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Overleaf: Jacobs Ladder by William Blake
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Romantic Marginality
Alex Watson
Number 9
Tnv Iisrov or rnv Boo
United Islands.
Te Languages
of Resistance
Edited by Michael Brown,
John Kirk and Andrew Noble
Number 1
Iovrv .x Soxc ix rnv Acv or Rvvoiuriox
Didacticism and the
Genres of Dispute
Adrian J. Wallbank
Number 25
Tnv Exiicnrvxxvxr Voi Dear Reader,
Welcome to our latest Romanticism catalogue. This remains
one of the strongest and best received areas of our publishing,
demonstrated by the many positive review quotes included
here. As you will see, our list of monographs and essay
collections continues to expand dramatically. This is a good
complement to our strong list of major works especially within
our Pickering Masters series.
Books such as Alex Watsons analysis of Romantic period
marginalia shed new light on aspects of the period which
have not been considered before. Meanwhile Jeffrey Vails
forthcoming edition of The Unpublished Letters of Thomas
Moore will undoubtedly bring out fresh aspects of the character
and views of this compelling fgure.
In addition to a great range of individual books and collections
I am delighted that we have some exciting new series. Poetry
and Song in the Age of Revolution is bound to be of interest to
the vast majority of Romantic scholars. With a wide geographic
spread and a focus on a range of voices, these essay collections
and monographs will have much to say about this turbulent
period. The frst book in our new interdisciplinary series with
the University of Warwick focuses on a fascinating literary
debate that engulfed Italy in the early years of the nineteenth
Our publishing in the areas of empire studies and travel
is enhanced by two engaging books on the exploration of
Australia and the Arctic respectively. Scholars of Blake will
welcome a new essay collection that looks at his works from the
perspectives of masculinity, sexuality, empire and politics.
I hope you fnd these and other titles of interest. We would
welcome any suggestions or proposals that you think would
enhance our ever-growing list.
Mark Pollard
Publishing Director
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Florence Macarthy:
An Irish Tale
Edited by Jenny McAuley
Number 13
Cn.wrox Iousv Lin.v Svivs
Elizabeth Inchbalds
Reputation: A Publishing and
Reception History
Ben P Robertson
Through an examination of Inchbalds
complete works and public response
to them, Robertson gauges the extent
of her reputation as the dignifed Mrs
Inchbald, as well as providing a clear
sense of what it meant to be a female
Romantic writer.
The History of the Book
c.256pp: 234x156: January 2013
HB 978 1 85196 159 7: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 300 3
Wordsworths Poetic
Collections, Supplementary
Writing and Parodic
Brian R Bates
Wordsworths process of revision,
his organization of poetic volumes
and his supplementary writings are
often seen as distinct from his poetic
composition. Bates asserts that an
analysis of these supplementary
writings and paratexts are necessary to
a full understanding of Wordsworths
poetry. He examines Wordsworths
career between 1800 and 1820 to
reveal how supplementary prose,
promotion and parody were
intertwined with debates on the
creation of reading publics, the role
of the press and the enduring literary
character of England.
The History of the Book: 10
256pp: 234x156: June 2012
HB 978 1 84893 196 1: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 197 8
Romantic Marginality: Nation
and Empire on the Borders of the Page
Alex Watson
Watson argues that writers tried to
marginalize forms of political and
regional identity that conficted with
the interests of the nation-state by
locating them on the borders of the
page. Using Wordsworths Lyrical
Ballads, Watson shows that these
paratexts were a pivotal site of political
and colonial division in Romantic-
period literature.
This is the frst critical study entirely
devoted to annotation in Romantic
literature. Its a brilliant achievement,
inviting us to view Romanticism (quite
literally) from the margins. Nigel
Leask, University of Glasgow
The History of the Book: 9
208pp: 234x156: April 2012
HB 978 1 84893 192 3: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 193 0
Charles Lamb, Elia and the
London Magazine: Metropolitan
Simon P Hull
The inherent metropolitanism of
writing for a Romantic-era periodical
is here explored through the Elia
articles that Charles Lamb wrote for
the London Magazine.
This is an extraordinary study that
covers an impressive body of often
overlooked literature with subtlety,
skill and aplomb ... It is a must-read
for for readers of Lamb, Cockneyism
and writings of the city. The Charles
Lamb Bulletin
The History of the Book: 5
240pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 85196 661 5: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 667 7
William Blake and the Art of
Mei-Ying Sung
Sung closely examines William Blakes
extant engraved copper plates and
arrives at a new interpretation of his
working process. She suggests that
Blake revised and corrected his work
more than was previously thought.
this is a painstaking study that
enlightens both the technical and
literary understanding of Blakes works.
The Times Literary Supplement
The History of the Book: 4
240pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 958 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 578 6
Contributors to the Quarterly
Review: A History, 180925
Jonathan Cutmore
The Quarterly Review presents a rare
opportunity to Romantic scholars
to test the truth of Marilyn Butlers
claim that the early nineteenth-
century periodical is the matrix for
democratization of public writing and
An outstanding contribution to the
study of Romantic print culture. BARS
Bulletin & Review
The History of the Book: 2
256pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 952 4: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 576 2
Conservatism and the
Quarterly Review:
A Critical Analysis
Editor: Jonathan Cutmore
The Quarterly Review was launched
in 1809 by a consortium of powerful
conservative politicians and literary
men. The essays in this collection
illustrate the complexity of the early
nineteenth-century conservative
publishing milieu.
J M R Cameron, Boyd Hilton, Lynda Pratt,
Sharon Ragaz, W A Speck, Christopher
Stray and Kim Wheatley
The History of the Book: 1
290pp: 234x156: 2007
HB 978 1 85196 951 7: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 554 0
The History of
the Book
Series Editor: Ann R Hawkins
This series examines the history
of the book, defned broadly
to include non-book texts and
manuscript studies. It offers cross-
disciplinary approaches to questions
of authorship, readership and
Ann Yearsley and Hannah
More, Patronage and Poetry:
The Story of a Literary Relationship
Kerri Andrews
Andrews offers a timely and necessary
reassessment of the careers of Ann
Yearsley and Hannah More. Making
use of newly-discovered letters and
poems, she provides a full analysis
of the breakdown of the two writers
affliation and compares it to other
labouring-class relationships based on
Gender and Genre
c.256pp: 234x156: September 2013
HB 978 1 84893 151 0: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 152 7
Jane Austens Civilized
Women: Morality, Gender and the
Civilizing Process
Enit Karafli Steiner
Jane Austens six complete novels
and her juvenilia are examined in the
context of civil society and gender.
Steiners study uses a variety of
contexts to appraise Austens work:
Austen is presented as a writer
who not only participated in late
eighteenth-century debates, but who
is able to address twenty-frst-century
concerns of a theoretical and practical
Gender and Genre: 9
240pp: 234x156: June 2012
HB 978 1 84893 177 0: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 178 7
Dying to be English: Suicide
Narratives and National Identity,
Kelly McGuire
McGuire examines the presentation
of suicide in the eighteenth-century
novel as both a feminine action and a
declaration of national identity. She
argues that the novel affords a space to
examine representations of suicide, as
female characters do not merely take
their lives in these works but sacrifce
themselves to another, perhaps larger,
Gender and Genre: 8
304pp: 234x156: February 2012
HB 978 1 84893 110 7: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 111 4
The Celebrated Hannah
Cowley: Experiments in Dramatic
Genre, 17761794
Angela Escott
Hannah Cowley was a successful
dramatist, and something of an
eighteenth-century celebrity. This is
the frst substantial monograph study
on Cowleys life and work. It examines
her comedy the genre in which she
made her name and traces the path
of her experimentation with tragedy
and alternative illegitimate forms.
Gender and Genre: 7
320pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 84893 080 3: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 081 0
Mary Robinson and the
Genesis of Romanticism:
Literary Dialogues and Debts, 17841821
Ashley J Cross
Originally coming to prominence as
an actress and scandalous celebrity,
Mary Robinson created an identity for
herself as a poet and novelist of the
Romantic school. Through a series
of literary dialogues with established
writers including Hannah
Cowley, Robert Southey, Coleridge,
Wordsworth and Keats Robinson
put herself at the centre of Romantic
literary culture as observer, participant
and creator.
c.256pp: 234x156: September 2013
HB 978 1 84893 368 2: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 013 1
Fashioning the Silver Fork
Cheryl A Wilson
Fashion and celebrity may be twenty-
frst century obsessions, but they were
also key concepts in Regency culture.
Both celebrated and condemned for
their popularity, silver fork novels
were extremely prolifc during this
period. These texts detailed the lives
and loves of London fashionables and
in doing so became a form of conduct
book, offering guidelines for members
of the socially aspirant middle class.
Wilson looks at the social and literary
impact of this signifcant genre and
charts its role in the development of
the novel as a form and its status in
the literary marketplace.
Literary Texts and the Popular Marketplace: 2
224pp: 234x156: June 2012
HB 978 1 84893 207 4: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 208 1
Gender and
Series Editors: Audrey Bilger,
Ann Heilmann, Mark
Llewellyn, Johanna M Smith
and Margaret Stetz
This series is dedicated to publishing
intellectually innovative and
diverse studies on the relationship
between gender and genre from the
Renaissance to the contemporary.
Literary Texts
and the Popular
Series Editors: Kate Macdonald
and Ann Rea
This series offers monographs and
edited collections of essays that
examine the extents and effects of
writing that resists the uncritical
embrace of the highbrow. Crossing
both cultural and geographic
boundaries, it brings together studies
of texts, writers, readers, producers
and distributors.
Blake, Gender and Culture
Editors: Helen P Bruder and
Tristanne Connolly
Blakes combination of verse and
design invites interdisciplinary study.
The essays in this collection approach
his work from a variety of perspectives
including masculinity, performance,
biology, empire, politics and sexuality.
Luisa Cal, Steve Clark, Mark Crosby, Keri
Davies, Elizabeth C Effnger, David Fallon,
Catherine McClenahan, Peter Otto, Tony
Rosso, Marsha Keith Schuchard, Bethan
Stevens and Elizabeth Bernath Walker
The Body, Gender and Culture: 10
c.256pp: 234x156: July 2012
HB 978 1 84893 304 0: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 305 7
Anatomy and the
Organization of Knowledge,
Editors: Matthew Landers and
Brian Muoz
Across early modern Europe,
the growing scientifc practice
of dissection prompted new and
insightful ideas about the human body.
This collection of essays explores the
impact of anatomical knowledge on
wider issues of learning and culture.
Kevin L Cope, Nick Davis, Touba Ghadessi,
Jrme Goffette, Craig Ashley Hanson,
Hisao Ishizuka, Filippo Pierpaolo Marino,
Sarah Parker, Jonathan Simon, Mauro
Spicci, Ionut Untea, Amy Witherbee and
Charles T Wolfe
The Body, Gender and Culture: 9
c.256pp: 234x156: June 2012
HB 978 1 84893 321 7: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 322 4
Stays and Body Image in
London: The Staymaking Trade,
Lynn Sorge-English
Stays were the most important article
of womens clothing in eighteenth-
century life. Worn from infancy, stays
were designed to reshape the female
body into an accepted aesthetic ideal.
Sorge-English shows how long-term
use of stays caused serious health
problems and that as they became
more involved in the production
process, women infuenced their
design to become closer to the natural
female form.
The Body, Gender and Culture: 6
304pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 84893 089 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 090 2
The Life of Madame Necker:
Sin, Redemption and the Parisian Salon
Sonja Boon
Suzanne Curchod Necker was one of
the most infuential women of her day:
hostess to a brilliant literary salon,
wife of Jacques Necker, the politically
powerful pre-revolutionary French
fnance minister, and mother to the
great Romantic writer Germaine de
Stal. Madame Necker occupies a
unique position in French social and
cultural history, but, dwarfed by the
posthumous legacies of her husband
and daughter, the last biographical
study of her was over sixty years
ago. Boon breaks new ground by
examining the profoundly corporeal
nature of Madame Neckers life her
debilitating, decades-long psychic
and somatic suffering and subsequent
premature death and curious burial.
The Body, Gender and Culture: 5
192pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 84893 056 8: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 057 5
Classicism and Romanticism
in Italian Literature: Leopardis
Discourse on Romantic Poetry
Fabio A Camilletti
and Gabrielle Sims
In 1816 a violent literary quarrel
engulfed Bourbon Restoration Italy.
The Romantics wanted an opening up
of Italian culture towards Europe and
the Classicists favoured an inward-
looking Italy, based on its Greco-
Roman roots. Giacomo Leopardi
(17981837), a young poet and
philosopher, wrote a Discourse of an
Italian on Romantic Poetry [1818],
aiming to contribute to the debate
from a new perspective. This study
provides the frst complete English
translation of the Discourse and places
it in context.
Warwick Series in the Humanities
c.256pp: 234x156: April 2013
HB 978 1 84893 287 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 288 3
The Body,
Gender and
Series Editor: Lynn Botelho
This series moves beyond traditional
disciplinary boundaries to capture the
paradigm-shifting work being done
at the crossroads between gender
and cultural history. It covers a wide
geographical area and draws upon a
long chronological span.
