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I have since realized that no word is totally negative, rather it depends on its
usage and the root cause of action. For example jealousy is a terrible act. It has
led some people to jail, it has destroyed families. Many of us are aware of the
different negative consequences of jealousy. Yet the Bible says our God is a
jealous God. In fact, God can be jealous over His people. If jealousy will make
you a better wife, husband, child etc, then, it is good. Another interesting
example is anger. How many people do you know that anger has turned into loners?
Your guess is as good as mine; many. Yet God permit for us to get angry, meaning,
anger is inevitable in this life. But God said, in your anger don’t sin. As long
as you don’t sin in your anger you are not out of course. Another example is the
word, chastise; to chastise is to rebuke strongly. I have never seen anyone who
enjoys rebuke and for most times, we always feel forlorn after every rebuke. Yet,
the bible says God rebukes (chastise) those He loves. So, a rebuke done with or
for love is right even though it may make feel bad. Another word is hate. It is a
very strong word, in fact it is considered in human for a fellow man to say he
hates another. We have been told to use the word dislike rather than hate. But the
bible encourages us to hate sin (whatever is contrary to the ordinances of God is
a sin). Simply put, every act of disobedience to the word or the direction of God
is a sin- so you may not have committed adultery, but do you pray regularly? God
says pray without ceasing; from God point of view, you have sinned. All that loves
righteousness ‘must hate’ sin (this gives the type of aversion we are meant to
have against sin)

In our daily usage, the statements like; love you like crazy, madly in love, ran
like mad, crazy for you, lost without you, if loving you is wrong, I don’t want to
be right etc. All these and more have been generally accepted for the right
expressions of feelings even though in themselves, they connote negative feelings.

There are so many other supposedly negative words which have right usage. On the
other hand, some ‘positive words’ could have negative connotations in usage. For
example, love. Even though, apart from the bible, the definition of the word
varies with people, it is a generally accepted word for the expression of self;
either selfish or sincere. Once you hear the word love, there is a sense of
attachment or desire. But the bible say love not the world (either selfish or
sincere love). We as believers (in case you are not, you may as well ask Jesus to
come into your life right now! That’s right! If you have, then you may read on)
are not meant to have any affinity for the way the world operate. We are supposed
to at all times seek and live by the way God operates (that is what we call the
kingdom of God) Notice, by the reason of your salvation, Christ has come to dwell
in you; hence the kingdom is in you. You cease to be of this world anymore, you
belong to the God’s Kingdom. In case you don’t know, by the reason of your
salvation, you are now an ambassador for Christ; so it is the constitution of
heaven that governs your life, you have been translated. Tell me, have you ever
seen the ambassador of any of the countries represented here been moved by our
policies? No! Rather, whatever policy the government of the nation makes, the
ambassador speaks for his nation and states their agreement or otherwise. Notice,
the ambassador is not here to speak his mind, but the mind of the nation that sent
him: Likewise you, you are no more meant to love the world and its affections.
Even though what the world may be saying may appeal to your reasoning, God did not
put you here as His representative to speak your mind. Rather you should speak the
mind of God and act in accordance to the standing of the Kingdom you represent.
So, to love not the world is not an option, it is a commandment.

I have gone this far to make you see the way God interprets His word in other to
conclude the ‘rightness’ or ‘wrongness’ of your act. That is why the holy book
says, ‘my ways are not your ways neither your thoughts my thought’. So, your way
is only right if it is done according to God’s ordinance. Meaning, every good
intentions are not God’s intentions. Your intentions are only godly if they line
up with Gods, even though man may see your act as wrong or right. In the same
vein, your thoughts are only good if you are thinking the word of God. For
example, if someone did you evil, and you start to think evil of the person, you
have sinned from Gods point of view. Because He said we should not think evil of
our fellow being, neither should we pay evil for evil.

The message title talks about the bite of a bulldog. Generally, dogs are
domesticated animals, used as pets and some serve for security and other various
usage. The bull dog is a peculiar dog; it is a sturdy, powerful and courageous
type of dog with a large head and a short thick neck. Notice the peculiarity, in
fact, it is a dangerous dog and because of this, it is gradually being faced out
as a domestic dog. If you are as inquisitive as I am, you will be asking why? For
one, the bulldog is not the best example of a beautiful dog, it compared to other
dog in its old age is like a puppy. But what it doesn’t have for beauty and
height, it has for strength and tenacity. Looking at it from a distance, it’s
harmless and vulnerable; it is not the playing type neither is it the barking
type. It may be described as stoic. To see it express itself as courageous and
powerful is when it is confronted. Though it is not troublesome, it is not
fearful. When a bulldog is provoked, and confronted, it does not run from its
assailant, rather it runs to the assailant. When it approaches its attacker, what
it seeks at that time is a bite (you may want to say, every dog bites when
provoked. You are right, but the bulldog’s bite is different). Once it latches on
the assailant, it never lets go even if its owner ask it to stop. (That’s the
difference) The only intention in the mind of a bulldog when it takes a bite is to
cut it off. It will hold on tenaciously on its prey and no entreaty or threat will
cause it to let go. Even if it is killed in the course of the bite, it will hold
to the bite even in death. It is in its ferocious fight that we see its quality.
So whenever you see a bulldog, be careful you are not deceived by its size and

The description of the bulldog though dangerous has its positive side. Summarily,
we can simply say it is tenacious, it believes in finishing what it starts, it is
not troublesome yet not fearful, it is bold and strong yet gentle and finally its
appearance and size does not determine its strength.

Ladies and Gentlemen: These are somewhat the attributes of a child of God filled
with the Holy Spirit (baring repetition, you may want to go through these
qualities again). But for the purpose of this discuss I will like to pick on one
of these attributes and that’s its tenacity: To be tenacious means; keeping a firm
hold on…, principles, life etc; be resolute, (of memory) retentive; not forgetting
things, to be determined to do something and unwilling to stop trying even when
the situation becomes difficult.

Now, relating these various meanings to you child of God: The bible says, ‘the
just shall live by faith’. Meaning, faith is a lifestyle and not just what we
practice or try. So, every believer is meant to keep a firm hold on the principle
of the word of God for in it is life. If you are only trying faith (by that I mean
using your faith when you have need and living as you please when all is well),
you are not tenacious. If you get easily discouraged by the pressures of life that
you start doubting the promises of God, you are a weakling, and you are not
resolute, in fact, you are a coward and most likely you will not receive anything
of God; that is not to say you cannot work it out yourself.
To be tenacious is not to forget the promises of God concerning you. In spite of
the several blows that the devil throws at you, you must always put before you
what God said about you for therein is your strength to go on. Once you forget
God’s words your grip of hope will be loose and you will lose your faith and give
in to fear; believing the lies of the devil.
Finally, a tenacious believer is determined to stay put on the promises of God
irrespective of the difficulties that might be on his way. He will speak like one
of the Apostles saying, though I suffer these contradictions of life, I am not
ashamed for I know the God I believed that He is faithful to His promises. I don’t
remember Him failing those who believe on Him, why should you be first?

My brethren, your faith in God and His promises (His words) should be like the
bite of a bulldog. Refuse to let go. Be like the men in the hall of faith who even
though died, but had the testimony that they believed God. Like the bulldog, it’s
not about your size, your height, your beauty, your sex, your location, your
background, your situation, your gentility or your brashness. Rather it’s about
your rugged determination that is impossible for God to tell lies, that what He
had started with you, He is able to finish. Since God fulfills His pledges, you
may as well be tenacious with the grip hold of your faith in Him knowing fully
well that you shall surely laugh last. So, bite on like the bulldog you are and
never let go.

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