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Training Programs for Professionals

4 - B Dr. Sarat Banerjee Road. Kolkata 700029 (Nr. Rashbehari Avenue Lake Market) www.excelnext.in | excelnext@gmail.com | (033) 40 660 140 141

More than 1,400 participants since 2010

Classroom program participants include Professionals from Top Corporates-

and many more

Corporate Training programs conducted across 9-cities

Customized Training Programs suiting their respective Businesses and Processes

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4 - B Dr. Sarat Banerjee Road. Kolkata 700029 (Nr. Rashbehari Avenue Lake Market) www.excelnext.in | excelnext@gmail.com | (033) 40 660 140 141

Advanced Excel
for Finance | Audit | MIS Reporting
Fees: Rs. 4,900 till 31-3-2012 | Duration: 24 hrs. | Free CD and Handbook

More than 1,400 professionals and students have attended our Advanced Excel training program since 2010. Our Corporate training programs have been conducted in 9-cities: Kolkata, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Bhopal, Thimphu - a testimony to our trainings quality and value-for-money offering.
Basic Brush-up Basic operators: + - / * ^ Data formats Text, Number, Dates Paste Special (Value, Transpose, Multiply) Formatting (cell, style) Absolute & Relative referencing ($) Select Keyboard shortcuts Select Dashboard techniques Remove Gridlines Freeze-Unfreeze panes Hide-Unhide Columns & Rows Data Validation (list) Grouping & Subtotaling Data Analysis Custom Sort Filter & Advanced Filter Sum(), Max(), Min(), Average() SubTotal() Pivot Table- Grouping, % computation Data Lookup & Extraction VLookup(), HLookup() VLookup() with Match() Index() and Match() Text to Columns Left(), Right(), Mid() T(), N(), Value() Search() vs. Find() Find & Replace using wildcard characters ( * ? ) MIS reporting Page Setup & Print formatting Security & File Protection Conditional Formatting Specific techniques Macros (Record, Run) Go To (Special) Cell-Range naming 3-D Data Consolidation Formula Auditing Removing Duplicate values What-IF Analysis Data Tables, Goal Seek Dynamic Buttons Logical functions IF(), Nested IF statements And(), Or() Istext(), Isnumber(). Iserror(), Isblank() Specific formulas Sumifs(), Countifs() Concatenate(), & Round(), Mround() Day(), Month(), Year(), Date() Edate(), Eomonth() SumProduct() Text(), Len(), Trim() Extra Special Tips-n-Tricks Videos on Special ChartsThermometer chart 2-axis chart, Trend line chart Exploded Pie-chart

100% practical case studies (75%+ participants are working professionals) Projector-based training with one PC per participant (-no sharing-) Free CD of class case-studies & Charts Videos + Printed Handbook Program Director with extensive industry experience (Audit, Investment Banking & Training) Program participants include Professionals from Top Corporates-

Applications: MIS reporting based on data extracted from various ERPs (e.g. SAP, Tally, Ramco), Business Plan formulation, CMA & Project Finance evaluation, Financial Modelling, CAAT (Audit)

4 - B Dr. Sarat Banerjee Road. Kolkata 700029 (Nr. Rashbehari Avenue Lake Market) www.excelnext.in | excelnext@gmail.com | (033) 40 660 140 141

VBA & Macros (Excel)