Series in the
Series Editor: Jacqueline Labbe
Based on the outcomes of research
projects, conferences and seminars,
this series draws on the extensive
work being undertaken by the
University of Warwick in all felds of
the humanities: literary, historical,
linguistic, visual and philosophical.
Baudin, Napoleon and the
Exploration of Australia
Nicole Starbuck
This is the frst in-depth study of the
sojourn in colonial Sydney made by
Nicolas Baudins scientifc expedition
to Australia in 1802. It focuses on the
expeditions stay and how this sheds
new light on our understanding of
Napoleonic France.
Empires in Perspective
c.256pp: 234x156: May 2013
HB 978 1 84893 210 4: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 211 1
Arctic Exploration in the
Nineteenth Century: Discovering
the Northwest Passage
Editor: Frdric Regard
Focusing on nineteenth-century
attempts to locate the northwest
passage, the essays in this volume
present this quest as a central element
of British culture.
Jan Borm, Laurent Bury, Janice Cavell,
Catherine Lanone, Catherine Pesso-Miquel,
Russell Potter, Charlotte Ribeyrol and
Penny Russell
Empires in Perspective
c.256pp: 234x156: April 2013
HB 978 1 84893 272 2: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 273 9
The Theatre of Empire: Frontier
Performances in America, 17501860
Douglas S Harvey
Harvey traces the reception of
ideas about imperial and economic
expansion from London, at the hub of
the British Empire, to the great plains
of America. He shows how forms of
entertainment played a key role in
shaping concepts of nationhood.
Harveys work may encourage
scholars of both Native American and
Euro-American history to rethink
performance culture as a vehicle for
imperial transformation. Journal of
American Studies
Empires in Perspective: 13
256pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 84893 027 8: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 028 5
Slaveholders in Jamaica:
Colonial Society and Culture during the
Era of Abolition
Christer Petley
This book is based on extensive
research in British and Caribbean
archives. Petley is able to shed new
light on the struggle for emancipation
in the British empire and on the
slaveholders who tried to maintain and
defend a system of exploitation.
Empires in Perspective: 11
224pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 990 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 597 7
India in the French
Imagination: Peripheral Voices,
Kate Marsh
Marsh explores what France thought
of both India and the administrative
rule of its rival, Britain. She explores
the consequences for French culture of
competing colonialisms on the Indian
Utilizing postcolonial theory to
understand the importance of India to
France, intellectually and politically, is
something that Marsh does particularly
well H.Net
Empires in Perspective: 8
224pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 994 4: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 596 0
Thomas Dunckerley and
English Freemasonry
Susan Mitchell Sommers
Thomas Dunckerley is a late
eighteenth century icon of British
Freemasonry; his story is a fascinating
morality tale of self-invention and
self-deception. Climbing to the
highest echelons of the order, and
long-accepted as something of a hero,
the reality of Dunckerleys life is very
different from the version recorded by
his nineteenth-century biographers.
Sommers has revealed a stunning story
of self-deception and re-invention.
In a shrewd re-examination of the
hagiographic accounts she shows
the sleights of hand underlying our
understanding of the past, its many
twists of fate, and what enthusiastic
biographers do with them. A must-
read for modern historians and their
students. James Allen, Southern
Illinois University
c.256pp: 234x156: September 2012
HB 978 1 84893 358 3: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 005 6
Venice and the Cultural
Imagination: This Strange Dream
upon the Water
Editors: Michael ONeill, Mark
Sandy and Sarah Wootton
This edited collection draws on a
range of disciplines and approaches
to explore how Venice has been
represented in Western culture since
Bernard Beatty, Dinah Birch, Jeremy
Dibble, Jason Harding, Pamela Knights,
Rebecca White and Andrew Wilton
224pp: 234x156: April 2012
HB 978 1 84893 166 4: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 167 1
Empires in
Series Editors: Francisco
Bethencourt, Caroline Elkins
and Durba Ghosh
Advisory Editor: Masaie
Examines a diverse range of imperial
histories from the early modern
period onward and to address wider
questions on the study of imperial
United Islands? The
Languages of Resistance
Editors: Michael Brown, John
Kirk and Andrew Noble
The essays in this volume deal with
radical poetry in Ireland, Scotland
and Wales, as well as in the regions
of England and London, placing the
1790s in a broader historical and
cultural context.
Much of the material drawn on is non-
canonical, unstudied, and in one of the
Celtic languages or in Scots or dialect
Joan Beal, Andrew Carpenter, Mary-Ann
Constantine, Leith Davis, R Stephen
Dornan, Elizabeth Edwards, Peter Mackay,
Vincent Morley, Katrina Navickas, Michael
Scrivener, Mark S Sweetnam, Katie
Trumpener and Julia M Wright
Poetry and Song in the Age of Revolution
c.256pp: 234x156: July 2012
HB 978 1 84893 340 8: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 341 5
Literacy and Orality in
Eighteenth-Century Irish
Julie Henigan
Focusing on several distinct genres
of eighteenth-century Irish song,
Henigan demonstrates in each case
that the interaction between the elite
and vernacular, the written and oral,
is pervasive and characteristic of the
Irish song tradition to the present day.
Ultimately, she argues, it is neither
literacy nor orality, but performance
within community that most truly
defnes the tradition.
Poetry and Song in the Age of Revolution
c.256pp: 234x156: October 2012
HB 978 1 84893 342 2: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 343 9
Cultures of Radicalism in
Britain and Ireland
Editors: Michael Brown, John
Kirk and Andrew Noble
These essays examine the role of
literature in radical politics and vice
versa at the end of the eighteenth-
century and beyond.
Niall Ciosin, Maura Cronin, Frank
Ferguson, Bob Harris, E Wyn James,
Marion Loeffer, Jon Mee, Katrina
Navickas, Martyn Powell, Dan Wall and
Christopher A Whatley
Poetry and Song in the Age of Revolution
c.256pp: 234x156: February 2013
HB 978 1 84893 344 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 345 3
Visions of an Unseen World:
Ghost Beliefs and Ghost Stories in
Eighteenth Century England
Sasha Handley
Sasha Handleys excellent study of the
meaning, recording and use of ghost
stories in the long eighteenth century
is a refreshing and much needed study.
Journal of Ecclesiastical History
Religious Cultures in the Early Modern World: 2
304pp: 216x138: 2007
HB 978 1 85196 888 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 549 6
Uncommon Contexts:
Encounters between Science and
Literature, 18001914
Editors: Ben Marsden, Hazel
Hutchison and Ralph OConnor
The essays in this collection uncover
this symbiotic relationship between
literature and science. Case studies
include the engineering language of
Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the role
of physiology in the sensation novel
and how mass communication made
people lonely.
Alice Jenkins, Melanie Keene, Anne Secord,
Crosbie Smith and Paul White
Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century
c.256pp: 234x156: October 2013
HB 978 1 84893 362 0: 60/$99
e 978 1 78144 009 4
Science and Eccentricity:
Collecting, Writing and Performing
Science for Early Nineteenth-Century
Victoria Carroll
Carroll explores how discourses of
eccentricity were established to make
sense of individuals who did not seem
to ft within an increasingly organized
social and economic order.
a lavishly illustrated, well-written book
on a fascinating topic. British Society
for Literature and Science
Science and Culture in the Nineteenth Century: 4
304pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 940 1: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 582 3
Poetry and Song
in the Age of
Series Editors: Michael Brown,
John Kirk and Andrew Noble
The series examines how these two
intimately related genres were used to
explore and disseminate new political
ideas in a period of Enlightenment,
Romanticism and Revolution.
Science and
Culture in the
Series Editor: Bernard Lightman
Includes studies of major developments
within the disciplines of as well as works
on popular science. The evolution of
scientifc ideas is placed in its social,
political, religious, cultural, imperial and
international contexts.
The Political Economy of
Sentiment: Paper Credit and the
Scottish Enlightenment in Early Republic
Boston, 17801820
Jose R Torre
Torre argues that paper credit
instruments were causal critical
to the larger epistemological and
psychological changes associated with
the Enlightenments reconstruction of
A bold, stimulating and valuable book
Eighteenth-Century Scotland
Financial History: 2
262pp: 216x138: 2006
HB 978 1 85196 885 5: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 533 5
Nervous Disease in Late
Eighteenth-Century Britain:
The Reality of a Fashionable Disorder
Heather R Beatty
This study, based on extensive use
of eighteenth-century newspapers,
hospital registers and case notes,
examines the experience of suffering
from nervous disease a supposedly
upper-class malady. Beatty concludes
that, far from the stereotyped
portrayal of nervous patients in
contemporary fction, nervousness
was a legitimate medical diagnosis
with a frm basis in eighteenth-century
medical theory.
Studies for the Society for the Social History of
Medicine: 6
256pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 84893 308 8: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 309 5
Joseph Banks and the British
Museum: The World of Collecting
Neil Chambers
Concentrating on the explorer and
naturalist Joseph Banks, this book
explores the early history of collections
at the British Museum, the frst public
national museum to be established.
scrupulously researched and referenced
Archives of Natural History
210pp: 234x156: 2007
HB 978 1 85196 858 9: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 535 9
British Visions of America,
17751820: Republican Realities
Emma Vincent Macleod
Macleod examines changing British
conceptions of America across the
political spectrum during a period
of political, cultural and intellectual
upheaval. These shifting perceptions
are in evidence in the writings of
political commentators including
Samuel Johnson, Thomas Paine, John
Gifford and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
The Enlightenment World
c.256pp: 234x156: May 2013
HB 978 1 85196 650 9: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 670 7
Dialogue, Didacticism and
the Genres of Dispute: Literary
Dialogues in the Age of Revolution
Adrian J Wallbank
Focusing on non-canonical British
writers Wallbank examines the
evolution of dialogue as a genre
during the Romantic period. He
argues that dialogue often adopted
a didactic stance explicitly geared
towards making an argument sound
persuasive, and demonstrates its
infuence in the development of such
innovations as the realist novel,
philosophical perspectivism and the
advent of psychoanalysis.
offers an important addition to
Romanticism criticism. Paul Keen,
Carleton University
The Enlightenment World: 25
304pp: 234x156: March 2012
HB 978 1 84893 279 1: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 280 7
The Spirit of the Union:
Popular Politics in Scotland
Gordon Pentland
Pentland argues that a thorough
evaluation of this crucial yet little
understood period in Scottish history
will make a signifcant contribution to
our understanding of popular politics
in early nineteenth-century Britain.
The Enlightenment World: 21
256pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 85196 153 5: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 062 0
William Godwin and the
David OShaughnessy
This is the frst comprehensive
discussion of Godwins plays, situating
them in their historical and political
context and considers the notion of
theatricality in relation to Godwins
political project.
Published together, The Plays of
William Godwin and William Godwin
and the Theatre ... are epoch-making.
The Wordsworth Circle
The Enlightenment World: 20
224pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 84893 049 0: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 050 6
Romantic Localities:
Europe Writes Place
Editors: Christoph Bode and
Jacqueline Labbe
The essays featured in this collection
discuss poetry, fction, travel
narratives and historical and scientifc
texts. The contributors examine
versions of home and abroad, as well
as issues of now and the past.
an intriguing volume, full of fascinating
insights into a hugely diverse number of
places Coleridge Bulletin
Polly Atkin, Stefanie Fricke, Tom Furniss,
Rosa Karl, J Douglas Kneale, Rolf
Lessinich, Samantha Matthews, Felicitas
Menhard, Silvia Mergenthal, Kristin Ott,
Sophie Thomas, James Vigus, Nicola J
Watson and Angela Wright
The Enlightenment World: 19
336pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 84893 002 5: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 003 2
Series Editor: Michael T Davis
Advisory Editor: Hideo Tanaka
Features monographs that take an
innovative and challenging look at the
political and intellectual history of the
Enlightenment period.
The Language of Whiggism:
Liberty and Patriotism, 18021830
Kathryn Chittick
The Napoleonic period made language
crucial, as educated and uneducated
alike fought over the defnitions of
libel, loyalty and freedom. Whiggism
became the language of liberty.
The Enlightenment World: 18
256pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 85196 424 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 484 0
The Sublime Invention:
Ballooning in Europe, 17831820
Michael R Lynn
Lynn explores the cultural importance
of ballooning at the birth of large-
scale, mass consumption of science.
With a long bibliography of primary
and secondary sources, and concise
footnotes for each anecdote, The Sublime
Invention is the most useful work of
reference on the subject in decades. The
Times Literary Supplement
The Enlightenment World: 17
256pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 84893 016 2: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 017 9
The Edinburgh Review in the
Literary Culture of Romantic
Britain: Mammoth and Megalonyx
William Christie
In the frst major literary study of
the Edinburgh Review for over ffty
years, Christie contextualizes the
periodical within the culture wars of
the Romantic era.
The Enlightenment World: 15
272pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 622 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 699 8
The Evolution of Sympathy in
the Long Eighteenth Century
Jonathan Lamb
This work represents a concise history
of sympathy in the eighteenth and
early nineteenth centuries, considering
the phenomenon of shared feeling
from fve related angles: charity, the
market, global exploration, theatre,
and torture.
The Enlightenment World: 12
192pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 854 1: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 690 5
John Thelwall: Radical Romantic
and Acquitted Felon
Editor: Steve Poole
This edited collection draws together
a range of essays from leading
eighteenth-century and Romantic
scholars. Thelwalls manifold activities
are considered in relation to each
other, and contextualized within wider
Romantic culture and politics.
