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Team Name: The Asthmatics

Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 Rebecca Browner Vincent Soo Emily Shin Laura Walker Jessica Li Lawrence Duong

Role Team Leader Photographer Marathoner Environmentalist Physician Observer

Contact 0401 986 170 0435 412 440 0406 333 107 0406 146 938 0429 494 339 0415 721 000

Team Procedures 1. Day, time, and location of team members for Everest 2: Day: Monday Time: 12pm 2pm Location: Red Centre Computer Lab 2. Preferred method of communication before and during Everest 2 (i.e., e-mail, mobile, chat function, face-to-face in a specified location). A. Before the climb Facebook/Mobile Phone B. During the climb Face-To-Face C. After the climb Facebook/Mobile Phone

3. Team goal for Everest 2: Maximise team percentage of goals achieved


Everest Simulation 2 Team Contract

Establish better communication

4. Decision-making policy (By consensus? By majority vote? By team leader?): After thorough discussion (and possibly conflict) we will reach a vote or consensus if necessary Team Participation 1. How will we resolve conflict? Initially, discuss the issue thoroughly Sought whats to lose and whats to gain Proceed with decision making outlined in (4)

2. Strategies for encouraging/including ideas and debate from all team members : Individually question each member at each stage If a point of interest is brought up, begin the decision-making policy

3. Strategies for achieving our goal: Flexibility 4. Preferences for leadership (team leader only, shared leadership): Shared leadership Personal Accountability 1. Expected individual attendance, punctuality, and participation at Everest 2: Expecting that all members to be present, punctual and strong participation 2. What are the consequences for lack of engagement in Everest 2? Failure to complete the simulation