includes the determination of manpower requirements, preparation of job descriptions, job analyses, establishing


potential sources of recruitment, induction and follow-up. The importance of planning, in this sense, cannot be under-estimated. Knowledge of economic and trends, the demand for and supply of certain skill sets can lead to better forecasting and planning. To reap additional benefits, an integrated approach to recruitment will not only be able to assess the overall recruitment needs of the organization, but also help in lowering costs and adding to business intelligence. The recruitment efforts also need to achieve the objective of building a diverse workforce in addition to a superior workforce. This will allow the organization to meet affirmative action goals as well as become an attractive employer. A diverse workforce also enables the company to reach diverse markets and serves as an important criterion for winning important business deals. Recruitment efforts must also strive to lower the operational risk of the organization by using validated and reliable methods of assessment, in addition to conducting preemployment screening to analyze individual characteristics before making the job offer. Therefore, the recruitment function has an important role to play in building an ethical workplace. To achieve these multiple objectives, recruitment efforts have to become more effective and efficient. Technology has a major role to play in achieving these goals. Ultimately, the recruitment system must have in-built flexibility to cope with changing times. Further, an organization needs to consider all these aspects to formulate the best recruitment strategy to suit its unique needs and support overall business goals. An element of innovativeness in designing the recruitment programs to achieve these objectives, customized to suit the organization's unique needs, can fetch a number of direct and indirect benefits for the organization.


Research Methodology
Research methodology means different methods undertaken by a researcher for conducting a study. The mode of collecting data for this project has been both primary & secondary. This project adopted the survey method, which is very popular form of qualitative analysis and involves a careful and complete observation of an institutional unit, community etc. The survey method lays more emphasis on the full analysis of a limited number of events or conditions and their internships.

Research design
A research design is the arrangement of conditions for collection and analysis of data in a manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure. Decisions regarding what, where, when, how much, by what means concerning an inquiry or a research study constitutes research design. The research was conducted to know the flow of recruitment process in C&S electric

Research area
The recruiters at C&S electric, Noida. were the part of study.

Research size
The whole population of the research is 27 employees. The sample includes recruiters from Mumbai. Out of 27 only 24 gave their valuable contribution in the research


DATA COLLECTION METHOD In this survey data was collected through primary data as well as secondary data which include paper questionnaire, interview and through observation (primary data) and magazine, internet, journals etc. (secondary data). The researcher followed a rigid procedure and seeks answers to set of pre-designed questions through questionnaire. In this method output depends upon skills of the researcher to frame the questions and employees honesty and state of mind. To collect honest answers writing names on the questionnaire was not required. Through interview method, the researcher asks certain direct questions based on fact and figures to the person to be interviewed and draw conclusion on the basis of that. Observation method is - focusing of attention on some entity - eliciting of information from and about that entity (Source:

Organization should maintain ethical standard of confidentiality. Because survey results are analyzed and reported as organizations as a whole, respondents need not and should not be identified by name. The perceived confidentiality of the employee responses to the questionnaire is critical to the success of the measure.


Recruitment & Selection Process at C&S electric, Noida - An Insight

Introduction Recruiting is the process by which organizations locate and attract
individuals to fill job vacancies. Except in times of economic retrenchment most organizations have a continuing need to recruit new employees to replace those who leave or are promoted, and to permit organizational growth. recruitment is the biggest single challenge facing personnel managers in the 1990s. A survey carried out by Personnel Management Association showed that very few employers, apart from those in specialized areas, report significant problems. The general level of employment is falling steadily and recruitment will always be a major feature of the personnel function. Recruitment follows HR planning and goes hand in hand with the selection process by which organizations evaluate the suitability of candidates for various jobs. without accurate planning, organizations may recruit the wrong number or type of employees.

Recruitment: Recruitment is the process of attracting a number of suitable applicants. Selection: choosing the best candidate for the vacancy Main Purpose: is to secure the number and quality of employees at minimum cost
required by the organization to fulfill its human resource needs.

Three Stages of R&S Process Defining requirements-preparing job descriptions and specifications, deciding
terms and conditions of employment

Attracting candidates- reviewing and evaluating alternative sources of Selecting candidates- sifting applications, interviewing, testing, assessing

applicants, inside and outside the company, advertising, using agencies and consultants.

candidates, assessment centers, offering employment, obtaining references, preparing contracts of employment.


DEFINING RECRUITMENT The number and categories of people required should be specified in the recruitment program, which is derived from the human resource plan (Demand and supply forecast). In addition, there will be demand for replacements or for new jobs to be filled, and these demands should be checked to ensure that they are justified. It may be particularly necessary to check on the need for a replacement or the level or type of employee this is specified. a) Job Analysis & Competence Analysis Job Analysis: produces information about a job which include overall purpose of the job Job content accountabilities Performance criteria Responsibilities Motivational factors. Organizational factors (reporting, relationship) development factors ( promotion and career factors) Environmental factors (working condition)

This information content to the job analysis provides the basis of recruitment and selection. Competence Analysis: competence analysis is concerned with functional analysis to determine work based competencies and behavioral analysis to establish the behavioral dimensions that affect job performance. Such as, personal drive, analytical power, strategic thinking, commercial judgment, ability to communicate, interpersonal skills, ability to innovate, team management and leadership. Competence analysis identifies: Inputs: what the job holder need to know and able

to do. This identifies job based competence.