John Barrell, Sir Geoffrey Bindman, Judith
Felson Duchan, Tara-Lynn Fleming,
Georgina Green, Kenneth R Johnston,
Robert Lamb, Jon Mee, Nicholas Roe,
Michael Scrivener, Richard Sheldon,
Yasmin Solomonescu, Judith Thompson
and Corinna Wagner
The Enlightenment World: 11
256pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 973 9: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 698 1
Liberating Medicine,
Editors: Tristanne Connolly and
Steve Clark
The essays in this collection focus on
a range of medical narratives: Daniel
Defoe and Richard Mead on plague;
John Browns medicine as social
paradigm; public perceptions of the
Kings mental illness.
James Robert Allard, Gavin Budge, David
Chandler, Megan Coyer, Molly Desjardins,
George C Grinnell, Hisao Ishizuka, Clark
Lawlor, Susan Matthews, Kimiyo Ogawa,
Sharon Ruston, Aris Sarafanos, Richard C
Sha and Wayne Wild
The Enlightenment World: 10
320pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 632 5: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 692 9
Rhyming Reason: The Poetry of
Romantic-Era Psychologists
Michelle Faubert
Faubert focuses on a little-known
group of psychologist-poets who grew
out of the liberal literary-medical
culture of the Scottish Enlightenment.
They used poetry as an accessible
form to communicate emerging
psychological, cultural and moral
ideas concepts echoed by so many
canonical Romantic poets that we now
think of them as distinct features of
Romantic literature.
The Enlightenment World: 9
304pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 955 5: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 697 4
Charlotte Smith in British
Jacqueline Labbe
This volume draws together the best
of current Smith scholarship. Essays
are organized according to genre,
and contextualized by a substantial
Contextualizing Smith as a writer
in various genres ... and as a major
voice in Romanticism, Labbe has put
together an accessible collection that
attempts to unite the multifaceted public
personas of Smith and illuminate the
many narrative personas of her oeuvre.
Kerri Andrews, Katherine Astbury, Stephen
C Behrendt, Christoph Bode, Stuart
Curran,Louise Duckling, Amy Garnai, Kari
Lokke, A A Markley, Dahlia Porter, Diego
Saglia, Judith Phillips Stanton and Barbara
The Enlightenment World: 5
256pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 945 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 566 3
The Scottish People and the
French Revolution
Bob Harris
This is the frst modern scholarly study
of the political culture of Scotland
during the 1790s. Harris compares
the emergence of the people as a
political force in Scotland with popular
political movements in England and
Ireland. He goes on to analyse Scottish
responses to the French Revolution
across the political spectrum.
goes a long way towards flling some
of the gaps in our understanding of the
political culture of the 1790s. It is clear,
concise and thoroughly-researched.
International Review of Scottish
The Enlightenment World: 6
352pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 884 8: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 569 4
Writing the Empire: Robert
Southey and Romantic Colonialism
Carol Bolton
Bolton examines a broad range of
Robert Southeys writing to explore
the relationship between Romantic
literature and colonial politics during
the expansion of Britains second
will become essential reading for both
academics and students in the feld
BARS Bulletin & Review
The Enlightenment World: 3
352pp: 234x156: 2007
HB 978 1 85196 863 3: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 544 1
The Cosmopolitan Ideal in
the Age of Revolution and
Reaction, 17761832
Michael Scrivener
This is the frst scholarly study of
cosmopolitanism to take into account
recent feminist and post-colonial
critiques of the Enlightenment.
A complex, frst-person discussion
of European cosmopolitan views ...
Recommended CHOICE
The Enlightenment World: 2
288pp: 234x156: 2007
HB 978 1 85196 833 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 543 4
Harlequin Empire: Race,
Ethnicity and the Drama of the Popular
David Worrall
Under the 1737 Licensing Act, Covent
Garden, Dury Lane and regional
Theatres Royal held a monopoly on
the dramatic canon. Worrall explores
the presentation of foreign cultures
and ethnicities on the popular British
stage from 1750 to 1840. He argues
that this illegitimate stage was the site
for a plebeian Enlightenment.
This book is extensively documented
and benefts from Worralls thorough
research of dramatic subgenres.
The Enlightenment World: 1
272pp: 234x156: 2007
HB 978 1 85196 851 0: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 536 6
Daniel OConnell and the
Anti-Slavery Movement:
The Saddest People the Sun Sees
Christine Kinealy
Kinealy offers invaluable insight into
a much-neglected area of historical
research on this nineteenth-century
political fgure. Previous histories on
OConnell have dealt predominantly
with his attempts to secure a repeal
of the 1800 Act of Union and on
his success in achieving Catholic
Emancipation in 1829, Kinealy focuses
instead on OConnells contribution
to the anti-slavery movement in the
United States.
valuably brings together OConnells
very active career against human
bondage and for racial equality in the
nineteenth-century Atlantic World.
Journal of British Studies
240pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 85196 633 2: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 472 7
The Enlightenment World
Series Editor: Michael T Davis
The frst ten titles in this successful
series are offered as a set for a
combined saving of 100/$150
Contents: Harlequin Empire (1);
The Cosmopolitan Ideal in the Age
of Revolution and Reaction, 1776
1832 (2); Writing the Empire (3);
Adam Ferguson: History, Progress
and Human Nature (4); Charlotte
Smith in British Romanticism (5)
The Scottish People and the French
Revolution (6); The English Deists
(7); Adam Ferguson: Philosophy,
Politics and Society (8); Rhyming
Reason (9); Liberating Medicine,
17201835 (10)
The Enlightenment World
10 Volume Set
2912pp: 234x156: 2010
978 1 84893 123 7: 500/$840
Inchbald, Hawthorne and the
Romantic Moral Romance:
Little Histories and Neutral Territories
Ben P Robertson
This study explores the connections
between British and American
Romanticism, focusing on the novels
of Elizabeth Inchbald (17531821)
and Nathaniel Hawthorne (180464).
Although the two authors wrote on
opposite sides of the Atlantic and
with different goals, they produced
remarkably similar texts that point
to a connection between British and
American culture.
288pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 627 1: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 589 2
Gilbert Imlay: Citizen of the World
Wil Verhoeven
The frst book-length biography of
the American Gilbert Imlay (c.1754
c.1828), revolutionary war veteran,
land-jobber, travel-writer, novelist,
entrepreneur, agent provocateur
and infamous lover of Mary
This deeply researched, richly
contextual study is essential reading
not just for scholars of the Godwin-
Wollstonecraft circle, but for all
those interested in the revolutionary
upheavals of the late eighteenth century.
Keats-Shelley Journal
320pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 859 6: 60/$99
e 978 1 85196 579 3
The Citizen: by Ann Gomersall
Editor: Margaret S Yoon
Ann Gomersalls The Citizen (1790)
is an epistolary novel involving a
complex network of characters, all
of whom serve as foils to Mr Bertills
the citizen of the title. Gomersall
(17501835) began writing to raise
funds for her merchant husband to
re-enter business after he lost his
money. Publishing under her own
name, she was one of a small number
of professional women writers of the
Romantic period. This is the frst
modern critical edition of The Citizen.
Chawton House Library: Womens Novels
c.400pp: 234x156: November 2012
HB 978 1 84893 109 1: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 257 9
The History of Lady Julia
Mandeville: by Frances Brooke
Editor: Enit Karafli Steiner
Published in 1763, The History of
Lady Julia Mandeville was Frances
Brookes frst and most successful
novel. Engaging with several political
and aesthetic issues of the day,
Julia Mandeville considers forms of
education, prescriptive gender roles
and the institution of marriage.
Chawton House Library: Womens Novels
c.256pp: 234x156: November 2012
HB 978 1 84893 138 1: 45/$75
e 978 1 84893 256 2
Florence Macarthy: An Irish Tale
by Sydney Owenson
Editor: Jenny McAuley
This is the frst modern scholarly
edition of Florence Macarthy: An
Irish Tale (1818). Owensons seventh
novel, it is the most sophisticated of
her four national tales. In these tales,
Owenson combined conventional
romance plotlines with discussion of
the political and social problems in
Ireland, following the passing of the
Act of Union in 1800.
Chawton House Library: Womens Novels: 13
512pp: 234x156: May 2012
HB 978 1 84893 168 8: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 255 5
The Private History of the
Court of England: by Sarah Green
Editor: Fiona Price
From its initial publication in 1808
Greens book met with a divided
critical reaction. In drawing parallels
between the fourteenth century and
her own era, Green addresses some of
the central discourses of the period:
sexual freedom, social injustice and
the British national identity.
Chawton House Library: Womens Novels: 11
240pp: 234x156: 2011
HB 978 1 85196 282 2: 45/$75
e 978 1 84893 250 0
The Soldiers Orphan: A Tale
by Mrs Costello
Editor: Clare Broome Saunders
The Soldiers Orphan is a novel
virtually forgotten by modern readers,
but one that deserves reassessment
with the publication of this critical
edition. Abduction, secrets,
incarceration in a lunatic asylum, and
a despotic evil guardian; the fate of
Louisa Fitzormond seems stereotypical
of a Gothic romance, but the novels
exploration of society at all levels, as
well as the roles and limitations for
women demonstrate its similarities to
novels of moral etiquette.
Chawton House Library: Womens Novels: 10
256pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 84893 062 9: 45/$75
e 978 1 84893 252 4
Chawton House
Series Editors: Stephen Bending
and Stephen Bygrave
Chawton House Library is an
independent research library and
study centre which focuses on
womens writing from 1600 to 1830.
The novels have been selected from
the libraries holdings and are all reset
with extensive introductory matter
and endnotes.
Romance Readers and
Romance Writers: by Sarah Green
Editor: Christopher Goulding
This edition of Romance Readers
and Romance Writers (1810) is the
frst modern scholarly publication
of what is arguably Greens most
famous novel. As with many of her
other works, Green adopts numerous
sophisticated methods to parody her
Chawton House Library: Womens Novels: 9
304pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 85196 657 8: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 245 6
The History of Ned Evans:
by Elizabeth Hervey
Editor: Helena Kelly
This 1796 novel is an important
example of early political writing
by a woman. Although ostensibly a
romance, the novel was one of the
frst to engage directly with the radical
politics of Ireland in the 1790s. Ned
Evans is a rags-to-riches hero, whose
early existence in poverty in Wales is
dramatically changed when he saves
the beautiful Lady Cecilia Rivers from
an assault and is invited to Ireland by
her father.
Chawton House Library: Womens Novels: 8
384pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 637 0: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 249 4
Julia: by Helen Maria Williams
Editor: Natasha Duquette
This critical edition of Julia is the
frst modern printing of a novel that
blends the character development of a
poet with critical refections on social
injustice. Written at the beginning
of the French Revolution, the
narrative is interspersed with poems
on topics ranging from moonlight
contemplations in natural landscapes
to the terrors of imprisonment in the
Chawton House Library: Womens Novels: 7
224pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 662 2: 45/$75
e 978 1 84893 244 9
The Victim of Fancy: by Elizabeth
Sophia Tomlins
Editor: Daniel Cook
The Victim of Fancy was frst
published in December 1787 and,
despite favourable reviews, has not
been published since. Cooks new
scholarly edition of this forgotten
novel will be of paramount importance
in allowing new insights into the form
of the sentimental novel as it actually
existed in the 1780s, and not as it is
often perceived.
Chawton House Library: Womens Novels: 6
160pp: 234x156: 2009
HB 978 1 85196 259 4: 45/$75
e 978 1 84893 253 1
Strathallan: by Alicia LeFanu
Editor: Anna M Fitzer
Strathallan (1816) is at once a
conventional and subversive romance.
LeFanu is informed by the work of
earlier eighteenth-century society
satirists, such as Frances Brooke and
Frances Burney, yet at the same time
her interests coincide with those of
her more immediate contemporaries,
Scott and Austen. The novel addresses
central themes of adultery, obsession
and inheritance.
Chawton House Library: Womens Novels: 5
560pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 960 9: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 246 3
The Romance of Private Life:
by Sarah Harriet Burney
Editor: Lorna Clark
Contains two tales The
Renunciation, which presents a
colourful picture of life abroad, when
an English girl travels to Italy in search
of kin and supports herself as an artist,
offering an early feminist heroine;
and The Hermitage, a psychological
thriller involving a ruined country
maiden and an unsolved murder.
Chawton House Library: Womens Novels: 4
448pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 873 2: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 251 7
The Corinna of England, or
a Heroine in the Shade; A
Modern Romance: by E M Foster
Editor: Sylvia Bordoni
Published in 1809, E M Fosters
The Corinna of England was one of
the earliest British responses to the
publication of Germaine de Staels
widely-read Corinne, or Italy (1807).
This edition makes available a novel
of fundamental importance for a
complete and thorough understanding
of the British reaction to Corinne
as well as of its cultural, social and
gender implications.
