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GHESA was established in 1963 by major Spanish electric utilities in collaboration with the American consulting engineering company,

Gibbs & Hill, Inc. (NY). The latter assumed the role of technology partner until the takeover by the Spanish participants in 1992. In 1971, after the launching of the second phase of the Spanish Nuclear Program, GHESA promoted the creation of Empresarios Agrupados (EA) in collaboration with other Spanish engineering companies to share capacities and resources for the development of nuclear power stations and other macroprojects for thermoelectric generation. The activities of EA are controlled by an Economic Interest Group: Agrupacin de Inters Econmico (EA,AIE). At present, GHESA, with a staff of over 600, together with the consortium Empresarios Agrupados, with global resources of some 1000 people, constitute one of the most important engineering groups in Europe, with technological management capacity for developing a diversity of complex projects both nationally and internationally.

Water..., natural ..., vital ..., pure ..., transparent ...,


GHESA Ingeniera y Tecnologa is a Spanish Company involved for over 40 years in projects related to water as a distinctive element in urban environments for entertainment and for culture. - technical study - economic study - artistic design - civil engineering plans - manufacture - installation - set up - maintenance Our aim is to improve the quality of life with environmentally friendly solutions, bringing the extraordinary and magic world of water to the greatest possible number of people. In GHESA, we design unique and original installations for all needs and at all levels. Since 1975, GHESA has participated in over different 3000 fountain projects all over the world using unique patented technology such as the Cybernetic Fountain concept, submersible LED lighting, ultra-fast electrovalves ....

life-giving ..., we have given it all kinds of uses ..., we have mastered it ..., and in GHESA, we play with it.

Ornamental Fountains All the solutions under the sun

Ornamental Fountains are specifically designed to suit their emplacement, and as an exclusive decorative element for their surroundings. They permit a multitude of dynamic water patterns with fixed, dynamic, or automatic jets, waterfall effects etc. Circular Linear and Waterfalls

Cybernetic Fountains

Dancing water

Cybernetic Fountains, developed exclusively by GHESA, are based on the computerized synchronization of all their elements. Water, light and sound are merged to create authentic audiovisual symphonies. Incorporating a GHESA musical analyzer to reproduce automatic choreographies. Permit additional equipment for Multimedia Shows (water screen, laser, image projection, etc.). GHESA fountains are now international references.
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Sequential and Dynamic Musical and Multimedia

Walk-in Fountains

A magical and emotive experience

Modern cities invest increasingly more in the quality and quantity of the areas that make them more attractive. These areas include Walk-in Fountains which permit the public to enter the installation and to be in direct contact with the water. Matrix Domes

Tunnels Mazes

Interactive Fountains
They permit active participation, creating an atmosphere of complicity between the spectator and the water element. The public can create their own choreographies in real time.

Standard Fountains A simple concept for great ideas

Modular fountains permit the creation of infinite configurations for the clients own fountain design, and the possibility of group combinations permits the choice of the ideal configuration for specific requirements, at low cost and maintenance.



State-of-the-art Engineering Floating Fountains

GHESAs exclusively designed flotation system for fountains permits the installation of the water elements in the sea, in lakes, etc. ... Fountains Geysers Water Screens



a sketch..., a concept..., a singular fountain.


shapes..., volumes..., transforming lines.


exclusive fountains..., designer fountains..., timeless works of art.


Water & Art Unique ideas ..., singular fountains ...,

Prestigious installations, with a design englobing the Architectural concept. Designed by renowned artists or by GHESAs team of creative talented professionals.


Unique works of art, with GHESAs guarantee to respect the exclusivity.

art in public spaces.


Fountains in Shopping Malls

Fountains designed and projected to create pleasant, relaxed and refreshing atmospheres for must-visit reference points.

Let us be your solution

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To light up the faces of kids and all those who are young at heart, GHESA has developed the technology of AQUA KIDS Spray Parks, creating a fabulous and refreshing fun factory with complete precision and safety installations.


We take fun seriously

GHESAs technical staff are specialized in carrying out all types of maintenance required: preventive, corrective, complete, telesurveillance, water treatment, ... Integral Telesurveillance Fountain refurbishing Products and After-sales Service

Fountain refurbishing


GHESA, the company authorized by Spanish National Heritage for the refurbishment of historical elements, will refurbish any type of fountain. Fountains with years of history, tradition and culture. Following an exhaustive study, GHESA, on the clients request, will refurbish any type of fountain with state-of-the-art technology while respecting the original installations at all times.

Landmarks and References Shows A magic dream world

Cybernetic Shows are based on the choreography of a Cybernetic Fountain. Multimedia Shows provide grand scenarios of light and colour by means of a Cybernetic Fountain incorporating laser, projections, special lighting effects, fireworks, audience participation, etc. .....

Design and installation of the largest area in the world of fountains and ornamental water elements: Expo 92 Seville and Parque de La Reserva in Lima (Per). Participation in all of the recent important historical events (Barcelona 92 and Atlanta 96 Olympics, Tunis 2001, Lisbon 98 Expo, Group of fountains in Campo de las Naciones Park, Madrid, Expo Saragossa 2008 ...). Project and installation of the worlds largest Cybernetic Fountains (Auditorium in Parque Juan Carlos I Madrid, Floating Fountain in Macau and Ibirapuera Fountain in Brazil and Parquesur Madrid). Pioneer company in the development of flotation systems for fountains. Cybernetic concept: the first company to develop this exclusive concept.
Guinness world record - Geyser of 80 m.- Parque de la Reserva - Lima (Per)

Specialist in unique shows: inauguration of the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), Estoril Casino, Cannes Festival, .... Development of GHESA patented submersible electrovalves. Development of GHESA patented submersible multicolour light projectors. Company authorized by the Spanish National Heritage for working with historical elements. Design and installation of walk-in fountains and shows for theme parks: Warner, Terra Mtica, Port Aventura, Isla Mgica, Walibi, ... Exclusive prestigious fountains with renowned architects and landscape experts. GUINNESS world record 2009.

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in GHESA Fountains

GHESA, Ingeniera y Tecnologa, S.A. projects and develops all installations in accordance with current legislations and regulations concerning environmental protection and sustainable development. Our materials, management systems and personnel qualifications comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 to ensure the highest quality in the project. Energy savings for sustainability: 1. The management and control of our fountain consumption is based on closed circuit water circulation. 2. The cleaning and maintenance of the fountains is carried out using suction systems to avoid frequent pond emptying. 3. Correct waterproofing controls of the pond basins prevent water leaks. 4. Water treatment based on bacteriological and ultraviolet systems makes water replacement unnecessary. 5. We aim for energy saving in our fountains without loss of lighting efficiency thanks to the use of LED lighting projectors. Additionally, recycling, waste disposal, cleaning products and other materials comply with current regulations regarding packaging requisites and the Environmental Management System GHESA is scrupulously respectful with acoustic contamination regulations.