Process: How the job holder applies knowledge and skill to do the job. this Outputs: job holders are expected to achieve as a basis for objective setting.

identifies they behavioral requirements.

b) Job Description & Persons Specifications

Job Descriptions: typical contents of a job description:

Title of job Salary/Grade Purpose of job Principal task and responsibilities Performance targets and methods of performance assessments. Location of job Special conditions relating to job

Job description of the job is clearly necessary for recruitment and selection but they are also useful after appointment. They provide and help to form a fair basis for permanent and merit awards and to identify where training is required.

Persons Specification: it includes:

Qualifications Experiences Competence required by the job holder and any other necessary information that are

demanded by the job. It also refers to terms and conditions of employment. Such as, pay, employee benefits etc.

Attracting Candidates
Attracting candidates is primarily a matter of identifying, evaluating and using the most appropriate sources of applicants. Sources include Advertising, Advertising agency Recruitment consultants.


Executive search Educational and training establishments Internal ad using in house magazines, notice boards and meeting.

Selecting Candidates
If done properly the recruitment process, should attract a number of possible candidates. It is now necessary to select the most suitable candidates. Selection process involves: a) Compare the applications with the key criteria in the job persons specifications. Now sorting the applications in three categories: 1.Possible 2.Marginal 3.Unsuitable b) Scrutinizing the possible again to draw up a short list for interview. c) Draw up an interviewing program. Invite the candidates to interview Review the remaining possible and marginal and decides if any are to be hold in reserve.


Internal Flow of Recruitment Process at C&S electric.

Before the recruitment process is started the human resource planning is done in the company. It is on a quarterly basis. In every 3 months the HR dept analyze the requirement of human resources by discussing it with every departments head. If any department has the need of employees then they have to fill the requisition form. After analyzing the cost and time involved in the process and determining the number, levels and criticality of vacancies the HR department starts the process of recruitment. Then to start with the recruitment process, recruitment is done in the company by two ways: Internal recruitment 1. External recruitment

Internal recruitment Like many of the organization C&S also have a policy of
recruiting employees from within the organization. C&S when goes on into internal search announce the vacancy through the displays on notice boards, circulars sent to different departments and via e-mails. Candidates from within the organization respond to this job posting by sending in their applications. It is the responsibility of the HR department to ensure that the information about the vacancy reaches all the prospective candidates in the organization. The management then evaluates all the applicants and makes the final selection.

External Recruitment C&S has a much greater choice in human resources when it
goes for external recruitment. There are various methods by which C&S does external recruitment. It gives a pool of fresh talent from outside. Some of the popular methods which are used by C&S are: 1. Advertisements 2. Private Agencies


3. Employee referrals

Advertisements Advertisements have the widest reach and are quite effective in the
search of external talent. Depending on the cost, need and the reach desired different media are used for advertising. The nature of job, its level and criticality in the organization, all together determine the mode and medium of advertisement. C&S widely uses internet as the medium of advertisement for its external recruitment. C&S gives its requirement to the job portals which are monsterindia .com and naukri .com, C&S gives the detail of the job requirement i.e. what are the basic qualification and experience required for the particular job. The interested candidates then send their resume to the company email id or contact the company. This makes the recruitment process faster and easier. The important information that is furnished in the advertisement is: The nature of the job Location or place of work Requirements of the job in terms of qualification, knowledge, skills and experience Last date to respond Ways to respond by e-mail, or telephone

Private Agencies- Private agencies or management consultants are one of the major
sources of recruitment in C&S . These agencies provide a meeting ground for both the company and the candidate and simplify the whole process of recruitment. They invite application from interested candidates, scan them for the first round of short listing, take the telephonic interview and then shortlist the candidate and line them up to the organization. Then the final rounds of interview are taken in the company for final selection. C&S gives 8.5% flat of the pay package offered to the selected candidates as the fees of their service. The major consultancies which offer the service to C&S are, Q-plus learning, Asmita placement, Job Resources, Unison etc. they are also used as the Head Hunters who cater mostly to top management level recruitment needs.


Employee Referrals - It is a good source of recruitment, especially for lower and

middle level management. Employees working in the organization recommend their friends or acquaintances for vacant positions in the organization. The reputation and credibility of the employee is at stake when he or she recommends or refers a candidate. Hence, the employee takes care to recommend good candidates. A direct advantage of referrals is in terms of time and cost savings for the organization. The employees are paid money if their referred candidate is selected. This is less costly than hiring a private consultancy and at the same time more rewarding for the employees.

Recruitment process at C&S electric passes through the following key points:

Getting Requirement from delivery This is the very first stage in the recruitment process, which includes requirement from various deliveries i.e. from different departments viz technical, legal, admin, marketing, accounts & finance etc.

Manpower Requisition In this stage after getting the appropriate requirement from the delivery, the delivery people or the project managers fill in a Manpower Requisition Form.

Preparation of JD (Job Description) This stage involves getting of the job description from the various deliver heads. It can be of any area like Business Development Executive, HR Generalist, Administration Executive, Secretary to Vice President, Business Development Manager, and Management Information System Manager etc. Sourcing of Candidates At this level candidates are sourced through various factors. Also sourcing of candidates includes Internal & External Sourcing.