Chawton House Library: Womens Novels: 3
192pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 924 1: 45/$75
e 978 1 84893 247 0
Adelaide and Theodore:
by Stephanie-Felicite De Genlis
Editor: Gillian Dow
Published in 1783, this translation
was hugely popular in late eighteenth-
century Britain. It was important
and infuential and was read by
authors such as Mary Wollstonecraft
and Maria Edgeworth, and is even
mentioned at the end of Jane Austens
Emma. It can be placed within the
context of the late eighteenth-century
debate on female education.
Chawton House Library: Womens Novels: 2
560pp: 234x156: 2007
HB 978 1 85196 872 5: 60/$99
e 978 1 84893 243 2
The Collected Works of Ann
Editor: Kerri Andrews
Recent years have seen a signifcant
growth of interest in Ann Yearsleys
work. Outspoken on the subject of
the slave trade, she is often quoted in
the context of the early abolitionist
movement. As a labouring-class
poet her writing also forms part
of an under-represented area of
Romanticism now growing in
academic interest.
This four-volume set is the frst
collected edition of Ann Yearsleys
works. Previously unpublished poems
are included alongside more familiar
verses, whilst her play, Earl Goodwin,
and novel, The Royal Captives, are
here reprinted for the frst time since
the eighteenth century. Yearsleys
letters are also collected together for
the frst time, including some which
were formerly unknown.
The Pickering Masters
4 Volume Set
c.1600pp: 234x156: December 2013
978 1 85196 638 7: 350/$625
Letters from England: by Don
Manuel Alvarez Espriella
Editor: Carol Bolton
In 1807 the poet, reviewer and
translator Robert Southey published
a pseudonymous account of a journey
made through England by a fctitious
Spanish tourist, Don Manuel Alvarez
Espriella. Letters from England
(1807) blurs the boundaries of fact and
fction to produce a complex work of
literary merit there is no other prose
work of its kind during the Romantic
period. Among the topics covered
are: provincial customs; political
intrigues; theatre and sports; religious
sects; poverty and criminality in
urban centres; scientifc and medical
progress; Georgian London; social
change; and the state of the army and
This is the frst fully annotated, critical
edition of Letters from England to be
The Pickering Masters
c.256pp: 234x156: June 2013
HB 978 1 84893 209 8: 100/$180
Robert Southey: Later Poetical
Works, 18111838
General Editors: Tim Fulford and
Lynda Pratt
Robert Southey (17741843) was
once a prolifc and celebrated writer
of the Romantic school. Yet despite
spending thirty years as Poet Laureate,
Southeys reputation has long been
eclipsed by that of his contemporaries,
Wordsworth and Coleridge. Research
on Southeys later poetry (and the
violent responses it provoked at the
time of its publication) has been
hampered by the lack of a modern
critical edition. These four volumes
provide fully-edited, meticulously
annotated texts of the poems Southey
wrote during the latter half of his
career. These volumes build upon the
critical success of Robert Southey:
Poetical Works 17931810 and
together they form a complete edition
of Southeys poetry.
The Pickering Masters
4 Volume Set
c.1600pp: 234x156: January 2013
978 1 85196 959 3: 395/$795
Robert Southey: Poetical Works
General Editor: Lynda Pratt
This critical edition recovers the early
poetry of Robert Southey. It is the frst
modern scholarly edition of Southeys
poetry and it coincides with a period of
major reassessment of his contribution
to Romantic period culture.
A stellar critical edition ... the editorial
matter is scrupulous, informative, and
generative, resulting in a rich scholarly
resource that should now be the long-
needed standard edition Panel of
the MLA Prize for a Distinguished
Scholarly Edition, 2005
The Pickering Masters
5 Volume Set
2624pp: 234x156: 2004
978 1 85196 731 5: 450/$795
The Unpublished Letters of
Thomas Moore
Editor: Jeffery W Vail
Thomas Moore (17791852) was one
of the most prominent authors of the
early nineteenth century and was even
referred to as the National Poet of
Ireland. His circle of acquaintance
was huge and included Lord Byron
with whom he almost fought a
duel and Mary Shelley, as well as
many infuential fgures in English
and Irish politics. He did try to fght
a duel with Francis Jeffrey, editor
of the Edinburgh Review, due to an
unfavourable article about his Epistles,
Odes, and Other Poems (1806).
Recently, interest in Moore has
dramatically increased. This collection
presents over seven hundred
previously unpublished letters from
numerous libraries, archives and
other sources in the UK, Ireland and
America. Also included are excerpts
from hundreds of Moores letters
written to his music publisher, James
Power, which have not been published
since 1854.
The Pickering Masters
3 Volume Set
c.1200pp: 234x156: February 2013
978 1 84893 074 2: 275/$495
The Pickering
This prestigious series is home to
some of the most important scholarly
publishing of recent years. It collects
the works and correspondence
of major fgures in the history of
ideas and literature. Full scholarly
apparatus accompanies the texts.
The Travel Writings of John
General Editor: Ben P Robertson
John Moore was a Scottish physician
who travelled extensively and wrote
immensely popular accounts based
on these journeys. Despite his
considerable fame at the time, his
travel writings have not been available
since 1820. This collection is the frst
in almost two centuries to present
his Travel Writings to historians and
literary scholars.
The Pickering Masters
4 Volume Set
c.1600pp: 234x156: 2014
978 1 84893 099 5: 350/$625
The Works of Mary Robinson
General Editor: William D Brewer
Regularly the subject of cartoonists
and satirical novelists, Mary Perdita
Robinson (17581800) achieved
public notoriety as the mistress of
the young Prince of Wales, later
George IV. This eight-volume reset
edition consolidates the recent shift in
emphasis from her salacious life to her
considerable literary achievements as
both a novelist and poet.
There are few better signs that a
writer has reentered the canon than
the appearance of a superbly edited
collected works from Pickering
and Chatto ... these volumes are
consistently edited to a high standard.
Variants and silent corrections are
recorded following the notes at the
end of each volume, which identify
contemporary references and
Robinsons literary allusions. The
Wordsworth Circle
The Pickering Masters
Part I: 4 Volume Set
1776pp: 234x156: 2009
978 1 85196 953 1: 350/$625
Part II: 4 Volume Set
1840pp: 234x156: 2010
978 1 85196 954 8: 350/$625
The Works of Elizabeth
Barrett Browning
General Editor: Sandra Donaldson
This is the frst modern scholarly
edition of the works of Elizabeth
Barrett Browning (18061861). A
canonical Victorian writer and thinker,
Barrett Browning personifed the
engaged intellectual. She participated
in the debates on Italian unifcation,
womens rights, the anti-slavery
movement, factory reform, religion,
aesthetics and poetics. This edition
provides a foundation for a complete
analysis and interpretation of her
works and of Victorian Britain.
Copytexts are carefully chosen to
represent poems in their fnal version,
as overseen by Barrett Browning
herself. It includes all her known
unpublished works and several works
which have recently been reattributed.
a magnifcent and invaluable tool for
students of nineteenth-century English
poetry New Books Online 19
The Pickering Masters
5 Volume Set
2976pp: 234x156: 2010
978 1 85196 900 5: 450/$795
The Plays of William Godwin
Editor: David OShaughnessy
Godwin was an avid theatre-goer,
making as many as seventy theatre
trips in a season. These plays cover a
substantial period of Godwins career
and bracket his period of greatest
fame and creativity. This is the frst
scholarly edition of these works.
David OShaughnessys comprehensive
edition of these four dramas makes
gripping reading for all those who are
interested in William Godwins writing.
The Times Literary Supplement
The Pickering Masters
352pp: 234x156: 2010
HB 978 1 85196 631 8: 100/$180
The Political and
Philosophical Writings of
William Godwin
General Editor: Mark Philp
Contains all the major political,
philosophical and educational
writings of William Godwin, one of the
foremost philosophers of his age.
the real test for an editor is the handling
of the three editions of Political Justice,
1793, 1796 and 1798, together with such
manuscript drafts and later memos as
are recovered here. As is to be expected,
Philp passes this test with fying colours.
London Review of Books
The Pickering Masters
7 Volume Set
2632pp: 234x156: 1993
978 1 85196 026 2: 525/$925
The Collected Novels and
Memoirs of William Godwin
Editors: Pamela Clemit, Maurice
Hindle and Mark Philp
The frst complete edition, containing
some novels which have never before
appeared in scholarly editions, and
some manuscript material published
for the frst time.
Thanks to this superb edition, it is now
possible to see Godwin more fully than
ever before. The Times Literary
The Pickering Masters
8 Volume Set
2024pp: 234x156: 1992
978 1 85196 007 1: 550/$975
The Novels and Selected
Works of Mary Shelley
General Editors: Nora Crook and
Pamela Clemit
Frankenstein (1818) is the single
most widely read work of the English
Romantic period, yet the authors
other works remain relatively
will stand for decades as the defnitive
scholarly edition. Essential for graduate
students and researchers. CHOICE
The Pickering Masters
8 Volume Set
2896pp: 234x156: 1996
978 1 85196 076 7: 550/$975
Mary Shelleys Literary Lives
and Other Writings
General Editor: Nora Crook
This collection covers the lyrical poetry
of Mary Shelley, as well as her writings
for Lardners Cabinet Cyclopaedia of
Biography and some other materials
only recently attributed to her.
an admirable achievement by all
involved and a wonderful opportunity
for readers and scholars who are for the
frst time able to gain access to Shelleys
obscurer texts The Byron Journal
The Pickering Masters
4 Volume Set
1912pp: 234x156: 2002
978 1 85196 716 2: 350/$625
The Works of Mary
Editors: Marilyn Butler and
Janet Todd
This is the only collected edition
containing all the published writings
and translations, including complete
variant readings from other editions.
Her (Wollstonecrafts) multi-faceted
genius as a writer is revealed in this
defnitive seven-volume collection of her
works The Times Higher Education
The Pickering Masters
7 Volume Set
2512pp: 234x156: 1989
978 1 85196 006 4: 495
The Works of Lady Caroline
Editors: Leigh Wetherall Dickson
and Paul Douglass
This is the frst critical edition of the
works of Lady Caroline Lamb (1785
1828), now most famous for her affair
with Lord Byron. Her familiarity with
and criticism of the power structures
of her time, mean that her novels
deserve to be viewed within their
wider cultural and historical contexts.
has done her proud, and will enable
scholars to reassess her body of literary
work as a whole in all its variety and
stylish excess. Review of English
The Pickering Masters
3 Volume Set
1040pp: 234x156: 2009
978 1 85196 902 9: 275/$495
The Indian and Pacifc
Correspondence of Sir Joseph
Banks, 17681820
Editor: Neil Chambers
Bankss correspondence is one of the
great primary sources for studying the
Pacifc region during this period of
exploration and colonial expansion.
His Indian and Pacifc correspondence
has not previously been published in
a fully edited thematic series. This
critical edition of over 2,000 letters
uses material from archives around
the world. Together with The Scientifc
Correspondence of Sir Joseph Banks
17651820, this edition establishes
Pickering & Chatto as the feld
leader in the publication of Joseph
Bankss edited papers and ensures
that editorial standards are applied
consistently across his published
an essential work of reference for all
scholars of eighteenth-century science
and exploration. Archives of Natural
The Pickering Masters
Volume 1: 464pp: 234x156: 2008
978 1 85196 835 0: 100/$180
Volume 2: 480pp: 234x156: 2009
978 1 85196 836 7: 100/$180
Volume 3: 528pp: 234x156: 2010
978 1 85196 837 4: 100/$180
Volume 4: 672pp: 234x156: 2011
978 1 85196 838 1: 100/$180
Volume 5: 500pp: 234x156: July 2012
978 1 85196 839 8: 100/$180
Volume 6: c.500pp: 234x156: July 2013
978 1 85196 840 4: 100/$180
Volume 7: c.500pp: 234x156: December 2013
978 1 85196 634 9: 100/$180
Volume 8: c.500pp: 234x156: July 2014
978 1 84893 380 4: 100/$180
The Scientifc
Correspondence of Sir Joseph
Banks, 17651820
Editor: Neil Chambers
Bankss correspondence starts
when he frst went travelling and
continues through and far beyond his
circumnavigation of the globe with
James Cook on HMS Endeavour. His
far-reaching collections and scientifc
observations took in South America,
Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand,
Labrador and Iceland. Director of the
Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and
trustee of the British Museum, he was
elected President of the Royal Society
in 1778, a post he held until his death.
This edition is almost entirely
comprised of previously unpublished
letters gathered together from over 150
repositories world-wide.
An indispensable resource Rare Book
The Pickering Masters
6 Volume Set
3088pp: 234x156: 2007
978 1 85196 766 7: 595/$105
The Letters of Francis Jeffrey
to Thomas and Jane Welsh
Editor: William Christie
This edition makes available letters
from Francis Jeffrey to Thomas and
Jane Welsh Carlyle for the frst time.
The letters present a compelling
personal and intellectual narrative of
nineteenth-century Britain.
The body of letters has never been
transcribed or published in its entirety
and is available here for the frst time.
The Carlyles letters are available in
The Collected Letters of Thomas and
Jane Welsh Carlyle (Duke University
Press). The Pickering & Chatto edition
is intended to complement this edition
and is carefully arranged and cross-
referenced so that the two resources
support each other.
