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Christopher DelRossi


AP language 4th

3 may 2007

Classic Biggotry: Revisited

In America, a nation where equality should reign and differences accepted,

bigotry thrives amongst the country's citizens. Bigotry is the act of hating soemone

because they have a diiferent lifestyle, skin color, or set of beliefs. James C. Dobson is

just that a bigot. He states in his artticle, "Two Mommies Is One Too Many" in the

December 18, 2006 issue of Time, Women only offer love to a child and a man is needed

to balance out the parental enviroment.

Dobson, a supporter of Promise Keeper's, believes a man should be in charge of

the household while women fill the role of aiding the men and providing love for the

children. Dobson doesn't love his children? He uses the quote "fathers do not mother"

from Dr. Kyle Pruett's book Fatherneed: Why Father Care Is as Essential as Mother

Care for Your Child, but fails to give n adequate defintion of "mothering" to his readers.

Acccording to his definition, "mothering" is to supply love and make a uniqe contribution

the other parent can't repeat, than by God my father mothered me.

He also assumes that a child automatically sees the parent of the same gender as a

role model: "The two most loving women in the world canot provide a dadd for a little

boy-anymore than the two most loving men can be complete role models for a little girl."

(Dobson). Not once, does he claim single parents to be unsuitable as parents. Instead,

Dobson tries to pit his readers against same sex marriages for his personal crusade.
Futhermore, Dobson openly argues against interracial marriage because an

interracial marriage places pressure on a child. still, he conviently forgets to mention

situations in any marriage of child and spousal abuse. Humans are imperfect which can

apply negative pressure into any kind of marriage regardless of gender are race of the

parents. According tto the American Academty of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

(AACAP) child abuse can happen any kind of marriage.

Yet Dobson's views on marriage come from conviction that his God exists and

offers the only plan for a family. According to the plan, a family with heterosexual

parents offers the most success for children. Jeffrey Dahmer's family followed that plan,

but Dahmer turned out to be a serial killer showned in the film Jeffrey Dahmer: the Secret

Life. Every person offers a differrent situation for a child in today's society because

people experience life differently, so Dobson has no right to say what a mother or father

offers to a child, especially since he does not fully differentiate the difference between a

the roles of the parents.

The only argument Dobson provides is his beliefs and conviction, and he does not

offer any other evidence proving same sex marriage can harm a child.