Internal Sourcing This type of sourcing is done from Manpower Allocation Planning System. External Sourcing It is done through various parameters like job portals like,, etc, vendor, internal reference for which C&S electric, Noida. is having DOST policy, networking, database, exemployees etc. Screening Prior to the first interview, screening is done through telephone i.e. Telephonic Screening for which C&S electric, Noida has a form which is filled by the person doing the respective screening. This form includes various details of the respective candidate like his/her Educational Background, Family Background, Previous Organization Details etc. In screening there is a major thing that is to be taken care of i.e. checking that the requirement is of technical or non technical candidate. If there is technical requirement then the candidate should have atleast 2+ years of experience. If he does not possess that then he has to undergo an aptitude test or developer level test. In case of technical candidate i.e. language learnt (eg: J2EE, C+, etc.), the candidate has to undergo various levels of test before the interview The tests are conducted to check various grounds of the candidate like English for communication, Mental Aptitude for analytical and logical thinking and Judge mental Competency. Scheduling Interview


After the screening process the respective interviews are scheduled with appropriate panel. In case of technical candidates generally there are 3 rounds of interview 1st level HR interview, Technical Interview and finally with customer or HOD. In case of non technical candidates there are 2 rounds of HR Interview. During the time of interview we have an interview feedback form which contains the candidate details and the assessment details of the candidate by the interviewer. Reference Check Reference check is mandatory for managerial level. Salary Fitment After conducting reference check the salary of the candidate is decided on the basis of the salary structure as declared by the companys policies. This salary structure depends on various factors like academic background of the candidate, experience in the previous organizations etc. Offer Before the final offer to the candidate everything is approved from the authority i.e. Department Head and Resource Head. After approval, Offer letter of the candidate is prepared with various documents like salary structure etc. Joining In case the candidate accepts the offer letter then he has to complete all the joining formalities.


During joining process the joining report is prepared. Till now Ive prepared joining reports of the new joining. The content of the joining reports are 1. Joining reports checklist 2. Joining report 3. Requisition form for appointment letter 4. PF form no.2/11 or ESI form 5. Application form for employment 6. ESIC Declaration Form 7. Offer letter 8. Curriculum vitae 9. Test answer sheet 10. Medical certificates 11. Qualification certificates 12. Relieving letter from the previous company The forms have to be filled by the new joiner. And then the whole information and report are to be prepared in this format and sequence. The new joiner has to Sign a bond of 6 months. Then the new joiners are given temporary identity card. The identity card is prepared within15 days from the date of joining. After joining the company then the induction is conducted. In the induction program there is a during the process of induction the joiners are told about the following things: 1. Company History The joiners are made aware of the company history. Its success story till now and the different attributes of the company. 2. Company Profile Then the company profile is discussed with the new joiners about the major business functions that the company does. 3. Top Management Then the joiners are told about the top managements hierarchy. 4. Noida Management then the Noida management hierarchy is told to them. 5. HR Rules and regulations In HR rules and policys the part of attendance, leave, holidays etc are discussed.


Project Plan

Requesters communicate the resource need through Manpower Requisition Form (MRF) to RM and RPP Internally available Internally non-available Checking Training Gap External resourcing is done, once the RM signs off the MRF.



HR initiates movement order for the concerned person where applicable.

Training provided

Resource is deployed from the effective date.

Delivery Head/ project Manager ensures MAPS are updated with the relevant resource details.

RPP- Resource Pool Person RM- Resourcing Manager

Flow of Recruitment Process at C&S electric

Apart from recruitment cycle, recruitment basically in C&S electric, Noida is of two types: Technical Recruitment.


In technical recruitment the candidates are recruited on the basis of technical skills they possess and the experience they are having. Basically they are recruited on various platforms like J2EE, .NET, System & Embedded, Testing, etc. Non - Technical Recruitment. In non technical recruitment candidates are recruited on the basis of their respective Job Profile they are possessing to meet the requirement from the delivery of the organization.

Proposal for IT Services/ Products to the Client Business Plan/ Regular Manpower Review Meeting

Annual Maintenance Contract/ Service Level Agreement


Requirement through manpower requisition form

Sourcing resumes

Available employee Allocated

Internal resource

Not available External resource

Screening of resumes Short-listing of candidates on the basis of certain criteria work experience, skills etc through telephonic interview. Assessment form should be filled up through telephonic screening/ interview, so that further short-listing can be done to reduce the unwanted candidates. Interview is scheduled for the short-listed candidates with the interview panel. Short-listing of candidates Reference check Interview with Client

Finally Selected Candidates

Salary fitment/ Offer

Offer not accepted

Offer accepted


Proposal for IT Support and Services

Proposal consist of mainly 3 steps Requirement Quotations Negotiation The business starts with the marketing department. The marketing department heads meet the IT Manager, Purchase Manager, Solution Manager, CFO and in some cases CEO of the respective organization and present the proposal for IT service and Support to the Clients. Further based on the proposal the client specifies their requirement and based on the requirement we come up with quotations. Then negotiation starts between the two parties on price, payment, duration and Services/products. After both the parties agree the purchase order is raised and BDF is drafted.

The Marketing and HR department of C&S electric, Noida together have a regular manpower review meeting and come up with a SLA/AMC Which is presented to the client after some negotiation the AMC gets approved. The Client sends us the requirement requisition form and as per the requirement the recruitment process starts.