The Pickering Masters
240pp: 234x156: 2008
HB 978 1 85196 982 1: 110/$195
Selected Political Writings of
John Thelwall
Editors: Robert Lamb and
Corinna Wagner
John Thelwall was London
Corresponding Societys most
prominent orators and was tried for
high treason along with Thomas Hardy
and John Horne Tooke in 1794. This
edition brings together Thelwalls most
important political writing ranging
from scientifc pamphlets and writings
on the art of elocution, to political
philosophy and journalism.
Pickering and Chatto is to be lauded
for the four-volume Selected Political
Writings of John Thelwall The
Huntington Library Quarterly
The Pickering Masters
4 Volume Set
1056pp: 234x156: 2008
978 1 85196 928 9: 350/$625
The Collected Letters of
Rosina Bulwer Lytton
Editors: Marie Mulvey-Roberts and
Steve Carpenter
In 1858, Rosina Bulwer Lytton, was
incarcerated in a lunatic asylum by
her husband, Victorian politician
and novelist Edward Bulwer Lytton.
Although Rosina proved that she was
sane and was released, history has
preserved her as Bulwer Lyttons mad
wife. Rosina wrote letters to prominent
fgures in which she revealed details
about Edwards mistresses and
illegitimate children. She even alleged
a sexual relationship between her
husband and Disraeli. This unique
record reveals the innermost workings
of the Victorian literary and political
tragicomic, unparagraphed, rampaging
splendour The Times Literary
The Pickering Masters
3 Volume Set
1200pp: 234x156: 2007
978 1 85196 803 9: 295/$520
The Diaries of Elizabeth
Editor: Ben P Robertson
An energetic woman, Elizabeth
Inchbald (17531821) achieved fame
as an actress, novelist, playwright
and critic. This work includes her
eleven surviving diaries, which
record Inchbalds social contacts and
professional activities, itemize her
day-to-day expenditure, and chart
the development of affairs such as
the Napoleonic Wars and the trial of
Queen Caroline.
Robertsons scrupulous editing and
annotation makes the diaries available
just in time; the objects themselves are
beginning to crumble and fade The
Times Literary Supplement
The Pickering Masters
3 Volume Set
1296pp: 234x156: 2007
978 1 85196 868 8: 275/$495
The Works of Charlotte Smith
General Editor: Stuart Curran
These volumes restore an essential
voice in British Romanticism to the
prominence she held in her own
time, revealing a writer who wrote
well in many genres. Smith was
both innovative with the forms she
inherited and strongly infuential on
those who followed her.
the annotations are clear and copious
(including detailed accounts of how her
translations differ from the originals)
and the books are beautifully produced.
Romanticists will be grateful. Essential
The Pickering Masters
Part I: 5 Volume Set
2352pp: 234x156: 2005
978 1 85196 789 6: 450/$795
Part II: 5 Volume Set
2000pp: 234x156: 2006
978 1 85196 790 2: 450/$795
Part III: 4 Volume Set
1712pp: 234x156: 2007
978 1 85196 795 7: 375/$675
The Novels and Selected Plays
of Thomas Holcroft
General Editor: Wil Verhoeven
Thomas Holcroft (17451809) was a
key fgure in the radical movement of
the 1790s. Recognised by Coleridge
as an energetic proponent of atheism,
and pronounced by Godwin as one of
his four principal oral instructors,
Holcroft was an original if somewhat
undisciplined thinker, a talented
novelist, a popular playwright and
translator, and an accomplished
political pamphleteer. This critical
edition is essential reading for scholars
wanting to understand Britain and its
literature in the 1790s.
[a] thoughtful and well-annotated set
... This collection will surely become the
standard edition of these novels and
plays for scholarly reference Keats-
Shelley Journal
The Pickering Masters
5 Volume Set
2064pp: 234x156: 2007
978 1 85196 801 5: 450/$795
The Works of Maria
General Editor: Marilyn Butler
This edition restores to prominence
Jane Austens leading contemporary
rival a comic, original and often
brilliant analyst of her world
whose work John Ruskin declared,
constituted the most re-readable
books in existence.
a heroic undertaking ... Maria has
found her voice again Thomas Lovell
Beddoes Society Journal
The Pickering Masters
Part I: 8 Volume Set
3275pp: 234x156: 1999
978 1 85196 188 7: 595/$105
Part II: 4 Volume Set
1637pp: 234x156: 2003
978 1 85196 189 4: 350/$625
The Selected Writings of
Leigh Hunt
General Editors: Robert Morrison
and Michael Eberle-Sinatra
James Henry Leigh Hunt (17741859)
was one of the most prolifc and
infuential writers on British culture
and politics in the frst half of the
19th century. Hunts contribution to
romantic literature was as extensive as
it has proven to be durable, in matters
as various as prosodic experimentation
and the modernisation of the magazine
essay. This edition makes available
in a single edition all of Hunts major
This magnifcent edition ... promises
... to reconfgure the priorities of
Romantic and Victorian historians and
literary critics The Times Literary
The Pickering Masters
6 Volume Set
2400pp: 234x156: 2003
978 1 85196 714 8: 495/$875
The Works of Thomas De
General Editor: Grevel Lindop
Consulting Editor: Barry Symonds
Thomas De Quincey is one of the
greatest English prose writers of
the nineteenth century. This edition
includes virtually all of De Quinceys
published work plus the bulk of his
unpublished manuscripts. Highlights
include: De Quincey on murder,
Autobiographical Sketches, his 1803
Diary, writings on politics, economics,
literary theory and his contributions to
the Edinburgh Saturday Post.
renders all other [critical editions]
obsolete ... Highly recommended
The Pickering Masters
Part I: 7 Volume Set
3152pp: 234x156: 1999
978 1 85196 518 2: 550/$975
Part II: 7 Volume Set
4192pp: 234x156: 2003
978 1 85196 520 5: 550/$975
Part III: 7 Volume Set
3024pp: 234x156: 2001
978 1 85196 519 9: 550/$975
The Selected Writings of
William Hazlitt
Editor: Duncan Wu
An associate of Wordsworth and
Coleridge, William Hazlitt wrote some
of the greatest essays in the English
language. The Spirit of the Age, a
collection of contemporary portraits or
newspaper profles, is acknowledged
as a critical masterpiece, but a number
of his other works have been neglected
and most of his writings are out of
This edition takes all copy texts from
early printed sources, collated with
lifetime editions and manuscripts.
a splendid edition, and Duncan Wu
deserves the gratitude of all students of
Romantic writing The Wordsworth
The Pickering Masters
9 Volume Set
3656pp: 234x156: 1998
978 1 85196 369 0: 650/$1150
William Cobbett: Selected Writings
Editor: Leonora Nattrass
William Cobbett (17631835) was a
prolifc writer, best known as the anti-
Radical founder of Cobbetts Political
Register which ran from 180235.
This collection of his writings presents
the texts fully reset and annotated
with biographical and analytical
should do much to restore Cobbett
to his rightful place at the centre of a
Romanticism The Years Work in
English Studies
The Pickering Masters
6 Volume Set
2400pp: 234x156: 1998
978 1 85196 375 1: 495/$875
The Complete Plays of
Frances Burney
General Editor: Peter Sabor
Consulting Editor: Geoffrey M Sill
This is the frst ever edition of the
complete plays of Frances Burney
(17521840) and is taken from the
original manuscripts of her work.
A full picture of Burney as a writer is ...
made possible for the frst time ... their
publication will be widely welcomed.
The Pickering Masters
2 Volume Set
734pp: 234x156: 1995
978 1 85196 073 6: 120/$210
Joanna Baillie: A Selection of
Poems and Plays
Editors: Amanda Gilroy and
Keith Hanley
The Scottish dramatist and poet
Joanna Baillie (17621851) is one of
the most important fgures to have
emerged from the recent redefnition
of the Romantic canon. This work
includes Joanna Baillies important
poems and critical prefaces, the
tragedies De Montfort and Basil, and
the comedy, The Alienated Manor,
together with substantial extracts from
her other works.
Pickering Womens Classics
400pp: 234x156: 2002
HB 978 1 85196 358 4: 40/$75
The Wild Irish Girl
Editors: Claire Connolly and
Stephen Copley
an important critical tool that will
help expand our knowledge of womens
writing in the period and contribute
to our understanding of the making of
culture in the Romantic period. The
Wordsworth Circle
Pickering Womens Classics
400pp: 216x138: 2000
HB 978 1 85196 359 1: 40/$75
Romantic Women Writers
Editor: Ann R Hawkins
This multi-volume reset collection
addresses a signifcant shortfall in
scholarly work, offering the frst
comprehensive compilation of
contemporary reviews of the work of
women writers during the Romantic
period. Reviews are grouped by year
of publication and come from over
a hundred different periodicals,
including Gentlemans Magazine,
Critical Review, English Review,
Antijacobin Review, Flowers of
Literature, Ladys Monthly Museum,
Quarterly Review, Monthly Review,
Edinburgh Quarterly Review and
Blackwoods Edinburgh Magazine.
This series reveals a different
landscape for nineteenth-century
women writers than previously
imagined. Alongside reviews of well-
known authors sit those of writers
and works that have been neglected
or lost. The opinions of contemporary
reviewers captured in these entries
allow insight into social mores, as
well as literary tastes and changing
perceptions of women authors.
Women Writers Reviewed
Part I: 3 Volume Set
1280pp: 234x156: 2011
978 1 85196 481 9: 275/$495
Part II: 3 Volume Set
1312pp: 234x156: April 2012
978 1 85196 482 6: 275/$495
Part III: 3 Volume Set
c.1200pp: 234x156: April 2013
978 1 85196 483 3: 275/$495
British It-Narratives,
General Editor: Mark Blackwell
This four-volume collection focuses
on prose fctions that take animals
or inanimate objects as their central
characters. It includes numerous
examples of narratives in different
forms such as short stories, excerpts
from novels, periodical fction and
serialized works. While some are told
from the perspective of the objects
themselves, others use them as hubs
around which other characters stories
are spun.
Exploring the circulation of objects
in an increasingly commercial
society they provide an insight into
important social and cultural trends.
The collection will be of value to
those studying eighteenth-century
and Romantic literature, childrens
literature, the history of the novel,
material culture and historians and
philosophers concerned with personal
4 Volume Set
1696pp: 234x156: April 2012
978 1 84893 120 6: 350/$625
Depression and Melancholy,
General Editors: Leigh Wetherall
Dickson and Allan Ingram
As a psychiatric term depression
dates back only as far as the mid-
nineteenth century. Before then a wide
range of terms were used; Melancholy
carried enormous weight, culturally
and medically and was one of the
two confrmed forms of eighteenth-
century insanity. At the same time
the melancholy perspective could be
associated culturally with enhanced
sensitivity, as in the work of the poet
Thomas Gray, with creative genius and
intelligence, and even with being in the
height of fashion, as satirized by Pope
in the Cave of Spleen episode of Rape
of the Lock.
This four-volume primary resource
collection is the frst large-scale study
of depression across an extensive
period. Divided chronologically, each
volume addresses a particular theme.
4 Volume Set
1264pp: 234x156: July 2012
978 1 84893 086 5: 350/$625
British Family Life,
General Editor: Claudia Nelson
The family was central to Victorian
ideology, and yet the long nineteenth
century saw considerable change
in the family unit. The onset of
industrialization and the expansion of
the British Empire meant that there
were demands and opportunities away
from the home.
Each volume of this collection focuses
on a different aspect of family life: the
experience of childhood; the role of
the husband and father; the role of the
wife and mother; the extended family
and the substitute family. Family is
taken to include not only kin-based
groups, but servants, lodgers, carers
and variations of social welfare.
Drawing on rare printed sources
and extensive archival material, this
collection will provide a balanced,
contextualized picture of family life,
during a period of intense social
5 Volume Set
c.2000pp: 234x156: December 2012
978 1 84893 102 2: 450/$795
Panoramas, 17871900:
Texts and Contexts
General Editor: Laurie Garrison
In 1787, the entrepreneur Robert
Barker patented a new form of
entertainment that would intrigue
the public for a century to come. This
was the panorama, a massive circular
painting whose effect on the viewer
was deliberately enhanced through
an original apparatus for viewing it.
Others soon joined or competed with
Barker, with other venues cropping up
across London and then spreading to
America and the rest of Europe.
No collection or edition of texts related
to the panorama exists, and the
majority of materials presented here
have not been reprinted since their
frst eighteenth- or nineteenth-century
publication. The short accounts,
programs, reviews, articles and
lectures collected here are the primary
historical sources left to us.
5 Volume Set
c.2000pp: 234x156: December 2012
978 1 84893 015 5: 450/$795
Major Works
Pickering & Chattos Major Works
are made up of primary resource
documents or critical editions of rare
or unpublished material.
Scholarly apparatus usually includes
an extensive general introduction,
volume introductions, headnotes,
endnotes and an index.
London Opera Observed,
Editor: Michael Burden
Handels Rinaldo, frst performed in
1711, helped to establish the popularity
of the all-sung, Italian opera amongst
London audiences. This did not
meet with universal approval; the
tradition of spoken drama, coupled
with a distrust of a foreign form and
language made opera controversial,
not least in the newly-expanding press.
The rare material in this edition
examines opera not simply as a genre
of performance, but as a wider topic
of comment and debate. It includes
a wide range of documents such as
biographical material on performers,
commentary by London audiences,
proposals for aesthetic and managerial
reforms, controversial reviews by high-
profle critics and introductions to the
opera texts themselves.
