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MATT TAYLOR! MAY 2012 SINCE PNG 3/26-3/30 Hebrews 4/2-4/5 Mexico Trip 4/9-4/13 The Attributes of
MAY 2012
3/26-3/30 Hebrews
Mexico Trip
4/9-4/13 The Attributes of God
4/13-4/18 Illinois Trip
4/19-4/20 Romans
4/23-4/27 General Epistles
4/30-5/2 Mexico Trip
5/7-5/11 Acts
5/15-5/18 LRI Biblical Theology
5/21-5/25 Contextualization
5/28-6/1 Paul ʼ s Epistles
6/4-6/8 Systematic Theology
Pilgrim and Hopeful cross
over the river of death
(Pilgrim’s Progress)

One Month Left

Offer Holy Violence Towards the Kingdom of God

As the end our Spring semester comes to a close this upcoming

month, I just wanted to share some things Iʼ ve been reflecting on lately. It was the week we were studying Hebrews when I was reading John

Bunyan ʼ s Pilgrim ʼ s Progress at the same time. Both Scripture and this story by Bunyan have, for Christians,

the heart to enlarge our

a tug on

vision for the rewards coming in the

and to endure in the

next life

sufferings of the present life. This

gives Christians a privilege of relating

to Christ in His sufferings. I love the

imagery that Hebrews pictures of

Jesus Christ, currently sitting on His throne, in Heaven, right now. Two pressing things I have

continued to see this last year have been that suffering is normative for those who follow Christ, and the

strength and comfort He provides for

more of Himself. I

desire more of a wartime mentality as I grow in my love for Jesus and my desire to see His Name glorified over all the world. I have a growing desire

Christians is

for others to taste and see Him. This life is temporary, and I don ʼ t want to waste it, but rather cling to our

ascended Lord.

Last Mexico Trip

My last visit to Media Luna was

the first week of May. After examining the continual visits this past year, I rejoice in the struggle of working with only a few believers in a village of


Please pray for Oscar (Minerva ʼ s husband and Ariana ʼ s father; the

family of Christians), who we plan on putting forth more intentionality into discipleship in the months to come.

Summer Plans

Iʼ m currently working out details for my plans this summer. This

includes a trip to Illinois, a scouting trip to Canada, misc. work in Los Fresnos, preparing for the incoming missionary interns this Fall, possibly

a trip back to Papua New Guinea, and tentmaking (drawing pictures). Lord willing, my next prayer update

will be regarding these details.

Prayer Requests

1. For God ʼ s glory to be the joy and

mark of my life

2. For myself and the other missionary interns to finish the semester strong

3. For the fleshing out of my summer plans

4. For future ministry direction

5. 5. For Oscar ʼ s growth in Christ