BDF(Billing Document Form)


After the annual maintenance contract or the service level agreement is made the client send us the BDF (Billing Document Form). It specify the BDF Number Customer Name, Duration for service, Location, Contract Value, payment terms whether quarterly or monthly, total No. of employees required, skills required, salary, overhead and margin.

Recruitment Flow
The sourcing of candidates is done in two way Internal - it is done through manpower allocation planning. If we have a manpower available we make a replacement. External - It is done through various parameters like job portals like,, etc.

Prior to the first interview, screening is done through telephone i.e. Telephonic Screening in this we ask the candidate about his/her Educational Background, Family Background, Previous Organization Details, Present and Expected Salary etc.

Based on the telephonic interview we short list the candidates for the first round of HR interview. Those candidates who get selected in the first round of interview are sent for the second round of interview here the interview panel consists of the technical and HR Manager. The candidates who are selected by the panel are given training if required prior to client interaction. The selected candidates are sent to the client for the client interaction. Once the client finally approves them they are given an offer letter and asked to complete the joining formalities as per the date mentioned in the offer letter.


After the approval form the customer the candidate needs to complete the joining formalities At the time of joining he is asked to fill the following forms:Joining report Requisition form for appointment letter PF form no.2/11 or ESI form Application form for employment ESIC Declaration Form And submit the following documents Curriculum vitae ID Proof of self and Reference Passport and postcard snap Address Proof Medical certificates Qualification certificates Relieving letter from the previous company After the joining formalities are completed then the induction and training is conducted.

Induction and training

After joining the company then the induction is conducted. In the induction program the joiners are told about the following things: Company History The joiners are made aware of the company history. Its success story till now and the different attributes of the company.

Facts and Findings

Sources of requirements


The initial problem of the recruitment process is the source of resume. task. Duplication of profiles, many a times two people (vender, recruiter) at the Irrelevant profile during job fairs. It is very difficult to find out required resource during critical stage of the The hiring team doesnt find enough suitable resource for most of the Advertisements at times are not precise and clear. Job description is not provided or ambiguous. same time are searching from the same job portals. Updating the candidates tracking system (presently working) is a difficult

project, as time period is very short. positions.

Suggestion: Improve recruiting methods by using resume-tracking software like cbizone (source: has the features and functionality of Applicant Tracking, Customer Relationship Management, Professional Services Automation, Sales Force Automation, Reporting, and Scheduling of interview and Email Management with affordable solution, which will improve recruiters efficiency in searching of profiles. Resume tracking software like hire spider (source: has the capability to avoid the screening of same profiles. Advertisements through internal as well as external sources should be made more clear and precise to draw the attention of the talented candidate. The job description should justify companys goal. About 95% of medium and large size organizations use job descriptions to analyze and determine a jobs value within the organization. (source:

A well define job description

should contain the necessary requirements needed. The proper job description will help the company define the following:


o The main objective of the position, its function, and the role it plays within the company. o The responsibilities and the degree of decision-making freedom given to the person who holds this position. o The kind of work that must be done and according to what policies and procedures. o Where the position fits in the existing organizational structure. That is, in what area does the position belong, under whom do they work. o What skills they should have: education, knowledge, area of expertise, type and amount of experience required, etc. o Dimensions: The breadth of the position within the organization, the amount of money it is responsible for, its budget, its sales, the number of employees it supervises directly or indirectly, etc. (source: "Hiring the right person is more important than hiring someone right away." Should be kept in mind. Build a fulfillment plan and implement it. It will include job description, source of profiles, target date to the closing date and the person on board. Use Job Benchmarking in salary, location, area of expertise, knowledge, education, job titles, etc. will check whether the candidate have the specific talents or attributes needed for the job. This will help the company to analysis what exactly is needed in the position to ensure the company is hiring the right person in the first place. A poor hire decision will cost the company in terms of employee retention, morale and productivity. Different job portals can be used, as they have new searching tools embed in it like,,

apart from, jobs

ahead and monster which are currently being used and are the best known in India. They have their own database and have own embedded tools, which help in sorting profiles more effectively. Use of software will notify the company by email about new job requisitions and new candidates.


Use of forums, groups like yahoo, blogs for example snipnet, communities like orkut where maximum numbers of people do surfing. Company can also provide an online chat rooms to the candidate where their queries can be answered hand in hand or provide BPO services for the same. Appoint those people who have potential to grow, but not who have already had the skills present in them.

Communication skill of the candidate is a big problem faced by the recruiters at the time of screening. At times requirements changes in between. Recruiter faces attitude problem like seriousness of the candidate, boasting about the other offers he have in hand. Knowledge level and attitude of the candidate matters a lot at the time of recruitment. Academic background, stability, communication and CTC (current and expected) do not meet with the recruiters expectation. At times appropriate job description is not in place.

The recruiter should set well-defined priorities for example they should first set the qualification criteria that they are looking, then they can decide the experience in particular field, then the company they have worked before, salary they have to give, etc. all that had been mention will help the recruiter at the time of screening of profiles; it may be desired or mandatory within a time frame after the manpower requisition form has been filled. Recruiters should be more flexible. They should have the capability to identify different types of skills and take out the required one from the pool of profiles. They should know the companys hiring needs for different post.


Monitoring by the senior manager should be done at certain period of time to improve the quality of the screening of the candidates. By this it will check the recruiters efficiency.

