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Jane H.

Buckingham 2013



Country of Frozen Time

Knight Caterino
Dmitrii Suslin

Translated from Russian


Jane H. Buckingham

Translation edited by
Elizabeth King, Shona Brandt,
and Dmitrii Suslin

Jane H. Buckingham 2013


Titles in the Series

Knight Caterino
Prince of the White Tower
Christian Thirteen

Jane H. Buckingham 2013



In a far away country (I have never managed to find it on any map) is a big and
beautiful city. It sits on an enormous hill and is visible from afar. High thick walls
surround it on all sides and one can enter or leave the city only through the gates
protected by armed guards. There are many houses in the city and life is buzzing on its
streets. People come here from all over the country in order to sell or to buy something.
Certainly, the city cannot manage without travellers; they want to see, in their opinion,
the largest city in the world. We know, though, that in the world there are cities
considerably bigger. This, however, is not in question. The people of the city which I am
telling you about consider that there is only one country in the world, the one in which
they live. A few rebellious principalities on its outskirts are persistently unwilling to
become subjects of this great country.
The city stands on the hill and its cobble-stoned streets either lead up or run down.
Most of the people live below, near the city gates, and the houses are poorly constructed.
Here boisterous merriment reigns. It sometimes seems that it is an eternal fair and show
here. Even the soldiers here are always happy, talkative, and love to enjoy themselves
very much. The merriment, however, begins to quiet down several blocks above. The
houses are more solid and luxurious. These citizens slam their heavy doors in an
unfriendly way and cast haughty looks at the merriment on the streets below.
Prosperous townsfolk live here. They keep many servants and ride in expensive coaches.
The more splendid the coach, the more horses harnessed to it, and the richer and more
notable its owner. The moneybags love to brag about their status to each other. They do
not like to walk, however, and only ride in their coaches, hence all of them are either
very fat or very thin. The people on the lower streets, when no police officers are beside
them, laugh at the rich on the sly.

After passing the rich blocks, one can see a beautiful fairy-tale park surrounded by
patterned iron railings and watched by guards with halberds. The richest townspeople
with special passes enter the park through the gate and stroll along white sandy paths
past fountains and ponds where snow-white swans swim. Everywhere grow carefully
pruned trees and bushes and very many flowers. The noise of the merriment from the
lower streets does not reach here.
In the depth of the park looms a gloomy palace, or more precisely, a castle, because
it has too few windows for a palace. Here reigns complete despondency. Courtiers and
grim guards in iron armours walk along the enormous gloomy halls. No one laughs and
everyone talks only in a whisper. A tower stands on the highest part of the hill and one
can see almost the whole country from it dense forests, deep rivers, cities and knightly
castles, large villages and lonely cabins, and quite far away, the huge bulk of a mountain
with its snowy peaks resting against the sky. Sometimes tiny glimpses of fire are visible
there at night when a dragon takes off on a hunt.

Long, long ago the great architect Walter built this tower from blocks of white
marble and covered the roof with a thin layer of gold. The beauty of the tower amazes
everybody. Walter died and a conflict immediately started around his creation. One
prince took possession of the tower. He added his castle to the tower but this made his
castle look like a deformed dwarf standing up next to a beautiful princess in a wedding
dress. Later the tower and the castle frequently changed owners. Haughty barons and
good fairies lived here. Even the elf king took up residence once. He surrounded the
castle with a magnificent park. Five hundred years ago, after the elf kings time, a city
began to grow here.
The Sovereign appeared next. No one knew from where he came. This person turned
out to be omnipotent. He subdued the dragons. None of the knights could oppose him

and the wars, which had continued for almost a thousand years, ended. The Sovereign
established strict laws and began to rule over the entire country.
The Sovereign settled in Walters tower alone, almost in seclusion. Only several loyal
servants and guards were there with him. The courtiers who lived in the castle were
rarely allowed into the tower. The Sovereign lived in the highest part of the tower, where
he could keep an eye on everything that was happening in his realm.
The people gazed at the tower with fear and respect and called it the White Tower.
Once on a bright summer day the Sovereign was sitting regally on the throne in the
main hall of the White Tower. He was very old and decrepit. His hands gripped a heavy
staff with an eagle carved from dragon bone topping the gold knob. A magnificent crown
was resting on the Sovereigns head.
The Sovereign was gloomy and sullen this day; he was usually this way and he never
smiled. On this day, the Sovereign was particularly out of sorts. The bright sun in the
blue sky among the carefree clouds spoiled the Sovereigns mood even more: he
preferred the dusk and the coolness of rain. In this country, however, it rained very
Send for my First Minister Gargulio! ordered the Sovereign. Gargulio, a portly
squab with shifty eyes, then appeared before the stern gaze of the Sovereign. Gargulio
was extremely uneasy because his lord had not summoned him for three whole years.
What does the great Sovereign want to say to his loyal servant? Gargulio asked in a
trembling voice. The First Minister tried not to show how tired he was when he hurried
to appear before his lord. On the contrary, he was all lit up with pride that the Sovereign
had remembered him.
Listen, Gargulio, the Sovereign began gravely, Ive become quite old. What do
you mean you are old?! exclaimed the First Minister. Dont interrupt! the Sovereign
became furious. Ill be a thousand soon. That means I must die. For five hundred years
I have ruled the country, the people, and other creatures that settled on this land. Now
the end for me has come. Yes, the end! The Sovereign sighed and clutched the staff
even firmer with crooked fingers. The First Minister listened to him with bated breath.
But the country will not be left without a ruler! shouted the Sovereign and, after
striking the staff against the floor, had a fit of coughing right then. I will leave an heir.
Oh, great Sovereign! Gargulio yelled, having fallen onto his knees. Who indeed is the
lucky person who will take the place of so great a wizard? You dont know him.
Gargulio was dismayed there and then: in the depth of his soul, he had hoped that the
Sovereign would make him the heir. Hes still not known to anyone, continued the
Sovereign. Not even to me. He said the last two words quite quietly, only to himself,
then again spoke loudly, Listen to my order. Gargulio bent his back in a servile bow.
Exactly at midnight, the Sovereigns hoarse voice became quiet and mysterious,
go into the Garden of the Elf King and find the pond in the growth of willows. Go up to
the shore and stand next to the mermaid statue. After that youll blow this whistle three
times. The Sovereign handed a crystal whistle on a silver chain to the stunned minister
and concluded, And say to all who arrive at your call, He who owns your freedom
awaits you. Memorized? Gargulio nodded. Then go.

That night a frightened Gargulio (he was very afraid of the dark) made his way along
the park while lighting the way with a dim lantern. Finally, he found the necessary pond
and the mermaid statue. With trembling hands the butterball put the whistle to his
chubby lips, and three melodious sounds disturbed the silence of the night. The willows
began to shake their branches and the water in the pond was set in motion, as if small
fishes in it had started to dance in a ring. Gargulio even sat down in fright.

Suddenly a soft blue light lit up everything in this pitch darkness. Gargulio saw five
beautiful swans, as white as the fresh snow at New Year, gliding along the water directly
to him. The swans stopped in their tracks several steps from the man and their leader
glanced sternly, solemnly, and a little sadly at Gargulio.
On seeing that no one besides the swans had appeared, the man turned to the birds
with the words already known to us, He who owns your freedom awaits you! Having
heard this, the swans anxiously flapped their wings on the water, splashing Gargulio
with a fountain of sprays. Only the leader remained calm and majestically proud. It bent
its neck elegantly and sighed like a human.
The thunderstruck Gargulio saw the birds lifting off after taking a running start.
Having stretched out into a wedge and made a smooth circle above the water, they
soared upward to the White Tower. They very quickly became barely discernible points.
Nevertheless, Gargulio managed to make out the birds flying into the window of the
throne hall where, in all likelihood, the Sovereign was waiting for them.

The First Minister opened his mouth in amazement and looked at the crystal
whistle. The magic whistle had disappeared as if it had dissolved in the air. The blue
light had also faded and it became dark as in a cellar. After crying out in terror, Gargulio
raced as fast as he could to the park exit. The astonished guards watched as he took off
from the park as if a fire were lit under him and, whimpering from fear, jumped into the
coach which had been waiting for him for a long time. After some time Gargulio came to
his senses. It then seemed to him that he saw a flock of birds, bathed in moonlight,
flying out of the Sovereigns window to the east.
A grandpa and his two grandsons were sitting with fishing rods on the shore of the
lake and waiting for sunrise. The grandfather was smoking a very big pipe and the boys,
not moving, were watching the floats.
The sun emerged from below the horizon. It was so bright that the grandpa and the
grandsons screwed up their eyes. Then the strangest thing that could possibly happen
took place. A strong whirlpool appeared in the lake. The height of the funnel gradually
increased and it began to resemble a waterspout. Swans suddenly took off from the
exposed bottom in the middle of the lake real swans, the kind that swim in the ponds
of zoos and royal castles in Andersens fairy tales. 1 Five white swans shot up into the sky
and, after circling above the lake which had returned to its shores, flew in the direction
of the sun. When they were out of sight, peace and quiet reigned again.
Ah-h! escaped simultaneously from the boys and the grandfather. Moreover, the
old man let out so much smoke from his pipe that his grandsons coughed.

Hans Christian Andersen (1805-75), a Danish author well known for his fairy tales and childrens stories.

When the topnotch pilot, Ivan Ivanovich Speechmaker, guided his Fulcrum 2 into the
next loop, he saw something that almost blew his mind. His suddenly sweaty hands
nearly let go of the controls. In front of him at an altitude of five thousand metres flew a
flock of birds similar to large geese. The birds were flapping their wings slowly and
smoothly but the pilot Speechmaker in the speediest aircraft in the world could not
overtake them. The pilot increased his speed. He broke the sound barrier in a few
seconds and caught up with the birds. No matter how he tried, however, the pilot could
not outrun the flock of five white swans. What the devil! cursed the pilot. Suddenly it
dawned on him. But indeed this cant be. It cant be!
What had Speechmaker not seen in the sky in hundreds of flights! He had seen
flying saucers, which, after winking slyly, immediately disappeared into outer space, and
sluggish airships similar to well-fed piglets. Once he even saw an octopus in a huge glass
jar floating across the sky.
Speechmaker understood that the sky was not only for aircrafts and always reported
his sightings in detail. Each time his chief, General Barrel, exclaimed indignantly,
Listen, Speechmaker, why is it only you see such things? Neither Major Hohum nor
Colonel Insipid ever comes across anything in the clouds. But then, Captain
Speechmaker has seen everything in the sky except perhaps his own mother! The
General could not be angry with Speechmaker for long because he was the best pilot in
his squadron. However, he had not been promoted for a long time because of his
Friends laughed at Speechmaker and said, Well, brother, come on! Such tall tales
even Baron Mnchhausen3 could not tell. Maybe write a book about you? A suitable title
would be: The Wonder Tales of Captain Speechmaker. Ivan Ivanovich was very
offended by this and swore not to tell anything similar in the future. Nevertheless, after
several flights he again came across something farfetched in the sky and all began anew.
Yet, Speechmaker had never seen anything like today. The spectacle of swans flying
at supersonic speed was just too unusual and not only that! The swans began to overtake
the pride of Russian aviation the Fulcrum. Ivan Ivanovich could not stand this. The
daring and talented pilot, the hero of the riskiest flights and experiments started to cry.
He decided that he probably had gone insane and was seeing hallucinations.
The swans calmly pulled ahead without any effort and flew to the east towards the

Fulcrum is the NATO code name for the MiG-29, the fourth-generation jet fighter designed in the Soviet
Union in the 1970s and has since gone through different variants over the years.
Karl Friedrich Hieronymus, Freiherr von Mnchhausen (1720-97), known as Baron Mnchhausen in
English, was a German nobleman and raconteur of tall tales.

Chapter One

I depend on you, said Papa, when he and Mama sat down in the car. Everything
will be fine! Kate assured him. I wont take my eyes off him. This was said about her
younger brother, who was standing beside her. In answer the boy stuck his tongue out at
his sister but in such a way that their parents would not notice.
Kate, Gene. Mama looked pleadingly at the children. Swear that you wont fight.
But we already promised! the girl exclaimed impatiently. All the same, swear,
insisted Mama. Im certain that as soon as we disappear beyond the turn, youll
instantly start to fight. Okay, I swear, the girl reluctantly agreed. For some reason
Im sure that theyll live perfectly in peace and harmony without us, said Papa. Really,
just two days! Tell me, son, am I right? Of course, Papa, Ill be good. I swear! Gene
had learned to win over almost all adults with his wide smile.
Mama sighed. The time had come to say goodbye. Tears appeared in her eyes. This
was indeed the first time in her life that she had left the children alone. Papa tried to
appear calm but it was obvious that he too was worried. Finally, the farewell ritual was
over and the car, after tossing up dust on the road, disappeared beyond the turn. The
children sighed with relief. Indeed! What effort they had to put in to convince their
parents to leave home and leave them alone!
Although Mama and Papa were leaving the children alone for all of a couple of days,
they felt like criminals. It was necessary to go, however, because the matter concerned
the wellbeing of their family. In the two days, granted by the chief of Papas company,
Papa had to correct the error, because of which the business turned out to be in a
difficult position. The children never got the details but one thing was clear Papa and

Mama had to go to some settlement over fifty kilometres from the city and negotiate
with someone there. What about? The children clearly did not understand this either.
Only one thing made the children uneasy they had never been parted from their
parents (not counting summer camp for Kate), but they assured friends that it would be
awfully interesting. This is why the parents problems not only did not distress them but
also even pleased them slightly. Independence promised so many delights!
Papa and Mama, however, were torn between parental and office duties. Mama had
to go with Papa because she was his chief assistant. Indeed, many parents leave their
children alone for a day or two and nothing happens! Unfortunately, it was not the case
in this family. Kate and Gene sister and brother did not get along at all. You may
say, this cannot be! Alas, it is this way.
Kate was eleven and Gene, seven. The difference in age, however, did not prevent
them from carrying on a real war between themselves. Certainly, it was a tragedy for the
parents but they could do nothing. No matter how often they punished, scolded, tried to
persuade and urge the children, nothing helped. The children continued to fight and
bicker over every little thing. The childrens screams and tears, bruises and bumps
tormented the parents. Now they were being left alone together.
When the children had been left alone, they immediately wanted to fight again. Do
up your sandals, Kate ordered her brother. Leave me alone! he waved her off. I
wont! Kate had been appointed as the senior and she immediately felt all the charm of
authority. You promised to obey me, so do what I say!
Gene looked at his sister with hatred. He got down on his knees and began to do up
the straps slowly. He was waiting for the sisters patience to run out. It was her way to
have patience. Gene could not bear it and groaned, Help me. This was a clever
manoeuvre, but Kate guessed her brothers intention. She wanted to give him a good
kick but kept herself in control and fastened the ill-fated clasps.
This time Gene and Kate did not fight. They did not fight for two more hours. When
they got home, both started to be busy with their own things. Kate started to read a book
about the adventures of a girl Alice, and Gene scattered his toys all over the room and
set up a battle between the beasts and the dolls. He purposely tried to play noisily in
order to bother his sister, but she did not pay him any attention because she was
captivated by the space adventures of the girl from the future.
Read aloud! Gene suddenly demanded. The last thing in the world Kate wanted
now was to read aloud. This book is not for you, she answered, not taking her eyes off
the page. Why? Youre still little. Nothing so upset the boy as these words from his
sister. Fool! he fired maliciously. Little and foolish. Kate decided to tease her little
brother. You want to fight? Lets! But consider, you started first. I need you! Then
shut up! Didnt ask you!
Suddenly, both were silent because they remembered that they always started a
squabble with precisely such words. Kate was older, and all the blame for the quarrel
would lie on her. Okay, Gene, she said conciliatorily. Already late; lets have supper.
Fine, lets eat.
Gene rejoiced that he had turned out to be the winner of this skirmish. He
understood that his sister did not want to appear as the party at fault, so he decided to
bring her to a furious state and then retreat. He also did not want to become the
instigator of an argument, or worse, a fight although he could.

Do you think these children would respect and obey their parents? No, they were
disobedient and now and then drove their unhappy parents almost to heart attacks. This
time, however, they had given an oath and they had never done this earlier. From the
stories of their parents and from books and movies, they knew that God, fate, or
someone else would severely punish whoever broke any oath. Kate and Gene were afraid
of becoming oath-breakers; therefore, they tried not to step over the boundary beyond
which a quarrel would begin.
What happened next? Kate prepared supper. She was an independent girl. Gene
tried to make trouble at the table. Not tasty! he stated while picking at the food on the
plate. Mama in Kates place would start to assure the son that everything was very tasty,
healthy, and nourishing. Kate, however, quietly said, You dont like it, you dont eat.
There was nothing left for Gene to do but resign himself.
Gene silently ate his supper and demanded to have the TV on. Kate had nothing
against that; otherwise, why did they so long to be left at home alone? Certainly it was to
have fun and do what they were not allowed to normally; for example, watch evening
programs on TV.
Kate again decided to demonstrate her authority. First pick up your toys, she said
sternly. Why? Gene was sincerely surprised. You havent washed the dishes. He was
right. Kate had forgotten to do this. She bit her lip in annoyance but decided not to give
up. Ill wash now and you pick up the toys. I dont think so. Then I wont turn on the
TV. Ill turn it on myself. I wont let you.
A quarrel was brewing. The children understood this but they were already tired of
keeping the peace and they continued the skirmish. What can you do to me? There
was no stopping Gene. Ill send you to bed and watch an interesting movie myself.
Wont work! Why is that? Because!
In the depth of her soul, Kate understood that there was actually nothing she could
do in this situation. She decided to take a different approach. Okay, Gene, she said in a
sly voice. Do you want me to take you to the zoo tomorrow? The boys eyes sparkled.
The proposal was very tempting. You dont say! he exclaimed. Of course I do! Then
pick up the toys. Okay, Gene agreed.
The first day without their parents ended peacefully. The brother and sister were
glued to the TV for almost two hours; Papa and Mama would have gone out of their
minds if they had found out about this. Then Gene and Kate brushed their teeth and
went to bed.

Chapter Two

A shout woke Kate early in the morning. It was Gene shouting. Get up! he
brusquely demanded and pulled the blanket off her. Time for us to go. The girl looked
at the alarm clock. It was seven in the morning. Youre out of your mind! she was
annoyed, Still early; I want to sleep. But you promised! Gene whined. Lets nap for
at least one more hour, then well go. I want to eat, the boy stated. Well, get
something from the fridge and eat.
Kate was in despair. She knew from personal experience that her brother would not
leave her alone until he got his own way. Anger gradually began to take hold of her.
When peoples sleep is interrupted, it is easy for them to be driven out of their wits. Kate
started getting angry with her brother for not letting her sleep, with herself for
thoughtlessly promising him the day before a trip to the zoo, and generally with
everyone and everything.
So, youre not getting up? Gene asked, squinting. No! Then Ill go alone. Just
try, Kate muttered and turned over to the other side.
Kate fell asleep and did not hear Gene puttering in the kitchen preparing breakfast
and dropping a plate doing so. He wandered around the apartment for a long time in
search of his clothes because he had scattered them all over the place the night before.
He banged something in the foyer. It was scary to go out alone but Kate would not get
up. Gene was obstinate and this time he was unable to get the better of his own
stubbornness. Besides, it would be disgraceful to back off. Gene slammed the door and
began to go slowly down the stairs. Kate continued to sleep.
It was such a bright, sunny morning in the courtyard that Gene instantly forgot the
disagreement and headed straight for the zoo. There was some change in his pockets. He

bought three lollipops at the kiosk and briskly walked along the street while looking
around. Passers-by were moving to and fro. No one paid any attention to the little boy in
unbuckled sandals and with a lollipop in his mouth. The question why the boy was alone
at this early hour entered no ones head. Trolley buses rushed past; streetcars dinged
from time to time. The city was living its usual active life. Gene walked. He knew the way
to the zoo even better than the way to school although the way there was about five
times longer.
The boy loved animals very much and he was terribly envious of children whose
home had a dog, a cat, or any little beast. He and his sister repeatedly asked their
parents to let them get something. Nothing helped. Once, the children even promised
their parents that they would live in peace and harmony if they could have a dog. Their
parents did not believe them.
Gene got to the zoo but the gates were still closed. Time was dragging along very
slowly. It even seemed to the boy that time had stopped completely. There was nothing
left to do but be patient and wait.
Nasty kid! Kate cursed when she woke up and saw that her brother was not at
home. Ran off. She was certain that Gene was running in the courtyard and therefore
did not begin to worry. Mama and Papa forbade the boy to go out onto the street alone
unaccompanied by an adult or his sister. Kate should run and get Gene home but she
did not because she thought, Why did we remain alone? In order not to interfere with
each other. If I tell him to come home, he wont listen. Well fight. Better let him play.
When he gets hungry, hell come running like a good kid.
Two hours passed and Gene did not return. Kate began to worry. She really did not
want to go out but there was nothing else to do. She decided to give her brother a good
dressing down. The boy, however, was not in the courtyard and Kate became very
frightened. She ran along the street while glancing into all the secluded corners in vain.
Kate sat on a bench and gave the situation some thought. Did Gene actually run off to
the zoo? Apparently so, Kate decided and ran in the direction of the zoo. Passers-by
looked at her with surprise.
When Kate got to the zoo, she discovered that she did not have any money at all.
Would she really have to return home? The girl got even angrier with her brother. Her
anger grew with each second. When Kate got angry, she became very obstinate. The girl
decided to get into the zoo at any cost. Without thinking, she went along the fence in
search of any hole.
Is it really possible there can be holes in normal zoo fencing? Of course not, or else
all the beasts would scatter. Kate was tired and found nothing. If she were to meet her
brother now, without a moments hesitation, she would throw him into the lion cage.
Poor Gene did not know what clouds were darkening over him!
Kate turned the corner and saw boys playing a trading card game right on the
asphalt. Trading card games had become most popular among children very recently
and resembled adult card games. The rules were different everywhere but one thing was
essentially the same instead of playing cards, they used bubblegum cards. In her class,
Kate was the champion of this game. She groped in her pocket for her pack of cards and
approached the boys. There were four of them and all were a year or two younger.

Lets play? Kate proposed. The boys uttered not a word. What, afraid? the girl
asked maliciously. We dont play with girls, answered the oldest, who wore a yellow Tshirt. Why is that? Kate was indignant. Because when girls lose, they squeal and howl
so you have to give them back their loss. And what game is that? said another boy.
Right, Ted? The boy in the yellow shirt nodded with an air of importance. Obviously,
he was Teddy.

No, Kate grunted, You wont beat me. Such words greatly offended the boys.
Okay! they yelled in eager rivalry. You have to play with something. Probably saved
up five cards Like hell! Kate showed them her wealth. A whole pack of the finest
cards flickered before their eyes. Well? Kate asked with a challenge. Will you play?
In fifteen minutes the boys were standing with downcast faces and Kate stuffed her
pockets with their cards. She won with ease but this was only half the work. Do you
want to win them back? Kate asked. She knew perfectly well that they had nothing to
bet. The kids kept quiet and watched with melancholy as the girl shoved their wealth
into her pockets. She specifically did this slowly and carelessly. The boys hearts broke
when they saw how their cards with cars, airplanes, supermen, and toys were crushed.
You know where to go! Teddy muttered sullenly. Took all away and say: win them
back. How will we do that? You will redeem them from me and try to win, proposed
Kate. Hows that? Teddy did not understand. Very simple. Kate mentally divided the
price of a ticket to the zoo by the cards won. The ransom was ridiculous. Kate was
almost ready to sell the cards for a song. The boys shouted excitedly, expressing their
agreement. The transaction took place; a satisfied Kate very quickly counted the money,
and her partners retrieved their cards.
Well, shall we play still? Kate asked this just in case, for clear conscience. No
way! the boys who had been taught a bitter lesson answered. Okey-dokey! Kate
agreed with pleasure. Bye then! She ran to the zoo entrance. Her mood had improved
noticeably. Winners are magnanimous. Her anger had disappeared by itself. The girl
even decided not to punish her little brother but merely to chide him slightly.
Kate went through the gate with the alluring inscription and ran to the cashier,
bought a ticket, and handed it to the old lady with the red band. After a minute, she was
by the cages with animals but was not interested in them. Kate searched for Gene. In the
zoo it was easier to find a camel or an orangutan than a seven-year-old boy. In fact, signs
were hanging in the cages about where certain beasts or birds could be found. There was
no sign for where to search for Gene Konstantinov and one cannot make the rounds of
the entire zoo in a day.
Kate first rushed to the lion cages, then to the monkey cages. Gene was nowhere.
The girl rushed about from side to side. She asked visitors whether they had seen a little
boy in dark blue shorts and an orange short-sleeved shirt. She heard different answers;
some positive, some negative, but no one could say anything specific.
Please do not think that Kate did not know that one could go into the broadcasting
centre of the zoo and ask them to announce over the PA about a lost boy named Gene.
She was just so bewildered that she did not think of doing this. Sometimes even adults
are at a loss in difficult situations.
Time passed. There were fewer and fewer people; the zoo visitors were moving one
after the other to the exit but Kate was still running from one cage to another, from one
enclosure to another. Perhaps Gene isnt in the zoo? Kate posed the question to herself
once again. Right then she saw her brother. The boy was standing in the pond with
waterfowl and watching spellbound as ducklings played. He nearly fell into the water
from surprise when his sisters hand grabbed him by the collar.
Gotcha! Kate announced triumphantly. Let me go! the boy desperately struggled
to break loose. Now well go home, the girl said with threat in her voice. Ill have a
talk with you there, an appropriate chat. Then Gene bit his sisters finger. Ouch! Kate
yelled and let go of her brother. There! Gene bounced to a safe distance and stuck out

his tongue at his sister. Kate rushed to him. Gene moved to the side but the girl
managed to seize her brothers hand. She dragged him to the exit.
I still havent seen everything! Gene yelled. Enough for today. No! I want to
stay! You can manage without, Kate cut him off. She was barely restraining herself
from delivering a good slap to the back of her obstinate brothers head. To drag a
resisting and struggling boy was difficult. To argue with him was even more so. The rare
remaining visitors looked over at the children and disapprovingly shook their heads.
You have no right to deprive me of cultural leisure in a public place! Gene shouted.
He knew many clever words and expressions and loved to use them on occasion.
Besides, you promised me! Yes, I did, agreed Kate. But who let you run away from
home? Who? Disgusting boy!
Not my fault that you sleep like a sick
monkey. He should not have said this.
Youre a monkey! the girl was angry,
downright mad with this comparison. Yes,
she had this small fault; she loved lying in
bed in the mornings, but she let no one laugh
at her, not even her own brother.
The boy continued to call her by other
offensive nicknames. Sleepyhead! he
shouted. I saw this beast today. The spitting
image of you! Shut up! Kate was ready to
cry with mortification. There was no
stopping Gene. He understood that at long
last he had found his sisters weak spot and
decided to make full use of it. No, youre
more like a sloth. It sleeps even when
hanging on a branch. If you hang upside
down, youll also sleep as if nothing has
Is that so?! Tears escaped Kate because
of her resentment. She broke down and,
forgetting about everything in the world,
encircled her brother with her left arm and
turned him around with his back to her so
that he could not break away; the immediate
surroundings were filled with resounding
Hitting was a forbidden action. Their parents had never lifted a finger to either Kate
or Gene in their whole lives; it was just not done. There was a law in their family: capital
punishment was forbidden. In a fit of temper, Kate spanked Gene. This happened near
the giraffe cage. The animals looked at the children with surprise.
When the stung boy finally broke loose from his sisters hold, he leaped to the side,
with both hands on the injured place and started to cry loudly. Kate looked stunned at
her brother. She understood that she had done something terrible but did not know
what she should do now. Gene she muttered, I didnt mean

The insulted child, shaking with sobs, broke into a run. He had not experienced such
humiliation for three years since Kate had done the same to him the first time. Then he
had had a real fit. Their parents had been barely able to calm their son down and
severely punished their daughter. They did not talk to her for a week. Kate vowed never
to do this again.
Today she broke two oaths at once. She spanked Gene and quarrelled with him. The
girl was so at a loss that she did not immediately run after her brother. When she came
to her senses, he was nowhere to be seen. The search had to begin anew, only this time
her mood was completely different. Kate was dispirited and downcast.

Gene hid in the bushes which grew by the water of one of the canals and cried
bitterly. He wept with resentment, humiliation, and guilt. The boy squatted down,
hugging his knees with his arms, and, after burying his face in them, quietly howled like
an offended wolf cub. Tears fell on the sand and left dark specks on it. Suddenly,
through his tears, he heard someone hailing him by his name. The voice was low, deep,
and unusual. Gene. Little boy Gene, the voice called.
Gene raised his head, wiped the tears with his fists, and looked around. There was
nobody beside him; however, someone continued to call him non-stop. The boy turned
his head in perplexity. Five swans were floating in the water so close to the shore that
one could stretch a hand out to them. It could not really be them talking to him! Gene
looked more attentively at the birds and unexpectedly realized that it was precisely them
addressing him in a human tongue. Whos here? he asked just in case. Whos calling
me? We are, answered the largest and the most beautiful swan. Gene stopped crying
and plopped down onto the ground in surprise.

Chapter Three

Did you call me? Gene asked timidly, addressing the swan. Yes. How do you
know my name? We know everything in the world. Gene was at a loss and did not
know what to say. The swan continued, We saw how your relatives treated you and we
were very indignant for you, Gene. How can you let a girl hit you? Shes my sister.
Gene again recalled how Kate spanked him and his eyelashes began to tremble from
anger and resentment. She always gets me angry.
Poor boy, the swan sighed sympathetically. You probably would be glad to be rid
of her? Of course! Im sick of her, as everyone knows! But how can I get away from
her? How?! Fly with us to the Country of Frozen Time. There will be neither a sister
who bugs you nor parents who constantly lecture you, Dont do this, dont do that!
I dont want to run away from Mama and Papa, Gene shook his head. But indeed
theyre not home now, insisted the swan. How do you know? the surprised boy asked.
Silly, I told you, we know everything. When you again show up at home, Mama and
Papa will still not have time to return. But then, your intolerable sister will grow wiser in
this time. Let her worry, cry, run searching for you. When you return, she wont lay a
finger on you anymore. Imagine how scared shell be, realizing that youve disappeared,
and what shell get for this from your parents. Yes, sighed Gene, it would be great.
All the time he still had not decided whether to accept the proposal of the fairy-tale bird,
although it sounded so tempting.
Have no fear. However much time you spend in our country, only a little time
would pass here, the swan continued to persuade him. And we urgently need a boy like
you. Why? Gene was on guard. In order to rule over our country. Our king is very old
and he needs a successor. Do you want to be a prince? I do, Gene nodded. But I

cant. I must return home very soon. I cant stay with you for long. No need. You
return whenever you want. Really?! Certainly, promised the swan. Then lets go!
Gene finally agreed.
The swan got up onto the shore. Gene took a long time making himself comfortable
on the back of the leader. All the time the swan endured submissively and did not move.
Finally, the boy settled down.

Kate suddenly appeared. On seeing what was happening, she froze on the spot,
unable to utter a word. Quick! Gene yelled. Danger below! The swan awkwardly
tottered to the water. The remaining birds followed and soon they were gliding on the
smooth watery surface of the canal.
It dawned on Kate that something inconceivable was happening. Gene! she
shouted mournfully. Where are you going? Come back! Gene turned in her direction
and shouted also, Goodbye, Kate! Now Ill be a prince! What prince? Kate sat right
down on the sand. But Gene was no longer looking at her. The swans picked up speed
and were already far away. Suddenly they broke away from the water and took off.
Where are you going? the girl could only ask.

The birds circled in the sky and again flew towards Kate. She was just about to be
glad, thinking that they had decided to return. But no. All the time the swans were flying
higher and higher. It was already difficult to make out a little boy among them. A minute
later, they had disappeared from sight.
Now it was Kates turn to wail at the top of her lungs. She had difficulty
understanding what had happened.
A passer-by stopped beside her. What happened, girl? he asked sympathetically.
Did someone treat you badly? My brother has disappeared, Kate howled through her
tears, My little brother. So well look for him! the passer-by proposed. He flew
away. Kate again burst out sobbing. How did he fly away? the man was surprised. On
a goose, Kate sobbed. On what goose? I dont know. He sat on it and flew away.
For shame, girl, spinning such a yarn! The passer-by shook his head reproachfully and
went on his way.

Kate looked at him from behind and thought that it is impossible for children to fly
on birds! This only happens in fairy tales. What will she tell her parents when they
return? Indeed, this is all her fault. Kate began to cry even more.

Suddenly something fell next to her. Kate looked at the sand and saw Genes sandal.
The boy, as always, had not done up his sandals; here one of them fell down from the
sky. Kate picked up the sandal, pressed it against her chest, and started thinking.
Something improbable had happened. In a modern city, at the beginning of the twentyfirst century, a child was kidnapped in broad daylight. By whom? Swans! Like in a fairy
tale or a terrible dream.
Pondering non-stop over what had happened, Kate ran to the exit. Well, a child had
been abducted. Kate tried to think about this as calmly as possible. What had happened
was like madness. It means it would be useless to appeal to the police. No one will
believe her, even worse, they will think that she is mocking the law enforcement. Being
made fun of is what the police like least of all in the world. The rest of the adults will also
behave for sure like that passer-by in the zoo. What could she do? Turn to friends? But
who will take her story seriously? They will say, She let her brother slip away. She lost
him. Now shes making up a cock-and-bull story to justify herself. How can they even
help? Kate needed someone who would actually believe in what happened.
Here Kate brightened up. Yes, there is such a person! His name is Nick. He is a
student. Kate made his acquaintance a year ago at summer camp. Nick was the leader of
Kates group. He was the best leader in the camp and the kids of the other groups envied
Kate and her friends very much. They went on trips, went fishing, sang songs at
campfires, and wrote verses with him. Nick was a tireless inventor and the children
never had a boring time with him. How many interesting stories he knew! When the
session ended, the children did not want to leave camp. The girls even cried. (They were
all secretly in love with Nick.) In September, Kate arrived in school and, to her great
amazement and happiness, met her former leader there. Nick, it seemed, studied in

teachers college and came to them for a practicum for a whole two months. Only Nick
could help Kate now. The girl ran to get him. If only he is home!

The pilot Speechmaker almost pressed the eject button when a flock of swans again
emerged from the nearest cloud. Now they were flying towards him. The Captain quickly
calmed down. When you encounter something unusual the second time, it no longer
seems as improbable as the first time.
On the largest and the most beautiful swan sat a little boy in dark-blue shorts and an
orange short-sleeved T-shirt. The main thing that struck the pilot was that the boy only
had on one shoe. The birds flew with dignity past the super-fast fighter. The boy sitting
on the back of the leader looked at Ivan Ivanovich, smiled, and waved at him.
Speechmaker quickly went into a spin.
Definitely, there was nothing for Speechmaker to do in the sky once ordinary boys
are flying here already. What will the commander say when he hears the report of what
is going on in the airspace?!

Chapter Four

With a sinking heart, Kate pressed the doorbell. There was silence behind the door.
The girl had already made up her mind to leave when she heard footsteps. Kate? Nick
was very surprised to see the girl at so late an hour. Come in; dont stand at the door.
What happened? Kate entered and burst into tears instead of answering. Nick stood
and waited for the girl to calm down and recount the gist of the matter. Finally, Kate
stopped crying and began to tell her story Nick listened very attentively and never
interrupted her.
Indeed, like a fairy tale, he said when Kate finished her sad story. The girl stood
and sobbed. There was neither disbelief nor mockery in Nicks eyes. This soothed her.
You never said that you have a brother, Nick remarked while attentively examining
Kate, who until now had been pressing Genes shoe against her chest. And what is
this? Its his sandal, Kate sobbed loudly. He never does up his shoes; now he has lost
one. Well, lets have a look. Nick thought hard.
Using the fact that Nick was not paying her any attention, Kate sat down on the
couch and closed her eyes. A minute passed and Kate fell asleep. Nick, however, did not
let her sleep. Kate! His hand shook the girl mercilessly. She did not immediately
understand what was happening. At first Kate thought that she was dreaming all the
time the zoo, the fight with her brother, and the goose-swans but no, she returned
quickly to reality.
Nows not the time to sleep, said Nick. His eyes sparkled triumphantly. Great
deeds await you. Great deeds? a half-awake Kate repeated like an echo. Well, not
great, but important, Nick corrected himself. Very important! I found something while

you were sleeping. And I dont need a violin at all like Sherlock Holmes for this. Even
this great detective couldnt solve your case. Must admit Im also completely powerless
here. Kate was at a loss, But who, then? You. Me? Only you alone will be able to
find your little brother.
But how? Kate questioned in desperation. Perhaps I know where to search for
him now? No, you dont. Neither do I. No one knows. But I discovered something
while you were sleeping. See what I found in your brothers sandal. He handed Kate the
ill-fated shoe. The girl took a good close look but saw nothing except a bird feather stuck
between the leather strips of the shoe.
Theres nothing here, she said, looking wonderingly at Nick. What do you mean
nothing? What do you think this is? A feather, Kate said hesitantly. A feather! Nick
mimicked her. Perhaps its a simple feather? No, not a simple one. But what? What?
Kate did not understand what he wanted from her. This is a feather from one of the
birds that abducted your brother. This is proof that it happened. You didnt dream it; it
didnt just seem so to you; you didnt make it up in a moment of despair. Everything
happened for real. Understand? I understand. But how will the feather help us find
The whole point is that it will help! Nick rubbed the bridge of his nose. He always
did this when he was troubled. You fell asleep, but I was busy examining this godsend.
At first glance theres nothing unusual. A feather is a feather. But as soon as I put it on
the table and turned on the lamp, it immediately flew to the window. Good that I
managed to close the window in time. The feather, as if alive, hit against the window
trying to overcome the obstacle. I switched off the lamp and it obediently fell to the
floor. Kate listened spellbound to the students story.
Nick continued, I again switched on the lamp. The feather again slowly rose and
flew to the window. I caught it. The feather, like a small bird, began to break away from
my palm, weakly at first, then stronger and stronger so I even began to hold it with
difficulty. Then I covered it with a half of a globe, which is sufficiently heavy. The half
globe stayed in place for a while, then began to tremble, slowly rose up in the air, and
flew to the window. I was afraid that the globe would smash the glass and the feather
would fly away. I put the half globe back onto the table and weighed it down with a pile
of books. Imagine, this contraption also took off and moved to the window. I dont know
how to explain this. Fantastic! Be that as it may, but then I was finally convinced of the
truthfulness of your words. Kate smiled for the first time that day.
I started to experiment. How many kilos can this unusual feather carry? It seems it
can lift into the air a weight up to fifty kilos! This both pleased and distressed me.
Why? Because you have only one magic feather. But what is it about the feather?
Kate did not understand. Most likely, the feather is seeking its owner. The swan,
explained Nick. And we need this. We must catch the swans, take the abducted child
away from them, and make the kidnappers answerable. Do you agree with me? Yes,
nodded Kate.
So you, Kate, have to set off in pursuit. Im very sorry but you will fly alone. I wont
be able to come with you. Why? Kate was scared. The fact is that I weigh sixty-three
kilos. Likely not so much, but the feather wont be able to lift me up. But you, I think
weigh no more than forty. Thirty-five, Kate clarified. There, you see, Nick sighed
sadly, It means only you can save your brother. How only me? The feather can only
transfer you to where Gene is in all probability.

