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The following is a list of a few temporary agencies in the New Orleans, LA area. Use an internet search engine or local telephone book to get their latest contact information.
Lofton Staffing Manpower Office Team Personnel Consulting Remedy Shell Personnel Shuart & Associates Snelling Personnel Special Counsel Temps Today, Inc. United Nursing Universal Personnel Westaff New Orleans

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Are your cash reserves getting low? Don't want to commit to a permanent position? Consider a temporary job to help pay the bills. Temporary agency positions are available in just about every career field and location. In many cases, you can apply online to the temp agency of your choice. In addition to a paycheck, many temporary agencies provide benefits to their workers.

Accountemps Adeeta Corporate Aerotek Ameri-Force Brooke Companies CSI Executive Search 1. Flexible Work Options Custom Staffing Temporary employment provides an Deep South Enterprises opportunity to work when and where you Delta Personnel want to work. Work only during school hours, Express Personnel take the summers off, or take breaks to do Good People other things. Kelly Services, Inc. 2. Resume Booster Labor Finders If your resume needs a boost, temporary Labor Ready

jobs are an ideal way to add skills and experience to your resume, in addition to gaining experience in the workplace. 3. Temp to Perm A temporary job can become a permanent position. 90% of all companies use temporary employees. This means that, even though temping may seem like a step down from permanent employment, it actually can be a step through the door at a company you are interested in working for and a way to get hired permanently.

To learn more about job listings and monthly workshops, please contact FFSC Employment Specialists Judith Adams or Kaiomi Jones at 504-678-7569. Complete Listing of Local Employment Agencies


The Fleet & Family Support Center Naval Air Station JRB Bldg. 555 504.678.7569 Toll Free: 1.888.304.1939

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Deployment Services
The FFSC offers deployment services to support you and your loved ones. Pre Deployment Anticipation of a deployment can bring stress and tension. Being prepared can alleviate some of that stress. Let us help you prepare. During Deployment FFSC focuses on families during deployments. We offer a variety of personalized family support during deployments. Return and Reunion Reuniting after a deployment is fun, exciting and one of the best things about military life. Enjoy homecoming and renew your relationship as you reconnect. We can help. Personalized family support after deployments includes a homecoming information package with available resources and tips. For more information on deployment or any of our programs, contact us at 504-678-7569.


What comes to your mind when you hear Active Shooter? An active shooter is an individual engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area. In most cases, active shooters use firearms and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims. We rarely give any thought at work on a normal day to such a scenario. Situations of an active shooter are unpredictable and usually do not allow a time for warning. You can make an impact and possibly save lives by talking about and training your coworkers or loved ones as to what they should do if this scenario takes place. If the shooter is inside your building: 1. Try to safely escape out of the nearest exit or window and leave all personal belongings and wounded personnel. 2. As you exit the building, keep your hands above your head, avoiding any sudden movements that may cause a police officer to mistake your actions for a threat. Listen for instructions from the police. Remain calm at all times. If there is no officer present, call the police at 911, and inform the dispatcher of the situation. 3. If you are unable to escape the building, get out of open areas like hallways and lobbies. Go into an office or room and lock or barricade the door. Lie down on the floor or under a desk and remain silent. Do not move. Wait for the police to find you.

As you have seen throughout the media, the workplace, public buildings, and schools are not immune to Active Shooters. It is imperative that people know how to respond during a violent act such as this. Here are some If the shooter enters your office or classroom: things you should do: 1. The procedures are not set in this particular situation. Call 911 if possible, and if you are If you are aware or have witnessed an armed unable to talk leave the phone line open so person shooting people, this is what you that the dispatcher can hear the situation. should do: 2. Hiding or escaping may not be possible. 1. Protect yourself first by moving to a safe Attempting negotiation or playing dead may location that provides cover and be a consideration. concealment. 3. Overcoming the suspect should be used a last 2. Call 911 if it is available and safe to do so. resort and only under extreme 3. Inform the dispatchers of the situation you circumstances. Always take in consideration are reporting: who, what, when, where, that there may be more than one shooter. how, and if there are injuries. 4. If the shooter leaves your area, try to escape 4. Alert others in the immediate area about immediately and be on the alert for the situation. responding police. Remember, while If the shooter is outside the building: escaping put your hands above your head. 1. Turn off all lights, lock all doors and windows. If you are unable to lock the Some additional ways to prepare for and prevent doors, place something in front of the door an Active Shooter Situation are through to act as a barrier. Be mindful of which preparedness and prevention. To ensure direction the hinges open and close. preparedness, ensure that your facility has at 2. Try to get everyone on the floor to stay least two evacuation routes posted throughout clear of the line of fire. your facility, conduct training exercises, and 3. If possible, move to the main area of the conduct Active Shooter Training. Prevention can building and stay there until the police be achieved through fostering a respectful allow you to leave. workplace, becoming aware of indications of workplace violence and taking remedial actions.
By: MA1 Robinson, NAS JRB New Orleans, LA Security Department LPO