Recruiters should be given more authority regarding flexible budget, weightage for some relevant courses or academic background of the candidate. Certain test like psychological test can be taken for the technical people to check the intelligence, ability, personality, aptitude and language or can say how active is the candidate. Few test are mentioned below: o Ability testing: There is wide range of work related ability tests but the most commonly used are numerical and verbal reasoning tests. It measures candidates current ability and future potential. The test can be given on paper as well as on computer. (source: o Personality questionnaire: It is another popular tool for recruitment. It is not a test but a questionnaire and there is no right or wrong answer. Personality questionnaires provide an indication of an individuals preferred behavioral style at work, information on how a candidate will fit in certain work environments, how they will work with other people and how they will cope with different job requirements. Personality Questionnaires are more often taken on computer but can be administered paper and pencil. (source:

o Assessment center: An Assessment Center is multiple evaluations including: job-related simulations, interviews or psychological tests as outlined above. Job Simulations or assessment exercises are used to evaluate candidates on behaviors relevant to the most critical aspects (or competencies) of the job. Typical exercises include; In-tray exercises, role plays, Analysis presentation and group exercises. There will normally be several trained observers who make judgments about behavior and record. These judgments are pooled in a meeting among the assessors or by an averaging process. In discussion among assessors, comprehensive accounts of behavior, often including ratings, are pooled. (source:


Give away offers like customized salary structure for tax benefits (expected by the candidate), perks should be provided to attract the candidates. Develop a new corporate culture like flexibility of working hours, changes in salary package structures, a general focus towards career development, casual working environment, commission rate, etc. which can attract more people.

The candidate should be measure on different scales, like seriousness, capability, innovative ideas, interest, motivation level, aggressiveness, etc. Assessment accuracy should be increased during screening of CVs or during interview time. Make company more attractive to potential employees by offering things such as flexible hours, accommodation, work at home options, overseas training, stock options, credit cards, memberships of various clubs, rental allowances, established budgets for personal development may be grooming classes or health club, even a gym membership or skydiving, sea surfing classes, etc.

New software like Cygnet infotech develop Recruitment Management Software which is web based corporate recruitment software which gives complete access to the job portals, tracking of candidates, requisition, interviews, offers and the whole hiring process can be implemented which will reduce the workload from the recruiter and will also reduce the searching time.

Use Job Benchmarking of the various companies w.r.t. salary, knowledge, job grade or position, talent required to understand what exactly is needed in the position to ensure that the company is hiring the right person in the first place. A poor hire decision will cost you in terms of employee retention, morale and productivity.

Interviewers at time are not enough capable of taking decision or judging a candidate. Matching the date of the candidates with the interviewer is at times very difficult.


During technical interviews, the most of the interviewer are at different places. This creates lot problem for coordination, lot of time spends on traveling when the interviews are conducted at different units, as they have to accompany the candidate.

Relevant work experience and relevant industry experience are not found. Candidates are put on hold due to which good candidates are loosed. Technical panel reject candidates on the HR grounds like salary, attitude, etc. Delay in the starting of interviews. Improper coordination. Improper scheduling of the interview dates as at time the concern person might be busy with the meetings or at times the recruiter forget about the candidates interview.

Interview panel should be given a target to shortlist 60% of the interviewed During the technical interview, the candidate should not be rejected on HR candidates. basis because the person may not be good in communication skill but might be good in logic building. Necessary specific training should be provided to the recruiters as well as to the Impression on the candidates mind should be made at the time of interview so The combination of competency based interview and objective assessment interview panel. that he should get the idea of the companys image. techniques is the best way of predicting an individuals suitability for a job. This reduces turnover and improves performance. Technical interview panel should be identified across the company and their capability should be reviewed from time to time.


Candidates looking for onsite opportunities. Candidates are put on hold due to which good candidates are loosed. Candidates not fit into the specified budget. Candidate at times do not fit into the role as well as designation. Temporary assignment.

Decision-making should be quick avoiding any confusions (within the time frame). Apart from the chart salary there should be flexibility in budget so that company might not lose talented people. Screening of the profile should be accurate which will lead to the right man at right place. Proper training should be provided to the interview panels so that they do not waste time in taking decision. Chart salary should be reviewed annually as per the industry standards.

Back Outs
Salary, perks and other facilities like transportation, overtime policy, provident fund policy, medical facility, etc. at times does not meet with the candidates expectation. Candidate refuses to join when he is offered for a lower post than his current post. Cost to the company is also a big issue to recruit people.


Hunting after back out is also a major problem faced. As the recruiter has to start from the scratch. Retaining candidate till he joins is very difficult; it may leave in between for a better offer. In many cases because of the notice period of around 1 months the candidate gets the time to evaluate other companies and offers which decrease the success ratio. Team and working environment.

Make company more attractive to potential candidates by offering things Retention program involves monetary, position offered; working such as flexible hours and work at home options. environment, flexible working hours, culturally rich environment, etc. should be strong enough to hold the candidate. Develop a new corporate culture like flexibility of working hours, changes in salary package structures, a general focus towards career development, casual working environment, commission rate, etc. which can attract more people. The salary and benefits like rental allowances, pension schemes; medical facility, insurance when candidate had join the company, etc. all these should be the added feature to the position. Specify the starting salary or salary range, or say the salary depends on experience. Use Job Benchmarking to understand what exactly is needed in the position to ensure you are hiring the right person in the first place. A poor hire decision will cost you in terms of employee retention, morale and productivity. Use of a Personality Profile, which will help the company to identify the proper behavior, value, and personal attributes of the candidate match this information to the job benchmark.