What if the feather wont take me to where I have to be? Kate began to worry.
Completely possible, agreed Nick. But all depends only on you. You, of course, can
refuse. I wont reproach you. But this is the only way to save Gene. If you dont use it,
then youll lose your brother forever. Your parents will remain without a son. True, they
still have you. Again, I must warn you that if you decide to set off for the search, it isnt
known whether youll return. The choice is yours. But in any case, I wont say a word
whatever your decision.
Nick stopped talking. Kate looked at him and thought about what she should do.
One thing she knew for certain: she would not be able to greet her parents with the news
that Gene had disappeared. Neither would she be able to look them in the eye after this.
It meant there could only be one solution. Since she felt guilty that the boy had
disappeared, she would search for him wherever he might be.
Im flying, the girl announced firmly. Afraid? Nick looked closely at her. Yes,
acknowledged Kate. Very much. You have to overcome your fears. Otherwise nothing
will turn out. When should I fly? asked the girl. In the morning, at dawn as soon as
the sun rises. But you must get ready. Prepare for the journey thoroughly as if for the
hardest trip.
Nick looked Kate over critically. She was dressed in jeans, sneakers, and a white Tshirt with bunnies. Well, not bad, he remarked, But somewhat light. Wait! He
rushed to the wardrobe, buried his head in it, and started searching for something.
Finally, he came out of there. Here, hold this. He handed Kate an old but warm
coarsely-knit sweater and a vest with rabbit fur on the inside and Mickey Mouse on it.
Kate tried them on. The sweater turned out to be almost her size and the vest a little big.
Nick pulled out his own kiddie knapsack and started to fill it with necessary things.
At first, he was explaining to Kate the purpose of each thing but, after noticing that the
girl was yawning frequently, gave the order, Well, quick to supper and off to bed! He
fed her macaroni and cheese and sent her to sleep in his absent grandmothers room.
Kate fell asleep as soon her head hit the pillow.
Nick woke Kate up early in the morning. It was still totally dark beyond the window.
Its time, he said quietly. Quickly wash and have breakfast. Kate wanted to do
neither, but she meandered into the bathroom and quickly tidied herself. Nick waited
for her in the kitchen. An omelette with sausages was steaming on the table. Kate started
to eat but without any appetite. Dont have to rush, Nick cheered her up. Still half an
hour to sunrise.
After half an hour Kate and Nick were standing on the roof waiting for the sun to
appear on the horizon. The girl was like Robin Hood in her vest and sweater because
Nick had told her to put on her waist a wide leather belt, attached to which was his
hunting knife in a sheath of highly durable plastic. Nick remembered the knife at the
very last moment before leaving. I dont think that you will be able to resist robbers, he
warned, but it may come in handy.
There was one more object next to Kate a chair, a most ordinary chair. Nick had
taken it from his room and had Scotch-taped the magic feather under the seat. This
flight vehicle, according to Nicks calculations, should deliver Kate to where the gooseswans had taken her little brother. In order that she would not fall from the chair during
flight, Nick had put together a whole system of safety belts.

On the roof of Nicks home, he and Kate immediately got busy with preparations for
the flight. Nick placed the chair on a flat place, then set Kate down on it and tinkered
with the belts for a long time. Ready! he finally declared. The first chairnaut girl in
the world is ready for flight. Now the most important thing: you will fly whether the sun
appears or not. Kate shrugged her shoulders. Doesnt matter, Nick calmed her. The
main thing is, dont worry. But it was obvious that he was also very worried. I think
everything will be fine. Kate decided to cheer up the older fellow. Nick looked at her
and smiled.
Kate actually presented an amusing spectacle. She was sitting on the chair back to
front, holding the back of the chair with her hands. An orange knapsack hung like a
parachute behind her shoulders. Her light-brown hair was prudently gathered into a
ponytail. Over blue eyes were attractive bangs.
When Nick looked at the ponytail, he slapped his forehead and shouted, Ah, Im a
blockhead! Forgot a cap and mittens. Indeed, its minus six in the sky. Kate shuddered.
To her, the things already on her were quite sufficient. A cap and mittens would just be
enough to look like a complete scarecrow. She wanted to tell Nick this but did not have
time. He had already run to the garret window. Ill bring everything now! he shouted
and dived in through the garret window like a sailor into a submarine.
Kate remained on the roof alone. She looked with melancholy at the sea of roofs
spread in front of her and thought about how unlucky and unhappy she was after all.
She was always getting into foolish stories and adventures. For some reason she was
always making a mess of something for which she had to face the consequences. She
recalled Genes last words and sighed bitterly. He flew away to become a prince but she
remained here. On top of that she must fly to heaven knows where after him. A prince!
Kate smiled, imagining Gene in fairy-tale finery and sitting on a golden throne.
Once, Kate and Gene had gone together with their parents to visit friends. The
friends had a girl slightly younger than Gene. The little girl immediately made friends
with the boy and played with him all evening. Kate, it goes without saying, rejected their
company with disdain, sat alone the whole evening, and was in a huff at goodness knows
who. Certainly, she also wanted to play but just the day before she had had a big fight
with her brother. The little ones were managing very well without her and were playing
to their hearts content. When the time came to leave, the girl did not want to let go of
Gene for anything. She hugged him tightly and kissed him, compelling him to blush to
the roots of his hair. You have such a boy, such a boy she gushed with enthusiasm.
Hes so pretty, so pretty Well, just like like a prince!
Gene was actually a good-looking boy and adults were constantly saying so. Gene
was embarrassed and upset when he heard this. He persistently considered that only
girls could be pretty and he was not in the least like a girl. Now, when he was called a
prince, this comparison suited him just fine. Kate, on hearing this, wanted to beat up her
little brother. She herself was not a fright, quite the opposite; she was the most attractive
girl in her grade. Next to her brother, however, people always stopped noticing her; no
one called her a princess either. That same day at bedtime she got into a grand-scale
confrontation with Gene. It came to tears. Both went to bed snivelling.

Now Kate thought that she had hurt Genes feelings then for nothing. Where is he
now? What is happening to him? Such thoughts came to the girls mind for the first
time. Earlier she had thought only about herself and never about Gene. If he was bad
sometimes, Kate was only glad and teased him. Now, for the first time, she called him
Eugene and not Gene. What had happened to Kate?
While she was pondering this, the sun slowly began to appear from beyond the
horizon. Kate did not even notice this because she was so occupied with her thoughts.
She did not notice her chair breaking away very smoothly from the roof and hanging in
the air. Then it slowly floated to the edge of the roof. Kate! Nick shouted, sticking his
head out of the garret window, but it was already too late. Kate, on the flying chair, was
already beyond the edge of the roof. The girl was frozen with fear. What both were
waiting for had happened. It is, however, one thing to hear about a miracle or to see it
from a distance, but another to participate in it.
The chair began to pick up speed. A minute passed and Nick already had difficulty
distinguishing the flying girl. Soon Kate became a small point in the blue sky and then
completely disappeared. Nick stood on the roof for a long time looking in the direction
in which Kate had flown away. At that minute, he dreamed most of all in the world to be
in Kates place.

The next person after Nick to see Kate in the sky was, of course, Ivan Ivanovich
Speechmaker, who was soaring in the sky and making loops and barrels as always.
When he saw a girl flying on a chair, he tried not to be surprised but it did not work out.
The pilot felt that today he had flown his last flight. However, as soon as Speechmaker
got back on the ground, he would calm down, think for a while, and decide to fly further.
There were indeed so many interesting things in the sky. Is it really possible to live
without the sky?

Chapter Five

The swans, together with Gene, landed in the throne hall of the White Tower.
Everything was like a fairy tale: the flight on the amazing birds, the overtaking of the jet
plane, the magic country, so beautiful and mysterious like a country from a cartoon, and
the city above which they flew. The main attraction, however, was the white tower! Gene
had never seen the like even on TV. He flew on top of a swan right in through the
window of this tower. Gene jumped down onto the marble floor and looked attentively
all around. There was nothing terrible only an old man, tall and thin with a sullen face,
who sat on the throne. Gene did not look at him for long. The old man did not stir and
Gene thought that he was sleeping.
The swans hurriedly made their way to the old man and, stretching out their necks,
began to bow and cackle. Silence! the old man raised his voice. Gene approached
timidly and carefully. Let someone speak alone. Weve carried out your order, said
the leader of the swans. We will fly away, but remember that after carrying out one
more order of yours, we will be free. Your authority over us will end! The old man
answered nothing. Goodbye, Sovereign. The swan gave its comrades a signal to fly
away and noisily spread out its wings. We will only see you once more.
The birds flew away. Genes eyes followed them with a perplexed look. He did not
expect to part with his new friends so soon. What would he do now alone? The same old
man whom the swans called the Sovereign approached him, How do you do, Gene.
How do you do, grandpa. The boy calmed down a little because old men in all fairy
tales are usually good. And I have waited for you. Here it dawned on Gene, Ah-h, so
youre that king who needs a prince? Yes, its I, the Sovereign tried to smile but it

turned out poorly. Only you must call me Your Majesty. Okay, Your Majesty, Gene
agreed. He did not look at the old man, because his wide-open eyes were looking around
at the splendour of the hall. He even opened his mouth with surprise and delight.
The old man remained satisfied. I see my servants carried out my order well, he
muttered. The boy completely suits my plan. What did you say, Your Majesty? Gene
liked uttering this form of address. All the time he still did not look at the old man and
listened to him with only half an ear. I want to say, boy, that Im very glad of your
appearance here, the Sovereign spoke solemnly. And Im not the only one. The whole
country rejoices in regard to this. Look here.
The old man brought the boy to the window. Gene was very surprised that things
happening on the city streets were perfectly visible from this high tower. There was a
real carnival. People were having a good time and rejoicing, singing and dancing. Music
thundered; they beat drums; soldiers in ancient uniforms marched in a stately manner;
mounted knights in shining armours galloped. Gene was spellbound by this spectacle. It
was all in his honour!
This is all because of me? Gene asked and for the first time looked attentively at
the Sovereign. Yes. All this is for you. From this day on you rule over all the people in
our country. Is this true? Gene was staggered. You dont believe me? The Sovereign
shrugged his shoulders and clapped his hands. The door of the hall opened. The hall was
so high that the person who appeared in it seemed to Gene like a Lilliputian. This was
Gargulio. He looked with fear and adoration at the Sovereign.
Approach, Gargulio. Meet my heir, his lord commanded. Gargulio hurriedly
minced along to the boy and, a few steps from him, bent over before him in a deep bow.
Gene smiled; the First Minister was so funny. Gargulio in turn smiled with a false and
sugary smile, My name is Gargulio, Your Highness. And Im Gene! No. Gene
doesnt work. Its too simple, the Sovereign objected. Tell me, do you have another
name, more sonorous and longer? In fact my full name is Eugene, the boy cheerfully
informed him. Wonderful! Eugene is a most suitable name for a prince, the Sovereign
summed up with satisfaction. Prince Eugene, this is magnificent! Gargulio carried on
while clapping with delight. All three brightened up. Gargulio was in shock. For the first
time in his life he saw a smile on the Sovereigns face.
Lets return to business, Gargulio. the Sovereign unexpectedly cut short the
laughter. Our prince has come from a distance. Hes tired and hungry. Take care of it.
In the evening Ill show our future ruler the people and the city which hell govern. The
people will look at their new monarch. The old man was no longer smiling. He was
again sullen as before. Gargulio, as if on command, also stopped smiling. Please come
with me, Your Highness, he turned to the boy. One must obey kings. Gene knew this
and therefore obediently trudged after Gargulio. He stopped at the doors and, having
turned to the Sovereign, rewarded him with his outstanding smile, See you later, Your
Majesty. See you later, my young prince!
The Sovereign waited until the door was closed behind the boy and Gargulio, then
rubbed his hands with satisfaction. This child is simply a miracle! he said to himself.
With him Ill again be able to begin everything afresh. And what a smile he has! Itll
disarm whomever he wants, even a dragon. Those dragons! The Fairy of Eternal Youth
will melt when the new Sovereign, young and beautiful, smiles at her. For the first time
in three hundred years, the Sovereign was happy that the sun was shining in the sky.

Gene, accompanied by Gargulio, walked along the halls of the White Tower and
marvelled at how many halls there were. In
front of each door was a guard with a
terrible and forbidding halberd. Every time
Gene approached one, the guard would
salute, click his heels loudly, and jingle the
spurs at the same time.
And heres your room, Prince,
Gargulio opened the next door. Gene
entered and opened his mouth in
amazement. He had never seen the like
even in the movies. Together with the
pictures and the ancient furniture, there
was a real pond with a fountain which was
bubbling merrily and flowing with rainbow
colours in the sun. In addition, there were
many different toys, big ones, a quantity
with horses, and small ones like June bugs.
Although he was very tired, Genes eyes
sparkled with rapture.
Gene carefully entered his room, not
knowing what he was to do. Gargulio went
to the curtain and pulled an invisible cord.
The ringing of a little bell was heard next. A
door opened and an attractive girl in a
beautiful dress came in. On seeing Gene,
she curtsied and bowed deeply, at which the
boy was confused and looked questioningly
at Gargulio. This is your maid, Gargulio
explained. Maid? For all his seven years,
Gene did not completely know what this
was. Yes indeed, said Gargulio. Shell
carry out all your orders. Shell feed, dress,
undress, wash, put you to bed Her name
is Marie. Will she play with me? Play?
Gargulio faltered. Why yes! I cant play
alone. Certainly, certainly! Gargulio
hurried to calm the boy. But first, Prince,
you must rest. Marie, take the Prince into
the dining room. Maybe not, the Prince is
too tired. Feed him right here and then put him to bed. Ill come for him in the evening.
Gargulio bowed to Gene and left. The boys eyes followed him with a happy look. He
must admit that he was rather tired of Gargulio.
Food is served, Your Highness, Marie again bowed to the boy. Gene did not want
to eat at all, but he felt a frightful hunger when he saw the goodies on the table. He
attacked the delicacies with greediness. Marie was constantly adding to it: pastries,
pieces of pineapple, drinks... She did all this without saying a word.

Why are you quiet all the time? the boy finally asked. You dont know how to
talk? I do. The girl was embarrassed and blushed. I simply cant talk with the Prince,
the heir of the Sovereign. But in general I can talk. My friends even call me a
chatterbox. I allow you to talk with me. With such tasty food, Gene wanted to be nice
and magnanimous. The girl was pleased and began to chatter non-stop about how the
entire city was only talking about the appearance of a prince. When my friends find out
that I was the first after Gargulio to see the Prince and even to talk to him, they will die
with envy.
Marie then noticed that the boy was ready to fall off the chair from fatigue. Ah, the
poor dear! she exclaimed and started to prepare
the child for bed. Gene did not remember that
Marie carried him to bed, undressed and put a
nightshirt on him, and put him into bed.
Gene slept until the evening and the fairy tale
began anew when he woke up. Gene saw new
clothing in Maries hands. His shirt and shorts
had disappeared without a trace. When the girl
dressed him and put him in front of the mirror,
Gene could not recognize himself. In the mirror
was not a seven-year-old boy from the usual
contemporary family but a little prince from a
bright and beautiful book about fairies, kings,
princesses, and dragons. Even Marie was lost in
The door creaked. It was Gargulio. He
feigned elation and ecstasy on seeing Gene. (All
courtiers know how to do this to perfection.)
Gargulio was the first courtier of the kingdom
and knew best of all how to pretend. This time,
however, he was not conniving. He was really
delighted with Gene and it showed.
Good evening, Your Highness! he chanted.
How did you sleep, Prince, and what dreams
were seen by your eminence? I slept very well,
Gargulio. Gene could not tear himself away from
his reflection in the mirror. This is a real
prince, thought Gargulio and added aloud,
Then, if it pleases Your Highness, its time to
show the populace the prince. Show whom?
Gene did not understand. The populace.
Gargulio bowed. That is, the people, your
subjects. Ah, the people! Gene looked with an air of importance at his own shoes, the
buckles on which were made of pure gold. But why? They must see who will rule
them. Rule? Yes, rule. Give orders and punish the delinquent and the rebellious.
Okay. Let the people see me. Oh, Your Highness, they will be so happy!
The door was opened and Gene, accompanied by Gargulio and Marie, left the room.
Four people with sedan chairs were waiting for him. Whats this? asked the boy. This

is a palanquin, the minister bowed. Itll convey you below. I ordered to have it made
especially for you, Prince. Very well, but why below? The subjects are waiting for us
below, in the castle. Why dont they come up to us; why must we go below? A real
prince, Gargulio again thought and answered aloud, Only those who can speak to the
Sovereign have the right to enter the White Tower. In our entire country only I and a few
other men can speak to him. Well, in addition to, it goes without saying, the guards.
They are chosen from the sons of the most respected and (rich, Gargulio wanted to
say) honoured townspeople. But even they cannot enter the hall where the Sovereign
sits. Can Marie go to the Sovereign? No, shes only your maid, answered Gargulio.
But dont be disturbed, Your Highness, shes not a common girl but the niece of
Defence Minister Leonari. I assure you shes from a very decent family. She was chosen
from a hundred girls. A hundred? Gene was surprised. Yes, a hundred. It was a very
difficult competition. Marie won.
The prince and the minister, not interrupting the conversation, sat down in the
palanquins, and the servants carried them down the long and steep stairs of the tower.
All the beauty, which the great genius Walter had created, appeared before them. Some
halls glittered with pink marble, others emerald-green malachite, a third, golden
amber After half an hour of the excursion, during which time servants were changed
three times and Gene had almost fallen asleep, the palanquins were lowered on a special
hoist and carried into the castle. Before the princes eyes appeared a completely different
spectacle. The walls of the hall were made of gloomy grey stones. Fairly shabby old
tapestries with pictures darkened by time hung on the walls and there were no elegant
statues as in Walters tower, but formidable knightly armours with full armament stood
between the high narrow windows with opaque glass.
When Gene, following Gargulio, climbed out of the palanquin, he met a storm of
applause. The boy saw a whole crowd of well-dressed people smiling and welcoming
him. They were all looking at Gene. His Highness, Prince Eugene! First Minister
declared loudly. Eugene, Eugene, the walls of the castle echoed in answer, Gene,
Gene! Eugene, Eugene! swept along the ranks of enthusiastic courtiers. Even the
stern guardsmen also seemed to be repeating this name. Gene looked grandly, as befits a
prince, at his subjects. He liked their delight and joy related to his arrival. Gene decided
to reward those present with his outstanding smile. Applause switched over to an
ovation. One of the ladies fainted and two guardsmen carried her away. Her husband,
also a courtier, did not even notice this.
There followed a party and sumptuous feast. Gene sat in a fancy armchair with a
high back and watched the performance in his honour. He was happy and enjoyed
himself. Of course! No one drove him to bed although it was already very late. No one
lectured or railed at him. There was no need to be constantly on alert in expectation of
Kates pranks. Indeed, the war with her was far away in another world! Here everybody
caught each of his words and looks. Not so at home, where he could force neither Mama
nor Papa to pay attention for at least an hour or so. Here adult uncles and aunts were
prepared to do anything for him.
Gene taught the courtiers to play hide-and-seek. The old grey General, when it was
his turn to play, toppled a knight and then caught one fat damsel who turned out to be
very ticklish. She squealed so, that the Prince nearly choked with laughter. He gave the
order on the spot to give medals to both the General and the plump damsel, and he
personally presented them to loud applause from the courtiers. Headed by the Prince,

everybody went out for a stroll in the Garden of the Elf King, where the festivities ended
with immense fireworks.
When Gene woke the next day, he recalled with difficulty all that had happened to
him. He did not even have time for breakfast before he was again carried down into the
castle. Here the Prince received his subjects for almost two hours. Among them were
barons and princes, counts and knights, chief magistrates of cities and deputies of
provinces. At first, this mixed crowd amused Gene, but then he became bored and began
to fidget impatiently on the throne. Gargulio noticed the boy yawning and right away
gave the order to end the audience and move it to the next day.
After a splendid and lavish meal, the Prince, in a gilded coach, drove out into the
city. A huge exultant crowd of inhabitants of the city and its outskirts met him. The
guardsmen barely held back the pressing crowd who wanted to behold the Prince. The
respectable upper streets, along which passed Prince Eugenes retinue, had never seen
so many people. From each window, well-dressed townspeople greeted the Prince and
threw flowers into his open carriage.
So, in the Country of Frozen Time appeared a new ruler with whom everyone
immediately fell in love. Although he was a little boy, he was always in full view of his
subjects. As for the great Sovereign who sat in seclusion in the White Tower, the subjects
began to forget him gradually. Indeed, not even one inhabitant of the country had ever
seen him whereas everyone knew Prince Eugene now. Prince Eugene and his court led a
life full of festivities, parties, and fun. Now it was as cheerful and noisy on the upper
streets of the city as on the lower ones.
No one knew that everything would change in a few weeks. Prince Eugene would
suddenly become sad and pensive. A little more time would pass and the noisy festivities
and parties would stop. The courtiers would again wander around the castle
despondently. Then the Sovereign would die. His funeral would be grandiose and
majestic. The courtiers would bury the body of the Sovereign in the Tomb of Kings,
which was located in the castle. Prince Eugene would be present at the funeral. There he
would give a speech in memory of the deceased and afterwards would declare himself
the Sovereign of the Country of Frozen Time. He, like his predecessor, would withdraw
into the White Tower and live there with dozens of courtiers. In memory of the dear boy,
people would call him not Sovereign but Prince of the White Tower and sigh sadly at the
same time.

Chapter Six

In ancient times, knights rode around the world and accomplished feats in the name
of the damsels of their hearts. With time, there were fewer and fewer great knights.
There were many ordinary knights, and over time there were more and more of them,
but great knights who whole-heartedly honoured and observed the code of honour
began to die out. They perished in duels, in crusades, and from the treachery of kings.
The most important and famous among them were Count Gottfeld, descendant of
Lancelot4 himself; Duke Artois fearless, descendant of Charlemagne; 5 and Baron
Siegfried, whose ancestors were Nibelungen.6 Their love for the beautiful Fairy of
Eternal Youth linked them together. For fifty years, the three knights were always
fighting all the tournaments and duels in her honour. In all this time, the Fairy had not
changed at all. She remained young and beautiful but she could not marry, otherwise
she would lose the godly gift of youth and immediately become a normal woman. She
lived in France, and people came from all over the world only to look at her. Once a year
the knights Gottfeld, Artois, and Siegfried met in her castle and fought each other. Not
once did one of them gain the upper hand over the others. After the tournament all three
went to the feast given by the Fairy of Eternal Youth.
Years went by. Nothing changed until King Louis the Cunning appeared in France.
He also fell in love with the Fairy of Eternal Youth and wanted to make her his wife.
Sir Lancelot du Lac was one of the Knights of the Round Table in the legend of King Arthur.
Charlemagne (c. 742-814), also known as Charles the Great, was King of the Franks from 768 and
Emperor of the Romans from 800 814.
According to Germanic and Norse mythology, Nibelung is the name of the royal family of the
Burgundians, an East Germanic tribe possibly of Scandinavian origin and supposedly vastly wealthy.

Certainly, the Fairy refused the King and he, his feelings hurt, swore to take brutal
vengeance upon the proud girl. He found scoundrels who began to accuse the Fairy of
witchcraft. One after the other they came to the Bishop, who was called the Great Witch
Hunter, and reported that the Fairy had ties with the Devil and engaged in witchcraft.
These accusations were not surprising because the Fairy had already lived for sixty years
but looked like a thirteen-year-old girl. The Great Witch Hunter believed the malicious
slander and ordered the arrest of the girl. Rumours spread around the entire country
that the Fairy of Eternal Youth was going to be burned on the stake.

The three knights found out about this. They rushed to the Fairy to save her, but she
was already locked up in the Bishops impregnable castle, moreover, guarded by the
Kings soldiers. Together with the knights Gottfeld, Artois, and Siegfried came five
hundred more fighters the knights vassals. They began the assault of the castle where
the Fairy was languishing, and took it. They found the unhappy Fairy in the gloomiest
dungeon and freed her. The Bishop cursed all four for this and excommunicated them.

The three knights and the beautiful Fairy became exiles. The Great Witch Hunters
people and King Louis army pursued them. The knights urged all who were still true to
the code of knighthood to their side, but only fifteen knights from the whole of Europe
came to their aid.
When it became impossible for the Fairy and her followers to resist and the exiles
had lost more than half of their people, the Fairy said that she could not endure it that
people were dying because of her. I must leave the land, she decided. Merlin, 7 my
great ancestor, left a spell with which I can freeze time. Well go with you, said the
three knights, and take all our people with us. So they did.
Europe, however, was too populated to freeze time on its land; therefore the exiles
went to the east, and then to the north. After several months on their sojourn, during
which a number of loyal people perished, the exiles reached the mountains where
dragons still flew and gnomes, vampires, and wizards lived, as well as elves, mermaids,
and giants. The people that lived here were peaceful and industrious. In this land, still
almost untouched by Christianity, the Fairy of Eternal Youth decided to freeze time.
Before the people on their knees, she cast Merlins spell. The sky turned black and the
sun and the moon were hidden. Earth and its inhabitants continued to live their lives
and did not notice how an enormous space, populated by people, beasts, birds, and
magic creatures, had ceased to exist; but then the Country of Frozen Time was invisible
to them.
When time had frozen for the knights and the Fairy, they discovered that there was
no one else around them. Beyond the mountains which they had crossed over was
emptiness nothing, only a dense grey fog. Directly in front of them, however, spread a
valley in bloom. On seeing the valley from the highest mountain, the knights and the
Fairy made their way to it. When they had gone almost half way, something happened
that separated the knights from the Fairy.
During a halt at night, the Fairy of Eternal Youth saw Merlin in her dream. The great
wizard said that she would stop here and not go any further. When the Fairy awoke, she
saw that a white dragon with blue eyes had blocked the road. The three knights rushed
to the new enemy. They indeed had defeated quite a few dragons in their time, but they
could not even get within a hundred steps of the white dragon. The Fairy ordered them
to leave the beautiful beast in peace. She went to it herself. When the Fairy got close to
the dragon, it placed its head on her shoulder and with its long tail fenced off the girl
from the people. Thus, the white dragon became the most devoted guard of the Fairy of
Eternal Youth. At the mountain peak in the cave in which the dragon dwelled, a castle
was built for the Fairy.

Merlin is the legendary wizard in the legend of King Arthur.

Three months went past; the knights and their people left this place because the
Fairy of Eternal Youth so directed. They reached the plain in a week. Here they went
their separate ways; each with his own people in his own direction. Count Gottfeld went
forward; Duke Artois to the right; and Baron Siegfried to the left. The Country of Frozen
Time turned out to be large and populated by different nations. The knights had to wage
war from time to time to subdue the inhabitants, but the forest where fairies, gnomes,
and goblins lived still remained inaccessible to them. The three knights created three
kingdoms. They all married girls from the conquered tribes in order to continue their

lineage but continued to worship the Fairy of Eternal Youth. Time passed and the time
came for all three to meet their hour of death. They set off again for the mountains to the
castle of the Fairy of Eternal Youth. There, a thousand steps from the cave of the dragon,
the knights died. The people erected in memory of them three burial mounds at the foot
of the mountain of the Fairy and the white dragon. At night the spirits of the three
knights, in armour with weapons and on horses, came out of the graves and patrolled
the surroundings. Does any danger threaten the lady of their hearts?
The history of the Country of Frozen Time only began with these events. The sons of
the three knights, after their fathers deaths, started right away to divide the kings
fortunes. They created twelve small kingdoms out of the three large ones. Some had
more, some had less, but all twelve new kings, having forgotten the paternal last wishes
for them to live in peace and harmony, began to wage war among themselves. Tribes of
wild people living in the forest, the swamps, and the mountains took advantage of this.
They meddled in the wars in order to get a share of the wealth. There began a golden
time for the dregs of society. The gnomes sided with one king; the goblins another. Only
the forest elves supported no one and were only for themselves. Then a coven of witches
flew in on brooms and in mortars.
The knights Gottfeld, Artois, and Siegfried had lived for three hundred years, and
the country did not know war or strife for three hundred years. Now, after the epoch of
prosperity, peace, and calm came the time of wars, barbarity, and suppression of
knowledge. The spirits of the dead kings were outraged. They left the graves and went
around the country, threateningly brandishing spears. People were frightened and the
strife ended, but only temporarily. As soon as the spirits left, war resumed. One of the
warring sides prevailed for a short while and a long-awaited peace began. Then a new
enemy appeared and war broke out with new vigour.
The situation changed when on the outskirts of the country in the opposite direction
from where the knight-founders came, an enormous city appeared from nowhere. It was
teeming with people and surrounded by high walls. Its inhabitants had guns and
muskets. The city subdued all the kings but it also grew poorer. There was no one with
whom to trade. This city had a very interesting and tragic history.
The city was beautiful and rich. Once, when enemies attacked the country, this city
was the only one that did not send soldiers to the common conflict. The townspeople
apparently assumed that the enemy would not reach their land, which was hidden
among the forests and swamps, but they were seriously mistaken. The enemy attacked
precisely their city and in spite of all obstacles surrounded it from all sides. A long,
exhausting siege began. It was not surprising that despite all requests and entreaties,
none of the other cities came to the aid of their compatriots, who had fallen on hard
times. All remembered how arrogantly the citizens of this besieged city had refused to
work together with everybody. Now, while it was fighting alone with hordes of enemies,
the rest of the cities gathered strength and prepared for war. When the townspeople
understood that they could not defend their hometown, they decided on a last resort.
The famous wizard Agaiya lived long ago. One time, he quarrelled with a powerful
prince who ordered that Agaiya be caught and burned on the stake near his castle. The
wizard managed to hide but forgot in his hurry to take the witchcraft books with him.
Without them he became as helpless as a child. The Princes soldiers delivered these
magic volumes to their lord. The Prince, no matter how he tried, was unable to read
them and in the end angrily ordered that Agaiyas books be burned. Soon he found out

that the wizard was in that same besieged city. The Prince sent his army there to pick up
the wizard, but the townspeople refused to turn in Agaiya because he had taught them
how to make artificial silk. Regardless of how much the Prince threatened, regardless of
how much he tried to break into the city by force, he did not succeed. He then
surrounded the city. The siege went on for three months and only ended when Agaiya
died. The Prince went home and the city settled down to its previous life.

The story does not end here. Before his death Agaiya had gathered the city officials
and solemnly announced, I thank you, noble citizens, for not turning me over to my
worst enemy. Now, old and weak, I have no strength to do anything for you except one
thing: I can move your city to the Country of Frozen Time. And then it will forever
remain as it is now. It wont become poorer but neither will it acquire wealth. Please
decide for yourselves how to proceed. But whatever you decide, my magic will remain in
power for three hundred years. You just have to come to my grave and utter the
incantation, Word of Agaiya, make it so! and everything will be carried out. Only please
remember: the city officials can make this decision only with the agreement of the
majority of the townspeople, and there must not be fewer than twenty people invoking
the incantation, otherwise any joker can take advantage of it. Goodbye! The wizard
Agaiya died with these words. The inhabitants of the city were puzzled. Why freeze time
for them? Indeed, so much good could be waiting in their future. Take the artificial silk

at least. Gold will fall into the treasury and fill the townspeoples purses from all over the
A hundred years passed. Now, when a cruel and merciless enemy threatened
destruction to the entire city, the people recalled Agaiyas words. There was no need to
choose in this fatal hour. Not half, but almost all the inhabitants decided to leave for the
Country of Frozen Time. A huge crowd headed by the officials and the mayor set off for
the city cemetery. To their horror, however, the townspeople discovered that no one
remembered where Agaiyas grave was located. In a hundred years, inscriptions on old
stone slabs had been rubbed away. The people cried out with grief and desperation. At
this time the enemies began the last and fiercest assault. They had decided to take the
city at any cost or die. The inhabitants of the city thought that their last hour had come,
but suddenly one of the graves, the most unpretentious and modest in look, lit up with a
bright white light. Everyone understood that this was Agaiyas grave. They shouted in
unison, Word of Agaiya, make it so! and a miracle happened. Before the eyes of the
dumbfounded enemy, the city began to sink slowly into the ground.
The enemies rejoiced at first. They thought that it would be easier for them to take
the city this way because its walls had become lower. Then it dawned on them that
witchcraft was at work here and they began to step back in panic. Those who tarried fell
into a deep abyss which was formed on the spot of a former ditch. Those who did not
manage to climb down from the walls which flared up like torches were instantly burned
like dry autumn leaves. The city continued to sink into the ground. Its high walls
disappeared, then the fortress towers. Later went the roofs of the highest houses, church
domes, and crosses on belfries. Finally, the town hall, the highest building of the city,
was hidden from sight. A blue flag with the emblem of a bear working on a loom sadly
waved its sharp ends. Only a huge deep pit remained on the spot of the city. There was a
heavy downpour. It poured until the water filled the rim of the foundation pit. Now on
that place lay a beautiful lake surrounded by dense forests on all sides. That was the way
the unknown city came to be in the Country of Frozen Time.
There lived in this city a master who built houses and palaces. His name was Walter
and he was a very skilful architect. Moreover, he was also an artist. He erected the White
Tower. Like all talented and brilliant people, Walter had enviers and ill-wishers. The
most well known and influential among them was the builder Patchery, a friend of the
mayor and the deputy of the city. He managed to convince them that Walter spent for
his own needs the money given to him by the city for construction of the new town hall.
Part of the money, Patchery assured them, Walter had hidden in his own house. They
went to check and found that the famous architect had a bag of gold. (Of course,
Patchery had placed it there.) Walter tried to convince his fellow citizens that he was not
guilty, but they sentenced him to death. Only at the last minute, when the executioner
was ready to chop off Walters head, was the death sentence commuted to exile.

Chapter Seven

Walter left his hometown with melancholy and a heavy heart. He walked out of the
gates with his vast family his wife, fourteen sons, eight daughters, twenty-eight
grandsons and granddaughters and fifty apprentices following in carriages behind
him. All of them made their way for an unknown land. Many townspeople saw them off
with sympathetic looks, but not a single person stood up for the wrongfully-convicted
Walter because all, knowing the vindictiveness and insidiousness of the mayor and the
deputy, feared them.
The whole summer Walter and his companions wandered around the country. What
adventures and experiences he had. Several times greedy knights attacked his caravan.
Only pistols and muskets helped to beat them off. Evil goblins tried to steal the women.
Grenades with gunpowder saved them. A gigantic eagle carried off Walters youngest
and favourite son, a ten-year-old boy
Walter pursued the predatory bird for three days. When his horse dropped, he ran
after the eagle. He pursued the kidnapper until the eagle reached its nest and delivered
the loot to the nestlings. The little ones by all appearances were full. Fortunately, the
hen eagle had recently fed them so they did not tear the boy to pieces but made him
their playmate. Walter sat on a rock and started to think how to save his son. He sat for
a long time but could not come up with anything. The nest was on the top of the highest
tree and either the eagle or the hen eagle was constantly in it.
Chance, however, decided everything. A dragon was hunting nearby and the eagle,
being carried away in pursuit of a wild horse, flew into its territory. The dragon was
outraged that a stranger had encroached upon its grounds and attacked the eagle. The
two giants were locked in a terrible battle. For a long time neither one of them could
gain the upper hand. The hen eagle came flying to the aid of its mate but it was too late.
The mortally wounded eagle fell down like a rock and smashed against the ground. The
hen eagle shrieked so bitterly and loudly that all the beasts and birds many thousand

steps away heard it. The hen eagle rushed at the dragon in order to avenge its mate.
Although it was weaker than the dragon, it courageously fought it.
Walter started to pity the proud and beautiful bird. He recalled that it would not let
its mate kill his son, since the nestlings had fallen in love with the boy after playing a
little with him. Walter decided to help the hen eagle. Yet how could a simple person
interfere in the battle of the titans? He reached for his bow and smeared the arrow with
the deadly poison of a snake. He waited for the enemies to get close to the ground and
shot the dragon right in the eye. The snake poison acted instantly. The dragon fell to the
ground and rolled around for a long time until it let out a last breath. Then the hen eagle
also fell at the feet of the man. It had suffered a serious wound in battle. Walter began to
nurse it because he could in no way climb by himself up the tree with the eagle nest.
He treated the bird for three days before it could move its wings. Finally, the hen
eagle asked him, Who are you and why do you help me? Walter told it. The bird
hushed for a little and answered, Youre a noble person and Im beholden to you. Sit on
me; Ill carry you to your son. I told my mate many times not to steal people and their
young. He did not listen and fate punished him. Forgive me, Man, but grief may wait for
you in my nest. Three days have passed. My nestlings are probably so famished that
perhaps, good Walter, theyve eaten your son. Walter began to cry bitterly. He loved his
young son very much, much more so than the remaining sons and daughters, but he said
all the same, Even if the worst has happened, I want to look at the remains of my boy,
to gather and bury him as people are supposed to do. Please carry me to the nest. I must
carry out this ordeal.
The hen eagle fulfilled his request. How happy and amazed Walter was when he
found his son alive and unharmed in the nest. The hen eagle was also surprised to see
the sated eaglets. The boy hugged his father, who was weeping with joy and related how
everything went.
When the nestlings did not see their parents, they began to cry bitterly and entreat
the boy to feed them. What could a child do? He also cried and tried to persuade the
eaglets to be patient. We cant, shouted the nestlings. If we dont eat in a day, well die
from hunger. Then the boy promised to give them his foot if nothing changed. The
eaglets quieted down and began to wait for evening. The boy also waited in fear for the
evening. He got so tired with uncertainty and expectation that he did not notice himself
falling asleep.
It was already evening when he awoke. Suddenly the boy heard some suspicious
noises in the tree branches. He looked and saw that a bear was clambering along the tree
trunk. Obviously, it had found out that the eagles were not at home and decided to feast
on the nestlings. What could he do? The boy hurriedly looked in search of a way out. He
found a large bone. It was sharp like a spear at one end. The boy gripped it and with all
his might struck the bear in the eye at exactly the moment the robber got into the nest.
The hit was so precise and strong that it slew the bear outright. The bear meat was
enough to feed the eaglets for exactly two days.
After listening to the boys story, the hen eagle exclaimed, Oh, Walter, youre a
great person! Both you and your son! For your son saving my nestlings and your
returning me my life, I swear to you that my children and I will forever serve and help
you in every way. From this day it began to be much easier for Walter and his
companions to continue their wanderings in search of a better fate; they immediately

had four strong defenders the hen eagle and its three rapidly-growing young, gigantic

Walter was finally lucky. His caravan turned up at the foot of a large hill. The hill
caught the fancy of the architect and he decided to settle on it. He began to build a house
at the peak. He had many assistants. The house came out excellently well big and
bright. It had enough space for all. But Walter did not know that he had built his house

where the king of the underground gnomes lived. The gnome king was terribly angry at
the people and decided to punish them for their lawlessness.
At night when Walter was sleeping, the gnome king sneaked into the house and
started to cast spells. He wanted to change all the people into marble slabs. Fortunately,
Walters wife, Lutetia, woke up. She saw the king but in the dark took him for a rat. She
grabbed her husbands heavy boot and launched it at the gnome. The king fell down
from the stool on which he was standing and, after hurting his head, began to howl from
pain. There was such a commotion that the glass in the windows began to jingle.
Everyone ran around in search of the gnome, but no matter how much they searched,
they could not find him. Then, having calmed down somewhat, people again went to
their rooms.
Lucy, Walters five-year-old granddaughter, his favourite, also went to her bed. She
had a separate bed in the childrens room. Lucy had barely climbed under the blanket,
which she did later than all the children because she had lost a doll in the confusion,
when she discovered the frightened gnome king under her pillow.
Ah, so heres why there was such a noise! exclaimed the girl. Must tell Grandpa
about you. Dont do this, my dear girl! the gnome begged. From shock he had
forgotten all the spells and now was completely helpless, even before a child. Why did
you come to us? Lucy began to question him. I live here. Not true, we live here! No,
girl. You live above and we gnomes deep underground. You make such noise during the
day that we have no peace from you. Now a woman almost hurt me with a boot. How Im
still alive, I dont understand.

