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Why Most Americans DO NOT Support Our Troops by Dale Willis (foodoffensive.com), reporting for infowars.


I know what you are thinking: "Of course most Americans support the troops, just look at all of those bumper stickers and ribbons on their cars!" Well, we do... And we don't. We have come to believe in this county that if you slap a bumper sticker or yellow ribbon on your car or send a care package oversees that you have supported the troops. After all, doesnt the sound of someone saying God Bless Our Troops make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? For the last year, I cannot see or hear about some sort of support the troops paraphernalia without thinking about the points I am going to display in this article. Let me preface this by saying that I, myself, have never been in the military. But, I have family members and friends that have been and are currently serving in the military. Most recently, one that retired after serving in Iraq and currently one member that is being deployed to Afghanistan bringing her total tours to 4! I have also known a number of friends and former high school classmates that have died serving this country in the current wars in which we are engaged. I have great respect for those that have sacrificed their time, and some their lives, to serve this country. But, I just dont think hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis and thousands of Americans has made me any freer. Since 9/11, we have been sold on the idea that anyone that is from the Middle East could be a terrorist, and more recently we are being introduced to domestic terrorists. The following are my top five reasons why the American citizens do not support the troops. I am not saying that most of us actually carry out these atrocities. But, in a way, we are guilty of these crimes by allowing it to happen (with our tax dollars and willful ignorance) to our sacrificial, hardworking men and women in the armed forces:

1) Allowing our troops to be deployed on Multiple Tours The increase in suicides and murderous rampages are evidence of our troops being used up by (and at no cost to) Washington. The United States Armys own study reveals, a higher rate of soldiers are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after their second deployment 2) Allowing the death benefits of our troops to be stolen This was through a deal signed in 1995 with the D.O.D. and insurance companies. Thats right, according to an article titled Insurance Companies Shamelessly Profit at the Expense of the Family Members of Deceased Military Personnel, on October 7, 2010 by Patrick J. McLain, Military Law

Attorney: Prudential Financial Inc. is a government contractor handling term life insurance policies for military personnel; it is called Servicemember Group Life Insurance (SGLI). When service members die, though, the company does not pay the benefits to the intended beneficiaries of the policy. Instead, this insurance company pays these widows, their children, or these parents in a manner that appears to be both deceptive and greedy. And Though the survivors receive a small amount of interest on the accounts, it is only a fraction of the interest that Prudential earns. For example, the policy beneficiaries might be given a one half percent annual interest rate, while Prudentials corporate account earns nearly five percent. The difference provides for significant profits for the insurance company, money that could go to the surviving family members, if they were properly informed of this scam. Call me crazy, but we should honor those that have fought and died for this country, not steal from them (whether you agree with the wars or not). 3) Allowing our troops and enemies to be exposed to Depleted Uranium There is extensive evidence of the numerous health effects from the U.S. Militarys use of depleted uranium in past and present wars. Dr. Doug Rokke, the preeminent expert on depleted uranium, also suffers directly from the consequences of this perfect dirty bomb in military actions. There is too much information on this subject to get into in this article. There is a great documentary called Beyond Treason that describes this form of weapon system. Also, if you do a search on the deformities caused by depleted uranium in Iraq and Afghanistan (warning: extremely graphic), you will see why I point this out as a reason I believe the American people do not support the troops. The use of this illegal weapon is just one atrocity that is being done in our name. It equals a death sentence to all of those exposed (on both sides). While at the same time, all we do is send our military personnel care packages and put stickers on our cars that say Support The Troops, Pray For Our Troops, God Bless Our Troops, etc.

4) Allowing experimental vaccines and mind-altering prescription drugs be administered to our troops Because of the first point I made in this article, our troops in

Afghanistan have increasingly been prescribed drugs to help cope with the affects of multiple tours and war, in general. Our troops are being sent out with up to 180 days worth of psychotropic drugs. How do we know that they are not trading these big pharma prescribed drugs with other soldiers, creating a cocktail of drug abuse? In addition to using drugs as a solution, the government tests unapproved drugs and vaccines on our troops. Thats right, they are used as guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical industry. On top of that, generals of the U.S. Military have stakes in some of these vaccine manufacturers. Some of the vaccine experimentation that is done on our troops, at least those declassified from the past, were part of late-stage bioweapons testing called Project Shad. If this is admitted from the 1960s, then what are they doing to our troops today in secret? To our government, the troops are expendable. They are being used up in more ways than just being put on the front lines of a war. This is truly disgusting and if anyone really supported our troops then they would speak out about this. 5) Paying a record number of Taxes to support the $2 Trillion+ defense budget Regardless of what Washington would like you to believe, our military defense budget is way more than we have been told and would want to pay. Estimates put it at a little over $1 Trillion, but with off the books spending and the great likelihood of another set of books, this easily puts the actually spending well over $2 Trillion! We are sending our men and women in the armed forces to their death with OUR money, leaving their blood and millions of innocent Iraqis and Afghanistanis on our hands! Unfortunately, we cant get away with just not paying our taxes in protest of this like many have tried. Just ask Cindy Sheehan, a peace activist that has not paid the IRS since her son was killed in Iraq in 2004. But, we can sure fight to change leadership by electing someone like Ron Paul. Without this much money allocated for defense spending, and a federal reserve to print unlimited trillions to give to offshore bankers, it is a little harder for our us to get into these endless, illegal, and unapproved wars. Voting in, and allowing government officials to stay in office despite blatant warmongering and false flag terror attacks, as a pretext to get us into war is not a good way to support the troops. Our politicians must think the best defense is a good offense! Accepting anything that comes wrapped in an American flag as good and patriotic is also not acceptable.

If Americans really supported the troops, we would stop spending an average of 35 hours per week watching TV shows like game/reality shows and sports and begin researching and becoming involved politically. Our addiction to entertainment is a form of modern day bread and circus. The amount of danger to which we expose our youth in the name of freedom and fighting terror is unnecessary. If the average American citizen would look into what is really going on, the landscape of war in the world would look much different. Instead, we listen to President George W. Bush say after 9/11, You are either with us or with the terrorists. So we say, well, I guess we better go get Al Qaeda! If we were after Bin Laden and he is supposedly dead, then lets bring the troops home instead of trying to start more trouble in other countries. America, even if you believe in the terror threat that our government and main stream media describes, you cannot deny (especially after researching the points I have laid out in this article) that we have done and are continuing to do our troops a great disservice by allowing the current politics of war to continue. Each day we put thousands of Americans at risk, using our tax dollars, for a threat that doesnt really exist. I am calling all that read this article to break your trance, break your conditioning, and take fight in this infowar for true freedom and liberty in this country!

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