Matching the required date is very difficult to achieve in the case of rare skills. Recruiters do not share information with others. Recruiters are not motivated when they are not able to close the position or meet the numbers. Multitasking also reduces recruiters efficiency; as they are overloaded with different profiles search. Recruiters were not happy with the incentives and other perks given by the company. At times recruiters dont take interest in posting ads with relevant details in the job portals. Due to which they get irrelevant profiles. Prospects do not want to join because of the bond criterion for a longer period. Full ownership like alteration of skills ay times required skills are not found; this is not given to the recruitment.

Enough time frame should be given to recruiters for searching of rare skills or proper job description or skill set should be given to the recruiter which should be decided with the mutual understanding between the delivery and the recruitment team. This will reduce the complication faced by the recruiter. . Initial and leased accommodation should be provided to the candidate. This is a big problem for a new candidate to search for a house in a new city. Pay-for-performance culture should be implemented to hold the candidates, which also act as a part of retention plan. Recruiters should know the company profile thoroughly to attract the right talent.

Data analysis and interpretation

What in your opinion is the best way to promote organizations name?

Promotion of organisations name

Internal publication Print advertisements Job portals advertisements Media coverage Through job fairs Around 9 out 27 of the recruiters think that the best way to promote organizations name is through print media. Many recruiters say that it is the cheapest way to promote companys name and is in reach of every person. 7 of the recruiters think that the media can also be consider as a part of promotion, people spend most of the time listening to radio, watching television, during fairs, seminars in colleges or different organizations or putting ads on billboards. Media has been the most attracting way to catch attention. All these can actually help the company to attract job seekers at various places. 4 of the recruiters agreed with the idea of promoting companys name through job portals as people forget to check advertisements on daily basis. 3 of the recruiters think that promotion can be done through internal publications. But the result has shown that this medium of promotion is not very successful. Only 1 of the recruiters think that the promotion of companys name through job fairs where maximum number of job seeker comes, but most of the other recruiters think that the quality of candidate that they get is not good.

1 7

9 4

From where do you source the maximum number of profiles?


The maximum no. of profiles sourced

Job portals 2 1 0 2 From placements agencies (vendors) Employee referrals Response from the print advertisements Personal networking


The maximum number of recruiters at C&S electric, Noida source profiles from job portals. 19 recruiters search the profiles from job portals. Job portals have different kind of filtering tools, which actually help the recruiters to screen profiles easily and effectively. These tools help the recruiters to search relevant profiles only. Only one of the recruiters gets maximum number of profiles from placements agencies and through employee referrals. The use of placements agencies is less as compared to other resources

Which is the most effective way to get profiles?


Most effective way to get profile

0 1

Job portals Employee references Recruiters database 15 Campus placements Networking

About 15 of the recruiters were satisfied with the kind of profiles they get from the job portals. It has been observed that the tools embedded in the job portals help the recruiters in their search. 5 of the recruiters think that the profiles got through employee references are the most effective way, as it has added bonus attached to it. Employee gets extra benefits (money) through providing references as it acts as the extra earning. Only 3 of the recruiters which are very less were in favour of the idea of getting profiles through networking.


How many relevant profiles do you get from the placement agencies in a week
Relevant profiles from placement agencies
0 1 0 0 5--10 10--15 15-20 20-30 23 More than 30

Most of the recruiters get 5-10 profiles a week from placement agencies. Very less percentage of recruiters get profiles from rage 10-15 from the vendors. Profiles screened through vendors are very less in numbers. It has also been observed that recruiters get the same profiles they have already searched. At times irrelevant profiles are send all these problems are also seen. There are recruiters, which have no interaction with the vendors. They search profiles through other mediums.

What is the major challenge faced by you as a recruiter?


The major challenges faced by recruiters Sourcing qualified

candidates Notice period. 2 10 7 4 1

Convincing the candidate about the company. Availability of the interviewing panel Monetary issues

Maximum number of recruiters has the faced problem in the monetary issues while screening of the candidate. To meet with the candidate requirements is a very difficult task, as they have no authority to do alteration. About 7 of the recruiters think that it is very difficult to convince the candidate about the company. Recruiters have to tell all about the companys policies and other benefits that will be provided to the employees by C&S electric, Noida. 4 of the recruiters find it difficult to get the availability of the interview panel, as they are busy in some assignments. Very few recruiters find difficulties to find out qualified candidates and notice periodrelated thing.


Number of job portals used by you is sufficient or not

Job portals used

1 9 naukri monster both 10 other

All the recruiters are satisfied with the number of job portals used by the company for sourcing of candidates. Monster India is the more preferred job portal used by the recruiters. The search engine used in it helps in screening of most relevant and accurate profiles. It maintains the efficiency. 9 of the recruiters use naukri job portal for their search. Around 4 of the recruiters use both the job portals for their search and are satisfied with these portals. Only one recruiter suggest that there should b be some other portals used as they have different kind of job filtering tools embedded in them which are not currently used in any other job portals.


While recruiting, what are the most important criteria in determining your approach?

