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Circulophile News

April 2012 Volume 12 Number 3

This months special article is on the manufacturer RH Nuttall of Nechells Green in Birmingham, a family firm established since 1895 and specializing in the following washer types:
Fibre Washers ~ PTFE Washers ~ Neoprene Washers ~ Nylon Washers ~Silicone Washers ~ Felt Washers ~ Viton Washers ~ Rubber Washers Typical materials that they manufacture their range of washers from include PTFE washers, vulcanised fibre washers, leather washers, polythene washers, rubber washers, EPDM washers, foam washers, silicone washer, Novus washers, viton washer, neoprene washer, non asbestos washers, felt washer, nitrile washers, presspahn washers, nylon washers, cork washers, HDPE washers, self adhesive backed sponge washers, Klingersil washers, Novus washers, and acetal washers to name just a few. Washers are generally used for sealing, spacing and distributing the weight of a threaded fastener. Washers can be manufactured to a high degree of accuracy in almost all non-metallic materials. Also sometimes referred to as spacers, packers or buffers, washers provide numerous fastening solutions to various industrial sectors. Traditionally used within the plumbing industry, washers have since been used not only to solve leakage problems by creating a seal, but more commonly in preventing abrasion and corrosion in construction, lighting, electrical and architectural industries. Buffers are becoming increasingly more popular with aiding in shock absorption and anti vibration applications; whilst spacers and packers are being used in between glass and metal to help prevent chaffing and spread weight distribution evenly. RH Nuttall Limited has over six thousand individual tool sizes available. New tooling can also be made on request so you make gind non standard washer which have been bespoken for specific uses.

Not only do RH Nuttall Limited produce numerous standard sizes of washer, but they also manufacture a vast array of unique washers with splines, shaped or notched insides, and/or outsides. Material thicknesses generally range from 0.2mm up to 12mm. Washers can also be supplied to suit standard M5, M10, M12, M20 bolts or screws. Standard ranges of BSP washers are also readily available. They frequently run one off requirements in conjunction with multi thousand production runs. Furthermore, with our low minimum charge and large material range. Many of their commonly used materials can be stained for aesthetic or identification purposes. Furthermore, fibre washers can be waxed and non asbestos materials such as Klingersil or Novus can have graphite powder applied. So the variety is endless and you may find an extremely rare washer made in a run as small as 100 for a specific purpose. Materials can be self adhesive backed with a variety of different acrylic tapes, or even laminated to form composites if required. Certain washers, depending on the base material, can be provided as kiss- cut parts. These are adhesive backed washers that are produced on a roll of release paper with the external scrap removed, leaving the washer to be easily peeled away with the adhesive backing still attached to the washer. As removing the paper from adhesive backed parts can cause problems on the assembly line, ask us today to kiss-cut your parts instead. The action of separating the part from its backing is several times faster than the conventional method. The complete un peeled sheets are much sought after, particularly the early 1960s felt washer made for Hoover vacuum cleaners in 5/8 inch and 7/8 inch in green felt.

Metric Washer Sizes Manufactured by RH Nuttall

Please find below a detailed list of standard metric plain washer sizes to BS4320 - 1968. These washers are typical sizes manufactured by the company to accommodate standard bolts and threads. Please be aware that they can also manufacture bespoke sizes to incorporate larger outside dimensions if needed and you may find washer as large as 8 inches across which were made in the 1970s for Cunard. Washers can be found in any non-metallic material to these sizes including rubber washers, PTFE washers, nylon washers and many more.

Standard metric washer sizes available.