Lucy was sorry for the gnome and told no one about him. Is it really possible to hide
a gnome under the pillow in a room where not fewer than thirty children live? Certainly
not! One of the boys woke up, heard Lucy talking with the gnome, took him away from
the sister, and instantly showed everybody. The children nearly tortured the gnome king
to death, forcing him to run, jump, and perform different tricks. On seeing how her
gnome was panting and hardly breathing from fatigue, Lucy tried to end the cruel fun.

The other children would not listen to her though, and even threatened to beat her if she
interfered with them. The toddler ran in tears to complain to Grandpa. Walter calmed
his granddaughter down and went with her to the childrens room. He made it just in
time a little more handling and the gnome would have died of fatigue. Walter picked
him up, apologized for his kids, and carried him into his workshop.
The gnome king told the man that he had not only saved him but also Walter
himself. If I had perished, he said, then towards morning my subjects would have
come and destroyed all of you. Walter shuddered from the thought of the danger which
had threatened them all. When Walter found out that he and his family had destroyed
the peace of the underground kingdom of gnomes, he was very upset and began to think
how he could correct the situation. The king advised Walter to build one more floor.
Then youll live higher and we wont hear you. Thats right! Walter was pleased.
What was said was done. Work was in full swing. Soon all the inhabitants of the
house moved to the second floor. They asked the gnomes whether they were still
bothering them now. The confused gnomes said that nothing had changed. Walter
erected the third and fourth floors. But the gnomes were dissatisfied as before. They
even undertook to help the people in the construction. They turned out to be very good
assistants. The house became increasingly higher and higher.
Walter was not only a builder and an architect but also a true artist, a brilliant artist.
A true artist cannot live if he does not realize an idea once it has visited him. The
thought of building a high, high tower suddenly came into Walters head. He saw it in
his imagination during dinner. He was so amazed that his hand with a spoon froze in the
air and his mouth even remained open. Walter immediately sat down to sketch. He did
not leave the workshop for two weeks. When the concept was captured on paper, he
quickly ordered the work to begin.
Work moved into full swing. Walter first of all directed his apprentices to find the
most expensive and most valuable materials for the building. Great help in this was
rendered to him by the king of the underground gnomes himself. Indeed, gnomes know
about everything hidden underground. The gnome showed the architect the deposit of
white marble in the deep mountain gorge. However, it was beyond the peoples power to
drag the enormous marble blocks over to the construction site. Walter was on the brink
of desperation but recalled the gigantic eagles. The birds which had vowed to forever
serve Walter and his family accomplished this task with ease. When the gnome king saw
that eagles had joined the operation, he removed his crown, put on his working cap, and
picked up tools in his hands. His subjects did not want to lag behind their king and also
ran to the great project.

The tower began to grow not in days but in

hours. It rose higher and higher all the time and
with each new floor became all the more beautiful.
One day Walter saw some people approaching the
hill. His former fellow citizens, who also could not
stand the persecutions of the mayor, had left the
city and arrived here. Walter did not bear a grudge,
forgave them for their former betrayal, and
welcomed all into his family. The construction
went still more rapidly. Regardless of how well and
efficiently the builders worked, the tower took
twenty-five years to be constructed.
Now its okay to die! Walter exclaimed when
he saw his creation finished. He was already old
and after these words he lived for only one more
year. Before his death, however, one more thing
happened which plunged the people into sorrow.
The fact was that the gnomes could no longer
live in the depths of the land. The reason was the
tower. It was so enormous and heavy that the
gnomes began to suffocate. How could they drive
away the people who turned out to be such good
and loyal friends? Moreover, the gnomes could not
destroy the tower which they had constructed with
their own hands. Not a single gnome would lift a
hand against this beauty; therefore, the gnomes
themselves decided to leave to live in another place. The farewell with the people was
bitter and sad. The king of the underground gnomes, with a heavy heart, left the
homeland where many generations of his ancestors had lived. Walter was sad because
he felt guilty for the fate to which he condemned a whole nation which he liked so well.
Walter died, never feeling happy again. Is it really possible to be happy when you
know that, thanks to you, someone suffers and wanders around the world? All the same,
fate spared the great architect. He was never to know that the main creation of his life
would bring people many misfortunes and troubles.

Chapter Eight

Kate had already flown for two hours but she felt neither cold nor the strong
scorching wind that Nick had feared. Land spread out below. The chair soared at the
height of a birds flight and everything that was drifting below was excellently visible.
Holding firmly onto the back of the chair, Kate enjoyed the flight.
Once the chair rose so high above the clouds that it seemed to Kate as if she were
flying over a snowy valley. There she met the Fulcrum with the pilot Speechmaker at the
controls. The chair, after circling a little around the aircraft, again dived down. Kate
began to squeal in fear because the drop was so fast and unexpected; fortunately, the
chair soon slowed down. Kate took a look down and saw that a forest stretched out as far
as the eye could see. The girl recalled her brother and her parents and became so sad
that she was ready to start crying.
Here Kate spied under her the smooth surface of a lake in the forest. The chair
suddenly flipped over so Kate found herself upside down and falling like a bullet. The
water was approaching with enormous speed. Kate was seriously frightened. Now she
and the chair would crash and turn into a flat cake. The air whistled in her ears. It
became difficult to breathe. Kate wanted to scream with horror but could not even open
her mouth. Now she would ram into the water. The girl closed her eyes tightly.
MAMA!!! sneaked into her head.
The impact with the water did not happen. Kate waited for a minute then opened
her eyes. Were they really already under water? She did not feel water. The chair
continued to fly but no longer with such breakneck speed. Kate looked around. She

could not understand what had happened. It seemed to her that she was flying through a
fog. She became ill at ease, as if she had found herself in an underpass without light.
Kate pressed into the chair and held her breath. She was afraid that any minute now
some monster, like in horror movies, would jump out of the fog and swallow her
together with the chair.
Kate did not know how much time had passed maybe a few minutes or maybe
hours. Kate heard strange sounds similar to the flapping of gigantic wings, children
crying, or the hysterical laughter of an old man. Finally, Kate flew out into pure
transparent air and she sighed with relief. The chair sighed also. Yes, yes, this was
precisely what happened. In exceptional circumstances, chairs can also sigh.
A magnificent valley lit by a bright sun appeared before Kate. On the horizon,
mountains with snow-covered peaks turned blue. It had cooled down. The girl shivered
and hid her hands in the pockets of the vest. Soon she found herself above the
mountains. Gorges and bottomless chasms flickered below. What if she had to search for
Gene somewhere in these mountains? Would she be able to stay alive in this snowy
silence? The girl became ill at ease. Fortunately, the chair did not stop. Finally, the
mountains began to thin. Kates mood improved.
More time passed; Kate and the chair had left the mountains behind long ago, and
suddenly the girl saw in front of her a small point flying towards her. The point was
swiftly approaching. Kate strained to examine the sky. What was this? A bird? No. It did
not look like a bird. This turned out to be a dragon. Yes! It was a real dragon with a scaly
body and membranous wings. Everything was as it should be. True, it was not big; one
could even say small no bigger than a car. On the whole, the usual flying serpent was
about three metres in length with a head like a crocodiles, only two times larger. It was
not a dragon but a dragonlet.
Kate was frightened. It was one thing to see a dragon in a movie but quite another to
meet one face to face. She opened her eyes wide with horror, squealed with fear, and
hung on to the back of the chair tightly with her hands. Dear chair, she shouted and
even began to urge it on like a horse, Im scared! Fly quickly from here! Oh, Mama! If a
chair could pant, then this chair would be panting with diligence. Either it was tired or it
simply could not fly fast in this country, or the magic feather had begun to lose its
power, but the distance between the chair and the dragon was shrinking quickly. Kate
clearly saw the small red eyes of the monster, and there was nothing in them except
greediness and spite.
Kate closed her eyes tightly. Collision with the terrible reptile seemed inevitable, but
the chair cleverly dodged. The dragon did not manage to brake and flew by. Kate hoped
that the danger had passed but not so. Not wanting to let go of the booty, the dragon
again went into pursuit. This time it needed much more time to catch up with the
fugitives. As always with dragons, the first impulse was strong and energetic. If
something does not turn out well, however, they instantly become lazy and careful. Very
likely, if the dragon were not hungry, it would wave goodbye to its possible meal and fly
The chair was rushing madly, but after some time the dragon again began to catch
up. It had already opened its mouth in anticipation of victory and, with a whistle cutting
the air, attacked Kate. The chair, however, leapt down so swiftly that the dragon again
missed the mark. Kate had time to notice its puzzled look. The dragon hissed with fury

and snapped its teeth rapidly. It was good that it was not yet breathing fire. The chair
rushed about from side to side like a little bird trying to slip away from a hawk.

Suddenly the dragons jaws closed down on a foot No, fortunately, not on a foot
but on a leg! The dragons teeth seized a chair leg. Kate screamed and started to beat the
dragon on the snout. Sometimes people in fear are very daring, but the dragon was not
thinking of weakening its grip. Crack! The leg broke off. The dragon began to gnaw it
zealously but quickly realized that it was cheated again. The leg turned out to be
unsavoury, even disgusting! It spat it out and again went into pursuit.

Kate gathered her wits and understood that now she would definitely be eaten like
some sausage if she could not come up with something this very minute. She began to
dig spastically in her knapsack, because she recalled that Nick had instructed her not to
lose it under any circumstances. One can certainly pour hot tea from the thermos onto
the dragon and then deal a blow with the pot on the head No, she was not an ace to
engage in a battle in the sky. Then Kates eyes fell on the survival kit or, as Nick called it,
civilized survival kit. In it were a knife, fork, spoon, corkscrew, can opener, and two
little plastic mushrooms in which were salt and pepper. It suddenly dawned on Kate.
She grabbed the one with pepper just in time. The dragon was already very close. Kate
opened the peppershaker with shaking hands and poured all the contents out onto her
palm. When the dragon was ready to attack, she unclenched her fingers and blew the
pepper away right into the monsters snout.
The dragon quickly blinked, rolled up into a ball, and then uncoiled, unable to
understand what had happened to it. It shot up like a candle into the clouds. There was a
bang in the sky like that from a cannon and immediately a machine gun started firing.
This was the dragon starting to sneeze and cough. For some time the dragon had no
time for Kate.
The girl gained respite and looked around. Under her was again the infinite carpet
of green forest. What luck! Here was where one could hide from the monster. Kate
mentally directed the chair downward and, miraculously, it obediently flew in the
direction indicated. Kate tried to use the back for steering. It worked. The chair changed
direction and soon Kates feet almost touched tree branches. She went down even lower,
looked around, and discovered with horror that the dragon was again after her. It
sneezed, perked up, and rushed in pursuit with even more excitement. It simply did not
want to part with its prize.
Kate abruptly directed the chair into the first gap that came into view. The dragon
was after her. The flight continued now right in the forest under the crowns of trees. The
chair shot past between the trunks. Now the speed with which it flew was especially
noticeable. Everything flickered so before Kates eyes that her head was just spinning.
She almost cut into a tree and barely managed to turn to the side. She had to
concentrate in order to avoid further collision. It was very scary but Kate could not stop.
Indeed, the dragon had almost caught her. Its wings were audibly flapping behind her
back. It orientated itself wonderfully in the forest and accomplished complicated
manoeuvres with ease. Even when Kate risked her life to fly between two birch trunks
forming a bear spear, the dragon managed to turn its body and not injure its wings. She
had so hoped that it would either be held up or break its bones.
Kate was unbelievably lucky then in the next instant. She noticed in front of her the
fragment of a trunk sticking out of the ground. The fragment was protruding at an angle
and its end was sharp like a pencil, as if someone had especially sharpened it. Not
particularly sure of what to do, Kate rushed to it. The monster followed her. Right before
the very point the girl turned sharply to the side and the dragon, almost having caught
up with her, flew into the stake and plunged into it with its entire mass. The stake
pierced the thorax, passed right through the body of the monster, and was painted with
dark-brown blood gushing out of its back right at the place where a wing grew. The
serpent roared with pain, began to twitch, grabbed the trunk with its paws, wound its
tail around it, pulled at it, and tried to extract it from the ground. Strength had already
left the dragon and it began to fade away.

Kate saw none of this. She continued to bolt and kept on changing direction to
muddle up her tracks. She would have flown this way for even longer but suddenly felt
how the chair had lost speed and height. Kate lost her head and looked around in fear.
There was no one behind her. The dragon was no longer after her. Her heart, though,
was still beating wildly. It throbbed even more when Kate discovered that the chair had
one less leg. When did it break off? In the heat of the pursuit the girl had noticed
The chair touched down after flying a little longer; at the same time it broke one
more leg and landed on one side. Kate hardly had time to jump from it. She stood and
for a long time could not recover her breath, as if she had run a hundred-metre sprint. It
seemed to her that the dragon would now appear again and pounce on her. However,
everything was quiet and the girl began to calm down but then she saw that the magic
feather had separated from the overturned chair. It hung in the air for an instant, then
weakly lowered to the ground and disappeared.
Kate understood that her magic flight had ended. Her earlier fear instantly changed
into a feeling of annoyance. Cursed dragon! What the devil! She would have to go on
foot now. With a sigh Kate threw the knapsack onto her back and walked through the
forest. Finally, she decided that this country could be considered to be in a fairy tale.
Nothing bad happens to heroes in fairy tales.

Chapter Nine

Kate strolled pensively through the unknown land for quite a long time. An
unknown forest surrounded her on all sides. It was mute with neither a rustle nor bird
songs. The girl was ill at ease; therefore, she also went in silence and only occasionally
looked at the compass in her right hand. The blue needle pointed in the same direction
which the chair had flown before meeting the dragon. The watch in her left hand had
stopped moving completely. Kate discovered this as soon as she found herself on the
ground. She was very scared and upset. Had it really been broken? Kate did not know
that she was in the Country of Frozen Time.
Suddenly Kate saw a stump. She was pleased because she was tired of walking and
dreamed about resting. Once sitting, she suddenly surmised that as there was a stump,
there would be people living hereabout. Indeed someone had sawed it down! It meant
the forest was not as uninhabited as it had seemed at first glance. Kate looked closely
and attentively into the depths of the forest and not so much saw as felt that she was
being observed from the bushes. The girl flinched and drew herself up. Whos there?
Well, come out!
The forest instantly came alive. From behind the trees people in ancient clothing,
predominantly green and yellow, appeared. They walked right to Kate. These were men,
all rather short and armed with swords and bows. There were about forty men. The
soldiers stopped ten steps from Kate and began to look at her in amazement. Judging by
the expression on their faces, the forest people did not have bad intentions. Kate did not
know what to do. She looked at the soldiers and kept silent.
The silence did not continue for long. The staccato of horse hooves was suddenly
heard. The sound came nearer. It compelled the inhabitants of the forest to part. Several
riders came out of the bushes. Prince Arinaco, Prince Arinaco! a whisper buzzed
among the foot soldiers as they bowed their heads in deference to the arrivals.

The riders dismounted. The oldest, tallest, and most broad-shouldered of them
handed his rein to the soldier running up and approached Kate. His clothing and
footwear were distinguished by workmanship and richness. He looked at the girl with
interest. A boy about ten walked behind him. Kate, not removing her eyes from the
Prince, noticed his enthusiastic look.

Prince Arinaco bowed before Kate and said, I welcome you, young stranger, to our
land. I, Prince Arinaco, ruler of the Green Forest, and my people will help you in every
way in appreciation of your freeing our land from the terrible forest dragon. Not one of
my soldiers could handle this monster. I myself am no longer young and not as quick as
before, and my son, he nodded to the boy, is too young. He hasnt yet reached the age
when boys put on mens pants and become soldiers.

The Princes son was robed in a beautiful blue tunic girded at the waist and reaching
down to his knees. His legs, ending in short soft boots, were naked. He looked at Kates
jeans with awe.
Kate thought frantically. Why do they call her stranger? Why this respect for her?
Were these people really watching her encounter with the dragon? Perhaps she killed it?
Moreover, they are taking her for a boy. Probably this was due to her wearing pants.
Better not dissuade them from this. Kate decided to play the role which circumstances
I flew Kate stammered, flew here in search of my younger brother. He was
kidnapped. I mustmust find and save him. You are not only a noble knight
conqueror of the dragon but also endowed with magical powers, continued Arinaco.
None of the people can fly in the air like a bird. I cannot fly. Simply said, the great
magician Nick created a flying horse and I flew on it to your country. However, my horse
perished in the battle with the dragon. And Im faced with a long journey if I dont find
my brother with you. Wild imagination and no small amount of reading adventure and
fantasy books had helped Kate to compose so plausibly.
We cannot get you a new flying horse but, of course, we will give the usual to so
great a soldier. By the way, please give your name, knight. Kate was lost. My name
is she thought frantically, my name is Count Caterino. A horse for the knight
Caterino! ordered the Prince. Immediately they brought the girl a beautiful white
jumper. Kate took the reins with fear. I must say, she uttered hesitantly, that in the
country where I came from there are no such animals. Please dont worry, this is a
quiet horse. Two servants helped Kate climb into the saddle and stood on each side,
holding the jumper by the bridle. The Prince waved his hand, and the cavalcade set out.
This was the first time in her life Kate was sitting on a horse. She was very
unaccustomed to riding and found it inconvenient. It was perhaps better to fly on a
chair. In any case, a chair was not jolty and stiff. The trip was not long, fortunately. Very
soon Kate saw a rather unusual city. It was hanging in the forest. It was hanging because
the houses were built directly at the crowns of the trees and more resembled bird nests
giant nests.
The Prince rode up to a gigantic oak with the biggest dwelling located on its
branches. Kate guessed that this was Prince Arinacos house. The Prince proposed that
she be the first to enter the house along a rope staircase which looked so unreliable that
the girl was at a loss. She was undecided for so long that there was an awkward pause.
Prince Arinaco frowned. Kate was ready to start crying, but the Princes son saved the
Father, he turned to the Prince, the knight Caterino doesnt know our customs
and may be unable to enter our palace according to the rules. Please allow me to show
him how this is done. The Prince nodded. A smile returned to his face. The boy jumped
from his horse and, quick as a lizard, climbed along the stairs into the opening of the
nest. Kate followed him. She made a vow to herself that henceforth she would try not to
be afraid. Her indecision had almost robbed her of Prince Arinacos favour.
Real rooms and corridors turned out to be inside the princely dwelling. Everything
was made of wood and decorated with skilful ornamental designs. The floor, covered
with soft skins and carpets, trembled slightly underfoot.

The Prince appeared behind the girls back and invited her into one of the rooms.
Here you will be able to rest, he said. They will now bring you food and drink. Then,
after you have had a good sleep, well wait for you in the main clearing. Arian, my son,
will take you there. You wont object if he serves as your page? Not at all. I am grateful
to you with all my heart, Prince Arinaco. But may I ask a question? Im listening.
What will be in the main clearing? A feast in honour of Count Caterino, the flying
knight and conqueror of the forest dragon.

One more question? Kate took a chance. Why dont you require any proof from
me that Im a Count and a knight? Has no one ever cheated you? The Prince smiled,
We dont fear fraud since one cannot cheat without harming oneself. One who lies
cheats himself first and last. In our land, whoever overcomes the dragon is considered a
knight from that second no matter what he was. And my people saw how you sent the
dragon to the aspen stake.
So the dragon is really dead? Kate was surprised. Yes. It perished in the fatal
struggle with you, young knight. Our blacksmiths are already forging for you a sword
and a shield with the image of the fallen monster, and the women are weaving a cloak
necessary for a true soldier. You are in for a long journey, Caterino. Without a loyal
friend, a good horse, and a good weapon you wont manage outside the boundaries of
my domain. We will give you a horse and weapon. You will find the friend yourself. But
sleep now. Our main conversation with you is yet to come. And Prince Arinaco left
without saying another word.
Kate, without undressing, lay down on the high and wide bed with a canopy and
instantly fell asleep. The amazing events of the day had completely tired her out. When
she woke up, she saw Arian sitting by the bed. Youre awake at last, Knight Caterino!
he was pleased. The feast in your honour will begin any minute now. The fires are
already burning and meat is cooking. Father has ordered the uncorking of a barrel of the
best wine.
For several seconds Kate could not understand who he was and what she was doing
here, but she jumped from the bed when she recalled. The boy got up from the bench
and handed her a large wooden bowl with water. Water from the cleanest stream, he
reported. You can wash well with it. It isnt poisoned.
Kate thrust a finger into the icy water. Brr-r! How cold! Right away she no longer
wanted to wash. Then she recalled that boys should not fear washing with cold water. It
meant she was also obligated to do this, not carefully like a girl, but like a boy like a
knight. Indeed, she was a knight now. The girl took a deep breath and, after scooping
water with her hands, plunged her face in after them. On straightening and snorting, she
was convinced that her actions had produced an impression on the Princes son. He
handed Kate a towel embroidered with forest birds.
Your name seems to be Arian? she asked, drying herself. Yes. Father told me that
Ill be your page while youre in our land. Excellent! It means youll tell me
everything. What do you want to find out from me? I want you to tell me about your
country, about what events happened here recently. Everything is interesting to me. Of
course, Ill tell you everything you want. How long have you been wearing long pants?
Indeed, were almost no different in height. Arian tried to stand beside Kate to compare
her height with his. He sighed with disappointment; he was half a head shorter. This is
already my fourth pair of jeans. The boy became round-eyed. But then a servant
entered and said that everything was ready. Lets go, Arian despondently proposed.
Only this time you must go out first. OK. Gosh, the page exclaimed in conclusion.
You even slept like a real knight. How so? the girl was astonished. In your clothes.
It was not far to the main clearing. There were long tables and dozens of campfires
burning, and exuberant merriment had already begun. Kate and Arian hurried to the
festive table. The first thing the girl saw at the feast, and which made her flinch and
shudder with fear, was the dragon that she had vanquished. It was illuminated by the
flame of the fires, or rather its effigy was. The forest people had brought it here as a

valuable trophy. When they saw Kate arriving, they broke out into joyful and welcoming
shouts and applause. Prince Arinaco personally led the girl to her place next to his
throne. Arian followed behind Kate like a loyal bodyguard.
The feast began. Kate was given an enormous platter with large pieces of cooked
meat. Kate loved meat and with greediness attacked the most appetizing piece. Then she
came to her senses and looked around. Everyone was probably looking at her and she
was eating so unbecomingly. Nothing came even close. All who were sitting at the tables
were eating with greediness and grabbing food with their hands. No one paid Kate any
attention. All the same, she began to watch her manners.
Then Prince Arinaco got up and proposed to pay tribute to the honoured guest. Kate
was given a goblet. She looked around at Arian, Whats this? Wine, the question
seemed to surprise the boy. And I have to drink it? Of course. The newly made Count
could in no way do this. Listen, if I dont drink this, will I really insult your father? He
wont forgive you. He just announced a health resort in your honour.
What am I to do? Kate thought. Listen, Arian, dont you want to drink this for
me? Your father wont know anything. Hes looking at the jester. Arian gave it some
thought. The temptation was great. He had not been given wine, but he so wanted to
perceive himself as an adult. Lets! The boy handed her his cup which had held a
beverage from forest berries. Kate quickly poured out the contents of her goblet into
Arians cup. The boy instantly pressed it to his lips, and she pretended that she had
drunk her wine.
Just then Arinaco turned to her again. Now comes the time to answer your
questions, Count Caterino, he said solemnly. What do you want to find out? White
swans kidnapped my brother. Kate had waited for this conversation for a long time.
Did they fly over your land? I knew that you would ask about the swans. Why? The
girl felt how hard her heart was beating in her chest.
It was predicted to my people that the dragon would perish after swans with a
small boy on the back of one of them flew by in the sky. The swans and the boy had
flown past. Then you appeared and killed the dragon. This was a terrible monster. It is
not as huge as the rest of its fellows but agile and fast. It knew how to fly between trees
in the forest and hunted my subjects like an owl hunting mice. And there was no escape
from it. We cannot leave the forest. There is the Sovereigns domain. He ordered the
killing of each of our tribe because once he could not defeat my ancestor Prince Aristan.
Since then, the Green Principality has been declared as rebellious and my people as
How long ago did this happen? What, the mutiny? No, the swans with the boy,
my brother! From agitation, Kate even had tears in her eyes. Already half a year.
Half a year?!! The news shook her. Yes. The answer simply disconcerted the girl.
Was she really mistaken? Were these really other swans?

Prince Arinaco noticed the change in Kates

face. Why has this surprised you so? But
indeed they kidnapped him only yesterday!
Which means one day if you came from
another country. Did you perhaps fly over the
mountains? Yes, Kate absent-mindedly
nodded. I thought so. You pass a day there;
its a year or two for us. A year for us is a
century there beyond the void. Your time has
no meaning for us. We have our own time.
Frozen time. But its also time.
These words encouraged Kate. Maybe it was
Gene. And whose swans were they? They
are the Sovereigns servants. The Sovereign?
Yes, they served him. But why served? The
Prince looked wonderingly at Kate and said,
Because he died. Of course, you couldnt have
known this. Kate drooped completely. Now
she understood nothing at all.
Where am I to search for Gene? she asked
herself. Is that the boy who was with the
swans? Yes! I dont know. We live in too
remote a place and news reaches us with great
delay. What am I to do? There is a way, but
dont know if you have enough courage to use
it. What is it? Kate exclaimed. I am ready
ready for everything. Please tell me! At the
edge of the forest lives the witch Ruina. She
has a magic cauldron. In it she can see everything that happens in our country and the
Sovereigns domain. I must go to her! Right now!
Youre a daring knight, Prince Arinaco smiled encouragingly and clapped. Two
servants immediately ran up to them. One carried a bundle in his hands; the other led a
horse by the rein, the same horse that Kate had been riding. The horse you already
know, said Arinaco. Its name is Mirko. Please also accept the weapons made by our
blacksmiths a shield and a sword to match your height. Here is a cloak with a gold
buckle, woven and sewn by our women. Please put them on and sit in the saddle. My son
will show you the way.
Arian was already sitting on his horse and holding it back with difficulty. Kate did
not have time to recover as they put the cloak and the sword on her and sat her down on
Mirko. The shield was suspended from the saddle. Goodbye, knight, light melancholy
was heard in Arinacos voice. Well probably never see each other again. Thank you,
Kate only had time to shout. She and Arian were already rushing through the forest into
the night.

Chapter Ten

The way to the witch turned out to be long. Late evening changed into deep night
and Kate and Arian were still on the road. No matter how strange, the second time on a
horse was considerably easier. The thought that it was her own horse, and even with
such a pretty name, helped the girl.
This witch is a terrible old woman, Arian related. She doesnt harm us because
she fears my father. But he says never to trust her completely. She only waits for the day
when she can play a mean trick on us. So I wont go into her cave with you but will wait
at the entrance. Tell me, do normal people live in caves perhaps? No. Of course not.
All normal people live on trees. This made Kate laugh. Not all, she objected. All
around the world people live in houses which stand on the ground. In fact Ive heard
this. Arian scratched his head. But I never believed it. Its the truth.
Tell me, Caterino, are you planning on going to the Sovereigns domain? Yes.
Take me with you! Ill be your armour-bearer and accompany you everywhere. Well
talk about this after the conversation with Ruina. What if my brother is in this forest?
Unlikely. We would have known this.
It seemed to Kate that the boy was not quite steady in the saddle. Whats with you?
Dont know, somehow my head is spinning and everything is swimming before my
eyes. Im shaking so badly on the road. Kate burst out laughing. Arian, youre drunk!
Drunk? Yes, my wine, which you drank its acting on you. The boy answered
nothing. He simply fell down from the horse. Who-a, Mirko! Kate also stopped. To
climb from the horse independently was not simple. The girl began to slide down and, in
the end, fell down like a sack next to Arian.
Arian! she began to shake his shoulder. How much further to go? The forest has
almost come to an end. The page looked at her with lacklustre eyes. He had difficulty
understanding what the discussion was about. There to the right of the goat path, he
finally mumbled, go along it and youll reach the cave. Ruinas in it. Wait, Ill take you.
He tried to get up by grabbing Kates shoulder. The girl nearly fell while he was getting
up. Some loyal page, she muttered. Should have drunk that cursed wine yourself.

Youre the knight, not me. And its for you the wine was poured as for an adult soldier.
Kate immediately became silent.
Kate found the path which Arian talked about and went on foot. She did not want to
clamber up onto the horse again. The page dragged himself behind her. After about
fifty steps he mumbled something and fell down as if dead on the ground. Kate was
frightened and ran up to him. However, everything was fine with him. The boy had
simply fallen asleep and was now snoring loudly.
Kate went further alone. There were fewer trees and they were all whimsical and
homely. There were fewer leaves on them but more wobbly twigs and long branches like
the legs of a heron. The dwelling of the witch was beside it. Kate became uneasy
almost terrified. Here was a grey cliff with a dark crack at the base, which was the
entrance into the cave. Did she really have to go in there? Kate took a little bug flashlight
out of the knapsack and turned it on. The flashlight hummed and a timid ray, hardly
enough to dispel the darkness, penetrated the cave. Kate took heart and entered the
sorceress den.
Anybody here? Kate asked loudly as soon as she had taken a few hesitant steps. In
answer was silence. She heard only incomprehensible, barely audible rustles. Kate
continued to pick her way carefully among the enormous bottles and jugs, boxes and

Im looking for the witch Ruina! Kate again loudly declared. A gurgling and raspy
voice answered her, And you arent afraid that youll be turned into a toad or a
crocodile here? Kate shrieked and dropped the flashlight. It instantly became as dark as
in a cellar. The girl in panic squatted and began to fumble with her hands on the floor in
search of the flashlight. Something small ran past her palm. It was probably a mouse.
Kate leaped and squealed so loudly that every living thing in the cave almost went deaf.

Now stop! the same voice ordered. Kate finally found the flashlight, which
fortunately turned out to be by her feet, and switched it on. No one! Who are you? the
voice again asked. Im Count Caterino, Kate mumbled, tongue-tied, a knight. A
knight?! the voice was filled with indignation. Youre a knight? A boy with pants on
and you think youre a knight! I I killed the forest dragon! Killed the forest
dragon? Kate was tired of talking to someone unknown. Perhaps you will come out
after all? she proposed. Well, if you so want! Out of a basket climbed a crow as big as
a chicken.
Ca-aw, it croaked, knight, tell me what you
want! Kate sat down. Are you Ruina? The crow
looked around. In fact, there is only one Ruina, it
cawed pensively. Shes certainly not a bad witch
but she doesnt have the ability to replicate
herself. Kate understood that the crow was
confused that she addressed it like a person.
And Im not Ruina. The crow coquettishly
preened its feathers with its beak. I am her
beloved assistant. You know that each witch must
have either a black cat or a crow. Yes, Ive heard
this. But where is Ruina, then? Shes sleeping.
Sleeping? Yes! Ca-aw-ca-aw, shes sleeping
because, the crow bobbed up and down, because
she intends to set off for battle with the dragon!
But then you have already killed it? Yes. These
knights, forever interfering in others affairs. I
think Ruina wont like this. Shell probably eat
you. Let her try! Kate was indignant and just in
case grabbed the sword.
Stop talking nonsense, Esmeralda! suddenly
another voice was heard. And you, knight, dont
get excited. Kate looked around. A woman was
standing behind her. She was dressed as richly as
Prince Arinaco, only her cloak was so long that it
was dragging on the ground.
Are you Ruina? Yes. Why have you come to me? Prince Arinaco sent me. He
said that only you know where to find the boy the swans were carrying. Prince
Arinaco, a boy, swans, Ruina said in a drawn-out style. You want to find this out,
knight, and how will you pay? Do you have gold? Gold? Kate was confused. No.
Would you like me to give you the flashlight? What would I do with it? To have light
at night. The crow Esmeralda was laughing so hard that it fell down into the basket of
acorns. Ruina smiled. Her eyes sparkled and at the same instant all the torches which
were attached to the cave walls flared up. There was light. And you think I need your
pitiful lamp? smiled the witch. Kate kept silent.
But you were not alone when you came here, not waiting for an answer, Ruina
continued. Where is your companion? He remains outside. He led me here and
remained. Why do I need him here? Actually, unexpectedly the witch was happy,
why do you need him now? Lets concur. Ill show you everything you ask and youll

give me Arian. Arian?! Kate was staggered. Why do you want him? None of your
business! No, I dont agree. Then off with you, Ruina answered quietly. Off, ca-aw,
ca-aw! Esmeralda carried on joyfully.
Kate understood that she had lost her last chance. If she would not agree to the
witchs terms, she would not learn where to search for Gene. But what was to be done
about Arian? Could she betray him and his father? Could she really be so despicable?
Ah, to heck with it! Kate decided to herself. Ill pretend to agree and then think of
something. Fine, she said aloud, let it be as you wish. Come. Ruina headed for the
furthest corner of the cave. Kate followed her. Esmeralda was hopping last.
Here it is, Ruina announced with pride. Kate saw a cauldron above the hearth.
Some brown broth was gurgling in it. A wicker cage hung beside it. A pigeon sat inside.
Ruina took it out of the cage and lifted a knife above it. Oh, what are you doing?!
exclaimed Kate. Dont! She was very afraid for the bird. Foolish boy, grumbled
Ruina, I need five drops of blood. Where should I get them, in your opinion? From me?
Or are you suggesting I carve up Esmeralda? This is a very old cauldron. Formerly in the
big world it belonged to the Druids. And it will show nothing without blood. Better to
take my blood! Kate implored and held out her hand. And let the bird go, please.
Hmm, why not let it be your blood. Ruina released the pigeon and it flew to the cave
exit. Esmeralda wanted to pursue it but curiosity won and it remained on the spot. The
crow, however, could not restrain itself and swore with annoyance, Ca-aw, darn all
Kate bit her lip when Ruinas knife went over her palm. Blood dropped into the
cauldron. The girl turned away. A knight shouldnt fear the sight of blood, the witch
said instructively. What should it show you? My brother. Look.
Kate and Ruina looked into the cauldron. Nothing was visible at first. Then the
gurgling liquid smoothed out and an image began to appear on its surface. They saw
swans flying in the sky. A boy sat on one of them. Its him! Kate shouted. She
recognized Gene and was very happy. Quiet or youll spoil everything!
Gene was already conversing with the Sovereign. Kate and Ruina could not hear
about what. This old man is the Sovereign, Ruina said with respect. Hes a great
magician. Interesting, why did he need this child? Kate did not answer. She would give
up everything to get an answer to this question.
The cauldron continued to show Gene riding in a coach around the rejoicing city. He
had on fairy-tale clothing. So he really became a prince! the girl sighed. The cauldron
of the Druids showed the White Tower, the throne hall, and the boy sitting in an
armchair. He was sad and pensive.
Are you sure this is your brother? The witch, like Kate, could not tear herself away
from the image. Yes. Im his the word sister almost escaped Kate, Im his
brother. You dont say; it means the Prince of the White Tower is your brother. The
Sovereign died and made your brother his heir. Now the Prince of the White Tower is
the Sovereign. He has power, authority, and might. The old Sovereign, before his death,
passed on almost all the magical power that he had. Kate listened with an open mouth.

