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----------------------------------------------------------------Cadsoft Eagle PCB interface to Electra Copyright (c) 2003-2006 by KONEKT SPRL, all rights reserved ----------------------------------------------------------------This interface

is for Eagle v4.1 Main features of the bi-directional interface: * * * * * * * * * * * * GUI based routing strategy and rules constraints User definable routing layers, preferred direction, layer type and usage cost Reads native Eagle DRC rules from the DRU file Supports Eagle Net classes with pre-defined width, clearance and drill size Set clearance between object type of wire, via, pin, smd pad and board outline Set wiring rules (via at smd, same net minimum gap, ...) Fanout parameters Max limits (bends, vias, crossings...) Automatic save and restore of the defined rules Handles Eagle restricted regions (wire and via keepouts) Converts power planes for autorouting Supports Eagle pre-routed wires and vias by protected them

Translation from CadSoft/EagleTM to Electra Autorouter ======================================================= 1) Start EAGLE Layout Editor and load your board file. 2) Execute PCB_To_DSN.ulp either by typing in the RUN command in the command lin e of EAGLE Layout Editor, or by selecting the icon ULP and choosing PCB_To_DSN.ulp in a dialog window pres ented. You can also assign a shortcut under Options/Assign to run the script, the value assign to a key would be for e xample: run <Electra_install_directory>\Eagle\PCB_To_DSN.ulp Note: PCB_To_DSN.ulp is located under the <Electra_install_directory>\Eagle\PCB_ To_DSN.ulp 3) Choose the location on your hard disk, where the <board.dsn> file should be s aved. 4) From the ELECTRA setup dialog, set the routing strategy and click OK when don e. 5) Start Electra, load the <board.dsn>, you are now ready to autoroute your boar d.

Translation from Electra to CadSoft/EagleTM =========================================== 1) From Electra, invoke the menu File / Export / Script..., this will generate a script file with the routed wires and vias. Choose the location on your hard disk, where the <board.scr> file should be save d.

2) In the EAGLE Layout Editor, execute <board.scr> file either by typing in the SCR command in the command line of EAGLE Layout Editor, or by selecting the icon SCR and choosing <board.scr> in a dialog window presented. Note: To invoke PCB_To_DSN.ulp from the Eagle control panel, you just need to co py PCB_To_DSN.ulp to the <Eagle_install_directory>\ulp folder.