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FINAL EXAM IN PSYCHOLOGY 101 NAME: ________________________________________ Direction: 1.

SCORE: __________

Choose the correct answer. Write the letter on the space provided. It is the study of animal and human behaviour and mental processes. a. Sociology c. Anthropology b. Psychology d. Social Sciences An approach used in the School of Thought that pertains to analysis of personal/subjective experiences. a. Phenomological c. Psychodynamic b. Cognitive d. Humanistic It involves recording ones own feelings and experiences and later interprets them. a. Observation c. Experimentation b. Survey tool d. Introspection Field of Psychology that deals with the etiology or cause of personality defects. a. Counseling Psychology c. Clinical Psychology b. Abnormal Psycohlog d. Social Psychology The field of Psychology that deals with the application of the principles of human behaviour to law or any legal proceedings. a. Foreign Psychology c. Community Psychology b. Industrial Psychology d. Social Psychology He postulated a sharp division between the mind and the physical world. a. Francis Bacon c. William Shakespeare b. Rene Descartes d. Gustav Fechner A tool used in Psychological research which include written questionnaire or interviews to obtain data from a large group particularly that group which will constitute a representative sample. a. Experimentation c. Statistical Tool b. Survey Tool d. Psychomatic Tools Which explains our ability to see a shape even when part of its outline is missing? a. Illusion c. Closure b. Proximity d. Change Which explains why we tend to group items that are close together? a. Closure c. Similarity b. Common Fate d. Contrast Mentally groupings items by color, texture size or shape is an example of? a. Proximity c. Similarity b. Color d. Contrast











We naturally group objects because... a. We are bored b. The mind tries to make order of what it sees c. Similarity overrides proximity d. We are building a network of knowledge Kevin uses his TV remote control to search back and forth between two programs; he will miss parts of each program. However, he may not really notice that he is able to guess what he missed from the parts he has seen. This situation pertains to ... a. Closure c. Proximity b. Good Continuation d. Similarity Reflects learning, expectations and ways we organize information about the world _____. a. Transduction c. Perception b. Sensation d. All of these Poks has been dating Marjoy for the past 8 months and has been grown familiar to the scent of her favourite perfume. After their break-up, Poks was walking through a store, minding his own business, when a woman passed who was wearing the same perfume. Instantly, Poks turned out and started looking for his lost love. In this example, what is the conditioned stimulus? a. Stranger woman in the store b. Scent of Perfume c. Poks looking for his lost love d. Marjoy Alaiza can prophesize what will happen in the future. Alaiza has ... a. Telepathy c. Clairvoyance b. Precognition d. Telekinesis These fibers carry signals from the cell body out to where communication occurs with other nerve cells. a. Axons c. Cell Body b. Dendrites d. Synapses This is the center of the system of control in the bodies of man and higher animals. a. Brains c. Hypothalamus b. Brain Stem d. Kidney These glands have two pairs of small glands at the posterior or back portion of the thyroid, these gland are called? a. Adrenal Glands c. Parathyroid Glands b. Sex Glands d. Islet of Langerhans A group of neurons that occupies a portion of the hindbrains and midbrain and serves as arousal system. a. Hindbrain c. Pons Varoli b. Medulla d. Cerebellum










This condition is a result of undersecretion of glycogens. a. Hyperglycaemia c. Addisons Disease b. Diabetes Insipides d. Alzaimers Disease A female hormone, also called pregnancy hormone: a. Testosterone c. Hypoglycemia b. Oxytocin d. Progesterone Piagetian stage characterize by the development of logical operations for seriation, classification and conservation. Thinking is tied to real events and objects. a. Concrete Operation c. Pre Operation b. Formal Operation d. Sensory motor Alaiza has learned to feed herself with a spoon. When her mother gives her a fork, she immediately begins to feed herself. Alaiza has ______ the fork into her schema for utensils. a. Accommodated c. Assimilated b. Appropriated d. Initiated John Paul decides to return the wallet he found in the canteen because he believes it is right thing to do. This situation pertains to what stage of moral development? a. Universal Principle c. Law and Order b. Social Contract d. Social Approval To learn by observation, an organism must be able to reproduce the action that is being observed. This concept is known as _______. a. Rehearsal c. Latent Learning b. Replicating d. Imitation The classic, though controversial, experiment of little Albert was used to show that ______ can be conditioned in human beings. a. Fear c. Pain b. Hunger d. Sorrow Edward Tolman demonstrated that rats would learn to complete a maze in a shorter period of time, but only when they had an incentive to do so. This is known as _______ learning. a. Conditioned c. Motivated b. Associated d. Latent A students ability to find his way to his classroom even though his usual route is blocked illustrates his use of: a. Observational Leaning c. Operant Mapping b. Cognitive Maps d. Reinforcement Which of the following is an example of a conditional stimulus? a. Ringing Bell c. A Food Pellet b. A Loud Noise d. An Electric Shock










30. a. b. c. d. 31.

Rosally is 8 days old after birth. Rosally is an Infant Rosally is a Baby Rosally is a Child Rosally is a Pubescent

This stage occurs at the dividing time between childhood and adolescence. a. Prepubescent Stage c. Post pubescent Stage b. Pubescent Stage d. Childhood Stage Eleazar can put on his shirt without the help of his mother. Eleazar is in his Early Childhood. Eleazar is a Good Boy Eleazar is Responsible Eleazar is a Baby

32. a. b. c. d. 33.

Jezebel is not allowed to perform a task which she is capable of doing. She is ______. a. Overprotected c. Abused b. Much Loved d. Punished

34. Dancel is an overprotective mother. If Dancel is an overprotective mom she will have an offspring who are? a. Shy and Withdrawn b. Submissive and compliant with their mother c. Afraid to initiate activities d. Disobedient, Impudent and Excessively demanding 35. Kiko let Wency copy during their test in Assessment III because Wency agreed to let him copy during their Psychology test. This situation pertains to ___________. a. Punishment/Obedience c. Mutual Benefits b. Law and Order d. Social Contract 36. Rizas mother has two crackers, both of equal size. She breaks one of the crackers up into four. Riza says she wants the one with the most and immediately chooses the four pieces, even though the two amounts are equal. This shows the concept of ... a. Conservation c. Contraction b. Egocentrism d. Irreversibility 37. Adrian wears his ID inside the campus because he likes to follow the school rules and regulations. a. Social Approval c. Mutual Benefits b. Universal Principal d. Law and Order 38. The adult unzips the zipper an inch and then holds the lunch bag still so that the child can continue to unzip the lunch bag. This is an example of? a. Private Speech c. ZAP b. ZAD d. Scaffolding

39. Bernard can understand that 2+3=5, but cannot understand that 5-3=2. Bernard is at the stage of ________. a. Sensory motor c. Concrete-Operational Stage b. Preoperational Stage d. Formal- Operational Stage 40.