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Ventus LED

Area/Roadway Luminaire




The Cooper name has stood for innovation, service and expertise for over 175 years. Today, Cooper Lightings LED Innovation Center is home to the design, validation and manufacturing of proprietary LED technologies. Through changing times and technologies, Cooper answers the call to provide relevant, industry-leading solutions to challenging market needs.

Precision design practices and rigorous reliability testing result in dependable luminaries that thrive in outdoor environments. The Ventus area/roadway luminaire is rated for operation in -30C to 40C ambient environments, comes equipped with 10kV transient surge protection and is backed by a 5 year warranty from a world class manufacturer.


ENERGY SAVINGS + ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP The simplest and most effective way to reduce a lighting fixtures impact on the environment is to minimize its energy consumption. By incorporating Cooper Lightings patent pending LED LightBAR technology, the Ventus luminaire provides energy savings between 30-75% over standard HID sources.


LONG LIFE With a 50,000+ hour rated life [at 70% lumen maintenance], The Ventus luminaire operates six [6] times longer than traditional Metal Halide sources.



2700K 3000K
High Pressure Sodium [2000K]



Cold LED [6000-6500K]

Metal Halide [Quartz, Ceramic] Cooper LED LightBAR [4000K]


Each patented LED LightBAR optic renders the TM entirety of the pattern. As the number of LightBAR elements increase so does the application illuminance, allowing lumen and energy output to be scaled and optimized per application. Obtrusive spill light and over lighting is replaced by uniform, application specific illumination.

Lighting Designers, Architects, Specifying Engineers and End Users have long preferred light sources which provide a balanced spectral power distribution and warm white light. Typical LED solutions standardize on a cold blue 6000-6500K correlated color temperature [CCT] to maximize lumen output. Ventus provides warm white light at a standard 4000K CCT with no sacrifice in lumen output.

SUPERIOR EFFICIENCY + CONTROL With efficiencies as high as 95%, patented AccuLED OpticsTM systems are as much as 30% more efficient than traditional HID optical systems. Available in fifteen [15] beam distributions, AccuLED OpticsTM systems provide the flexibility and performance required for any outdoor application.


CONSTRUCTION + FINISH Die-cast and extruded aluminum construction finished in super durable TGIC polyester powder coat paint. Six [6] standard colors. RAL and custom colors available.

SURGE SUPPRESSION Ventus is shipped standard with a replaceable circuit module [OA1223] incorporating internal fusing and MOVs designed to survive a 10kV BIL surge test.

ACCULED OPTICSTM AccuLED OpticsTM provide shaped distributions and scalability to meet exacting application requirements. Ventus is offered in 2-12 LightBARTM configurations with a choice of fifteen [15] high efficiency optical systems. Optional factory-set optic rotation [L90 or R90] allows uniform product orientation on the site independent of optical orientation. LightBARS feature an IP66 enclosure rating. HID / LED CROSS REFERENCE CHART HID System 70W Pulse MH 100W Pulse MH 150W Pulse MH 250W Pulse MH 320W Pulse MH 400W Pulse MH 70W HPS 100W HPS 150W HPS 250W HPS 400W HPS HID Wattage 88 129 190 291 368 452 85 115 170 300 465 HID Life [Hrs] 1 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 20,000 20,000 24,000 24,000 24,000 24,000 24,000 # of Bars 2 2 2 3 6 9 12 2 2 4 7 12 LED Wattage 53 53 80 156 232 309 53 53 103 183 309 LED Life [Hrs] 3 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 Savings 40% 59% 58% 46% 37% 32% 38% 54% 39% 39% 34%

NOTES: 1 Hours of life based on 50% Mortality. 2 Actual number of LightBARS should be confirmed with site specific lighting calculations. 3 Hours of life based on 70% lumen maintenance.


MOUNTING CONFIGURATIONS Ventus is supplied standard with an internal mast arm mount that accepts 1-1/4" to 2-3/8" O.D. horizontal tenons with +/- 5 vertical leveling adjustment. Optional mounting methods include a wall mount plate [WM] and a 6" arm and round pole adapter [AIS/AIR]. Tenon adapters are available to slipfit over poles equipped with vertical 2-3/8" or 3-1/2" O.D. tenon. 3G vibration rated.

BI-LEVEL SWITCHING LightBARTM additive design technology allows for reduction in luminaire power consumption without impacting the overall shape or directionality of the distribution. Optional bi-level switching [2L] configurations allow energy saving power reductions while closely maintaining lighting uniformity levels.

ALUMINUM HEAT SINK Unique extruded aluminum construction allows for passive cooling and natural cleaning of the heat sinks ensuring reliable operation in -30C to 40C ambient environments.


ORDERING INFORMATION SAMPLE NUMBER: VSTA12LEDEUT3S PRODUCT FAMILY VST=Ventus NUMBER OF LIGHTBAR 1 A02=2 Bars A03=3 Bars A04=4 Bars A05=5 Bars A06=6 Bars A07=7 Bars A08=8 Bars A09=9 Bars A10=10 Bars A11=11 Bars A12=12 Bars LAMP TYPE LED=Solid State Light Emitting Diodes BALLAST TYPE E=Electronic VOLTAGE U=Electronic [120-277V] 8=480V 2 9=347V 2 DISTRIBUTION FINISH OPTIONS + T2S=Type II AP=Grey ACCESSORIES T3S=Type III BZ=Bronze [see below] T4S=Type IV BK=Black FTW=Forward Throw DP=Dark Platinum 5MQ=Type V Square Medium GM=Graphite Metallic 5WQ=Type V Square Wide WH=White 5XQ=Type V Square Extra Wide 5MR=Type V Round Medium 5WR=Type V Round Wide RWQ=Rectangular Wide SL2=Type II w/Spill Control SL3=Type III w/Spill Control SL4=Type IV w/Spill Control SLL=90 Spill Light Eliminator Left SLR=90 Spill Light Eliminator Right