Criteria for screening

Criticality of the position

Quality of the candidates Clear job-description Budget


Almost 12 of the recruiters see only one criterion that is quality of the candidate. They measure the candidate on different scale like his seriousness of candidate, communication skills as per the job, area of expertise or interest. 6 of the recruiters see only the criticality of the position. They have to keep in their mind that the position required needs proper attention. Around 5 of the recruiters gave priority to the clear job description provided to them. Only one of the recruiter sees qualification as the most important as others. If the candidate is not well qualified enough he or she wont be fulfilling jobs requirements


What should be the service agreement for experienced professionals?

Service agreement for experienced professionals

0 2 1 6 months 0 1 year 2 years More than 2 years 21 Not required

Most of the recruiters feel that there should no service agreement for the experienced professionals. As they are professional and there should not be any terms and conditions for them. Only 2 of recruiters think that there should be only one-year service agreement for professional. The service period can be made for more than two years. Only one of recruiters agree with this idea.


What should the bond period for freshers?

Bond period for freshers

0 10

2 9

1 year 1 years 2 years 3 More than 2 years Not required

10 of the recruiters believe that there should be bond period atleast for two years for freshers as possibilities are that they may leave in between for better offers. Around 9 of the recruiters think that the bond period should be around one year, which will reduce the turn over rate. Only 3 of the recruiters think that the bond period is not at all required for the freshers.


What are your views about training imparted to the recruiters in C&S Ltd?

Traning imparted to the recruiters

Very frequent On demand Rarely Never


14 of the recruiters say that there is hardly training provided to them. They learn through their experience. No special training is provided to them. 5 of the recruiters say that if you demand for training they will provide it to you. Only 4 recruiters say there is no training given to them. Providing training to the recruiters can actually help the company and help them to perform there job more effectively and efficiently


Which one is the most preferred employees referrals policy in your opinion?

Employee's referral policy

Monetary Bonus rewards Holiday package 20 Publication in DL Buzz

Most of the recruiters supported the monetary reward as their part of referral policies as this will help in their other investments. Only few were in favour of taking bonus or holiday package as the reward.


Which of the major reasons for back outs in your opinion?

Major reasons for backouts

Salary 1 4 Brand name/ image of the company 1 16 Grade and designation offered All of the above 2 Unprofessional attitude

Through survey it has been observed that the reason of maximum number of backouts is salary offered. It has also been seen that after offer has been made and the candidate has left because of better offers from the other companies. The other reason observed was the brand name. There have been cases where the candidate has left the company because of the brand. Only 2 of the recruiters think that all the options given like salary, unprofessional attitude, brand image, grade and designation offered are the reasons for backouts.


How do you perceive recruitment as a career?

Recruitment as a career
Challenging Good learning experience (public relation, current trends) Stepping stone to get in Human Resource 13 6 Stagnant and boring Other

Around 13 of the recruiters take recruitment as a challenge. They think it is an art of convincing people. Not everyone has this talent. Every day is a new learning. Patience level is also checked. 6 recruiters feel that it is a good learning experience. One gets to know attitude of different kind of people. Around 4 think it is a stepping-stone to Human Resource. You get involve in different kind of activity.


Interview panels should be:

Interview panels
Are well trained

Need to be trained more

3 10

Need to be outsourced

Should be professional in his attitude

Around 19 of the recruiters think that the interview panels should be more trained to get right people at right places. Wrong decision can lead to fall of companys name in the market. 6 of the recruiters think that the interviewer are well aware of the requirements and are well trained so no such training is required for them. 5 of the recruiters think that the interview panels are professional in their attitude.


Why does the closure take time?

Why does the closure take time?

Unavailability of panels

6 11

Due to delay in final decision by the panel Unclear job description (requirements keep on changing from time to time) Low budget compared to the industry standards Back out of the candidates before joining

11 of the recruiters have said that the candidates back out before joining the company. They have observed that the candidate gets better opportunity and offers. The recruiters have to start the entire cycle from the beginning. This is the major issue while closing an offer. Around 6 of the recruiters believe that there is an unavailability of panels at times as they are busy in some other assignments. Some also believe that the decisions made by the interview panels are delayed which takes time for closer.


Suggestions and Recommendations

In the study it was been observed that recruiters are facing many problems during every stages of the recruitment process. Some of them have been discussed following: It is very difficult to maintain brand image of the company. During the time of job fair it was observed that many of the candidates were not aware of the companys name. This type of response made company aware that they are not so popular as compare other IT companies. Suggestion:- C&S Ltd. should take part in all the job fairs regularly. It can also print their ads in local news paper as they are the cheapest way of attracting candidates as well most of the people prefer newspapers more than any other medium. Company can print their ads on regularly basis to attract talented people. Different challenges faced by recruiters like getting or sourcing relevant profiles,

co-coordinating with the interviewing panel, convincing the candidate about the company, monetary issues etc. Suggestion :-All the mentioned challenges faced by the recruiters can be easily avoided if proper searching methods are taught to the recruiters. Like use of proper software and how to use proper searching engines all these things should be taught to the recruiters by imparting proper training when required. Proper scheduling should be done with the interviewer and the candidates. It has been observed that at time the interviewing panel is not aware of the interviews that they have to take.