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Each year, millions of Americans volunteer their time to organizations, contributing countless hours in service. Why do they do it? If you ask twelve volunteers what they gain by their service, youll probably get twelve different answers. Here are just a few of the benefitsprofessional and personalof volunteering. Develop new skills and discover new talents. Contribute to your community. Increase your feelings of personal fulfillment and balance. Develop your leadership potential. Expand your circle of friends and colleagues. Enhance your career options.

Counseling Services
We all experience ups and downs in life. At some point just about everyone needs help coping with stress caused by life's many challenges. Stress can be caused by such things as family hardships, marital conflicts, parent/child issues, money concerns, frequent moves, health issues, losses, and other difficulties. We may first try to discuss problems with family, friends, or coworkers, but often this just isn't enough. Sometimes it helps to talk to an experienced counselor. The FFSC offers counseling by professional, licensed clinicians. Clinical counseling services are free of charge to active duty personnel, activated reservists, retirees, and family members. If you would like to schedule an appointment or get additional information about counseling services, contact one of our licensed clinicians at 504-678-7569.

For additional information about on base and off base volunteer opportunities, gaining hours for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, or if youre interested in volunteering at the FFSC, please contact Melissa Garner, Volunteer Coordinator, at (504) 678-2839 and/or melissa.garner1@navy.mil. In addition to locating volunteer opportunities and tracking volunteer hours for the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, she can also assist with hours needed for school, certifications, etc.

Though children and adults alike have been enjoying treats made with chipped ice since at least the Roman Empire era, the modern shaved ice treat, usually known as a snow cone, came into popularity in the late eighteen hundreds when someone came up with the idea of a wooden hand ice shaver. Vendors quickly began selling their flavored-syrup-drenched summer treats on street corners in cities across the country. But the sno-ball, without the w, is uniquely New Orleans. In 1934, during the Great Depression, a machinist named Ernest Hanson invented and patented the motorized ice shaver which produced the required ice far more quickly and with a more consistent texture. The rest is New Orleans history. Corner ice shaver vendors citywide welcomed the high volume snow production immediately and you might say the new ice treats popularity in this hot and humid city just snowballed. Hanson and his wife Mary made and sold their popular sno-balls using that same 1934 ice shaving machine for over seventy years. Look around this summer: if you see a line of people, young and old, winding down the sidewalk and around the corner in the summer heat in front of a small, brightly colored building with a large window, you can bet whats being handed through that window are New Orleans sno-balls in flavors like King Cake that you wont find anywhere else.

All workshops and classes are held at the Naval Air Station, Joint Reserve Base, Fleet & Family Support Center (FFSC), Bldg. 555 unless otherwise noted.

01, 08, 15 May 2012 Active Parenting (0830-1030) Healthy families arent born; theyre made one day at a time. 02 May 2012 Effective Communication (0900-1100) Develop skills to foster effective verbal and written communication skills. 03 May 2012 Resume/Job Search Workshop (0830-1230) Career Assessment, Job Search Strategies, Resume Writing, and Interview Techniques. 09 May 2012 Stress Management (0900-1100) Stop by to determine what is stressing you out and the skills you need to handle it. 08 May 2012 Sponsorship Training (0900-1000) Get trained to provide proactive assistance to newcomers and their families. 09& 23 May 2012 Mommy and Me (1000-1130) @ NAS JRB Chapel Playgroup is for moms and kids who want to make good friends and have a good time. 14 May 2012 Military Spouse Orientation (0900-1100) New Spouse or not, stop by to get great information and resources.

14-17 May 2012 (4 Days) Transition Assistance Program (TAP) (0800-1600) Information and training to make informed decisions as you transition out of the military. 15 May 2012 Smooth Move (0900-1000)
Get the answers and resources you need to complete a successful and stress-free move.

16 May 2012 Anger Management (0900-1100) Discover your own coping strengths and develop new anger management skills. 17 May 2012 Effects of Divorce on Children (1000-1200) This workshop will help you identify ways to protect your child from the effects of divorce. 23 May 2012 Resume Writing Workshop (0900-1100) Retiring or separating? Come out and learn how to upgrade your resume. 24 & 25 May 2012 (2 Days) Newcomers Orientation & Tour (0800-1600) Everything you need to know about base services and the New Orleans community 29 May 2012 Spouse Summit (1630-1730) Come out and share thoughts and ideas on a variety of military lifestyle topics.