No one expected the little boy to become the powerful ruler of the enormous
country. Many were pleased when they found out about the Sovereigns death. They
remembered the freedom of the past when each could be king. Unrest began. Several
provinces revolted and two rebellious principalities declared war on the Prince of the
White Tower. But the young ruler turned out to be a great general. He gathered an army
in two days and attacked the castle of Prince Alexandro the Black, the main nest of the
mutiny. The rebels defended themselves desperately and were certain of a victory. Did
they really think that a little boy in his first battle would crush their army and lay siege
to the castle on the second day? Prince Alexandro now sits in the castle prison of the

White Tower, and his principality was annexed to the Sovereigns domain. The same fate
would also befall any principality deciding to match strength with the Sovereign. The
remaining provinces have already resigned themselves.
Thanks to the magic cauldron, Kate saw her little brother in the different situations.
He was riding a horse as head of the troops, then in command of the assault on the
castle. Adults listened unquestioningly to the orders of a seven-year-old little one.
People in chains bowed before Gene; these were the prisoners. The boy looked sternly at
them. He said something and they took away the prisoners. Kate looked at Gene and
could not understand whether she was seeing her brother or someone else. Something
had happened to the boys appearance. Childishness and light-heartedness had
disappeared from his face. This was Gene but at the same time not him.
Ruina continued to narrate, And in the capital against Prince Eugene Eugene?
exclaimed Kate. So, its him after all! Dont interrupt. There emerged a plot against
the Prince. A plot? Yes. A group of courtiers headed by Defence Minister Leonari
decided to kill the boy on the day he entered the city. Chance saved the Prince. Marie,
Leonaris niece and former maid of the Prince related this to First Minister Gargulio. It
was worth her great effort to reach this high official. Gargulio waited until the Prince
began to enter the city. His people were at every turn, and when the killer attacked the
Prince with the knife, Gargulios people took him. Gargulio ordered that this be done at
the very second the knife was raised. He risked a great deal, but the risk was justified.
They saved the Prince and arrested all the participants in the plot. The killer and
Leonari were jailed and are awaiting trial.
Kate felt very sorry for her brother. In her heart emerged a hatred for the people to
whom the boy had come. They made him a prince and wanted to kill him at once! What
for? Poor little brother! What a terrible story he has found himself in! She must reach
him at all costs and return home. The determination to act appeared together with the
hatred. Kate could barely hold herself in check.
Listen to how it all ended. Ruina began to laugh loudly. Gargulio has become the
head honcho in the country. The Sovereign, more accurately the Prince of the White
Tower, entrusted him to look after everything and locked himself in solitude in the
Tower. Ha-ha-ha, foolish boy! He wanted to be a prince. Rookie! They cheated him.
Everyone cheated him! Ha-ha-ha! The swans, the Sovereign, and Gargulio! But you
dont know the most important
Stop! Kate shouted, almost in tears. Now be quiet! The girl saw Gargulios
contented and smirking face in the cauldron and could not control herself. She kicked
the magic cauldron. Oh, what are you doing? Ruina yelled in a voice unlike hers and
rushed to save the cauldron. It was already too late, however. The cauldron swayed and
toppled right into the fire. Sparks poured down. Something crackled and the cauldron
collapsed into small pieces. The witch and the girl hardly had time to jump to the side to
avoid being scalded.
My cauldron! Ruina tore at her own hair. What have you done, cursed boy?!
Oh, it was an accident! And now Ill turn you into worm and feed you to the crow!
Ruina began to swing her arms. Ca-aw, ca-aw, what a disaster! Esmeralda hopped
around the people. Quick, Ruina! Quickly turn him into a worm. Ca-aw-ca-aw!
In her rage the shocked witch had forgotten all the spells and rushed at Kate with
her fists. The girl snatched out her sword and, holding it with both hands, was ready to
meet the enemy. Only try to come near, you blasted witch. Ill chop off your head! she

threatened. Youll be bitterly sorry for this, Knight Caterino! the witch began to
threaten. You havent found out the most important thing about your brother. Danger
threatens him. Hell soon die. But youll find out nothing. Sooner or later Ill get you.
Kate was uneasy about the broken cauldron but nothing could be done any longer. Ill
manage without you! she shouted and ran out of the cave.
Oh, woe is me, woe! Ruina continued to keen. Nasty boy! Let the earth swallow
all the knights! Ca-aw, right away I didnt like him, Esmeralda carried on. Ruina saw
the crow and grabbed it by the neck. Her eyes were burning malevolently. The crow was
even frightened. Oh, oh! Dont look at me that way, mistress, or else Ill faint. Ca-aw!
Im so ner-vous! Listen to me, idiot! Ruina shook the bird. You know that I cant
leave this forest. So youll have to take vengeance for me! Understand? Understand.
Esmeralda is a clever bird. Youll have to harm him as soon as you can, and he must
not reach the Capital or his brother. Kill the boy, kill the knight Caterino. You do this
and Ill reward you royally. Fly! She released the crow and it flapped its wings, brushing
them against the cave walls as it rushed to the exit.

Chapter Eleven

Kate flew like a bullet out of the cave. What if they had actually transformed her into
something unknown? Her main thought, however, was about Gene. What she had
learned shocked the girl. Just think; he had really become a prince. What danger
threatens him? She must hurry.
The girl ran and suddenly stumbled over something and fell. It was Arian. He was
lying right in the middle of the path. It was only then that Kate remembered about the
boy. She must immediately get him out of here and as far away from Ruina as possible.
Arian, however, was sleeping, and no matter how Kate shook his shoulder, he did not
wake up. She had to drag him along with herself.
It was terrible dragging a knapsack and a drunken boy. On top of that, the sword
was really hindering her. Thank goodness she had arrived at the horses. Lifting Arian
onto the saddle, however, turned out to be many times harder than expected. The girl
was ready to start crying, but Arian came to and climbed up onto the horse by himself.
Dont forget, Im going with you, Caterino, he reminded her. Aha. I just dont get
enough of you. What direction are we going? Arian almost fell from the horse again.
I need to go where the Sovereign lives. So, to the Capital.
Kate thought for a bit. Listen, Arian. You cant go with me, she said firmly. Why?
the boy had difficulty understanding. The Sovereigns people will kill you like a rebel or
take you prisoner; then they will demand the principality from your father as ransom.
No. Ill go with you all the same, the boy obstinately objected. Who will find out that
Im from the forest principality? Any fool, after seeing your hair. Indeed, it has a
greenish tinge. No concern of yours, knight! Kate was tired of arguing. She climbed
onto Mirko and went ahead. Arian followed her.

Ruinas cave remained far behind and the sky overhead had already begun to
brighten when Kate stopped. Tell me, which way do I go? she turned to Arian. There.
The boy pointed. Kate looked at the compass. The needle indicated the same direction.
Listen, give me your belt. Why? I want to test you. Arian removed his belt and
handed it to Kate. Put your hands behind your back. Arian also did this. In a second,
Kate tied his hands with a double knot. Nick had taught her this as well as many other
things. Now try to free yourself. If you manage, you will go with me. If not, Ill send
your horse home. I think itll find the way.
Arian understood that he had been taken in. He jerkily began to break loose from
the fetters but to no avail. Tears glistened in the boys eyes. You tricked me! When
you put on long pants then Ill take you with me. But now goodbye and forgive me. I
dont want to risk you. One boy for me is already bad enough. Home! With these words,
Kate slapped Arians horse on the rump. The horse set off trotting back home. I hope he
wont fall down, Kate muttered, following him with a look. She then checked the
compass and also set off on her way.
When Kate was hidden from view, the leaves on the oak branch rustled and
Esmeralda appeared; her beady eyes sparkled. Well, well! the crow muttered. Have to
be on guard with this knight. Deceit doesnt work with him! The crow flapped its wings
and flew after Kate.
Kate continued her way in solitude. The sky brightened, stars grew dim, and before
long from behind the horizon appeared an edge of the solar disk which flooded the
ground with the first golden rays. Morning had arrived in the Country of Frozen Time
and the knight Caterino could barely keep her eyes open. A sleepless night was letting
itself be known. All the time on the road she met neither beast nor person. Kate started
to become exhausted although she had already gotten used to the saddle no matter how
strange it seemed and she did not feel any special inconvenience. Finally, she stopped
the horse and dismounted. Mirko began to nibble the grass which grew all around in

abundance. Kate spread the cloak on the ground, lay down on it, placed the knapsack
under her head, and fell asleep.
Esmeralda dropped like a stone as soon as it saw that the girl was sleeping. Caw-w,
what luck! The hero sleeps not suspecting that trouble follows! The crow began to
sneak up to Kate. First Ill steal his sword, then take away the horse, thenand what if I
peck out his eyes? Good idea. But the trouble is that hes not a corpse. What if he
suddenly wakes up? Hell pull out my tail; he definitely will. And break the wings boys,
theyre like that. What will I, an or-phan, be fit for then? Well, to heck with this knight!
Better I take away the horse. The crow began to sneak up to Mirko. Now Ill grab the
bridle and lead it away. I know a place. Wolves live there. The wolves will eat it and Ill
get the offal. Esmeralda was already very close. Mirko did not pay the bird any
attention. What if it kicks me? Esmeralda was suddenly afraid. Like giving me a hoof.
Who knows this horse! Its so strong. If it gives me a hoof in the chest, therell be no
more Esmeralda. Better I deal with them next time. The crow flew away.
Kate woke up after several hours. She ate what was left in her knapsack and again
set off on her way. This time, rested, she went much faster. The sun shone brightly; birds
were singing, and her soul became merrier. Kate began to hope that as she went further,
the road would be without special adventures. A small village appeared in front of her. It
was necessary to ask for food for the journey and feed for the horse.
The closer the hamlet came, the more unusual was its look. The tallest house in this
village was up to Kates shoulder. In order not to break anything, she tied Mirko to an
apple tree which was scarcely taller than she herself, and entered the village on foot.
Coming to meet her was a group of tiny people similar to dolls from a store and in the
same bright and motley clothing. A venerable old man with a white beard headed the
Are you gnomes? Kate rested her hands on her knees to examine the Lilliputians
better. No, we arent, answered the old man. Were normal people. And you, judging
by the clothing and the horse, are probably a wandering knight? Yes, Im going to the
Capital. I need the Prince of the White Tower. Kate noticed how the people brightened
up when they realized that a knight was before them.
Were very glad that you dropped in on us, the old man lifted up both hands,
Because we need help. Why did the sky create wandering knights? So that you would
help those in trouble. Whats your name? Caterino. What? Are you that same knight
Caterino, who defeated the forest dragon and cheated the sorceress Ruina? Yes, thats
me. But how did you find out about this? Birds. The birds told us everything. We know
that you saved the pigeon kings friend Vorkulina from death. That is all they are talking
about in the sky. And now we need your help, Knight Caterino.
Kate listened with her mouth open. Some fine mess she has gotten into! She had just
had two adventures, now the next one already loomed ahead. And what happened to
you? A terrible plight, the old man lifted his hands with grief. Trolls. Pardon?
Trolls. The trolls who live in the castle beyond the hill have cast a spell on our village.
In the castle beyond the hill? Yes. Weve lived with the trolls in peace for many years.
But several days ago the children in our village began to disappear. Small children
quite small. Can you imagine our grief? Every night two or three disappeared. And the
same thing happened a second week. Fear has settled in our homes. A chill also ran
down Kates back.

For a long time we could not understand what the matter was, continued the old
man, and thought that vampires had appeared nearby. If this had turned out to be the
case, then not one living person would remain in our village. But the night before last
our baker saw a troll run out of his house with a sack on his back. He grabbed a bow and
shot after the troll and even slightly wounded him in the neck. The troll ran away
nevertheless, but the baker discovered that his daughter had disappeared. A five-yearold girl. We followed the bloody trail which led us to the castle beyond the hill and
demanded that the castle inhabitants return our children or we would destroy their
dwelling and burn them. The trolls only laughed in answer and cursed us. We ran home

to arm with axes and pitchforks and to lay in a supply of torches, but with each step we
became increasingly smaller and smaller. When we reached the village, we became so
small that we could only grieve and wait for outside help. Good at least that our village
also shrunk; otherwise what would we do in our homes?
Kate looked all around and felt like Gulliver among the Lilliputians. Not only did the
houses and people shrink but also the animals, the birds, and everything else. How can
I help you? Go and fight the trolls. Free our children and make them remove the
spell. And if they also cast a spell on me? Then well wait for another knight and
youll remain with us. Nice deal! Kate was indignant. I have my own important
business; I cant take a risk. What if I dont agree? What are you saying! The old man
waved his hands. His companions were also clearly surprised and indignant. Youre a
knight and mustnt refuse anyone; otherwise, youll stop being a knight and deserve
peoples scorn to the end of your life. There is no sorrier sight than a man who was once
a knight.
Kate thought for a bit. So, I cant refuse? Under no circumstance. Fine. There
was nothing else for Kate to do but agree. Only first feed me and my horse. The little
fellows instantly carried out her request. They even filled Kates knapsack with
provisions for a week. Only dont forget to pray before the feat, the old man warned
her. All knights do so. And how is this done? Kate asked. Very simple. You stick
your sword into the ground, get on your knees before it, and ask your saint to help you
win a victory. Okay, Ill do this! Kate shouted and, after jumping deftly into the
saddle, kicked Mirkos sides with her heels.
Kate saw the troll castle as soon as she arrived at the top of the hill. The compass
needle pointed straight at it. What will be, will be, Kate sighed and rode up to the
castle. It was a gloomy structure more resembling a barrel than a castle, the kind drawn
in books and shown in movies. Around it was a ditch filled with water. There was no
bridge at all. Hey, Mirko, I hope they wont turn us into rabbits here, Kate was
downcast. The horse neighed in answer and struck a hoof against the ground as if
encouraging its rider. You think everything will work out? The girl gratefully patted
the horse on the neck. Mirko began to nod affirmatively with its snout then, not waiting
for a command, trotted to the castle.
When Kate found herself in front of the gloomy dwelling of the trolls, she got down
from the horse, drove her sword into the ground, knelt down, put her hands together for
prayer (she had seen in the movies how this was done), and implored while looking at
the most likable cloud, Oh, St. Catherine, please help me defeat the trolls!
The castle was approximately the height of a three-storey building. Kate noticed that
a thick branch of one of the trees reached directly to the fortress wall. Not thinking for
long, Kate climbed the tree. This was not difficult. More difficult was climbing along the
branch into the castle. Carefully, like a ropewalker, Kate went along the wobbling and
squeaking branch. Once she almost fell down into the ditch but managed to keep her
balance. When she had jumped onto a ledge of the castle wall and gone in, she then
exclaimed, And I had to become a knight! Now what shall I do next? She started
searching for the inhabitants of the castle by roaming around the rooms, the corridors,
and the halls but found no one. If the girl had been more attentive, she would have
noticed that the crow Esmeralda was constantly behind her. The sly bird hid every time
Kate looked around. Corners, protrusions, nooks, and crannies were quite sufficient for

Finally, Kate entered the main hall of the castle. Five sleeping trolls lay in different
poses, four on the floor, one in an armchair; each snored loudly. Kate froze on the spot.
The trolls were slightly shorter than Kate; they had a
terrible appearance and even some kind of blue-green
colour. Their faces were so evil even in sleep that Kate
immediately wanted to have nothing to do with them;
she turned around and carefully walked away. At the exit
the girl almost stepped on one more troll. This was not
even an adult but a baby troll. Small, chubby and rotund
(all the rest were very thin), and pink not green. He did
not snort like the rest but snuffled quietly, sometimes
squealing like a puppy. His twitching ears were as big as
Kate ran out into the courtyard and caught her breath.
She wanted very much to leave the castle and dash away
from it as fast as possible. The thought was tempting but
Kate saw one more door in the wall. The girl decided
that since the trolls were sleeping she had to check what
was there behind it. This turned out to be the entrance to
the dungeon. As soon as Kate began to go down along
the stone steps, she heard childrens voices praying for
rescue. Kate hurried down.
At the same time Esmeralda, spying where Kate was
running, instantly flew into the hall where the trolls were
sleeping. It sat down on the back of the armchair in
which the chief troll was sleeping. Sleeping, my
friends! Esmeralda indignantly croaked. Come on,
enough sleep! An enemy has gotten in and wants to take
away all your goodies! The chief troll opened one eye.
Who has gotten in, did you say? he asked. Count
Caterino, caw-w, caw-w, the most daring knight in the
world! A knight-errant? Who? This knight of
yours! You bet, caw-w, caw-w, would an ordinary one
push his way through to you? And hes already in the
dungeon while youre sleeping here. Disgrace-ce-ce!
The crow flew away with these words. It is better not to get close to an angry troll.
Alarm! the chief troll yelled. Get up! The trolls began to toss and turn reluctantly.
Whats this! they got angry. Days still young outside. Wont let us sleep. Quiet! the
chief yelled. Intruders want to rob us!
Kate found the children stolen from the village as soon as she went down into the
dungeon. The kids, the oldest was seveneight years old, were locked up in a long cell
like beasts in the zoo. They were all in nightgowns and barefoot; they had been stolen at
night right from their beds. Many were already sick from the cold and the dampness.
They were sniffling, sneezing, and coughing. What a nightmare! Kate could not find
words. The kids saw her, began to stretch their arms out through the grid, and shouted,
Mama, Papa, get me out of here! Save me! Kate rushed to the cell, moved back the
heavy bolt, unwound and removed the chain from the door grid, opened the door, and

let out the prisoners. The children instantly crowded around her like chickens around a
Suddenly, the children began to squeal and tried to go back into the cell again. Kate
looked around and saw the trolls. They were getting
closer to her all the time. The children in panic ran
back behind the grid. Back! Kate ordered and
snatched her sword out of the scabbard. The trolls
stopped and began to confer among themselves.
Kate watched them attentively. The children were
again in the cell.
So-o-o! The tallest troll shook his head. So,
you wanted to rob us? Take away our goodies? Do
you know what happens for this? Nonsense! Kate
boldly answered. Its you who stole these children
and put them in such terrible conditions. Arent you
ashamed? Almost all of them have gotten sick. You
will now let the children go free and remove the
spell from their parents! The trolls laughed. And if
we dont do this but cast a spell on you too, what
then? Then Kate thought for a bit. Then Ill
fight you. Whats a few trolls to me if Ruina herself
couldnt swindle me? Lets see if you can cope with
the conqueror of the forest dragon. Kate decided to
frighten the trolls. She was mortally afraid of them
and would never dare to talk to them this way if she
did not have a sword in her hand.
The trolls again began to hold a conference.
Okay, well let you go, they finally proposed. We
pardon you. You can leave. No, I will leave here
only together with the children and with the spell lifted. We dont agree! Negotiations
clearly took longer than planned.
Suddenly the trolls began to advance on Kate. She did not expect this and stepped
back. The girl did not notice that a small ball rolled by the wall, went around her, and
froze behind her by her feet. That was the smallest troll. Kate stumbled against him,
screamed, and fell. The most terrible thing was that she dropped the sword because of
surprise. The trolls heard the blade ringing and with triumphant howls rushed to the
girl. Release me! Kate felt the vile creatures seize her and tie her with cords; she was
terribly repulsed. Gotcha! Gotcha! the trolls rejoiced.
Having tied up the knight and stuffed a rag in his mouth, the trolls dragged Caterino
upstairs and brought him to the main hall of the castle. They threw him into a corner
and scattered to their own spots. You and you, the chief pointed a finger at two trolls,
will guard the prisoner. When we wake up, well have an outstanding supper. We have
never eaten a knight. Well see how he tastes. True, hes painfully small and skinny.
Two trolls reluctantly sat down near Kate. The rest tumbled down to sleep.
What should we do? asked the troll that was shorter than his lanky comrade.
Perhaps we eat this while everyone sleeps? the other nodded at Kate in reply. Look
how he twitches. Kates hair stood up on her head with these words. No, cant. The

chief will have our heads, answered the first troll. Better, lets play. Lets. But who
will guard the prisoner? Drool. Lets make him. Why should he sleep for nothing? The
trolls brusquely pushed the small pink troll and dragged him to where the prisoner was
lying. Guard him and dont let him out of your sight! they ordered Drool strictly. And
well play.
They reached for the bones and began to play. Several minutes went by and the
trolls forgot about everything in the world. Kate with melancholy watched them and
tried to break the ropes. She rolled along the floor and wriggled like a snake. The fetters
loosened a little. Sit quietly, Drool asked her. Kate looked with such hatred at the little
troll that he kept quiet. All that Kate managed to do was spit the disgusting rag out of
her mouth. She sat dejectedly by the wall. Drool sat down beside her. He did not take his
eyes off the girl exactly as ordered.
Meanwhile the players got seriously noisy. Everyone knows that trolls are the most
reckless beings in the world. They shouted so loudly that they roused all the others. The
awakened trolls were angry at first but when they saw what the commotion was about,
they instantly joined the game. Kate had a headache. She understood that if Drool were
not beside her, she would very simply be done with this and have bolted from here.
Nothing mattered to the trolls except the game.
Suddenly Kate had a brilliant idea. What if she played with the trolls? She listened.
What were the trolls playing for? Money? No. The trolls were playing for the children,
the ones they had locked up in the basement. This is why the trolls needed them in
order to play for them. Well, Ill show them now! Kate thought and shouted, Hey,
trolls, whats this boring game youre playing? The trolls became silent right away and
looked dumbfounded at the prisoner. They were so amazed that they even stopped
Disgusting knight, the chief troll was outraged, to approving nods, You call the
noble game of bones boring? Of course, boring! And confusing too! Kate looked
boldly at the trolls. Now I know a game Youll never win over me. Ha, you lie all the
time! One trader gave us the game of bones as a gift. More accurately, he redeemed his
life from us. We know all the games in the world! Cards, dominoes, lotto, even chess.
Bones! Now this is the best game! At first we played for money, but were tired of that.
We stole human kids. Now we play for them. This is great! So keep quiet, knight, and
wait while we play to our hearts content. Then well turn you into a suckling-pig, roast,
and eat you. Ah, frightening! Kate announced with satisfaction. Ill say! Youll never
win over me in shells. Ill bet anything!
The trolls ears moved with curiosity and excitement. Perhaps a really good game?
They started talking together. Now then, Drool, untie him. Let him show us. We always
have time to eat him. I need three half-nutshells and a pea, said Kate, when she was
untied. The trolls ran in search of shells and a pea. Here! Show us! They placed before
Kate what she had requested. Kate sat down, crossed her legs in the Turkish style, and
rubbed her hands, We may begin. You must guess where the little ball is. You guess it,
you win.
Kate began to dupe the trolls. One boy taught her this trick of market and railway
station swindlers in exchange for a computer game. The main idea of the trick is to cheat
with the help of sleight of hand by the player. If everything is done correctly, which shell
the pea is under cannot be guessed by the player at all. First Kate won back the sword,
then the cloak with the gold buckle. The trolls clamoured and argued so much that they

became quite heedless and it was a great pleasure to beat them. They actually turned out
to be very reckless. Several movements of the hands and the trolls lost all the money
they had. Well? Kate squinted slyly. Are we playing anymore? Of course! the trolls
stated all at once. And what do you bet? Everything, anything! Come on, lets play!
The trolls made noise, banged their caps on the floor, and cursed among themselves.
Kate quietly observed them. She understood that now she could do what she must. I bet
all the money I have! she said. But what will you bet? Everything you want. Do you
want our wonderful forest? Why do I need it? What do you mean, why? Firewood
for winter. No need. My home is warm without firewood. Then we bet our castle. I
dont need your castle. What will I do with it? Im indeed a wandering knight. The trolls
started to get angry. They became huffy and began to turn black with rage.
Suddenly the chief troll grabbed Drool by the shoulder and put him in front of Kate.
Then well bet him! You dont have the right to refuse a troll. Kate decided not to anger
the trolls and quickly won Drool. The trolls squealed with malice and offence. But what
could they do? They again bet the forest. Kate lost the horse for show. The game was
revived; the trolls began to make bets with renewed passion. Now they no longer seemed
so terrible and, even on the contrary, amused the girl a little with their naivet.
Thats it! Kate suddenly stopped the game. Enough. Im leaving! Whys this?
Youve already lost everything. Even Drool. Why play with you? No, you havent yet
won everything from us. You indeed needed the children that sit in the basement. Lets
play for them. Kate was very pleased but pretended that she was completely indifferent.
Hmm, okay, if you have nothing else.
Two hours passed and as the result of a tight game, Kate won all the children one
after the other from the trolls. Now the last bet, she declared after all thirty-four little
ones were brought up from the dungeon. I bet all of them on lifting the spell. Agreed?
The trolls really did not like lifting spells; therefore, they conferred for a very long time
and argued among themselves. Finally, passion won over and they agreed. Certainly,
they lost. Finally, Kate won a promise from them never to harm either her or other
It was already evening when Kate and the children left the troll castle. Kate sat the
smallest on Mirko, took the horse by the bridle, and went on foot herself. When they
were approaching the village, Kate looked around and saw that behind everyone trudged
the baby troll Drool. Where are you going? Get away from here! I cant. Im with you,
knight. You won me. Now Im yours and will be with you. What joy! Kate muttered in
annoyance. The baby troll embarrassingly covered his eyes with his ears but did not
drop behind.

Chapter Twelve

Caw-w, Caw-w! Esmeralda flew into Ruinas cave. I did it! Mistress, wake up! The
knight Caterino is in the hands of the evil trolls. I lured him into the trap! Me! Caw-w,
Caw-w! He wont get away from them alive. It breathlessly began to tell the sorceress
the story of its exploit and what miracles of heroism, ingenuity, and resourcefulness it
had to show. You saw his corpse? Ruina interrupted its enthusiastic story. I saw how
the trolls seized him, tied him up, and took him away into the feast hall. Caw-w! They
ate him and didnt even leave any bones. The crow could not acknowledge that as soon
as it saw Caterino being captured, it had immediately flown to brag with triumph. It did
not see what happened further.
At this time, however, an alive and unharmed knight Caterino was already on the
way to meet new adventures and feats. Kates soul was warm and merry. She could be
proud of herself. How the parents of the stolen children met her! There were both
laughter and tears of joy. The children laughed; the adults cried and also laughed.
Everyone praised Count Caterino the knight who defeated the forest dragon and the
evil trolls.
True, there was a moment that frightened Kate somewhat. When the people, now all
of them normal size, saw that Drool was hobbling behind Kate, they rushed at him with
their fists. The poor little troll nearly perished. He did not even defend himself but
simply covered his face with his enormous ears and tried to stoop down. Please stop!
Kate yelled. She started to pity the young one. This is my prisoner. The infuriated
parents instantly stopped beating up the baby troll and obediently parted. Leave here!
Kate went to Drool. I release you. I give you your freedom. Go. Yes, yes! the
inhabitants of the village picked it up. Go away, vile monster! Otherwise, well let out
the dogs. And theyll tear you to pieces! Drool looked with very sad eyes first at Kate,

then at his persecutors. Then he suddenly disappeared. The parents immediately forgot
about him. The inhabitants of the village had too much happiness.
Kate rejoiced together with everybody. She saw how tenderly the fathers hugged the
daughters and the mothers the sons. She envied them a little. Yes, the children were
rescued and returned to their parents, but when would she be able to hug and kiss her
little brother? Kate recalled Gene and immediately rushed off. No requests to stay and
live for at least a week in the village would stop her. First the village then both the forest
and the troll castle remained behind. Mirko covered metre after metre with its hooves.
The journey to the Capital was only beginning.
Night again found Kate on the road. There was no human dwelling around at all.
The girl was even sorry that she did not stay the night in the village, but it was already
too late. A sad and drawn-out howl was heard somewhere afar. Was it wolves? Kate
began to worry. She had to light a fire quickly. The howl became louder and closer.
Darkness intensified. Kate became terrified. Mirko trotted faster, then felt something
and moved to a gallop. Kate looked around and almost fell with fear from the saddle.
She saw four pairs of burning flames. They were following her.
Wolves? No, these were not wolves; worse, these were werewolves half wolf, half
man, terrible, black and hairy. They ran on all four legs but sometimes got up on their
hind legs. Wolves do not know how to do this. Kate wrapped both arms around Mirkos
neck as it tore along at a mad gallop. No matter how fast Mirko went, the werewolves
did not lag behind. Even when the dragon had pursued Kate, she had not been as
terrified. Then it had been a sunny day and not a hellish night like now.
The mad gallop continued for a long time. Mirko gradually slowed down its run. The
werewolves sensed that the prey was tiring and they howled in triumph. They were also
tired but the thirst for blood drove them on and on. Kate began to cry. She decided that
her end had arrived. Tears began to drip onto Mirkos neck. As if this gave strength to
the noble animal, the horse reared, neighed loudly as if calling for help, then raced
forward in such a way that the werewolves immediately fell behind almost a hundred
The hearts of the fugitives were filled with hope. Both the horse and the girl peered
hard into the darkness, searching for salvation. There seemed to be a slight bright strip
in front of them. A river! Here it was salvation! Mirko rushed into the water.
Fortunately, it was not cold. The horse kicked and struck out for the life-saving opposite
shore. In order to help it, Kate got down from the saddle and swam beside it. Water
filled her mouth, nose, and ears, but the girl hung firmly onto the horses mane and
worked her legs hard.
The shore approached rapidly. The fugitives heard the werewolves howling angrily
on the shore they had left behind. They did not immediately decide to enter the water.
This delay gave Kate and Mirko precious minutes for salvation. The river, however, had
taken their last strength. Finding herself on dry land, the girl could no longer climb into
the saddle. Mirko knelt with difficulty, but when the girl sat down on it, the horse could
not get up. Mirko, my dear, Kate entreated, Please, get up! They are catching up with
us! Mirko nodded smartly, sighed loudly like a person, got up with difficulty, and began
to hobble further.
The werewolves saw that the tasty prey was getting away, cried out wildly, and
rushed into the water. They swam slowly, in canine manner while breathing heavily, but
they were approaching steadily. Kate was already lying in the saddle. Water flowed from

her in streams. The girl and the horse were shaking with fear, fatigue, and cold. They did
not move too far from the shore this way.

Suddenly Kate saw close by in front of her a cabin, built half from logs, half from
stones. The girl literally fell from the saddle, reached the door, and began to bang her
fists on it. Please open! she begged. Please, open. Help! Save us! No one answered.
The shutters on the windows were tightly closed. Behind the door there was neither a
sound nor a rustle. Kate began to cry loudly. Mean, nasty people! Why dont you want
to open the door? Again, silence. Only Mirko sighed and snorted behind her back. The
howls of the werewolves were heard once more. They had already climbed onto the
shore and would be close to her any minute now.
Kate again banged on the door. Suddenly it was opened. It was dark and terrifying
inside but there was no choice. The werewolves were already turning up beside them.
Their burning eyes forced Kate to act. She flew into the house, dragged Mirko in after
her, and closed the door. As soon as she had found the bolt and moved it with shaking
hands, the door shuddered under impact. Kate no longer reacted to these sounds. She
fell exhausted onto the floor and did not even have the strength to light a fire.
Behind the door the werewolves howled, squealed, scratched, and tried to break it,
but the door was thick and strong. The monsters could not get inside. They roamed all
around and howled miserably because they could not reach the tasty morsel. Kate did
not pay them any attention. She got up on her feet with difficulty and started to search
her knapsack. Everything in it was wet right through, but the flashlight turned on. Kate
lit up the dwelling and with relief saw a bed. It was even made up for spending the night.
It was fresh and inviting but most important, it was dry. The girl threw her wet clothes
directly down onto the floor, dived under the blanket, and dropped off into a deep sleep.
When Kate woke up, the sun was shining brightly. There were no werewolves. There
was no house in which Kate and Mirko had found salvation. There was a bed standing
right on the grass. Not far away the river was gilded in the rays of the sun. It was not
narrow and the girl wondered how they could have swum across it. Mirko, as if nothing

was the matter, was grazing in the tall grass and did not even look in Kates direction.
Where was the house? Where did it go?
Kates whole body was aching after the night gallop and the passage across the river.
She was unwilling even to move a finger, but the bed began to shake and rock as if it
were telling her to leave. It was necessary to get up. Her clothes were stiff like cardboard
and smelled of dampness. She so wanted to take a shower or, even better, a bath.
Certainly, it was possible to bathe in the river, but she had no strength for this. Kate
even screwed up her face from this thought. It was so warm that she shoved the cloak
and the vest into the knapsack, and when she put on her sneakers, she heard a slight
rustling behind her back. She turned around and saw that the bed had melted in air as in
fairy tale. A miracle! Kate was surprised.
Its no miracle, a familiar voice was heard behind
her back, only a little magic. Kate looked around.
Drool was standing in the tall grass and looking at her
with big eyes quite unlike a trolls. What are you
doing here? Kate was amazed. Now, nothing, Drool
made a helpless gesture. I had to work for a while at
night. Do you think its easy to make a house from
nothing? Indeed, I still know so little. So it was you
who made the house? Yes. The baby troll was
embarrassed. I saw that the werewolves were after
you I can easily hide from anyone. Dear Drool,
what a nice person you are! Kate choked with
appreciation. If not for you, I dont know what would
have happened to us. A huge thanks to you! Drool
was embarrassed and even covered his face with his
ears. Two pale blue tears rolled from his eyes.
Whats with you? the girl was surprised. Are you
crying? I dont know. There had never been
anything like this for me. What, no one ever said
thanks to you? Never, Drool let out a sob. No one ever praised me. Only berated
and hit me all the time. You poor dear! Kate felt sincerely sorry for the little one. No
one felt sorry. The troll burst loudly into tears.
Kate began to calm him, No need to cry. You are indeed a real hero. If not for you, I
would have died. You saved my life. Both my horse Mirko and me. Really? One of
Drools funny ears shuddered and lifted slightly. Certainly! And you wont berate
me? Berate you? For what? That I prevented you from completing a glorious feat?
Of course not! Kate patted Drool on the head. You wont hit me either? No way!
Drool began to calm down. Youre a strange knight, he sighed. Whys that? You
dont fight, dont brag at every turn, dont booze with anyone, and youre nice. Perhaps
there are such knights? I dont know. Kate shrugged her shoulders. She was pleased
that she had been praised. Indeed I am.
Probably its because youre a young knight. How old are you? Eleven. Very
young. I have yet to see one younger. Ive seen a lot of knights! But youre the best. Im
even glad that I fell to your lot. I was so bored in the castle. The big trolls were so mean
and dont like sweets at all. I love candies so, but they dont let me get them. Eat up,

they say, the same as we do spiders, frogs, lizards. But I love pastries much more!
Yes, sighed Kate, I also love pastries, especially clairs. They both sighed.
Suddenly Kate remembered something, Listen! There must be candies in my
knapsack. They gave them to me in the village where you carried off the children. She
rummaged in the knapsack and actually found candies. True, they had stuck together in
the water but had not lost their sweetness. Here! She gave a handful of candies to
Drool. Mirko came up to them and poked its snout into Kates back. It also wanted
candy. Take some, Mirko. Kate stretched out her palm with the delicacies. You also
tried, Mirko. Both of you are great guys!
In an hour the three of them continued their way together. Drool sat on the horse
behind Kate and screwed up his eyes with pleasure. He had never ridden on a horse.
Mirko was not particularly delighted with the new rider. It nervously shook its ears and
looked askance at the strange creature which rather scared it.
Tell me, Knight Caterino, where are we going? Drool asked. Were going to the
city where the Sovereign lives. Now the Prince of White Tower rules. I need him.
Why? Hes my little brother. I must take him home to Mama and Papa. Kate then
told Drool her story about how the enchanted swans stole Gene; how the magician Nick
helped set off for the pursuit; how she defeated the terrible forest dragon and became a
You know, Drool, Kate finally whispered. Im indeed not a real knight. Only this is
my secret and you mustnt give it away. It cant be so! the troll did not agree. You
indeed defeated the dragon, and according to the rules anyone who overcomes a
dragon I know, I know. But it doesnt count. Swear that you will never tell anyone.
I swear. Trolls very seldom swear. Im not a knight because I Kate hesitated,
because Im not a boy. Not a boy? No, Im not a boy. Im a girl. And my real name is
Kate, Kate Konstantinova; Im not Count Caterino at all. Only this is a secret and you
swore not to give it away.
The troll hushed for a bit then asked, All the rest is true? What do you mean by all
the rest? You did defeat the dragon? I did. Then everything else is unimportant.
You are a knight. A girl-knight. Theres indeed no such thing. Everything must begin
with something, Drool remarked philosophically. Only we wont tell this to anyone.
Why confuse people, trolls, and the rest. The mockery will be unbelievable. Kate agreed
with him.
You, Drool, are not like a troll not terrible at all, even likable, Kate remarked.
Really? Drool was pleased. You really think so? Definitely. Then lets not tell
anyone that Im a troll or else no one will like us. Why would we want extra troubles?
Lets not, agreed the girl. Well consider that were travelling incognito. What,
what? Whatgnito? Incognito; that is, under an assumed name. We dont want to be
recognized; therefore, we travel incognito. Cool! Drool bobbed up and down. Mirko
nearly bit him because the horse did not like his bobbing up and down on it. A horse is
not a sofa!

What names will we go by? asked the troll. I, by the name of Count Caterino and
you, by the name of Drool. But its my real name. And we wont change your name.
Its so good, but now youre not a troll. Then what? You you Kate remembered
the trolls love for candies. Youre a Sweet Tooth, thats what. A Sweet Tooth? Yes.

Kate continued to let her imagination run. There is such a tribe beyond the mountains.
There we became friends and you have travelled with me.
Do you say that we became friends? Drool timidly pressed against Kates back.
Its true? Hows this? Perhaps youre not my friend? Friends, agreed the troll, more
precisely, the Sweet Tooth. Im your friend. He again said this word, Friend. So Kate
found her first friend.