for Advanced Excel users
Fees: Rs. 7,900 till 31-3-2012 | Duration: 32 hrs. | Free CD and Handbook
For: BFSI Professionals, MIS Executives, Data-mining Analysts Key Learning: Automate repetitive task | Prepare month-end reports with the click of a button | Automate PowerPoint preparation from Excel reports | User-define functions | Prepare Dashboards and more INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING Introduction to logical thinking, flowcharts and algorithms Define objective, start & end points; Identifying solution & breaking it into sequential steps Writing an algorithm Step-by-step instructions, process flow diagrams/flowcharts. Excel Macros an introduction The Power of Macros - What can be done with Macros and When to use Macros Introduction to object oriented programming Objects, their functions, methods and properties Introduction to Events What are events, how & when to use them PREPARING TO MACRO Visual Basic Editor (VBE) Developer Tab, Security Introduction to the VBE, Project Explorer, Properties window, Password protection of code How to use the VBE Features, Options, Intellisense technology Debugging mode, Breakpoints, Bookmarks, Watch window, Immediate window and Locals window Inbuilt VBE Help feature Tips and Tricks. How and when to use the inbuilt help features, Object browser Common terminology Terms like Keywords, Compile, Debug etc. Recording a Macro Using Macro recorder MORE ON EXCEL MACROS - I Structure of an Excel workbook from VBA point of view Common Objects MS Excel Objects like Applications, Workbook, work sheets, etc. Where to write the code? Variables and Constants What are variables and constants? Type of variables; How and when to use variables to store information. Typical Variable naming conventions, When to use Variables or constants MORE ON EXCEL MACROS - II Loops For-Next, Do-While, Do-Until Decision-making and Code Branching If-Then-Else, Select-Case, And/Or conditions User defined functions (UDF) What are user defined functions. How to create & use them. Form Controls vs. ActiveX Controls GETTING INTO THE CODE MsgBox and Input Box Working with Data in Excel Data types in Excel worksheets, like Dates, Texts, Nulls etc. Working with workbooks, worksheets, ranges, cells etc. Using offset and other cell navigation methods. Using Absolute & Relative references Working with Arrays POWER DATA PROCESSING Working with Data in Excel Working with dynamic ranges. Protecting worksheets, cells and ranges. Working with multiple files. Opening & Saving files Working with Pivot Tables How to use VBA to create Pivot Tables and how to use existing Pivot tables in VBA to generate custom set of data Working with Charts Working with charts in VBA. Preparing dynamic & interactive charts & dashboard INTRODUCTION TO USER FORMS Working with User Forms & User Forms events User form Controls Data Validation: Controlling data inputs in user forms EFFECTIVE CODING Testing and Debugging your code Effective Error Handling WORKING WITH OTHER APPLICATIONS WITHIN MS-OFFICE Create a PPT Slide Deck from Excel Generating a Report in MS Word from Excel Sending emails through MS Outlook Introduction to libraries

Special discount for participants registering for our Combo Program: Advanced Excel (24 hrs.) + VBA & Macros (32 hrs.)

4 - B Dr. Sarat Banerjee Road. Kolkata 700029 (Nr. Rashbehari Avenue Lake Market) www.excelnext.in | excelnext@gmail.com | (033) 40 660 140 141

Advanced PowerPoint
for Corporate Presentations
Fees: Rs. 2,900 till 31-3-2012 | Duration: 12 hrs. | Free CD and Handbook

PowerPoint Technical (80%) Slide Design Theme SmartArt Graphic & SmartArt Tools Shapes & Drawing Tools Picture Formatting Tools Animation & slide Transitions Charts- Design, Layout, Format options Special Advanced Charts Printing Options Presentation Views & Option settings Tips-n-Tricks Case Studies

Sample Charts-

Region-wise Sales-to-Profit mapping (%)

Quarterly Profit-Loss trend

Delivering Presentations successfully (20%) Step 1: Acquiring the details & defining the situation Step 2: Crafting the content & Designing the Presentation Step 3: Delivering the message

Sample presentation
Company Overview: Detailed Business operations, Comparative market share, Region-wise Sales-to-Profit mapping (%) and Properly-aligned text boxes & charts

Special focus on aesthetics of PowerPoint Presentations



4 - B Dr. Sarat Banerjee Road. Kolkata 700029 (Nr. Rashbehari Avenue Lake Market) www.excelnext.in | excelnext@gmail.com | (033) 40 660 140 141

Customized Corporate Training

Our cutomised Training Programs target specific issues and learning requirement and modify the case studies and examples accordingly. Glimpse of some of our initiatives:

2-days intensive workshops for participants from diverse Line of Services (Audit, Advisory, Consultancy, MIS Reporting, Taxation etc.) Focus on application of Excel with respect to What-if Analysis, Dashboards, Financial Modelling Special focus on Financial Formulas & automated linking of Excel with PowerPoint

Tackling issues of Excel data reports downloaded from J.D. Edwards (ERP) Workshop on Finance for Non-Finance Executives along with application of Advanced Excel Tackling issues of Excel data reports downloaded from SAP (ERP)

Extensive focus on Budget Schedules, MIS reporting and Project Modelling

Why should you consider us?

> Engaging delivery-mechanism with adequate functional knowledge of diverse businesses > Balancing learning needs & capabilities in a heterogeneous learning group > Learning benefits visible immediately Rishabh Pugalia, Founder & Program Director, Excel Next Training Solutions Pugalia,
Qualified Chartered Accountant Has worked for names like KPMG, J.P. Morgan Four years of work experience in the area of Investment Banking & Audit Successfully completed six-weeks Analyst training program of Adkins Matchett & Toy Trained more than 1,400 participants in Advanced Excel, Advanced PowerPoint since 2010

4 - B Dr. Sarat Banerjee Road. Kolkata 700029 (Nr. Rashbehari Avenue Lake Market) www.excelnext.in | excelnext@gmail.com | (033) 40 660 140 141