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Welcome and Opening address 9:20 9:50am Smarter Computing Leading the worlds IT transformation Expectations of IT are getting higher by the minute. In fact, expectations are moving beyond just keeping the IT environment running, to running it more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. With Smarter Computing, IBM will illustrate how patterns can lead the next wave of IT transformationrevolutionizing the way you run your business. At the same time, gain insights into how the worlds first family of systems with integrated expertise and capabilities, achieve superior business results through efficiency, simplicity, and control, starting from the very first day of deployment. The building blocks to Smarter Computing Optimize dont compromise To help organizations adapt to the accelerated change and greater complexity that mark todays competitive landscape, IBM is changing the way systems are designedoptimizing every point of the architecture, from the processor up through the functioning of the application layer. Learn how systems that are tuned to the task adapt to unique domains of knowledgehealthcare, retail, bankingand how workload characteristics are helping customers embrace the new economics of IT. A customer's journey to rethink IT and reinvent business At this session, we will share how Smarter IT innovations can transform business in the turbulent 21st century. New technologies and delivery models can help you achieve substantial cost savingswhile accelerating progress and supporting people as they work in new ways. Youll also get to know about the challenges faced, lessons learned and best practices to follow when implementing these innovations. 11:00 11:30am Titanium sponsor - VMware 11:30 12:30pm Networking lunch and exhibition showcase TRACK 1: Architect Smarter Application with IBM Innovations made simple Integrated Expertise: A new era of computing Introducing the worlds first family of systems with integrated expertisea new computing category that offers the flexibility of a general-purpose system with the simplicity of an appliance. Its designed to get you up and running in as little as four hours. It comes pre-loaded with application patterns, giving your business the knowledge of thousands of deployments and millions of hours of experience. 1:00 1:30pm Gold Sponsor TE Connectivity 1:30 2:00pm Simplify and optimize your IT applications on Power Systems Inspired by mainframe technologies, POWER7 systems form a comprehensive portfolio which is integrated with software to deliver higher quality services faster, and with breakthrough economics. By optimizing your IT applications on systems that are tuned to the task, organizations can improve productivity and eliminate the unnecessary costs of running and maintaining multiple systems. Also witness how Linux running on POWER7 Systems can deliver unmatched energy efficiency, flexible virtualization and scalability while reducing cost and risk. Optimize SAP environment while improving ROI from your SAP implementation Gain insights on how to improve operational effectiveness to power transformational growth for your SAP environmentwhether you are maximizing your existing SAP application environment or implementing new SAP solutions. By optimizing your SAP application environment on tuned-to-the-task system, you can improve the productivity of your overall enterprise systems, as well as eliminate unnecessary costs of running and maintaining your SAP applications. 2:30 3:00pm Tea break and Exhibition 3:00 3:30pm Gold Sponsor - Infor 3:30 4:00pm How trusted information delivers Smarter Business outcomes Information is the lifeblood of your business, but what does it really mean and how can information help your organization be successful? IBM delivers a rich portfolio of software, hardware and services that can help add rigor and discipline to the process of using, managing, improving and protecting organizational information. Effective information management can help enhance the quality, availability and integrity of an organizations core asset - the business data. Join this session to learn more about the proven information management foundation from IBM that can help you meet the toughest business challenges now and in the future. Faster insight. Lower cost. Less complexity. Stop wasting valuable time and resources. Get fast insight into your data with a Smarter Analytics System thats tuned to your IT investments and skills. The key to working smarter is having the right information and insight to drive outcomes. Working smarter means your frontline business leaders know where to find new revenue opportunities and identify product or service offerings that are most likely to address the market requirement. Smarter storage approach for complex and critical applications Data explosion is realwhether in traditional applications, such as financial services or healthcare, or new generation workloads, such as digital media and Web 2.0. The demands for next-generation storage capabilities enabling rapid scalability, rich data management and availabilityhave grown beyond what traditional storage can handle. Migrating from entry to enterprise storage can also be disruptive, especially for companies that are in the middle of a growth spurt. Smarter storage solutions from IBM can help address these complex and critical needs. 5:00 5:30pm Closing and Q&A Gold Sponsor Red Hat (For VN only - Motorola Solutions) Advance virtualization to cloud-ready management tools Cloud-ready management with simplified tools is the integrating force for smarter computing. Find out how to implement smarter computing with superior IT economics by: Automating operations, implementing and integrating capabilities Delivering flexibility and choice Implementing enhanced security Capturing the benefits of the cloud. Gold Sponsor Intel Built for virtualization and ease of cloud deployment Integration and simplicity does not mean freedom of choice has to be sacrificed. Converge your IT Infrastructure to achieve integrated servers, storage, networking and virtualization, with rock solid reliability. Begin a path of integration and simplicity with affordable and easy to deploy IBM BladeCenter Foundation for Virtualization to Cloud, a solution offering a higher degree of flexibility, enabling you to deploy now and scale as your business requirements change. TRACK 2: Smarter Infrastructure - Optimized Data Center: Stop, think and save on applicable IT cost Maximise performance, efficiency and optimization of your storage infrastructure The exploding volume, velocity and variety of data require optimized systems specifically architected for the task. You need to maximize performance and efficiency in order to balance data storage cost and performance. Designed to help you keep up with big data, IBM storage information infrastructure solutions address challenges around storage efficiency or data protection. This will lead your company toward improved productivity, service delivery and reduced risk while streamlining costs.

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Redefine the boundaries of a Smarter Data Centre with hybrid computing Todays IT landscape for enterprise computing is evolving rapidly, with data centers having to meet ever-increasing demands with flatter budgets. IBM System z delivers a unique hybrid computing model, that allows data centers to optimize workload deployment on best fit technologies with a common management infrastructure [for both mainframe and distributed system resources]while driving down overall costs. This model integrates data serving and analytics for actionable insight, enabling fast and flexible delivery of new services to drive innovation.

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Optimize your IT with Smarter Data Center analyticsbased services There is always room to drive greater efficiency in the IT environment. IBM Smarter Data Center analytics-based services will help you uncover hidden costs, highlight opportunities for infrastructure optimization, deliver real cost savings and keep up with demand as the business grows.