Chapter Thirteen

The river was wide, deep, and with a swift current; not easy for one to swim or wade
across. The perplexed Kate, Drool, and Mirko stood on the shore. Beside them there was
neither boat nor raft nor ferry. Sweet Tooth, you cant conjure up a skiff or a raft? Kate
asked the troll. He shook his head sadly, Unfortunately, no. I cant do any magic for a
whole week. I cant work with magic often. Pity! Kate sighed. Pity! Drool sighed.
Mirko snorted and hit a hoof against the sandy shore.
Theres no bridge across this river, Kate remarked. How do other travellers get to
the Capital? Do you know how to go there, Drool? Travellers never go straight to the
Capital, Drool began to explain. Its difficult and dangerous. They go down along the
river to the city of Merry Fishermen. From there they board ships and sail down stream
to the Big Lake, cross it, and find the place where flows another great river of our
country. Travellers have to go up along this river until it becomes a stream. From the
city of Stern Blacksmiths they must pass the mountains and the bottom of Unicorn
Canyon, then along the main road right to the Capital gates. And how long does it
take? Not long. Youll get there after half a year. What a journey it is!
Well, indeed no! Kate frowned obstinately. We go straight! Of course, agreed
Drool. Thats the way for knights. Can one really avoid dangers? What, will there be
dangers? the girl asked uneasily. What else? Drool calmed her. Those earlier were
flowers in comparison. You know how to calm, Kate again sighed. Just tell us what
to do. We need to reach that shore at any cost. Perhaps well try on the horse? Drool
proposed. Mirko clearly did not like this proposal. It neighed indignantly and tried to
bite the troll, who squealed. Stop fighting! Kate was exasperated. So what should I
You know, Drool moved his ears anxiously, indeed, we must get over to that shore
before nightfall. Why? Werewolves. Kate shuddered. What, they can return? Yes,
as soon as the sun sets, theyll wake up and This was just too much. The girl was

ready to howl with despair. They had already gone along the shore for half an hour and
still not met one living being.
Listen, would someone in the river help us? Drool thought for a while. Perhaps
only the mermaids, he turned it over in his mind. But theyre as crafty and dangerous
as the werewolves. They would tickle and carry you off to the bottom and force you to
farm algae for them. Do you want to become their slave? No, Kate even shuddered
from this prospect. I dont. But since the slaves of the mermaids live on the bottom and
even farm algae for them, it means one can go along it to that shore. Sweet Tooth, can
you find the entrance into the river? Its very dangerous to walk along the bottom of
the river.
Can you find the entrance? Kate obstinately repeated. She had already become
accustomed to risk. An encounter with werewolves at night seemed much more
unpleasant than a rendezvous with the mermaids. Any troll knows this. There was
nothing left for Drool to do but tell everything he knew. Have to throw stones into the
water. Where there is no ripple effect is the entrance into the river. The water sprites use
it when they want to entice children into the water.
Kate got down from the horse and began to throw
stones into the river. Drool did the same. He found the
spot needed. Kate took him by the hand, the horse by
the bridle, and all three entered the river. The girl was
very surprised when she saw a multitude of air
corridors on the bottom of the river. These were dark
and gloomy tunnels with aqueous walls. She checked
against the compass and picked the corridor which led
The friends walked quietly and carefully, trying not
to produce any sound. The bottom was soft and this
worked well for them. The plantations of river algae
were not far off. Kate saw that there were people
working in them. Behind the people were small evillooking fellows with fish heads. They rode on top of
sturgeons and gave a painful poke with the tridents to
those people who appeared to be working poorly. What
horror! whispered Kate. Yes, a gloomy place, agreed
Drool. Theyll capture us, drag us away into the water,
and force us to work. And indeed its wet there. Brr-rr!
The group quietly continued on their way and had already passed almost halfway
when they noticed a little green fellow with a fish head. He was sleeping on pebbles,
from which a strap stretched into the water. A sturgeon was swimming in the water,
peacefully chewing algae and deftly catching small fry swimming past. Probably, the
water sprite shirked from its work of overseer. Its trident lay nearby.
The friends passed by carefully. Drool went last and did not notice that he caught
the strap to which the sturgeon was attached. The sturgeon thrashed anxiously in the
water and gurgled indignantly. The water sprite instantly woke up. Whats this? Whats
the matter? it exclaimed and seized the trident. On seeing the uninvited guests, it
quickly pulled a large shell out of its belt and began to trumpet loudly.

An alarm signal was heard and Kate and her companions were detected. Suddenly
from nowhere appeared a stout mermaid with evil eyes and sharp shark teeth. Round
them up, she commanded, Faster! Faster, slouch! Ah, clumsy creatures! She herself
swam swiftly in the water but did not get into the air corridor. Kate and Drool did not
have time to look around as they were surrounded by nearly two dozen water sprites. It
was useless to resist. Kate, Drool, and Mirko tightly pressed against each other and
waited for their fate.
The mermaid finally stuck her head out of the water
and asked, What are you? Spies? Were not spies,
Drool began to justify them. Were travellers. Were
simply going to the other shore. Will you please let us
pass? Well disturb no one. Youll disturb no one?
The mermaid burst out laughing. Quickly go where
they show you, foolish creatures, and dont try to run
else well promptly drown all three of you! They had
obey. The uninvited guests were led along the
corridors in an entirely opposite direction from the
shore they needed. What do you think theyll do with
us? Kate asked the Sweet Tooth. Silence! Stop! the
mermaid ordered. Here under water we dont like
The prisoners went silently. Soon they were led to a
strange structure with the ground floor in air and the
second and third floors in water. The inhabitants of
the underwater dwelling could swim in the water and
crawl on the dry land. The gates were opened and
Kate, Drool, and the horse were pushed inside. There
a pool sat twelve beautiful mermaids. The most
beautiful among them, who had a crown on her head,
sat on a throne in the centre of the pool. Her tail was
splashing in the water but her body was raised above
the surface.
On your knees before the tsarina of the river! the mermaid who had led them here
yelled at Kate and Drool. The water sprites poked them forward with the tridents. On
your knees! they repeated like an echo. There was nothing left to do but obey. The girl
and the former troll clumsily fell down onto their knees. Mirko pretended that he did
not understand the order. The water sprites looked at its hooves and did not insist.
Who are you? The river tsarina yawned lazily as she took a bunch of algae from a
gold dish and dispatched it into her mouth. Kate tried to get up, but immediately two
tridents came down on her shoulders. She again fell to her knees. We are travellers. I
am the wandering knight Count Caterino, and this is my friend the Sweet Tooth Drool,
and my horse Mirko. We crossed the river and got here. Please let us continue on our
way, and we will interfere with no one.
Knight? Very interesting! The tsarina reached for a mussel from the plate, cracked
it with a fork, and with a long tongue licked off the contents of the shell. Then tell me,
why didnt you cross the river like all earthly beings on the water? For the first time in
her life Kate saw a gluttonous tsarina, though she also saw mermaids for the first time.

There was neither boat nor raft on the shore, she explained. So we decided to go
along the bottom of the river.
But do you know, knight, that according to our laws, whoever gets into the river
remains in it forever? Now Kate was truly frightened. But, Your Majesty, we simply
cant remain with you. We have extremely important business in the Capital with the
Sovereign himself! she said in despair. Whos this Sovereign? The tsarina turned her
gaze to the pool. Hes on the ground, one of the mermaids disdainfully waved her
hand. Seems to be a sorcerer and a petty monarch. Rules over the people. On the
ground? Then this has no significance!
What will you order us to do with them, tsarina? asked the stout evil mermaid. Ill
take the boy for myself, the tsarina began to ponder. Hell comb my hair in the
morning. She shook her tangled mane. Well harness the horse to my coach, but send
this squab to the plantation. Thats unfair! Drool was outraged. Why to the
plantation for me? The tsarina, however, heard nothing. They had just brought her a
tray of fried fish and she hurried to feast on them. Quick to the slave premises! the evil
mermaid gave the order. Tomorrow morning youll put on the gills and get to work.
If we dont manage to flee from here before morning, well remain here forever. We
wont be able to live on the ground with gills, the girl managed to whisper to Drool.
Time for the sword, muttered Kate. All three of us together can deal with this gang.
Dont take escaping into your head! They wield the tridents very well. They will drive us
into the water and well simply drown. Ouch! Proving the truth of the words of the
Sweet Tooth, one of the water sprites poked him hard in the leg with the long and sharp
instrument. No talking! it bellowed.
Kate looked with melancholy at the compass. Its hand was not exactly pointing
where they were going. Had her journey really come to an end? It was so vexing to
acknowledge this. She had to promptly think of something. Perhaps they had to try all
the same to drive away these little fellows? She was a knight after all. Knight! Kate
smiled bitterly and looked at the powerful hands of the evil mermaid. Not only could she
but even Mirko would not be able to break away from such hands. This meant they had
to eliminate the evil mermaid first of all. How should this be done? Kate shared this
thought with Drool.
Exactly! he approved, But how shall we do this? The mermaid is afraid to get
into the corridor. For sure if she turns up on dry land she wont be able to move. You
notice her tail is always in the water. It means we must drag her from there to here and
run. But shes so huge. Mirko will do this. The main thing is to drag her onto the
Drool looked doubtfully at Mirko, then seized it by the bridle and began to yell,
Where are you running? Stand still. Hey, mistress mermaid, its running away, you
hold it. The mermaid rushed like lightning to Mirko and grabbed the bridle. She got so
deeply into the air corridor that only the tip of her tail remained in the water. Mirko,
forward! Kate gave the order and slapped the horse on the rump.
Mirko dashed off just in time. The mermaid turned up on dry land and sprawled on
the ground. She was so lost that she let go of the bridle. Mirko found itself free. Kate
hurled Drool onto the horse, pulled out the sword, and rushed at the water sprites. Not
expecting such a turn of events, the water sprites ran in circles. They sounded the alarm
shell. Help! sobbed the frightened mermaid. The water sprites crowded around her,
but they were too small and could not drag her back into the water.

Kate managed to seize one water sprite by the shoulder. She put the blade to its neck
and ordered severely, Well now, vile frog, lead us to that shore. Oh, Ill do anything,
only please dont kill me! the water sprite began to squeal. Show the way fast! There,
there! The water sprite nodded at one of the corridors. Faster! Kate ordered.
The fugitives ran. Kate was in front and she held the water sprite by a paw. Next
trotted Mirko with Drool on its back. Several water sprites were already rushing after
them, but they feared to approach the fugitives and only shouted, cursed, and blew the
shells. All the time there were more and more of them. No, Kate decided. Well be
caught soon this way. She sat down on the horse and dragged the water sprite into the
saddle. That one nearly died of fear. Three sitting together on the horse was very
uncomfortable, but it was no time to choose. Mirko launched into a gallop and quickly
left the pursuit behind.
There! The water sprite continued to point the way. In front of the running
prisoners was the narrowest corridor along the sides of which swayed an especially thick
growth of algae. Youre not lying? The girl, as a warning, shook the water sprite hard.
Its the shortest way! The sprite started to whimper. Kate looked at the compass. The
water sprite spoke the truth. Forward! she waved.
Mirko carefully entered the corridor. Algae touched Kates face and Drools face. It
was unpleasantly like the touch of a frog. The bottom became quite wet and Mirko
moved its legs with difficulty its hooves stuck in the sand. The corridor became
narrower and lower. The girl had to bend down to the horses mane. Faster, faster!
Drool and Kate were uneasy. Mirko tried with all his might but was moving so slowly
that the sounds of pursuit were heard again.
Suddenly water started to murmur under their feet. It instantly flooded the sandy
bottom of the tunnel. Very soon the water reached Mirkos knees. Whats this? Why
water? Kate gave the prisoner a painful pinch. Its a submerged corridor! The water
sprite yelped. Still far from shore? Very close! But the water was coming quicker. It
already covered both the horses legs and Kates legs. Mirko neighed in alarm. Kate
turned around. From behind, with a very loud noise, an enormous wave was catching up
with them. It threatened to run them down and drown them any minute now. The
slippery water sprite made use of Kates confusion and quickly slipped down from
Mirkos back. The girl grasped at it but was too late. The water sprite was hidden in the
pitch dark water.
Were lost! Kate breathed out, feeling doomed. All is not lost! yelled Drool. We
can still have time! He jumped from the horse and swam forward, grabbing Mirko by
the bridle and carrying it along with himself. Kate saw how Drool began to increase in
size as if someone had blown him up. Next he transformed into a sphere the size of
Mirko. The girl was scared. Suddenly, Drool let air out abruptly and flew forward while
Kate on the horse flew after him. Drool again became small but instantly started to fan
again. Precisely at this moment the corridor ended.
A blind alley the water sprite tricked us! yelled Kate. All in vain! Drool looked
at her with a vacant stare. His eyes were already the size of a plate. He fiercely
swallowed air and grew and grew. Water came down on them noisily. Kate barely
managed to take a gulp of air before she was covered up to her head. Mirko tried to
surface and furiously worked its legs. Drool did not swallow air in vain. Now he swiftly
flew up and would have been on the surface of the river sooner if he had not had to drag
Mirko and Kate with him.

Kate felt that she would break apart. She was short of air and her head and ears
ached terribly. Her eyes were open but saw nothing. Kate lost consciousness. What will
be, will be. Ill probably drown now, she thought finally. Precisely at that moment when
Kate opened her mouth, Drool pushed her to the surface.
Not less than a minute was needed before Kate and Mirko came to consciousness.
They saw the desired shore and sped to it. Drool, decreasing in size, swam beside them.
It was already night over the river and the moon shone brightly in the sky. Here they
are! Catch them! Voices were heard nearby. Water sprites with shouts floated on
sturgeons around the fugitives and shook their tridents. Here Kate discovered that she
was still squeezing the sword in her right hand. She had not lost it! This is why the water
sprites were afraid to approach. The girl thanked fate that the water sprites were so
cowardly, because she felt that not only could she not wave the sword but also could not
even raise it.
Kate, Drool, and Mirko reached the shore accompanied by this wild and absurd
retinue. On land one water sprite rushed at the runaways in a desperate attempt, but
received such a kick from a horse hoof that it, with a wild cry, flew almost to the middle
of the river. On seeing this, the remaining water sprites hurried to hide. The fugitives
went onto the ground. Drool let out the last remaining air and again became the
previous Sweet Tooth. Mirko limped to the nearest tree and fell onto its knees. Kate, in
exhaustion, fell down to the ground and slipped into oblivion.

Chapter Fourteen

After opening her eyes, Kate saw the worried Drool and Mirko. The former troll and
the white horse looked anxiously at the girl. The friends smiled happily when they saw
that she was awake. That is, only Drool smiled, Mirko neighed joyfully. Drool, Mirko,
Kate uttered with difficulty, you saved me again. Even I dont know how Ill be able to
show you my gratitude. The ones to whom these words were directed were confused.
Do friends really wait for gratitude for something they should do? Did they themselves
perhaps not undergo deathly danger together with Kate?
You should have a nap and gain strength, said Drool. I would make a bed but now
I cant do magic at all. Why not? I violated the rule of a young troll. What rule?
To make magic not more than once a week. Now Im not a troll at all. Drool smiled
sadly. Why do you need me now? Not true. Kate could barely move her tongue from
fatigue. I need you as never before, and Mirko too. Really? Drool was pleased. Then
Ill start a fire or else youll catch a cold. The former troll ran off to search for firewood.
When Drool returned with an armful of branches, Kate was already sleeping
soundly. Soon a campfire merrily crackled next to her. Drool built such a big fire that the
eagle owl living on the tree was outraged. Uh-huh! Why the disgrace? it hollered.
Who set up a steam room at night and wouldnt let an old man digest an eaten mouse in
Dont be angry, Mr. Eagle Owl, answered Drool. We didnt know that someone
lives here. Im a Sweet Tooth, and this is the knight Caterino and his horse. The knight
Caterino? the eagle owl hooted more amicably. Is this the same wandering knight who
killed the forest dragon? Yes. And saved from death the friend of the pigeon king?
Yes. And then rescued the human children from the troll castle? Yes. The same.
And the werewolves didnt eat him? No. But how does Mr. Eagle Owl know all this?

The birds. All they talk about is the knight Caterino. So this is him? How young and
puny; altogether a nestling but already so famous. But how did you get here? Indeed, the
knight was on the other side. No one waited for him here. Does he know how to fly?
No, we went along the bottom of the river. Along the bottom of the river? Through
the kingdom of the river mermaids? Yes. But this is impossible! The knight
Caterino did this. Uh-huh! Hes a great hero! The birds dont talk about him for
nothing. Ill fly off and tell them the latest piece of news about the knight Caterino.
After bellowing again, the eagle owl flew off into the darkness of the night.
The eagle owl returned in the morning bearing a dead hare in its claws. Hey,
friend! it hollered to Drool. My hunt was successful today. Here, take this. Let your
knight build up his strength when he wakes up. Hes so awfully thin. Thanks, wise
bird, the Sweet Tooth called to it. Caterino will be grateful to you, we indeed have
nothing for food. Everything got wet or remained in the water. Its not worth any
thanks. The eagle owl was very satisfied that it was called a wise bird. We eagle owls
always have a weakness for wandering knights. With these words the eagle owl crawled
into a hollow and, yawning blissfully, fell asleep.
Kate woke when the sun was already high. Drool was sleeping next to her. Mirko
was nibbling grass not far away. The campfire had gone out a long time ago and the girl
shivered from the morning coolness. She tried to get up but could not even move. Her
whole body was hurting and aching, including both her arms and legs and even her
neck. She recalled the events of the night before.
Drool, called Kate. Are you sleeping? The Sweet Tooth woke up and instantly
jumped onto his feet. He looked neither exhausted nor tired. Kate even envied him.
How do you feel? Drool asked first of all. Terrible! the girl groaned. Ill die now. I
cant move either my arms or my legs. Nonsense! Now well get you back in shape.
The Sweet Tooth casually went into Kates knapsack and pulled out a pot. Right
away Kate felt that she was dying from hunger. What do you want to do? she was
surprised. We have nothing, you know. At night I made the acquaintance of an eagle
owl. When he found out that youre the knight Caterino, he was very pleased and
presented a hare to us. Ive already skinned and dressed it, and now Ill cook it. Well
have meat and an invigorating broth. Youll quickly get back on your feet.
After two hours Kate was lying under the tree sated and contented. She wrapped
herself in her cloak and flatly refused to continue on the way. I need to gain strength,
declared the girl. And I still want very much to sleep. You know best, Drool agreed
with her. Sleep, Ill take a stroll and look around. At the same time Ill check out the
road ahead. Right, Sweet Tooth! Kate closed her eyes and fell into a sweet drowsiness.
She had already managed to be sick of all these adventures, pursuits, flights, and battles.
She was an eleven-year-old girl and not a rascal boy. After all, does she not have the
right to a rest? Certainly, she does. Kate fell asleep with such thoughts.
Kate dreamed of Gene. He sat on a throne and was sad and depressed. Then Kate
saw Ruinas cave, the cauldron of the Druids, and the witch standing next to it and
laughing. She pointed at the cauldron, in the magic reflection of which the boy was
visible, and muttered, He will die, die. If you dont save him, he will perish, perish,
perish! Ha-ha-ha! No! Kate shouted and woke up.
Kate was trembling with fear and covered with a cold sweat. All around everything
was quiet and the girl began to calm down. Birds were singing peacefully and tree leaves

were making noise. Even the river, which had delivered Kate so much trouble the day
before, was flowing with moving waves under bright rays of the sun.
The dream, however, did not leave her head. Kate recalled that Ruina actually spoke
of some danger which allegedly threatened her brother. What this danger was, Ruina
did not have time to tell her. Kate did break her magic cauldron, so there was no time to
lose. In spite of fatigue and her whole body aching, Kate began to prepare for the road.
Not even ten minutes had passed and she was again in the saddle.
Drool! Where are you? Kates shout cut the silence. The Sweet Tooth did not
answer. Obviously, he had gone quite far. The girl looked at the compass and, after
kicking Mirko in the sides with her heels, directed it to where the blue arrow was
pointing. Kate decided that she would find Drool along the way.
A forest followed the road. It seemed neither dense nor dark; on the contrary, it was
lively and hospitable. Kate entered it without fear. The forest was filled with birds
singing. Somewhere a woodpecker was pecking, a magpie was squawking, squirrels
jumped from branch to branch, and badgers and hares darted about in the bushes. The
girl saw a beautiful deer with luxurious branching horns. It proudly ran past the rider,
not even looking in her direction. A fox gazed at Kate with small wondering eyes. This
was the land of fearless birds and beasts. Oh, if only Gene were here! He so loves
Kate had been in the wonderful forest for half an hour but still had not met Drool.
Perhaps she had to turn around? Drool! called the girl. The forest answered with
silence. Oy! Kate sighed regretfully. Have to turn around. She turned the horse and
froze together with Mirko.
A boy stood before Kate. He was not quite an ordinary boy. He held in his hands a
stretched bow with an arrow looking right at the girls chest. He was clearly older than
Kate. The face of the forest archer was stern and grim. A sword hung from his belt. Kate
did not like this at all.
Who are you and what do you want in my forest? the forest archer asked loudly.
He did not relax the bow. Kate was struck dumb by surprise. The gaze of the young
Robin Hood fell on Kates shield which hung on the side of the saddle. Youre what, a
knight? Kate heard respect in his voice. She nodded affirmatively. Youre what, a deafmute knight? the boy continued to ask. No, Im not a deaf-mute. Then get down
from the horse and fight if you dont want my arrow to plunge into your eye! In the
boys voice sounded such confidence that Kate could not understand how this could be.
The boy instantly threw down the bow and snatched the sword out from his belt.
On guard! he shouted and struck a blow. Kate barely managed to dodge. Lunatic!
she yelled. What are you doing? You could kill me! Pull out your sword, blockhead,
and fight. Ill not fight you! Kate really did not intend to fight. Youre sick! No, Im
not. And now youll die if you wont protect yourself. What kind of knight are you if you
dont want to fight?
All this time Kate and the boy were circling each other. The patience in the young
warrior began to wear thin. So, will you pull out your sword or not? No! Kate nearly
cried from resentment. Who are you and why are you attacking me? Because youre a
knight and Im not. But I want to become one, so I fight you, clear? No. Youre not a
knight but a blockhead. You yourself are a blockhead!

The boy was finally tired of arguing with such a muddle-headed opponent. Then Ill
beat you up without any weapon. In confirmation of his words he dropped the sword
and pounced on Kate with his fist. His first strike, aimed at Kates ear, hit the target and
the girl toppled over on the ground.
Kate could no longer stand this. To experience so many adventures, run away from
so many mortal dangers, and, in the end, be beaten up by a boy who was a whole head

taller! No, this was too much. Kate began to howl at the top of her lungs; tears spurted
out like a stream from her eyes; the surroundings resounded with bitter weeping. Kate
cried from pain and resentment.
The boy expected anything but this. Whats with you? he muttered, overcoming
awkwardness. Why burst out in tears? Why, then, dressed up as a knight? No need to
travel alone in a strange forest. Happy now? Kate had turned on the waterworks.
Hero! Her shoulders were shaking with the sobbing. The boy was completely at a loss,
not knowing how to comfort her. Stop crying! he almost begged. You wail just like a
Kate was angry, And you probably think
that you defeated a boy, huh? Sticking your chest
well out like a rooster. Phooey! I understand
nothing. The boy really did not understand what
was happening and looked at Kate with great
bewilderment. Why do you say that? Heres
why! Kate screamed, continuing to be in a flood
of tears. Im not a knight at all, not a hero, and
not a conqueror of dragons! Im simply the girl
Kate, and Im all of eleven years old. Do you
understand, great warrior?
Youre a girl? Yes! Then why all this?
The boy nodded at the shield, the sword, and the
horse. None of your business! Why do you
wear mens clothing? Leave me alone! I
wont. The boy fell on his knees before Kate. I
wont until I get complete forgiveness, daring
girl. Forgive me, please, for the unbecoming
behaviour! Do you want me to kiss your feet?
Indeed no! Kate scurried away from the boy
like from the plague. Are you nuts? She was so
surprised that she stopped crying.
The boy continued to entreat for forgiveness,
If you dont forgive me, Ill stab myself with the
sword on the spot right now or go and drown in
the river! Kate wiped the tears off her face and smiled. She often fought with boys and
rarely won; however, no one ever asked her forgiveness. But this boy did and even so
passionately and pleadingly. This was pleasant. She sobbed for the last time, swallowed
the rest of the tears, and said peacefully, No need to drown yourself in the river and
stab yourself with the sword. I forgive you. The boy caught her hand and, before Kate
had time to utter a word, kissed it, Thank you! Wow! Kate was thunderstruck.
Youre a downright true knight. No. Im not a knight. But I simply dream of becoming
one. The boy helped Kate up and even shook off grass and dry leaves from her clothing.
How did you turn up here, Kate? My whole life Ive met not one person from
outside this land. Ill tell you everything, promised Kate. Whats your name? Oh, I
forgot! The boy began to laugh. Indeed, I havent presented myself. He tidied his
beautiful hair, too long for a boy, and said, Im Chris. And he was immediately
embarrassed. More precisely, Christian. Mother calls me Chris. Christian Thirteen. A

strange name. Not at all! Im simply the thirteenth son of my parents: Richard the
Brave and Eliza the Unapproachable. And I was called Count Caterino until meeting
you. Also a good name. Ill call you that too, Count Caterino. Indeed Ill no longer leave
you. Why? Kate was surprised. Youll find out later. For the time being I invite you to
visit my castle. You have a castle? Why yes, the goblin take me!
Chris helped Kate climb up onto the horse. Are you walking? asked the girl.
Why? Chris was surprised. He whistled loudly. A graceful black horse appeared from
behind the trees. It stopped before Chris as if grounded. The boy deftly jumped into the
saddle and gave the order, Lets go!
Along the way, Kate told Chris her story in detail.
Never heard anything like it in my life, he exclaimed.
I envy you. Youre younger than me by two years; on
top of that a girl, but already you have managed to
experience so much. And even became a knight. A girlknight. At long last the prophecy has come true. What
prophecy? Youll find this out in the castle. For the
time being I can tell you only one thing you are in
reality a knight, though a girl. And its not important
whether you want this or not. But from the moment I
was introduced to you Some introduction! Kate
touched her ear, which was still red. You forgave me!
Chris exclaimed, hurt. Now you recall it again.
Pardon me, Chris, I wont anymore. Word of honour!
Kate hurried to fix the blame.
Now, Chris continued, from the moment we
became acquainted, I am at your full disposal as a
squire. You wont refuse me, will you? My life depends
on this. The boy spoke very sincerely. Of course not.
You will accompany me on my journey? Yes. Until you
find your brother and go home to your country. I will
complete many feats in your service and go humbly
before the first person of royal blood so that I can
become a knight. Besides, I have one more important
task I must carry out even if I die. What task? Youll
find out in the castle, Knight Caterino. Kate dared not
demand explanations. The girl was glad that she found
one more friend.
Suddenly Kate remembered, Oh, Ive indeed completely forgotten about Drool!
Drool, this is your captive troll? Hes not a captive at all. Hes good. And not a troll
now but a Sweet Tooth. He has twice saved my life. Hes my friend. But indeed you
won him from the trolls? Yes, I did, Kate answered with a challenge, so? Okay, why
did you get so angry? Well find your Drool or whats-his-name. Chris seemed a little
All of a sudden, some unknown force tore Chris off the saddle and raised him into
the air. He was frightened and yelled. Oh, whats this with me? Kate, help! Kate herself
was also frightened. Chris was hanging in the air upside down and helplessly waving his

arms. The girl noticed that from Chris feet a rope stretched up to the trees. She looked
at the other end and saw Drools satisfied face among the branches and leaves.
Drool, smiling happily, waved at her. He came down in a second. Youre free,
Knight Caterino! he declared. Then he looked into Kates eyes, searching for approval,
and asked, Great that I took him out? Sweet Tooth! Kate groaned. Why did you do
this? Now lower the boy down to the ground. Drool was very surprised. Didnt this
person really take you prisoner after beating you fiercely and disarming you? Who told
you that? The birds. Drool was clearly dispirited. As soon as I heard them, I
immediately rushed to your aid. No, Drool, this isnt an enemy, Kate calmed him.
This is our new friend that you so rudely hung up. I thought that he was an enemy,
Drool justified himself as he untied the rope from the tree. But hes a friend. Well, now
Ive spoiled everything. The Sweet Tooth became completely red with shame and
covered his whole face with his ears.
Chris tumbled down onto the ground and stared wonderingly at Drool. Well, some
friend you have, Caterino! he said, outraged. Dont be mad at him please, Christian!
Kate begged. Hes very nice. No one loves him, only me. Dont be mad at him. She
stroked Drool on the head. The baby troll was ready to fall into the ground from shame.
Okay! Suddenly Chris began to laugh. Im not angry at all. This was simply so
unexpected that I was frightened. I saw that you were frightened, Kate laughed and
mimicked the boy, Kate, help, Kate, help! All three laughed. The little adventure
sprouted true friendship in the young peoples hearts. In front, the road again waited for

Chapter Fifteen

The friends travelled for a long time. It was already high noon, but the forest still did
not end. In order to reach its outskirts you have to travel for two weeks, Chris
informed his new friends. So, your castle is in the forest? Kate was surprised. Of
course not. Its in a clearing by Green Stream. Here it is.
The trees suddenly parted and the riders came to a large clearing in the middle of
which flowed a wide stream. Near the stream on a low hill, surrounded by a ditch filled
with water, was a picturesque castle with charming turrets. How beautiful! Kate and
Drool were simultaneously captivated. Yes, its beautiful, agreed Christian. Only a
little neglected. Why? Because only four of us live in it Mother, Joanna, my wet
nurse, Ian, my fathers old servant who brought me up from the cradle, and me.
Kate looked with surprise at the boy. And your father? Your brothers and sisters?
My father was killed when I was about to be born. Chris said this with great sadness.
And my twelve brothers I also never saw them. They were knights. One day they set
off together for a distant campaign and didnt return. Killed? gasped Kate. No one
knows, Chris lowered his head with a sigh.
The travellers did not have time to continue the conversation as they rode up to the
drawbridge which was over the ditch and led to the gates of the castle. Chris reached for
a horn and trumpeted all around. The gates began to creak and opened. A proud, tall old
man with hair white as snow appeared. Hello, Ian, Chris shouted, as he rode through
the gates and threw him the reins. We have guests!
In the castle courtyard Chris jumped from the saddle and ran up to Kate to help her
dismount. He already began to fulfill the responsibilities of a squire. Two women came
down the steps towards them. One was tall and beautiful in a rich dress, the other

plump, with a kind smiling face and in a simple dress with an apron. What a charming
boy! she exclaimed, on seeing Kate. Where did you meet him, Chris?

Meanwhile, Kate, with Chris help, got down from Mirko and the boy brought her to
the tall woman. Heres my friend, Mama, he presented the girl. This is Kate. And
Im Mama Eliza, the woman smiled and looked affectionately at the girl. I welcome
you to my land, Kate. Very happy to meet you.

Where did you come from, daring boy? Our forest is so big and youre still so young
to travel alone! Mama Eliza immediately began to ask. Im not alone, answered Kate.
Not alone? The womans eyebrows lifted up in surprise, but here Chris intervened,
Mama, Kate isnt a boy. Shes a girl and moreover a knight because she defeated a
dragon. The knight Caterino. At these words, the woman shuddered. Uneasiness
flickered in her eyes, but she collected herself in time and a kind smile again played on
her face. And this is Drool, Christian continued the introduction. He travels together
with the knight Caterino. Theyve already managed to perform more than one feat!
Welcome to our home, said Mama Eliza.
The youngsters entered the castle and found themselves in the main hall. Here it
was clean and comfortable. It had been otherwise in the troll castle. Chris, the mistress
of the castle turned to her son, Take Drool to your room and Ill give Kate the room for
guests. Joanna, her voice became imperative, Prepare a hot bath for Kate. She can
barely keep on her feet. Indeed, after these words, Kate felt that she was mortally tired.
Besides, both she herself and her clothing were so filthy and messy after all the ordeals
that the girl was even ashamed to look into Mama Elizas eyes.
When Kate entered the room set aside for her, she had not had time to recover her
wits when a tremendous wooden washtub filled with hot water turned up. The servant
frothed up the water with large strong hands. Then she deftly and swiftly freed Kate of
her clothing, picked her up as if she were a baby, and slipped the embarrassed girl into
the water.
The hot water took the girl into its embrace and filled her entire body with bliss. For
the first time in recent days Kate felt happy and calm. At long last, at least temporarily,
it was possible to forget about the adventures, the pursuits, and the battles. There was
no need to accomplish any feat or save anyone but simply lie in the hot water, be warm,
and play with the soapsuds.
Ill bathe Kate myself, said Mama Eliza to Joanna. You wash and iron her
clothes. The wet nurse was surprised but did not start to argue and quickly took off.
Kate looked wonderingly at her from behind then shifted her gaze to Chris mother.
Dont be surprised by my desire, answered Mama Eliza as she soaped the sponge with
a fragrant pink soap. I simply never had a daughter. I so prayed to the heaven that it
would give me a girl, but I only gave birth to sons. Can you imagine thirteen boys? Yes,
its amazing! agreed Kate. I so wanted to have one daughter though, sighed Mama
Eliza. Her hands carefully and affectionately disentangled and combed Kates hair.
Washing the child, it seemed, gave her great pleasure. Kate also became very
comfortable and was ready to purr with bliss like a kitten.
When the bath was finished, Mama Eliza wrapped the girl in a warm snowy sheet
and carried her to bed. Kate was worn out but it was still too early in the day. Therefore,
she said that she would simply lie down and rest. Then tell me your story, the woman
asked and sat down beside her. Kates story was detailed and long. Several times the girl
nearly burst into tears but the womans kind hands calmed her with maternal
My poor dear, Mama Eliza said and tenderly hugged the girl, how much you had
to go through, and how much still awaits you. No matter what, you must save your
brother. You at least know where he is and that hes alive. Several tears rolled from her
eyes and fell onto Kates face. The girl recalled that this woman also lost her sons at
some point and asked, But where are Chris brothers? Indeed, you have thirteen sons?

If I only knew where they were, the woman sighed sadly. Your appearance in our
castle is not accidental. We knew that it would happen; therefore, we have waited for
you all these years. Kate stared at her in amazement. Listen now to my story, said the
mistress of the castle.
It began to grow dark beyond the windows. Joanna appeared at the doors. She
brought in Kates clothing, cleaned and ironed. Dinner is on the table, she declared.
To the banquet hall, please. Kate, together with Mama Eliza, went down to the biggest
hall of the castle. Here Drool and Chris were already waiting for them at the long table
by the blazing fire in the enormous fireplace.
When everybody had sat down at the table and Joanna had handed out the first
course, Kate reminded Mama Eliza that she had promised to tell her own story. All
instantly fixed their gaze on the mistress of the castle. The woman sighed and began her
story, Twenty years ago this castle did not look as cheerless as now. Besides my
husband Richard the Brave and me, our twelve sons lived in it. Imagine what noise was
always here constant games, laughter, and sometimes even fights. Its always so with
boys. They were all either twins or triplets. Its only Christian who was a single birth.

Mama Eliza began to name all her sons: triplets Richard, Anthony, and Julius; two
pairs of twins Emilio and Enolio, Hans and Michael; again triplets Heinrich, Francois,
and Johann; and twins Juan and Carlos. Kate instantly forgot who was who and what he
was called. We adored them, the woman continued. Everyone loved them, even the
servants. Ian and Joanna nodded sadly. The plump woman even whisked away the
tears from her eyes.
Year after year passed happily and unnoticeably and the sons grew up. As soon as
they reached sixteen, as befit the sons of a knight, they left home. First Richard,
Anthony, and Julius sat on their horses and left. In half a year, we learned that they had
become knights and had performed numerous feats. The remaining boys lost peace and
sleep. The next year Emilio and Enolio set off after the oldest; then, immediately the day
after their birthday, Hans and Michael left. Time dashed so swiftly that when we looked
around, the castle was deserted. All the boys had left.
It became so dreary for us that no words could express our sadness. It was sad even
on that great day when all twelve of our sons, having become knights, dropped in on the
castle. The children gathered in order to brag about their feats before each other. We

knew that they had returned only to leave us again. They were home for only three days,
then all set off together to wander.
In a year the brothers returned and again visited us, each describing in turn his
feats and adventures. And again came the day
when it was necessary to say goodbye. As the first
time, it was their birthday. They were all born on
the same date and left us the next morning after
celebrating their sixteenth birthday. They came
also a third time. This was my last meeting with
my sons. They havent returned since. And even
rumours of them ceased to reach us. Grief settled
in our home. Years passed. Devoted servants grew
old and passed away. But my children still had not
returned. Each year Richard the Brave walked a
long way to meet them but always returned alone.
Four of us remained in the castle. My husband
started to be sick a lot. He began to grow old.
One day an old beggar appeared at the castle.
She said that she came from that bank of the Great
River and asked to spend the night. When she
learned of our unhappiness she pulled out a large
ripe apple from her bag. I want to thank you for
the hospitality, she said. Eat this at dawn.
At dawn all four of us gathered in this hall
and, after dividing the apple into four parts, ate it.
Nothing happened. But during the day we all felt
somewhat unusual. There was an ease in the body,
old and customary ailments disappeared. How
surprised we were when in the evening we looked
at each other and discovered that each had become
twenty years younger. The apple turned out to be
In a month I discovered that I was with child.
Imagine my happiness and that of my husband!
With happiness we were ready to forget about
everything in the world. Richard, who intended to set off in search of our sons indeed,
now he was agile and strong put off his trip and decided to wait for the birth of the
child. Oh, how he waited on me! Like a most devoted servant, he hastened to carry out
any whim, any desire.
Finally came the time when a childs cry should be heard in the walls of our castle.
Everything was ready for the birth of the baby. Suddenly Richard the Brave recalled that
precisely on this day each year he walked a long way to meet our heroic boys. The rain
poured beyond the windows and it was unbelievably dark. I begged Richard to stay, but
he said that he was afriad to anger the heavens. If he broke the promise he had given
years ago, fate might punish him and he would never see our boys at all. Ill return
quickly. You wont even have time to miss me. And our little one, as soon as hes born,

will immediately turn up in the loving hands of his father, he calmed me. Ill be back
soon! And he left. He hurried so that he even forgot to take any weapon with him.
Right after he left a terrible storm began outside the window. Peals of thunder
rumbled, lightning flashed. The rain turned into a downpour. The wind broke trees in
the forest. Their cracks and groans reached my bedroom. I cried from fear for Richard
and for the yet unborn child. The gravest presentiments tormented my soul. And they
were justified.
The day ended but the storm didnt. Joanna could not calm me. I was beside myself
with grief. The terrible night came; I was full of fear and worries. Richard did not come.
Then I sent Ian to search for him. He returned only in the evening. Richard was with
him. But as soon as I saw what state he was in, I fainted.
A terrible thing had happened. A bear sow, which had recently been roaming the
surroundings of our castle and frightening all living things, attacked my husband. It
hunted people! Once hunters had killed her cubs. The unhappy beast began to take
vengeance on man. Evil fate led it onto our land and it attacked my husband, Christians
father. The struggle was unequal. Richard was agile and very strong, but without any
weapon in the struggle, he was mortally injured. He managed to kill the terrible beast
and freed the land from this evil, but he was also slowly dying. Ian found him and
brought him back to the castle.
We nursed him as best we could but nothing helped. He died in the morning. And
Chris was born in the evening. He was born without either father or brothers. But I
thanked the heaven that it did not deprive me of this happiness the happiness of
having one more son. Christian was born on the day of his fathers death and the
birthday of all his brothers.
This was exactly thirteen years ago. Today is that day. The day of your birth, Chris,
a day we never celebrate. Mama Eliza became silent. They all looked at Christian. The
boy sat motionless. When he felt that they were looking at him, he lowered his head even
more. He did not want anyone to see the tears on his face.
And later? Kate timidly asked.
After exactly a year, that same beggar knocked on the gates of the castle. Of course,
we let her in and invited her to the table. Wine was poured for her and she was asked to
drink to the health of the boy who sat with us. He was exactly a year old that day. The
beggar thanked us for the wine but drank only half a goblet. She splashed the rest onto
the fire in this same fireplace. The fire flared up and burned for a long time with white
unnatural light. All this time the woman looked attentively into it.
Do you want me to predict the future of your son? she asked. I froze with fear but
agreed nevertheless. And the witch, this woman was clearly a witch, began to foretell, A
glorious fate awaits this boy. No less glorious than his brothers. She knows everything,
I thought. The witch continued, But before this, he will serve as squire to a famous
knight. Only then will he himself be able to receive this honourable title. Not sooner.
And only in this service will Christian be able to find his brothers.