5 Volume Set
c.2000pp: 234x156: March 2013
978 1 84893 165 7: 450/$795
Bawdy Songbooks of the
Romantic Period
General Editors: Patrick Spedding
and Paul Watt
One of the popular metropolitan
pastimes of the nineteenth century was
the singing of ribald songs. Because
almost no songbooks survive from the
frst half of the nineteenth century, this
species of popular entertainment has,
until recently, been almost completely
The songbooks of the 1830s and
1840s contain no printed music, but
were produced in a small format so
they could be hidden in a pocket,
memorized and then passed around
or thrown away. Collectors have long
sought these priceless chapbooks,
but only recently a collection of forty-
nine songbooks, amounting to about
one thousand individual song texts,
has come to light. This collection
represents almost all of the known
songbooks from the period.
4 Volume Set
1952pp: 234x156: 2011
978 1 84893 029 2: 350/$625
Nonconformist Women
Writers, 17201840
General Editor: Timothy Whelan
This is a scholarly edition of the public
and private works of a remarkable
circle of eighteen nonconformist
women and two Anglicans. It
combines new editions of previously
published works with unpublished
hymns, poems and letters, all
transcribed from manuscripts.
Though isolated geographically and
culturally, their writings reveal a
group of women who were keenly
aware of current events, widely read,
assertive in their opinions, highly
imaginative, inspired at times by
romantic sensibilities far ahead of the
Romantic movement, at times all too
aware of the limitations placed upon
them by the circumstances of their
place and time, yet still managing to
document their lives and times and to
pass that legacy on from generation to
Scholars of eighteenth- and nineteenth
literature, as well as cultural historians
and historians of women and religion
will fnd here an extraordinary new
source of materials, carefully edited,
thoroughly annotated, and elegantly
presented New Books Online 19
Part I: 4 Volume Set
1712pp: 234x156: 2011
978 1 85196 144 3: 350/$625
Part II: 4 Volume Set
1904pp: 234x156: 2011
978 1 85196 154 2: 350/$625
Chartist Literary Landmarks
Editor: Mike Sanders
The Chartist movement remains one
of the most studied social and political
movements in modern British history.
But despite this interest the literary
and cultural dimensions of Chartism
have only recently begun to attract
scholarly attention. This collection
breaks new ground by making
available the most signifcant literary
productions of the Chartist movement,
each volume addressing a different
problem within the Chartist literary
Volume 1 focuses on the decision
of Thomas Cooper to work in the
epic genre, thereby simultaneously
challenging and affrming the claims
of elite culture. Volume 2 follows
Chartist leader, Ernest Jones, in and
through his poetry, and the evolution
of late Romantic tropes in the early
Victorian period. Volume 3 explores
how Chartist authors addressed the
problems posed by working in a
dramatic genre (tragedy) which might
be thought of as hostile to their literary
and political aspirations.
3 Volume Set
c.1200pp: 234x156: 2014
978 1 84893 073 5: 275/$495
The Poetry of British India,
Editor: Mire n Fhlathin
This edition draws together a selection
of Anglo-Indian poetry from the
Romantic era and the nineteenth
century. The poets engage with India
in different ways: some deal with
the experience of migration, others
respond to the Indian landscape,
whilst the wider project of British rule
in India also provides an important
theme. This extensive body of
literature is not well known, and can
be accessed only in rare books and
periodicals of the nineteenth century.
2 Volume Set
884pp: 234x156: 2011
978 1 85196 985 2: 195/$350
Blasphemy in Britain and
America, 18001930
Editor: David Nash
Blasphemy has a history which reaches
into issues of confict, religious belief,
freedom of expression, and is bound
up with the growth and development
of new media. This edition draws
together a wide variety of rare
primary sources dating from the
Enlightenment through to the modern
era. Sources are arranged to represent
both sides of the debate, giving voice
to the blasphemer and victim.
4 Volume Set
1184pp: 234x156: 2010
978 1 85196 996 8: 350/$625
Ghosts: A Social History
Editor: Owen Davies
This edition draws together
representative and defning sources
that reveal changing perceptions
of ghosts at different social levels
from the Reformation through to
the twentieth century in Britain and
America. Sources have been chosen to
present a clear chronological story of
continuities and changes in the social
and intellectual relevance of ghosts.
provides a valuable source of texts
for anyone carrying out research into
the debates about ghosts and related
phenomena in the eighteenth and
nineteenth centuries. Journal for the
Society for Psychical Research
5 Volume Set
1440pp: 234x156: 2010
978 1 85196 989 0: 450/$795
Lives of Shakespearian
Actors, Part II: Edmund Kean,
Sarah Siddons and Harriet Smithson by
Their Contemporaries
Series Editor: Gail Marshall
This series features actors who were
signifcant in their development of new
and innovative ways of performing
Shakespeare. Edmund Kean has
been considered one of the greatest
actors ever to have taken to the stage.
His debut at Drury Lane brought
the theatre renewed popularity and
rescued it from near bankruptcy.
He specialized in tragic roles which
brought him success on both the
English and American stage. Sarah
Siddons and Philip Kemble were
brother and sister. Siddons was famed
for her portrayal of Lady Macbeth
while Kemble was most noted for
his Roman characters due to his
imposing physical presence. Between
them they helped to make the stage a
more respectable profession, Kemble
becoming manager of Covent Garden.
Lives of Shakespearian Actors
3 Volume Set
1312pp: 234x156: 2009
978 1 85196 852 7: 275/$495
Acting Theory and the English
Stage, 17001830
Editor: Lisa Zunshine
During the eighteenth century,
treatises on the science of elocution,
gesture and naturalness abounded.
This edition draws together a
representative selection of texts from
throughout the period, arranged to
enable readers to see eighteenth- and
early nineteenth-century publications
on acting as a crucial part of the
periods cultural imagination.
At a time when the world is turning
digital, the sheer extravagance of
this publishing venture deserves to be
celebrated. Studies in Theatre and
5 Volume Set
1808pp: 234x156: 2008
978 1 85196 901 2: 450/$795
Newgate Narratives
Editor: Gary Kelly
In 1902, Londons Newgate Prison
was demolished. The building was a
cultural symbol, its grim silhouette
loomed over factual and fctional
contributions to the prison reform
debate which extended through
the late eighteenth and nineteenth
centuries. Commentary ranged from
gallows broadsides and last dying
words; through crusading journalism
and parliamentary reports; to best-
selling novels and hit melodramas.
This body of Newgate literature has
long been out of print but it was
widely known by all classes of readers
in its time and was the context for
the crime literature of Dickens,
Dostoevsky, Dumas, Hugo and Zola.
This fve-volume edition presents a
representative body of Romantic and
early Victorian crime literature.
5 Volume Set
2368pp: 234x156: 2008
978 1 85196 812 1: 450/$397
The Enlightenment in
America, 17201825
Editor: Jose R Torre
Given the signifcance the new world
held in the minds of Enlightenment
thinkers, it is remarkable that scholars
have not more fully documented the
Enlightenment in America. So far,
the body of work on the American
Enlightenment has focused almost
exclusively on two areas politics
and religion. In contrast, scholars
have paid little attention to the
polyglot efforts of American doctors,
scientists, engineers, botanists, poets
and other Enlightenment actors. The
Enlightenment in America flls this
signifcant gap in the discourse.
a serious contribution to scholarship.
Essential. CHOICE
Recognized by CHOICE magazine
as an Outstanding Title, 2009
4 Volume Set
1360pp: 234x156: 2008
978 1 85196 936 4: 350/$625
British and American Letter
Manuals, 16801810
Editor: Eve Tavor Bannet
During the eighteenth century,
letter manuals became the most
popular form of conduct literature.
They were marketed to and used
by a wide spectrum of society, from
maidservants and apprentices,
through military offcers and
merchants, to gentlemen, parents and
children. This work presents the most
infuential manuals from both sides of
the Atlantic.
This outstanding set ... will be useful
for anyone interested in the culture of
letters, conduct books, and transatlantic
connections. SHARP News
4 Volume Set
1712pp: 234x156: 2008
978 1 85196 918 0: 350/$625
Whore Biographies,
Editor: Julie Peakman
Consulting Editors: Alexander Pettit
and Patrick Spedding
This two-part collection of carefully
selected and extremely rare texts
focuses on autobiographies and
biographies of courtesans, directories
of whores, erotic poems dedicated
to harlots, jocular descriptions
of prostitutes and jest books on
strumpets. These provide invaluable
primary sources for the study of
sexuality, gender, womens studies and
the literature and history.
a rich and rewarding collection of
material, useful on gender and genre.
The Scriblerian
Part I: 4 Volume Set
1665pp: 234x156: 2006
978 1 85196 806 0: 350/$625
Part II: 4 Volume Set
1712pp: 234x156: 2007
978 1 85196 807 7: 350/$625
Blackwoods Magazine,
181725: Selections from Magas
General Editor: Nicholas Mason
Consulting Editor: John Strachan
This six-volume collection
contextualizes and annotates the
most infuential, scandalous, and
entertaining texts which appeared in
Blackwoods Magazine between 1817
and 1825.
This carefully annotated, meticulously
researched set will be a delight and
a valuable resource for students and
researchers of early-19th-century
British literature, history, and culture ...
Highly recommended CHOICE
6 Volume Set
2240pp: 234x456: 2006
978 1 85196 800 8: 495/$875
Trials for Treason and
Sedition, 17921794
Editors: John Barrell and Jon Mee
The period 179294 witnessed the
emergence of the frst genuinely
popular radical movement in Britain.
This collection contains the key trials
of London radicalism from 179294.
It includes a general introduction, but
each of the trials is introduced in its
own right and supported by endnotes
and further reading.
Those who have squinted at versions
of these trials on Eighteenth-Century
Collections Online will be pleased to fnd
the facsimiles here digitally cleaned and
enhanced. No less welcome is Barrell
and Mees stellar editorial apparatus
The Huntington Library Quarterly
Part I: 5 Volume Set
2304pp: 234x156: 2006
978 1 85196 732 2: 450/$795
Part II: 3 Volume Set
1472pp: 234x156: 2007
978 1 85196 811 4: 275/$495
Travels, Explorations and
Empires, 17701835: Travel
Writings on North America, the Far East,
North and South Poles and the Middle
General Editors: Tim Fulford and
Peter J Kitson
The Romantic Period saw the advance
of the massive British imperial
expansion that was to make it
dominant for most of the nineteenth
century. There was a corresponding
expansion in travel writings, which,
highly popular in their own time,
seemed to bring exotic realms within
the grasp of the reading public and
were a source for ethnographic
and cultural information about
other societies. This selection of
writings refects the diversity of the
literature, revealing something of the
cultural and gender difference of the
travellers, as well as fuelling debates
on colonialism, natural history,
anthropology and slavery.
exquisitely produced and impeccably
edited collection offers a wealth of fresh
material to scholars of Romanticism
The Wordsworth Circle
Travels, Explorations and Empires
Part I: 4 Volume Set
1880pp: 234x156: 2001
978 1 85196 720 9: 350/$625
Part II: 4 Volume Set
1752pp: 234x156: 2002
978 1 85196 721 6: 350/$625
Anti-Jacobin Novels
General Editor: W M Verhoeven
Consulting Editor: Claudia L
This ten-volume reset edition reveals
the fipside of Romantic-era literature
and politics. It includes works by
male and female writers holding a
range of political positions within the
Anti-Jacobin camp, and represents
not only the French Revolution but
the American Revolution, the Irish
Rebellion and the political unrest in
The editor of each volume has done a
thorough and illuminating job The
Wordsworth Circle
Part I: 5 Volume Set
1560pp: 234x156: 2005
978 1 85196 776 6: 425/$750
Part II: 5 Volume Set
2144pp: 234x156: 2005
978 1 85196 781 0: 425/$750
Silver Fork Novels,
General Editor: Harriet Devine
Consulting Editor: Gary Kelly
The novels in this collection present a
vivid picture of late-Regency society
clinging to modes of behaviour which
soon became obsolete and mark
an important point of transition to
Victorian cultural values.
In making a select number of these
novels available to contemporary
readers, the Pickering & Chatto editors
will help to ... register the extent to
which an ostensible ephemeral literature
may permanently alter the landscape of
nineteenth century fction. The Times
Literary Supplement
6 Volume Set
2590pp: 234x156: 2005
978 1 85196 779 7: 495/$875
Conduct Literature for
Women, Part IV, 17701830
Editor: Pam Morris
Social and literary historians recognise
the 1790s as a moment of political
crisis and turbulence in British history
the intense reactions in Britain to
increasing revolutionary violence in
France politicised almost every aspect
of cultural life. This body of texts from
1770 to 1830 demonstrates shifting
ideas on the role of women during this
turbulent time.
a precious resource ... Pickering &
Chatto have made a potentially rugged
sea of information perfectly navigable.
Conduct Literature for Women
6 Volume Set
2688pp: 234x156: 2005
978 1 85196 802 2: 495/$875
Eighteenth-Century English
Labouring-Class Poets
Editor: John Goodridge
This edition offers for the frst time
a collection of vital source materials,
richly illustrating one of the most
interesting and important literary
movements of the eighteenth century
and Romantic period. The set shows
the development of the tradition of
labouring-class poetry throughout the
eighteenth century, bringing together
for the frst time texts by many of the
most infuential poets.