Convincing candidates about the company is one of the major challenges faced by the recruiters. Company has to maintain its brand image by publishing its ads in various mediums as well as sponsoring themselves in certain events etc. all these have to be kept in mind. Most of the backouts that has been observed during the study was because of the monetary issues. It has been see that mostly people were not satisfied with the salary and the designation they were providing. Company can avoid all this by doing job benchmarking which will include study of various companies regarding their salary, designation, working environment, polices regarding retaining of the candidates, etc. Recommendation:- Here the example of the two companies (Nike and Microsoft) will be relevant as they have developed certain recruitment models. From these companies and several other companies are following the new recruitment models being developed on the basis of following trends (

Closer alignment with the different units (interviewer, candidates and the coordinator). In companies like Nike and Microsoft where there are several different department, creating dedicated recruiting teams that specifically support those business units helps them anticipate the needs of each business and find ways to develop talent pipelines that better match their future directions. ( Specialization. Recruiting teams are asked to be marketers, salespeople, statisticians, analysts, networkers, event attendees, managers, and customer service representatives. In the search for top performers, companies are finding value in dividing up the responsibilities and focus of their recruiting teams into areas like direct sourcing, workforce planning, hiring process management, interviewing, recruitment marketing, and business analysis. Through this 62

specialization, they are creating experts who excel in key tasks, raising the bar for how their recruiting teams support their business partners, and creating multiple, viable career paths within the recruiting industry. ( The rise of direct sourcing and networking. In an ideal world, technology frees us to focus on the activities that add the most value to the organizations. The near ubiquity of applicant tracking tools and the lagging economy has left many recruiting teams with a choice: reduce headcount or find more productive ways to spend their time. As the Nike example illustrates, what the company want to focus on and what the business needs most are often one and the same. Increasingly, this means a greater emphasis on identifying top talent through direct sourcing, event attendance, and networking. (


Bond period which has become a big question for the fresher as well as for non-

During walk-ins candidates ask question like how long is your bond period? Do you have bond period? All these questions forced them to backout from the offer made by the company. Candidates are not interested in the bond period, as they think there are been tied up with the company for a longer time. Suggestion :- Concept of the bond period should either be removed or should be for small period only for fresher. Centralization over decentralization. Another important factor is expertise and excellence. By centralizing the recruiting team, Richard Lishewski, formerly of Price water house Cooper's national consulting practice and now director of ebusiness staffing at Fannie Mae, said he was able to accomplish with 45 recruiters what had previously been the work of 350 recruiters at PWC. In the process, they greatly reduced their reliance on agencies and lowered their time to fill from more than 60 days to 30. "We were able to create home-grown recruitment expertise in


very specific disciplines, such as SAP consulting and CRM. Centralization also allowed us to standardize and tighten our process and create a consistent hiring experience for candidates and hiring managers," Lishewski says. (

Limitations of the study

Due to lack of time the entire employees could not be covered for the research study as they are placed in different cities. The picture, which emerged from the sample size, may differ from the actual facts. Sample size picture may differ from the actual fact.



1. What in your opinion is the best way to promote organizations name? a. Internal publication b. Print advertisements c. Job portals advertisements d. Media coverage e. Through job fairs 2. From where do you source the maximum number of profiles? a. Job portals b. From placements agencies (vendors) c. Employee referrals d. Response from the print advertisements e. Personal networking 3. Which is the most effective way to get profiles? a. Job portals b. Employee references c. Recruiters database d. Campus placements e. Networking 4. How many relevant profiles do you get from the placement agencies in a week? a. 5-10 b. 10-15 c. 15-20 d. 20-30 f. More than 30 5. What is the major challenge faced by you as a recruiter? a. Sourcing qualified candidates 65

b. Notice period. c. Convincing the candidate about the company. d. Availability of the interviewing pane e. Monetary issues 6. Number of job portals used by you are sufficient or not a. Yes b. No c. If yes which is the best________________________________________ d. Any other (please suggest)_____________________________________ 7. While recruiting, what are the most important criteria in determining your approach? a. Criticality of the position b. Quality of the candidates c. Clear job-description d. Budget e. Qualification 8. What should be the service agreement for experienced professionals? 6 months 1 year 2 years More than 2 years Not required 9. What should the bond period for freshers?


1 year 1 years 2 years More than 2 years Not required 10. What are your views about training imparted to the recruiters in C&S Ltd? a. Very frequent b. On demand c. Rarely d. Never 11. Is the job description provided to you is a. Sufficient b. Not sufficient c. Ambiguous d. Not provided 12. Which one is the most preferred employees referrals policy in your opinion? a. Monetary b. Bonus rewards c. Holiday package d. Publication in DL Buzz 13. Which of the major reasons for back outs in your opinion? a. Salary b. Unprofessional attitude c. Brand name/ image of the company d. Grade and designation offered e. All of the above Any other, please specify______________________________________________


14. How do you perceive recruitment as a career a. Challenging b. Good learning experience (public relation, current trends) c. Stepping stone to get in Human Resource d. Stagnant and boring e. Other. (please specify)_______________________________________ 15. Interview panels a. Are well trained b. Need to be trained more c. Need to be outsourced d. Should be professional in his attitude. 16. Why does the closure take time? a. Unavailability of panels b. Due to delay in final decision by the panel c. Unclear job description (requirements keep on changing from time to time) d. Low budget compared to the industry standards e. Back out of the candidates before joining

68 www.C& id=jziXFdeRvnAC&pg=PA24&ots=1oP06St2TJ&dq=recruitment+process&sig=D9A4l4f2d3QFC7Ka4jL0jz69zc#PPA52,M1



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