His brothers! I gasped. So theyre alive? Dont interrupt me. Who is he, this
knight? Who? I begged. Tell me! This is a stranger from a distant land beyond the
reach of the Sovereign. The conqueror of the dragon and a great warrior. Who is he?
Whats his name? I can't tell you his name. But Ill say that this is not a he. What do
you mean, not a he? Its a she! A she? Yes! This is an outstanding maiden in mans
clothing with the title of a knight and on a white jumper. She will appear from the bank
of the Great River and her name will begin with the same letter as that of your son. The
boy will offend her but then will become her squire.

When will this happen? In how many years? How many years will pass is not
known to me. But this will happen on the day of his birth. You will let your son go with
the knight and he will save his brothers. He will have to overcome many obstacles. But
his best feat will be lifting the curse from your sons. Curse? So they are bewitched? I
shrieked. Everything darkened for a moment before my eyes and I swayed. Ian and
Joanna rushed to my help. Little Christian began to cry loudly. This brought me to my
senses. After we calmed down, we saw that the witch had disappeared. We rushed in
search of her but didnt find her.
Twelve years went by. And here came this day for which we have waited with fear
and impatience. The prediction has come true. The maiden-knight has appeared. And
tomorrow, Chris, you will go with her. Mama Eliza finished her story with these words.
This sad story shook everyone, especially Kate and Drool. The girl was staggered
that she played such an important role in it. She looked at Chris. The boy waited for her
to speak. I thought that such things only happen in fairy tales, she finally breathed out.
What will you say to this, Drool? The Sweet Tooth moved his ears and said, Never
defy predictions. We must do everything as the witch said.
So, tomorrow we hit the road! Kate said firmly. From this day, Christian, you are
my squire. True, I dont have so many weapons for you to bear. Great! Chris
exclaimed. At long last my turn has come to set out in search of adventures. Now youll
see, Mama, Ill become a great knight. Mama Eliza smiled sadly. All your brothers also
said exactly the same.
At this very moment far from the castle in the forest, Ruina flew on a broom into her
own cave. She rushed into the darkest corner and dragged a sleeping Esmeralda out of
the basket. You rat! the witch shouted in a voice unlike her own. You tricked me? Get
ready for death! Caw-w, Caw-w! Hel-lp! cawed Esmeralda. Ruina, what happened?
For what? With the last two words the crow was already wheezing because Ruina was
squeezing its throat with might.
You tricked me. The knight Caterino is alive and well. He cheated the trolls and
performed many other great deeds. The entire forest only talks about this. The crow
also knew this from the birds. It had been afraid to tell its mistress the truth. Now she
had found out everything herself. Spare me! the crow hissed. This Caterino is so
crafty. I was certain that he was dead. He tricked me too. The sly bird dissolved into
The first outbursts of fury passed and the witch let go of the crow, which hurried to a
safe place. Well, now Ill have to break all the rules and leave my cave, Ruina said
pensively. You cant appear in the Sovereigns domain! Esmeralda croaked from its
corner. I know! But I cant live with the thought that the cursed boy, after insulting and
humbling me, is now fearlessly loose in the world. And I sit here unavenged. Get ready
for a trip, Esmeralda. Ill show him yet!

All night Ruina read her witchcraft books and learned spells by heart. She went out
of the cave before dawn and smeared herself with magic ointments for a long time.
Before the eyes of an amazed Esmeralda she became younger and more beautiful. This
isnt all yet, she smiled mysteriously as she looked into a mirror which appeared right
out of the air. Its only the beginning.
Soon Ruina was flying on a broom across the morning sky, where stars began to dim
one after another. The crow followed its mistress.

Chapter Sixteen

The next morning Kate, Chris, and Drool set out on their journey. The remaining
inhabitants of the castle came out to see them off. The servant Ian restrained himself
from crying, but the wet nurse Joanna was wailing away at the top of her lungs and was
not shy before anyone. Only Mama Eliza said goodbye to her son and his new friends as
if she were only expecting a pleasant walk for them lasting no more than several hours.
However, Kate saw that her beautiful eyes were filled with deep grief. Kate was so sorry
for Mama Eliza that she was ready to burst into tears whole-heartedly.
Finally, all the words were said and the ensuing silence only tormented the heart
more with the bitterness of the forthcoming separation. Seeing that Kate could not bring
herself to give the command to set out, Chris put spurs to his horse first and there was
nothing left for Kate to do but follow. Drool went last on an undersized thickset pony.
He was fidgeting so ridiculously in the saddle that he resembled a large pink ball. Kate
began to laugh involuntarily. Drool, she shouted, are you sure you can handle your
horse? Certainly! The Sweet Tooth sat in the saddle with such an important air that
he made Kate laugh even more.
The inhabitants of the castle waved goodbye to the travellers and Kate felt that
Mama Elizas eyes and heart were filled not only with grief but also with hope. After
several minutes the castle in which Christian Thirteen was born was hidden from view.
Melancholy and grief disappeared together with it. How could it be otherwise? The
morning was unusually sunny and friendly, the forest was filled with bird songs, and
even the trees rustled their leaves as if shivering from the chilly morning wind.

Kate spurred Mirko on and overtook Chris. A triumphant smile played on his face,
as if he were the knight and Kate his squire and feats and glory were waiting ahead
precisely for him. So strong was his yearning for adventures that he never even looked
around at the walls of his home. Kate even envied him but then recalled that Chris, like
her, was also going on a quest. Only, in contrast to Kate who had to save only Gene,
Chris dreamed of finding twelve brothers.
Listen, Kate addressed Chris, do you know the way to the Capital well? I dont
know it at all, Chris carelessly brushed it off. Ive never gone further than three days
from home, and it takes almost a month to reach the Capital. Almost a month? Kate
gasped. What do you think? Our country is enormous, and you should be glad that
youre already so close to the Capital. Yes indeed, devilishly glad! Kate sighed.
Here Drool caught up with them. The girl turned to him. Sweet Tooth, do you know
if there is a shorter way to the Capital than what Chris proposes? Of course I do. If you
look at the magic thingy you have in your hand, youll see it. Kate looked at the compass
and discovered that Chris was not going where the arrow pointed but about twenty
degrees more to the right.
Stop! she began to fret. Wheres this were going? To the Capital, answered
Chris. But my compass shows that the Capital is the other direction. I dont know
what your thing shows, but Im leading you along the most reliable road. After all, I
must protect you, Knight Caterino. But I have to be at the Capital as soon as possible
and your way doesnt suit me. Its too long. Well go straight.
Chris even stopped his horse. Youre out of your mind! he exclaimed. If we go
where you indicate, in two days well reach Bewitched Forest, in which live some
robbers, witches, goblins, and elves. On top of that there are swamps and rocks at every
turn. Not a person has yet returned alive from there. Do you also want to disappear
Listen, Kate was indignant, are you a squire or not? Why do you then insist on
accompanying me at all? In order to give good advice like avoiding danger? Kates
words insulted boy to the depth of his soul. Im not a coward at all! You cant call me
that! I simply want you to get to the Capital to your brother, the Prince of the White
Tower, and not die because of some silly rush. Well, let it be! Let me die! Only you
know what, dear Christian, in a month itll all be the same to my brother whether I find
him or not. Mortal danger threatens him, why dont you understand this? The boy gave
up. As you wish. After all, Im only a squire and cant make decisions, but Im obligated
to warn you.
Drool, who had kept quiet all this time, stepped into the conversation, You,
Christian, even forgot to describe the field with gigantic scorpions and Vampire Park.
We must pass through all these. Only then will there be a completely safe way directly to
the gates of the Capital. The youngsters listened attentively to Drool. They became ill at
ease with his words. Whats this about a vampire park? asked Kate. Its a wretched
place, Christian muttered gloomily. I read about it in a book. People once lived there.
There were villages and castles but now there are only ruins.
Kate became terrified. She knew perfectly well what vampires were. Nevertheless,
she obstinately shook her head. Doesnt matter, my loyal squire, somehow well pull
through. She spurred the horse on. Mirko neighed and dashed forward. Did you hear
that? Chris turned to Drool. My loyal squire! Where did she manage to pick up this

knightly arrogance? Knights are like that, Sweet Tooth supported him. You wait,
shell even start fighting. Both galloped along to catch up with their girl friend.
The group travelled the whole day. Toward the evening they were mightily tired and
starving. After halting, Kate ordered Chris to bring firewood and Drool to prepare
supper. She herself sat on a large boulder overgrown with moss pretending that she was
thinking. In reality, some nonsense had gotten into her head.
Why are you sitting like a prince on holiday? Chris finally could not control
himself and asked. You could at least help, maiden on a white jumper! Kate was
embarrassed when she was a called a maiden and wanted to answer the squire
sharply, but recalled in time where similar verbal skirmishes had led. Okay, okay, dont
get upset. Ill help now. She also went off after fuel for the campfire. It was amazing
that she had never been able to yield to Gene in anything.
Kate became sad on recalling her brother. When did their war begin? As far back as
she could remember Gene and herself, this war between
them had gone on. It had been terrible and
uncompromising. Even when Gene had been quite little,
crawling on the floor and babbling incomprehensible
words, and Kate had not yet started school, they would
not yield to each other in anything nothing! Kate had
already taken a dislike to him. No, earlier still. Papa and
Mama completely forgot about Kate when Gene had just
appeared; only Gene occupied all their thoughts. How
long ago that had been!
Kate had known that she would have brothers and
sisters and had waited with impatience for an addition to
the family, but suddenly Mama was driven away to the
hospital for a whole month. Kate had gone with Papa to
visit her. It had been terrible. They had not been allowed
to go to Mama but only saw her through a small window
for all of ten minutes. Kate had been in a flood of tears
and had entreated Mama to let her stay. Mama had only
sadly persuaded Kate to suffer a little more. How Kate had
not wanted to go back to the empty home where there was
no Mama! Papa was always busy and there had been
absolutely no time for him to play with his daughter. The
girl had sat under the table with her toys, teddy bears, and
dolls, cried occasionally, and promised her friends that
she would never leave them alone whatever happened.
Later, Mama had finally returned. More precisely,
Papa brought her home. Kate had remained at home
alone because there had been no place in the car and had
barely waited. It had been with happiness that Kate heard
the door opening and she had rushed to Mama. Mama
was not alone, however. She had in her arms a bundle
which she pressed with great care against her chest. She
did not hug Kate because she did not let go of this bundle. The girl had experienced a
feeling of resentment for the first time then.

The second time Kate had experienced resentment was on the same day, when
Mama and Papa had come into the bedroom and, after unwrapping the baby, began to
examine him enthusiastically. Kate also timidly approached her little brother. She did
not like him. He was small, all wrinkled and red not pretty at all. On the contrary, he
was even disgusting. Had Kate suffered so long because of him?
Hes wonderful, right? Mama had asked in a voice with tender emotions. Yes,
Kate lied. May I hold him? No, probably still early. Mama was confused. Of course,
let her hold him, Papa had stepped in. Mama, with obvious unwillingness, had let Kate
hold the little one. The girl carefully took Gene in her arms. He had been so frail and
light even for four-year-old Kate. He had sniffed in a funny way and nuzzled Kates face
with his lips. The girl had laughed and for a moment felt happy.
Thats enough! Mama had said impatiently and with concern. Happiness had
ended. Kate, with regret, had returned the baby. Mama seized him and immediately
started to wrap him up again in a diaper. Will he be sleeping in my room? asked Kate.
Of course not. Hell sleep with us, in our room. And me? Kate nearly burst into tears.
In your own room.
The parents forgot about Kate. Little Gene caused them so much trouble that they
rushed around as if possessed and were always searching for something. Kate again sat
under the table and told her friends the fairy tale about the brother Ivanushka and sister
Alenushka8 and waited for her parents to remember their daughter, who also wanted to
care for the little one. They did not, however, and when she tried to get their attention,
they had said right away, Katie, dont bother us! Be a good girl! This was so offensive,
but she was a good girl and no longer wanted to see her younger brother, who had
deprived her of her parents.
The children grew and the hostility towards her brother grew within Kate. Little
Gene at first had reached out for his sister. He crawled near her and made baby sounds
with the obvious intention to play. He usually did not secure any reaction in response
and crawled away resentfully to Mama and played with her. Kate got even angrier but
could not do anything to stop herself. Mama tried to reconcile Kate with her brother but
did not succeed. Kate had pretended that she agreed with Mama but continued in her
heart to hate Gene. Kates feeling was communicated to the boy when he grew older.
Gene also began to hate her, and he had told her this as soon as he learned to talk. That
had been when this war started.
Now the war has ended. Kate and Gene are in a strange country far from each other.
Danger, even death, threatens both of them. If they meet, it is unknown whether they
will be able to return home. These thoughts ran around in Kates head while she
gathered dry branches and twigs. But then I have such good friends, she thought as
she approached the burning campfire.
The youngsters went to sleep right after supper because they needed to set off on
their way as early as possible. Chris volunteered to take the first watch for the first half
of the night. Kate and Drool pressed tightly against each other and instantly fell asleep.
Kate slept so soundly that she did not see Chris wake the Sweet Tooth at midnight and
lay down on his spot.
Sister Alenushka and Brother Ivanushka is a Russian folktale about a pretty girl Alenushka and her little
brother Ivanushka, who did not listen to her and drank water together with a herd of grazing sheep, thus
turning into a sheep himself. The tale continues with a king who married the girl and a witch who tried to
take the girls place.

Drool woke them up at six in the morning. The group met dawn when they were
already on the road. They again travelled the whole day and stopped only once. After
resting and having a bite, they again set off. They travelled in a single file Chris, Kate
after him, and Drool bringing up the rear. Sometimes, when the road was wider, they
travelled beside each other and talked. Chris and Drool told Kate about the Country of
Frozen Time, about its history and geography. Kate found out about the Capital, the

White Tower, and the Sovereign. Chris and the Sweet Tooth, however, did not know
about the latest events. Kate, in turn, described her native land.
Kate had listened to the stories of Chris and Drool as a most magical and most
improbable fairy tale; they, in turn, believed almost not one of her words at all. The most
ordinary things of Kates life seemed like a fantasy to them. Listen! Drool was
fascinated. Your native land is the most magical country. Now I understand why the
knight Caterino defeats all so easily. Youre wrong. We have nothing magical.
Everythings the most ordinary. Dont say stupid things. This thing, what do you call it,
a ther-mos? Who has ever heard of such a thing! We filled it with hot water in the
evening and it hasnt cooled at all in the morning! Well, dont you understand? Its a
thermos, you know
Kate wanted to explain the properties of a thermos from a scientific point of view
but could not. She was still young and did not know everything. Moreover, she also had
never given a thought about how the thermos, the TV, and the phone worked. Kate put
an end, therefore, to her attempts at explaining all the wonders of her country. After all
of Kates stories, her friends were certain that their companion was a real fairy from a
country of the greatest wizards. Kate stopped talking them out of it. It was even pleasant
for her that her friends valued her so highly. The main thing was that she was not alone.
Suddenly the forest ended. A valley appeared before the travellers. In comparison to
the beautiful forest which they had left, the new land was a sad sight. Shrivelled grass,
low bushes with inconceivably curved branches, and large boulders of black and grey
were all that made up its landscape. The travellers good mood immediately evaporated.
They travelled for two hours along a narrow trail stretching along the centre of the valley
until a blue strip appeared in the horizon. Its Bewitched Forest, Chris remarked
gloomily. In an hour well be in it. Kate shuddered with fear but said nothing. Dont
worry, Drool said, as if guessing the girls thoughts. According to all signs and
predictions, everything will be fine. And then, we will always be together.
Kate, Chris turned to the girl, May I ask you a very unpleasant question? Go
ahead! Kate sighed. The first time we met, you didnt want to duel with me. Why?
Dont you know how to use a sword? Of course not. Where do you think I could have
learned it? In the fight with the mermaids? Dont be offended. Just that where were
going is very dangerous. Perhaps well call a halt and enter the forest tomorrow
morning? Its inhabitants always sleep towards the morning after spending a wild night.
Hes right, Drool supported Chris. Well make good use of the remaining time,
continued Chris. Ill train you and Drool on how to use a sword. You must know at least
the fundamentals. Okay, Kate reluctantly agreed.
Having dismounted quickly, the friends built a fire, fed the horses, and placed on the
fire a pot with water in order to make supper. Now prepare for battle, Knight Caterino!
Chris shouted and quickly pulled out his sword. Kate also took her sword out of the
scabbard and got up before the boy. Eh, Knight, you havent yet learned how to hold a
sword correctly! Chris mockingly exclaimed. However, it didnt stop me from killing
the dragon, silly boy! Kate could not leave it unanswered. Dont be offended, I
understand that in your country swords arent used. Right?
Chris began to teach Kate how to hold the sword, parry strikes, and deliver them.
Kate mastered the lessons surprisingly quickly. In an hour she not only managed to
defend herself against her squire but also even successfully attacked him several times.
Chris wielded his weapon to perfection.

Great job! in the end the squire praised the student when they were thoroughly
tired. The rest next time. You already know a lot. You have an outstanding sword. Light
as a feather. It can probably cut through anything. Where did you get it? The people
from the Green Forest gave it to me. Its a gift from Prince Arinaco. But youre a very
good teacher. Its you whos a good student, Chris summed up. What Ian once taught
me in a month you learned in an hour. Its actually strange, agreed Kate.
Here the Sweet Tooth, who had been busy with the preparation of supper all this
time, stepped into the conversation. Nothing strange here, slowly stirring the kasha in
the pot, he began to explain. First, Kates from a magic country. Golly! Kate was
surprised. I was certain that Im now in a magic country. Secondly, as soon as she
killed the dragon, its strength and courage were transferred to her. But the main thing
that people take from a dragon when they kill it is this magical ability for training and
perfection. No matter what you start to learn, youll achieve incredible successes
everywhere. Wow! Kate and Chris exclaimed in one voice.
Before going to sleep, Kate and Chris were again busy with fencing. At first Kate
fought with her sword, then she proposed to change. Christians sword was so heavy that
Kate could not even hold it in one hand, let alone swing it. The boy handled the heavy
sword as if it were a light rapier. It was necessary to change again. They went to sleep
tired but contented.
The night was dark. There was not a single star in the sky. Drool was on duty by the
campfire like a loyal and devoted friend. He sat and savoured candy which Kate found in
one of the pockets of the knapsack. From pleasure and bliss, the Sweet Tooth screwed
up his eyes like a puppy warming by a fireplace and, therefore, did not notice two
shadows slowly flying in the pitch-black sky in the direction of Bewitched Forest. One
was large, the other small. The shadows froze in the air on seeing the travellers, then
made three rounds above them and flew further. It was the witch Ruina and the crow

Chapter Seventeen

When Ruina and Esmeralda caught up with the knight Caterino, they discovered to
their horror that he was not alone. They were careful not to get mixed up with Caterino
alone, and here were two more enemies. The witch and the crow flew in the direction of
Bewitched Forest and soon reached its first crooked and deformed trees. Another hour
of flight passed and Ruina began to descend over a high mountain on the peak of which
burned numerous fires. The crow followed her. Sinister shadows loomed by the
campfires. The witch easily recognized in them her sisters of the witchcraft trade. This
was Bald Mountain, on which witches regularly gathered for the Sabbath.
Ruina landed at the base of the mountain and started to climb on foot to the peak.
The witches saw her and shouted gleefully. Their glee, however, was so hostile that
Ruina and Esmeralda began to tremble with horror. I did say that its not worthwhile to
fly here! the crow croaked to its mistress. Silence! she ordered and continued on her
way. The witches chased after her and shouted, Ruina, how dare you appear here? You
really arent afraid of severe punishment for stealing the sacred cauldron? They were all
absolutely terrible and disgusting; Ruina was simply a beauty in comparison. The higher
she climbed, the uglier and more terrible the witches looked.
Finally, Ruina reached the peak where, in front of a large campfire, sat the chief
witch Areatanuta, the most powerful witch of the Country of Frozen Time. Of course,
she was the most hideous of the witches. The old woman looked at Ruina and the crow
with such hatred that both of them froze.
Why did you come here? Areatanuta asked in a thunderous voice from which all
the remaining witches began to tremble and Esmeralda fainted. You indeed know that
terrible punishment awaits you. You broke the rule of our tribe, stopped flying to the
Sabbath, and stole the sacred cauldron of the Druids, without which our authority above
people became an empty sound. The witches shouted and angrily waved at Ruina.

Youre the youngest among us, continued the chief witch. Perhaps you hoped that we
would take your youth into consideration and forgive you?

No, I didnt, Ruina sighed quietly and bowed her head submissively. I came to ask
for the protection of my tribe and vengeance for inflicted insult. From surprise,
Areatanutas ugly eyebrows, which were completely covered with warts, crawled
upward. Her friends and subordinates were also stunned by such cheekiness. All was
quiet for a while, then the witches raised such a racket that Bewitched Forest shuddered
from fear, as it had not seen the like before. The witches made a racket for a long time.

The crow came to then fainted again or pretended that it did. No one, however, paid it
any attention.
Witches, silence! Areatanutas voice cut off all the noise like a gunshot cutting off
the ruckus of a flock of crows. The witches hushed. Continue, the chief witch turned to
Ruina. But know that you cannot escape punishment.
Punish me, witches! Ruina sobbed. Punish me! I cant bear to live with the
thought that the tribe has been cheated and robbed, belittled and trampled on. The
witches began to grumble. All the time they are only occupied with robbing and
cheating, killing and degrading someone. This is normal when they do this to someone,
but quite another thing when it is done to them. Witches cannot stand this; they weaken
and quietly die if they cannot take vengeance on the offender. Ruina continued to shout,
But this offence not only concerns me. It hits all of us. Our sacred cauldron of the
Druids no longer exists. It is broken. And a vile boy, a knight who killed the forest
dragon, broke it. His name is Caterino.
The witches wailed at the top of their lungs and began to tear their own hair. Even
Areatanuta also lost composure and rolled on the ground together with everyone. The
witches wailed and cried for a whole hour and could not calm down.
Ruina then described to them in detail the story of the loss of the cauldron. On
hearing that the brother of the Prince of White Tower kicked the sacred cauldron and
broke it into smithereens, the witches again wailed for a long time. And the last thing
that I will say, witches, Ruina added, our offender and sworn enemy, the knight
Caterino, conqueror of the forest dragon, is making his way here, to Bewitched Forest.
He is not alone. With him are two more scoundrels who also must die!
After the next clamour, Ruina was sent below to the foot of the mountain, and the
most honourable and oldest witches, headed by Areatanuta, sat around the main fire for
high council. Before dawn they summoned all the witches and Ruina to the peak of Bald
Mountain. The chief witch said this, The high council of witches has decreed that the
knight Caterino must die after long and terrible tortures, and all his blood to the last
drop must flow into our Main Fire here on Bald Mountain. Today Bewitched Forest
learns what vengeance of witches is. Day turns to night and not one witch will return
home while the knight Caterino is alive. And the full moon will help us! The moon,
huge, bright, and round, at this moment came out from behind a cloud and, to the
happiness of all those present, illuminated the meeting of the witches.
This isnt all yet! According to our laws, Ruina, having betrayed us and stolen the
sacred cauldron, must bear punishment. Her main guilt consists of the destruction of
the cauldron in which for centuries we prepared magic ointments, drinks, and drugs
from the fat, blood, and bones of innocent babies. Ruina does not even justify that she
did not accomplish good deeds. Then we would sentence her to a terrible death. For the
present she is sentenced only to the severance of her left hand, without which she will no
longer be able to cast spells on anyone no matter what, and to the pouring of a jug of her
blood into the Main Fire in atonement for her crime.

The punishment was very severe. A few witches even sympathized with Ruina, and
the culprit herself screamed from fear and grief. She also sobbed when the sentence was
carried out. The chief witch personally cut off her left hand, then the strongest witches
held Ruina, who was squealing from the pain, and thrust the stump of her arm directly
into the fire so the criminal blood would flow in there. Ruina cried and swore that for
each drop of her blood the knight Caterino would pay with ten times more tortures.
Kate and her friends, not suspecting what terrible troubles threatened them, got up
early in the morning and set off on their journey. Soon they reached Bewitched Forest
and huge grey trees stood before them like an impenetrable wall. Forward! Kate gave
the order and was the first to enter the forest. They travelled silently while nervously
spurring on the horses. The horses themselves hurried, feeling that a place such as this
needed to be passed faster.
The first to feel uneasy and break the silence was Drool, Caterino, are you sure
were going the right way? Of course, I always look at the compass. Kate glanced at
her hand and gasped. The compass needle was spinning like crazy. I dont understand.
What happened to it? She tapped on the compass but this did not help.
Its Bewitched Forest, Chris sullenly muttered when he found out what the matter
was. Dont worry; as soon as we leave it, your compass will instantly work normally.
The main thing is to get out of here fast. Yes, but how will we find the way? Very
simple, Drool pointed to the ground. See the death caps growing around here? They
always turn their caps in the direction of the Capital. Kate and Chris sighed with relief
and looked at Drool with appreciation. How nice that he is well versed in witchcraft
intricacies. They would quickly perish without him.
The travellers went further and did not see that as soon as they moved a
considerable distance away from the death caps, the mean fungi, which obviously

conspired with the witches, immediately turned their caps in the other direction and
nodded joyfully to each other.
After some time it became difficult for the travellers to force their way through the
overgrown bushes and trees. Drool was first to suspect something was wrong. He began
to watch the death caps attentively then suddenly asked Chris for a knife and quickly
jumped down from his horse. The friends looked perplexedly at the Sweet Tooth. He ran
back. Aha! he soon shouted. I knew it! The children also jumped from the saddles
and joined him. Drool stood near a company of death caps and swung the knife above
them. They tricked us! Drool announced. The death caps show the wrong direction as
if theyre luring us into a trap.
What will we do now? Kate and Chris asked at once. We must go back. They
turned back but very soon realized that again they were not going where they should.
Let go of the reins! ordered Drool. The horses themselves will find the necessary
way. He was right; as soon as the animals felt freedom, they very quickly forced the way
through the brushwood.
Have to be careful. Drool looked around attentively. Cant trust anyone here. In
response to these words, Bewitched Forest resounded with vile laughter. The horses
anxiously turned on the spot. The children barely stayed in the saddles. Chris rapidly
pulled out his combat bow, put an arrow in it, stretched the bowstring, and began to
look out for the one laughing. No one was visible, however. Suddenly the laughter
stopped. Who is it? Kate asked, startled. I see no one, whispered Drool. We must
leave here. Kate glanced at the compass and saw that its needle stopped for a moment.
There! Kate pointed and spurred Mirko on.
The travellers tore through Bewitched Forest at a fast trot. No more sounds pursued
them; however, the unpleasant feeling that someone was following them did not leave
the riders for a minute. They halted at noon. From fatigue, the travellers could barely
stand on their feet. Kate simply collapsed onto the ground. Drool and Chris found
strength in themselves to take care of the horses. Only after the animals were wiped dry
and fed did Kates companions squat down beside her.
Whats that? Chris suddenly straightened and looked up. It seems someone flew
across the sky. Likely a person. What are you saying? Kate tiredly raised herself on
her elbow. Who can fly here? Dont know. Chris shrugged his shoulders. I noticed
someone. Perhaps a witch flew by? Drool surmised. Only they can fly in the air.
Yes, likely. Do you think that she noticed us? Dont know. Maybe not. She flew by
too fast. A chance witch. Drool calmed down a little. Many of them here. The
conversation ended on this. Everyone tried to rest and soon forgot about the witch.
No one noticed as a crow sat down on the tree under which the travellers were
resting. This was Esmeralda. It was keeping an eye on them and simply did not look
away from Kate. Somethings not quite right here, muttered the crow. The boys, of
course, are quite ordinary, especially the second. Where did this cursed Caterino dig him
up? I dont like his face. Too open and daring. Hes probably also a knight. Look how
many of them there are! But whos this third one? Ive seen him somewhere. Just dont
remember where.
Having done its secret service, the sly bird intended to fly away. It hooked a wing on
one of the branches of a neighbouring tree, however, and made a lot of noise. Together
with that it croaked loudly, He-l-p! The travellers jumped up and saw it. I know it!
Kate shouted. Its Esmeralda. Catch it! Chris grabbed his bow and instantly shot an

arrow but missed. The crow finally freed its wing and flew away. His second arrow also
did not catch up with it. But then Drool turned out to be more agile. He threw a stone at
the crow, which, like a plane being shot down, turned over and fell to the ground.
Hurray! Kate shouted and, catching up with the crow, seized its wings. Oh, it
hurts! Esmeralda screamed. Quiet, nasty spy, or Ill rip your tail off! Kate threatened.
Whos this? Drool and Chris asked in one voice. This is the witch Ruinas crow, Kate
explained willingly and violently shook the frightened bird. Well, talk, nasty, what are
you doing here? I was flying past, so I thought that Id see whos here Esmeralda
tried to free itself. Dont lie! Kate shook the bird again. Beat me, cut me, Ill say
nothing! Cut, you say? That is a good idea. Chris took a dagger out of his belt. Caww, caw-w, theyre killing me! the crow was alarmed. Ill tell everything, only dont
touch me!
The story of the crow depressed the friends. They were certainly prepared for
dangers in Bewitched Forest but did not expect what Esmeralda told them. It was
necessary to get far away from here faster. Drool, tie it up so that it cant fly away, Kate
ordered the Sweet Tooth, then she turned to Esmeralda, Youll show us the way, and
dont take it into your head to trick us! If you try to lure us into a trap, then not even a
feather will remain of you. Understand? Indeed, whats not to understand here? Caww, muttered the crow that was tied up by Drool and strapped to Kates saddle. The
friends again sat on their horses and galloped in the direction the crow showed them.
First, as always, went Chris, after him Kate and the Sweet Tooth.
Where are you leading us? Kate sternly asked Esmeralda. Im leading you to the
castle of Two-headed Simon. Its the only safe way. Two-headed Simon? And whos
he? Hes the leader of a gang of robbers; a terr-rible person. How many people he has
wasted! And youre leading us to him? Kate was outraged. And you think you have a
choice? the crow stated insolently. Hes the only being in this forest that the witches
fear. If you manage to reach his territory, youre saved. The witches will never poke their
noses into Two-headed Simons property. I dont even know which is worse. Kate was
in confusion. I think the crow is right, Drool corroborated. We have a chance. If we
manage to reach the robbers before nightfall, then they wont notice us. All robbers sleep
very soundly during the day. Then lets spur the horses on! proposed Kate. We can
tire them out this way, the Sweet Tooth challenged her.
A whistle rang out suddenly. Everybody looked up and from surprise nearly fell
from the saddles. Three witches were flying in the sky like predatory birds. They sat on
brooms and waved their arms threateningly. At first glance this spectacle seemed even
somewhat amusing to Kate. When Kate saw their ugly and evil features, however, her
mirth vanished as if by magic. The witches were totally unlike harmless pensioners who
decided to go for a ride on brooms. It became even scarier when one of the old women
dived right at Kate in order to catch her with incredibly long arms. Mirko jumped to the
side and the witch shot past, but a second one, even more terrible, was already following
her. Kate screamed with fear; Baba Yaga9 was flying right at her. Drool barely had time
to shield Kate with his own horse. In order not to cut into him, the witch soared up and
showered the troll with terrible profanities.
Kate recovered her wits and pulled out her sword. Out of the corner of her eye she
saw Chris aim the bow at one of the witches. His arrow hit the villain in the foot and she
Baba Yaga is a Slavic folkloric character, an aged crone and witch, who lives in the forest in a hut that
moves on chicken legs.

flew away with a furious howl. Two other witches came at Kate from different directions.
Esmeralda hid in its fetters. Just dont touch me! it cawed. Ive nothing to do with
anything here. Not at all! Its me one of you!
The witches advanced swiftly. Another instant and they would ram into Kate, but
the girl bent down low onto the saddle and drove Mirko forward. The manoeuvre
succeeded: she swept past between the witches, while they rammed into each other and
flew off in different directions. A crash resounded. One plopped against a tree, the other
fell into a thick growth of prickly bushes. How they cursed!
Lets leave here quickly! Now all the witches will swoop down here! Chris said with
agitation as he examined the tops of trees and the sky. This is probably their vanguard!
The travellers instantly whipped the horses and dashed away from the place. Soon they
heard a familiar whistle behind their backs. Had the witches really caught up with them?
Indeed the travellers had tried to go under trees in order to be invisible from above!
Fortunately, the whistle and cries of the witches went in the other direction.
Carried away by the mad gallop, Kate stopped keeping an eye on Esmeralda. The
crow, not losing time, tried to break the ropes with its strong beak. Violent shaking
weakened the fetters. With a
triumphant shout, the crow
darted away from captivity and
took off above the trees. Caww, caw-w! Help, witches! it
cawed. Everybody here! To me!
Here they are! Here! Got you,
my friends! The coven of
witches noticed the crow right
away. They, like the mythical
harpies, dove down with furious
howls. There were five of them
this time.
The scream and howl of the
witches did not produce any
strong impression on the
travellers. An attack did not
take place because the witches
feared Chris arrows and Kates
sword. The witches began to
prepare a spell. Its the end for
hopelessly. Now theyll change us into rats or frogs and our merry days will end. No,
Drool calmed him. They cant change us into anything. Kates a knight and were her
friends. Theyre planning something else.
Drool turned out to be right. A loud crack sounded and a tree collapsed behind
them. Chris shouted furiously and shot several arrows at the witches. He missed because
the witches hid in the thick foliage. Kates detachment again plunged into flight. The
witches no longer pursued them. In order to take off again on the brooms, they needed
to cast long and difficult spells. They were not particularly mournful, because on

Esmeraldas shouts not fewer than ten new witches gathered. They immediately rushed
in pursuit of Kate and her friends.
The new witches were old, experienced ones. They flew faster and they could cast
spells without stopping flight. Very soon the old women caught up with the three riders
and began to shoot lightning bolts at them using their crooked index fingers (for filthy
and vile purposes witches always use only the index finger of the left hand). Trees and
bushes began to flare up one after another. The crash and noise were unbelievable.
Kate drove and drove Mirko forward, if only to be further from this nightmare. She
screamed in horror when she felt that someones nasty and disgusting hands grabbed
her under her arms from both sides and tried to drag her from the saddle. Mirko bucked
and neighed. If it had not done this, the two witches would easily have dragged Kate off
with them.
Chris pulled out his heavy sword and brought it down on the head of one of the
witches. Drool, as if grown from the ground, seized the other witch with both hands and
threw her under the horses hooves. Both witches screamed in pain and malice. The
friends, as before, were ready to give their lives for Kate! The jacket on the boy was
burning. The witches flying among the forest trees mercilessly showered the fugitives
with fire. Drool was also injured. A stream of blood flowed from his ear.
The witches squealed and attempted to seize the horses hooves. Chris threw the
burning jacket at one of the witches that was flying towards him and fanned off the
other with his sword. Stop attacking one by one! one of the witches finally yelled.
Now, all together! Form a line and prepare to attack! She behaved as a true
commander. The witches stepped back for the new attack.
The friends saw that the forest behind them was also burning. Good that theyre
such bad shooters! the boy laughed. Where can we run now? Forward! the girl gave
the order, spurred Mirko on, and galloped right into the burning forest. Where are you
going? the squire and the Sweet Tooth yelled in one voice. Youll burn! Kate did not
hear them. There was nothing left for the friends to do but follow her.
Fire and unbearable heat met Kate, Drool, and Chris. The horses neighed from pain
and rushed in a mad gallop through the fire and the scorching heat. It scorched the face,
and it was difficult and painful to breathe. Kate had already decided that now she would
fall from the horse and burn in this hell, but at that very second Mirko jumped out of the
strip of fire. It immediately became easier and safer, except that Kate wanted terribly to
Drool and Chris galloped beside her. The Sweet Tooth was grey from cinder and
smoke and Chris hair was slightly burnt. Were heroes, you know! Chris exclaimed
joyfully. This is my first feat! He found something to be happy about, muttered Kate.
We must skip out of here quickly before these batty old women appear again. Darn!
Now I understand why they burned witches on the stake in olden days! Drool, you poor
dear, youre completely covered in blood. Let me bandage you. No time for such
trifles! Drool objected. Must get away from here! But what direction? See, the
death caps are running away from the fire. We must go that way too.

Kate and Chris looked near the horses hooves and saw that the death caps were
actually rushing along the ground. They grew legs from some unknown place and,
escaping from the fire, ran as if they were beasts. From horror, these fungal creations
were squeaking and jumping over each other.
The forest fire spread over to the trees under which the travellers had sat. It seems
we now have another enemy, the terrible witches, Drool began to worry. Quick, after
the death caps! Theyre very sly beings and will definitely lead us to a safe place.
Forward! Kate shouted. After the death caps! They galloped after the fungi. The fire
persistently followed them, as if the witches had given it the task to overtake and destroy
the knight Caterino and his companions.
This was the most tiring of the gallops. They had not escaped alone. Kate saw that
besides them and the fungi ran some other strange creatures which resembled both
hares and frogs simultaneously. There was a whole flock of them. The creatures passed
the death caps, which moved faster than the horses and disappeared in front. Then
directly before their noses flew a colony of bats so large that during flight the branch of
trees swayed with a whistle from their wings. If not for the extreme situation, Kate might
have died of fright when she saw them.