This series is a true intellectual
collaboration, and it is diffcult
to imagine a better outcome.
Romanticism on the Net
3 Volume Set
1288pp: 234x156: 2003
978 1 85196 758 2: 275/$495
Nineteenth-Century English
Labouring-Class Poets
Editor: John Goodridge
Over one hundred poets of labouring-
class origin were published in Britain
in the eighteenth and nineteenth
centuries. Some were hugely popular
and important in their day but few are
available now.
Thanks to John Goodridge and his
formidable team of editors and scholars,
labouring-class poetry is now a
defnitive feature on the literary map
of Romanticism. BARS Bulletin &
3 Volume Set
1424pp: 234x156: 2005
978 1 85196 763 6: 275/$495
Literature and Science,
General Editor: Judith Hawley
In the eighteenth century science
was used to denote knowledge of
all sorts. Ways of understanding
and representing the world were
being reformulated in a period of
intellectual ferment and artistic
experimentation. In the Royal Society,
in the gentlemans library, in Grub
Street and the ladys closet, the impact
of natural philosophy was registered,
assimilated, extended and sometimes
challenged and rebuffed. Texts are
reproduced in facsimile and show the
polymathic nature of the literature of
belong[s] in every graduate library and
in every serious undergraduate library
The Wordsworth Circle
Part I: 4 Volume Set
1728pp: 234x156: 2003
978 1 85196 737 7: 350/$625
Part II: 4 Volume Set
1944pp: 234x156: 2004
978 1 85196 740 7: 350/$625
British Satire, 17851840
General Editor: John Strachan
Consulting Editor: Steven E Jones
This set provides a representative
collection of the verse satire published
between the mid-1780s and the mid-
1830s. It also includes two important
single-author volumes, the frst
scholarly editions of the satires of
William Gifford and Thomas Moore, as
well as lesser known and anonymous
can be endorsed enthusiastically ... the
editors not only make satires available
to far more readers at any time since
the Romantic period, but also provide
superb headnotes and annotation.
5 Volume Set
2184pp: 234x156: 2003
978 1 85196 729 2: 425/$750
The Popular Radical Press
in Britain, 18111821: A Reprint
of Early Nineteenth-Century Radical
Editor: Paul Keen
The radical weekly newspaper or
pamphlet was the leading print organ
of popular radical expression during
what has been called the heroic age
of popular Radicalism; the public
agitation for parlimentary reform
between 1815 and 1820. This work
presents the original runs of the
rarest periodicals and sets them in
the context of contemporary political
provides an excellent window onto
a crucial period in the development
of popular politics in Britain.
Enlightenment and Dissent
6 Volume Set
2568pp: 248x170: 2003
978 1 85196 752 0: 525/$925
The British Transatlantic
Slave Trade
General Editor: Kenneth Morgan
Between 1660 and 1807 over three
million Africans were dispatched to
the Americas in British vessels. This
trade has been the subject of intensive
academic scrutiny over the past
generation and has also attracted a
growing popular curiosity. This edition
offers a selection of primary source
texts coveringall major facets of the
British slave trade.
the introductory essays by each
editor (and the general introduction
by Kenneth Morgan) provide superb
overviews on most key topics in the
study of the British slave trade and its
abolition. Journal of Imperial and
Commonwealth History
4 Volume Set
1632pp: 234x156: 2003
978 1 85196 756 8: 350/$625
Varieties of Female Gothic
Editor: Gary Kelly
Centring on Romantic womens
literature this collection makes
available a representative selection of
the most important types of Female
Gothic fction. Most of the works
included here are reset and have
been out of print since they were frst
in few other places is the development of
the Romantic-era novel traced with such
historical expertise. BARS Bulletin &
6 Volume Set
2056pp: 234x156: 2002
978 1 85196 717 9: 495/$875
The London Corresponding
Society, 17921799
Editor: Michael T Davis
This six volume set reproduces the
complete writings of the London
Corresponding Society as well as
other contemporary literature and
parliamentary debates, and reports
relating to the Society. The London
Corresponding Society was at the
forefront of the call for political reform
in the late eighteenth century.
A landmark in the publication of
political radicalisms in Britain. It gives
an incisive sense of the extraordinarily
diverse range of texts, activities,
repressive legislation and intellectual
engagement that the LCS generated.
Journal of Historical Geography
6 Volume Set
2328pp: 234x156: 2002
978 1 85196 734 6: 495/$875
The Reception of Lockes
Politics: From the 1690s to the 1830s
Editor: Mark Goldie
In these volumes can be traced the
manner in which Locke became both
the idol of the Whig Settlement of
1689 and the key to unravel that
settlement in the name of radical
populism: a Locke made safe for Whig
gentlemen, as well as a Locke who, in
Mary Astells words of 1706, prompted
the question, If all men are born free,
how is that all women are born slaves?
Locke is debated across a gamut of
genres: in formal treatises, polemical
pamphlets, newspaper essays, political
sermons, and cheap tracts aimed at
politicizing the masses.
a most valuable collection of texts
that deserves to be in every major
library visited by scholars and students
interested in the political discourses
of the eighteenth-century anglophone
world Enlightenment and Dissent
6 Volume Set
2512pp: 234x156: 1999
978 1 85196 495 6: 495/$875
The Works of Horatio
Walpole, Earl of Orford, 1798
With an Introduction by Peter Sabor
During his lifetime, Walpole
suppressed the majority of his works,
limiting publication to small editions
published by his own press. Only
with his death and the publication of
his Works in 1798 was the range of
Walpoles oeuvre revealed to a wider
5 Volume Set
3270pp: 234x156: 1999
978 1 85196 492 5: 425/$750
Slavery, Abolition and
Emancipation: Writings in the
British Romantic Period
General Editors: Peter J Kitson and
Debbie Lee
The Romantic period witnessed the
beginning of sustained British imperial
expansion. It was also the period
when criticism of the slave trade was
at its most intense. Most of the frst
generation of British Romanticism
William Blake, Samuel Taylor
Coleridge, William Wordsworth,
Robert Southey, John Thelwall
wrote against the slave trade. This
edition brings together a corpus of
work which refects the major issues
and theories concerning slavery and
the status of the slave.
A milestone in helping to resuscitate
... the attitudes which defned victim,
oppressor and abolitionist. Their
importance cannot be exaggerated.
Daily Telegraph
8 Volume Set
3664pp: 234x156: 1999
978 1 85196 513 7: 595/$105
Parodies of the Romantic
Age: Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin and
Other Parodic Writings
Editors: Graeme Stones and
John Strachan
In this reset collection, Stones and
Strachan bring together a wealth of
material ranging from verse parodies
originally published in pamphlet form,
circulated in manuscript, or published
in periodicals, to longer works such as
P G Patmores prose parodies of the
works of Byron, Lamb and Hazlitt.
I am sure [these volumes] will be
enthusiastically welcomed by armchair
readers and research scholars alike.
BARS Bulletin & Review
5 Volume Set
1807pp: 216x138: 1998
978 1 85196 475 8: 450/$795
Modern British Utopias,
Editor: Gregory Claeys
This collection of British utopias spans
the period from the age of Swift and
Defoe to nineteenth-century socialist
and constitutionalist texts.
can be recommended as a valuable
archive for any library. History of
Political Thought
8 Volume Set
4128pp: 234x156: 1997
978 1 85196 319 5: 550/$975
The Political Writings of
the 1790s
Editor: Gregory Claeys
Largely instigated by Burkes
Refections on the Revolution in
France (1790), the French Revolution
provoked a ferce political debate
in Britain. Divided between reform
and loyalist literature, this collection
presents over a hundred contributions
to the debate.
There are not enough superlatives to
describe this work and all libraries
should be encouraged to purchase it.
For the serious scholar, [it] would surely
take pride of place on any bookshelf
The Australian Journal of Politics
and History
8 Volume Set
3536pp: 234x156: 1995
978 1 85196 320 1: 550/$975
Lives of the
Great Romantics
General Editor: John Mullan
This acclaimed series presents
extracts from biographies of the
major romantic fgures by their
contemporaries. The facsimile texts
are accompanied by headnotes and
volume introductions.
Lives of the Great Romantics is
not simply an absorbing collection
of Romantic biographies but
an important contribution to
the growing debate about the
biographical discipline itself. The
Byron Journal
Part I: Shelley, Byron
and Wordsworth by their
3 Volume Set
1484pp: 216x138: 1996
978 1 85196 270 9: 275/$495
Part II: Keats, Coleridge
and Scott by their
3 Volume Set
1200pp: 234x156: 1997
978 1 85196 373 7: 275/$495
Part III: Godwin,
Wollstonecraft &
Mary Shelley by their
3 Volume Set
1048pp: 234x156: 1999
978 1 85196 512 0: 275/$495
Memoirs of Women Writers
Editors: Anna M Fitzer and
Gina Luria Walker
These autobiographical accounts help
to shed light on the often controversial
role of the female writer in the early
nineteenth century.
Contains: Alicia LeFanu, Memoirs of
the Life and Writings of Mrs Frances
Sheridan (1824); William Roberts,
Memoirs of the Life of Mrs Hannah
More (1839); [Anon], Some Account
of the Life and Writings of Mrs
Trimmer (1814); Mary Hays, Female
Biography; or Memoirs of Illustrious
and Celebrated Women, of All Ages
and Countries (1803)
Chawton House Library: Womens Memoirs
Part I: 4 Volume Set
1808pp: 234x156: 2011
978 1 84893 051 3: 350/$625
Part II: 3 Volume Set
c.1200pp: 234x156: December 2012
978 1 84893 052 0: 275/$495
Part III: 3 Volume Set
c.1200pp: 234x156: December 2013
978 1 84893 053 7: 275/$495
Memoirs of Scandalous
Editor: Dianne Dugaw
These memoirs all come from women
forced to live lives of impropriety,
often after ill-treatment from
unscrupulous men.
Contains: Teresia Constantia Phillips,
An Apology For The Conduct of Mrs
Teresia Constantia Phillips (1748);
Elizabeth Gooch, The Life of Mrs
Gooch (1792); Christian Davies, The
Life and Adventures of Mrs Christian
Davies (1740); Hannah Snell, The
Female Soldier (1750); Franoise
de Houssay, A Narrative of the
Sufferings of Louise Franoise de
Houssay, de Bannes (1796); Mary
Ann Talbot, The Life and Surprising
Adventures of Mary Ann Talbot
Chawton House Library: Womens Memoirs
5 Volume Set
2272pp: 234x156: 2011
978 1 85196 876 3: 425/$750
Womens Court and Society
Editors: Amy Culley and
Katherine Turner
These exhuberant stories of intrigue
and scandal paint a vivid and colourful
picture of society life.
Contains: [Lady Charlotte Bury],
Diary Illustrative of the Times of
George the Fourth (1838); Catherine
E Cary, Memoirs of Miss C E Cary
(1825); Elizabeth Hervey, Life and
Memoirs of Elizabeth Chudleigh
(1789); Mary Anne Clarke, The Rival
Princes; Or, A Faithful Narrative of
Facts, Relating To Mrs M A Clarkes
Political Acquaintance (1810); Pauline
Adelaide Alexandre Panam, Memoirs
of a Young Greek Lady (1823);
Elizabeth Craven, Memoirs of the
Margravine of Anspach, Formerly
Lady Craven (1826)
Chawton House Library: Womens Memoirs
Part I: 4 Volume Set
1936pp: 234x156: 2009
978 1 85196 877 0: 350/$625
Part II: 5 Volume Set
1984pp: 234x156: 2010
978 1 85196 878 7: 425/$750
Womens Theatrical Memoirs
Editors: Sue Mcpherson, Sharon
M Setzer and Julia Swindells
By the close of the eighteenth century,
the theatrical memoir had become a
popular and established genre. The
texts brought together in this ten-
volume facsimile collection present the
lives of some of the most celebrated
actresses of their day.
Contains: Mary Robinson, Memoirs
of the Late Mrs Robinson (1801);
James Boaden, The Life of Mrs Jordan
(1831); Thomas Campbell, Life of Mrs
Siddons (1834); Elizabeth Steele, The
Memoirs of Mrs Sophia Baddeley
(1787); Leah Sumbel, Memoirs of
the Life of Mrs Sumbel (1811); [A
Gentleman], Memoirs of George
Anne Bellamy (1785); The Life and
Memoirs of the late Miss Ann Catley
by Miss Ambross (c.1789); Elizabeth
Billington, Memoirs of Mrs Billington
intrigues not only due to the fascinating
women featured in each of the original
documents but also in the range of
perspectives provided that will no doubt
provide fuel for many lively debates.
Restoration and Eighteenth-
Century Theatre Research
Chawton House Library: Womens Memoirs
Part I: 5 Volume Set
2000pp: 234x156: 2007
978 1 85196 861 9: 425/$750
Part II: 5 Volume Set
2000pp: 234x156: 2008
978 1 85196 875 6: 425/$750
Womens Travel Writings in
Editors: Kirsteen McCue and
Pamela Perkins
These volumes offer both a view of
Scottish Highland life at a time of
major historical transition and an
insight into womens contributions
to the literary construction of one
of the major sites and sources of the
Romantic picturesque.
