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Smart Kids Camp organized by ISKCON devotees- 20% Rebate in Wellness Care for ISKCON. -Balaramkrishnadas.

jps Situated in Keralas(India) scenic Vellani Mountain valley, a newly established Ayurvedic Wellness Center, Rayirath Heritage Ayurvedic Wellness also constructed a thatched shed beneath a walnut tree grove, an 80 seater with a stage, all fully lighted and finished to taste. Mr Sudhakaran , the owner, a kind-hearted ISKCON fan wanted to offer the shed fresh to us and we staged a three days spiritual camp called Uttama Balakam (Smart Kids) to inaugurate or, rather consecrate the place. 55 boys and girls of age 8-16 years attended against our expectation of around 30! The camp was made free with one lunch and one evening snack, all real ISKCON style. Gokulendra Madhavadas.jps punched at the taste buds with his best cabbage pakoras dressed in tomato sauce. Course periods were stuffed with sankirtan,japa,Bhagavat Gita class,mridanga-karatal sessions,spiritual games,yoga , drama and extempore speeches. Sessions, triggered out from a word file- Time Table were all smartly hyperlinked and closed-

looped with emerging videos and PPTS. Kirtan lyrics for example were projected to get those hands free . A Bhagavat Gita session summarised the 17th chapter, i.e, the three modes .The knowledge acquired was to utilse for categorizing the videos. Participants will see, analyse and conclude whether the video-themes ( a particular worship for eg.) was sathvik, rajasik or tamasic. Video: HH Radhanath Swami in the Mother of Parliaments. After seeing, some kids opined it was tamasic as it happens in a materialistic western city. Some said Rajasic looking at the formidable British Parliament. Quite a few learned ones matched the scripture and said: the swamiji reminded Krishna , and theme is just satvik.
..threefold austerity, performed with transcendental faith by men not expecting material benefits but engaged only for the sake of the Supreme,

is called austerity in goodness BG 17-17

1.Like that..sacrificing a goat, torturing bodies with arrows etc. were branded as tamasic by all.A Madhav Prabhu kirtan clip where African devotees madly danced, got an unexpected satvik approval learning lessons from previous clip analyses; so also was the Polish Wood Stock Hare Krishna Rock, satvik due to its

Mahamantra ! Theyve got it finally.And we; we made it ! We will very soon get a feedback from these kids and also parents on the impact of the camp in proper forms which is now orally conveyed as extraordinary by a few parents whom we met informally. Uttama Balakam camp is now getting modularised for its multiple and wider application. Rayirath Center is so impressed with ISKCON that for any initiated ISKCON devotee they promised to give a 20% rebate if he /she choose a wellness package there - a courtesy extended by the proprietor, Mr Sudhakaran. This author along with Gokulendra Prabhu decides in that case to do some vaishnava seva, by overseeing the arrangements including prasadam (pathyam!). Rayirath got recently affiliated to Amrta Life, Mata Amrtananda Mayi Societys health care wing which has many reputed Institutions running currently in the areas of education, health etc. throughout India and abroad. Recently, ISKCONs India Padayatra Manager, Rupagoswami Prabhu chanced to take a treatment for stomach ailments in Rayirath and got it cured. See his feedback . Rayiraths url is at bottom. Decide and contact pullat.bala@gmail.com

.We can work it out! All you Vaishnavas Blessings!


Vellani Valley

Japa Session

Video Session