Chapter Eighteen

The fire continued to advance rapidly. The sky darkened from the smoke, and the air
was so saturated with cinder that it became intolerable to breathe. Our heroes forgot
about the witches. Now there remained only one desire in them to be as far away as
possible from the fire.
The horses were already dead tired. Their sides heaved heavily and they began to be
covered with foam. Chris travelled next to Kate and supported her with his arms around
her back. Thanks, Chris. The girl looked gratefully at the squire. I can no longer
support myself. This is probably the end. Dont talk nonsense! Were with you. Drool
will definitely think of something. The death caps will save us.
The fungi continued to run although not as quickly as at first. The smallest and the
weakest of them lagged behind and the pitiless flame devoured them. The fugitives
heard their weeping and groaning and briefly surged forward. After several minutes,
they got tired, slowed down the run, and the fire again breathed on their backs.
A burning pine tree fell before them. The fire had outrun them. Was it really trying
to surround them? Everyone yelled with horror, even the always calm Drool. Despair
seized the ones on the run. Goodbye, Chris! Kate started to cry. Forgive me that I
dragged you into this mess. Its all my fault! Chris was so sorry for the girl-knight that
he was ready to give up his life for her.
The fire, however, needed not his life but the life of all, without exception. It already
howled and droned in anticipation of victory, and its sharp teeth snapped, grinding tall
trees in its enormous mouth. It seemed that it was laughing with joy and excitement and
even paused slightly in order to prolong the pleasure. Kate, Drool, and Chris huddled
together. Huddling up to them were death caps, big and small, red and white, papas,
mamas, and their young. In the middle of this horror a foolish thought flickered in Kate
that she had never yet seen how fungi cry.

Chris lifted his head in order to look at Kate one last time. Suddenly he saw behind
her back something that cheered up his gaze. Kate looked around. Drool, look! There
among the trees a bit of water was barely discernable. Yes, yes, real water! It was either a
lake or a swamp. Does it matter? All rushed there and in a few seconds a small lake,
clean and transparent, actually turned up in front of them. Shouting joyfully, the friends
in misery rushed into the water.
Now the fire droned from fury and disappointment that the prey had gotten away
and roared with even larger force. The lake, in which Kate hid with her friends and the
death caps, was quite small and shallow. The shore was entirely piled with stones and

boulders. Immediately behind them was a wall of the forest. The fire pounced on the
lake from all sides. The trees growing on the shore flared up like straw and the flame
from them dashed into the sky.
In order to escape from the unbearable heat, all living beings had to get far into the
very middle of the lake. The young people got down from the horses and, holding them
by the bridles, stood in the water. Drool set the death caps, the children and the elderly
first of all, on their backs. The rest floated all around like sponges in a bathtub and
sighed blissfully. Now it was necessary to wait until the fire ended. It could not burn
An hour passed and a second one after that, but the fire was blazing with the same
force and power as at first. All were tired of splashing around in the water. Its
salvational effect was no longer as before. Vapour, which made it difficult to breathe,
began to rise from the water surface. It was necessary to dip the head constantly
otherwise the hair got so warm that it could ignite by itself.
Listen, Kate turned to her friends when she emerged the next time, doesnt it
seem to you that the water has become much warmer than when we dived into it? Yes,
considerably warmer, Drool and Chris agreed. Is it really heating up? Of course!
Chris dived and emerged. Is it really possible? Trees cant burn this way for long. The
fire must end. Dont forget, Drool poured water out from his ear, this is Bewitched
Forest. Here anything can happen.
What are we to do? Chris exclaimed in despair. Are we really going to stick out of
this puddle and dive like ducks? Probably not for long, Drool answered quietly and
sadly. Look at the stones on the shore. The boy and the girl looked at the shore and
gasped in consternation. The boulders on the shore had turned red. The fire did its job
in good faith. The water on the shore simmered with the red-hot stones. Another hour
and the entire lake would boil. Then what would happen to them? No one, however,
ventured to answer.
Well become soup! Chris finally sighed. Mushroom soup with meat. Horse and
human! No escape for us! Better if wed burned in the fire! Kate no longer had either
strength or tears. Well, its never too late, Chris grinned. Can do it right now. Why
wait? Im already tired of this warm bath. Perhaps well try breaking through again?
proposed Kate. Were sufficiently wet. What do you say, Drool? Weve already
cheated the fire twice. It wont let us cheat it a third time. You really dont understand
why its alive? Like everything in this cursed forest!
Bewitched Forest burned. Not all of it of course; it was too big. A very large territory
turned out to be in the authority of the fire. Beasts and birds and other living beings
which had never before been seen or even heard of fled from the fire running, flying,
crawling, or jumping. Some escaped; others perished in the flames. The witches flying
above the forest howled with joy.
Suddenly, directly from the thick smoke the black spirit of Bewitched Forest was
seen rising into the sky. It glanced at the witches with an infuriated look and addressed
them with a formidable speech, What have you done to my forest? Why set fire to it?
Vile creatures! This is how you thank me for giving you shelter on my land?
Now the witches were scared that they had gone too far. Four witches had perished
in the fire, and the fire was moving increasingly closer to Bald Mountain. This way the
witches lair could also perish! Ah, the cursed knight Caterino! How much trouble

because of him! Areatanuta herself headed the firefighting. The witches chanted spells
all together. In normal places any witch can do anything alone, but here, in Bewitched
Forest, witches can make magic only by working all together. Much magic energy is
needed for this.
Clouds soon began to gather, and now the sky was already completely overcast with
leaden clouds. The densest and darkest cloud was hanging right above the fire. Its sides
were shining with an abundance of icy water. Another cloud almost as big hung not far
away. The witches flew up to it, hovered in the air, and began to puff up like soap
bubbles, each the size of a balloon. Only Areatanuta did not swell up. She shouted with
her thunderous voice and the two most swollen witches began to blow on the cloud with
the force of a hurricane. When they had let out all their air, three more witches did the
same. After them, the rest began to blow and the huge black thing floated towards the
first cloud.
Areatanuta flew to where the clouds should collide. She sparked with her finger a
lightning bolt ten times more powerful than that with which the witches had attacked
the knight Caterino and hurled it between the clouds. The clouds collided. A deafening
crash resounded. Lightning flared up and spread along the entire sky to the horizon. The
witches were blinded for a long time by its light. Only the chief witch managed to turn
away from its destructive influence. Icy water flowed as if a million buckets had fallen
from the sky.
The water attacked the fire, which answered the attack with a furious roar. There
was still a lot of power in the fire. The battle began. Water and flame fought. Water
made noise and roared, the fire droned and hissed indignantly. Water won. The sky was
on the waters side; the fire, however, did not have the support of the ground. On the
contrary, the ground hated the fire which had ruined it. The fire began to retreat. First it
stopped droning and whistling, then when it no longer had sufficient power to devour
trees and bushes, the crackling stopped. There remained only the poisonous hissing of a
viper from which the forked tongue had been pulled out. Still thick clouds of smoke and
steam crawled to the sky. The rain became stronger and stronger. Soon there remained
not even a little spark from the fire.
Streams were already flowing through Bewitched Forest, but the flow of water was
falling all the time from the sky, as if the sky were infuriated and decided to flood the
ground. Streams began to change into full-flowing rivers. A new misfortune had arrived
at Bewitched Forest flood.
The witches, weakened by the battle with the fire, were unable to stop the new
calamity. This Caterino be cursed! they grumbled and flew with difficulty to their
refuges burrows and caves, huts on chicken legs, gingerbread houses, and covered
wagons on wheels.10 For sure he burned in the fire; serves him right.
Home, witches! Areatanuta ordered. The knight could not have escaped in this
scorching heat. Weve done our job. True, not as we wanted, but weve taken vengeance
on him. The laughter of the chief witch flew above the ground and muffled the noise of
the rain. However, you will gather on Bald Mountain on my first call. If the knight is
suddenly alive, I will light up two more moons in the sky. It will be my sign, but its
Huts on chicken legs refer to Baba Yaga, a witch in Slavic folktale; gingerbread houses refer to Hansel
and Gretel, a fairy tale of German origin recorded by the Brothers Grimm; and covered wagons on wheels
refer to the Gypsies.

unlikely that this will happen. Ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha! The witches echoed her and flew
Only Ruina did not believe that the knight Caterino was dead. Tattered and worn
out, she also had almost burned in the fire. Come, Esmeralda! she summoned in a
voice trembling with cold. The crow immediately sat down on the blackened stump of
Ruinas left hand, which was wrapped with dirty rags. It presented an even sorrier
spectacle than its mistress. Wet, freezing, with charred wings and beak, badly scratched
feet and broken feathers, it shrivelled under the downpour and looked sorrowfully at its
mistress. Perhaps well go home? it tried to tempt the witch but instantly hushed
meekly under her terrible and decisive gaze.
Fly and find the remains of the knight Caterino, ordered Ruina. I wont rest until
I see his corpse. What if hes alive and we again let him slip? No, this mustnt happen!
Fly, Esmeralda, fly. And may the gods of evil be with you. The crow took off. True,
before flying it thought, Why dont I belong to some quiet old astrologer? I would now
be living peacefully and quietly. Would be eating mice and cockroaches. No, I was drawn
to higher circles. Sta-tus-seek-ker! Phooey!
Ruina followed the crow with her evil eyes, which still reflected lightning that
continued flashing in the sky. If Kate saw her now, she would not recognize the witch
who had changed so from her thirst of vengeance and hatred. She had become ugly and
misshapen although she was the youngest on Bald Mountain. Something tells me that
its still too early to celebrate victory, she muttered as she looked at the rain beating
down and the witches flying away to their lairs. The knight Caterino, this hateful boy, is
too cunning to perish in a fire. I have a feeling that hes still alive!
The witch was right. Kate and her friends did not die the terrible death which the
witches and the fire had prepared for them. They did not cook in the boiling lake.
When the water heated up and everyone had been ready for an inevitable death,
Drool turned to his comrades. Wipe your tears, Kate and Chris, he said. I wont let
you die. The children stared at him with surprise. What do you want to do? Though
Ive broken all the rules and laws of trolls, I still have one magic in reserve. Ill use it if
worst comes to worst. So use it, what are you waiting for? Well die, you know!
exclaimed Chris.
Wait! Kate stopped the boy. Drools sad sighs alerted her. But you cant use
magic. Isnt it dangerous for you to break the law again? Of course not. Dont lie,
please! Kate did not believe Drool. Tell the truth, Sweet Tooth. Were friends! And
friends dont trick each other! Nothing dangerous, objected Drool. Ill simply
dissolve in the air. Melt away. But this isnt terrible. That means youll die? the girl
summed up rigidly. Chris kept quiet, shocked and dispirited.
No, I cant allow this! Kate shouted. No one must die because of me! Indeed, its
better if you remain alive than we all die, the Sweet Tooth attempted to object. No!
Kate began to hit the water with her hands. Chris, tell him that we cant agree to his
death. Huh? Why do you keep quiet? Chris? True, the boy squeezed it out of himself
and suddenly felt a strong relief because he had said it. Of course its so! Were indeed
knights! Even though Im not a knight, its true!
Kate smiled for the first time during these terrible hours and stretched her hand out
to the squire. Youre a real knight, Christian. Its not scary for me to die with you. Chris
firmly shook the hand of the knight. Kate burst into tears. Why did it happen? she

uttered through her sobbing. All the same, Drool, we wont let you use magic! Die, we
will die all together!
Still, far in the depths of their hearts, the boy and the girl knew that at that moment
when the water was boiling around them, they wanted Drool to save them, even with the
price of his own life. They would deal with that desire later; now it would be awful and
shameful even to think about it. Could death really be soon? Yes, it was just about to
happen a few minutes and
Suddenly, through the crackling of the fire and the unbearable heat, the first warm
drops of rain fell onto the faces of the unlucky crowd not warm rain but hot because
the water was heated by the fire until it fell. After the first drops, however, the rain was
already only warm. So much rain fell! Now it was even cold. Ah, what bliss! The lake
frothed up from the crowded jets of rain. The fire hissed and started to shrink. The flame
which had raged and roared like a great god of destruction died down. This all happened
in a quarter of an hour.
The youngsters climbed onto the shore and collapsed on the ground in exhaustion.
The horses got up next to them. The death caps came on shore and began to thank the
travellers loudly for the rescue. As a reward they promised to point the way to the
swamp. The caps would not be able to go further. Kate, Drool, and Chris were glad for
The group did not rest for long. Very soon the rain, which poured as from a bucket,
chased them onto the road. The death caps, as promised, showed the way. All the time it
was becoming harder with each step. It was cold. The water currents knocked them off
their feet. Moreover, they still had to watch the horses so they would not break their
legs. Because of the clouds it became as dark as night. Only lightning illuminated the
This is some curse! First fire, then rain which never ends! grumbled Chris. For
me this is better than burning in the fire or cooking in the lake, Kate answered him in
the same tone. True, agreed the boy, but man is such being that hes always
dissatisfied with what he has.
The travellers went along until the water was almost to their waists. Each minute the
rain intensified and ever larger streams of water fell on the shivering travellers, who
were soaked to the bone. Now the road went downward and it became even harder to
move because the water current became so powerful and fast that it even knocked Kate
off her feet and dragged her along. Chris dropped the rein and rushed to help the girl.
When he was very near, a tall wave covered him. After emerging the boy saw neither
Kate nor horses nor Drool. Hey! yelled Chris. Where did you go? In answer he heard
only the noise of the downpour and water currents. What new disaster! the boy
muttered and yelled at the top of his voice, Caterino, where are you? Drool! Answer
Chris called this way for a very long time and finally heard some sound resembling a
horses neigh. The squire began to make his way in the direction of the sound. He
shouted again and now clearly heard horses neighing and the footfall of hooves. This
time the sounds were very near. The boy rushed forward and jumped out onto a clearing
which was on an elevation with almost no water on it. Chris saw riders and ran towards
them but stopped after several steps. These were people completely unknown to Chris.
From their hairy and savage faces the boy understood that robbers were in front of him.

The robbers also saw Christian. The squire rushed back to the water, but two hefty
young men armed with daggers and bludgeons barred his path. He snatched out his
sword and rushed into battle. The robbers could not stand their ground against the
sword and very soon stepped back. The rest, who were on horses, however, overtook the
courageous squire of the knight Caterino and threw a net over him. A few wrong
movements and the victim was tangled like a fish in the ropes. The robbers cheered and
in a flash threw a bag over Chris, who was squirming like a lizard.
Things went better for Kate. She could not feel ground under her feet when she
emerged from the water. Swim over here! She heard Drools shout and saw him. The
swim to him was a matter of minutes. The death caps said that a safe place isnt far.
The Sweet Tooth helped the girl climb onto Mirkos back.
Wheres Chris? Kate asked while looking in all directions. He was just here.
Where did he go, perhaps he is also floundering in the water? They began to shout to
the entire forest but the boy did not answer. Now they had to worry. Has he really
sunk? Kate nearly cried. Dont worry, he swims like a fish. Then what happened?
Dont know. First lets reach the place the death caps talked about. Well ask them to
look for Chris. Do you think theyll find him? Of course, they will! Kate was forced
to agree with Drool.
Five death caps showed them the way and soon led the children out onto an open
place. You see, almost no water here, Drool was pleased. Even the rain seems to have
stopped. In fact it was not pouring from the sky as before. Lightning stopped flashing, a
last thunderclap crashed, and purple clouds started to break up here and there, exposing
pieces of clear sky dotted with stars. It seemed that it was already nightfall.
Kate was shivering and her teeth chattering from the cold. What do we do now and
where do we search for Chris? Even I dont know. Drool shrugged his shoulders.
Night now. Youll see nothing in this darkness. We even cant light a fire, which would
be so to the point. Oh, thats an idea! exclaimed Kate. I have a flashlight! Well done!
She started to dig in her knapsack feverishly. The flashlight was lying on the very bottom
and she did not find it immediately. Finally she lit Drool up with the flashlight. Then a
bright ray ran among the trees.
Chris!!! they again started calling the boy. But there was no answer. Whats this?
Kate suddenly asked. She noticed that something flashed on the ground. Please hold
Mirko, Drool. Ill look. She jumped to the ground and, trying not to fall on the slippery
grass, took several steps. Suddenly she gasped with surprise. Christians sword was lying

Drool left the horses and ran up to Kate. He immediately understood that the matter
was very serious and turned to the many death caps. What happened here? he asked.
The fungi began vying with each other to describe how the robbers, after stumbling
upon Chris, had taken him into custody. Where did they go? There! The death caps
nodded with their caps in the direction the robbers had gone. Will you lead us there?
We will, we will! The death caps were ready to carry out any of their requests. Then
forward! Kate, who was already dead tired, ordered.

Kate and Drool again sat down on the horses and set off on their way. The rain had
completely stopped. The sky was quickly becoming free from clouds. The moon, round
and yellow as cheese, drifted out. It illuminated everything all around. Forest began to
thin and soon it ended. What, Bewitched Forest is behind us? Kate asked, hardly
moving her tongue. No, this is simply a huge clearing in the forest. It lies right in the
middle. Kate sighed disappointedly and embraced Mirkos neck. She almost fell from
the saddle.
Someone flew next to them. What was that? Drool was alarmed. Did you notice?
No. Probably a bird, the girl answered, half-asleep. I dont like this. Kate did not
answer. Drools sharp eyes searched the darkness. Suddenly, directly in the circle of the
moon, the Sweet Tooth saw a flying dot. It was too far, and try as he might, he could not
make it out. Only for a fraction of a second it seemed that it was the silhouette of a crow
but perhaps not. Probably just a bird, muttered Drool.
Not only were the riders tired. The horses were also tired and hardly moving their
legs. Mirko went first, followed by Chris horse. Behind, as always, Drools filly clattered
its hooves. The Sweet Tooths words woke Kate, Stop, Kate! Mirko, stop! The horse
stood still. The girl finally woke up from the jolt, rubbed her eyes, and stared at Drool.
Perhaps well wait till morning? he asked. Youll rest and have a good sleep. Kate was
pleased with this proposal but immediately recalled everything that had happened to
them and obstinately shook her head. No. Just go forward. We must rescue Chris.
Then were at the place. Drool stretched his arm forward.
Kate saw an enormous foundation pit on the bottom of which was a castle more
accurately, the ruins of a castle. This is the dwelling of Two-headed Simon, whispered
Drool. Leading to the robbers den was a narrow path which dwindled among black
stones and grass as tall as a person. The death caps ran downward. So Kate and Drool
would not lose sight of them, the sly fungi caught fireflies and set them on their caps.
Quite a few agonizing minutes passed before the travellers found themselves at the
foot of the first tower. Not a single fire was burning in the ruins. Not a sound reached
from behind the crumbled walls. Now we have to find the entrance, Drool looked
around at Kate. I think that its better to leave the horses here. Kate nodded
agreement. The clatter of the hooves or an occasional snort or neigh could betray them.
The two went further together. Kate got down from the saddle and took the shield with
her, for which she was sorry very soon. It was uncomfortable to carry by hand. She
wanted to drop it, but the Sweet Tooth advised her to hang it behind her back. Drool
armed himself with Chris sword.
It suddenly became brighter as if a lamp had been switched on somewhere. Kate
looked around, looked down near her feet, then at the sky, then again down and again at
the sky. Look! whispered the girl. The Sweet Tooth lifted his head and did not
immediately understand what surprised Kate so. Then it dawned on him what the
matter was. There were three moons in the sky.

Chapter Nineteen

What miracle isnt in your country! Kate admired quietly when she and Drool
sneaked along the fortress wall in search of an entrance. The search was crowned with
success. The death caps declared that they would go no further since the robbers treated
the fungi with hostility because of their friendship with the witches.
Youre indeed quite nice guys. Why do you get mixed up with the witches? the girl
addressed the fungi. Where can we go? the death cap with the largest and the most
beautiful cap sighed bitterly. They very much love poisonous fungi and use poison for
witchcraft and the preparation of potions. In order to survive we formed an alliance with
them. Now after how they have almost ruined us all, well start a war with the witches!
The death caps escaped the scene with these words.
It means witches and robbers dont have much love for each other, Drool said with
satisfaction. Well keep that in mind. Heres the first robber. Its the sentry but hes
sleeping. Its known to all that robbers are slackers. The girl and her friend carefully
walked past the snoring guard. He was armed with an enormous sabre and halberd.
Where to now? asked Kate when they turned up inside the fortress. I dont even
know. If Chris is in their captivity, then hes probably in a cave or in the tower. Will
you really find something here in this darkness? Perhaps light a lamp? Dont even
think about it! Theyll immediately seize us.
Kate and Drool sneaked along the courtyard of the robbers castle until a massive
door appeared before them. A narrow strip of light was visible under it. Suddenly the
door opened and Kate and Drool saw a tall, broad-shouldered woman. She stared at the
children dumbstruck in amazement. She finally asked roughly, What are you doing
here at this late hour? Perhaps this is a place for children to stroll? We, we Kate
stammered, not finding the necessary answer. Get the heck away from here! continued

the robber. Otherwise my husband Two-headed Simon will awake, and then you wont

Its precisely him we have to talk to, the Sweet Tooth politely joined in the
conversation. You see, my good woman, we heard a rumour that our friend is here.
Weve come for him. Well be very grateful if you let the boy go. Were in a hurry and
mustnt stay too long.
So this insolent boy is with you? the woman was surprised. I should have guessed
right away. You and he are like two drops of water. So dirty, wet, and worn out. Boys,
you run away from here as fast as possible. My husband has ordered to give your friend
a good flogging in the morning and sell him to the goblins for his too impertinent
tongue. If you dont want the same for you, run.
Really! Kate was indignant. She was simply boiling with anger. How do they dare
to offend my squire? Ill let no one insult Count Caterino, a knight who defeated a
dragon. Let me pass! Ill have a talk myself with Two-headed Simon. To be more
convincing, she pulled out her sword. The robber woman lost her gift of speech at such
impudence and submissively stepped aside.
Kate and Drool found themselves in a spacious room illuminated by three dim
torches. Here robbers were lying right on the floor and benches, on rugs, hides, and
cushions. They awoke from the noise and stirred. Dissatisfied voices were heard. Which
of you is Two-headed Simon? Kates voice, from nervousness and fear, became high
and resonant. The knight Caterino wants to talk to him! Knight? an indignant voice
resounded. Oh, what a nuisance! One more shrill puppy to visit us. Hey, guys, more
light! The robbers started to grab their weapons and light torches. Kate saw their
malicious features and became ill at ease. Drool even feared for her. What could she do
with these terrible people?
The largest robber came out from the crowd of bandits and stood before Kate. On
seeing him the girl recoiled, frightened. The robber had two heads terrible faces,
shaggy heads of hair, mouths smirking, and nostrils flaring. Four eyes attentively
examined the girl and the troll. His gaze stopped at Kate. You, perhaps, are the knight?
Two-headed Simon smiled. Thats me! You will talk with me this way with a sword in
your hand? Kate was embarrassed and put the sword into the scabbard. I hope that

your thugs will not attack the unarmed? She loved to read books about pirates and
thought that it was necessary to talk to similar people precisely this way.

Simon obviously liked her courage, because the robber burst out laughing. Then he
remarked contentedly, Why, this one is cooler than the first greenhorn. Where did they
spring from in order to fall on our heads? Listen, friend, of course not a hair will fall
from your head since you yourself came to my home. But, indeed, you can barely stand
on your feet from fatigue I propose to put off the conversation till morning. For the
time being youll spend the night, rest, gain strength. And dont argue with me! All four
eyes of the robber chief sparkled threateningly. Or else
It was necessary to obey. Simons wife, whose name was Clotilia, led Kate and Drool
into a room, shut the door behind them, and bolted it on the outside. Now were
prisoners, Drool sighed. Its okay! Kate brushed that aside and dropped down onto

one of the two beds roughly knocked together. Well figure this out tomorrow. Drool
was also dying from fatigue and wanted to lie down, but he looked attentively around
the room before this. Was there anything strange or dangerous in it? Nothing suspicious
was discovered so he also lay down and fell asleep.
The friends slept for a long time and when they woke up they discovered with
surprise that it was already the middle of the day. Darn! Kate cursed. Weve been
detained again! She began to bang the handle of her sword on the thick door with a
grated window. Open! Heavy shuffling steps were heard but not at once.
Clotilias disgruntled face appeared in the window. What do you want? Why did
you get so noisy? I must talk to Two-headed Simon. Kate said agitatedly. He
promised me! Everyones out on business. Theyll return at night, then youll talk!
What? Kate was taken aback. All out? And Chris? Did they bring him too to sell to the
goblins? That boy? Clotilia grunted. No. Why take him on the road? Will only be in
the way. We have Dive and Creeper on watch. Theyll do everything necessary. They
wont dare! the girl and the Sweet Tooth exclaimed in one voice. You bet they will!
Better take the food here. Clotilia pushed a bowl with boiled meat through the window.
Darn! Kate crashed the bowl onto the floor after the robber left. Were in a trap!
They treat us like little kids! The squeak of wheels was heard beyond the window. Drool
and Kate rushed to the window and saw two robbers taking a wagon with a cage on it
out of the courtyard. In the cage sat Chris in chains, showering the robbers with
swearing and threats. Those two only laughed merrily. They left the gates and were out
of sight.
We must get out of here! Kate stated. The door wont break, Drool shook his
head. But here the stones around the window are barely holding. They started to
loosen the masonry with their swords and hands. When the thick rods were pulled out of
the window, Drool climbed down. The wall down which he climbed was uneven and all
covered with cracks. Drool managed to hang on and quickly landed on the ground. He
gave a sign to Kate to follow his example.
The girl was already about to throw a leg over but instantly shrank back into the
chamber. Fortunately, two witches flying past the window did not notice her. They
landed in the courtyard and ran off in different directions. The girl threw a glance at
where they had arrived from and gasped. The remaining witches, like a flock of gigantic
predatory birds, were already coming down from the sky. Her heart was pounding in her
chest. Kate climbed out and hurriedly, risking a fall to the ground or being noticed,
began to go down the wall.
Drool had already managed to open the gates on the other side of the courtyard and
now made desperate signs to her. Kate jumped onto the ground and wanted to run to
Drool. At that very second, however, the witches began to land in the courtyard. Kate
saw a door in the wall and, not hesitating, ran in through it. She was in complete
darkness. She shut the door, groped for the latch, and began to move it. There was a
crack in the door. Kate looked through it and saw out there that Drool had jumped
behind the gates. It seemed the witches did not notice him either. The girl remained
alone in the robbers castle while it teemed with witches.
Clotilia jumped out into the courtyard and, on discovering a whole coven of witches,
yelled, What are you doing here, witches? How dare you trespass the boundary of our
property? Dont make noise, Clotilia, the oldest and ugliest witch, whose appearance
greatly affected Kate, addressed her. Well fly away now, but you must give us what

belongs to us rightfully. Ah, its you, Areatanuta! What do you want, if you even broke
the law and stepped on the grounds of our gang? The knight Caterino, thats whom we
need. He must die for insulting the witch tribe and defiling our sacred thing by breaking
the cauldron of the Druids. Give our offender to us. The Main Fire demands his blood!
Kates legs gave way when she heard these words. Clinging to the door handle with
shaking hands, she continued to watch what was happening outside. I dont give a hoot
for your Main Fire! shouted the wife of the robber chief. She ran inside then jumped
back out. Now she had a huge club in one hand and a long curved sabre in the other.
Its our loot and we wont share with anyone. Go away, foolish old women. No amount
of coaxing or warning helped the witches. The robber stood her ground.
Busy with Clotilia, the witches did not notice that a two-headed youngster was
carefully sneaking behind their backs. Kate gasped but immediately guessed that this
was the son of Simon. He made his way to the gates and started to clamber up onto one
of the horses by the oat trough. Then the witches noticed him and rushed to catch him
but they were too late. The boy managed to sit on a horse, hit its sides with his heels, and
galloped away.
Quicker, little one! his mother shouted from behind. You must bring father and
his people. Our home is in danger. What are you looking at? Areatanuta roared.
Seize this lunatic and find the boy. The witches rushed to Clotilia. There were so many
of them that their cries and screeches plugged Kates ears.
The fight began. Clotilia was hitting with the fury of a mad lioness. The witches
scattered from her fury like hens from a hawk. Not fewer than a dozen witches were left
lying on the ground. Some had broken arms, some ribs, some legs, and one even had a
damaged head. The witches had run into a serious enemy. They began to rain fire on
Clotilia, but she deftly deflected the lightning with the club. The witches strengthened
the attack. The fight became much harder for the robber, but she had no intention of
surrendering. On the contrary, several times she dispersed the witches around the
courtyard. They nevertheless managed to shoot fire at the robber, causing her to shout
wildly. Kate noticed that the witches were crowding her towards the fortress wall with a
loophole beside which a merlon was about to collapse. Clotilia soon guessed their
intention, but it was too late. She was already standing under the merlon and furiously
defending herself.
All this time Areatanuta was whispering something and spitting in the direction of
the wall. When she saw that Clotilia was cornered, Areatanuta raised both hands and
sent a jet of fire directly into the crack between the merlon and the wall. A deafening
crash was heard. The merlon shattered and collapsed with a dusty cloud onto Clotilia.
The witches shouted triumphantly. The enemy was defeated. In spite of her powerful
strength and huge stature, Clotilia was lying covered with stones. Now find the boy!
Find the knight Caterino! ordered Areatanuta. On hearing these words, Kate ran from
the door and found herself in a narrow semi-dark corridor into which she rushed not
even imagining where it would lead to.

The witches scattered throughout the entire robbers castle in search of the knight
Caterino and his friends. They poked their noses into all the rooms, corners, and nooks.
They made an incredible amount of noise. Areatanuta was busy shooting fireballs into
those places that seemed suspicious to her. One such ball flew into the window of the
room where Kate and Drool had spent the night and exploded there with a crash. Soon
the witches began to return to the courtyard. Theres no one here! Search!
Areatanuta shouted at the top of her lungs. Quickly!
Ruina ran up to her. No one searched here, she said and pointed at the door
behind which Kate had hidden. The door instantly shattered and several witches rushed

into the passageway. They got stuck in the opening at once and huddled up. Fools!
cursed Areatanuta. Make way. Ill go first! And you after me one by one! But just then
a troop of robbers on horses burst through the gates, attacked the witches, and drove
them from the door. Areatanuta uttered a battle cry, the robbers whistled, and they
began a fight not for life but to the death.
The robbers had decided to return when they noticed the coven of witches. The
chiefs son jumped out onto the path leading to the foundation pit and told them what
was happening. Two-headed Simon fell into a rage when he saw what had been done to
his home and found his wife covered with stones. Immediately upon understanding
from his wifes shouts and moans that the knight Caterino was to blame for everything,
he simply lost both his heads. So heres the main culprit! he began to roar. Kill every
single one of these old women! And Ill take care of the kid. One of his eyes caught a
movement by the wall leading to the main tower. The robber shouted in triumph and
ran to that very entrance for which the witches had been searching.
The robbers fought furiously and fiercely. Areatanuta, who personally burned and
turned two robbers into dust, saw how one after another her companions-in-arms
perished. Even at this moment, however, she thought only about how to find Caterino
and punish him. After that, one drop of his blood was enough to revive all the witches
and restore their former might. In the heat of battle, her sharp eye noticed on the main
tower a small figure with a sword. This was the knight Caterino. Swinging a sabre, Twoheaded Simon crowded him to the very edge of the observation platform.
No, Areatanuta would yield to no one the life of the knight even for all the
blessings in the world. The witch took a deep breath, concentrated, and uttered the
necessary words. Filling the sky with a triumphant howl, she rushed with the swiftness
of a cannon ball to the knight Caterino, who was standing on the tower
When Drool had jumped from the robbers castle, he first found the tracks of the
wagon on which the robbers had taken Christian away. After getting out of the
foundation pit, Drool discovered that the road led down an incline. The Sweet Tooth was
pleased. He tucked in his arms and legs and became a dirty-pink ball. He rolled along
the barely visible tracks. Only a troll in childhood can move this way and reach the speed
of a modern automobile at that.
Drool again turned up in the forest after several minutes of the mad race. It became
harder to roll among the trees. Speed immediately dropped. The Sweet Tooth got onto
his feet and ran. The soil under his feet started to squelch. The swamp had begun. Drool
stopped and immediately saw the robbers, their horses, and the wagon with the cage.
Chris, however, was no longer in it.

The boy was being held like a kitten in

the paws of a gigantic goblin with ears like an
elephants. He examined Chris attentively
and argued about something with the
robbers. Evidently, one goblin was
bargaining. Next to him stood two more
goblins. They were slightly smaller in stature
and listening attentively to what the older
one was saying. The older one asked for a
reduction of the price for such a small person
who was, furthermore, even dirty and
Drool sighed with relief on seeing all this
and went directly to the goblins. The goblins
noticed him and stood still. The robbers also
stared at him perplexedly and then started to
guffaw. And here comes one more from the
same company! They slapped each other on
the shoulder. So dont bargain and you get
this one as well!
Drool went up to the older goblin and,
without paying the robbers the least
attention, ordered him, Let go of my friend
now! The robbers jaws dropped from such
impudence. They were even more surprised
when they saw the goblin obediently let go of
Chris and place him carefully on the ground.
And these, Drool pointed at the bandits,
tie them up and put them in the wagon!
This order was executed in the blink of an
How are we doing? Chris shook off the
rope and began to massage the numbed
wrists and hands. I was certain that you
would rescue me. Get on a horse quickly
and well ride to Two-headed Simons castle!
And you, the Sweet Tooth turned to the
goblins, follow us. What happened? Chris
became anxious. And wheres Kate?
Mortal danger threatens Kate.
Not saying another word, Chris and Drool sat on the horses which they had
unharnessed from the wagon and sped off to the robbers den. The goblins, more like
gigantic green monkeys and two-legged elephants than anything else, ran after them.
Chris could not maintain silence and asked, How do you manage to command them?
We, trolls, are the only beings on the land that can command goblins. Any goblin will
listen to the orders of a troll like a dog listens to a man.

Drool told Chris what happened to them from the moment they lost him. Because of
the conversation, they did not even notice that they had turned up in front of the
robbers foundation pit. What they saw shook them. The robbers castle was burning and
smoking. A noise like that from the crater of a volcano reached them. Drool and Chris
drove the horses to the gates of the castle.
Kate was on the edge of destruction. The girl ran along the corridor after leaving her
refuge but could not find a place where she could hide. The corridor went up and
changed into stairs with wide steps. Kate flew up along them and saw a wide opening.
This was an exit to the wall. The girl looked down and saw the witches fighting with the
robbers. This pleased her. She reached the main tower along the narrow fortress wall.
She passed through a small door to go inside and took a breath. Now she had to shut the
door behind her. Horror! There was neither bolt nor lock on it. The girl almost cried
from disappointment. Right by the door was a large log. She had to try to prop it up.
Making an effort, Kate began to push the log. In that second when she succeeded in
leaning one end against the door, someone began to force it open.
Open, nasty knight! Your death has come! The girl recognized Two-headed
Simons voice. She completely froze and watched as the boards broke with a crack under
the robbers attack. His mad revolving eyes showed in the opening. Strong hands tore off
the oak boards one after another. He burst in with a savage cry. Kate ran away with a
shrill screech. The two-headed monster rushed after her. It was tight inside the tower. It
was easier for a small girl than a huge and clumsy robber to move around here. Kate
deftly dodged Simons blows. He was merely destroying everything that fell under his
Suddenly Kate stumbled on something and fell. The robber started to laugh, and in a
second the girl was fluttering in his hands like a bird in the noose of a fowler. She bit the
hand of the giant who, roaring from the pain, let go of the caught victim. Kate crawled
away to the furthest corner of the tower and stared with despair at the robber. He licked
his bitten hand and looked at Kate. Get up and fight if youre a knight! Two-headed
Simon took out from his belt a sabre almost the size of Kate. The girl also pulled out her
sword. Would she really have enough courage to enter a real duel? This was not a game
with Chris!
The robber yelled and delivered the first blow with such might to cut the enemy into
two. By some miracle Kate dodged the blow, dropped onto the floor, and rolled behind
the back of the robber. She then jumped onto her feet. Here she saw one more door that
she had not noticed earlier. This was the exit to the observation platform. Kate ran
outside, the robber after her. He had almost caught up with Kate but she turned and
abruptly waved the sword. Simon recoiled back then delivered two blows which Kate,
not understanding how herself, was able to ward off.
The robber was at a loss; the girl stopped. Now there was nowhere to step back.
Both of them were at the very top of the tower. Kate was in a trap. She again tried to
trick the enemy and crawl behind his back, but she was unable to. She barely started
rolling when Simon delivered such a blow to her that, if he had not miraculously missed,
the story would have ended. The sabre shattered into smithereens. Kate jumped onto
her feet and ran off backwards. She froze at the very edge of the platform. Another step
and she would fly down. One comfort: Kate had a sword in hand, while the robber was

unarmed. He dared not attack but was waiting for the moment when it would be
possible to do so.
Kate held the weapon before her and prepared to beat back an attack. Suddenly she
heard a terrible cry. It approached her so rapidly that the girl could not control herself
and turned in the direction from where it came. She did not have time to understand
anything; she only noticed that something similar to both a huge bird and a person was
flying to her. The girl recognized the chief witch Areatanuta only when her hand caught
hold of Kate. The girl began to squeal. In answer the witch started to hiss like a snake. A
mouth, sharp-toothed like that of a tiger, opened. The eyes of the old woman were filled
with horror and hatred. Suddenly her hand slackened; her grasp unclenched and the
witch tumbled down. She writhed in convulsions as she fell and held her stomach on
which gaped a fatal wound.
When Kate turned, she had mechanically advanced the sword before herself. The
witch flew into it like a butterfly into a needle. Now black blood dripped from the blade.
The most powerful witch of the Country of Frozen Time had been killed.
Two-headed Simon saw the end of Areatanuta, but this did not stop him. He rushed
like a mad bull at the knight Caterino in order to kill him. He had not made two steps
when the powerful paw of a goblin seized him and the robber was stuck, unable to resist
such a great strength as possessed by a goblin.
When Kate turned around and saw the robber in the paws of another monster, she
almost fell down after Areatanuta. She held her ground because she noticed an exultant
Drool on the head of the goblin. The girl sighed with relief and her legs gave way. Chris,
having run up, managed to support her. Everythings fine now, Caterino! he calmed
the girl. No more danger.
Chris helped Kate get down from the tower and reach a shady spot. After sitting
down right on the ground, Kate watched indifferently as two goblins, under the
command of Drool, extracted a moaning Clotilia from under the stones. Her two-headed
son ran beside and tried with all his might to help.
Kate shut her eyes and did not see that the robbers left alive were piling up the dead
witches. The witches hissed and melted like fat on a frying pan. The robbers, only five of
whom remained, looked at the knight Caterino with surprise and admiration. Good
lord, what a knight! one of them said. Killing the chief witch! No one had previously
managed this.