Contains: Anne Grant, Letters from
the Mountains (1806) and E I Spence,
Letters from the North Highlands
Chawton House Library: Womens Travel
4 Volume Set
c.1600pp: 234x156: 2016
978 1 84893 147 3: 350/$625
House Library:
Memoirs and
Travel Writings
Series Editors: Jennie Batchelor
(Memoirs), Stephen Bending
and Stephen Bygrave (Travel
These series are made up of
multi-volume editions of full texts
reproduced in facsimile with new
scholarly apparatus. The texts have
been carefully selected to illustrate
various themes in womens history.
Womens Travel Writings in
North Africa and the Middle
Editors: Carl Thompson and
Francesca Saggini
This two-part collection presents some
fascinating tales of North Africa and
the Middle East.
Contains: Sarah Wilson, The Fruits of
Enterprise: Exhibited in the Travels
of Belzoni in Egypt and Nubia (1825);
Miss Tully, Narrative of a Ten Years
Residence at Tripoli in Africa (1816);
Barbara Hofand, The Young Pilgrim
... Travels in Egypt, Nubia, Asia
Minor, Arabia Petra &c (1826);
Catherine Hutton, The Tour of Africa
Chawton House Library: Womens Travel
Part I: 3 Volume Set
c.1200pp: 234x156: 2014
978 1 85196 139 9: 275/$495
Part II: 3 Volume Set
c.1200pp: 234x156: 2015
978 1 84893 022 3: 275/$495
Womens Travel Writings in
Editors: Eroulla Demetriou, Jos
Ruiz Mas and Mara Antonia
Lpez-Burgos del Barrio
Contains: Marianne Baillie, Lisbon
(1824); Lady Henrietta Chatterton,
The Pyrenees (1843) and Sarah Ellis,
Summer and Winter in the Pyrenees
Chawton House Library: Womens Travel
5 Volume Set
c.20000pp: 234x156: April 2013
978 1 85196 647 9: 425/$750
Womens Travel Writings in
Post-Napoleonic France
Editors: Lucy Morrison and
Benjamin Colbert
This set gives voice to some intrepid
women travellers touring post-
Napoleonic France.
Contains: Marianne Baillie, First
Impressions on a Tour upon the
Continent (1819); Frances Jane Carey,
Journal of a Tour in France in the
Years 1816 and 1817 (1823); Elizabeth
Strutt Byron, Six Weeks on the Loire
(1833); Anne Carter, Letters from a
Lady to her sister during a Tour to
Paris (1814); Frances Trollope, Paris
and the Parisians in 1835 (1836);
Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan,
France (1817)
Chawton House Library: Womens Travel
Part I: 4 Volume Set
1728pp: 234x156: 2011
978 1 85196 655 4: 350/$625
Part II: 4 Volume Set
2308pp: 234x156: April 2012
978 1 85196 660 8: 350/$625
Womens Travel Writings in
Editors: Donatella Badin, Julia
Banister, Catherine Dille, Betty
Hagglund and Annie Richardson
All the writings in these volumes
describe Italy in the years immediately
following the fall of Napoleon.
Contains: Hester Piozzi, A Journey
through France, Italy and Germany
(1789); Anna Riggs, Lady Miller,
Letters from Italy (1777); Maria
Graham, Three Months Passed in
the Mountains East of Rome (1820);
Lady Morgan, Italy (1821) and Harriet
Morton, Protestant Vigils, or Evening
Records of a Journey in Italy (1829)
Chawton House Library: Womens Travel
Part I: 4 Volume Set
1920pp: 234x156: 2009
978 1 85196 986 9: 350/$625
Part II: 5 Volume Set
2256pp: 234x156: 2010
978 1 85196 987 6: 425/$750
Womens Travel Writings in
Revolutionary France
Editors: Stephen Bending and
Stephen Bygrave
Contains: Helen Maria Williams,
Letters Containing a Sketch of the
Scenes which Passed in Various
Departments of France during the
Tyranny of Robespierre (1796); Helen
Maria Williams, A Tour in Switzerland
(1798); Charlotte West, A Ten Years
Residence in France, During the
Severest Part of the Revolution 1787
to 1797 (1821); A Sketch of Modern
France (1798), By a Lady and Anne
Plumptre, A Narrative of a Three
Years Residence in France, 18025
deserves a place on library and
specialists shelves. European History
Chawton House Library: Womens Travel
Part I: 3 Volume Set
1008pp: 234x156: 2007
978 1 85196 862 6: 275/$495
Part II: 4 Volume Set
2064pp: 234x156: 2008
978 1 85196 866 4: 350/$625
Index of Titles
Acting Theory and the English Stage 20
Adelaide and Theodore 12
Anatomy and the Organization of
Knowledge, 15001850 5
Ann Yearsley and Hannah More, Patronage
and Poetry 4
Anti-Jacobin Novels 22
Arctic Exploration in the Nineteenth
Century 6
Baudin, Napoleon and the Exploration of
Australia 6
Bawdy Songbooks of the Romantic Period 19
Blackwoods Magazine, 181725 21
Blake, Gender and Culture 5
Blasphemy in Britain and America 20
British and American Letter Manuals 21
British Family Life, 17801914 18
British It-Narratives, 17501830 18
British Satire, 17851840 23
British Transatlantic Slave Trade, The 23
British Visions of America, 17751820 8
Celebrated Hannah Cowley, The 4
Charles Lamb, Elia and the London
Magazine 3
Charlotte Smith in British Romanticism 10
Chartist Literary Landmarks 19
Citizen, The 11
Classicism and Romanticism in Italian
Literature 5
Collected Letters of Rosina Bulwer
Lytton, The 16
Collected Novels and Memoirs of William
Godwin, The 14
Collected Works of Ann Yearsley, The 13
Complete Plays of Frances Burney, The 17
Conduct Literature for Women, Part IV 22
Conservatism and the Quarterly Review 3
Contributors to the Quarterly Review 3
Corinna of England, or a Heroine in the
Shade, The 12
Cosmopolitan Ideal in the Age of Revolution
and Reaction, The 10
Cultures of Radicalism in Britain
and Ireland 7
Daniel OConnell and the Anti-slavery
Movement 10
Depression and Melancholy, 16601800 18
Dialogue, Didacticism and the Genres of
Dispute 8
Diaries of Elizabeth Inchbald 16
Dying to be English 4
Edinburgh Review in the Literary Culture of
Romantic Britain, The 9
Eighteenth-Century English Labouring-
Class Poets, 17001800 22
Elizabeth Inchbalds Reputation 3
Enlightenment in America, The 20
Enlightenment World 110, The 10
Evolution of Sympathy, The 9
Fashioning the Silver Fork Novel 4
Florence Macarthy: An Irish Tale 11
Ghosts: A Social History 20
Gilbert Imlay 11
Harlequin Empire 10
History of Lady Julia Mandeville, The 11
History of Ned Evans, The 12
Inchbald, Hawthorne and the Romantic
Moral Romance 11
India in the French Imagination 6
Indian and Pacifc Correspondence of Sir
Joseph Banks, The 15
Jane Austens Civilized Women 4
Joanna Baillie 17
John Thelwall: Radical Romantic and
Acquitted Felon 9
Joseph Banks and the British Museum 8
Julia 12
Language of Whiggism, The 9
Letters from England 13
Letters of Francis Jeffrey to Thomas and
Jane Welsh Carlyle, The 15
Liberating Medicine, 17201835 9
Life of Madame Necker, The 5
Literacy and Orality in Eighteenth-Century
Irish Song 7
Literature and Science 16601834 22
Lives of Shakespearian Actors, Part II 20
Lives of the Great Romantics 24
London Corresponding Society, The 23
London Opera Observed, 17111844 19
Mary Robinson and the Genesis of
Romanticism 4
Mary Shelleys Literary Lives and Other
Writings 15
Memoirs of Scandalous Women 25
Memoirs of Women Writers 25
Modern British Utopias, 1700-1850 24
Nervous Disease in Late Eighteenth-
Century Britain 8
Newgate Narratives 20
Nineteenth-Century English Labouring-
Class Poets 22
Nonconformist Women Writers 19
Novels and Selected Plays of Thomas
Holcroft, The 16
Novels and Selected Works of Mary
Shelley, The 14
Panoramas, 17871900 18
Parodies of the Romantic Age 24
Plays of William Godwin, The 14
Poetry of British India, 17801905, The 19
Political and Philosophical Writings of
William Godwin, The 14
Political Economy of Sentiment, The 8
Political Writings of the 1790s, The 24
Popular Radical Press in Britain, The 23
Private History of the Court of
England, The 11
Reception of Lockes Politics, The 23
Rhyming Reason 9
Robert Southey: Later Poetical Works,
18111838 13
Robert Southey: Poetical Works
17931810 13
Romance of Private Life, The 12
Romance Readers and Romance Writers 12
Romantic Localities 8
Romantic Marginality 3
Romantic Women Writers Reviewed 18
Science and Eccentricity 7
Scientifc Correspondence of Sir Joseph
Banks, The 15
Scottish People and the French
Revolution, The 10
Selected Political Writings of
John Thelwall 16
Selected Writings of Leigh Hunt, The 17
Selected Writings of William Hazlitt, The 17
Silver Fork Novels, 18261841 22
Slaveholders in Jamaica 6
Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation 24
Soldiers Orphan: A Tale, The 11
Spirit of the Union, The 8
Stays and Body Image in London 5
Strathallan 12
Sublime Invention, The 9
Theatre of Empire, The 6
Thomas Dunckerley and English
Freemasonry 6
Travel Writings of John Moore, The 14
Travels, Explorations and Empires 21
Trials for Treason and Sedition 21
Uncommon Contexts 7
United Islands? The Languages of
Resistance 7
Unpublished Letters of Thomas
Moore, The 13
Varieties of Female Gothic 23
Venice and the Cultural Imagination 6
Victim of Fancy, The 12
Visions of an Unseen World 7
Whore Biographies, 17001825 21
Wild Irish Girl, The 17
William Blake and the Art of Engraving 3
William Cobbett: Selected Writings 17
William Godwin and the Theatre 8
Womens Court and Society Memoirs 25
Womens Theatrical Memoirs 25
Womens Travel Writings in Iberia 26
Womens Travel Writings in Italy 26
Womens Travel Writings in North Africa
and the Middle East 26
Womens Travel Writings in Post-
Napoleonic France 26
Womens Travel Writings in Revolutionary
France 26
Womens Travel Writings in Scotland 25
Wordsworths Poetic Collections,
Supplementary Writing 3
Works of Charlotte Smith, The 16
Works of Elizabeth Barrett
Browning, The 14
Works of Horatio Walpole, Earl of
Orford, The 24
Works of Lady Caroline Lamb, The 15
Works of Maria Edgeworth, The 16
Works of Mary Robinson, The 14
Works of Mary Wollstonecraft, The 15
Works of Thomas De Quincey, The 17
Writing the Empire 10
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Calls from within VT: (802) 862 0095
Fax: +001 (802) 864 7626
Email: ash.orders@aidcvt.com
Japan: Representative
Eureka Press
27-11 Goshonouchi-cho Matsugasaki
Sakyo-ku Kyoto
Japan 606-0944
Tel: +81 (0)75 255 4892
Fax: +81 (0)75 253 6248
Email: ky6844@celery.ocn.ne.jp
Spain and Portugal:
Peter Prout
Iberian Book Services
Sector Islas
Bloque 12, 1 B
28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid)
Tel: +34 (91) 803 4918
Fax: +34 (91) 803 5936
Email: pprout@telefonica.net
India: Representative
Ravindra Saxena
Sara Books Pvt Ltd
G-1, Vardaan House
7/28, Ansari Road, Daryaganj
New Delhi - 110002
Tel: +91 11 23266107
Fax: +91 11 23266102
Email: ravindrasaxena@sarabooksindia.com
South Korea: Representative
Sunny Cheong
Wise Book Solutions
#101-1707 Daewoo Apt
279-50 Sungsoo-Dong 2 Ga
Sungdong-Ku, Seoul 133-120
Tel: +82 2 499 4301
Fax: +82 2 499 4363
Email: SunnyCheong@kornet.net
China: Representative
Sarah Zhao
China Publishers Services Ltd (Beijing Offce)
Rm 315, Jia 6# Jian Guo Men Nei Da Jie
Beijing 100010
Tel: +86 13 50103 2027
Email: sarah@cps-hk.com
Hong Kong and Macao:
Mr Edwin Chu
China Publishers Services Ltd (Hong Kong Offce)
Room 819, Fortune Commercial Building
362 Sha Tsui Road
Tsuen Wan, N.T. Hong Kong SAR
Tel: +85 2 2491 1436
Mobile: +85 2 9193 0534
Fax: +85 2 2491 1435
Email: edwin@cps-hk.com
Taiwan: Distributor
Unifacmanu Trading Co., Ltd
4F, No. 91, Ho-Ping East Road, Section 1
Taipei 10609, Taiwan R. O. C.
Tel: +886 2 2391 4280
Fax: +886 2 2322 2676
Email: winjoin@ms12.hinet.net