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Centre for Electronic Media School of Media and Communication Pondicherry University

All the first year students have to prepare their Shooting script properly, consult with your Guide before Shooting and get prior approval from 18.01.2012 to 20.01.2012. You have to prepare your Multi-camera production script according to Online Editing and in the pre production work prepare the beginning and end title before the shooting and you have to insert the titles in the shooting itself. In case of inserting video clips, images and sound prepare well in advance, it has to be inserted in the online editing only. If it is necessary only you have to use offline editing to correct the shots and other technical problems. Important: Without fail you have to give Cast and Credit to every person actually involved in the production, and particularly you have to give credit to the Media centre Professionals. Note: Never plan a Multi-camera production which may heavily depends on offline editing, which is against the idea of procedure of purpose of Multi-camera Production. Select yours above the line and below the line persons and give clear instructions to them. Before the shooting always consult with the Media Production technical persons and request them to give ideas for your production, because each productions is unique. The student producers have to arrange the performers or talents and give a brief idea about the Multicamera shooting. Doing a rehearsal before the real shooting is necessary for the coordination of talents and technicians. Set-design, Makeup, costume, light design should be decided and executed properly. Distribute your shooting script and Command Card to your crew and explain them properly in a Preproduction Meeting before the commencement of real shooting without fail. Each participant has to do their work when necessary they can give suggestion to the producer. The producer is the commander of the production; he has to distribute the duties above the line and below the line workers. He has to coordinate the talents, and designers. The Set design, lighting design, Audio design, Costume and makeup, etc are preplanned and executed accordingly. Never forget: after the shooting you have to take enough close-ups for Post-production cleanup work. Important: After the production all the persons involved in the production have to pack-up all the items and clear the Shooting Floor and Program Control Room (PCR) to facilitate next production.


PROJECT SUBMISSION GUIDE LINE Part I Submit a DVD Video (Write Name of the Production and Producer on top of DVD + Register Number) along with your production script (see Part II). Content of the DVD: 1. Final output of your Multi-camera Production, 2. Multi-camera Exercise. Part II PRODUCTION SCRIPT Paper size A4, Spiral Bound Front page: Name of the Production on the top and Producer Name and Register Number in the centre, below Centre for Electronic Media, School of Media and Communication, Pondicherry University. Page 1: Certificate: This project----------------submitted in the partial fulfillment of the course of M.Sc., Electronic Media subject Project 2 Multi-camera Production. Student and guide signature in the bottom of the page with Date and Place. Page 2: Production objective Page 3: Cast and Crew list Page 4 to x: Multi camera Production Script Page x: Set and Light Design Page x: Costume and Makeup Page x: Camera position Page x: Software and Hardware List Page x: Conclusion

Prepared By: Balasaravanana T.