Washer Diameter

Washer Thickness Thinness MaximumMinimum 0.9-0.7 1.1-0.9 1.45-1.05 1.8-1.4 2.2-1.8 2.2-1.8 2.7-2.3 2.7-2.3 3.3-2.7

Size M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 M16 M20 M24 M30 M36

Internal External Thickness Maximum- Maximum- MaximumMinimum Minimum Minimum 3.4-3.2 4.5-4.3 5.5-5.3 6.7-6.2 8.7-8.4 10.9-10.5 13.4-13.0 17.4-17.0 21.5-21.0 25.5-25.0 31.6-31.0 37.6-37.0 7.0-6.7 9.0-8.7 10.0-9.7 12.5-12.1 17.0-16.6 21.0-20.5 24.0-23.5 30.0-29.5 37.0-36.2 44.0-43.2 56.0-55.0 66.0-65.0 0.6-0.4 0.9-0.7 1.1-0.9 1.8-1.3 1.8-1.4 2.2-1.8 2.7-2.3 3.3-2.7 3.3-2.7 4.3-3.7 4.3-3.7 5.6-4.4

Washers - Plain Washers Metric Sizes

Meantime, dont forget that we need your contributions for Junes special feature on Honda and Kawasaki retro shim collections lots of collection shots and text please!

Grommets Ltd support Circulophiles and are always willing to try and identify rubber washers, plugs and bungs for enthusiasts. Email a photo to enquire

Featured Partner Company, Grommets Ltd

Established in 1995, Grommets Ltd is a rubber moulding manufacturing company based in Henfield, West Sussex with easy access to Brighton, Gatwick Airport and the M25 corridor. They manufacture and stock high quality rubber products producing a wide range of standard catalogue items and custom made parts. The Managing Director, is an enthusiastic Circulophile with a specialism in rubber goods.

Joanne Boorsma

Joanne is one of our few female members but is none the less an expert in her field. Their manufacturing facility produces, finishes and supplies high quality products to the engineering, motor, aircraft and electronic industries with "Just in time" parts for their production lines. They also supply all other areas of industry with small or large order quantities supplied from their extensive stock range. Their stock range includes standard Rubber Grommets; Plugs; Bungs; Feet; Washers; Ferrules; Grips; Cable Sleeves; Cord Rings; Edging Strip; Discs and Custom Parts; plus Open; Blind and Semi Blind PVC Grommets.

Click here for the Grommets Ltd Community page


Rubber dollies ready for pressing into grommets contact Grommets Ltd direct for one of their celebrated factory tours with Joanne.

Letter of the month

Dear Editor I recently joined the Circulophiles, having just begun my collection. What advice would you give a complete beginner? Thanks Dave P Surrey

Editor: Welcome to our ranks! I think there is such a wide field when first you begin to look at washers, shims, grommets, bungs, gaskets and other spacers that I would advise you to think about specialising from the very beginning. Make sure that you have a good micrometer and a secure means of storage and then you can get started. There are technical issues to get to grips with, such as the difference between a clockwise and anti-clockwise flange, and the various kinds of centre hole such as the undercut, over cut or straight cut. We publish a handy guide which you may find useful. Contact me at editor@circulophilenews.co.uk and I will email you a copy. Choosing an area to specialise in can be tricky, but rewarding. You could do worse than ask advice from Joanne from Grommets Ltd, as she has encyclopaedic knowledge of a field in which there are few collectors. Good luck and good collecting. John

Involving your Family

Lets be honest, most of we Circulophiles find that our families dont really understand the thrill of picking up a 1967 undercut 5/8ths locking ring. So if we can find ways of involving them in our interest that might make for a more peaceful life and some shared interests. We have found a number of people who use washers in art and jewellery which might help you find something to soften the views of your loved ones.

Here is our list of interesting sites.

Steam punk jewellery using washers and sparkly items http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/handbeaded-steampunk-crystalpearls-etc.-fashion-necklace-on-etsy

Rusty washers imprinted with print and other jewellery


Washers as Christmas decorations


Hopefully this gives you some ideas, and you can find lots more on the net. Just dont let them make jewellery with your rarest stainless Lockheed aircraft shims.

Letters, photos and articles by email please to John Pilkington Email: editor@circulophilenews.co.uk Remember this is your newsletter, lets hear about some of those fantastic collections that we can usually only glimpse. If anyone is interested in setting up a regular meet in their area, please email the Events Secretary, Stephen Grigg on events@circulophiles.co.uk Next month there will be a meeting at the Fat Cat Pub in Norwich on 18th May at 7.30 pm bring along your swaps, your stories and your albums for us to drool over. www.fatcatpub.co.uk Check the website for directions.