OPTIONS + ACCESSORIES [Must be listed in the order shown and separated by a dash] OPTIONS [add as suffix] 3=Three Position Terminal Block 4=Internal NEMA Photocontrol Receptacle 2L=Bi-Level Switching Capable [5-12 Bar Configuration Only] 3 AIR=Arm Included for Round Pole AIS=Arm Included for Square Pole L90=Optics Rotated Left 90 R90=Optics Rotated Right 90 U=UL Listed/CSA Certified WM=Wall Mount w/6" Arm 7060=70 CRI/6000K CCT 4 ACCESSORIES [order separately/replace XX with color designation] OA/RA1016=NEMA Twistlock PhotocontrolMulti-Tap SA1039-XX=2 @ 120 Tenon Adapter for OA/RA1201=NEMA Twistlock Photocontrol347V 2-3/8" O.D. Tenon OA1223=10kV Circuit Module Replacement SA1040-XX=Single Tenon Adapter for SA1033-XX=Single Tenon Adapter for 3-1/2" O.D. Tenon 2-3/8" O.D. Tenon SA1041-XX=2 @ 180 Tenon Adapter for SA1034-XX=2 @ 180 Tenon Adapter for 3-1/2" O.D. Tenon 2-3/8" O.D. Tenon SA1042-XX=3 @ 120 Tenon Adapter for SA1035-XX=3 @ 120 Tenon Adapter for 3-1/2" O.D. Tenon 2-3/8" O.D. Tenon SA1043-XX=4 @ 90 Tenon Adapter for SA1036-XX=4 @ 90 Tenon Adapter for 3-1/2" O.D. Tenon 2-3/8" O.D. Tenon SA1044-XX=2 @ 90 Tenon Adapter for SA1037-XX=2 @ 90 Tenon Adapter for 3-1/2" O.D. Tenon 2-3/8" O.D. Tenon SA1045-XX=3 @ 90 Tenon Adapter for SA1038-XX=3 @ 90 Tenon Adapter for 3-1/2" O.D. Tenon 2-3/8" O.D. Tenon SA1046-XX=4 @ 120 Tenon Adapter for 3-1/2" O.D. Tenon DRILLING PATTERNS
5-1/4" [134mm]

NOTES: 1 Standard 4000K CCT and >70 CRI. 2 Not available with terminal block [347 or 480V]. 3 Low-level output varies by bar count specified. Consult factory. 4 Consult factory for lead times and lumen multiplier. 5 Specifications and dimensions subject to change without notice.

DIMENSIONS TABULATED DATA # of Bars 2-4 5-8 9-12 A Width [in/mm] 12-7/8" [328] 18" [458] 25-7/8" [658]

Type "C" 2-5/8" [67mm] 1-1/2" [38mm] 3/4" [19mm] Dia. Hole (2) 9/16" [14mm] Dia. Holes

Wall Mount [WM] (2) 9/16" [14mm] Dia. Holes 3/4" [19mm] Dia. Hole 9" [229mm] (4) 13/32" [10mm] Dia. Holes 7" [178mm]


AMBIENT DATA Ambient Temperature 10C 15C 25C 40C Lumen Multiplier 1.04 1.03 1.00 0.96

22-3/8" [567mm]

6" [153mm] Optional Arm

CERTIFICATIONS 40C Ambient Temperature Rating UL and cUL Listed 3G Vibration Tested ISO 9001 IP66 LightBARS ARRA Compliant ENERGY DATA Electronic LED Driver >0.9 Power Factor <20% Total Harmonic Distortion 120-277V/50 & 60Hz, 347V/60Hz 480V/60Hz -30C Minimum Temperature

POWER AND LUMENS BY BAR COUNT # of Bars 2 Bars 3 Bars 4 Bars 5 Bars 6 Bars 7 Bars 8 Bars 9 Bars 10 Bars 11 Bars 12 Bars System Watts 53 80 103 129 156 183 206 232 259 286 309 Type T2S Lumens 3,252 4,878 6,504 8,130 9,837 11,363 13,013 14,687 16,270 18,121 19,496 Type T3S Lumens 3,447 5,170 6,894 8,617 10,426 12,043 13,792 15,566 17,244 19,206 20,664 Type FT Lumens 3,354 5,031 6,708 8,385 10,146 11,719 13,421 15,147 16,781 18,689 20,108 Type 5WQ Lumens 3,735 5,602 7,469 9,337 11,228 12,951 14,421 16,351 18,309 20,018 21,637

EPA Effective Projected Area w/o Arm 2-4 Bars 0.94 5-8 Bars 1.10 9-12 Bars 1.31 SHIPPING DATA Approximate Net Weight w/o Arm w/Arm 2-4 Bars 24 [10.91 kgs.] 29 [13.18 kgs.] 5-8 Bars 30 [13.64 kgs.] 35 [15.91 kgs.] 9-12 Bars 39 [17.73 kgs.] 44 [20.00 kgs.] [sq. ft] w/Arm 1.00 1.20 1.44

NOTE: Lumen values based upon 4000K CCT, 350mA drive current, 25C ambient operating temperature.

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