Chapter Twenty

Only in the evening of the following day could Kate, Drool, and Chris continue their
journey. They set off escorted by three goblins. Two-headed Simon, Clotilia, their son,
and even five robbers led the friends to the exit from the foundation pit in which the
remains of the castle were still smoking. The robbers had also decided to leave
Bewitched Forest to settle among people and do honest work. Their way lay in the other
Kate waved farewell to Two-headed Simon. He shouted after them, Youre the
greatest knight, Count Caterino! May the sky give you success! I swear on the life of my
son, I will bring no more harm to people and I will atone for my sins with honest labour.
If my help is needed, let me know! In confirmation of his words, the former robber
picked up the two-headed boy and raised him high above himself. The child also waved
cheerfully. His two smiles shone on his dirty faces and the four eyes, one pair blue and
one pair brown, shone with delight. Clotilia and the other robbers also waved to the
Lucky you, Chris sighed with envy when the robbers were out of sight. You just
accomplished a feat which only one out of twenty knights has the power to do. What
feat is this? Kate was surprised. You changed a villain of villains into a good soul. I
envy you and am happy that I serve you! I didnt think about that, Kate shrugged her
shoulders. I simply felt sorry for him. He was so sad and depressed all the time. But,
indeed, he nearly killed you! Yes, but he thought that his wife had perished because of
me and he loved her so. Do you remember how he rejoiced when he found out that she
was alive? By the way, shes also very good because she refused to give us to the witches.
And what a wonderful little one they have! All of them saved us from the witches. Kate
recalled Areatanuta and shivered with fear and aversion. Perhaps youve forgotten that
Simon cancelled his order to flog you. It means that even then he was no longer so bad.
You reason with the generosity of a true knight, Caterino. Sometimes I even forget
that youre a girl. I also forget about it. If only you knew, Chris, how terrible it was for
me to set out for your country! Overcoming fear, not its absence, is true bravery. So
what is your main task now? To find my brother and save him. Then also all the rest.
What is the rest? Well, then well have to find a way to return home; I dont think
about that for now.

Right! Your motto: Search and Rescue! Motto? Of course! Every knight has his
motto. Exactly like the Young Pioneers,11 smiled Kate. Now all that remains is to
write it on the shield. No need to write anything. Look, everything is already there.
Until now, Kate had never examined her shield. A shield was a shield flat, shiny,
smooth. Now, however, it was not smooth. Pictures and inscriptions hammered with
remarkable craftsmanship were clearly discernable on the metal, which was polished
like a mirror. The shield had a beautiful teardrop shape with semicircular grooves on the
upper edges. An ornate inscription Search and Rescue! already adorned its centre.
Above the inscription was an image of Kates first feat the victory over the forest
dragon. Small pictures in the lower part of the shield depicted all the remaining
adventures of the knight Caterino. One picture showed him saving the pigeon Vorkulina;
another, the children being led out of the troll castle; others, the escape from the
werewolves, meeting Drool, the mermaids, and Chris. The knight Caterino was shown
fighting Two-headed Simon and finally, killing the witch Areatanuta.
And this, see, is your latest feat! Chris pointed to the picture where a group of
people waved at a departing Caterino. Villains become good. Wow! Kate did not
know what to say. Miracles! Miracles! muttered the enormous goblin passing by at
that second. The knight and the squire broke out laughing.
The travellers halted in the evening. All three slept because Drool put the goblins on
watch, and though they also fell asleep, they snored so loudly that no one dared
approach the campfire. The group continued on its way in the morning and came to a
swamp at noon. The swamp was ominous, mysterious, and stretched to the horizon.
Drool started to give instructions to the goblins. It was very funny to see how this little
one commanded such giants. Although the goblins were huge, they surprised the
youngsters with their sluggishness. They were plodders. For a very long time they
listened attentively to Drool while standing on short legs with long arms to the ground,
rocking from side to side and driving off gnats with their ears. What Drool wanted them
to do reached them.
Get down from the horses and climb up onto the goblins, the Sweet Tooth ordered.
There, beyond the swamps, is Elf Kingdom. Bewitched Forest has ended. Well go
through the swamp on goblins. Its the only way. In a minute Kate and Chris were
sitting on a goblins humpback and dying of laughter while watching as the two
remaining monsters caught the horses and loaded them onto their shoulders. The
largest of the goblins, the one who had saved Kate from Two-headed Simon, took the
horses of Chris and Drool under his arms and the other loaded Mirko on himself.
The horses had not been pleased earlier at the proximity of the goblins and
cautiously looked sideways at them all the way. Now they simply went crazy with fear
and discomfort, neighing and kicking their legs. The goblins did not pay any attention to
their protests. Drool climbed up to Kate and Chris and pulled the goblins ear.
Forward! he gave the order. The goblin went into the swamp. Like an elephant, slowly
but relentlessly, he moved forward. The two remaining goblins went behind him. The
horses gradually calmed down.
The trip was the most amazing. The goblins did not fear the swamp at all and walked
calmly through it. Their very wide soles were as if created for walking on quagmire and
their rock-hard muscles made it possible to avoid getting stuck in the most insidious and
The Young Pioneers is an organization operated by a communist party for pre-adolescent children. It is
similar to the Scouts but includes the teaching of communist principles.

terrible swamps. The monsters did not stop for a second. One time the goblin walking in
front, because of his sluggishness, was immersed in the deep almost to his chest. He
managed to struggle out with difficulty and continued on the way. The travellers nearly
died of fright.
Drool violently tweaked the goblins ear as punishment. The giant even began to cry.
Two tears, each the size of a soccer ball, fell into the swamp. Kate felt sorry for him.
Dont hurt him, Drool! she begged. Not his fault and he wont do it any more. You
wont, right? she asked the goblin. Wont! the goblin muttered and looked gratefully
at the girl. Soon even goblins will love you! Chris smiled. Kate was embarrassed.
They turned up on a rocky island towards the evening. It was most welcome. When
they reached the island, it was completely dark. Both the goblins and the children were
so tired that they spent the night without building a fire. There were a huge numbers of
gnats on the island, but they all rushed fleeing since they could not stand the goblins,
which smelled strongly of frogs.
In the morning, after eating berries which grew in abundance among the rocks, the
friends again moved through the swamp. It was teeming with different creatures. Kate
several times saw gigantic tortoises slowly crawling in the distance. On their shells lived
birds and animals which ran easily along the swamp and caught insects, frogs, and
snakes. On the small islands floating on the marshy slush lived strange creatures similar
to octopi. They caught with their tentacles creatures carelessly showing up nearby. Most
surprising were three green old women covered with algae, slime, and snails. They sat
directly in the quagmire and played cards, at the same time swearing and arguing
loudly. They did not pay any attention to the children and the goblins passing beside
them. Theyre reckless like the trolls, Kate remarked. What are they? Sprites!
Drool brushed them off scornfully. Vile creatures!
Almost near the end of the trip they met a group of goblins with clubs of whole trees.
What are they doing here? Kate and Chris asked. Hunting gigantic tortoises,
explained Drool. The goblins saw the Sweet Tooth on the head of their fellow goblin and
cautiously went around on the side of the entire company. Goblins greatly fear being
under the rule of trolls, Drool proudly imparted. See how they flee?
Breathing heavily, the goblins climbed out onto dry land. The journey through the
quagmire was completed satisfactorily. If not for your goblins, Drool, we wouldnt have
crossed the swamp, Kate praised the Sweet Tooth. Drool blushed with pleasure and in
order to distract attention from himself announced loudly to the goblins, Youre free to
go! The goblins, not believing their luck and muttering words of thanks, rushed into the
swamp and hurried back to Bewitched Forest. Why did you let them go? muttered
Chris. They would come in handy on the road. With such giants nothing is scary.
Goblins cant live far from their dwelling for one reason! answered Drool. And two,
were in Elf Kingdom and elves hate goblins most of all in the world. They would hardly
be pleased if we dragged them along with us.
The friends entered the forest, the trees of which were dozens of times bigger than
those that grow in our world. They were even sufficiently unusual for the Country of
Frozen Time. A huge number of unknown animals and birds were found here. The
travellers looked at all these wonders and felt like Lilliputians in a country of giants.
Two hours had already passed and the travellers still came across no one. Kate and
Chris asked their friend what he thought about this. He did not have time to answer

when the friends heard familiar sounds, but nothing was visible because of the trees.
Those are bells, Kate was animated. Probably cows are grazing somewhere.
The children turned the horses in the direction of the ringing and soon came to a
clearing where gigantic burdocks grew. They saw neither cows nor goats nor other
horned animals. Ladybugs, the size of coffee tables, were flying from burdock to
burdock. They wore bells like real cows. Some of them even mooed like cows. There was
even a shepherd, more precisely, a shepherd boy. A boy of about nine years lay tanning
on a soft velvety leaf. Kate could not believe her eyes; the boy had wings big,
transparent wings like those of a dragonfly. They projected from his tanned back. The
boy was very darling and attractive. He had golden hair and bright blue eyes. He was
dressed only in shorts of the same blue colour. He was a fairy-tale being indeed. Kate
understood that this was an elf a small elf, an elf-child. Elves have children!
The elf stared with wonder at the travellers. Listen, little one, Chris addressed
him. We travellers want to know where we are and how soon this magic forest will
end. The elf began to laugh a ringing, rippling laughter and suddenly soared up. This
happened so unexpectedly that the horses reared almost dropping the riders. The elf
laughed even louder and yelled, Youre quite close to the palace of the king of elves. Im
driving the royal herd there right now. You can follow us! How very interesting! There
havent been travellers in our forest for a long time! What are your names? Were
bound for the Capital. This is the knight Caterino. Im Christian Thirteen, his squire, and
this is Drool, our best friend. Hes a Sweet Tooth. The knight Caterino, his squire, and
a Sweet Tooth? How remarkable! the elf laughed. Weve been waiting for you for a
long time! The boy flew to drive the ladybugs back to the herd. He was flying so swiftly
that it was impossible to follow him with the eyes. Not half a minute had passed and the
herd was gathered and the elf drove it into the forest. Kate, Drool, and Chris went after
Very soon the forest parted and the children saw a tall, beautiful palace with sharp
roofs completely twined with greens and flowers. Before it grew gigantic roses above
which elves fluttered like butterflies. There were adults and children. The children were
all very similar to the ladybug shepherd except the girls had on rather short dresses
instead of shorts. Grown-up elves were dressed in short tunics or gowns which were also
blue in colour the colour of elfin eyes.
The elf-shepherd flew to his fellow countrymen while shouting that he brought
marvellous news. When the elves found out what the matter was, they also laughed
joyfully and flew to meet the travellers. A pair of elves with gold crowns flew in front of
everyone. These were the king and queen. The rest, showing deference, flew behind
When the elves flew up to the travellers, they landed on the grass. The elves turned
out to be tall and slender beings. Some were armed with long bows or thin spears. They
stood closer to the king and queen than the rest; they were royal guards. We welcome
you, friends, to our land! the king of elves said solemnly.

We have heard much about your great deeds! They led the guests into the palace
and arranged an immense feast. The king and queen treated Kate and her friends
favourably. They were accepted as very welcome guests. Sweet wine flowed like a river.
The elves knew how to have a good time and how to amuse. They entertained the guests
with dances and games, songs and music. The day ended that way.
The next day everything began anew. The revelry did not stop for a minute. Ball
followed ball, one merry feast did not have time to finish when another immediately
began. In this whirl of merrymaking the travellers completely forgot about the purpose
of their journey. The elves possessed a magic gift; they knew how to make anyone forget

anything they wanted and only remember pleasure. The second day for Kate and her
friends at the palace of the elves passed in a similar way. The third one also flew past.
On the fourth day the king of elves invited the guests on a hunt. The elves hunted
flying deer. The children sat in a carriage pulled by grey cranes and the royal hunt
began. At the height of the hunt when a flying deer was driven into a trap, the grey
cranes of Kates carriage suddenly dropped behind a flock of wild swans. The further
they moved away from the elves, the more uneasy Kates heart became. Then she
recalled everything. Chris and Drool remembered too. All three were ashamed to look
into each others eyes.
How long have we been here? Kate asked with anguish. Three days, Chris
announced gloomily. A nightmare! the girl exclaimed. Back to the palace quickly, get
on the horses and hit the road! In three days we would have gone around the Vampire
Park and come out onto the road to the Capital, Drool remarked. Now we again have
to go straight. The dumbfounded guard-elves watched as the welcome guests ran into
the palace and demanded their horses. They categorically refused to wait for the king
and queen. The knight Caterino asked them to apologize for such an impolite act. The
travellers jumped on their horses and dashed away. Fortunately, there was no one to
stop them.
Towards the evening when they had left the forest of Elf Kingdom behind, the
friends sighed with relief. In the distance there seemed to be hamlets and three small
castles at identical distances from each other. This is Vampire Park, Drool said quietly
and stopped his horse. We should have time before dark. He jumped onto the ground
and began to untie a large bag from the saddle. Kate and Chris also dismounted and
began to help him.
What do you have there? Now youll see. The Sweet Tooth untied the bag and, to
the great amazement of those present, poured out a pile of white bulbs. Whats this?
Garlic, answered Drool. Garlic?!! Chris repeated. Ah! Kate guessed. I remember.
This is to ward off the vampires, right? Yes, confirmed the Sweet Tooth. Then he
made the girl and the boy clean all the garlic. What work it was! Towards sunset there
were two piles before them one of garlic bulbs, the other of the skin.
Drool took out a mortar and together with Chris began to press the juice out of the
bulbs. This also was not easy. With this juice he rubbed the children from head to toe
and thoroughly soaked their clothing. The remainder of the juice he put on himself.
Ew, Kate screwed up her face. What a terrible smell! We smell like peasants, added
the boy. Dont talk! Drool cut them off. Better take the garlic pulp and rub our horses
with it.
Drool was busy with a strange matter; he gathered the garlic skin, started to fill
several rags with it to make twelve torches, and soaked everything with oil. Then he put
together three crosses from dry aspen twigs. After sharpening the lower end of each like
a pencil, he hung them on the necks of the children and on himself. Now it seems were
ready, he said, satisfied. Now we can enter the park.
The travellers sat on the horses and went on their way. Vampire Park was
surrounded on all sides by a wide field of garlic with stems multiple metres high. It was
necessary to go through this brushwood. Kate and Chris giggled and exchanged words
between themselves, attempting to control their mounting fear with chatter. Drool was
taciturn and serious. He attentively looked in front and along the sides, listening keenly
to the surrounding sounds.

The sun set, and when the travellers came out of the brushwood, it had become
entirely dark. Not a single flame flickered in the windows of the dwellings in front of
them. The yellow moon emerged from behind a cloud. It was round like a pancake and
full like an apple. It became brighter but more cheerless. The three friends rode up to a
long-extinguished and broken lamp. It began to creak in the wind which had started
unexpectedly and stopped just as unexpectedly. The lamp continued to swing and
squeak even without the wind. This sound seemed so ominous and gloomy in the silence
that Kate and Chris understood the meaning of the expression, It freezes the blood in
the veins. Their blood actually began to freeze in their veins and their skin was covered
with goose pimples.
The travellers approached the first hamlet. Perhaps we turn off the road and try to
go around the side? Kate could not control herself. Not on your life, Drool answered
quietly. Whatever happens we must not get off the road. Vampires dont like the road
and fear it almost as much as garlic.
A drawn-out howl was heard somewhere in the distance. Kate and Chris shuddered
and stopped for a second. Dont stop! the Sweet Tooth shouted to them. Forward and
only forward. No need to hurry; otherwise we can fall into a trap. The howl repeated.
Now it came from several places, from different directions, and merged into a united
chorus. Its them screaming, whispered Chris. Why are there no goblins with us?
Oh Lord! Im scared! Kate grabbed the boys hand. Drool went in front. The girl looked
around and it seemed to her that someone quickly crossed the road. She hung onto
Chris even tighter.
The time came when the travellers found themselves before the village. It was not
possible to stop and the children went along the central street. Houses, in response to
this, began to creak and slammed doors and shutters. The wind again made noise. A
wild desire to dash ahead from this place took hold of Kate. From the boys eyes she
understood that he was also very uneasy. The Sweet Tooth smiled encouragingly and
tugged at his ear as if nothing terrible was happening. No matter how strange it was, this
motion helped. Kate and Chris felt reassured.
Then the travellers shuddered with surprise because they saw a person. Kate noticed
that it was a girl a beautiful girl. She had flowing hair, wore a dirty, torn dress, and
was barefoot. Standing several steps from the road, she also looked at the travellers.
When they caught up with her, Kate saw her face. It was beautiful but too pale, almost
white with very bright lips cherry red lips. This was evident even in the gloom.
Moving past, Kate could not take her eyes off the girl. There was something in her
that beckoned and attracted one to her. Her eyes were pleading, asking something. For a
second Kate forgot where she was. She saw only these eyes and turned Mirko in order to
get off the road. Chris pushed her to the side in time and blocked her way. The friends
went further. Kate came to and pressed down firmly into the saddle. Dont look back,
Chris whispered to her. She almost lured you in. But what a beauty!
The girl saw that the riders went past, ran after them, and soon caught up. She did
not get onto the road but ran along the curb. Why didnt you stop? she addressed them
on the run in a tender, affectionate voice. Stop; get down from the horses. She pointed
at Kate. Come to me, girl! I love you! They paid her no attention, but the girl continued
to run and urge Kate. She approached the road and jumped slightly as if it burned her
foot. It was obvious that it was hard on her. The girl, overcoming pain, tried to approach
the riders.

Now, after jumping onto the road, the stranger was directly before them and
stretched her arms forward. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and her mouth opened wide
too. Kate saw fangs two, like in a cobra. The vampire hissed. Saliva began to pour from
the mouth. The eyes suddenly changed from blue to bright red. It was horrible!
When Kate was in grade two, a homeless Siamese of incredible size had settled in
the entrance of her building. Kate feared it like fire. It was beautiful with eyes blue like
those of a doll. Nevertheless, there was something sinister and evil emitting from it. Kate
felt this. It was torture to pass it each time. The cat immediately saw that the girl feared
it and therefore behaved insolently. It got up in the middle of the stairs and Kate could
not pass. Often she had to wait until some adult appeared.
One dark winter morning Kate set off for school. For some reason there was not one
lamp burning at the entrance. Kate took several steps and saw the cat. It recognized her
and screamed maliciously and disgustingly. Then the beast arched its back and hissed
like a snake. Kate froze with fear. The cat seemed like a monster to her. What happened
next forced her to run home screaming and crying. The cats blue eyes suddenly turned a
bloody colour. It was horrible.
Now the girl-vampire looked at Kate the same way and hissed. There was nowhere
to run! Kate felt that her heart would now burst from fear. Suddenly the vampire
recoiled and backed away cursing. The garlic smell had hit it. The riders only spurred
the horses on and went further.
Along the road several more figures were plodding on their way two men, three
women, and a child of about seven with long hair and in a short nightgown. It was not
discernable whether it was a girl or a boy. It, like the rest, stretched its arms out to the
travellers and shouted, I want to drink! I want to drink! Is this little one really also a
vampire? Kate thought, looking with pity at the naked feet of the child and the body
seen through the numerous holes of the nightgown. The skin of the child was white as
chalk, almost blue-white. The once-white nightgown seemed grey now. Here the child
carelessly jumped onto the road and, on burning itself, hissed and whined. Small fangs
like that of a cat flashed in the darkness. Kate hurried to turn away.
Finally, the village ended. The vampires slowly, falling behind with each step,
dragged themselves after them. The moon illuminated their figures. Soon they were left
far behind. I nearly died of fright, Kate shared her impressions. Yes, I also had never
been so scared, acknowledged Chris.
Once they were normal people and this locality was a flourishing land, Drool
began to tell them the story. Then children started disappearing for no rhyme or
reason. People began to be afraid and carefully protected their dwellings and children.
Later, the perfectly healthy and strong people started dying men and woman, the
young and the old. The land became deserted. Both the inhabitants of wealthy castles
and the residents of the poorest cabins were dying. They surmised that this was the work
of vampires. Where did they come from? This no one ever found out. They began to
hunt for vampires but it was already too late. They were everywhere. They bred with
incredible speed. Recently dead people suddenly began to climb out of the graves and
attack their relatives. Some attempted to leave these places but it was already too late.
The elves on one side and the people on the other surrounded this locality with a field of
garlic and killed those who attempted to leave here. Then people moved to other lands
altogether, far from here. The vampires who remained here killed each other in their
thirst for blood. They destroyed all living things, all the beasts and birds, all that had

blood. We saw only the vampires left a few of them. Nice few! Kate was indignant.
They nearly swallowed us together with the horses.
The road led the travellers to a new experience. They approached the first castle. A
group of vampires with eyes burning with impatience were waiting for them by the
gates. Standing in front, arms across its chest, was an important-looking gentleman with
a noble face. Welcome to my castle, young gentlemen! it invited hospitably.
No one answered it and the riders silently passed by. A roar of indignation and
curses followed them. The gentleman angrily flashed a glance and gave a sign to the
servants who grabbed its hands and dashed after the travellers. The vampires rapidly
passed the riders and boldly came out onto the road.
On riding up closer, the friends realized what the matter was. The road in front was
broken and covered with sand. What to do now? Chris asked Drool. Time to light the
torches. Trying not to hurry and not to lose their presence of mind, the travellers lit the
torches. They burned poorly but then they emitted a great deal of unpleasant garlic
fumes. Kate was also given a burning torch.
The vampires felt ill and began to fret. The thirst for blood, however, took
precedence and they did not scatter. Then Chris rode closer and began to wave the torch
before them. The vampires shrank back as if they had been plastered with a rain of fire.
One of them tarried and Chris thrust the flame directly into its face. It yelled, grabbed its
throat, and began to cough wildly. Slowly, like a mask, its face slipped down and the
skull was exposed. Kate almost threw up at this. The vampire collapsed dead onto the
ground. The rest hissed maliciously but neither approached nor got off the road.
Seize them! the vampire leader yelled. Well drink their blood. Theyre alive!
Were not! Let them also die! On hearing these words, Kate and Drool rushed to the aid
of Chris. All three together quickly drove off the pack of vampires. The vampire chief,
however, would not stop. Like a cat, it rushed to the boys horse and clung to its neck.
Terrible white fangs flashed in the moonlight. The vampire, overcoming its aversion to
the garlic, searched for a place where it could conveniently plunge its fangs.
The horse neighed in horror and reared. Chris, not expecting this, could not remain
in the saddle and tumbled down onto the ground. Kate was frightened for him and
shouted. The boy jumped up and rushed to save his horse. The vampire drank the blood
of the unlucky and frightened animal and puffed up before their eyes. The horse already
began to stagger and pawed the ground unsteadily. Chris poked the torch into the
vampire, which broke away from its victim and hissed maliciously while baring its teeth.
Drops of blood dripped from its fangs; its eyes burned with a bright yellow flame. Chris
started back for a second then again attacked the vampire. It yelled from the pain and
began to shrivel like a rubber toy from which air has been let out. Suddenly it burst like
a mosquito completely filled with blood. Instead of a vampire, a bat took off from the
neck of the horse. It circled in the moonlight and dived for Kate. The girl squealed and
barely managed to brush it off with the torch. The bat screeched, began to cough, and
fell onto the ground. Mirko instantly crushed it with a hoof.

The remaining vampires stood at some distance and looked with greediness at the
people. Theyre waiting for the smell of the garlic to weaken, Drool explained their
behaviour. This was the strongest of them. Count Dracula, right? Kate nodded with
understanding. Who knows!
As soon as Chris had calmed his horse down and jumped into the saddle, the
travellers again hit the road. Along the way they stumbled upon one more castle and two

hamlets. Each time the same scenario as in the first village was repeated. The travellers
passed through them without paying attention to the infrequent groups of vampires on
the streets. No one at all was in the castle which stood as the last obstacle on the way. It
was uninhabited. Only the rusty gates, which the wind attempted to move out of place,
loudly squeaked. Once, by all appearances, the castle had been beautiful and wealthy.
When the castle was behind the travellers, they found themselves in a cemetery.
Half of its grave monuments and crosses had been destroyed. Two human figures, heads
bowed sadly, stood by one of the graves a man and a woman. They were dressed in
very expensive, fine clothing and gold crowns topped both of the grey heads. They were
probably once the masters of the castle that the youngsters had just passed. Perhaps
they were even the king and queen of this land. The king and queen looked sadly and
mournfully at the travellers when they passed by. The young travellers thought about
what a terrible tragedy had been played out here previously.
Finally, Vampire Park ended and the friends again turned up in front of a garlic
field. Drool took the crosses off Chris and Kate and inserted them by their sharp ends
into the ground at the edge of Vampire Park. After getting out of the garlic bush and
passing not less than a kilometre, the friends sighed with relief. Another half an hour
passed before they started a lively conversation on the events that had taken place. No
one wanted to halt. Everyone hurried to get far away from the terrible place.

Chapter Twenty-one

Only in the morning when the travellers were deadly tired did Kate call a halt. No
one had any strength left to build a fire and, even forgetting to post a guard, the friends
unsaddled the horses and fell asleep side by side right on the cold ground. They did not
see, as the sun rose, Esmeralda appearing in the sky. The crow made wide circles above
the place where the travellers slept. They also did not see the witch with one hand
attentively following their camp. She hid in the distance and feared to approach. The
witch was afraid that the horses, which were peacefully nibbling grass and bathing in the
morning dew, would raise an alarm.
Ruina had not perished in the mle with the robbers and her corpse had not
melted in the fire. She had not fought then because the robbers interested her least of
all. She only needed the knight Caterino who had mortally insulted her. Ruina had
managed to run in through the door after Two-headed Simon. She had seen how the
duel between the leader of the robber gang and Caterino ended. Nearly crying from
vexation, the witch had hidden in the tower of the castle until everyone, both the knight
Caterino with her companions and Two-headed Simon with his family and accomplices,
had left the castle. Fatigued by captivity and weakened by hunger, Ruina had searched
for food in Clotilias pantries and granaries. Esmeralda, which had also decided to get
hold of edibles, had been the first to fall into Ruinas hands. The nasty bird nearly
choked on old dry cheese when it saw its mistress. This time, however, the witch had not
cursed it for treachery.
Esmeralda had thought that Ruina would set off for home, but she was not thinking
of retreat. While the knight Caterino is still alive, I wont live in peace! she groaned.
The magic ointment was working at half strength and the witch decided not to waste it
in vain. She had set out on foot like a wolf tracking prey. This was not difficult because
the goblins had left large and well-marked tracks.
Ruina had to make use of the action of the magic ointment when the swamp became
an insurmountable obstacle on the way. She cast a spell and flew on top of a broom only
one-and-a-half metres off the ground. She sank in the most insidious places, where the
quagmires champed loudly with greedy mouths and the terrible marshy creatures tried

to seize the witchs feet to drag her away with them. Ruina reached dry land with great
difficulty. Here she had discovered that she could no longer fly. The action of the
ointment had been completely depleted. The rest of it had gone for overcoming the
Vengeance had driven Ruina on. She reached Elf Kingdom and it was only by a
miracle that she had passed it unnoticed. If they had seen her, they would have killed
her for sure. Elves cannot stand rivals in witchcraft. They consider that magic is their
privilege. Ruina had entered Vampire Park at the same time the travellers, having
passed the garlic field, turned up in front of the first village. On seeing them, Ruina had
been terribly pleased. She did not know that the hospitable elves had detained the
friends, therefore she did not hope to catch up with them so soon.
Having rested a little and waited for the coming of full gloom, Ruina had fearlessly
approached the garlic field. When she had reached the first hamlet after two hours, none
of the vampires wandering there had been interested in her. Not one inhabitant of
Vampire Park had hankered after her black, bitter blood poisoned by witchcraft. In the
second field, Ruina again had seen her sworn enemies and kept a low profile. She must
not be noticed. Only then would Ruina be able to deliver the fatal blow
Now the moment had arrived!
Ruina jumped up from the ground and ran up to the field dotted with many
enormous light-grey rocks. She picked up an old dried stump and began to bang on a
rock loudly. Then she ran up to the next boulder and began to do the same. Finally, from
under one rock crawled out a huge scorpion the size of a big sheepdog. It held its long
sting up high. It cracked with its tail where the sting was and rushed towards Ruina. The
witch, escaping from it, stumbled upon two more such scorpions. A tail shot up swiftly,
the long sting sparkled with the lustre of steel, and the witch began to moan from the
pain. The blow fell right on her neck. The witch staggered; nevertheless, she ran in the
direction of the travellers.
The scorpions were behind Ruina. They left her alone at first; but the witch had lost
strength with each step. She could run no longer and soon fell and crawled along the
ground. Three scorpions caught up with her and, after clicking their tails, stung her in
the back. On her last gasp, Ruina saw that the poisonous insects were swiftly
approaching the site of the travellers
Kate woke up with uneasiness but, after opening her eyes, discovered that all around
was quiet. It was not worthwhile to be nervous. She no longer wanted to sleep. The air
was pure and fresh. Kate recalled that she saw a small brook a few steps away and ran
off to wash. She decided not to wake Chris and Drool.
Kate was interested in knowing whether her last adventure was depicted on the
magic shield. Not losing time, she picked up the shield, the sword, and her cloak and
began to examine them. A picture with the trip through Vampire Park had actually
appeared on the shield. Kate was amazed when she saw the same pictures on the
scabbard of the sword. They were also embroidered on the hem of the cloak.
Kate blushed with pleasure and hurried to put the cloak over her shoulders and the
shield on her left arm. She bared the sword. The blade sparkled in the sun. The girl
imagined that she was the heroine of a popular movie. One can give oneself airs
somewhat when friends are sleeping and cannot see her. So what? Furthermore, one can
look into the shield as into a mirror. Kate stuck her tongue out at herself then winked,

nodded, and smiled. She was pleased with herself, although tattered, dirty, and slightly
Suddenly she heard strange sounds, looked around, and saw how two gigantic
scorpions overtook and finished off Ruina. Kate froze, unable to move from the spot.
She came to when the scorpions were very close and understood in time that if she now
turned her back to the monsters and ran, they would catch up with her and kill her the
same way as the witch. One way out remained meet the enemy face to face. How nice
to have a weapon with her. Help! Chris! Drool! Kate shouted and chopped off the tail
and sting of the first scorpion which had stabbed into the middle of her shield.

Chris and Drool leaped up. The boy was first to run up to Kate, and in the next
second he saw one of the scorpions striking her right in the chest. Kate screamed from
the pain and reeled. Chris managed to shield the girl from the next blow. Kate lost
consciousness and hung limply on his arm. The scorpions were too quick and adroit.
Chris had success killing one, but when Drool ran up, the boy also got a terrible sting in
his shoulder. All this took place within a few seconds.
Drool quickly made short work of the remaining scorpion but saw a sad spectacle
when he looked around at his friends. Kate was lying on the ground with closed eyes,
Chris was on his knees near her. The boy barely overcame the pain in his shoulder.
Consciousness was fast leaving him. The last words which he said were, The main thing
is to save Kate, Drool! Dont mind me! He then fell face down next to the girl.
Drool was numb with grief on seeing how his friends were slowly dying from
scorpion poison. This was so absurd to have passed so many tests and so foolishly fall
into a trap. Why had they stopped here? They should have gone further! It was all his
fault! How could he have forgotten about the gigantic scorpions? Tears, one after
another, began to drip from the eyes of the Sweet Tooth. He was thinking about
something of his own. Finally, Drools gaze brightened and he dragged the friends to the
stream. When Kate and Chris had been placed in the water, Drool studied their wounds.
After seeing the terrible black spots on the childrens bodies, Drool understood that the
wounds were fatal and only a miracle would help here. Only he could create the miracle.

The Sweet Tooth took from Chris travel bag a

goblet, which Chris had grabbed in memory of
home, and went to the dead scorpions. After
chopping off their heads and stings, he began
fill the goblet with scorpion poison. When the
goblet was more than half-full, Drool returned
the children. Each second was precious. Drool
took a knife and made cuts on their hands.
Kates blood had begun to coagulate, and with
difficulty Drool squeezed a few drops into the
goblet. He then poured in Chris blood and
started to cast a spell while he slowly stirred
with a knife the contents of the goblet. The
contents foamed and seethed. Drool again cast
spell but said the words back to front. The
beverage cleared up and turned from black to
golden. The Sweet Tooth carefully dripped the
magic liquid onto Kates wound. The wound
began to change from black to red, then turned
pink, and finally disappeared. Kates eyelids
shuddered and the girl opened her eyes. She
saw nothing. Then Drool gave her several sips of his potion. Next, he busied himself
with Chris revival. After several minutes a happy Drool was looking at his living and
unharmed friends.
When the terrible pain had passed and Kate and Chris understood that they had
been saved, with happy cries they threw their arms around Drools neck. Drool, dear!
Kate hugged him. Youre the best! If not for you, Chris slapped him on the shoulder
and continued, we would have died! Drool only blushed with embarrassment, kept
quiet, and pulled his ears.
Their happiness was so great that Kate and Chris did not pay attention to Drools
sad mood and continued to have a good time. Indeed! There was nothing terrible and
dangerous anymore in front of them. In two days they would turn up before the gates of
the Capital for sure. Drool only went behind them and always looked at the friends as if
he could not see enough of them. When they invited him to participate in the general
merriment, the Sweet Tooth politely smiled and continued to keep silent.
Noon came. The sun was at its highest and everything all around was bright and
beautiful. A luxurious carpet of flowers covered the emerald-green grass. Snowy clouds
sailed on the turquoise sky.
Kate decided to call a halt and looked around in order to consult with Drool. Now
she noticed that her friend had changed. No, of course, Drool had remained the same as
before. He was the dear, lovable Sweet Tooth with enormous sad eyes and ridiculous
ears. Now for some reason he was not pink like a new toy in the store.

Whats with you, Drool? Kate became very concerned. Are you sick? No, Kate,
Im not sick, Drool answered so sadly that his friends stopped their horses at once. But
we have to part. Why? the young people exclaimed in unison. I cant tell why.
Simply it has turned out this way.
Kate was the first to guess. She was scared, hurt, and her eyes began to sting. Did
you cast a spell? Tell us, did you cast a spell when you saved us from the scorpions?
Yes. Why? It was necessary. And now, with the terrible conjecture everything
darkened before Kates eyes, youll fade away? Yes. The children were shocked and
could not believe Drools words.

Please help me get down to the ground. I must be next to the grass, to the flowers,
the Sweet Tooth requested. And dont worry so! Its not painful at all. I feel nothing.
Chris and Kate rushed to carry out his request. When they touched their comrade, they
understood that he spoke the truth. Drool was unnaturally soft and for some reason very
light. Kate began to cry when they had placed him on the ground. Chris also felt tears
rolling down his face.
Can nothing really be done? Kate shouted in despair. You did wrong! There was
no need to save us! Why did you do it? You tricked us! Drool looked at her and at Chris.
He had already stopped pulling his ears. He closed his eyes and did not open them for a
long time. Finally he did. Friends mustnt trick each other, he said with difficulty. I
probably couldnt become a real friend. Indeed friends always sacrifice what is dearest.
At the moment I cast the spell, I simply forgot that I mustnt do it. If I had remembered,
then I probably couldnt have done it. So what kind of friend would I be after that? Poor
little Drool! Even at the moment of his death he remained honest and noble.
Why did I take you with me? Kate leaned down and kissed the Sweet Tooth. Her
tears dripped onto Drool and were instantly absorbed in him as in a sponge. The small
magician was dying in a magical way. But then, Im loved, he sighed happily. No one
ever loved a troll. If I hadnt gone with you, Id also become a troll. Goodbye, Kate.
Drool could no longer open his eyes. He became entirely transparent and his arms and
legs were no more, only a white-pink fog curled in their place.
Kate did not want to look anymore. She jumped up, ran to Chris, and hid her face in
his chest. She howled quietly with grief and resentment. Chris hugged Kate tightly. He
could do no more to comfort her. Gone? Kate asked when she already had no more
strength to cry. Hes no more? Hes no more. Lets get away from here fast! I dont
want to remain here anymore!
Kate and Chris sat on the horses and dashed away with all their might. Drools horse
was galloping after them, but it soon fell behind and went out of sight. Kate drove and
drove Mirko forward. Trees, bushes, even houses swept past. The girl did not pay them
any attention and rushed on. She was rushing to where the blue compass needle again
In the evening, the two young people stopped at a roadside tavern which they
encountered on the way. They dropped in only because rain was pouring. The children
supped and went to bed. Kate lay on the bed in the room. Chris, as all squires were
supposed to do, slept on the floor by the door. He guarded the knight Caterino. The rain
made noise beyond the window. A fire cracked in the hearth. It was an excellent
atmosphere for conversation, but there was no desire to talk because they were so
miserable. Only the rain was talking beyond the window.
It rained in the Country of Frozen Time. It rained also in Scorpion Valley. The witch
Ruina opened her eyes and saw that she was lying in a muddy puddle. She got up with
the greatest difficulty, not believing that she was still alive. Even the fatal poison of
gigantic scorpions could not kill her, so poisonous and black was her blood. And
perhaps, the thirst for vengeance would not let her die? Who knows? The witch got up
and went to where she expected to see the corpses of her enemies. On seeing only dead
scorpions, she screamed with anger and spite. There was no crow Esmeralda. It had
deserted its own mistress. The witch again set off on the trail of her enemies. She had
become even uglier than she had been. Now there was even scorpion poison in her veins.

Kate and Chris travelled further in the morning. They travelled the whole day and
night. Before them now was not the deserted earth on which roamed only magic
creatures but a blooming land densely populated by people. The hooves of their horses
beat on a real road paved with stone. Towards evening they were extremely tired. It
became pitch black. The children got off the road and broke camp for an overnight stay.
The horses were let out to graze. Kate and Chris fell asleep after they ate the rest of the
provisions which they had brought with them from the tavern.
It was already light when they awoke. The knight Caterino and the squire Christian
continued on their way, but for a long time they saw nothing in front of them except the
road because of the morning fog. When the fog lifted, a splendid city appeared before
the amazed eyes of the travellers. The children excitedly made their way to it. Kate
seized Chris hand. Her heart was beating madly. Her excitement was also transmitted
to the boy.
The city lay on an enormous hill, and from its peak the White Tower soared like an
arrow to the sky.