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Course and Paper Pattern of all subjects

SDM Course o Chp: 1 to 7 Paper pattern o Mcqs (Closed Book) o Case study (open Book)

EDMNV Course o BOI and BPF o Entrepreneur o Intraprenur and manager o MSME o Forms of organization o Competencies Paper pattern o Group project Topic (Q-1) o Case (Q-2) o Intraprenur and manager (Q-3) o BOI/BPF (Q-4) o Forms of Organization/MSME (Q-5)

MCS Course o Chp 1-6 from book o Modules -4 from sirs softcopy (collected from class) Paper pattern o Case study (Q-1) : compulsory 30 M o Theory (Q-2) (Q- 4) : attempt any 3 - 10 m each

SFM Course o Chp 3,4,7,9,15,17,18 from book

Paper pattern o (Q-1) in two parts [a] and [b] o (Q-2) (Q-4) : Numerical o Theory (Q-5) (Q-6)

Attempt any 5 and each carries 12M IFS Course o All things done in class Paper pattern o (Q-1) Objective o (Q-2) (Q-3) : Theory o Numerical (Q-4)

Attempt all and each carries 15M LAB Course o Negotiable act o Company law (till prospectus) o Information act ( in that digital signature, e-governance and sec-66 hacking) Paper pattern o (Q-1) Descriptive Or 12M o (Q-1) Descriptive o (Q-2) [a] Theory 8M o (Q-2)[b] Can be descriptive or hypothetical 6M Or o (Q-2) [a] Theory 8M o (Q-2)[b] Can be descriptive or hypothetical 6M o (Q-3) MCQ o (Q-4) Short Notes (attempt any 3 each 4 M)

SFI Course o CHP: 1-4

IFM Course o CHP: 1-4 and 20

Banking Course o All that done in class Paper pattern o MCQs o Short notes o Descriptive Questions

EDMV Paper Q-1 Define Entrepreneur and list 13 competencies Q-2 Define Intraprenur. Briefly tabulate the main difference between a traditional manager and Intraprenur Q-3 What are the 3 basic requirements for entrepreneurial opportunities to be successful? List down the eight approaches to explore the business opportunities. Q-4 List the purpose of making the business Plan. Elaborate the components of competent business plan. Q-5 [a] Describes the process of new product development (NPD) and state the three critical points to make NPD more successful. [b] List five main entry barriers to entrepreneurship and corresponding organizations to address it. [c] Comment & substantiate briefly Whether the entrepreneurs are born or created?

LAB Important Topics o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o Bills /cheque/ Promissory notes Difference between all of the above Bills in Set Material Alteration Information ACT Classification on the Basis of number of members Classification on the basis of Control Government Company Prohibition of large partnership Certificate of incorporation Doctrine of Ultra virus Legal effect of memorandum and articles Constructive notice of memorandum and articles. Difference between articles and memorandum Any two prospectus ( may be abridged is one)